The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1949
Page 2
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*AGB TWO Slayer of 3 Killed Ex-Convict 28, Make Good Boast That He'd Not B« Taken Alive PHOENIX, Ariz., Feb. 28. (/!>» — The vicious killer, Bill Ray Gilbert made-good his boast he would nevci be taken alive. He fell dead before a Maze of police gunfire here last night. He almost made good his second boast—'I'll take two officers with trie when I die." He shot a policeman tlvfee times in the leg. The 28-year-old Arizona ex-convict killed a woman and two men near Needles, Calif., Jiu,t Wednesday. The gun battle with police ended PI crime foray in which Gilbert and a prison pal,' George Adolph Schmld," 32, kidnapped a Phoenix woman end killed three persons Schmid was captured without resistance by two city policemen here early yesterday as he tried 1 to read' his mother's home. He was armed with two pistols. Police surrounded n tourist" court cabin in the -southwestern section of the city last night when the operator lold iwllcc a man he recoj- nlzctt as Gilbert had registered during the afternoon. Police and Gilbert exchanged a fusillade of gunfire. "Don't sl-.oot anymore. I'm hit in the head," Gilbert shouted above the gunfire. As police held their fire, Gilbert came to tho door. He threw it open and, blood streaming down lits naked body, stood swaying in the flare of police lights. "Raise your hands," Sgt. Grille Moorhead shouted. Balsas Pistol Instead, Gilbert raised a pistol In his right hand. : : ' . .' Police cut him down in the doorway. Gilbert's companion, Schmid, and the woman they kidnapped*, Florence Margart Chlsholm, 31, Phoenix, already were being taken lo California '. when he was killed Schmid l.i charged with murder. Mus Chlshohn is held as a material witness. Sclvtmd, In a 'statement to'Dist- Irlct AttorncyJeromc 13. Kavn.nnuyh of San Bernardino, Calif., said he and Gilbert Abducted Miss Chls- hohu from the riding stable she managed here last Tuesday; They took her with them to Needles, where they joined acquaintances of Gilbert. Later, al a nearby ranch, Ernest Wlnstcd, 31. Needles city employe; his wife, TVnnces, 22, and Willis Pugli, 70, weie shot to death. '' r Schmid said Gilbert and he returned to Arizona after the California killings to carry out Gilbert's Gilbert and Scrirnid' were released from the prison late last year after , Mrytng sentences tor rob-ery. ' -.The maximum recorded depth of the ocean is a point In the Pacific east ot the Philippines: 33,400 feet — fi,398 feet deeper than Mount Everest ts high. Readies Reds BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Needy I to lions See Little of E. R. P Despite the huge sums the European Recovery Program has poured Into Italy, scenes like tins are still common in Home. Here the children of a jobless Italian share the family's only bed vvilh flies and vermin. Most ot the E. H. P. money goes to increase Italian industrial production. (Pholo hy NBA-Acme sl.ifr correspondent Massimo Asrnni.) In an order of the day, Marshal :v. A. Bulganin, above, Russia's minister of armed forces, warned Soviet trooR« to "indcfatigably maintain a permanent hish quality of combat readiness." Bulganin said this was necessary because the United State, wai planning to unleash a new war TRI-STATE ABERDEEN- ANGUS SALE MAj/lCH 11, 1949 At Shelby Couny Pens Farm, Memphis, Tennessee 64 Females" 15 Young Bulls \U selected bj- Mr. Bill McSpart- ttn, Field Man, Aberdeen Ancu< Association. Good fomirtatlon slock Is obtain•Me In this sale. These animal- :on«lj>n«J hy 2i hrccrters of Artanus, Mississippi and Wcsi TenntsKt. For further Information or catalog write ROY W.TURNER Secretary Income '48 Shows Gain Over '47 WASI1INCTON, Feb. 28. Iff-, — ov:a captured top national honors n l'J4B iarin Income. The Agriculture Deputmcnt has •epolcd that Iowa's 1948 cash Iarin cccipls cnme to $2,351,TO3,tK!0 while Jalilornia rang up $2,207,309,000. Texas was third with $1.1153,014.- XX). Illinois earned the fourth spot vltli receipts ol $1,833,897,000. "n the United Stales. 1948 cash arm receipts advanced nbnut three er cent over 1047, from $30,186 289 00 to S31.018.7M.OOO. CnsJi Income last year by stales 'Uided: Missouri JI,106,73;i,C08 compared Vltll $I.C82,!)25,C(M In 1017; Kann.Vi I,133.0i3.000 comiKircd with $1.- /iO.EU.OOO; Arkansas $576,819,000 ompared with $503,G53,OtX)' Okhx- oinii $7Cr.,35!),000 compared with 0*40^55,000. Vomon Thinks of Cow "rapped in Silo As 'aritt Swallows Her U'lTLE HOCK. Ark., Feb. 28. <fi>, —Mrs. Elizabeth Byrd snys she houRlu o( the cow that loll into a lo In Oklahoma when she suddcn- • plunged 15 feel into the ground. She and her mother were working i • the yard here SiUnrdtiy. Mis. yrd—to her words—vanished s if the earth hurt opened up and wallowed lier ,to the astonishment [ her mother. What had happened wu.s that the ivthcrn covering o! an abandoned (stern h,id given way under M.-s. yrtl's feet. One of her first thought* after ic had stepped /ailing, Mrs. Byrd onlidcd, "was of that cow In ihc lo out in Oklahoma. I knew jus; ow K he fell. It also occurred to ie that they rescued the cow by reusing her body mid I made up my mind immediately that I did not care (or such tactics. It was then I suggested lo mother thai she lower' a ladder." Mrs. Byrd's mother. Mrs. Prances S7.yman.-iki, with the help of a neighbor, extricated Mis. Byrd with a lad'.icr and garden ho-se. Mrs. Byrd escaped serious Injury. Clay Declines Comment on Plan to Retire BERLIN, Feb. liTi—Ocn. Lucius D. Clay declined lo comment todaj on rcjxirts I hat he planned to retire at U. S. military governor In Oerinuny by- June 30. 11 has hern nn open secret however Hint Clay would like lo re- lillqulsli hi.s post In Europe as soon ax convenient to the Washington authorities. The Chicago Trlbucn said last night It had learned authoritatively that the gcucrnl would retire by Jtiiu and [msslbly within the next (JO days. The tribune's story, written from Washington by Walter Trohn'n. said thnt clay \anild be succeeded by U. Cicn. Albert C. Wedemeycr or Gen. Mark \V. Clark. Missouri Educator To Dedicate School Dr. W. w. Parker, president of Southeast Missouri State College of Ca))f Olrnrrieaii, Mo., will give the dedicatory address for the new itrndc school building nt Steele. March 13. O. T. Coll. superintendent, announced today. The new building, featuring 16 .'Inssnioms. two offices, n fireproof vntilt, Kvecn chalk boards, nnd movable tnblet desks. Is bring occupied by classes today. It was opened officially with an open house Friday DiRht. Present nnd former school board netnbers will be presented at the dedicatory services by the present, president of, the board, Frank Huft- vunr. and special music will be furnished by the high schno! band and grade and high school choruses. The services will be conducted st the gymnasium - auditorium, and will began at 2:30 p.m. Method of Combatting Leukemia Is Suggested MEMPHIS. Pcb.'2B. M',-A medical variety ol fighting fire with fire was suggested Saturday aj a possible new means of combatting Icu- hrmin. a cancerous condition • of wiiile blood cells. Dr. Lowell A. Erf proposed subjecting leukemlc sufferers to "mild" infections of such virus diseases as Influenza and chicken (>ox—on the theory that the viruses would iced upon, and thru check further development of (he Icukemic cells. The Philadelphia, scientist said cases have been observed where leukemia sufferers lost all symptoms for as much as a yeav following a concurrent attack of such virus In fcctions as virus pneumonia, influenza and chicken pox. French Army Major Held on Spy Charge PARTS. Feb. 28. «!•>—The French government saici today a Communist army major has confessed turning army documents over to "A foreign military attache," A communique Issur J . by the In- .lerior Ministry said the officer. » major was on active service in the French Army. He was noi named. The communique said he admitted handing over "numerous documents" which he had been able to collect in his jobs in the office of the ministry of munitions »nrt national defense. One hundred fit'.y-flve clergymen of the Church of England arc'so or more years old. The Kricmlly Yard h» Shallow Well Pumps E. C, Kohinsim Lumber The UTtrasr marrifd man l.« nnr who Isn'l quite smart enough In make » billion Hollars, pick rijh( Mraljht al Illalc.ih, or cxpbln relativity, BUI- ),f 1, , mxtt enoujh In ice in when his radln Ss in need of c*pcrl repair. "A mtriled o needs t» o I " j to 7 Arkansans Killed on Roads Over Weekend B.v the Associated rrfss Weekend traffic accidents In Arkansas claimed the live* of at least seven persons. Mis. ports Clilldcrs, 28, .and Dwnln Prince, 24, were killed Smi- rlay wlicn a truck and automobile collided near DM Arc. Oilier weekend traffic deaths included: I«aao Smilli, 41, Negro of Thornton, wlicii !iis bicycle and a school bus collided near flearden Saturday night. Allen Pay Builey, 2fl, Coiiway County farmer, when an auto in which he v.-as riding.lefl Die highway and ovciiuri.ect i«i a. dllch near Moirlllon Puturday. Firemen Provide Big Crowd at Wedding of Girl in Strange Town MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 28. I/P(— Fireman's daughter Pat Fiayne hud Bursts galore al her wedding Saturday. The firemen saw to that. And Pat was so overwhelmed she fainted More than 100 uniformed olf-duty members of Hie Minneapolis department were present in St. Stephen's Catholic Church as the Uev Pr Rudolph E. Nolan performed the ceremony. With their wives and Mends they made a crowd of nnproxl- •ualcly 500. The 22-yenr-old bride from St Bernard, Ohio, was touched beyond endurance by the expression of Memlllucss from people among whom she was a stranger. Pat fell in a fnliil, as she wns iibmit to receive communion following the wcd- fuiiff ceremony. She was carried to the sacristy Uy (he Broom, Prank Boltcnhorn of Cincinnati, she recovered nulckly and returned for completion of the service.' The crowd was there HI the request of Pat's father. Fireman John J. Prayno of St. Bernard. Bcciuwe he bridal pair were strangers In town and Frayne feared they would ic lonesome In n big empty church ID nskwi Mlnnonnolis firemen if a lew of them would attend the ccre- uony. Missile Mystery .i'cn during highly ch'ill/.ed cms of Greece, .Mich as the age of Pericles, men without clocks broke time mlo periods of "dawn" "full market", "noon", and "sunset". NOTICE Notice is hereby given that lhi> iimlerslgncd will within the ilmo .xed by lr.w apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas lor a permit to sell beer H retail at 911 North 6th Blytlie- ville, Mississippi County The undersigned states he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been Convicted of a felony or other crime nvnlvliig moral turpitude; that no icense to sell beer by (lie unrter- igned has been revoked within riy •cars last past; and that the un- lersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other slate, relating o the sale of alcoholic-liquors. Olllc Anderson Subscribed and sworn to before ne this 26 day ot Feb. 1W9. Mrs. Marshall Blackard Notary Public My Commission expires March 9 American autiiurities in Germany are tallied over the origin of four mysterious projectiles, which have landed and exploded in the same area, >ust e.-jst of Schweinfurl, since October, 1846. The lasl of Ihe rocket- or jet- propelled missiles landed List Jan. 31, !»•)!), and eye-witnesses said it dime from Ihe northeast and had a 20-foot-long (laming tail. Experts have so far been unable to reconstruct the projectiles from Ihe small bits recovered from the craters. Jap Viscount Jailed ToyX-o, pel). 28. ll\\- -Former Viscount Shiscyuki fshikawa was In Jail on a theft charge today. He was arrested near a public hath house. His loot, said police, was Japanese underwear. Hard times were blamed by the cx-noblcman for his plight. H C L, UP 12 SHANGHAI. Feb. 28. MV- Shanghai's cost of living Index today hit 643 per cent above the level of Aug. 19. It has jumped 84 per cent in the pn.5t two weeks. Senof* Ltaden CiV* Up Trying to Ruth Nsw Labor Bill Through WASHINGTON, Feb. 2*. «'/ — Senate leaders Saturday ibandoned plan.* to try to push the Truman labor bill through Congress by April "It's now apparent that we can't make It by that time," said Senator Lucas (D-I11), the majority leader. Lucas added, however, that the Democrats have no Intention of Inking the priority label off the tabor measure. He said action will be "Just as fast as posiWe." But he refused to name a new target date. Privately, there was talk In Democratic circles that a new labor meMur* might not clear both brandies of Congress before the middle of May. And In Atlantic City, AFL president William Green said it Is "touch and go" whether the administration measure will be passed at nil Commenting that It "hinge, on a few voles In Die Senate," Green said: "The WE question Li how the southern reactionary Democrat* will vole." _MOKPAT, FEBBUARY 28, 1949) ' - ; Read Courier News Want Adt Beware Cough! 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