Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on November 8, 1934 · 11
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 11

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1934
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THE HARTFORD DAILY COURANT: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1934. 11 ! Writer Finds Film Folk Sports Mad Have liecome Amazingly Energetic, Says Ham-mett. Who Longs for Old Quiet Days In which Dashiell Hammett, here to write a sequel to his thrilling story, "The Thin Man." substitutes for Mollie Merrick and gives vent to a few personal opinions about Hollywood.) BY DASHIELL HAMMETT. Hollywood, Nov. 7. It's a shame that a nice town and a lot of nice people should have gone so violently energetic. When I was scribbling In the studios, some three years ago, life was quite calm and peaceful. One could sit back in a comfortable chair, gaze with a slightly jaundiced tye at slightly too much sunshine. Write once in a while, or just sit. But something has happened to Hollywood In the Interim of my absence. Now I am quite exhausted picking up the paper plugs with which I have carefully plugged my phone bell. My Hollywood friends are ringing it. so hard that no amount of stuffing can stifle its din. If they'd just call up and say, "Old boy. we've got a nice quiet spot where the sleeping is particularly good" . . .that would be right aown my alley. But no. . .they have become so amazingly energetic I Along about 8:30 a. m., lust when fcleep becomes particularly enjoyable, there will come a jingle. A disgustingly healthy voice will say, with trmt sort of cheeriness which is so hard to take. . .at 8:30 in the morning. . ."Rouse out guy. . . lrt's have a couple of sets of tennis." I long for those quieter days of the old Hollywood when a man who vanted to do nothing, could do it without interference or prejudice. Today one "simply doesn't belong" if one doesn't polo, or golf, or yacht, or badminton. . .here; take this sporting goods catalogue and you name them. In fact, the fad for good old red blood, sparkling health and jollv cold showers has so spread over Hollywood that it has somewhat put a blight on the place. Once a Hollywood party used to be a party. Now you see gentlemen, who have no prejudice at. all against a good drink, firmly turning 4own their glasses: "Sorry. . .but I have a big polo game tomorrow. And its 11 o'clock, I must be coining. Got to keep in shape, you Know!" I'm not so sure that verv soon now my old friend, Nick Charles, won't have to come to Hollywood ior a little sleuthing. Some day, some chap who loves his sleep is going to be called early some mornine. say sevenish, "for 36 holes of golf." Alongside his golf sticks will be found the phoning sportsman, cold in death. And a new mystery plot will have had its birth. (Copyright, 1934. By NANA, Inc.) IJallet Russe Dancer Acclaimed for Beauty Although her name has not been so widely publicized as those of the other three leading girl dancers of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, Vera Zorina has been acclaimed by the audiences of three continents not only for her artistry but for her beauty. Dark Tamara Toumanova is the unquestioned darling of ballet-lovers. Irina Baronova is famous for her swallow-like foucttes. Eighteen-year-old Tatiana Riabouchinska has had probably more offers of marriage than any other girl of her generation, but to graceful Zorina goes credit for one of the loveliest figures in the history of the Russian ballet. Zorina, with these ballerinas, and with the male stars. Leonide Mas-sine and David Lichinc, will be seen in Hartford this Monday evening when the Bushnell Memorial presents the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in a single performance, starting at 8:30 o'clock. Serbian archaeologists are exploring the ruins of Stobi, once an important city of Macedonia, destroyed by earthquake in 518 A.D PRINCESS Today-Friday Shirley Temnie-Garv Cooper In NOW AND FOREVER Also Richard Barthelmes-Ann Dvorak in MIDNIGHT ALIBI News Comedy Starts Sat.: .lanet Gaynor in Servants' Entrance GRAND OPERA at 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 (plus tax) SAT. EVE.,. NOV. 10 'Cabmen' MON. EVE., NOV. 12 'Faust1 , Columbia Opera Co. of New York Box Office Now Open Buy Early and Avoid Disappointment STATE THEATER TFI,. 7-2731 The Caravan Repertory Players Will Preterit THE TAMING of the SHREW" Fri., Nov. 9 at 8 o'clock Weaver High School Auditorial Under the. Auspices of the Ci'rs' League Ticket 35c., 50e., 75e. on Sale at Witkower's, The Lewis Street Book Shnp and Weaver High Srhnnl. Season to Be Last With 'Met' Opera o GIULIO GATTT-CASAZZA. New York, Nov. 7. f AP.) After 27 years as general manager of the Metropolitan Opera, Giulio Gatti-Casazza has resigned, it was announced though his resignation will not take effect until the close of the present season. In a letter to Paul D. Cravath, president of the Metropolitan Opera ssociation, Gatti-Casazza said he was resigning because "of my rather mature age and of the continued and exhausting hardships of a long directorial career of 42 years." Letters between the two men, which were also made public, disclose that the resignation of the general manager has ' been under consideration for some months. Asserting that the resignation came to him as a "shock," Cravath in one of the letters, praised the Italian impresario for his services to American music and musicians. T6 Become N. Y. Welfare Worker. New Haven, Nov. 7.tAP.) Miss Leonie Leclerc of Worcester, Mass., today said she had resigned as admitting officer for the New Haven Hospital to accept an appointment to the staff of the Home Relief Bureau of Public Welfare in New York City. She said she was to report in New York immediately. Courant Offering: Constitution Booklet Three documents precious to all Americans are brought together in a booklet now available through our Washington Information Bureau. They are the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution of the United States, the basic or organic law of the land. The exact original text of each document is used, and the names of all those who signed them. All amendments to the Constitution are given, together with the date each amendment took effect. The booklet is invaluable for school and other reference purposes. In ordering the Constitution booklet enclose six cents in coin to cover cost and handling. Use this coupon. The Hartford Courant Information Bureau, Frederic J. Hash in, Director, Washington, D. C. I enclose herewith six cent in coin (carefully wrapped) for a copy of the Constitution booklet. Name Street ' ; City State , (Mail to Washington, D. C.) EDDJE J OS IN HOOPfE GREATEST MUSICAL OF ALL Added Feature "REGISTERED NX'RSE" Plut 5 BIG ACTS 5 VAUDEVILLE NO ADVANCE IN PRICES 3 DAYS lieg. Thurs., Nov. 15 Pop. Matinee Saturday Glen N. W. MrNaughton Presents The Lord Blesses The Bishop A New Comedy byjHatcher Huihes MAIL ORDERS NOW PRICES: Eve. Orch. S2.20: lit Bat Jl 65, SI. 10; 2nd Bat. SSc. Mat., Orch. SI. 10; 1st Bal. SI. 10, Sir.; 2nd Bal. 5.1c. Concert Di) the Famout 75-Piece CHIETI BAND OF ITALY On World Tour Bl'SHNELL MEMORIAL HALL Sunday, Nov. 11 at 4 P. M. - Reserved Seats Only S1.50. SI M and 75c. On Sale at Box Office Benefit of Chritlmai Basket Fund Under Italian Central Council A uf pices Questions of Readers Answered By Frederic J. Haskin'a Information Bureau at Washington, D. C. A reader can get the answer to any question of fact by writing The Hartford Courant Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskin, Director, Washington. D. C. Please enclose three (3J cents for reply. Q. Who was chosen to advise the young king of Yugoslavia until his coming of age? M. B. K. A. In his political will King Alexander chose three regents to defend the realm during the minority of King Peter. They are: Prince Paul, Dr. Radenko Stankovitch, and Dr. Ivan Perovitch. Q. Is there any reward for announcers besides the medal awarded for good diction by the American Academy of Arts and Letters? K. W. A. Beginning in January, 1935, there will be an annual award of a cup for good announcing by Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn, Inc. Q. How large is the campus of Duke University? J. W. A. The university is surrounded by a 5000-acre campus. Q Who is England's wealthiest man? L. R. W. A. The richest man in England is said to be Joseph Rank of Reigate, near London. His fortune is estimated at between 20,000.000 and 25,-000,000 pounds and he controls more than a score of large flour mills. The fortune of Sir John El-lerman, shipping magnate, who died in July, was estimated at 30,000,000 pounds. Q. About how many miles do motorists travel in a year in the United States? J. B. A. Collectively, they travel more than 200 billion miles. Q. Is it true that people live longer than they did a few generations ago? S. A. A. A person forty years old has no greater life expectancy than had his predecessors of the last few generations agd. The average length of life is being raised constantly, but this is brought about by the saving of lives of infants and young children. Q. Who constituted the commit-, tee that selected the 200 books presented to the White House by the American Booksellers Association? R. C. G. A. The jury of selectors was: E. S. McCawley, chairman, Preston Bradley, John Chamberlain, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Harry Hansen, Joseph Henry Jackson, Virginia Kir-kus, Frederic G. Melcher, Christopher Morley, Bliss Perry, Julia Pe-terkin, William Lyon Phelps. Irita van Doren, Joseph L. Wheeler, Sidney Williams, Jr., and Alexander Woollcott. Q. Who said, "In the democracy TODAY o BUNDLING An old American custom! Saved firewood . . . e- . pouted romance! It was old when our forefathers were young! Today it's the newest and most amusing idea in pictures! STARTS TOMORROW AllyN i i r? 'ill v.? itlEBjffllMi? 3 I mmmm' f I GSffife i I' a . ' .u! . .'''Hi I: . " ' BUSHNELL MEMORIAL SS5& "Gay . . . Mad Riot of Color . . . Mag-nificent" N. Y. Eve. Post BALLET RUSSE 6000 COSTUMES COMPLETE SYMPHONY ORCH. -Remaining Seats (Tax Free) $2, $2.50, $3 S'eiC Subscriptions .Voir Arailable for the Motion Picture and Lecture Course Seawn Prices (Tax Free) J2, $3.50, Starlet Revue Among . v MI y- - .i . r"t-.,XJimiiu umairiB - x fa- t mi iluaiMsWKMi Impressions of movie stars fea- j ture two of the five acts which i opened at the Cameo Theater Wed- ! nesday and which will play there j again today. Da ye and Hymes, : blonde and brunette young women. have take-offs on Zasu Pitts and , Mae West to offer, with all the old familiar gestures and lots of these ycreen stars' favorite gags. Buddy Walker, with a master of ceremonies act, does some good imitations of a number of screen stars giving their versions of a popular song. He impersonates Arliss, Stepanfetchit, Al George ! Joison, i Harry Richman, Bing Crosby and i several others. Heisic and Husack, in "How It's ' of the dead, G. D. all jnen are equal"? A. This is from the address of Senator John J. Ingalls on the death of Congressman Burnes of Missouri, January 24, 1889. Q Whv are women not often employed 'as radio announcers? E. N. A. The experience of broadcast- ing companies both here and on the continent has been that the feminine voice is not as acceptable to the radio listeners as the male, In Europe where women have been eiven a trial at announcing, most of them have been withdrawn. Q Who originated the Hall of Fame? K. D. W. A. It was the conception of Dr. Henry Mitchell MacCracken, then Chancellor of the New York University, the Council of which, on March 5, 1900. accepted a gift of $100,000, afterward increased to i $250,000. from Mrs. F. J. Shepard i i Helen Gould, for the erection and i completion on University Heights. ' New York Citv. of a building to be called "The Hall of Fame for Great Americans." ' Q. How did Francis Asbury and Richard Wright happen to come to America? n. A. L. A. The History of Methodism says: "In the British Weslevan Conference of 1770 'America' appears for the first time, as a single circuit, served bv four preachers. Pilmoor, Boardman. King and Williams. America reported a total last "READY FOR LOVE" times "MENACE" ADDED FEATURE "THE PORT OF LOST DREAMS" BILL BOYDB-"l)LA LANE S Tel. 5-3177 Cameo Vaudeville Acts Done." demonstrate their skill and strength in a number of lively and difficult tumbling tricks. Gaut and Kraft call their act "Two Extremes" because one of them is about six feet, six while the other must be about, lour feet four. Starlet's Revue brings the vaude- j ville to a close. This dance troupe j of three girls and two men,, though j having nothing new to present, does the usual routines with more than usual snap and speed and puts the act over with plenty of style. Film features are Whoopie, Eddie Cantor's color film of two or three years back, but one of his best, and "Registered Nurse." membership of three hundred and j sixteen to the Conference of 1771. With the report came the urgent j appeals of the Americans for more helpers. Five preachers offered to i go, and two were accepted. The two volunteers for America from i ! the Conference of 1771 were ; Fran- , ; s Asbury and Richard Wright. j I : Q- Did the author of the Elsie i Dinsmore books write any other I j fiction? J. H. ! A. Martha Finley 'Martha Far- ; quharsom wrote a number of books j for juveniles, all of a highly moral character. Besides the Elsie books she wrote. Casella: or The Children of the Valleys. An Old-Fashioned j Boy, and The Mildred Series. j Q. How much business has the , Federal Surplus Relief Corporation ; furnished to the railroads? J. T. A. In the year ending September i 30, it provided 146,977 carloads of I revenue freight. Next Kellogg Concert Sunday, Nov. 18 Bushnell Memorial Metropolitan Operatic Quartet with Grace Moore Soprno EDWARD JOHNSON. Tenor ROSE BAMPTON, Contralto RICHARD BONELLI. Baritone Seats Still Available $1.50, 2.00, 2.50 (incl. tax) Tickets at Robert Kcllojrg's Office 89 Asylum St. Phone 2-4000 McCoy's Music Store ......... r.prjl JOXyJ W ;-Vr J vi 2 fSh ! f Hew HSeMost PopulaA 2 i ' ft days i a rQi H I VOric "Married Love"" I ?! , yr b,i UUkwlAIJi vA of the Sereen to- V K st,..: J ijH i V Rather Again! V-f YE U, pwmm ff powell . v r'r I 7 " MYRNA LOV in . ' 4 tt Th Staoe Ortifdy Sensatton I I H WW ka I . v W Even Funnier en tfie Screen: 3 . i- JV "THAT'S GRATITUDE" 'Ayy PUfUfce Jf I frank craven mary Carlisle I M m " a m M mm w mrm"' ff It t Lj NEXT WEEK STARTING PL Zvttrft , it M SATURDAY UNA MERKEL EDWARD BROPHY M VI ,. rt- ! v A Startling; Breath-Takinjr Drama T7 T of Modern Marriage h IT A 7iv 1 ith the Popular M W n fcl &H!L 365 THRILLS! Ss ?1 ? J0A;t KO S65 MORE LAFFS! and all in 'Vl V jf 'W i "ZZ. I V , m .w w t 9& . apn. . m- w u s... a mum dUMw wh mmmmmw 11 mm ' I UAMES DUHN-ALICE FAYEJ , lHAtBn B lS 0N lR STAGE ON Ol-R SCREEN J fi - t"flV,' "M ySmmT LL B I nnTS JLMMY HODGES "Dangerou Corner' D.ull. A Biii M "Miami Nights Kevue" VIRGINIA BRUCE pr SP - DIRECT FROM A 2 WEEKS KUN $ i A T 1 AT THE ROXY NEW YORK 'y'V THECAPTA,n'HA8T0ES THE SEA H,HsE?YTrsC TEA,RS h.f T Vi ! HIS EYES ... a sob will rise Ir imm' in your throat i i i Inch in f nrsnny A Players To Give Taming Of Shrew' At Weaver High Caravan Company Will Be Seen Friday Patronesses Listed "The Taming of the Shrew," will be presented by the Caravan Players, Friday evening in the Weaver High School auditorium, under the auspices of the Girls' League of the school. Leading roles will be taken by Miss Janet Dowling and Thayer Roberts, members of the company. Patronesses for the affair will include Mrs. William C. Holden, Mrs. Frank H. Burke, Carrie Allen, Mrs. M. Allen, Mrs. E. Everett Austin, Jr., Miss Francis H. Bacheler. Mrs Edward Ranfiplri Mis Mnriita Banks, Mrs. Bruce Beal, Mrs. Charles I Blankenburg, Miss Elsie Burks, Miss J. Agnes Burns, Mrs. Golda Curtis, ' Miss Jane Dagan, Miss Louise Dick- erman, Miss Marion Drisko, Mrs. ' At The Theaters Today ALLYN. 200 Asylum Street "Ready For Love." with Ida Lupino, Richard Arlen and Marjorie Rambeau; "Menace." with Gertrude Michael, Paul Cavanaugh and Henrietta Crosman. CAMEO. 1087 Main Street-"Whoopee." "Registered Nurse" and five acts of vaudeville, featuring Starlets' Revue. CENTRAL. West Hartford Center "British Agent," "Big-Hearted Herbert." COLONIAL, 492 Farmington Avenue "The World Move On," "6-Day Bike Rider." LENOX, 959 Albany Avenue "Big-Hearted Herbert," "A Lost Lady." LOEW'S, 174 Asylum Street "11! Fix It," with Jack Holt, Mona Barrie, Winnie Lightner and Jimmy Butler; "That's Gratitude," with Frank Craven, Arthur Byron and Mary Carlisle. LYRIC, 585 Park Street "Big-Hearted Herbert," "A Lost Lady." PALACE, 645 Main Street Jimmy Hodges's Miami Nights Revue on stage; "Dangerous Corner." with Virginia Bruce, Conrad Nagel and Melvyn Douglas, on screen. POLI S, 591 Main Street "The Merry Widow," with Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald, Edward Everett Horton and Una Merkel; "Grandfather's Clock," color film. PRINCESS, 58 State Street "Now And Forever," "Midnight Alibi." REGAL, 42 State Street "The World Moves On," "Six-Day Bike Rider." RIALTO. 255 Franklin Avenue "The Richest Girl in the World," "Charlie Chan in London." STRAND, 1017 Main Streets "Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round," with Jack Benny. Nancv Carroll, Gene Raymond; "The St.. Louis Kid," with James Cagney, Patricia Ellis and Allen Jenkins. You'll Be Sorry If You Miss It! MAI-RICE JEANETTE CHEVALIER MacDONALD "THE MERRY WIDOW" PECKS BAD DOY THOMAS MEIGHAN JACKIE SEARL PLUS THE GREAT HIT OF RADIO f- CITY MUSIC HALL I N NEW YORK I I Their Music Made Lore . . . and Ilieir Lore ras like Music ... I 3 CHARLES BOYER LORETTA YOUNG JEAN PARKER William Farrell, Miss Greta Ferrl Mrs. Herbert Fisher, Miss Anita V. Forbes, Miss Sylvia Gladstein. Miss Dorothy Hood, Mrs. Mary M. Hooker, Miss Marie Johnson. Miss Margaret Kennedy, Mrs. Charles Lee, Miss Lillian Mansfield, Miss Rachael McConnell, Mrs. Joseph Merritt, Miss Anne Moore, Mrs. W. H. Mortenson, Miss Eleanor Moses, Miss Betty Older, Mrs. Moshe Para-nov. Mrs. Roger Pease, Miss Helen Pritchard, Mrs. Stephen Romaine, Mrs. Charles Sudarsky, Miss Faith H. Talcott. The semi-annual Lookout dance, sponsored by the school newspaper, will be held in the school gymnasium on November 24. Music for dancing will be furnished by the Trinity Troubadours. Members of the committee In charge of the arrangements are as follows: Pearl Kagan. Melvin Weber, Abe Seigle, Doana Staples, Norman Sivin, Mildred Abeloff, Bernard Tulin, Gilbert Levere, Ruth Libman, Bertrand Vinick, Thomas Harvey, Edward' Hafcy, Leonarad Levin, Milton London and David Rubin. Roger Waite of the Aetna casual tv and Surety ComDanv and W. M. Green ot the State Department of Motor Vehicles, will be the guest speakers at the first meeting of the Weaver Boys' Club, in the school auditorium Thursday evening. O. P. H E G G I I DOROTHY PETERSON '5e ff Orch. 35e m m J Turning: His Cheek Saves Singer's Life Rocky Mountain House. Alta, Nov. 7. (AP.) August Williams mat singing. His mouth was wide open, and that is the reason he waa not suffering from more than a broken jaw tonight. A stray bullet from a hunter's rifle passed through hU cheek and out of his mouth. m. c Ml W HwavHou I ! WYATT " $Z&r "Este'lle" P5L. IN CASH PRIZES For the belt reviews not exceeding 100 Wordi of Universal' screen version of Charles Dickens' famous story "GREAT EXPECTATIONS SEE THE PICTURE At the STRAND Theatre and Write Us Your Opinion Of rt . . . It's Direction . . . And The Acting of HENRYHULL WORLD PREMIERE of Charles Dickens' GREAT . EXPECTATIONS ' mm mmi m. e mm, mm a m HbNKT MULL by ArTrigemnt wiiW. Universal fxrrurei ' I'l II 1 AH BU NOV. 14-tb at 5 O'clock REGAL COLONIAL NOW PLAYING JOE E. BROWN In Warner Hrn. Riot "6 Day Bike Rider" with rrnfc MrHmh, Mailne Doyle Htiv-"THE WORLD MOVES ON" with Frnrhot Tone, Madeline Carroll CENTRAL KT Franc!. I.eiHe Howard In Warner Bros. BRITISH AGENT" Out Kihbee. Aline MacMahon "BIG HEARTED HERBERT" LENOX LYRIC Barbara Stanwyck with Frank Morgan In "A Lost Lady" Ony Kihbee. Aline MacMahon "BIG HEARTED HERBERT" RIALTO Warner Oland "CHAR11K CHAV lv TOVPOV" Miriam Hopkln 'RICHEST GIRL IN THE WORLD'

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