The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 28, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1894
Page 8
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Concert, Theater and Dance — TA THE •— GERMANIA OPERA HOUSE NEW YEAR'S EVE., DEC. 31/94 • — GIVEN BY THE — Carroll Turn-Veiein Turning on horizontal nnd parallel bars, on horse and building of pyramids. Also two fine wnncl drills. —:EVERYTHINe NEW:— The concert will consist of a mnle chorus (singing section of Turnverein) solos, duets nnd qunrlettes. AFTER THE ENTERTAINMENT *GRAND BALL** ADMISSION: Entertainment - - • - 25° Children under twelve - - loc Dance ------ 75c Reserved seats at SturRes & Thurli- manii's without extra charge. ADDITION A!, L-OCALi*. Slippers at Moore's. Slippers, Slippers at Moore's. Slippers, Slippers, Slippers at Moore's. ; Holiday Slippers at Moore's shoe store. If you want shoes nicely repaired take them to Moore's, The El Qemelo, best 5c cigar in town, fer sale at the Hub. Lute Bifford, of Wall Lake, and BOD, were city visitors Wednesday. Mias Anna Wieland is in the city spending tho holidays with her ^parents. Mann's cou'gli cure is a'guiranteed medicine to care all coughs nnd colds. For sale at the Palace drug store. Found, ahorse blanket. The owner can have the same by proving property Kind paying for this notice. For rent,—two dwelling houses, one located on north side and the other on (be south'Bide. Geo. W. Bowen. Twenty-five styles of Wilson Bros.' fine neckwear just opened. Price reduced to DO cents at Moses Simon. Sheriff Jeffrey left last evening for Anamosa with Sam Dillingham, whom Judge Paine sentenced to two years. Pure blood IB absolutely necessary In order to on Joy perfect health. Hood's Sarsaparllla purifies the blood and gtrenKthens the system. Buy your apples before tbo freezing weather drives them out of sight. Fancy Ben Davis apples at $2.75 per barrel at Pamela,' Christmas weather arrived twenty-four hours behind schedule time. Wednesday the thermometer registered thirteen degrees below zero. Just received,:WilBonlBro8.' fine neckwear, suspenders, night shirts, dress .goodsa r mi fliers. Largest selections. Splendid assortment. Price away down at the famous of Moses Simon. Call for genuine Boone lower vein lump, Indiana block, Hocking Valley , lump, free burning Anthracite coal, all lizee, at D. Joyce's. Superintendent J. J. McMnbon is at Des Moinos attending the State Teachers' association which is being held iu that city. Dan Cooper was in the city Monday. Since his return from Oregon he appears BO changed that his old friends hardly recognize him. Mann's ulllgiuor medicine Is the most peue- tratlug llneinontluusa und tliorotoro will give Instant relief where an external remedy u needed. Kor sale at tho Puluco drug store. Jefferson has been selected for tho annual state bicycle meeting to be held July 4 and 0. This meeting will tnx the ability of Jefferson to its full capacity to entertain the wheelmen that will bu in attendance. For rheumatism 1 havo found nothing equal to Chamberlain's pain bitlm. Hro lleves the pain as tool) as apnlicd. J. W. Young, IVeBt Liberty, W. Vu. Tin prompt relief U ult'ords IB ulonu worth many times the cost, 50 cents. Its continued use will effect n permanent cure. Koi •ale by J. W. Hattpu,druggist. Todd & Rich are determined thivt the oily shall be supplied with ic.c next emu mer if there in no water in tho creek. They have hired the city to till it uhoyo , tbe dam with waterfrom tho wolle. This will only lake a couple of ulghtB pump- Ing and make tho llnost ice over fur* Dished ,in our city, for the wuior is fibpolutoly pure and tho ice will be of a puperloF quality. Tho modern uiothor him firlind Mint h little ones are Improved moro by tliu pleas apt laxative, Syrup of Vigs,when )>t auud of the laxative effect of a Ki'utiu rental) 1 1 (huti by any other, und thut it in mere ac eeptablu to tlioiu. Children i-ujuy it am it oeuefltB them. Thu ti uo mmmly, Kyruj of Figs, Is luauufttoturud by thu UalU'or win Fig Bymp Co, only. A good story ie (old oil the editor u a joornwl of civilization uut a thuumuul wiles from Ourroll, Tine editor wrote a nioe little urtlolu Ohrinkui«<B morning tolling bis readers whitt u great uui UtiiverBtil lime of rsjoioiug the g)ac QbrMuua day ie and how, oat ot tb falllMM of Ibe editorial heart, be hat p boys" u duy off to uelebrate (Mil* ia*rr;. 8u be would ask 4nir MtlflMr* ie {Wdou u«y defloleuolw n the aforesaid j. ot o. tot one issue, teenuse "th« boye" must have a good itne regardless of consequences. "Tbe boys," menntitne, were ppgRisft away or dear life iti the brick rncm Rod wondering wbiit joy there WUP in life on JhristtnBS day for B poor printer, But soon ono of tlietu struck tbo »bove mentioned ilem und the bonrtd of nil >ent plenannMy in nnHoipBtion, for what ;iulii an "intelligent compositor" do but nterpret tbnt us an invitation to lay off or tbe DBlnnoe of the day nnd celabrnte. Jo 'twas done and none returned after tinner to work, Bat the next morning hey learned (o their sorrow that there a a vast difference between tweedledum md tweedledoo nud that the talk of "the dear boys" was only to ontoh the ears >! tbe groundlings, while "the boys" bemselvea were told they oould look up up another job where the beautiful story t the Christ obild is a reality engraven n the heart of the employer and not a ihantasy for nee only to the public. Any one who has children will rejoice with L. B. JUulford, of Plainflcld, N. J. dis little boy, fivo years of age, was sick vlth croup. For two dnys nnd niirhts he riod various remedies recommended by i'iends and neighbors, lie says: "I bought sure 1 Vc'Uld )ri-e hiui. I had ;eon Chamberlain's cough remedy advertised and thought I would try it as a ast bopo and am happy to say that after wo doses lie slept until morning. 1 gave t to liim next day and a cure was effected. keep this remedy in the house now and ,s soon as any of my children show signs I croup 1 give It to them and that is the ast of it." 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by J. IF. Hatton, druggist. lowls' Savlnga Arc Agalntt Ulna. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. SB.—In the Montgomery Lewis trial it was shown by an examination of tho books of the New Ingland Safe Deposit and Trust com>any that between Oct. 1,1800, and Nov. 1891,, Lewis had deposited'$81 161 with that institution. Lewis' salary 'rom the Lombard Investment company was only §1,300 a year, yet in the period of a little more than a year he placed to ris own credit more than $»0,000. I Exchanged Fifteen Shots. WICHITA, Kan., Dec. 27.—At Nicker- ion Charles Carson fpunjj feia wife with f. H. Tineas* find '.ftltrtottt' a word opened fire on the couple. Tincher re- iurned the fire and 15 shots were exchanged. Mre. Carson was hit in the side, Carson in the shoulder and Tincher in the left breast and right leg. The woman's wound ia probably fatal. Carson and Tincher, who are under arrest, are but slightly hurt. Catarrh Cannot be Cured with local applications, as they cannot reach tbe eeat of the disease. Catarrh Is a blood or constitutional clleenec, and In order to cure It yon must take Internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh 3ure is taken internally, and Rots directly on lie blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure IB not & (junck medicine. It was prescribed one of the best physicians In this country or years, and Is a regular prescription. It la lomposed of tbe best tonics known, combined with the best purifiers, acting directly on tbe mucous surfaces. Tbe perfect combination of tbo two Ingradlents IB what produces such wonderful icsults In curing catarrh. Send for tes- Imonlals, free. V. J. CHENEY 4 CO.. Props., Toledo, 0. Sold by druggists, price 75e. Well Known Ball Flayer Dead. .MOBILE, Ala., Dec. 20.—Oharlea Edward Duffee, aged 28, died here of consumption. He was well known as "Home Run Duffee," an ex-member of the St. Louis Browns of the National league and the American association, and also of the Washington club. Arrested Fur Counterfeiting, WEBB Onv, Mo., Dec. 30.—Frank Lane and Yates Nuuus of ibis city were arrested fcr counterfeiting. Spurious silver dollars and DO uont pieces have been circulated bore freely of latx «nd BOUIO of it wan fonud upon the prifrrr= OLD PEOPLE. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will Und tbe true remedy la Electric Bitters. This medicine does not Btimuliite and contains no whisky or other InUixluuiitB, but acts us a tonic and alterative. It actu mildly on the Btoumeh and bowels, tuldlnir Btreiigth und giving tone to the organs, thereby Hilling nature to the performunuo of the func tl'.-ns. Electric Bitters Is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people llud It Just ex tly what Ihoy need. Frlcu fifty cents per hot' tlo at J. W. Uatton's drug i-toro. Ohio has a record to bo really proud of tliis year. Tho report of lior railway commissioner eay.stbat not a Biuglopns geugor lias koun killed oil Ohio ruilrdada during the present year through uooi 3ont. Two men wore killed in the state by jumping off trains iu motion, but this wus the result of their own rook- lussuetis. A small per ceut of passengers la killed by railway aooidgute iu any OOBU. It iu the traiumuu who Buffer. CAPITAL CITY GOSSIP. Reported Conspiracy In Hawaii Doubted by Officials. INDIANS HAVE A LOBBY AT WORK, 1/111 Oppoie All the Proposed Changeg In the Bed Men's Territory — Statements In , Report of DE\WC« Commission Claimed to lie Fnlso — FreHldont Cleveland Signs Many Bllli — Congressman Qenr'111, WASHINGTON, Deo. 20. — No concern or alnrm ia felt at the Hawaiian legation here from the reports of fresh plotting by the Royalists to overthrow the provisional government and restore Queen Liliuokalani. Mr, Hastings, the charge d'affairs of the legation received telegraphic reports from his government via San Francisco after the arrival ot the Australia about 10 days ago and the Arawai a 'week later which say that everything is quiet. Hastings says the natives ore peaceable and willing to accept the new government OB it is and have never been inflamed nor stirred up since its formation. He fears no danger from the band of men who are now reported as having designs against the government, and says there is but one fall native born person in the list and as- serte there is no fighting spirit in them. The result of any trouble .they might precipitate would be needless bloodshed and then total defeat. The department gives little credence to the rumors. It is pointed out that the arrests of the conspirators were made six days before the steamer sailed that brought the news. A week or two after the conspiracy bad been discovered and the leading conspirators arrested is thought to be a poor time to begin a revolution bpcause the authorities would be on the alert and ready to nip anything of the kind in the bud. It is further said the leaders of the republic are resolute men, and that they would never give up without .a desperate fight which the natives would be very unwilling to meet. The idea of British interference is scouted. Secretary Gresham said he had not read the story of the alleged conspiracy. "We have no advices of such a conspiracy." said he, "and none that would even tend to show the possibility of such a thing. I should be much surprised to hear of any successful conspiracy there." The secretary's manner left the impression that he put absolutely no sreclence in the alleged dispatch. It ia email comfort when a bunk faill through a defaulting cashier or book' koopor to havo the report oay, "Ni out bin thoBtookboldornwill loseauythiug." If of Pleroe's smull "Pellets" you tsko one or two Altornutliig your nieul you may oouifortubl) HWUllOW with no dread provision or troublo to follow, They're prompt regulators of mutton Interior; Au «iomueh correctives they bavu no Huporlor; Y>U urn harmless uud mild, ibo' so potent In ao All dy«i>ui>tlca urouounce them a real Uanefao- tlon. _____________ NOTIOB TO STOOKHOMJBBB. Tbe regular iiunual meeting ot tbe etookUolderB of the Firet Nullouul Bunk ot Uurroll, Iowa, will 'ue held «rt the iug IOOIUB oo Tuesday, Jauaary 8,1805 between tbe boun of 10 a. m. aud 9 (.'clock p. in, of (aid fay, tot the election ot directors aud for tbe Uauaaotion of ouch other bualueo* «p may properly b» eabmitted. OarroU, In,, P*>. »t 1894, 1-8 0. It, WAXVfcM, NDIANS A LOBBY AT WORK. Will Oppose AU the Proposed Changes In thu Bed Men's Territory. WASHINGTON, Dec. 20.— The five civl- ized tribes of Indian Territoty propose o imitate their white brethren to the extent of maintaining a lobby in Wash- ngton to look after their interests. W. Gt. Grayson, a Creek Indian, and Walter A. Duncan and J. F. Thompson, Chero- tees, are already here, and they announce that other Indians of influence will be here after the holidays. The hree named are to all appearances white men, bnt they enjoy Indian citizenship and all tribal rights, and are prominent in affairs of the territory. The commission is to oppose the sev< era! measures proposing to change the existing condition of affairs in Indian Territory. They fear that congress may rive them a territorial form of "govern- nent and put an end to) the tribal relations. They deny that Indians are parties to the lawlessness alleged to pro- rail in certain parts of the territory, and ;hey contradict tbe assertion made in the recently published report of the Dawes commission that the Indian courts •re a farce and a failure. The Cherokee council has already adopted a report in which la set forth u reply to tbe Dawes commission, one this the delegates from tho five tribes will present to congress, together with a petition against the proposed legislation, Captain Harris, of the Cherokee nation, will reach Washington early in January and after his arrival a visit will be pak to the president. A delegation or lobby will remain here until the olosa of tho session to resist any and all legislation affecting tho Indian Territory as now constituted. _ Cleviilnud Slffiu Many Bllla. ' WASHINGTON, Doc. 2b.— The president has approved tbe following acUt Making appropriations to supply deficiencies in tho appropriation for public printing and binding; to supply deficiencies iu the appropriation for the llth census and other purposes; extending the time for report of board of engineers surveying canal routes from Lake Erie to the Ohio river; amending tbe act authorizing tbo construction of a bridge across the Mississippi rivor above Now Orleans, Hearst Library Uptmcd at Lead. LEAD, 8. D., Deo. fcU.— Ono of the finest and best appointed library and reading rooms iu tho whole northwest was presented with appropriate ceremonies to the citizens of this place Tuesday oven- ing by Mrs. Pheobu H. Hearst, widow of thelato Biwutor HearBt of California, The library and reading rooms occupy tbe third floor of the new hull recently erected by the miners union, and contains in addition to a well selected stock of literature, embracing tho leading dailie? uud periodicals of Europe and Ainorii •«, all of the paraphernalia to play thu popular games now in vogue, Once a fortnight a free musical recital will be given iu the main reading room. Mrs, Hearst having employed » librarian with musical tulout, und sent with thu furniture a ruagnirlcuat piano, Cougrvwuiau Qoitr III, WASHINGTON, Deo. a8,— lltipresenta- live dear of Iowa wus taken ill at bis apartments, and bis condition was considered Bomuwhut lorioua. Today bi» condition was said to be inuob i|U< proved. _____ _ GREflt HOLIDAY BfVRGfVINS When buying Christmas presents why not, buy something useful, something tha,t will help to furnish a home, something that will be both useful and ornamental, something that will make your wife, .husband, father, mother, sister, brother, or sweetheart happy on Christmas dayttnd add to their comfort ever after (?) Parlor Suits, $35 tO $ 100 Bedroom Suits, 14 " 60 Book Cases, 5 anc * upward. UglTFull line of Hobby Horses, Cradles and Shoo Flies. ' Rockers, $ .85 tO $ 20 Mattresses, g.50 " 20 Best Carpet. o QQ an d upw'd. Sweepers, **•*'*' |5lf~We are making a special run on sweepers and now is the time to secure a bargain. In all we have the finest and cheapest line of FURNITURE ever shown in Carroll. Best of material and workmanship at the lowest prices. ! Main St., Op. Court House. BOOS & LAUGHLH HERE Wt f\RBI ' » • . . • ,'.. BAILEY & HOLLAND With the Finest Line of GROCERIES '" the cit y a ^*W.4 ld :r ? liablt> X SLEEPY EYE FLOUR, the best on earth, and SUNLIGHT, the best of southern flour, or money refunded. Our TEAS, COFFEES, DRIED FRUITS, CANNED and BOTTLED GOODS can not be beat. Prices and quality guaranteed. . South Side Fifth St. BAILEY & HOLLAND Pec. W.-A. prjvMft Tyrol, AitetrU, of Hudolph wittober, § weU-kuowu buukwr ol I Indicted Far Usloa lUblloal QnotoUan*. An unusual thing in connection with the court is the holding by the -United States grand jury that Scriptural quotation may be libolous. H. A. Busby of Means/ Harrison county, was iudioted for writing letters aud postal cards to David Haudloy of this city. On the envelope of tho letters were the quotations, "Owe no man anything," "Let us walk honestly" nnd "Many years thou shalt be troubled." Ho was in- dieted on fonr counts, on* tho ground that tho language used was libolous aud calculated to injure tho character of Mr. Handley.— Columbus (0.) Dispatch. Bouquet* And Circumspection. That any man can step into a florist's and order a bouquet, for any lady is no longer possible in Now York. Thoro is a florist, and a vury exclusive one, who refuses all orders that do uot seem just "conventional," to bo very polito about it. An elderly mnu unknown to tho florist was refused a bouquet to bo sent to a schoolgirl, and a young sport's greenback was handed buck to him when he ordered a box of (lowers for a beautiful society loader whom ho had adminiil in lior victoria.—Now York Horald. Jack tbe Kipper Dead? In oonnootiou with young Bauudor- son's iiiKino uriino and the Kensington •tubbings thu authorities havo boon ox- trumoly alarmud lest unothuv Juok the Hipper Kcuru should soizo upon the popular mind. This led them recently to miiko the important announcement that they luivo reason to bolievo thut tho author of tho Jnok tho Hipper crimes hug bouu several years iu bin grave.-—Loudon Correspondent Cold W«»IU«r Iu Colorado, DUNVISH, Deo. M.-—According to r»- ports received today thuruiomoteiu rog iaturod af) degrees bulow aero at IJiMfiuu ridge, Gruultn aud some other puluu iu tho mountains Wadneaduy moruiug. It wuu from 5 to 10 degree* below guuorally throughout the state, Hurry Hftywsrd,"«oqtti(e<i of luntigat to munlvr Oulhurlu* Glllg, wuu urrujgu«U at MiuufupolU uud pleaded uot guilty, Thu Urugou PttciUo road, the oou»trui> tiou mid wiulpuiBUt of wbioh uettt $1,000, 000, wa» uold at auctlou tot »100,000. JB)x-Cougr«Miuian Marquette of Uwcoln, Neb., diedatTaiaua. VI*; iroiu rlieuwa M»w of tbe heart, ««*d 08 yean. H. B. Grant 9f Or#»ceut City, 0»|., M uouuoed kiuiwK • «aaaWat» far M»»to Iront Michigan Iu th» "ad" oo)uuiu» of • TELEGRAPH NEWS BOILED DOWN. Nine captains of tho New York polios) lorce hav» b«en subpoenaed to appear bo- lore the Loxow committee. Nearly 8,000,000 fuot of lumber and 80 loaded railway cam were destroyed by j Ire i\t purlington, Vt. The loss is pat at, 1160,0*00. | George Roberts, given a life sentence ftt Terre Haute, Ind,, for train wrecking, •ays he was promised immunity tor aid* ng the authorities to convict his OMO- elates. Mrs. Myrtle Simpson poisoned herself at Peoria, Ills., because ... ••••." l^iiu^uid'a 'oudiH'HB for a d-yenr-old i..ui/Mn 1 !jy a loruaer wife. Warning to Youuy Men. j How many young men biinKrupt their conell- utlons.anuander their vitality and rum their leiUth by pernicious practices generally eon- raoted throuKh ignorance. Nervous exlmus- Ion, debility, dullness ol mwntul faoultlen, Im- ittlrod memory, low spirits, morose or Irritable emner, fenr of Impending calamity, nud a thou- unit und one arc tho derangements of mind aud iody which result from such Indiscretions. Kpliepny, parnDRls. softenliigof tUe Uraln and Iread Insanity ure nnt unf requpntlr the result of ndlBcreotand unnatural habits, oontraoted In outh, through Ignorsnoe of tholr destructive character, aud purslnied In until tbo uon»tltu Ion In wrecked I Suoli uuforluiiiitos nr« surely ntltled to the tender sympathy, the noblest ef- orts and the be«t skill of the medical profo.i- Ion. To rotti'h, reclaim and, whenever possible 0 restore such sufforora to health ana hupPl, ;ON», Is the "Un of an association of metlloil xentlemeii, who, ii'tving had a vast experience in ho troiitment of tire oluas of maladiea her; In iluUd at, have prepiiiwd n a.olenUilo treatise, vrlUen in plain but ohvste language, on the nut ure. sympinmi and curability of «uuh diseased. 1 ho world's ni«ponsary mid Uodlcal a«*o«ltt- lon, of (MB Main street, Buffalo, N, Y , will, on receipt ot tills )iotlr,o enclosed with ten cents for tage, mull, Hemirt from observation In plain •Killed envelope, u copy of this useful work which should be read by not only every young nun In the land, UIH also hyeterv parent, guar- dluu and tea''h»r liavlng the care ot the young. A atrauuirdiuuaito rcBoiubnng cholera In ta gymuUmi* hua broken out amoutf ior«js in tho vicinity at CheuUsr and Notice of Expiration of Right of Redemption from Tax Sale. To J. C. Martins ; You are bBrel/y notified tlmt on the 7th day ot December, A. U. 1891, tho treasurer uf the county of Ourroll and state ot lowil, nold the following described real estate, situated In the oountr of Curroll aud state of luwu.towlt: '•'lie nouth hair of jot three In bJoalc four, In. Uardnor's addition to town of SI mining, lowi, tor tho tflxes than dollnauont upon the above described real estate. That at nald Biile the treasurer aforesaid sold the will estate above described to 11. A. Smith and Issued to tho sulil n, A. Smith u certlllcate uf nuroiiuse for the anme. You nre further notllled that n. Hi. Huesell It tbo present owner and lawful holder of said ce»- tlllcate of nurehasei and thut the right o( redemption from suld sale wlllcxplro, uud a deed for niiid real estate bo made and executed by tho treasurer of said county, unless redemption from auuhtiale be mode within ninety daya from the completed seivice pf ibU notice. Si-8t »• K, KUBbKljL. Owner a-id lawful holder of certificate ot talft. When OtUers Fall Hood's SursiipurlllttliullUa up tho *hntU>t«d ay»Win by giving vigorous tttillon (o tuo dilative orgitnu, croutlnu uu oppetlto and purlffIng tue blood. U la prepared by modem umthods, po»- a«asea lue graateat ouratlve powurs, and bun th« uio«t wonderful rouord of uctuul ouren of any mudlclue In exlDteuow. Take ouly llood's. Hood'* Vllls ttfo purely vrgatablo, ttud do no purge, ualu or grl|ic. Wo. Ninw mldunuvM woru robbed at Bluff tou, lud, uud OUnHws MuGrow am Oliurlua Uoliln«:)ii of A{OHtueller are ox rented under »unpioiuu, Buokleo'0 Armo* 6»lv« i»lve in tUe world lot Wt, k»»«i, Plow*, SailBlitww, r«w»i«M.T«l»wr Ot»H>p*4 H«a«f, OW»W*lM, C»IM •»* »»» ft»d |»««lUT«)y CWM f (IM W v,," TYLER'S FAMOUS ROLL CURTAIN DESKS, )urnuunn STVlaHS. oth outaJouuQ ot Itank Counter*., 1 otlior <IIHro IFuriiKurti for 18*1 lowroidy. !><i«iki(, viimrn, »IIU«IW,M«VI»- OiiHwa, BI&, and at iiiiUi'liit-au jjtrtwii*, for ^^^ ttio Jtt«»t OooUn iiiiHle. JAHK COUNTERS TO ORDER TO FIT ANY BOOM. UttMHPta M'oo. Scud 12a lo cover po«wgo. TYUKB OFFICE FIXTURE gp7 I ljfi,t jM*HJ*w» HO« I CUR E JWiT WITH fiy vv i i i i i SHILOHS CURE loontatott. m mum

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