Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 26, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1890
Page 4
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• I ill 1 nil—IMIIIMimpiiHBin g E. S. AMES & CO., Palace Shoe Stoke, Grand Hotel Block, State Street, UKIAH, CAL WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF A Shoes, Slippers & fa FOB THK SVKiyti AMI SI MlllCU TI'iAIMC, Imported direct fVoni the very best Manufacturers. Look at, the latest Styles! They are all Neat, Durable and Comfortable, i and the Very Best Goods that money can buy, and they will be sold as low ;as Reliable Goods can possibly be sold. IMS GASH, AND GASH ONLY! ! If you want Credit, wo can't Trade. I Goods seut to any part of the County C. 0. D., or on receipt of money order, \ All kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order. REPAIRINC NEATLY DONE, Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street. Ukiah, Cal. || L ^RD,SCH0BER<?' , MITCHELL. ^ANCV ' T E.l i: H K Its - BSC A MIN A TI ON. Unctions used for tin' Kvniuivmtion of Applicants lor '1 'i -iifhi 'lH' Certificate*. The following were thf- questions set. for applicants for PrimnryOnulo Teaeli- <\rW Ortiiiontes at tho last examination. Thorp HI>IV tin applicants for ctirtitiuates of the higher gi-flile: 1. !l, JO. 11. 12. v-i. u. i">. w i". 1K, 1!>. yo. •ii. <_>•_> 2 :1 24. forajro tfli-iihoiii! wlie.v sn bt lo veui.-u.iu raisin seine tnl« raspta-i-vy ninth' sergeant lien WP&HPI sluice aiifre r oaral strychnine UllltltKl tern quinsy sycainnro •wrinkle. th roe mortise mattress Kr.i.r.vii. •HI •27. 'J.t. ."it. :u. •'i .'j. :u>. :w! :'»«. •lu. •11. 42. V.\. •O. 40, Hi. IV. 48. i 'J. 50. Suisnn "I'tlPl wuflle meed homogeneous granary lueeisehait 111 euchre owe phonograph bayou manacle lutho charade felloe cauterize im pi if it rescind arable tear conscientious cycle aeronaut poignancy fusillade. GRAMMAR. 1. What purts of speech are sometimes changed in form by tho modification called number? 2. Of what does tho imperfect and the compound perfect participle consist (active, possessive or neuter)? 3. Name the declinable prononns and give three rules for their form, 4. Give the rules for shall, will, should and would. 0. Compare the forms and meaning of flee, fly, How, hung, hanged, lie, lay, Jose, loose, sit, set, Beat. 6. Define verbal. Illustrate the different forms of the infinitive 7. What participle is always simple and always passive? Give all the forms of tho verb be. 8. Define idiom, etymology, syntax, absolute phrase synoposis. 9. "Bunding on what ton lonff we Imre With shoulders bent and downcast eyes, We may discern—unseen before— A path to hicher destinies" Diagram the above sentence. 10. Correct the following if wrong (a) He no sooner entered in the house but he come rushing back again with these 'ere bad news. (It) When money is to bo made be, it. never so little, every man strive their best to bo first on the ground. (c) Can I not prevail ever yon to return again and get the hat what is more preferable titan mine. (d) Put me up ten pounds of butter, five pieklcd sheeps' tongue, three new bottles of wine, two pairs of scissors, (e) You have drunken too much and have overdrove this horse, for you rid NO fast as to arrive before the bell had rang, but yon got hjiie before the river had overflown it's banks. ARITHMETIC. 1. At §80.00 per acre what will bo the cost of a piece of land li rods long and 2") yuids wide? '.!. If 12-25 of 2.r> times 7-10 be multiplied by the product divided by 2-9. the quotient increased by (i 1-fi and the sum diminished by 'j of itself, how much will remain? 8. How much will it cost to till a 1000-gallon vat with wheat at 1 V; cents per pound? i. What principal in 3 years 4 months 24 days, will amount to .-s7(il.- 44 at 5 per cent? 5 A\s farm is worth $48.75 an acre andB's ; but, in trading, A values his at 800 par acre, what should li value his at? 6. How much water will a pail hold that is (i inches iu diameter at the bottom and 0 inches at the top and 7 inches deep? 7. Divide §1010.00 among three men in tho proportion of }i, %, S. Paid $200 cash for a carriage. Bold it for §210 ou 8 months crcdii, money being worth (i pur cent, what did I gain? !). A is 10 steps ahead of B and takes 2 steps while li taken 4, und 4 of A's steps equal «> of B'H, how many steps will ouch take bwfoie they come to-' gother. 10. Which is more profitable, and liow much per ton, to sell sugar at 11 cents per pound or 23 cents per kilo? MKN't'Al, ABITIIMBTKT. 1. Divide 28 into two such parts that one ot t,h« putts may be 10 less than the other. 2. 8JJ times u number plus y, of •he number equals 50. What is the nil in be t? o. How many cents will a oranges east jf ii oranges are worth !> nppIo», and 4 apples are worth 8 cents? 4. Hold two coats for $12 each, gaining 20 per cent 011 one and losing 20 per cent, on the other. Did I gain or Jose 11 ud how much by the transaction? 11. If J , of n barrel of flniireoHtiM'.^, what will it-fj of a barrel eosl? fi. Wlint number is Hint which being doubled and increased by its ."-5, the (turn will be 52? 7. Wilhom'saae is 1 K times Frank's ago; the sum of their ugfis is !)2 years, what w tho age of each? K. Mary lost 2-7 oi her plums, she gave 2-5 of tho remainder to Sarah, und hud six plums left; how many had she ut first? 0, Wliat principal at inUrost for 5 • years a|. 8 per emit, will produce tfilo intat -RHt? If*, A, kefr of wino holding 5 gallons io«t it quarts by Imtkage. What wan tho lam par cent? ' fl. Wljph jM«<!$riMM>t Knrnpe nr* EnibitfHp* ItipnMinfc? liljigdoiun? & Oiv« Hie capital of Bteily, iJrit- ifiyr, Jnmftln»,l'or*oRico, Uor.Auw, •UkiUAtiri.' lln ,im,i >,i,> I >hilihnfii«. 'fill. and tell how it effects climate and vegetation. 4. Xnine five branches of the Amazon. Name iivo rivers in ilnssia. 5. Name and describe bridly ilve ocean currents. (i, Xiiine live volcanoes and locate them. Xmiie the highest live mountain peaks in California. J 7. Name ten counties drained by j the Sacramento river. 8. Which is the right bank of a river? Mention live of the largest low- j land plains of the world. j !l. What continent bus the largest proportion of plateau surface? I How high is the great plateau belt of J No th America? I What, zone is Die widest? The nay- I rowest? 10. Name and define the different kinds of islands. uisTonv. 1. Name and describe tho first battle of the Revolution. Of tho War of LSI '>, Of the Mexican War. Of the Civil War. Name three prominent American leaders in each war. 2. When and where was the first white settlement in California: Name three Americans prominent in the early history of California. When was California admitted into the Union? !i. Name three Indian chiefs prominent in the history of the United States. On what historical incident is Longfellow's Evangeline founded? 4. How may the Constitution of the United States be amended? Name live provisions of the U. S. Constitution. 5. Compare the life of the early colonists with the life of to-day. Compare the early Indian life with the Indian life of to-day. WOHD ANALYSIS. 1. Derive and define technologist, metaphysics, synchronal, authentic, decalogue, 2. Distinguish between bear, bring, fetch, transport, convey. 3. Give five Latin noun suffixes meaning one who is, or that which is; five Latin adjective suffixes meaning like, or related to; five English sullixes indicating diminutives; five Latin prefixes meauiug after, or under. 4. Give and define two words from each of the following: vox, anques, ploctere, haerere, eaedere. 5. Give the Greek root meaning to send, to fire, to bear, a stamp, to place. Give the Latin root meaning to buy, or to take, to go, to climb, well, greater. PHYSIOLOGY. 1. Give a complete description of the teeth. 2. Give five rules for tho euro of the stomach. :>. Describe briefly the nervous system, 4. Give five rules for the care of the nervous system. 5. Tell how food i.i changed into bone, muscle, etc. MORSELS OF GASTRONOMY. A diet of tojjt ami vegetables is t lie most natural worH^ Artiirhokes are the better for b«u»!g slightly stale when used. Parsnips properly cooked should be aa soft and mealy as a potato. lOxcellent, sandwiches can be made of pata de foi gras and brown bread. The acid of the encumber comes froin a peculiar ingredient called fungin. Fruits picked just ut maturity will kcop much better than when picked sooner or iater, White radishes can be cooked as usitbsti- tnte for turnips, to which some people p/o- fer them. Beets owe their nutritions qualities to tho sugar they contain, which amounts to about.'.) per cent,. Tyrotoxicon, the special poison of ie« cream ami cbee«u, is developed through » chemical action iu milk.—Hotel Mail. j Black ribbons are beginning to be much i to fashion on many colored gowns and play j thetr part ou cotton dresses, especially witb : plaiu banded bodiceo. I Value of ati Kgg:. I An epeg is said to contain as much nourishment as a pound and one ounce of cherries, a pound 11 net a quarter of grapes, a pound and a half of russet apples, two [ minds of gooseberries and four pounds of pears, and that, 111 pounds of grapes, l-'T pounds of russet apples, 10J pounds of pears and IVJ7 pounds of plums are equal in nourishment, to 100 pounds of potatoea. A Rare Opportunity! -THE Good Agricultural Land for $10 to $20 per Acre. INTERNATIONAL! 'I'lic Pnc'Hic i iiiiu'oviiii 'lit <nii]»illiy Im* rcccilt- ]\ i>m-rh;wil i\\. hv iItmwnni IMTO iiMiiml in lit*- heart of Teliiim;! cniiniy, fur the iHU |mse ni jH 'ipiinitiii'.r HHMI ivi-inns ;iihl settieniejU. This In ml einlintees litmfs from Jirst-rdi-s Siirruinei:!!! Vitiley HirrieuUui'" l:vmi. i<- bind of fair nvt'nmc t] unlity. ami is .til'eivil nl fnun *HMn )wr neve, in -uli'li\i-ioiis of -10, SO. HM, WO, :X0 nnvs. Tile lirms UjHitl whirl] these IHIKN tin' nllWi'd iifi' e-iierhdU at t ruet i ve. Tlieywiil he sold in r'u '"I ivision*;, ii*; jihriVi" iiitliciiti'd. hy the jmyme-iit oi iiik'n si only ft ir three years ut which 1 line the i>un'ha>-et fail heifiii the |>»ynient ni prinelijiil hy pajint:' the i\v<\ ui tiveeipnit animal ln^laN- inii)t<, Tims no part of the prlnriyml U to !>e 11 :11 * I for Ihiee years, aii 'l t hi 'ii the purchaser Is In lm\e tlve years iu which to pay live etjunl annual i met-is. with iulen-st ut the rale of seven pel' cent per annum, niakiu:; payments* exteiul- ii)!,' fhiT a period of cie/Jit years. 1 11 teiulinj, r pnieluisei's are assured that this is an opportunity to purchase land of fair average niUilitU 's nl $10 per acre, and ynnd agricultural land at $^(1 per acre, wilh olher u'lades of land at prices to etirrespundhel ween these iK'tires. I'he asseition is fiV (|it(Mitly imtde that j^nnd hi i la hie for u't'iieial farm inland fsnotdully tnhipict] for frnil f^i -i -n lip>, cannot hi* had In ('al- ifornia for ',e>-. thun froin $t)i) to ^100 an acre. An examination of the hind suhject 01 this ml- vertisement will prove lo home seokra that this i> iiii opportunity for the purchase nf yinid a^'- rieultunil hmd at ,'JU an acre. ;tud tor rjualilh'.s ^i.elinr; M"VI' 'O (,.]>• ;>[';*•;,.i.i-turul land at ^luitii acre, on lerms of payment which should make the difiposh ion of these lands to actual «etilers n result easy of I'.eeninplishiiieul. The primary ohjeet of the purchase of this Imdy id' land was ihe hrejikin;;- u |i of a ini'se tioSdiu:^ tor the pnrpi^se of pronudinj,' its settle- ineni In smaller tjuant ities and its dcv"tii>u In diliMenl hiisliandry. 1'or furiher particulars call Mpi>»>, or address \V. If. MILLS. Laud A'^'iit of \', \\ H. K., Fourth ami Townscnd s|feetSan Kranrisen, C11L COMI'OSITHIN. 1. Write a description of not less thun twenty lines of your trip to Ukiah to this meeting of the Uoard. Those living in Ukiah may write a description of a trip to any other town. (25 credits) 2. Write a letter to 'J'hos. Cooper, Cloverdale, ajiplylng to him as Clerk of 15ig Rock district, this county, for that school. (15 credits) ;i. Fold the above letter, enclose in an envelope and address. (10 credits.] 1. (a) Draw a box above the level of the eye. (b) Draw a box below the level of the eye. 2. Draw an ivy vine. Draw n table with a book lying ou if. In each of the above requirements the object to bo drawn was placed before tho class. THEORY AM) PHACTICE. 1. Name some of the methods that have been devised for teaching beginners to read. Which do you prefer? 2. Who was Postalozzi, iM-oebo], ( Horace Mann, HerbertSpencer, Joseph Paine? \ ,'). Is there any good motive prompt- j ing children to take toys and other things to pieces? Explain. 4. How would yon teach morals in ' school? How manners? 5. Outline your work in teaching begiifners in Geography. A HORSE WHO CAN TALK ! Everybody bos heard of n " horss laush," but who has ever seen an equiae vtl'ted with the power or speech? Fuch nu annual would to Dronuiiuoed a miracle; but so would the telegraph and the telephone a hundred yearn Ago. why. even very recently a cure l'or cou- • umptiou, which IQ universally acknoirledg-ed to he scrofula -affecting tho tuna-*, would bave been looLed upon u miraculous, but now people are bt'Klunmg to reab/m that the dlaeaae is act incurable. Dr. Pierce'a Goldem Medical lMaeovery will cure It, IT taken In tlms and (riven a fair trial. This world-renowned remedy will not make new hiuifs, but It will restore diseased ones to a healthy state whea other means have failed. Thousands ffrate- ftilly testify to this. It la the most potent tonic, or strenirth restorer, alterative, or blood-cleanser and nutritive, or flesh-builder, known to medical science. For Weak Lungs, [ Spitting of Blood, Bronchitis, Asthma, Ca- I tarrh in the Head, and all Ling-erin? t'oug-hs, ; it isnn unequaled remedy. In derangements : of tbe stomach, liver and bowels, aa Indicea- tiou, or Dyspepsia, Biliousness, or "Liver I Complaint." Chronlo Diarrhea, and Vindred 1 ailments, it Is a sovereign remedy. 1""*™"""(loldcn Medical Dls- ICIIARltJTlTrn I covery " il tna only med- EttUAnfinlLCU.I icine of iu class, sold LMMMMMMJ hy drug-grists, under a printed fiiarantee, from thp manufacturers, that it will benefit or cure in every case or disease for which it is reeoinmended, or money paid for it will be promptly refunded. rojiyrl/hl, 1S88. by WOHI.IVS lus. MED. ASS'N. Washing and Ironing! All I'ooh's Wasliouse, «'«r. Cliiireli IIIKI stvveiiNuii Ukiuli. ,afJ»P~ilnvlii^ purchased Sinul.oe'k » n-spccifnily solhil ihe p;i Ironaue of the public w ifdilUK, trniiim.', ami fluting done vvillt neat llessam! dispatch. 110-lim.l AIll'OHH LANE'S SPRINGS, IM Villtj, Mendocino County, Ctl, l-'''d'l:TKKX MII.KS NOU '1'11 OF I'Kl.MI. SOI>A, IltO.V, ,1I .A<;,M^IA, SII.I-IIIII, A.\l» Mill Kit WATKKK. „^«y^l»'sl ('nmpiuir (Irwlinils in ihe Cmmtv. wnler. wend ami L'roiluds free, liond nasiiinnje for liorM-,. al iiHulciHIc rales. 17 "" T. A. LANE. Prop. TYPEWRITER. A strictly lirHt-clnss lnnchiiie. Fully warraiiled. Made from very best nude- rial, by skilled workmen, and with the best tools that have ever been devised l'"V the purpose. Warranted to do all thai can lie reasonably expected of tbe very best typewriter extant. Capable of writing 150 words per minute—or inure— accordini! to the ability oi the operator. PRICE, - • SIOO.OO. ii there is no agent in your town, address the nuuiutiictureiv,: THE PARISH WIF'C CO., /I.;CM/« il'an(r<r. i*«in>«. X. V. STKNOC.HAPHY and TVPK- !!)!!! WHlTlNfi FH1-K. Pirst -rhiSR facilities and best, of teachers. Address, with sl.ainp for return postage. THE lwmsu MI,"G . co. Parish, N. Y. AftAaiiMEfaSlefl :•:. CLEARANCE SALE:-: The Best Selected Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ever Brought to COVELO, CAL, Must be Cleared within Ninety Days from July 1st. Goods Will Be Sold STRICTLY POR CASH, And at Prices Lower than ever before Offered. Clifton & Weill. 15) WODDWOHK'TO)©" CT.L0UIS.MO. UALLAS.TEX. The New Home .Sewln.s Machine Corapanr, I'm -iII,- Pepartmeul. Iiisivibnliiur.OII'H'c.T'.!. 7 , MaV- kcl street. Hisiorv llnilillnir, San I'raiici^co,I'm. (' 11 A 1.1'"A NT & I :ll X XINu 11A \I, - i; t f Audits, t'kiah, Cal. Appledaie Nursery, Best Offer Tet Made. BA^« Jftownfo. VMippiM, 'fas The political campaign in this State will open in a few days, and the peoplo of Mendocino county H!IOII!<I keep themselves informed on all events attending it, especially those of a local character. Tho DISIMTCII-DKMOOKAT is conceded by everybody to he the best paper in the county, and It is therefore the best paper lor a person to take who wishes to be kept posled on political as well as all local events. Desiring to aid the Democracy as much as possible iu this campaign by placing tho DIBFATCH-DEMOCJIAT in hundreds of homes where it does not, now go, v.e have decided to imiko u campaign oiler of l-ho Dmi'A'rcii-I)i;.\io(KAT from now mvti'.l January 1, ISfiT, for SO cents. This is the beet offer ever made by a newspaper in Mendocino dowdy. Foiif mouth* tntlwcription /or tl/tll neiUt. Fond along your names and avail yourselves of (hijj Hplpiidkl offer. OFFERED i S (;on ' s Vallcj', Lake Co., Cal. — b> ihe mitiuifltctur- I ers of Dr. Saj-e'a Catarrh Kcinedy. lor ad i res- ni!Vr< foi -the so-ismi ofiKKlim-hoiiv lot ,>! Incurable case, of CaUrrn m the Head. | ~" TREES, At rsa .^oiiahle (dees. 1 'rttll (lnavn> aiul (tlhcrs i d .iKulnK trees are invited to call and insert i them at tlie Nursery, nr.send for price li>l. i All HtovU xuariiii(4 > < > <l lo In' Irce I'rom A'idrcss I'., P.WUAY, Lakeport, faL .t-L'0i f QUICK TIME AND CHEAP FARES (u Ensttvn nml Europwm nties VMa the (ir.'ut Tnnis -eontiiH 'nial all -mi] itoutcs of TMK Southern Pacific Co. (I 'Af IIII' SYS''i'M}. T)ailv Kxpres.s Tiain> make prompt idriiieflions wiili the se \eral Unilway lim-y in the Kurd, A NI j AT Xcw York and Xcw Orleans with tin- several Steamer Lines tvi ALL EUROPEAN PORTS, SCOTT'S EMULSION CURES CONSUMPTION SCROFULA BRONCHITIS COUCHS COLDS Wasting Diseases Wonderful Flesh Producer- Many have pained one pound per day by its use. Scott's Emulsion is not a secret remedy. It contains i.ho stimulating properties of tho Hypophos- phites and pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, the potency of both being largely increased. It is used by Physicians all over the world. PALATABLE AS MILK. Sold hi) all nruQij'mta. •COTT & tOWNE, Chemists, N.Y. PISO'S CURE FQ Best Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physicians. Cures where all else fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the taste. Children take it without objection. Bv druggists. THE SMITH PREMIER TYPEWRITER! The <i IT a test Machine Ever Invented ! I V<-_v Latest iinil MoM Perfect. Speed, ense of upeiulion, permanent alignment and durability a specialty. POWERFUL MANIFOLOER. 218 Saiisome Street, San Ki-anclsco Write for doscriptivo cataloguo nud prices to LEO. K ALEXANDER & CO., All the type cleaned by a bruahdevice in 10 seconds without soiling- tho hands. General Agents. There may be persons in this community who sre nt, limes froiibled with colic, or subject lo altficks of bowel complaint, li n,-, they should trv tTiiiinlierlalu's Colic, Chnioru and lihirrhiea Hemedy. It will ntl'ord almost Immedinle relief, and when reduced with walcr Is plonsiint Intake. If taken as soon ns the first indication of thediseave is felt it will ward off the attack. Many people use it in this fray, and llnd that, it, never fails them. AC&n/W) cent bottle muy be ohtained fiomi.N, Ma»«e, thedrugRist. % To cure Biliousness, Sick Headnche, Constipation, Malaria, Llvor Complaints, tnko the Bate and certuin remedy, SaCZTH 'S BILE BEANS Use the SNAIX Blae (40 little Beans to the bOltlO). THEV A11E TUB MOST CONVENiBKT. 8ult«bl« *•>»- ull JL-^m. Price of either «t»c. ase. per Bottle. IwlUvlHUMdM for 4da. fcoppersor«t*iiup >n. J.».SMITH4eD.M.k6r«or"j)iLKB«A5a."tTapUIS MO. FOR TORPjO UVW, A torpid liver 4»rnttge» th* whole•» t «sa, irfld |>r«Hlu ««ia SIOK HEADAOHEO Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheumatism, Sallow Skin and Piles. There ia to better rcinodr rortbee* eommoB <li«e»»*» than 'I'utt'» Llv«r CUI»i aa a tt<l»S will prove. Price, Him, . Sold Evesy where. t 'lillmiui Paltue Sleepinj: Cars TOUR 1ST SLEEPING CARS attached to ()v("' , ;:ni! K :;presH TriviiiK. fJJ~'V\vUi>\s sold. slecpiMK -eiir Hert lis secured and nvoper infovmation iri\en upon a |;i .llr .itloii at rnm|i, ny 's nlTiees. where piiHseii *rers eulUnK ill person ran secure elinlei* nf rutiteK, etc. ih-iiera mid at Ltmr*t Wafcn for tiokttn for pan- .tin/r from Kttri>}>v ami hnitrru ftfii/ito any point inthi' Paeifk Stalf* tijid 'fWiilori/*, Thfr?orders, if n;:t urn <f, will tie interim <l at t/ir aimutnt i >n(U RJCH'P GRAY, T. II. GOODMAN, tiPii. TIM I. Mwr. Ceil. I'. it T. Afil. RAILROAD LANDS! For Null' oil HcHKllimMt' Term*. For Laud* la ri'iuriil aad Nnrihoru Cullfor- niu. nn-uuii, Nevada and rtnh, ajuilv In or ad- diVhH W. II. MILLS, 1 and Aut, C\ It. It. San Kniaclsco. l-'nr LdiulK in Southern ('nllffuiiia, nptdv to or nddri'ss JKKU.MK .M A 1>1>KN,I,HIUUKI, S. I'. It.It ,|a Snn l-'raaclsro. l'or riiturrh f. v. I,l\llll :vt lint, xu I'ci'r. Try il. lmliir <4 <<l l>y Ihe H,,<li<i,| FiM-iiIly. I'rt -MvrlliKl hy >iiiii|I'raiici<'ro'N I.«mllil|c I'liyNlt'lmiM. Camphor Chloral Liniment. OAKI.AKII , Februnrv 7, 1H!>0. "Tills may certify that we have used the I.initnent in our fumilv, and have found It to be Ihe bewt and nmst ed'ectlve inedhdne for neuralgia and kindred diseases of any that we have tried. Wee, MI unhi'siialin^Iy it us a most pou't'i'iul am! ireful reniedv." V.. '11. Dli.I.K, i'a^torof the First >]. K. Church. Ftir nil ehronie i-ascs, In conn^tidii with C. C. ldNIMKN"r i iise"CO.\ti>oUNI).SliM'HIIK l »o\V- OKlt" for thorouubly (deaiisinj? the blood and toniiiK uji the entire system. It is nut \m only by'Ilio W. II. liono Co,. 12 Hush street, ill larne ladtle-:. Prlc-* *l jtor bottle, ti boUlos for • *>; sent postpaid on re<'ei]»t of [iriee. Vil, I 'J IUIHII SK 'CI 'I. N. r. gjm -ruh SAI.K 11 V ALL DIU'dOlSTS. •W. II. 3303\T3n. <Ji'iu>riil MnniiKcr null Nvrrvtnry. Notice of Ad in i ii islru tor's Sale. TS TI1K SI'I'KISIOJt l.'Ot'RT Or TIIK <;Ol!N- 1 ly of Mt 'liiloi'lini, Stan, of California. In tin, inattfr of thv vstuti' of ('. It. Arthur, ih'Ct-Msed. Nollci'Is hiTohy fflviMt that in pnr- suuiu-y of an imltT of tho ^ujtorlor Court of Mendocino County, Slate of California, lailde on the l.Mh of Aiiril, lsiio. In the mutter of the estate, of C. It. Arthur, deceased, the undersigned, the Administrator de honis mm with the Will annexed, of the said estate, will sell at imHIIc the highest ladder, for cash, tfold coin of Ihe Called Slates, and snhjeet lo coiitlr- inatiou hy said Superior Court, on Saturday. 1 lie itli day of October, 1890, At 2 o'clock i*. M ., in frnijl of the door of the <'ourt House, in i^kiuh Oily, ^endochio county, Cu).,nil NIL * right, title, iutercst and estate, of thestildO. it. Arthur at tin'time of hi< death, and all the right, title and interest that the smil estate lias hy operation of law or otherwise uc- ijuired, other tluiu or iu itUditimi 'o that, of tlie vaid C. H. Arthur at the time of his death, in and too nil Unit certain lot, piece or parcel of laud situate, lyliiff and beiiitf In the said county of Meinloeino, State of California, and 1'oiinded and described as follows, Jo wit: E l 6 of SW'!.,' of Section 1!>, T V2 X, It 16 W, M 11 M. Terms and conditions of sale—cash, 10 per cent of the purchase prfef, in gold coin of the United States, payable on day of the sale, balance payable on confirmation of the sale by the Judge of this Court. Uced at expense of purchaser. I'klfth, September 'J, WW. il. A. OVKKMKYKK, Administrator dp bonis uon, with the Will annexed of the estate of C, it. Arthur, deceased, YKMs &. SKAWKi.L, Attorneys for Adm. Order of Adjudication of Insolvency I N THE SD.'EKIOH CDIIltT OK THE COU.X- ty of Meiidoelno, Stnte of CaUfornia. In the mutter nf D. E. Dliiffmrtii, an insolvent debtor. 1). K. DIuRmuti. hiiviiiK filed In this court his petition, schedule ami inventory iu IiisoIvencA-, from which It appears that he is (tu insolvent debtor, the said J). E. Olupr/mui IK Hereby deeltired to be insolvent. The .Sheriff of the county of Mendocino is hereby tUvuetvd to tiike poKsesslon of all the estate, real and personal, of the said insolvent debtor, except such as imiv be by law exempt from execution, and all of his deeds, vouchers, books of account, 1 und papers, and to keep the same safely uutlt j ihe appointment of an nssipnee of his cslate. ^ All persons are forbidden to pay any debts to the K»Ui insolvent or to deliver any property, helonjfiiifr to such insolvent, to hliu or to any person, iiiui, etirporalion or association fin* his use; and the said debtor IK hereby forbidden lo transfer or deliver any property, until the fur(her order of this Cuurt, except as heroin ordered. It is further ordered that all Ihe creditors of said debtor he and appear before the Hon. II. MeUurvey, Judge of tlie Superior Court of Ihe county of Mendocino, In open Court, at lite conn room oi said Court, in the County of Mendocino, on the fit Ii day of October, iKOO, At 10 o'clock A. M-, of that day, to prove their debts and choice one or more assignees of ihecKtute of said, debior. It Is further ordered that the order bo published in the IJis ]*A *n;ii ANIJ DKMOUIMT , u newspaper of general circulation, published In the county of Mendocino, as often as tbe Mild paper is published, before tlie said day set for the meeting of creditors. And It Is f.!.-ilier ordered that, in the menu- time, all proceeJiu^s nsiiiuKt the said insolvent be stayed. It. McCAUVKY, Judge of Om SiinerlorConrt. Dated September -1, <S !»0. 'li'td J. M. MASSUN , Attorney for Insolvent. — SUBSCRIBE Tli'^E*- MENDOCINO DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT! A WEAK MAN Cnn now rare himself oi the doiilornl.-lc resnlm of early » I'UN«, and ni'ilelitly rvnluro his vljfoi' »ii<l vllnllly by the Ureal Australian Tteiaedy. 'I'he ri,ifcu .i -k« eHr**« of hoiiele ^s eases of >>iivoci» Ifcjjl.lllty and I'rlvaK' r«»i «l «l««'« ««' ev'yywlM're •iumidiiif nut <"!."."!:e.-v. The .Med!i'lri»i.-s physlolaii's(flfl to jutVerlno; liyiaanily, will 'ISgmsui. tree to those '"'AdiUess,- : Dr. WI.Jl. TAYLOR, •,>.•) Ktm M«»««jp ,§*t ,-HnK Praniilseo , M,I>. lllie sines 18IW. IKIN I US"- t-lialiie Si* .. .„. „.„„„„ ielUlllnvullils. Ai(llWl>l •»«• JtiTKousloiv, j.M^lmiuivnn lul'ehV'iuWf enred. Oluiuui) nos t yo euro. All fH'rm <'<iii<ldvn<lal Electric Lighting! The North Pacific Land and Improvement Company will shortly put in an Electric Light System in Ukiah and will furnish Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowest possible figure. For particulars address W. H. H. GRAVES, Secretary North Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 69-71 New Chronicle Building, San Francisco J NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Stile and Decree of Foreclosure and Bale. n. it. vox Plaintiff, HESSIK 1-AUCNKK and J. II. KAI.KNKII, Drfrndaiit". ITXliEK AND V1UTI-E OF AX OKOKR [_) of sale and decree of forechuure anil sale Ixstied out oi the Superior Court of the County of Mendocino, stale of California, on the UVth i \nv tif Sept., A. 1». IS'.tO, in the above entitled action, wherein U. It. Kox, the above named plaiutitr, obtained a Judgment mid decree of foreclosure and sate against Uessle Knlktier mid J. II. I'alkner, dcA-ndants, on the Ilth dny of Septeniber, A. U-, IS'.iU, for the sum of one thousand, one hundred and eighty seven and seventy live one hundredth < dollars <*l,JK7.7. r >) In United States gold coin, besides Interest, cost a. Hinl counsel fees, amounling in all to $l'HH\.f£t, be- siiles costs and interest t*» lu-evwv, wbiel. stihi decree was, ou 'tbe llth day r»f September, A. P., IH'10. recorded in Judgment Hook >! of said Court, at page W<, I am commanded to sell all that certain lot. piece or parcels of land, situate, lying, and being in the County of Mendocino, State «»( California, and hounded and described as follows, to wit: Situated in Ckiah City, Mendocino county, State of California, particularly described as follows: Itegiunie.g on thcHontli side of Clay Street in said CUinti City, at the northeast corner of lot owned by a A. Yell, running thence southerly parallel und 2Un feet cast from tin* east line of bit owned b> Samuel Itrovvn, i; dis- timee of two hundred and ihiny feet, thence easterly at right angles ninety (HO) feet, thence northerly two hundred and thirty (L'.'tO) feet lo the south side of Clav street,'ninety (HO) feet east to the XK corner of the lot belonging to A. Yell, Thenec westerly alongthesouth line of Clay st reel to tho place of beg!nniug,unu being the same premises conveved hy Win. Iloluen and wife to Jiessie Kulkner hy deed dated March 17. lss-l, and recorded in Hook :U of Ihvtls at page 17'J- records of Meudoeiuo eonuty. rublic not ice is hereby given that on Siiliirilay, llic lSlh day uf Orlobcr, 1890, At -i o'elocd; p. M . of thai day, In front of tlie Court Mouse door nf the county ofMcnduci]io,ut Ckifth, I will, in obedience to said order of sale and de* crew of foreclosure and sale, sell the above de* scribed property or so much thereof as may ba necessary to satisfy said judgment, with Intor­ es; and costs, etc., to the highest and best bidder for gold coin of the United States. Dated this PJth day of September, IBM. J. Si. STAXD1.KY, Hy T. J. WKLDON , Under-Sheritr. Sherifl*. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice of the Sate ot Real Estate Under Execution, A. LEW IB & CO., J'laiittiffs, (.iEO. J. BUOWX. , Drfrmlaiit,} B Y VIRTU K OK AX FiXFCl'TION ISslJKD out of the Superior Court of the County of tfimttt Crtv/-, of the State uf California, wherein A -Lewis Co.. plaint id's, and Geo. J. Brown, defendant, upon u judgment renderedhhe UuJ da" of October, A. i), 188«, for the sum of one thnUMiml and fovtv-oue and sixteen one hundredths ($1,1-11.1C») dollar*, I.'mtei) StateB goM coin, besides costs and interest, I have this day levied ujKiu all the right, title, claim and interest IM ' said defendant, Geo. J. Brown, of, iu aud to the following described i*ea\ erf ate, lo-wit: Commencing on the county road at a point- on the northeast corner «f Mrs. J. Beer's lot and running west .'UK) feet to Main street, thence north two hundred and sixty feet, thence east one hundred and IIfly iVei, thence south sixty feet, thence cast one hundred and litty feet, thence south along ihe county road to place of tveginnlng. Also lot commencing at the southwest corner nf It. Marks' lot and Main street, thence east three hundred tee I to the county road, thence south thirty feet to land of Gen. ,1. Brown, thence west three hundred feet to Main, street, thence north thirty feet to poiut of beginning, together with all and singular the* hereditaments and appurialienees pertaiitltig thereto. I'ublie notice iH hereby given thut t will, on The till day of Ociober, 1S90, at i o'elnek v. M. of said day, In Trout of tho eonrt hou.-e door of Ihe l.'ounty of Mendocino, lit UW.dl, si'U at inihlic auelloil, for United Ktates (told colli, all Ihe right, title, claim and interest of said defendant, fieo. J. llrown, of, tu ami to the ahove deserlhed property, or so mueh thereof as may be necessary to raise sultlctent to satisfy said JudKuwiu, with Interest and costs, etc., to the hlphest and hesthldder. rjated this Sth day of Septemher, 1880. llv T. J. WELDON, Under Sherlll'. Notice to Contractors. TN I't'KSUANOK UK AN KVT ENTST! ED AN 1 u Act 10 , sluhllsh a Uraaeh Insane Asylum for Ihe Insane of the Stat*; of t;uViiornlii, al t'kiah, Mendocino county," (Stat, of IHH>), i;hiu,. 'Jt'.i t p»Kcs Ufi tol!2) we are hereby authorized to advertise for sealed proposals which wilt tie received at the ofliee rd Ihe President of the Hoard of Directors of tin? Mendocino slate Asylum for the Insane In th,' Town of Ukiah, Mendocino, futility, California, until 12 o'clock M, on Monday, the Kill day of October, 1HH0, for the several branches of labor and material to he furnished inr Ihe erection and completion of buildings for tin- Mendnoluo Stat, Asylum fur the Insane on the bind known as the Ilartlctt Itauch, near Ihe town ot Ukiah, Mendocino county, California. tmiwiwis and specifications for the said huUdhlKs can he seen daily from 9 o'clock A. M. until I o'clock i\ M., at the olltce of the Architects of the said Hoard,' Copcluud & IMerce, No. l'.'C Kearney street, Man Francisco, California. lllank proposal forms and K11 Information in regard to the inauuei' in which proposals are to. bo tendered to be obtained from the architects aforesaid. t'a\nicids to be made In State warrants, which will lie available at the time stated lu the aforesaid act. liach proposal must be accompanied by a, bond of 10 per cent of the amount of the prupos- al tendered. No Chinese labor or material manufactured by Chinese InUou, >obe used In the eiccttou of the said hulldluus. The Hoard of Directors reserve tho right to reject auv or all bids If found necessary as tho public Kiiod may require. 1 A HC til BALD YEU„ President. J. 11. SEAWKI.1., Secretary, For the Hoard of Directors of the Mendocino State Asylum for the Insane, tinted at Ukiah, September 11, 1890. U NITED STATES LAND OKKICK, 8\N FKAN- clsco.Cal., July 1,18 l .i0. Notice Is hereby ulvcii that lu eomwUaue.e wlth the jiiovlsUm? of the Aci oi C'auitress of ,1'ine n, 1»78, entitled "An Act for Urn sale of thnU-i lands lu Ihe Stntcsof California, Oregon, Nevada and Wasliinalou Territory," SYIKVICV (i. MITi 'llKId., of Alameihi. County of Alameda, stale of Calf- fnrnla, has this day (lied in this olllcchls sworn statement Nu , for the purchase of l.oi 3 uf Section No. 1«, In Township No. If" north, iiunsf So. 14 west, M. I). M„ and will offer proof to show thai the land souulit 1« more valuable lor its limber or stone than for aitrlcullural purposes, and lo establish his claim tosatdhiud beforo- the Itccdstcr and liccciver of this oiticc at San Francisco, i al., ou TUKSDAY, the 2:ld duy of Seiaeinbcr, IW. lie names as witnesses: l>. Knthcraiel, C. II, Mcrrcll, T. .1. Iluilcy, K It. Ilallvy, all of Sail Francisco, Cal. Auv and all persons clnlmluK adversely the abovedeserlbed lands arc reouested to flic their claims lu this oftlce on or before said a.Hd day oi Septcinbcr. JOHN F. SHiriillAN, Kcglster. MM NAI.K. TEN ACUK8, ONK-HALr I' mile from I lie Court House, within the cor- imrato llinllj, on (ho road to Vlcliy Hurliiiis. (IIHMI land, will linprovid, with solidintlldluits, orcluird, ute. Kuo,ulraot USU&UtVi U.VLfi, 1

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