Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on August 9, 1886 · 3
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 3

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 9, 1886
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KI50 AMEOH APVKWTI8S W tWT. PATTEN'S House CAE PET - HEATING WORKS, KO. 37 WELLS 6TEET. I- ACTS CURTAINS, Carpet", Bilk Dnsso!, BLawls, j Feathers, Kid Cloves, etc., cleaned or dyed. 1-a- jjiM tna uwuoiiwu b uiuuipiiw ut wary wjkti Hob, dyed or nicely cleaned, without ripping. Also, Garnet w arp, oom wmus ana. eoiorea, ror sai. jrwdher Beds renovated. Packages sent by ei meet witn prompt attention acoortung to lions. falier A. Wood Encloses Gear MOWER! ALSO Springfield Horse Rake J. II. & W. E. CONE, SOLEAUENTS, 8T AND 89 ASYLUM STREET. SODA! - SODA! With pore Fruit Byrups, at Shannon's Drug Store, 143 TRUMBULL STREET, ORlBALE-CABIN YACHT, well found, fast, rnnmv and Rafe: 30 feet length, 12 feet beam; -u-h .wi imar. r desired. Amiiv to cant. K. a KaRNHaM. Clinton. Conn.; or E. B. FARNHAM. 2.ri3 Ktate St., Hartford. !ld augi HOESESI T HAVE JUST PURCHASED from George Mom-id, of Oifrfotwlwrtr. NT. Y., "".pl"" FAMIL OARR1AUK HOKES; also TKN HOIWH-t. suitable for busiiwss or fcentlpmen's driving. T I hese horses were brought to this city by Mr. MoBride in apaiaoecar and are in first-class condition. Call and see them at my stable, rear eat Main street. ISAAC BLUJttKKTHAl ag lmd DRUG STORE FOR SALE. rpHE DRUG STORE formerly belonging to W. A. I Jones, deeiwsed, Banbury, Ct. Thta atom is in flue condition and doing a (rood paying business. HENRY T. HOYT, Executor. angfi M Lock Box iar, Danbury, Ct. PURE SODA WATER! rpRY our delicious Fruit Byriips, our own X make. Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple, etc. GI.O. N. CLARK As CO., Druggists, 589 Main Street. ABOUT COMPOUND OXYGEN. A LATE number of tho "American Analyst," says: 'Every physician and chemist of prominence acknowledges its value, and recommends it to suffering humanity in many diseases." 'Founts, who know nothing of modern chemistry in their Ignorance deuounce all oxygen treatment." The "Analyst" for August 1st, has a long article on Compound Oxygeu. It may be had of newsdealers. The treat ment by Drs. Lawrence & Smith, 1ms worked wonders in many cases. Send for a circular. LAWRENCE & CO. , aug7 3d Cheney Building, Hartford. CONNECTICUT REPOItTrf. Volume Fifty-Three Just Published. - roK BALK BY . BROWN Sz GBOSS. HXJFTURE ! "IAN be grealv relieved by a perfect-fitting TH IRUtjS, which can be liad at STEPHEN COODRICH & CO. (Successors to 8. G. Moses & Co.,) Druggists and Apothecaries, . MAIN STREET. PACKING GASES &K9 PUMPS. THE HAMLXS PUMP CO. TTAR removed to Its new bunding. No. 10 Union I L street, and is prepared to furnish Packing Boxes and the best Rubber Bucket Vuinps ever Blade. Orders b mall or telephone promptly attended to. WjLTEB WEBB, Successor to A. WILLIAMS, Established I860. WE ara now making to order Roots and Shoes from French Mercier calf skins with the most akilirul and practical science, a fact that guarantees to uiv patrons the very best of custom work. ' WALTER WEBB. 42 Asylum It. Bird Cages Of Every Kind, -AT- Til Wirt Wira Worts, 27 ASYLUM STREET. POP CORN WHISKEY ! PTJEB FOP CORN WHISKEY For Medicinal TJee. JE iJJi. CL CENT11A1 KOW, Wholesale and Retail Grocers, tP-All orders by mall or telephone with which you may favor us shall receive our careful attention, and be forwarded with the utmost dispatch. lours respect: uiiy, CEO. R. CLARK. J AS. H. PARKER. OLD ontlon PORT! We have just landed, per steamer " Helvetia, another invoice of that choice old POUT, bottled in Uer Majesty's bonded warehouses, London. The purity of it can tye guaranteed. fi. OEDBM ft BRO., 40 nCLBERRY, 88 aod 90 WELLES ST3. Domestic I IT SEODLD ALWAYS BE BORKE IK MIND , mi I AT the "nOMT.SYIC" has been in practical 1 Mae for over twenty years, and that its present standinfr and superiority U the result of years of That time is the only really impartial test of eenuine merit, and that according to the universal law of "THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST,:' few sewiner mAohinos Hava withstood iliis test. There fore, the only safe thing to do is to buy what time nas proven to be the "fittest" TUB. it " S0i! OFFICE: H.E. Dye lock HAftOWARB AMD FARM SUPPLISS. TEEL AND IRON CUT NAILS ! The Best In Market. IS LOTS TO SUIT TEIE TRADE. CO., NO. 344 MAIN STREET. HARTFORD. LOW I'IflCJ&H " -FOR' Peerless Ice Cream Freezers ! COMBINATION FRUIT PRESS! UISHELL CARPET SWEKPKRS! NOVKLTY CLOTH KM WRINOKRS! FEATHER DU8TKH8, BROOMS, CHURNS, PAILS, and TUBS. rBAKCII At CO., 03 MAIN ST., Hartford. New Dried Beef and Hams I r RECOOMMENDthiw foods aa Uie CHOICEST a in ine uiarKet. ireui loioked Am rinM ft-..m nnw euufar-uureu meal. 179 STATE STREET." FINANCIAL. B. R. ABBE, BANKKR and BROKER. Stocks and Bonds bought and sold in the New York, Boston and Local markets. - ; Interest allowed on deposits. INVESTMENT SECURITIES. Kansas Farm Loans I RAILROAD and other MORTGAGES, and MUNI0I- H3. ir- 4 CENTRAL ROW, ABBE, - - HARTFORD, NO, S. P. TOWNSEND, DEALER I INVESTMENT BONDS, Phcaniz Bank Building, Hartford, Ct. THE purchase and sale of Town, County, Funding and hehool Bonds of the Western states a specialty. Water works loans negotiated. 7 ani 8 per cenLSYear Goli Loans MiSHESOTA AMD DAKOTA FARMS. TRINCIPAL and interest payable In Hartford or X Boston. iarticu It. B. SI'ERRY & CO., 315 Jackson St., St. Paul, Minn. WILLIAM PENROSE, Stock, Grain and Provision Broker, NO. 7 CENTRAL ROW, - - HARTFORD. PRIVATE WIRE to both New York aid Chicago. Stock and Grain Quotations received constantly WILSON, TOMS & 871 Main Street, Hartford", Ct. and 8 Per Cent. WESTERN FARM MORTGAGES. TTAVE sold Farm Mortfrastes in this city for 9 I 1 years without loss of a dollar. Send for cir cular and referents. lydis jyl $30,000 KANSAS FAKH LOANS ! Selected with reference to security. Sot.en Kansas Fan Loan and Investment Co. Eastern Office 80 State St., Hartford, Ct. je28 tfd REAL ESTATE. Chapel Street. ONYENIEHT AND IN GOOD REPAIR. WE offer for a few days a Brick House- oB-he north tide of Cliapel street, pleasant and right In every particular. It Is seldom that so desirable resident property can be had near the business center, and at the price at which it will be offered, it is bargain, either for occupancy or investment. It must be sold at once. Apply to A. J. GLAZIER, No. 272 Main Street. Silas Chapman, Jr., GENERAL INSURANCE AGENT, 55 TRUMBULL ST., HARTFORD. C5TRONG and reliable New York and unKiisncom- n names represented. Business solicited for first- class companies. W. E. BAKER, ROOMS NOS. 12 AND 13 HARTFORD TRUST CO.'S INSURES aetainst loss by FIBB, on an insuraoie property, at reasonable rates, and in first-class companies. JOS. C.HART, ITiro lii(snr-tiK-o Agency. Office Phoenix Ituildinir. 64 Pearl St. T EPRERENTS the following reliable Companies: 1. I'HUiNIi or nanroru. NORTH BRITISH & MERCANTILE of England. HOWARD of New York. ' AMERICAN of Philadelphia. NniiwmH TTKION of F.ntrland. Insurance placed in otner urst-ciass compauieB to any amount. ; 11 C. KIMBALL & CO. Fire and Marine Insurance. Every descripiion of Fire, Marine, Liahhiing, and Tornado Policies written at STRONG COMPANIES -FAIIt RATES Call at our office before insuring elsewhere. Telejthonv connection. No. 8 Charter Oak Life BnUdlng, 218 Main Street. C. 0. KIMBALL. W. B. MCCRAT. MISCELLANEOUS JDVJKIStMENTS. xd 1323 ss Ma-risTa- HY THE ESCEIiilOR SYSTEM. Miss L. E. AVERY, No. 25 Pratt Street, anl HARTFORD. CONN. 1yd MEW BOOKS I -TfTiTNFSS MY HAND A novel. V cvkiii ttor'MTNK Br Christie Murray. THE WORLD BETWEEN THEM By Charlotte Rraeme. " FINE STATIONERY AND VISITING CARDS. J. It. IU RL0W, 232 Asylnra St. Habenstein's FRENCH CBEAMS I Packed and Delivered at 10 cents per Quart., Fairs and Festivals Furnished at $1.0O per Gallon. hiladelphia Creams and best Fruit lees delivered ai ou wtiw yvi tfucu i. Elsgani Parlor Restaurant. REGULAR DINNER from 13 to 3 Price, 60 cents. SOU Main St., Hartlorrt. Hazloton Coal T HIS -brand of COAL, so long and favorably' knows in this market, can now be Had exclusively of us. Also, the OLD COMPANY COAL; this brand lias no superior. THE HARTFORD COIL CO. 843 MAIN STREET. DECORAMENT! WE have positive proof that the coming season will show a largely increased demand for our services, not only in Hartford and vicinity, but in other cities, in one of which, for the better ac coramodation of our patrons, we am soon to es tablish an agency, we gnan not anow our out ot town orders to Interfere with our efficiency, which will be increased by the adoption as far as practi -f th "Profit Sharing" system, lm me diate' oniers will be given a preference aa to time coat of work and choice of workmen. THERE WILL BE NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW. THE FOX & WHITJIORE CO. FINANCIAL. oo. r. BimxvL. A. U. OLMSTED. GH.F.IH& Co BANKERS, And Dealers , ia inrcstment Securities. THK OLDEST BAN KINO HOUSE IJf NEW ENGLAND. "TE buy and sell on commission LOCAL STOCKS tl ana uunus; uotstr.rtu (eait in at tlte jetc mi-ii, liotlun ujuI 'httariilphia Otwk JZt- Interest Allowed on Deposits. WK OFVEH FOR SALS The First Mortgage Seven Ver Cent. Gold Bonds of the Portland nnd Willamette Valley Kailway Co. ALSO ' Per Cent. Colorafio Farm Loans. In our opinion TTII RRHT FARM wnnniov SECURll'V EVER OFFERED ; the lands tieinu Jrriftitvd and a Hume Market existing for ail cruut raised. r GEO. P. BISSELL & CO, 007 MAIN ST.. HARTFORD, HUBBARD & PARMER, Uasil er-M and Brokers, No. S CentriU How, Hartford, Conn. W. D. KUBGAKD, R. W. FARMER, Member N. Y. Produce Exchange. Member N. Y. Stock Ex change, OUR PRIVATE WIRES TO NEW YORK. BOSTON, PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE AND WASHINGTON , AFFORD US BPKCIAX. FACIl-ITIKS FOR PURCHASE AND SALE OF SECURI TIES IS THOSE MARKETS. WE BUY AND SELL ON MARGIN OR FOR INVESTMENT ALL SECURITIES LISTED ON THE N. Y. STOCK EXCHANGE FOK 1- PER CENT. COMMISSION. ORDERS FOE GRAIN AND PROVISIONS EX ECUTED ON NEW YORK OB CHICAGO EXCHANGES. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO LOCAL SECURITIES. THREE PER CENT. INTEREST PAID ON DE POSITS SUB JECT TO CH EGK AT SIGHT. FOUR PEK CENT. ON SPECIAL TIME DEPOSITS. MONEY LOANED ON APPROVED ENDOW MENT INSURANCE POLICIES, 03 WILL PUR- CHASK8AMK. HOWE & COLLIE NO. 346 MAIN STREET, HARTFORD, CONN., Buy and sell Securities In the New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Local Markets. Particular attention given to Connecticut State Securities, Savings Banks and Trust Fund Investments. HOWE & COXXXNS, OFFER FOR SALE Phoenix Fire Insurance Co. Stock. BHOWH.HOUQH & GO. BANKERS & BROKERS, " 39 PEARL STREET, - - HARTFORD, CONN. A. H. BROWN k CO, 64 anl 65 Broadway, H. Y. Dealers in Investment Securities. Buy a nil sell on commission, for cash or on account, all securities listed on tlie New i'orfe Stock Exchange, at 1-8 per cent. Deposits received and interest allowed on balances subject to draft at sight. Connected with New York office bytrivate wire. We also buy and GRAIN AND PROVISIONS. Seing connected by private wire with Chas. Colour jVhienao correspondents, axves tcs special facilities for ine purcnase ana sate Of securtnes tn noszon, Washington, New Xork and Chi cago. Tlie Fidelity Company, No. 25 Pearl Street CHAUNCEY HOWARD.ilCDMUND A. STEDMAN, President. (Treasurer ana secretary. THIS Company assumes the care of property of all kinds, including the collection of rents and general management of real estate. Acts as trustee, guardian. - conservator, administrator, executor, agent, and attorney-in-fact. Is a lawful depository of trust funds and monevs in suit. Undertakes the presentation and collection of claims. Receives money in trust and on deposit. Places insurance in strong and reliable companies on favorable terms. Devotes special a-ttention -to investments, auu at au times has a choice selection, which it offers to the public, yielding six per cent, interest, with the prompt pavment of interest and principal tiUARANTKKD. IOWA MORTGAGE COMPANY. CAPITAL $100,0000. Eastern Office, 51 Asylum street, Hartford Con a. Western office, Muscatine, Iowa. Jkpfsry O. Phklps, Jr., Treasurer. THE company has conatatitly on hand, and offers for sale., mortgage bonds secured by first mortgages UPOB IOC CIlOlCeML WIU UtHiL lm ilU) 111 HIC sections cf country in which it transacts its business, the rjrineinal and Interest of which are parable at the UNITED STATES BAInK, Hartford: Coi.n., thus enabling purchtuters to obtain the same without inconvenience or delay. The loans it offers for same, range rrom two nunarea 10 two inousana aouars; the security for each lone being weQ-improved and productive farms, valued in each caae from three to LOUT UIU( lite ni(iLuiiv HAND 830.000 IN PRIME KANSAS 1 AND 8 PER CENT MUKiUAUE EDWARD G. ROBERTSON & CO No. 2 Cential Row, (2d door from Main,. tVOur loans have always been paid. Reference, Charter Oak National Bank. d&wl7 Western Farm Loans (AREFULLY selected with special reference to lay 1 1 aW2tl : renri Htiyei jian.turu,juu ABSOLUTE SECURITY. The Loan & Guarantee Co. of Connecticut. Capital, 100.OO0. 53 PEARL STREET, HARTFORD. TV" AS on hand, for sale in amounts to suit pur- I 1 phflwK- 6 VKK CUM. I;B;NTlrK15 BONDS, of the Company, Coupon or Registered. 7 VKK l!KNT. WESTKKN FARM MOKT OAOE Lf)AS!S principal and interest payaoie at the Company's office, or guaranteed, netting luvestor 6 per cent. The security for all loans is carefully inspected by tne oompanys lnspeuiorg. Yti,LaAi i. jnAtoui?!, rresiuent. Frank E. Johnson, SecreWiry. tfdis jvltt 6 r- 15 -i.. FINE COUPES AND BROUGHAMS, TO LET AT REASONABLE RATES, Day or Night No. 270 Main street, first door south of Hartford jfen Trust Co. Block. tfd . va that he has received new end eleeant vh,-apli from some of the finest gal-tori in Europe T Pf?du oorresponding sta les he has had spec ial nau ""ials made aud invites at- tention to hia new production, uwtw PtWI - ni.l the Atlantic. LADIES AMD GEKTLEMEH ! IF you want comfort, get your shoe mads according to the shape of your foot, by . W. E. HERBST, my3 lydis No. 82 Pearl street. Hartford. NOTICE ! Ths Great Sale of Hew Haven Carriages, ST ILL CONTINUES AT No. 3528 Awjlum Street. 1 RF at Rare-Una in New and Second Hand CAR- VT RIAGES. I am seling at ejst and below, to close out last year s stoeic. Examine my stock before yon bay etaewfcera. JETNA SHIRTS ! John McCullough, 118 HailMl GU St inhn Hwtowr 1 ml U II II 08M,jD8t" HARTFORD, CT., XilK UAIITFOKD DALLX COUliANT x MONDAY RACE FOR THE GOELET CUPS The Mayflower An Easy "Winner, IHB JPVBITJ.it A. GOOD SECOSD. T11 Atlantie find Prlsrilla Left Itehlnd lhe rayllng Takes tlie Kehooi.er Cnp, IHiit.a.neing Kverytluutr Jxeept the Jnoa tank. . Newport, Auk. T. The Mayflower won the race for the Goelet cup very handsomely today, her perfoiTuancti showing that she has been much improved by the alterations made in her since the Marblehead race. The Puritan, would undoubtedly have been a closer second, had she not made an unfortunate tack at the outset. The race, however, was not regarded as a satisfactory test of the sloops in sailing to windward, aud the Puritan may (still be the better boat in a stiflf push to wiudward. The Atlantic led well for a time, but dropped oft aud finished third. The Grayling literally "cleaned out," the other schooners, beating them all, including the Saeheru, very badly. When the tug l,uckenbacb, with the regatta eonimittee, Messrs. K. E. Chase, Frank T. liob-iusou. and A. M. Cahoone, on board, steamed out of Newport harbor to Brenton's Reef, the wind was easterly a good whole-sail breeze, with promise of increasing streugth as the day advanced. As the object of the committee was to make the race a beat to windward, the code letters "S. M." were signaled to indicate that the easterly course had been chosen. This course was from the rod buoy off Beaver Tail to and around the Sow and Pigs lightship off Oay Head, thence to the Hen and Chickens lighfaship off Buzzard's Bay, and back to the Brenton Reef lightship, a distance of about 45 miles. The yachts were required to leave outward marks on the port and to pass between the judges' boat and the mark at the start and finish. The starters wore: Sloops Mayflower General Charles J. Paine; Atlantic. L. A. Fish ana others: Priseilla, Commodore Can.leld; Puritan. Commodore J. Malcolm Forbes; Bedouin, Archibald Rogers; Oracle, Joseph P. Eaile; Fanny, William R. Travers; Stranger, George H. Warren; HUdegard, J. C. Bergen; Ath-lone, Rear-Commodore John C Barron; Cinderella, Wilham E. Iselin; Gaviot. G.M.Edwards: Clara. Charles Sweet; Regina, Ralph N. Ellis; Ulidia, Admiral E. N. Padelford. Schooners Dauntless, Caldwell H. Colt; Gitana, W. F. W eld ; Fortuna, Commodore Heiu y S. Honey ; Norma, A. J. Leith; Moutauk. John E. Brook's; Ruth, Henry Marquand; Sachem, Owen & Metcalf: Grayling, L. A. Fisk; Halcyon, ex-Governor Lip- gitt. The schooner America, General Benjamin F. utler. and the vawl Ovthera. w A w also stal led, but they were not entered for the race. The wind at the start was east by south, a fair whole sail breeze, and all four of the hiV sloops went over the line with club topsails set. The preparatory signal was given at 10:S0 and the starting signal at 10:40. When the nreoar- atory signal was given all of the big sloops were uepioymg to me souuiwara ot the judges' twat, which was anchored southeast of the starting mark, the red buoy off Beaver Tail. Then the rurimn, rriscma ana Mayflower went over to the northward to tret windward nositions. while the Atlantic luffed up and held her position. A minute before the starting signal was given she paid off and ran up for the line with her boom over the port quarter. Passing close under the stem of the judges' boat she luffed up, went about on the port tack, crossing the line as she did so. The Puritan meanwhile had burjg on to the other end of the line. Immediately after the signal she slid over on the port tack close to the buoy and close behind the At lantic, but considerably to the windward. The 1'riscilla, the third of t be bier sloons. was some distance behind, and the ilavftower was last of all. The first yacht to cross the line was the little cutter Ulidia. at 10:40:3a, followed 12 seconds later Dy tue neet little cutter Clara. The Atlantic was the third yacht across, her time being 10:41. The Puritan was the fourth, at 10..4 1 -fMj. uA 1D..;,u.;ii .1 1 ,U .... ,n. ., and the Mayflower the eighteenth, at 10:45:1:2. The tirayling was the first schooner to get off, being the second yacht behind the Puritan. The Dauntless was the second schooner across, aust ahead of the Priseilla. aud following the latter were the schooners Fortuna and Socliem in the order named. The Moutauk was next to the last schooner over the line, the Norma bringing up the rear. There was a moderate sea on, but no chop sea. (shortly after the start the wind hauled to the east and afterward to east by north. . The Puritan and Atlantic got off well ahead of the fleet, but the former lost considerably, in the opinion of good judges, by going about on the starboard tack, and standing inshore. Soon after 1 1 o'clock she was astern of the otherhree big sloops. From 11 o'clock to noon the Atlantic led the iimt. Soon after noon the Mayflower passed her. The Atlantic soon closed up the gap, but at 12:13 the Mayflower forged ahead tor good, and at 12:45 had a lead over everything, and was already regarded as the probable winner. The Puritan passed the Atlantic before 1 o'clock, but the latter kept her lead over the Priseilla. The leaders rounded the Sow and Pigs Light- smp as follows: Mayflower, 1:19; Puritan, 1::30; Atlantic, 1:31 :4o; lirayung, 1:33: Priseilla, 1:37; Moutauk, 1:41 ; Bedouin, l:40:4o; Stranger, 1:53; Gracie, 1:53:25; Fanny, 1:54. From the Sow and Pigs to the Hen anil Chickens Lightship the distance is less than five miles, and it was free sailing to-day between the two marks. Now the yachts began to pile on the canvas. The Mayflower had kept her club topsail up all the while, but in passing the iiguuauip sua set a jiu ujpsaii. lue x unuui uau ou a jib topsail betore she passed, but showed no signs of setting her club topsail. The Atlantic had her club topsail up within three id unit s after she went about to stand for the mark. The Luckenlaicu had now to turn homo-v, ,1 lay utui.ir vut, o,j jcei, w Uw ai.,n ;iu time for the Mayflower, so that very few of the yachts were seen to round the Hen and Chickens lagtitsmp. 1 nose wnicn were seen were the toliowmg: juayuower, J:44:3u; run- tan, 1:47:30; Atlantic, 1:5:.ti; Uraylmg, 2:00:30; Prisci'la, 2:05. Thus the Puritan, to the surprise of everybody, gained half a minute on the Mayflower on the run between the two lightships, while both had gained on the Atlantic and the Atlantic in turn had gained on the Priseilla. As they went around the second lightship they bore away before the wind and set bailoon canvas. The Mayflower had her spinnaker out in four minutes aud the Puritan in three. The Puritan also set her club topsail withm five minutes after rounding the lightship. The run m was devoid of incident. 1 ue Mayflower held her lead, increasing it on the Puritan by a few seconds. The Atlantic about held her own with the Mayflower, and the Priseilla gained a trifle on the Atlantic, but not enough to save herself from a beating. The Mayflower takes the cup. Those who thought the Ciara had a chance to win it may And tood tor reflection in tue lact that the Mayflower beat the little cutter by considerably more than half an hour, after giving her nearly aa minutes time auowance. ins Grayling won the schooner cup, having dis tanced every competitor except the Mohawk, which she beat 12 seconds in actual time and more than 7 minutes in corrected time. The Bedouin was the winnerof the sweepstakes race, assuming that there was a sweepstakes, and the Uracie was secona to uer. i The actual time of the sloops was: Mayflower, :31:44; Puritan, 4:39:18; AtlantW;, 4:53:14; Priseilla, 4:55:17. The Grayling's time was :oy:00, and that or the uauuuess a:ov:n. GENERAL F0BE.IGNNEWS. IKKI.A.NI. More Serious Rioting in Belfast Six Persons Killed ana jeuo M ounueu-xroupa summoned from lublln. Belfast, Aug. 8. The exeitemet t here is unabated. This morning rioting broke out in Old Lodge road and the police were pbliged to fire in order to disperse the rioters. This af ter-noon the rioting was renewed with great vio lence in Old Lodge, Grosvenor and Springfield roads. Manv persons with gun shot wounds have been sent to hosmtals. Additional troops have been telegraphed for. The aspect of affairs is serious. Tlie mayor presideo to-uav at a ttiree hours' meeting. There are rumors current of many fatalities, but it is difficult to obtain accurate ae- ceuiits. A panic js seizing the peaceable inhabitants. ! . . MMiripht -The riotmer snows no sian 01 aoate- ment. The McKenna incident, which was principally the sacking of wine shops and other public houses, was repeated to-night, the result being that two persons were killed and anothenfwas fatally wounded. The latter was sent to a hospital where he was treated and then discharged: While numerous slight cases were retained. Twenty-six cases of serious injury are reported, one of the sufferers being a boy, who has since died. 2 a. . The total number or persons dean so rar is believed to oe six. Ine numtierwounaeii is uintnown, but will probably reach 2l0. Inspector-General Ree1. with a small escort, was surrounded by a mob in Lodge street and was obliged to run for his life DcBLiN, Aug. In response to urgeDt telegrams received from Belfast this evening ml inrantry sol rttMr Kome of them beinsr on f urloutrh. were sum moned by bugle in the streets and were dispatched in nnsus to ntMmsa uy pj-ii nam. a LMnij i dragoons and infantry will leave ror uenast at o clock to-morrow morning. The police of Bellas' will be superseded oy use military, j The Latest Kepoi ts. 1 Losnos, Aug. 9 A Belfast dispatch to the Times SUJS- At least a dozen persons were K' ilea 111 fciun riAv' riots. The stone-throwiner was in some in stances so heavy that the soldiers were forced to clear tne streets oy cnrgmg Bayonets, ne riot acv having previously been read. It is-rtiported that there is scarcely a nouse on cnantt mrw roau wnerts there are not injured rioters. FOKKICN NOTBS. Emperor Francis Joseph warmly welcomed t?, . . i,t;i-.; . 1 ... r.,mperoi ujmiu ou uis lu nvai uu uonKnu Sunday, twice embracing the German emperor. The monarchs remain at Crattejiu for a confer ence. The Paris Journal des Dehats says that Hie pope is seriously ill, and that hia life is de spaired of. 1 The pope has written a letter td President Grew. 111 which he savs that the China inci dent will rather promote than prejudice French interests, and expresses' the belief that the good relations between France and the yifciciM win 09 mainiamea. At Brussels Sundav 1.(500 workmen marched in an orderly Dracession throueh the principal streets, carrying red flags ojid singing the "Marseillaise." ins demonstration was pre- . ,1,., . w uAi Iriu ..'.pi. IHE IRISH Manifesto of th WM!nl Idberal Federa tion "The Gladstone l'Ollny ttiu Lives, and Its Ultimate Triumph ia AasuroiL'' LOKPPS, Aug, .8. The national liberal fed eration, the outgrowth of Mr. Chamberlain's forsaken caucus, n&g issued a manuesto, saying: Although the result of the elections has not realized our hopes, the situation is encouraging, the supporters of half measures being the smalt est group in parliament, iir. Gladstone lia secured the support of a vast majority of the liberals and liberal organizations, and as far as the federation is concerned, the results of the appeal to the country completely justifies the eujrse taken uy s council, ureatiy as we regret wit lasses the manner in which the liberals responded i- My. Gladstone's appeal proves that the' federation ier&jeuL. His real.opinion of the liberal party. ' That party being committed to effecting an union between England and Ireland, wilt never abandon that iifcjoc u.ntil the goal has been reached. No progress is gKibla in liberal work until that has been settled. "Not iil tl,Q cor:2e:T:;.tives be able to luduige in congeuial inactivit-i . it is the imperitive duty of liberals to obtain at the earliest possible moment an explicit state ment of the tory policy in regard to Ireland, The Gladstone policy still lives, and its ulti mate triumph is assured, I , ME. TILDEN'S PPHERAL. A xjirga Attndae of Notable Men Simple Service, at Orytua final lutei-mant at unwon, Yonkbrs, N. Y., Aug. 7. At 7 o'clock this morning the family at Greystone was called together, and tlie Pvov. Dr. W. J. Tucker of Aud-over, Mass., 'Ottered a brief prayer and said a few words of consolation. At 8:30 the doors were opened. After the out neighbors of Mr Tilden bad passed through the bouse and looked at the remains of their friend coaches began to arrive at the main entrance, and the people specially invited entered. Conrad N. Jordan, United "States treasurer, was the first among the arrivals, rie was suywu w tue rwm reserved for the pall-bearers. General Alexander Hamilton, of Tarrvtown; Colonel John R, Fellows, ex-Henator William II. Barnum, Congressman J. Thomas Spriggs, and ex-Governor Aiomeo B. Cornell arrived soon afterward. At 9:30 o'clock probably 800 persons, many of them ladies, were in the bouse. At that time a carriage, in which sat President Cleveland, Secretary of War Endicott, Secretary of the Navy Whitney, and Colonel Daniel Lamont, the President's private secretary, arrived at the house. The President and Secretary Whitney, arm in arm, entered the blue room, and the President stood as though in deep thought at the side of the casket. Then he and his party went to an upper room, ine Jnreetdont seemed much affected, A few moments later the pall bearers decended from their room to the blue room. Secretary Daniel Manning leaned heavily upon the arm of ex -United States Minister John Bigelow. It was apparent that Sec-retarv Mannimr was Quite ill. and Mmt th. death of Mr. Tilden had unnerved him. The nail bearers took seats on eitner sine of the coftiu. On one side sat Charles A. Dana, John B. Tre vor. Dr. Chariea E. Simmons, Daniel Maguire, Smith M. Weed and Secretary Manning. On the other side were Samuel J. Randall, Andrew H. Green, George S- Miller, William Allen Butler, aud Aaron J. Vnnderpoel. President Cleveland and George W. Smith decended the staircase and took seats near the pall hearers. Near them sat Secretaries Whitney and Endicott. Colonel Lamont, Wilson S. Bissell, Congressman Spriggs and ex-Senator Barnum. Mrs. Pelton and the Misses Tilden were not present. Just as the ceremonies were about to begin Governor David B. HU1, Mayor William ri. urace ana ex-jongrussmau rioswell P. Flower arrived and were shown into the blue room. - " - Amoae others present wer Senator Evarts. Congressmen Hewitt, -' Merrinmn, Campbell, Stablneeker and .Muller,- 4.4eneral Fitz John Porter. General" Sehotield laud Commodore Chandler.- - ' t.-.,',, '-fa- Dr. Tucker 1-artd tha funeral service of tho Presbyterian church, and. .the, singing was by the choir of the Madison avenue Presbvtwiaji church, New York. Dr. Tucker delivered a brief address noon the life of Mr. Tilden. The clergyman spoke with much feeling. He referred to tho statesman's generous hospitality and to the great love which he entertained for his native land. Ka continued: "A friend wrote to me not lone aero, ref errine to the death of an eminent physician, that nothing was so plain, in an attempt to give the meaning of death, as that we suddenly fail to communicate with those who have been all in all to us. Death is the withdrawal of affection and love in the time that We need it It is an irreparable waste. A great mind cannot be replaced. hat the mind m-asoed. the books from which it learned and the facts embraced will remain, but the power of resasoniug. the power to foresee and appreciate is gone. It is like the destruction of a fine library, or the loss of a precious jewel. few men have been of such srreatness of mind as our dead brother. Whether he consid ered men or plans, he was always wise, sagacious aud honorable, whom we loved to listen to ana ro nonor. There was a fine constructive-ness of ideas in his reasoning that made his a great mind. A great light is gone out That is the meaning of death; something is wasted. Does death mean any more than an interruption of his connection with us No; according to his simple faith this mortal must put ou immortality. There are oblicrations to fi ve Aire. in. as there are to die. He was a simple, broad. clear believer in our faith. In that faith wo surrender our dead. 'The Eternal is thy refuge.'" V hen the Clerirvman had finished hia address Miss Antonia Henna smio- On K,-tiv K,,l- emn Thought," and the clergyman spoke a tew words of xnsolation to the deeply bereaved. The choir sang "Beyond the smiling and the weeping." A prayer was offered by the clergyman and the casket was closed. 1 nc casket was then borne throuirh the hall way to the hearse, and the choir sang "Rock of Ages." President Cleveland, Governor Hill, Mayor Grace and the rest of the monrnern en- tared carriages and were driven to the sta tion. The rain fell in torrents, hut under the trees and awnings stood crowds of people who saw the procession of coaches as it pn-ssed by. !.. uebmuj, it. i ., Aug. . ine special train of three cars carrying the remains, the mourners and nail bearers arrived at 4 o'clock There were fully 1,000 persons in the vicinity of the station. Tho remains were placed in a hearse, which was driven to the church, where about 1,500 persons viewed the remains. The procession was then formed and marched to the cemetery, a mile distant, where the interment took place, the Rev. Mr. Burrill of this place offering a short prayer and reading the commitment service. , . . . - - THE WERRA SAFE. She Arrives at Boston Saturday Detail of Her Ilishap Coolness of Capt. Itusshis. Boston, Aug. 7. The overdue sleamer Wer- ra, of the North German Lloyds Steamship line, was towed into this harbor to-day by the Ley-land line steamer Venetian, and was towed up totnejNew York and IN ew England docks this evening. The report is made that on tho night of July 30, at 11 o'clock, when the Werra was aoout 1 ,vkkj mtrea rrom port ami ptfotrauiy near .1 .... 1.4 1- w., lMiiJ, and it was found that the shaft was broken. There was a brisk gale, and a heavy sea was running. ihe vessel drifted until p. m. the following day, when the steamer Venetian, of the Ley- land ime, trom laverpool, fell m with her and took ner m tow. Uu August 4th the hawser parted, but a boat was quickly lowered and another hawser was rigged. The Werra had on board 532 passengers, of whom 78 are first cabin, 90 second cabin and 854 steerage. Among the passengers were thirty children. Capt. Richard Bussius says the damage is confined to tlie screw propeller, which was carried awav. and the shaft of composition metal badly twisted. A new propeller has been cabled for. and will be sent from Bremen. The uasseneers are loud in their nraise of the coolness and tact exhibited by the captain at the time of the accident His first action was to make a thorough examination of the damage done, which took him about 20 minutes. He then made a drawing of the hull of the vessel, and then walking coolly into the passenger saloon, where mauy of the ladies were waiting, somewhat anxious concerning their safety, he explained to them just what had taken place. and exhibited the drawing showing what parts remained uninjured and wuat parts were gone, at the same time assuring them that as far as the steamer itself was concerned, she was just as sound as ever. Thus reassured, the spirits or tne passengers rose again, tuey leeling confident that, from the direction in which they were dnttiug, they would soon be overhauled by some ocean steamship. Au incident 01 the voyage, and one in con-denmatien of which certain of the passensers were aesirxus ot drawing up resolutions, but at the solicitation of other passengers did not do so, was the alleged neglect of a steamer to answer signalsd'gplayed by both the Venetian and the w erra. it is saitt that on 1 hursday night both vessels burned signals showing their names to attract the attention of a steamer. supposed by its size to be a Cuuarder. and claimed to nave been evidently bound tor Boston. All that was desired was that the two essels should lie reported in Boston. Notwith standing that the signals were burned four times, the steamer is said to have gone on without acknowledging them. The passengers were all on deck. 1 he steamers, were nowever, re ported to the pilot boat which subsequently met luetiu Resolutions by the Passengers. The following resolutions were passed by the w erra s passengers: Whereas. On the nicht of Julv 30. 1SS6. when more than 1,000 miles from New York, the steamship Werra was seriously disabled by an accident wnicn neiuier experience nor skiu cuuiu ' auu whekkas, (Japtain Ktchard Bussius. oy nts genial and encouraging manner, restored confidence among the passengers, and by his prompt and eliicieiit means, ably seconded by his officers and crew, secured the safety of all: be it Kesoivea. mat we express our aamiration tor nis skill and judgment, and our appreciation of his frankness and courtesy, and be it further Kosotrtti, That we congratulate tne tNortn wnnan I.lovil Steamship oomnanv on having in its service so affable a gentleman and so able a seaman, who, having passed through a term of twenty years without an accident, has shown himself equal to an emergency when It occurred; be it finally the New York and' Bremen newsjiapers, and that a copv, suitably wdgrossed, be -presented to Captain inr.h P. Daly., chairman: Honshwout Howe. secretary: Frederick H. VVintorC Mrs. Bayard Tay lor, t;hares rietusieoK, tne nev. 1 uuuiais r. aiciun-kev, Henry Coggeshall, M. D , and other passengers. THE RACISTS SEASON. At, Wys(.ln Prlf Boston, Mass., Aug. 7. The unfinished race of the 2:27 class at Mystic Park was trotted to day. The follow ing rs a summary : 2:27 class, purse J300, diviaeo. Billy R a s 1 Minnie C John Morrill 5 Nellie C 0 1 0 Time-2:35i4, S:26. 2:31, STH, :)4. WH. At Monmouth l ark. tf-KW York, Aug. 7. Notwithstanding the pouring raid a hu ge crowd flocked to Monmouth Park to-day. The mud was fetlock deep, and both jockeys and horses looked thoroughly miserable. First race, handicap sweepstakes, 1 mile, won by Lancaster, in l:4SJj.f; second race, handican sweepstakes, 1 miles, won by Mau-mee in" i3:01H'; third rai-e, Junior Champion stakes, S' mile, won by Tremont, in 1:1X; fourth face, Champion stake, W mues, wo,i by Volantei in 3:45; ilifth race, beaside stakes, H mile, won by Mute, in 1:20; sixth race, selling IK miles, won by Pegasus, in 2:04; seventh race, full course, steeplechase, won by Charley mm. ;AtSalaM. Saratoga. N. Y., Aug. 7. There was the t crowd at the races to-day for many - t mi cloudy without rain, and SSSw f First race,'K , . W0U by & :asu x in trlla in 115K: second race, oequei amae-, 173 S won by isikw8l. in LtWrd "race, mu?; ""ui,.r oXTffl) yards, w. u b: i by fcuvch, fourth ra seilingri mile,' won.by fourth race, seious, . v Nettie, in l:44.i; WW race, T . ' .- ' , ..... Ctk W hADI l,'i,ll V4 miles, won uy ao"", At lirigniu" w-Tria v,..k'. Aair. ?.The r"l made the at tendance very light Tiraraee, filing, n mi.e, bvwon Bellview, m 1:10: i;ond race. 1 pples won by Olivette, m 2.:1,i'' CHOLERAJN ITAJ.Y. T Number of Cases at lSurlet ta. t, . n .tv, cholera is virulent iu Barletta, where i:B new ca-ies and 42 deaths vee .epofiBj todu- ILe cti.ef. ci,c' j J"-" tdrns tor to-day are, VetiK, U new r, deaths; Ravenna, 10 new cases. 4 deaths Bologna, 13 new cases 7 deaths; Ruvo m 1 uglia 2,) new cases, 8 deaths, aud (Hi new cases and 1 deaths elsewhere. mi tret won fav JriHrtiJU, m " 1 rSiel; wSby Bliard, in 2; fourthrace, mile, won by Miller, in 1:31.; fifth race, Ja in 1 sixtn rat, i MOKNIXG. AUGUST A WALLINGFORD MYSTERY; Jtonr jPAcasn MOX. J-V A only tne Trunk Ktnalnlii( The Horrible IMtwsovery Mad la tli Wood on Sunday -n "v ew iays-n Identification aud bo Clue. (Special Dispatch to Tax Coi-iiaxt.! Wallisoipord, Aug. S. , 1 . . , .. .... , , . . vme 01 iuo uiosi, uorrujie mysteries ever re corded from Wallingford has come to light to day. 1 tie tacts of the case are as follow. This morning a young resident of the west side, named Edward Terrill, was berrying in the swamp near the . Cheshire line, and noticed an omioary shoe box near a tree about nine rods from the road. He thought nothing strange until his dog approached the box and acted iu a strange manner, snuffing about the box and whining. Approaching the box Terr ill noticed a peculiar smell and at once wont home and notified some of the neighbors, who went to the spot with the necessary implements, pried off the cover of the box and found inside what at first appeared to thorn to he a portion of an animal but upon ciosa inspec tion proved to their horror to be the Ixxlv of a man, minus head, legs and arms. 8. 8. Watson immediately drove over here ami notiliert M,li- eal Examiner MoGaughey who with J. J. Redmond and others repaired to the spot and made an examination of the body, which was entirely undressed, and presented nothimr hv which ft. could be identified. The arms and" lugs were unjoinled in a skilful manner, evidently by an expert. The head was cut off etaa to the shoulders, lbeboxwas about thirty by eighteen inches, and the inside was lined with tar paper tacked on. Medical examiner MoGaughey thinks the man was voung, perhaps thirty, and would weigh nearly 175 pounds. No marks on the body were noticed to indicate shooting, or knife wounds. The body was not badly decomposed and death must have occurred within a few days, probably within sl hours. The box was fouiid in the same swamp and only a short distance from the spot where Mrs. MoCiarau's body was found a few weeks ago, and by the same man and dog. The affair causes mucn excitement nere ana who the unfortunate victim is cannot lie surmised, as no one is missincr who can he tlinnm Thni-. it iu case of horrible murder no one doubts, and the murderer has left on his victim not the slightest clue for identification. The box bears no name. fhiy the mark of the kind ot shoes formerly in it. Undertaker Griswold took chargo of the body and a thorodgh examination will be made by the medical examiner. TRIAL OF THE ANARCHISTS. Conclusion of FteUlen'a Testimony Another . n iiuess n uo aw tue uomb. Chicago, Aug. 7. There was another crush of spectators at the resumption of the trial of the anarchist, before Judge Gary, to-day. Samuel Fielden was called to the stand again aud was questioned by Mr. Foster, of the defense. Do you know Detective Boufleldf he was asked. "Yes," replied tne witness in a low voice. Q. Did vou state to him that vou ran through Crane's alley A. No, Sir; I never stated it to him or anybody else. Q. When did you become a socialist f A. In 1S74. O. When did vou become an anarchist? A Well, about the same time. U. Did you ever know of anv Kncrlish-aneak- ing group except tho American group A. No. , Q. Were vou a stockholder in the Alarm t A. 1 believe I bad 2 worth of stack. On the redirect examination liSnldmi ,l- clared that in his sfieech he said that Washington. Jefferson, and John Brown had occupied the same position toward abuses of the government that the socialists did toward the present social system. In urging workingmen to organize, he only contemplated that thev would be able by this means to obtain a creator share ot the products of the country: a more even division of the fruits of labor, lie had no knowledge that any immediate violence would be employed. He had no intimation that a dynamite bomb would be thrown. The afternoon proceedines commenced with the examination of Joseph Bach, a socialist wuo was preseut at the meeting held in the j4rietkr-ireifunp office just prior to the Hay-market demonstration. The point of his testimony was its corroboration of that or other witnesses to tho effect that Schwab accepted an invitation to speak at a meeting of the employes of the Deeriug Harvester comjiany, and n 1101. tne riayniancec. S. T. Ingham said some one handed him a circular early on the evening of May 4, from which he learned there was to be a mass meeting on the Haymarket. - Ho went home to supper, aud arrived at the Havmarket about the tune hpies called the meetmcr to order. Ho oc cupied a position;close enough to hear what was said in the speakars' wagon. When Parsons had ntiistiea speaking, and it was understood that the meetiug was to adjourn to Zepf's hall, the witness went with others to that place, and in the saloon adjoining the hall he saw T 'arsons and Fischer. Finding there was to be no speak- ug at the hall he returned to the Havmarket aud heard the latter part of Fieldeu's speech. neaaw rieiuen aiigut rrom tne wagon and heard the bomb explode. He believed Fielden did not do any shooting, and though he left the vicinity as rapidly as he could he noticed that the tiring ail seemed to co.ne from the police, The witness produced the eireular which he swore was handed him on the street. It was one of those from which the words "AVorking- men, arm yourselves and appear in force," had been omitted. . Captain Black announced that the dfunw S'ed;, to partly examine one more witness. OTlieil lb WUUlU. ttSH LUC vu,u wv, nUJUUID till Monday morning. Instantly there was a Mut ter of excitement among the spectators, who took this to mean that another of the defend ants was to be placed upon the stand. The spectators were disappointed, however, for the name called was not rtpies or Schwab, out John Burnet, an ordinary-looking young German, who said he was a caudyuinker. He was standing 38 feet south of the entrance to Crane's alley, on the Haymarket, when the bomb ex-ploded. Q. Did you seo the bomb thrown? A. I di.l. Q. Did vou see tho man who threw the bomb? A. 1 did. Q. How did he throw the bomb? Stand up and show the jury how he did it. The witness stood up aud went through the motion of throwing some thing into the air with his right hand toward the northwest 1 he witness was then given a picture of Schnaubult. Q. Is that the nian you saw throw the bomb? A. I don't think it is. f he cross-exam inatinn was concluded some what dramatically by the state's attorney as follows, after which tlie court adjourned till Monday morning : . w hat did you do? A. 1 went away. O. What for? A. Because I didn't wish to be killed. Q. You say you saw the bomb exploded? A. xes, sir. Q. Did you know it was a bomb? A. Yes, sir. State's Attorney You may go. THE PREI0U3METALS. Facts from the Keport of the Director of the mint, Washington, Aug. S. Dr. J. P. Kimball, director of the mint, has completed his report on the production of gold and silver in the United States during 1SS5. The production of gold is estimated at $31,800,000, an increase of !, 000,000 over the estimate for the cal endar year 18W4, The production of sil ver for the calendar year 18o5. calcu lated at the coinng rate in silver dollars, is estimated at $.)l,o00,000, against 4H.800.000 in ItSiHL an increase of 'J,oo,ooo. Colorado still retains the foremost rank as the largest producer of the precious metals, Cali fornia retaining second position. The most no table changes have been in Montana and Idaho, the production of the former having increased from tO.OOO.000 in 1HS4 to nearly $13,500,000 in 18W5, and the latter from 3,O0,0O0 in 1H4 to $5,300,000 in 1S85. Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Dakota still hold their own, while the production of Arizona has slightly decreased. The coinacre executed during the calendar year at the coinage mints consisted of 47,544.-521 pieV-es, of the lace value of fcti,92ti,810. Of this amount 3.002.313 nieces, valued at 827,753,- 012. consisted of gold coin, aud 31,!5,544 nieces, valued at 3S,9ti2,17(i, of silver coin, the remamuer oeiug niiuui wui. iuc uuuni 01 silver dollars coined during the calendar year - . .a , : : ' : ,PI ...I n 1S.H5 was BS.uV7.70i. in addition to tne coinage, gold and silver bars of the value of $27,400,01(5 were manufactured by the mints and assay oillces during the year. The total value of the bullion and coin imported into the United States during the year was 4 1, 418.120. of which ij,S32,00Q consisted of bullion and &i3,0or,iao of ooin. Of the total imports, $23,i4.,311 consisted of gold and 17,-772.71S of silve,-. The total exports of gold and silver from the United States during the same vearwas t44,697,74!, of which $11,417,207 was gold and $33,2X0,542 silver. WThile the United States lost by net exportation during -tho year $15,507,B34 in silver, it gained. Jl;l,2-"!,bli by pet importatifja of gold. FIRE RECORD. Destructive Forest Fires In Wisconsin A Village Burned Loss 2O0,OOO. Milwaukee, Wris., Aug. 8. Forest fires in Marathon and Clark counties to-da7 bRMed the town of Spencer, and scorched Colby, while Chippewa Falls was threatened. At S8;nccr, a town of 1.000 DODulation on the Wisconsin Cen tral railroad, the loss is -)uo,uu". i wo large saw mills, the depot, a wood-turning factory, mwamI churches, a school house, the music hall. and many residences are destroyed. A northeast gale was blowing at tne uine uie are stari.-ul and fanned the flames throueh the vil lage with fearful rapidity. Cows and hogs were unable to escape, so rapid was the spread, and many were ourneu to ueaiu. iini.Y-n-, i,ti,ro nM n,iri hniriKl.9 end rer.nliessi. aavh.g 'had fin W. J. Clifford s loss on mill and mot her. S20.000. half insured; P. A. Thayer, mill and imh.r S:iS .000. insurance $10,000; C'Neil Brothers. lumber and hardware store, 820.000: small insur ance; other sufferers lose from siu.uuu down. In fierier!. At Chttmliersuiirg. ra Kievawr and warehouse of tne Western Maryland railroad ; loss $33,500. Henry Wingert burued to death, and two others At Boston. Mass. S. It. Hathorne s large stable, with seven hordes and a iarge number of carriages; lews $10,000, insured. . At Philadelphia Pa. John Mqndell t Oq.'g shoe faatory; loss $10.000. ' " STEAMSHIP ARRIVALS. At New York, Germanic, Etrnria and Egypt from Liverpool; Erin from Jirsdon; P.hein, jrow D.-emeii , ISiysia iron Naples; La Cbatn-pngne from Havre; Newport from Aspinwall. At Gibraltar, Archimide from New York. At Amsterdam, Zaandam from New York. At Liverpool, Palestine from Boston. At Queenstown. Umbria from New Y"7'vi At Plymouth. Gellcrt f.ora sew York. At Ldhdoit, Milan from Boston. IMPORTANT! When you visit or leave New York City, Bare bag-.,'nKK5tira and R.3 carriage hire, aud stop at tlteOrand V'nion Hotel, opiJOSite the Cix-nd U-U lit r e ' ' ' ' , 18 roOiijS. fined up at a oo.t of one million dollars. Kiaild upwards per day. European plan, levators restaurants supplied with the best. Hors- cars, statre and ulevated railroad to all depot. Families can live better for less money at the Grand Union Hotel than t any other th at class howl in the city. orisSlT TITE WEATHER. Indication, Washisoton. Aug. 8, 10 p. nl. For S4 hour, commencing at 7 a, nt, Monllay, August : For New England and eastern New York, fair wanner weather, southerly w 1 id. For Tuesday, slightly warmer fail- weat usr is indicated for New England and the ruddle Atlantic states. I FISASCE AND TRADE, Money aud Stock. Nw Yoax, Aug. 5. Money oa call ts easy at 2t4 per em., the last loan being t ULj per cent. Prime mercantile paper at 45 per out. Y.r silver t i't Sterling exchange isduil: actual buiimea at S4 SS-ttifeA H4U for ixlv day bills and t iiVtn(4 8514 for dxoiand; pooled ratM for sixty day hills and St.Mt tor demand. tioveromeat tomi8 dull t aucttanged quotation. ,w,,,,.i wmt wen iea ,'( iv,v Stocks opened a shade lower, hut finally recovered and remained firm until noon. htu thv hroke again and remained unsettled until the lastiiour, at which tune the decline was checked and the market closed steady. tun aim biobkwt and uowxkt riurxa. The galea agtrremted aharea. including: Canada Southern lio 4tU 4H t oi., tit. i,ouia c mwnurg pi, x.lliu iw., utuxuiitt western. ra.lMi im i H SC."). 4tlt lova sa 40 113 t tw, l'lsi 411 8SH 2' llft-1 84 W A-l mi4 4!t i h-i i; Delaware Hudson Canal.. Deuver Rio Grande. Erie.. ,. Kansas A Texas. . ISIS .Si0 . 4.lr;o , 1A.070 6.W0 . Itm two , 1,0 8,fW0 , l.l.Xl 8.HS0 .;; ; i,a . 4.0 11,115 , 4(10 too 'J.OiW l.'tW 10,0 17.410 , li'.Ond X.if 13.iU! WO . 9,SiW Lake tihore. ................. Louisville Kahvill...... LakwEr& Western. ... ... Michigan Central Meitttthia it t'haxlestoa Missouri Pacific , Nashville A Chattanooga... New Jersey Central, New ork Central New York & New England.. SS 48 iH 112 M 640 4 L4 Northern Pacific Northern I nottio pref. ,.... Northwestern, .... !? 114 K4l 1! t7li ai Ohio A Mississippi...,,,..,,, Ontario & Western Oregon & Transcontinental . FacUio Mail. . . . Peoria. Deo. Jt EvansTtUe Reading......,.,.,,....,.,, St. Paul St Paul Omaha 404 lft l 67 Texa & Padfio Union Paoitto... ....... Walxtsh , VVeateru Union Telegraph Tn LATEST STOCS QUOTATluKa, Sownuual Hontu ilnd.. B. St W 17L tf. S. ita lorn. Kan A Texas 81' U. 8. 4a,reg ...1X-; 1 Lke Krie S. Weatera U U. 8. 4a, coup ,.,.ia Lake Shore.... KKfi U. 8.4V5,reg HiftalLong Island U. 8. Uta, ooup...,..Htti,Louisvitle& Naahv'e 41114 Paculc lis 01 iSo...,lj iLou.. New Alb. & O. M D. C. 3.6S liWU Manhattan lieaoh. . . 15 jKmirood Bontla. etc. 1 Manhattan Elevated . U4 Central Paclflo UU..1IS Memplii Charles. 3.H LVn. A It. G. lia....llH!t Metropolitan Kl...,.lti7 D. R. O. West. 1st tst iMichigaa Central. ... 8 1 44 ErleSds. 11:1(4' Mil.. L. -a. & W. vl... H.I Kan, & Tex. gen. th. WW Mintt"atou a St, L. 4 Kansas Paciflo cona. 107 4i Minn. 4 St. L. jf..., 4(t4 K. P. Ists. Denver iUv. lift Missouri Pacltki HM North'u 1'acitlo da. . ltd Mobile Ohio IS Morris Jt Essex 141 Nash, .vchattanooga (tl' Northwest 'B consoui.14.4 Northwest'n det. &S.110W St, L. & S. F. gen. m.lllS!New Je 1 , , v mi . r, Western of . . 4i( St. mill txusois. ...,i .is ftor. a St. p.,ijui. s i-ao ista. isi So. Pao. of Cat lsta.lll jNorthetn Paoitlo.. . i'M rsorlJiern lunc pr.. fl-H Texas Pacific L g 6tH Northwestern 1I4' iyx. rao. K. o. ex-00 csii Nortnwkwtern pr.... n, union iacmo 1st. . .1104, new x rk.Ceiitj-al..llllli 'hLAtSt. L.. 84a hi. & St. L. pf 1 Mississippi... 1 West Shore x 104 N. Y vmeral LMt. N. Y., t Adams Express 142 Ohio Ohio Alton Terre Haute 4 Miss, pf Wl Alton & T. H. prof... 83 American ETxpres. . . 1 HI Ontarid i western,. I(r Oregou Navigation.,108 & Tran. ... 8tS Imp. (JO...-. 30 Boston Air i,iue nretltiu Ortgon Oregon1 Bur.. C. R. & North'u 66 Can. Pacific 7y Pacillc Mail 57 M Canada Southern . . . . Ceutrai Iowa. Central paculu 4oy PanainA IV, 1H Peoria, Deo. & Ev.. . M 44t3;Phubu-g,t Cleve....lW Che. A Ohio. ii4 1'ullnuiti fai. oar. . ..j;-.i4 Che. & Ohio 1st pref 17 jKoadini; it t lies, at t-mojfu prec. 11 ruca. aa Aiiegiieuy... v UhL Alton lit Rich. A Danville. ...140 Chi, Si Alum pref.... IW Rich. & West Point.. Old., B. guiiicy....lotl IRock Iiland Clii.. 8t, L. at VMS. . . 14 'tit. L. ban Frau... i74i fi. F. pf 7t 8. F, napf..llo .... a,! rf :...iai Clii.,8t,L.4t Pitta, pf W4:Ht, U & Chi., band. & Cleve.. 2 rtt, I.. 4 Cleve. & Oolumbu.. fifi t, I'au uoi., M. v. jc ioi...,. i si, 1'au Cousol. Coal 21 .St. Pan Min. ManlU,U 1H0.& Hmtson Canal. thi?i'U Paul & Omaha... Del. & Laokawnuna,.lfjt St. Paul Omaiia pf.li3 Den. Jt Rio Orande.. 0 :Texasx Paciho... 1514 Erie . . . . Union aiiHo. ... t,'ii ... lOlj, ... 1KH ... K-'la Erie pref East Tennessee..., ICast Term, pref.... .. 7 lUntted Slate Ex . m W abas .. 15,Walia.ji pf Fort Wayne... ..uu weita h argo Kx. ..11 Houston &Texa HtiUIWesterb Union Tel.. 07 Illinois Central. . ..1J HDnBS HTOCXP Colorado Coal... Con. Oal. & V .. Eureka Con ...SO iHorn Skiver. ,, t 50 . 6 .24 . 1 12 .... 1 40uiiicWal ,..,2 atiiuulclisl lver Iver pref. Hale & Norcroas. Hoinestake .. . . S iStaiHlai d .... ...21 CLOSIKS koSTOlt qOOTfTlOK. KmiflA. 'Moss, tlentral. . . . ... 7W Atlantic Pacific 6s 84iy Mexicuin t Vntral tiv A,, T. it 8. F. Ja J-8 ;N. Y. it N. E 45U A.. T. S. F. L g. 7s.l:.'ri N. Y. N. E. pref..l40 Con. Ver. 5s 88. ; Old Cokiy...... 17844 EasterD s 127,jHutlaud 7 Little Rook F. 8. 7s.H8 w tsconsin oentrai . . , Mexican Central ii4t N. V. JL N. B. tl 118 i N Y. & N. K. It. .128 ! I'elevkoncm. Am.BoU S04 14 Brie S?H Mexican l-i, Nw Kna-land. . . 40 Oregon short tie .... . 105? AMI4fVKa. Atlan. & Pacine 8Vg ManufartitHng Co.'a, etc. a., T. ot Santa Fe... SOJ4 Boston Wat. Power. 6 Boston Ajuanv....jiu 1 Mmr. Boston & Lowell, ...131 Oal n met S Heel. . 214 Boston Maine 2n) Catalpa 174 Cln,. San. & Cleve... lt FrankliQ. Jm tiastern 87 iOsowola. , la ia Fitehlmvg 128mjiiiucj' 4714 Little Rock & F. 8... 42 iTamaraok Hi Tn NEW YOKE BANS BTATEUEKT. (New York Evening Post.) Tlie changes in the principal items were aa fol lows, vix.; . . Loans , .Inc.. I3.R41.fiO0 Specie Inc., 812.BOU Deposit" . . "' '.' beo. 8tH.H) Circulation Inc.. )iC!,70t These changes reduee the surplus reserve S4.2UI,- 475, making It now $8,f47,2ntl, against 812.8,8,725 last week. Jul .8:18,475 for the correstioiidltitf wee of 1885. J31.14ti.8iO in 1884, and 5,3j3.7f in 1883. The following is a comjiarisou of the averages of the New York banks for the last two weeks aud for the corresnoudltn; tune last vear: July 31. Awe. 7. Aug. 8, 85. Loans $354.;s2;.400 S35a.liW.000 Specie M.271.aO o3,7H.(!oo t:t, 2.853.200 H5.ti8l).5t4l 43.25.tmO 888.828. 1(0 ugal tenders 4.ic.v 87.74.8(iti ItepOKita 8i7.7(M.lti Slt-MKUitW Circulation... 1.84.0ti0 8.01H,(UO .2,2tl0 The fohowinsr shows the relations between the to tal reserve and the total liabilities: Specie........ Sm,27l.2IIO Sli..084.0M0 $115,080.50(1 43,.&U.tKlO Legal tendei'S 43,03:1,000 87,781,800 Tot. reserve. $107,304,500 Reserve req'd 94,42 , 775 $102,848,800 tf4,21.ll,rw0 Sla8.8l5.fM0 W1.707,U2ft Excess .... $i2,878,7ai $8,H47,aO $tSl,6;M,475 Produce Markets Aug, 7. New York Cotton steady and unchanged; up landsordinary 6 15-lrtc, good ordinaiy 8 6-l8c, low middling 9$c, middling 8 I80; New Orleans-Ordi nary 7qC, good oruinary 8c, low nitd,lling V &-I8C, miiidlinii OH. Flour weak : No 2 f2.0ixa2.tiU; smierflne western and state $2.:I0,&2.85: common to cood extra western anl state $; good to choice do f 3.:AK&ft.uu; common to cnouw wniie wneat western extra $1.804.80; fancy do $4..i445.00; coniinon to good extra Ohio $2.85$4.75; common to choice extra 8C Louis $2.ti5a5.UO; patent Minnesota extra. gooa to prune, 4.,iuitf,.iu; cnoi, , to double extra 00 $4.73(a5.00: iucludmg city mill extra at $4 SfciiiJ 14',: extra No 5! ti"h,A3. If: winter wheat extra $2 tt-'.ar.Ki: Minnesota extra j a.i.Oll; southern flour steady; common to fa.r extra $3.0r&3.55; good tochoioe do Si.tiuyn.lO. Rye flonr steady; superOne 5:i.,suaoo. corn meal uuu; yell, ow western a: 2.75; Brannvwtne eeiuts 2H0.084 bushel : expjrts 1( jWheat active; re- 1,700 bushels: No 2 spring 8Hc; ungraded spring BJi' steamer No 2 red 8 4sc; No 2 red 8V4a8 c elevator, 8tiHc delivered. No 1 red llOUc: No 1 white ie hite state 110c. Rye dull; state 58c. Barley dull. Baill.v y mait ami. uorn iKcatoi-o. fiov.ia quiet; uvigraded riritiUc; fto 2 504c delivered. Oai lower; No B35c; do white 40 41c: No S 35U,ia;i7c: No 2 white 35S&38C; wlilte do 98a47e; whit,! !.tc; uitxeu western istate 45c. Cotfi. fair Kio dull at va. Buirar n Iiarket dull; rettued dull: CM)iia extra C 45aE Uc, white extra C 6Ho: yellow iii3,tic: off A 5K 6Vic; stanaard A 5t,c: conleciioi &.r 7-ltk:'. mould A iiers' A no; cut loa: 64.c; crushed fiXc; powdered IWdc; grantdatod 6 i-tj iffttlVjic: cubes BHc. Molasses du at lLje for 50 test. Rica quiet. Fetrt,leum united p ie line 81c: crude in barrels 8tS4c; refined 7c. Tallow steady at 3 15-lB?i4e. Kosin dull. Pota oes stcaily; Loug Island $1.50 1.87: Hose $1.25a; IJ0. Spirits of tur pentine firm at 33He. j-or dull; moss quoted at $ 10 24tfi 10.75 old, n tcl4(t.ii.8t J new. Beer ami. Bef hams steady at $23.u0.ii21.0li. Tleroe beef dull city extra India mess $12.li0iai4.(XI. Cut meal firm; Sickled bellies 7c; do shoulders pWo; do bams 12c, liddlea steatly; long clear 7c Iard dull; western steam snot at $7.05:a..o;!4: ciqv steam $0 90; fined quoted $7.20 continent, fe7.40 8outh Amerl-ca. Butter quiet; state I5ia21Mc; western 12a20c; Pennsylvania creamery lim,&,2(i4c. t-'heee firm: st&te tH-4a8tjc; weutera 74((i7c; night skims tlrtj. Cbicaoo Flour steady; south, 8153 4.50: Wisconsin Ki.MI4.1 rn winter whejit at. IT,; Michigan $4.U0 4.05; soft spring wheat $3.50-it4 ing wneat SLwyn iti; Minnesota tiaieera Dtueni 4 Kl,a4.80: low wades 1.75ia 5.oujt-iu: Rve flour $1 Bi3.50. Wheat easier; No 2 spring 75c; No 2 red 77c. Corn 43c, Oats at 274,c. Kye steady; no a oao. Barley quiet; Oio X tvtvic Pork mess at $9.85 Lard firm at i.tr'U. bhort nb sides steady at $0 20. Boxed meats steady; dry salted shoulders $0 10B 15; short clear sides $0.55 C2,n.74. w niscy swaay at i.j3. Cottos New Orleans firm at 8-16c: Mobile nominal at 9c: Kavaunab ouiet at lci Charleston quiet, at 84c; aiempuis steaay at s-hc. Stranger than Fiction Are the records of some of the onrea of consumn. tion effect-etl by that most wonderful remedy Dr. Pierce s uoiden Meaicai uiacovery. niousauus ot eratef ul men and women, who have been snatched aimpst rrom tue very .laws ut aesm. can testify that eongumrttion in its early stages, ts no l(,ns?er in. ourahle. The Discovery has no equal as a oectoral and alterative, and the most ohstitiate affections of tne turoatana luugs j lciu to its power. All drug gists. From otie of rlridgeport's Most Prominent and well-known Physicians and Surgeons. Malaria sod Liver liseases the Most Common Cause of lieath in llrldgeport, Having a large Medical and Surgical practice, I necessarily see many cases of Malaria and Liver Disease. Hundreds in this city are taking Quinine and Arsenic to. rain their physical or-ganitsro, aud prmatdre graves. From an analysis or your Lewis' P.ed Jacket Bitters, I find it to be an invaluable Therapeutic Remedy for the Blood, Liver and Kidneys. I have recommended Lewis' Red Jacket Bitters ta my patients, many of wt;orq have been immediately heneated and cured. I have ths honor to be your obedient servant, Ja.mk8 D. Bbago, M. I; Bridgeport, Nov. 11, 1885. To Lewis & Co,, Proprietors Lewis' Red Jacket Bitters, New Haven, Conn. NOT A SECKKT KEMEDY AU the roots, barks and herbs entering into the imposition of Lewis' Red Jacket Bitters are plainly printed on the label of every bottle, We claim no patent whatever upon this cele brated medicine: only upon our trade mark. Iwis' Red Jacket Bitters contain kg mineral or poisonous substances fvnd is a purely vegetable preparation. A sure cure for fever and ague aud riialaria, and a sovereign remedy for liver and kidney troubles, dyspepsia, indiges tion, loss of appetite, sick headache, costive- ness, rueuniaidsui, nervous-uens, utsouiuut a an impotency in either sex, which diseases in varia bly yield to the yegetstbfe remedies in these bittera. A speedy relief Is niiveisal when used according to direction. Female difflcnl-ties in young or old, married or single, yield readily to this invaluable family medicine, rv- not wait till you are on your back' tlen it may be too late. Try just one- bottle ' I ewis' ited Jacket Bitters and take no wfpr. r sale by HARTFORD NEWS. JllcycU Not. The East Hai tforvl race set for Stiirtlay were postponed, wi tttxvHir.t of the rain, to a dnte not yet determined. The fifth annual Uiuruamont of the Spring-fild Bicycle club will be held Septemlier 14-17. The great attraction will, perhaps, foe Uie one-mile cliampionshin of the world for which SI, 0t0 in prises is offered. Among th riders expected are Frank Moore, Banders Sellers and Peroy Furnival. The Springfield fAtt'os of Saturday said: Row ha beta chafing for sometime Ps hecau- Wendell w-ould not allow him to "let himftelf out" while doing praet ice work. Yesterday eflernottn, howovrr, A.-Ul rvt tli word aud aw went Blltv for tlie mile, fie set his own pace, too. od lliotth Rurnham sirtet ftor hitu bet w e tlm half na lt quarter. Hiliv wasn't waiting for any pate-maker, but kept on sco.uitir' and. shot over the tan like a streak of lightning, llotli rider d traiwr wre hUarlous with iov wtrin It wa learned tht the mile hd been rid iddou in 2.2M ,i-.V th fHtet ver made on Wcycle. There are tho w ho at set ting thw year'a ntteh ftl S:25 or under ftr thoe rider who umi4 to "do up" either Row or Monde. The fatal aivi.lent to Mr. I. II. Stk kuey at BcAton, last "wk. proves to have com" while Coasting rapidly in the dark. Mr. Stii'kney says that when the maebuiB approaelied the junction formed by AlUten street, where many bicycle accident have occurred, she saw tliat they were crowding tx near a cobble-stone gutter. Fearful that they would run over it aud be thrown, she turned a sharp eurv with the steering gear. Mr. Stiekuey saw the change at ouce, and put on tlie brake. In an itudaut tt-e forward part of tlie tandem struck with crasli against the curbstone on tlie sidewalk, aud Mr, stiekuey was lifted in the air and pitched bodily over his wife's head on to tlie curbing. His wife at tlie same instant u buried beneath the machine, which had turned complete somersault She was struck on the bead by some portion of th apiiaratus, but muiuured to free henaelf and go to the assist ance of her husband, who was lying In a heap in the cobble-stAme gutter. He was unconscious for the moment, but quickly came to his sense. His wife asked him where he was hurt, and he complained of lusheod, which he hail struck on the curbstone on tteuig thrown. tie was takeo to tho hotel, hut no one supposed tlie injury to ne serious. lie diet! a few minutes later from the broakiug of blood vessel lit the brain. " BASE-BALL. National L4tuH At BoHtou: Boston 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 Kansas Cltv........,.,...0 0 0 0 0 0 0 At Washington: 8t. IamiIs ,.0 0 0 1 0 0 0 Washington 1 U 0 0 0 0 0 At New York and Philadelphia Rain, American Association. 1- 1 3- S- 5 SATVRDAV. At Lonisnile; Louisville, 0 1000101 S-t Milrootitn 0 OOOOU00 1 1 At Ctuciimtl: Rrookl.vn ., .,..0 00310SO- Cincinnati , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0-1 At 8t Louis: St. Ixiiti. 0 1 0 1 4 1 0 0 3-10 Athletic 1 00 I 0 0 0 0 0 X At Pittsburgh: PitfKburifU....... 3020003U t-H UalUmore. 0 0 10000 1- S1TKUAT, At Cincinnati: rir,)oklvn ,.,...1! 0 0 1 0 0 1 t S Cliumimltl 1 OA 1 0 0 0 0 0 t At 8t. l,ouls: i 8t Umia ,..,,,...0 13001110 t Athletic ...0 0020000 1-8 At Louisville: txHiisviiie ... i "a o o a i a i in Metropolitan 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3- TELEGRAPHIC BREVITIES. The first halo of new oroo cotton wa re ceived at- Savannah Saturday from Thomas county, Ga, Shawopee, a Sioux Indian witli the Ruftnlo Bill comiiany at Staten Island. Iwanw insane. and was sent home under guard on Friday. Manager Lucas denies the report that the St. lows league baie ball club will be dtsltaoded. He says that all scheduled games will Ije played. The New York police were Sunday nicht asked to look for Frederick C Ganliner, aged 27, of Middletowu, who has been missing bimc- euuesuuy. The first Louisiana rice of the season, fifteen sacks, was received at New Orleans, Sat.urdav. The rioe crop throughout the state bids fair iki be the best ever produced. A, H, Wadsworth, a machinist, commit td suicitle at Kpringtield, Mass. , Sunday, by shoot ing tnmstlt in the head. He bad Uien out of work t wo weeks, and was dieqtondcnt. The Highland and Middlesex horse railroad companies in Huston have eonsolidut.Ml, nndur the name of the Biwtou Consolidated Street railway company, with (pital of $1,700,000. A Unler at the Allochonv Wacxm works. Pittsburgh, Pa., exploded Saturday, dentolmh-ing the boiler house and two other small tiuild- gs. Three rersons were luiured bv flvins bricks. Josiah Richards and G. R. Thomas were killed by a fall of coal aud rock in the Boston mine at Plymouth, Fa., Snturday, and Frank Marklerage was killed in the same maimer at Nauticoke, Pa, Two freight trains collided on the Chesa peake & Ohio railroad, Friday. Kugineer Davanliall, Fireman Ballard ami Brakemen Scbeeriiiau and Shoo were killed, and Engineer Higgius probably fatally injured. A public meeting was held at Fealiody, Mass., Suuilay night, to express disapproval of rioUiuk conduct by the striking teuuers. The strikers, however, took jKisst,ioo of the meeting, and voted down resolutions denouncing mob violence. Further trouble is expected. HPe" w-ttriotefSr, h'StterVU Wt,toJrf,liI RaM: Her cargoof coffee was valued at $(17,000, fully insured. The vessel, which was on her thlixl voyage, was only partially insured. It is believed that the crew were saved. The following additional officer"" of the Grand Arntv were elected prior to the adjournment of the encampment nine die: Colonel Edgar Allen of Richmond, Vs., junior vioe-mmmander-in-chief; Dr. A.S. Kvarbtof Colorado, surgmm- general, and the Itev, Thomas C Vrai uer of hattauoogo, chaplain. While the attendants in the Kankakee. 111.. In sane hospital were preiaring the patients to attend an entertainment Thursday evening, a pa tient, Alls M. I Cooper, stepied to a gas jet, lit a letter draw n from her pocket, and setting tire to her clothing, was burned to death. It is renorted that Mi storm of Kfttunlnv night did great damage in southern New jersey. Two vessels were driven ashore, and the sua was too rough for the life-saving crews to accomplish anything. A very large numtier of excursionists were detained at Atlantic City by wasiiotii ou tue ranrtiaas. The grand jury at ISostou ha found an in dictment against ex-Deacon James Story, of tho Bowdom Square Baptist church, charging him with adultery with a Mrs. Elton, a member of the congregation. The woman made a confession, and with the Rev. W. W. Downs appeared before the grand jury as a witness. R. II. Frost, ex-city treasurer of Jackson, Mich., was arrested Saturday, chartred with the einlieriU'tnent of $2,100. His term expired fllay 1, and hia successor, J. S. Harrington, brings the complaint Althouirh Frost hail sarrendered the kej's, the combination of the safe had not been changed. Tho guests. 27 in number, at the f v. w a small Ixing Branch hotel, were all taken vio-lontly ill alter dinner Friday evening, with symptoms of mild poisoning. There was great excitemeut for a time, but the physicians culled aacrilied the sieknewi to the combination of clam chowder, watermelon, ice eream, eto., on the bill of fare. Wrilliain Potts and Georire Hnzlitt mal a successful passage through the whirlpool rapids at Niagara Sunday, in a conical cask, ten feet long. 1 be men lay back to back, and were secured to the sides of the cask by canvas sHngs i ney carried aoouc auu pounds of sand ballast A landing was made at Queenstown, on the Canada side. Some 15,000 spectators witnessed the feat ' Captain Wrallace W. Hall, late of the United States secret service, was shot and killed by his wife, at their residence in Chicago, Saturday morning at 1 o'clock. Site elaims that the shooting was accidental, while she was trying to wrest the pistol from him. The eouple have lived unhappily siuce their marriage, about four months since, and he has been drinkuig heavily. She was arrested. Patrick Henry of Kensington died suddenly on nday from an overdose of some medicine which bail been prescribed, the dose being one tettspooiiful. lie was left by himself a short time, aud soon after appeared at the house of a neighbor. He was induced to go home, but fell and died just as he reached the bouse it was found afterwards that while alone he had taken a large part of tlie contents of the I Kittle, ' The meeting J the Central Labor union in New York Sunday was controlled by tlie Kuightsof l,abor, who succeeded in laying upon the table a proposal to extend financial aid to the Cjtfar Makers' union, and in reconsidering a resolution of sympathy with that body passed a we, k previous. The feeling among the cigar makers is very bitter, and tbey accuse the Kuigbts with having packed the meeting. At Pittsburgh, II L, early Saturday morning, a rarmw utnicu Turner ana nis wife were oouna uy lour burglars, who used them very roughly in the endeavor to extort information as to the hiding place of their money. Failing iii,, mry ratiMi&cKeu tue nouse. Kecurmtr $400, and took their departure, leavinsr their vic tims bound. Mrs. Furber finally succeeded in lKening the ropes. Jack Conrov. a ueitrhhor. Suspicious characters having 1mm um In Astoria, L, J., for several days past, their atten tion naviug been apparently directed to the post office, the postmaster Baturdav secured th servii-esof three insiiectors and two detectives, and kept a close watch upon th-jortioe. At about midnight four men. forced a rear door and entered the oifico, 'lhey were summoned to surrender, nud answered by a discharge of revolvers, Tne fire was returned, and one ot the burglars was wounded, and, with a companion, was captured. The other two es caped. TTHE source OF HEALTH. Make tbe V'oJ pure ant) you drrve kskne.s way. litect to do so and yo mait atTer vltlt diteaae. la tif Summer heat, wbn your physical powert ar c-xhamttd and your mental icaltiea lncapatle of effort, Veectine wUl gie new ilte to tbe bkoU-aa invalul and irapaft Vtaov nt strenRth to the worn body and l!itii(t Take It while on your vacation and tliua secure health and pleiuure. But If you are tma-jio ta fret a respite from labor, by all meant ue Y and you will greatly lessen the danger from, flptclemlcft and Fevers. Vetinc possesses la Its eoaihiii&Uon of roots, bark, and kerbs tio veryS)et.ta ia which tiie in ftsd blood is defWent. It itmoves ths csnse of and tims cures Bloot Humors and Bkln IHse&scrft and as tonic In Kervous lebility tt has no equsi , The Best Uver Fills. SasouLEs pills: f-.-.rf, fckk Headache, Constipation and THle. Are lUiirly WKtMtl. tK-nti yti tnoroinrh in oprn- ti .n. ccuus St Bua.es, liy UruwUu and by aiau. l'terca ft Qo.. 30 Uouoyer Su, loto-H Apollinaris "THE QUEEN" OF TABLE WATERS." amount cf fare tvtin air in the lungs ian neutralise tAe taJ tffects pf filiated water in the sfonttuk." -, ... New York Herald, "TAt purity cf APOLUXAJtIS effrrs tht hist stturity agaimt the dangers ii'hiik art t-omwett to most cf. th ordinary drinking teaers." London Medical Record. ANNUAL SALE, 10 MILLIONS, Of all Cmers, Druggists cV.tin. H'at, Dmitri. BEWARE OFIMITATIONS. OENKRALDEPOTFtiRTHR ABOVE WATKU, Q. P. Heublein & Bro., 40 Mnllwry, 88 and iW Wolls at. Jyl j Mn Absolutely Pure. Thhi powtjr r.tvr v su-iti. A marwl of purtfy, treusrth luid whokwnsiM, Mom o.nini4.-J lUtia with Uitr-muUitUiif-of Utw Imt, uliort wc-k( f!H or pluvtnlutto 'iKiwt,r, St-M omjf in (in AfVlES PYL Best Compouho veit invcmted roit VV ASH I WC and CLEANING IS HARD OR SOFT, HOT OR COLD WATE-1 mtutui J(rm ta .4 H It HI mr II 4 V JJ A r ASipQ TIM F 1. A noR and so t I-1m" w BmJ?iinlnB-ly,Tidisof grml vln to houcKeojerH. 8,,l,l by ail t.roei-iit, but; ! VILE COtiNlFUFt ITS are not nnr4 uiuiattn, I'KAKI.IXK In l.lm ONI V SAI 6 HKllCtLiuiJ A LW A ) bean Ih nain t IAMBS PVLH, New Yoik. Tho Mont Successful Prepared Fooil for Nw-Born Infant!', It may he umt with eonfldeno. when th mot Iver Is finable to niirw tli child, a safe ud natural suhaiilute for nioUi,r,a milk. The BsstFood to be used in connection Willi Partial Nursing, No other food antwer so p,rfectlv tn such caes. It cauw no dlKtut-haiice of digestion and will be relished by the child. A Sure Preventive and Curo for Cholera Infantum. By th use of this prerfipeahMi and Mally Ml-- -lated Foiid, fatal result lu th dreaded dlsaas can bafltiMlv nMHMnlM . - . ... APerfoot Nutrient for Invalids ia either Chronio or Aeute Caaea, Hundreds of phvslclAn bvrfifr lo It crreAt vhm. It will lie retained when even llnm wt,i ami inlllc U rejetMi t-y the stomaJl. In 1ytjrpsia. and lu ll wasttnKdtKeasefl It has proved ttie most nut rtl lou and iialatfible, and nt the name time the nnwt eoou-otulcal of Foods. For an In taut may be luadn 150 Meals for SI. 00. Bold by all Druggist 35o , 50c., $1.00. I W A valuahlo pamphlet entllled "Mv!l,! Opinlonson the Nutrition of Infant and Invalid,' sent free on application. Well. RIchardMin v Co, Kiirlluirton. Vt. 8mdeoil(M.VV,v Kut IMwS4 Jelt OtOTHINQ AND FURNISHINO GOODS. FOR ine Clothing OO TO gbmmilIa,: bubhham & go. 64, 88 and 68 ASYLUM STRtKT. fook at Our Knock-About Suits for Hoys for $3.00. MEN'S BATHING SUITS ! Smith, White & Co.'a Men's anil Boys Flannel Shirts ! Smith, White & Co.'a SUMMER NECKWEAR CHEAP ! Smith, White & Co, BAROA1N8 IN MESS HALF IIOHE AT SMITH. WHITE & CO-'H. GEitlemsi'sMBliii Bap, Smith, White & Co.' AM Summer Goods Closina at Exceedingly Low Figures. HITE & CO, Men't Tint Otttfltttrt, ffl AND W A3YLCM STREET, HARTFORD, CT. Best Fitting WHITE Laiflml 11T In the Market to-day. PRICE $1.00, -AT- tS PEAR Imt MS LVK TNI William H. Kelsey S Co's. I S MAIN, COE. TEARL ST. i 10. 166 MAIN 6TBJEET, HARTFORD, CONS. 840 MAIN STREET, HABTFOBD. CT. ;!i5 ASYLUM STBEET,

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