Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 30, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1933
Page 8
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DiSLY Tuesday Luncheon Puree of Navy B*nn- Soup. Itoast Prime Cut of B««f, Brown Gravy -—^--3Sc Pigs in Blanket , 35c Breaded Veal Cutlets with Bread and Butter Pickles 35c Hot Rolls — Whipped Potatoes Cabbage Pineapple Salad Buttered Turnips Ginger Bread with Whipped Cream Coffee — Tea —- Milk C. L. Dixon Drugs Inc. ferric* Glass for Every Purpose We are prepared to take caw of any emergency to the line of tlats Call538-J ' Ames Glass & Body Company Phone 538-J Ames. la. I, AM*, TOWA, MOJTDAT, OCTOBE1 30, 1933. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS READ THIS CAREFULLY. YOUR Horoscope cast Free. Marriage partner described. Money prospects, travels, etc., etc., etc. Two years guide. Stnd 20c in i Pnop * 662 stamps (not coin) to defray post- j ~ni i . ~~~ — age and clerkship. Address, Mrs. | illimDing —C. Reinold,' Dreef 252, Heemstede, Holland. Postage to Holland 5c. Furnace Cleaning We clean tad repair all makei of furnaces. New low pricei OD n«w furnacei. A. G. Speers Furnace «nd Tin Shop 400 Main ALWAYS BAWLS ME our."S*ys i HAVE TIAM SWWT. ME NOT HAW TKAM V/MATS EATIKJ' ATCCMCH Still Cocky! YEP JOlClW.rJOw! I'M OM7? HIS <?AME... WE WAWTS ME "K> PIPE DOWW SO TH' OTHER PLAYERS SHOW UP BETTER. ....1 AIWT NO DUMMY, Y'KlslOW.' i) ( L Z MEV6R MAWt 7 /WSTAKES...WAITU. "WN POP ^ •CLEAN FOOTBALL^ By Bloocr T LLEGAL pia)-^ io the line M much mm di^ •I ficult for a referee to Metbon the twckUd, due, of come, to the pile-up of pUywj.' Linemen hive tfcar tricks of the trade, Mfty of them not commeodable. One of them oW* with illejal u*e of hud* when a linemtn't tern h*i posxition of the UL Offentive linemen kneel on the line of tow- mage, wye defensive linemen are more c* let* erect. At the snap of the ball and the surge of his opponent toward him, Re offensive lineman, if he'» the type who pub underhand Muff, can plant his hands firmly on one of hk opponent'! feet and stop him suddenly. Often, thi. sudden stop throws the opposing player off balance and under thejpiie of players, Sketch iHitttrates this action, which merits a penalty of 15 yards if caught by the referee. , MADAMr DO YOU KEED TO have a package delivered? If you haven't the time or your husband ing and Well Work PHONE -226 E. A. FOV i« nsing the car call 572-W. Ames, 1 HaVC It Done Rlffht! Mnfrnrrvrlp TW»livprv Rprr-ino i si .* n ^_ . • , . C* Motorcycle Delivery Service. r 4—Strayed, Lort, Found LOST: OLD FASHIONED YEL- low gold pin Saturday on or near campus. Call 5S2 or return to 307 Lynn. • LOST: WALTHAMWHIST thatch, white gold mesh band. Liberal reward if returned to John Zanias, Club Cafe. Call 231 for good cleaning and pressing Ames Pantoriurn Quality Cleaners 410 Douglas Phone 231 LOST ium 674-J. IX 1ST ROW AT STAB- Saturday, blue blanket S—AutomobilM, Truck* for Sale Special Bargains For This Week Oaly 1930 Plymouth 4-door Sedan _.$125 3928 Erskine Coach, clean $125 1928 Erskine Panel Truck $95 1931 Ford Coach, like new $230 1931 Ford Town Sedan, clean $315 1932 Chevrolet 6-wheel Coach with trunk, low mileage $435 1930 Chevrolet 4:door Sedan __$240 1929 Chevrolet Truck, with 32x6 10-ply tires and farm box __$165 Several other good buys Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers Phone 395 5th & Douglas " SPECIAL Corn Empire Day '28 Du.'.n*. Coach _• $75 '29 .Nash Special $175 '28 Euick Coach $165 '30 Olds Coach, 6 wheels $265 '28 Hudson Coupe, very rood ?125 Hudson 4-door, none Setter $95 Hudson Coach $20 •29 Ford Coach $125 '25 Ford Coupe, rumble seat $105 '^O Ford Coupe, side mount —$115 YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Max Duitch Auto Ex. NEW FURNACES Gen. furnace repair w.ork. Fumacei vacuum cleaned. Eve trough work. F. A. Gould , Phone 527-J 312 Main St. AMES GARBAGE CO. LEW COLE. Phone 2061. 83—Help Wanted; Female Can You Sell $25.00 for 50c? MOTHER ( WEO.CMCK AND GLADYS OFFEpEDl • TO KEEP4MMIE WHN.C OrTOOLE V •ne COP, wveSTttkre o -nc WEALTtff MAN, ONC OOHN BWOTX?, A WTIENT *t CAME «NTO THE PCTUPE. —• IF \OU CAM KKP HVM OHfOOUr. NOTMNCMTME. Or OMMJC'S »«THER TO HELP H«M 0? THE. M«TTEP How Things Stand- By Cowan* ALLEY OOP WHEN MMJY AMD I NOT WELL, NUBSE AND HEP HD-GOQD HU8BY EXPECTED A VG 9.1CE OF THE BAXTER MILLIONS AND THEY PLAN MCVEP SOLE. HEW- HERE'S HIS HE OlDM'T KNOW BAVLTER DIED, HE TOLD W<3 FplEND, TRULY." A. SCCPET Foozy Is Suspicious! If EO, we'll pay See Mr. Orrick Times office. you well for it. at the Tribune- £4—Help Wanted, Mate Can You Sell $25.00 for 50c? If so, we'll pay you well for it. See Mr. Orrick at the Tribune- Times office. WAXTED: MAN TO WORK BY day or month on fartn. 55F13. USED CAR SALE All Prices Reduced 1930 Essex Sedan . $185 1932 Ford Cabriolet ; 85 1929 Pontiac, clean $185 3929 Ford Pickup $95 1926 Buick Sedan $55 Majestic car radio, used 30 days j._ —- .S32.50 Mathison Motor Co. Forr* Sales & Service 1930. Podge Eight Sedan • $325 ' Dodge— PlynVouth—Oldsmobile W. H. Nutty Garage 414 Main St.. Ames Phone 35 Used Cars at Bargain Prices Heaters, Prestone, Alcohol and SUPER PYRO. WRECKER SERVICE. Cliff Roberson Garage Chrysler and Plymouth 412 Burnett , - •- - . Phone 34 Nasli—PlymdiitK—-De Soto Dodge Coupe, new paint, tires $185 GUIs Coupe, extra clean -~. $115 Chevrolet C.oupe, rumble seat, , maroon _ - $32?; McGee MotQr"Co. Phone 294 . 321 Lineolnway 27—Work Wanted, Female WANTED: GENERAL HOUSE work of all kinds. Gooa clean work guaranteed. Both uptown and fourth ward. Call 2034. /GUZ WANTS DINNY/* S V TO ME, IT'S PLAIN | / AN 1 YOU'RE A NINNY/ YES WORK'S IN VAIN. //WHEN DINNY'5 POLISHED H 1 GRAND ~ .YOU'LL BE ABOLISHED, WON'T C .THERE AT t OH.AUOIE, THE HEROES ARE N'BY WITH THEIR JUST THINK, FOOZY. WE'RE HEROES/ WON'T WE CUT A DASH AT TH 1 GRAND BALL? BOV, HOWDY/ IC"N HARDLY UK' DONTBEA CR«ZY YAP/ I TELL YA, TH 1 KING'S LAID A TRAP/ IVE NOT"!." 1 TO WEAR/ THEY 010 PRETTY 6000, FOR A COUPLE OF SCRUB* r ISN'T HE HANDSOME? HI THERE, MI51ER OOP; By Hamlirt; AYE.YER HIGHNESS/ WE WILL PROCEED AS PLANNED/THIS OOP- PEST IS DOOMED/ AN 1 THE DINOSAUR-/' AH, ITS AS GOOD AS YOURS ( SURE YA GOT EVERYTHING ALL FIXED? NOTHING •»\ t> IBM BY KCA 74—Wc«rl»f Apparel WAITED: PRACTICAL NTJRS- Ing. Day or night Red Cross training. Write 2708 Tribune. Shoes for Growing Children A very complete !!ne from Infants shoes to size 8. The Brown Shop GIRL WANTS Phone 271-J. HOUSE WORK. i—Wanted to Borrow WANTED TO -BORROW: $1,000 on clear Polk county, Iowa, 160- acre farm. Write Tribune 2703. ' 212 Main St. THE BLOCHER-RITE sette. Phone 209 6-J. KOR- 7ft—liter Sale, Miscellaneous PARTY WA.VTS TO BORROW 52,000 at 7% on modern home,on paved street Owner. 2714 Tribune -FOR SALEy HOOVES SWEBPE'L Excellent condition.' Complete set of attachments, $22.50. Call 1906. 44—Business Instruction EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY. For a limited number of students desiring a business training, we are making a special offer: it will pay you to investigate this opportunity - at once. Phone or vrite Northwestern, Institute, Box 143, Ames, Imva. SEWING MACHINE. PHONE 761. 607 Carroll avenue. WARM OVERCOAT, SIZE 40* Cheap. Phone 732-W. SACRIFICE SALE HIGH GRADE furniture,.rugs. Call 625. ': : 7ft—Wiuiled, Miscellaneous 53—Dogs, Cat*, Peu SALE^ FOX TERRIER P. ups. Purebred. 202 Sherman. 10-^Service Stations LoydV Service Station Alcohol —- Prestone Winter Oils and Greases, Batteries 815 Lineolnway—Phone 2028 IS—Beauty Service OWING TO THE PRESENT CON- ditions this shop will gf ve a shampoo and flccer wave for 75c shampoo and marcel for Soc. Other work accordingly. Phone 227 Cadd's Beauty Shop. AT THE HEDRICK COMFORT Shop you can have a'shampoo finger wave or marcel wave by aj expert operator. Phone 1252. GOOD 'IOWA COAL Iowa has some good coal and some tlru's worse than poor. Slate, shale and black-jack don't make good fuel. . - • Our IOWF coal is mined right, cleaned, sized and graded. It's more than just Iowa coal. Our deliverymen are reliable. Gilchrist Coal & Feed Kellogg Ave.—Phone 232 WANTED •eoj Old gold and gold filled jewelry, bridges, crowns, etc. Charles G. Ray JEWELER x 230 Main St with Dixon.DrugWANTED: GOOD .PORTABLE typewriter at reasonable price. Phone 539-W. WANTED: TO EXCHANGE PIA- no lessons for housework. Phone 2493. 19— Poultry for Sale IOWA COAL Benson's Lower Vein Also Ogden $2.75 and up. Foster Coal Co. Day Phont 2180-J, Nite Ph. 285-W Moran, Harold, Ogden Iowa's Best Coal Phone 566-W POULTRY — DRESSED CHICK- ens. Springs 15c pef lb.^; ^Hen», 14c per Ib. No charge for dressing and delivery. Woodland Farms. Phone 435. 29 WHITE 55F5. ROCK PULLETS. FOR SALE: CHICKENS, 50c. 1429 Kellogg. CHICAGO, ICE)—Livestock: HOGS: 30,000, including 12,000 directs. 25c lower than Friday's average. 200 to 300 Ibs, $4.20@ K30, top J4.35; 140 to 190 Ibs., ?4 @§4-20; pigs ?4 down; packing sows ?3.25;@|3.50; light : weights, $3.65' ^up. ^Lighk .light, 140. to 160 Ibs., good and choice, $4.00@?4.20; light weight, 160 to 200 Ibs., good and choice, $4.10@$4.30; medium weight, 200 to 250 Ibs., good and choice, $4.20©54.35; heavy weight 250 to 350 Ibs,, good and choice, $3.75@$4.30: packing sows, 275@ 550 Ibs., medium and good; ?3.00 @ £3.75; slaughter pigs, 100 to 130 Ibs., good and choice, $3.25@$4.00. CATTLE: 17,000; calves 2,000. o reliable outlet for medium weight and weighty steers scaling 1200 Ibs. but trade .fairly active and generally 10 to 15c higher on j ^ light steers and yearlings, all | July grades. Prospects about steady Dec - $5.00; common, and medium $2.00 @$4.00. •SHEEP: 15,000. Lambs opened slow, around steady to 25c lower. £heep and feeding lambs firm. 'Desirable natives held above $7. 2,791 cases, extra firsts 21%; current receipts 1S@19%; dirties 12 BUTTBK: Mari«t unsettled; receipts 8,989 tubs; specials 24; extras 23; extra firsts 22; firsts. 18% @19; seconds. @18; standards 21. POULTRY: Market steady; ceipts 2 cars, 23 trucks; fowls, 8@11; broilers S; leghorns 20® 10; Ducks 7; geese 3@10; tur- re- keys roosters 12@14. $6.50©?6.75. Best EaUy bulk feed^ ing lambs $6.15@?6.35. Slaughter,: ^sheep ..and lambs: Lambs, 90 Ibs down, good and -choice, ?5.75@?7.00; common aud"1 medium ?4-50@$6.00; ewes, aid choice, $L50@?2.75; CHTEBSE':-Twins l-l%@12;v..iong- hbrns"12"i4@12%. •••-•••• POTATOES:"- On track 499; ar- ricals 209; shipments 852; market slightly we'aker. good all WHEAT: -May- July . Dec. CORN: New York Stocks Close Today .EW YORK,"(U.R) — Follov.-ing Open High Low Close j are Monday's closing bias on the TVotlf "Vr«t"lr C" t f\ rtlr- f\-vf\l-\n-n n-n - weights, common and medium ?1.25@?2.25; feeding lambs, good and choice, $6.00@$6.60. 92% 90 53% 55% ' on weighty bullocks. Early top on 900 Ib. yearling run $6.40. Best weighty steers $6. Best heifers 56.10. Other killing classes steady to strong. Slaughter cattle and vealers: Steers, 550 to 900 Ibs.. good and choice, $5.25@$6.50; 900 to 1100 Ibs.. good an<r choice, $5.00 83—Rooms Without BoanJ TWO MODERN SLEEPING RMS Close in. 218 East Seventh. COAL: CALL 1392-W FOR IOWA coal. Hennick coal Co. LUTHER'S BEST COAL. LIV- ingston Bros. Phone 1712-J. JOBS; LUTHER BEST COAL •$5.00 ton. Phone 627. 718. SALE: DRY COBS. Phone YOU CAN DEPEND ON IT; OUR marcels are deep set and lasting. Phone SC9-W. The Primp Shop. NAIVETTE PERMANENTS. EVA Rap Imir tints. Allc-ne's Beauty Shoppe. P'ione 427. siness Service Offeiwd Have Your Furnace d ** ** * * V* A A *V1 eaned NOW! •.orvtf W ° rl< WHh OUr M P«' fiorvico vacuum clcnncr. Palmer Plumbing Co. 108 Haywa 1 Ave. w r n . , na . «—Garden Produce Hubbard SALE: PIE AXD FIELD squashes, Acorn and carrots, beets turnips, ro™ , on 'ons. cabbage, potatoes, S J^A 1068 - Jens e"'s Gardens. 85—Apnrtioentv, CALL 486-j Apartments and houses, close to college, clean, eat, convenient, priced right. Chas, Miller, 132 Hayward Ave. APARTMENT, LIVING ROOM, bed room, kitchenette, private bath, private entrance. Phone 1473-W. rnone i77o I «4~ old Good* Stop at Walsh's Furn. & Hdwe. Store and secure an Introductory card This KIVM ym. the prlvliegn of buy- IIR your fnrnliuro find I-IIKS direct iroi, Walsh Furn. & Hdws. FOR RENT: TWO UNFURNISH- ed apartments. Excellent condition. 829 Douglas. UNFURNISHED THREE ROOMS, kitchenette and bath. Oak floors. 722 Grand. FURNISHED APARTMENTS AND furnished dwelling. Phono 196. Little Brothers. WARM, NICELY FURNISHED apartment, $10. f»20 Douglas. CHOICE FURNISHED 3 ROOM Apt. Clone In. Call 1274. WARM APARTMENT. 317 SIXTH street. COXY TWO ilOOM APT. 939-W. -25; 1100 to 1300 Ibs., good and choice, ?4.75@?6.10; 1300@1500 Ibs., good and choice $4.50@J6.00; 550 to 1300 Ibs., common and medium, ?2.75@$5.00; heifers, 550 to 750 Ibs., good and choice, ?5.50(S> $6.40;. common, and medium $3.00 @$5.50; cows/ good, |3.00@$4.25; common and medium, ?2.00@S3.0Q; low cutter and cutter, $1.25 @ 12.00; bulls (yearling excluded) good (beef) ?3.00@?3.25; cutter, common and medium, $i.75@?3.00: Vealers, good and choice, $5.»0@ $7.00; medium, $5.50@$5.50: cull and common, §3.50® $4.50; Stocker and feeder cattle: Steers, 500 to 1050 Ibs., good and choice $3.75® 403.4 37% OATS: May •July Dec. RYE: May- July Dec. BARLEY: May 54x4 July 90 90% 53% 55% 47% 6S%- 67% 62% 86% 901/t 86% ssy 4 50% 52% 44% 36% 34 65 Vi 64% 59 Vi 51 5 ,2 New York stock exchange: American Locomotive 23 American T. and T 112 American Can 87 American Tobacco B 72 ] /4 Anaconda 13% Atchison T & SF 45% '•4 54> / £ 53% Dec. 50 50 49 | Today's Markets I Prices B!d by Local .Dealers No. 2 corn .... ...... ; ..... 31^ c Old ear corn ............... 20 1 f-c New ear corn ................ 25c New shelled corn ____ : ....... 27c 45,; Bethlehem Steel 27% * 7 * C. & N. W- Com 7% { Chrysler 38% j Corn Products 75.% ' Dupont ...73% General Electric 1S% General Motors 26'^ International Harvester 34% Montgomery Ward 17. % i N T ew York Central 26% Pennsylvania R. R 27% Scars Roebuck 35% Standard Oil of N. J. 41^ Studsbaker 4V' U. S. Rubber 14% U. S. Steel 3G% Westinghouse Electric 31% Standard Oil of Inci 2S% Cities Service .%u 34 3-1 y a 66 J ,i 65 GO 53^ 54 J/. 49 short to its own 12-yard line. Gilchrist took the ball and went 12 yards for the touchdown. Wilcox's kick for extra point was good Score, Ames 14, Newton 0. Ames kicked off and Newton returned from its own 25 yard line to its own 36-yard line. After losing eight yards and gaining five Newton punted to the Ames 47- yard line. Batman gained • two yards as the -quarter ended. Fourtti Quarter • t Ames, advanced 'five yards' on a Newton penalty. Ames penalized 15 yards. Gilchrist made a yard and Ames' punt was blocked on the Ames 45-yard line. Newton gained four and then punted to the Ames 23-yard line. Gilchrist made eight on a.reverse play. Bat- ma andded three and then went 23 .yards thru £ big hole. Arrasmith made 11 and Batman made his great 32-yard drive thru the line for a touchdown. Wilcox's kick for extra point was a triple wide. • Score, Ames 20, Ne\vton 0. Ames, kicked off to the Newton 35-y.ard line. On the first play, Newton fumbled and Ames recovered. After being penalized five yards, Ames advanced IS yarus, Swearingen driving six yards and then 12. Swearingen lost six and then he and Smith went to the' 14-yard line 5n short drives but- Add Locals — Spt ban ...... ofk Ames lost the ball on downs.' Newton made four and lost four and punted to its own 42-yard line. Ames was penalized 15 yards bht made ft up as the game ended." Final score, Ames 20, Newton 0. "' The lineup: Ames— 20 Newton— 0 Wilcox Ie F. Davis. Ash it Z. Dunlap ]g Linder c Shugart rg Dearinger re Bill Jones C. Smith Gilchrist Burdick Batman re qb In rh fb 'Debolt' Norris Elliott Maitre L. Davis Lamb Page Hammer Leriz. . .Substitutions—Ames, Jewett for Dunlap, Mason 'for Shugart, N. Dunlap for Burdick, Ryan for Bill Jones, Davis for Linder, Arra- mith -fpr" Smith, Paul Jones .for Mason,-, -Mason for Paul Jones, Swearingen for Arrasrnith, Smith 'or Batman, Bill Jones for Wilcox, S. Jones for Sweariugen; Newton, White for F. Davis, Guthrie for Maitre, Simons for, Elliott, Rogers ' "or L. Davis. Canadian Official •Apnrtoients, Flat* TWO NICELY FURNISHE > rooms and sleeping porch. 815 Burnett. Phone 1266-W. NEATLY FURNISHED THREE apartmept. Close in. immediate possession. Ill Lincoln way. Hogs ................... 53.85 Cream, sweet ................. 25c Cream, sour ................. 24c ................ BARBS Eggs] No. 2 ................ 15c M AN '" BJoonis! ^''S. Pa-, had a r-w «»-» *••• »«.« . t . » i V*- _ i • J. l»i{*»«^»,fll_*_ t J > FOR RENT: GOOD APARTMENT. Dr. Proctor. APARTMENT, Phone 806. 522 DOUGLAS. 8»—ftasiBtsa Places for Rent FOR RENT 1 ,000 feet floor space at 213 Main. S.cond floor, suitable for double office. Will alter to suit tenants. W. H. Jameson «»0*»Bn»lne*§ I'lares for Sale r-w Heavy hens, 4& Ibs. and up ....7c Heavy hens under 4*6 Ibs ...... 5c Heavy breed springs, 4 Ibs. and over .............. 7c Heavy -breed springs under 4 Ibs. ................ 6c Leghorn springs ............. 5c Leghorn hens .............. 5c All cox .................. .3 PRODUCE i _. CHICAGO, (UP.)—Produce: EGGS: Market firm. Receipts 'UK WALK: UOl.NU l!U.ijU house, business and equipment. 4S9. •4—lionM* for Kent FOu KK.MT: Vi<JK\ NICE fi ROOM modern house and garng* 1 . 214 K, Sovonth street. NSWE TUBEL CUfSK 'Oft RENT: I'll one 7 IS. MODBRN HOUrflC. KING LAUDXKH was « RASKHAU, 11KPOIITKII. HKS1 HUNTS of WASIIINCTON. 1'. C. <lo not linvo the. rli:lit lo VOTB MONTANA linst more MKN th«J .WOMKN. piece of his shin bone grafted 0" his spine, and now will be able to tell us whether barkins our siiins is worse than being kicked in the back. * * * M'c tcouldn't mind it at alt. if the politicians would only lii'C icithin our income. * * * Even after repeal goes into effect, SO states will still be dry. That is. "dry" so to speak-ensy * * * (Scientist reports that f«. .Vrm Guinea pcoplc sell their songs for l>iffs. fn the United States icc're I'Ccn asked In sell our ;ji,'j\- for a song. * * • Nazis will permit painless death for incurables—and still they let Hitler live! HORIZONTAL 2 ; Who is the famous soldier in the picture? 12 To dwell 13 Twelve months. 14 To pour out a drink offering. 17 To percolate slowlr. tSTo Be victorious. 20 Portrait statues. M Street (abbr.). 22 India (abbr.). Z3 Young sea bream. 24-To hasten. .'5 Duet. 26 Aurora. !7 He served Answer to Previous Puzzle throbs. 34 Preconceives. 36 He had of the Canadian contingent in 1916. 40 Rubs out. England in the 41 Sea bird. ' "gatherer. 9 To bark. 10 Near (abbr.), 11 The "Bobbies" guard the City of —-. 15 Fluid in the veins of god&i 16 Feather scarfs, 17 Cubic meters. IS Not drowsy. 10 To entomb"* Strainei> 5- 24 Mares 27 Girded on. 4S For 5 years he 30 Persuasive. v.-as Canada. of War. !S Sea eagle. !9 Credit (abbr.). 10 To work for. U Form of "a." !- Measured 42 Pieced out. 43 To free. 44 Farewell! 45 Before. 46 Fish. 47 Marsh. VERTICAL 1 He was —~ of 20.000 "Bobbies." 3 Antelope. 4 Insect eggs. 32 Fruit. 33 Unequal things. 35 Doctor (abbr.), 3SBilHard rod. 37 All right. SSTo mingle. 39 Northeast, 41 To affirm. 5 Night before. J4 Stir. 6 Second note. 45 Age. 7 A caustic. 46 Within. S Honey 47 To exist. AMES HIGH TROUNCES NEWTON 20-0 SATURDAY (Continued from Pas' Six) yurds, Batman four and Smith four the half ended. Third Quarter Ames kicked off over the NVw- H goal line. NYwton advanced on a srrks of lino mid jihoit. pnssps ami then to tho Ame-s 11-yard lino, "ftlman and Smith advanced 10 on shnrf jniis thru the lint DftarlnRer puim-i! in il;c Nowton two-vnrd lire. Neu'iUi

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