The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 28, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1894
Page 7
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" '' •ami ALL HOME PRINT. I SWrtiHBt it i We onl> tasw*p«t*tHn Citt- .Itttuati that Is titrated Mi at horns and It son- Hi more loeai and count! news tbftb unj otn«r w to tut* ecuntf, tPOWBRB & COLCtO, PrO|tt< DadfeMBSH 28, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. 0, von Glan, of Breda, was in the city today. Wanted, girl (or general housework. Inquire of 0, L. Wattles. Egeraayer's orchestra furnishes music for a dancing 'part? at majority almost e<)dat to the whole Bnffl- b*f of f4iM fewlwd by hlfl oppotietil, Tb« thwry advHri««d ia that th« eon- teat WlM made on him, as the jurtldeof the penM Is a county offloiftl and a f*- count oanld be asked foe before a doflrt composed of the president t»f the board d two associate judges eeleoted by the oonteelibg pittiM. lu this way an opportuuity would be given to See the ballots, and if there were any Irregtt- larititr that would effect the assessor or township clerk, that were elected by narrow maf gioa, their ouea would be taken into the district court, fiat as it turned out this plan failed, tor, by the court dismissing the osse for jorlsdictidn, the ballois Ooonted and they petition aaking for a mandamus from the Mnrt ordering the treWHfertO offer it (of sale. The tat «ate has bot been closed, duly adjourned, and on the first day of Febrttarj will again be open. Mr. Atbertten is feeling perfectly easy over the cheap notoriety out etute offloiat ia trying to get out of the matter. want, of not re- this evening AUdubon. f The dance given last evening at Qer- manla opera house was a pleasant affair. Though the number was not large there •were enough present tb> enjoy them«elves, Mrs. J. Ei Deal and daughter Winnie returned to their home at Des Moincs this afternoon, after a very pleasant visit With Mrs. Deal's brother, Wm. Gilley, and family. Wm. Sexton, chairman of the board of supervisors, was in the city today, having been called here to*act as judtre in tbe 'contested election case from Pleasant Valley. Bupt. McMahon returned this afternoon from Des Moines where he had: been attending the teachers' state convention. He reports the attendance large, and the meeting a very interesting one. 0. L. Bailey writes us from Sac City that his boy George is very low with cerebro meningetis; he says that he and bis wife are hopeful of his recovery. Bis wife and daughter are sick but •lowly recovering. .Carroll county's representation at the State Teachers' association was as follows: . Messrs. W. E. Atkinson, W. A. .Doming, J. K. Smith, J. E. Ament, Mrs. J. E. Smith and Miss Blanche Von Stein, of Carroll. Mr. J. H. Beveridge, of <Glidden. Mr. D. E. Bond and Misses Markey and Han, of Coon Rapids. Miss •Robinson, of Manning. Mr. F. E. Len- •ocbcr and Miss Sue Edenburn. of Arca' >d|a, and County Superintendent J. J. Me Uabon. ' DISTBIOT COUBT. Judge Paine opened the adjourned •ession of court Wednesday to clear np the docket for tbe next regular session That he then adjourned the sale; that which will begin Jan. 8. 8am Dilling- °» ** adjourned day he again wilfully bam, tbe man who assaulted Hook Hun- «**«>BBd *° » ff « tot BBle or "" "idiots, were remain BS much of an enigma to the interested parties SB ever. .Things are not as harmonious In that township as the name would imply and this contest was the outgrowth of these local differences. We would have been pleased to have seen Judge Sexton preside, for he gave strong evidence of making an impartial and upright judge. So fair was his holdings that the motion to dismiss the case came from the side bringing the contest. * SALIXQKR'S SCHEME TO ODST OOTJN1Z TBEASUBEB AtiBBBISKI FBOK OFFICE. LITTL1 BIN, BAB THE BIO HXAp AND SUCKS TO BDN THINGS WITH A HIGH HAND. "Little Ben" Salinger, the man who has just been elected reporter for the enpreme court, failed in hie attempt .to run the county treasurer's offloe.and now fllee a petition with the county clerk asking for the removal of said incumbent I Correspondents! to insure the publication of their letters In tbe weekly, must mall them 10 tbej will reach our Office Wednesdar, J .. : -:• . .;< '••;. Mgtd- -.":• TEMPtBTON 1TBMB. A happy New Year to ye editors and readers. Kov. B. A.Schulto is having a three foot well bored. >. Mr. and Mrs. Mueller, of Dedham, were visiting in our city recently. J. H. Haferland, of Carroll township, was a Tcmpleton visitor recently. ' Jacob Beozner and neighbors, near;Mt. Carmel, bought corn In our city last week. Miss Lizzie Uaferlund and F. Rein hart Were published last Sunday for the first time. Our Mt. Carmel correspondent must been out late o 1 nights last week. Come again, 1C. Afr. and Mrs. H. J. F. Mueller, of Newton! township, paid us a pleasant visit Christmas day. O. Corwln and Miss I. Muller took din • ner Christmas day with Mr. Cor win's sister In Pleasant Valley. Do not turn around In your seats during church exeroises;lt does not look well and especially so for women. : The stockholders of our creamery are well pleased .with their butter maker and are doing a good business. The two weeks old child of Mr. and Afrs. C. Steffes died Tuesday and was laid to rest Thursday In the Sacred Heart ceme- sufferings nre Intense at times, so as to require great care oh the part of the attendants. Harvey Hay was blasting rock forJ. Gilley last week. Dynamite Is just the thing. Jtfrs, Maggie Wolf, of Ft. Aforgan, Col., IS here visiting her sister, Mrs, E. Shtrkey, ahd Will remain some time. E, Ossmati and wife, of Newton township, Were calling last week with H. C. Hnybuck. Yellow Mmoke, ouo of "Uncle 'Sam's" wards, was In our vicinity last |week with odor dogs and trioklnp, a regular mendicant outfit. fPe expect to attend a log rolling soon and it we get mashed we hope tho smell Wont effect the other "Corrs" and wish you all a happy Now. Tear. Dec, 27. SANTA. NORTH OF OABBOI.II. August Wldrln' from Mt. Carmel was doing business in our locality Wednesday. John and Pat Coats from Coon Rapids arc spending the holidays at home. R.Odondnhl is drilling an inch hole In search of water, • Triihe brothers finished a well for Jos. IFIedermeyer at a depth of 185 feet which HaS 120 feet of water in it. Mr. Woodward from Carroll is puttiug up a mill and complete water supplies this week. .'"' The sale of F. G. Waitoi'sdorf proved to A i< u»n«m» Mr* Job** -Wfif s*y%f "o% Bepl Sft, 1887, at the Walnut Street theater, Philadelphia, as the little Duke of tork, in Shakespeare's fclay of 'Richard lit,' and With Juntas Brutus Boothj the great 'elder Booth,' father of the late Edwin Booth, as the crook back tyrant, 1 began my stage career, and as I have been continuously before tho footlights ever since I have hod a longer stage career than any of my contemporaries. Though so runny years have passed, I remember my first performance as well as though it wore last night. The performance Of the elder Booth as Richard made a most powerful impression upon toe. His dramatic force and magnetism were like a giant whirlwind, sweeping all before it. I havo never seen any one .else in that part who seemed to Completely reali/o it. It seemod as though it had been written for him." Origin of Football. According to Stewnrt Culin, the tor of the Mnsuem of Archteology of the University of Pennsylvania, football originated with those beginners of everything, the Chinese. Mr. Cnlin has a curious and ancient drawing showing a personage in tho drcos of n prime minister playing football with a knge, or noble, and two of their chamberlains. ^ The time is somewhere in the tenth or eleventh centtiry, bnt long before fhgn. the game wus cultivated as nu exercise suitable for the 1 training of soldiers. A Bid Diuti, We have been negotiating for a eon* trolling interest in tba Northwestern railroad, so we Joan have better facilities fof getting the immense quantities of groceries required dnily by our latge, increasing trnue. In the' meantime we ll supply nil who may favor us with their patronage, with first class goods, largely purchased of Lett?, Fletcher Co., the leading wholesale grocers of the weet,and at prices that defy competition. Don't be surprised at our prices, All goods guaranteed first quality. Secure some of our bargains, A happy New Year to all. E. N. MBBOHANT. as follows: In the district court of Carroll county. T. J.'Oraney, Bcotieer, ve.UboAlber.t- Ben, accused. PETITION. Your accuser states that the accused Alberteen is county treasurer of Carroll oonntv, IOWB; that on tbe first Monday of December 1894, he refused to offer for sale, lots 9, 8 and 10 in block six, Manning, Iowa, or .to sell tbe same after he bad advertised the same for tax sale, though tbe full tax leyiA on the same with interest, costs and penalties was then delinquent and offered by T, J. Oraney through bis ageuti B. I. Salinger. ter last fall at Manning by stabbing him quite severely,was arraigned in court and plead guilty. Judge Paine passed nen- L fence for two years at the state peniten- I tiary at Anaraoea. U Court yesterday was bearing tbe evidence «£. in the divorce case of Carlisle vs. Carlisle of Manning. Mrs. Carlisle hue brought action to secure a divorce on tbe grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Her husband baa been introducing evidence to abow that Mrs. Carlisle's character ia not entirely above reproach and some of the evidence has been of a rather spicy .character, though owing to, the fact that bnt few kuow of the progress of tbe trial ,tbe attendance baa been small. Tbe case was closed late in the evening bnt Judge Paine reserved bis deoi- fioo until be should have bad time to .thoroughly consider all the evidence, Today waa occupied in routine work and in disposing of a couple of equity oaaea. Tomorrow tbe full bar will meat at tbe oonrt room to oloee np tbe work of the eeaelon which will practically end Judge Paiue's duties in tbe offloe be filled so Creditably during the past four years and wbiob by all right of proosdent be ahould We been honored with by a leoond term' bnt aucb la fate of politics, though tbe full tax with interest, coats, and penalties then delinquent was again offered by said Oraney through Salinger. That be did all this in order that said tax might be collected out of personal property belonging to accuser upon which as well us upon said lots, said tax was a lien and which personally the accused bad seized on November 24, 1894; that he tailed to advertise said personality for Bale even at the time of the adjournment eale and yet refused to deliver the same to the accuser. Wherefore accused is guilty of willful neglect of duty, oppression, groee partiality, and willful : maladministration in office, and accused prays that he may He removed from office, suspended pending this suit and cost. B; I. BA&KNGJKB, Attorney. This petition was followed by an tery. We had a delightful Christmas day and received some beautiful presents, so we were happy and wish we would have another Christmas soon. Dec. 28. ' CLAUS. MT. OAItlTBIi. Turkey shooting Is still on. • Quite » number of farmers were busy plowing last week. Uather late In the year for this work. Dan IFolfe, of Halbur, passed through tbe township on his way to Auburn. The turkey shoot In Sheridan township was a success. The best shot got four turkeys. George Relnhart returned home from Champaign,111., last week. He says they bad a good crop there last year and that he was well pleased with-that locality. . John Fluk, of Woodbury county, Is here on a visit with relatives and friends J Mr. Ileiman has his saw mill ready for use. Those having Wood to saw should give him a call. JoeThobeis a lucky man for jack rabbits. Wo learn he has shot two recently • Frank TFolfo, one of the teachers In Washington township, has been a visitor at the M otint during the past wee*. I will wish all the correspondents to THE SENTINEL and tbe dear readers a Happy New Tear. Dec. 27. CLAUS. WM BBXTOM ACTS AS JCDOB AMD BOW, . Rfon AMP i. », aBAHAii AD ABSO- Tba flrat elaotion oontaat aver bald in tbia oonnty oaue off M the auditor's offloe yesterday aud proved to be a (area. Wn. Sexton, chairmen .of tbe board of supervisor*, presided ae j°4j« of tbe wart with bis two aaaooiat* Tboa, flicb and '• B, affidavit stating that T. J. Oraney was a.yotprin ((bis elale, and that be bad bjaartMbe above read, etc. Tbu uoonser, Mr. Oraney, ia not a reel- dent cf Carroll county bnt of Andubon, and to-be is not lue owner of tbe real estato or the peraonul property either, we fail to see wherein he baa a grievance, unites it ia that by tba treasurer refuBiug to allow tbe real estate to be sold, be WM unable to protect tbe personal property belonging to Mr, .Mackentutf, Tbe faot* regarding tbe case are aa wa (awn about as follows: Oaf Maokan- turf rented a building belonginf, to Freelove and need U for saloon purposes, TbMte was taiad up against tba pereonal and nal'aaiat* prouxty IM4.75 under MAFLB BIVBB. „ A happy New year. John O'Brien held tba lucky number that drew the gold watch. Thos., M adlgan spent Saturday and Sunday lu Sioux city. Joseph Collison shipped two oar loads of cattle to Chicago last week. ° Willie and Mabel Getty and Tommy O'Donnell are attending tho Carr>«-« normal, |.Mrs.O'Donnell had the wind mill on heir farm moved to another well hut Frl. day. Miss Mamlp Eanna, of (Fall Lake, spent Sunday with'AlUs Nettle Ryan. Tbe bench waa an honorable apueariog oua afcd wpuld have fathomad tba mya> >a»y of t|t» oootepted«ilaQlloo in Plaawnt Tailey to it« d»p»U», had ii not bawu (or tjbe faot that a qulatoi wa» plaoad upon a ff HM^P* w wf^WW^iW|™(|"^WP' m HN» f rowMl |Ua» tvautyiiwa daya of Witty lha board of »uP»r»Uort aod |h« of tbe provisions pf the mnlot law. Tba tax being unpaid, tba traaanwr adm. tlatd tba property tor eale, Prior to tbe date of tba tax aale, tbe oonnty treasurer caused a levy to be mad* upon to* personal property belonging to Maokanturf, tba ealo«» man, who bad beao, a«t to jail in a naif |ibor|oj county tima previous. Tba property upon waa euttoient to pay ill the ta< AM tbe oouoty, bat to further pro- toot tba oouoty an iudwuifyiua; boud uad beau given by the partial owning Mid real eitaU, UndK tbeee Modi. TbJ|« ail flnnUita rf V,TW***** Ihe U* fof the wnrt to do )d, Thara woUvelu bringing • Tureoiw*, f9l U rewivad fwly.ttw, Ihiw by b^p pppo- uoot tb«couB»y iffMpntr ntmA |o offer i»id propwtf for Ml*, M ba bad pr»Ti- ousjy |»»te4 upo« a inflloiaut waoontto |>ayaDoaMaui)t«X«« •g»i»it,th» a«ld real Batata, Salinger now sjaki to him removed from, (jffloa QU the t|ia^ M did wot off*r for aa|« Iba ml estate aa advertiaed ttud alio that in try. iog.lo ooJleat thtt (as off of tba par«onia property be ibowvd partyUy, •to. II U tltoja bait fatfoimd W»»» U only running a. gaj6t» of Hr. Biggins, of Fonda, who has been visiting here the past week.retUrned home lai>l Monday. The young folks enjoy themselves on tholoo those bright evenings. The school at the Itlver is prospering nicely under the supervision of J . Glazu. Several of our farmers attended the far mars' institute at Carroll last Thursday awl Friday. ' • Mrs. James England IB visiting her par- eats at Watertown, New York. The people of Maple River had their Christmas tiee at Mr. Oatrander's and Santa Clauj remembered all present, D«w, 86. BMOWflmo. PMiBAMV OIMi, A green Christmas then a white Easter, John QollwIrUer h»s been getting post timber from Mr. Simon ou Uie Barton farm. •John Williams and wife are expected back from Missouri some time this week. E, Uuibaugh has been cutting off twig* dowu on the river lately. Koad boss Obaa. Corblu ha» been at work on tiie Oarrolltou aud Dedtuuuroad lately, ' li. Chcoobus is toodlug hU stock on the Sterner farm »nd himself with Juo, Qoll- wlrtter, ' ' \ :. K. JoUmioii and wlfe,of Guthrleoouoty, relatives lit Uftrrolltoj) }ajt be a'successful one, as cattle, hogs and machinery brought a fair, price. Mr. W. will move to Benton county, la., the first part of the spring. • A, J. .Wiedomeyer was at Hllladale on business Thursday. Rich Kankle has rented theMoran farm. : My best thanks for the congratulations j brother Claud. We thought and hoped that we would get a whole lot of Democratic presents, but Santa CHus simply left us a Ropub.ll- can peanut. I wish you all a happy New Year. Dec. 20. JKBBT. K4BT IiIBBBTZ AND BUCK BUN. Merry Christmas to all. ITm. Rungaand family are visiting In Illinois. : Rev. A. M. Elliott and.famlly ^returned from Jefferson last week. Mi. and Mrs. Ilelmkamp welcomed a new baby last week. Mrs. Thomas Smock Is visiting her daughter,Mrs. Griever.ln Des Molnes. -V... lilbble Cbauibers, of Carroll, Is spending-her vacation with her uncle,. Young Moore. Christian Best was plaintiff In a suit tried at 01 iddeu last Saturday i Albert and Jennie Bell are home from the normal college to spend vacation.' Several from here attended the farmers' institute at Carroll last week. ..There was a beautiful tree and abundance of presents at East Liberty oh arch XuittS eve. Wilkle Jacobs Is spending tho winter at home, and Is Improving his time blasting stoue. . ' Samuel Coder has had a well drilled 118 feet deep, llobbs & Hammond doing the Work. 3fr. Gustohew, who went to lluois to see a sister who was dangerously ill, writes tyat she, Is better. There was a turkey radio at Herman Best's last Thursday,aud at F«ed Lasher's and Mr. Ifoodyard's yesterday. L. A. Jennings participated In the teach- ers'iineetmg lu Carroll tlio 22d. lie r'e • ports lively discussions and an luiertst- In time. John TPholeiiberg, who teaches lu the Hobbs disti-lot.has a two weeks' vacation* Most of the schools are having brief vacations now. ! John Bell bad trouble with one of Ills drilled wells. John Hlnkley deepened, it fifteen feet.and put In new casings and 11 is all right now. Several gentlemen from Carroll spent* day hunting in tbe vicinity of Hobbs 1 bridge with good success aa far aa rabbits are concerned. Tlioretsauob a demand for evergreen tri'ua suitable for use on Christmas we vliould think that it would be profitable to cultivate some rapidly growing ^ tort to supply the future demand. 090.86. JlMt About the eighth oenttiry it was introduced into Japan, where it became very popular. From these two countries it spread over the eiitire world. A BLESSING. This warm weather may be bard on the merchants, it may be that a great deal of heavy goods will not be sold, bnt it is a blessing to the many poor, who nre riot alone on saving a good deal in coal, but who oan bay clothing never before heard'Of in the history of tbe clothing trade. We are happy to ennounca that M. Simon, our popular clothier, baa come to a conclusion rather thin carry anything over, be will from today until Jan. 1, sell all his goods regardleist of cost. See bis ad. ' NOTICB. All parties indebted to us please call and settle before January 1, 1896. BAILRY ft HOLLAND. CCHACHTNER & EGAN -»N~CASH GROCERY STORE In the front rank with a large line Groceries and Queensware and can sell you groceries cheaper than anybody else in town. * * * * * * * WILL BUY li bushels ... Potatoes 13 Ibs Christmas Candies 10 " Assorted Nuts 20 " Muscatel Raisins 20 " Granulated Sugar 8 cans Best Cherries .E; ? Plums eaches ,... Raspberries .Tomatoes 8 " 9 " 10 " 12 " 12 " Gilman Corn 9 bottles Heintz's best Catsup All Queensware, Glassware, etc., go in Proportion. TO BUY FLOUR *THE TWO WINNERS * Jetsef Lilpnd Hatd h Beat The B«at Floor Made. For Bale by Bohaohtner & Egan, who will meet all competition in quality aud price*. JERSEY LI1Y Best Flour Made ...... 90c. to $1.00 IANCY PATEHT JEHNISONBROS.aCO. tUNESWLLI. MOSUL JEKEVilLV THE KANSAS BEST FLOUR For Sale by 8CHACHTN12R & KG AN. OOLIDAY •*• ^ AT THE bluff (o wjW ™PWW Bids will be received until noon Jan. 15, at the auditor's offloe for tbe furnish lug of matfrW for and tbe building of «ll county bridge* that may be ordered built by the board of enp«mieori» during tbe owning Tear. W. P. HOJHUOH, . . County Auditor. Owroll Marlcet Report COUN-M 11O0SM&.00 to S3 60 1IUTTJ5K--16 PALACE DRUG BT< Commencing Thursday, Dec. 6, and will be continued until January 1st. ALBUMS—Au. elegant assortment, from 60o. to 18.00. TOILET CASES—A fine Btook. from 75o. to til.00. iS Cuff and Collar Boxes, Tourist Sets, Shaving Caaen Silver Novelties, Ladies' Purses, Work Boxes, Books, Bibles, Juvenile and Story Books, Fancy Novelty POT- fumes, Tea Sets, Steam Engines, Shell Boxes, Wood and Iron Toys, We have a large stock. A flue assortment of China ware. Uftiiedlct brothers nre oleaulng and grubbing th'elr laud uoar Ooose lake lately. Wo leirn that the revival meetings ut the|fr|ouds«huroh oloaod Mouday alght with 65 conventions to Us credit. aiemlawes Coykondall aud JJibbla attended ll»e tuAohuts 1 assosintlon'lUt wwk in Carroll. Wm. iiestur is preparing to uoderpla hU dwelllutf house atOarroUton. »W, »Md his Why toJJolyillo ouoo defined tho (IK- foronottUetwowi pl»<* and nerve, fluok. ho said, enabled a iuau to do wbat he waa afraid to do. Now ia simply the look of few- Tho uervy wtau do** rl»ky tbinga booawe ho uevor thiuk* of being afraid, Tho plwoky wau goes ou aud duos the Bdtuo things when ho la Afraid to do tliouv, but forces hliusolf up to it iioverthoUm Whlou ia tho bru.vor mouT If the proposed national oamwoy oouw'lMlou should bo appoiuted, it into bo hoped they will rooouuueud Home way of getting rid o* on' »*w M»to of paper wooey aud putting ia fww A nnii fww «yatew We Uttve a good BBaortment of all kiuds, and have large stock of Dolls, from one pewny to $3 apiece. IN Lf\MFS We have au assovtwdut left tliat we will olo»e at poet, 'coiiBiBthig of Hanging and Banquet Lawipa. If low price* wiU Bell these good*, thta iu the pkoe to buy. G. We ASHTON 4 CO. C. H. WESTBROQK, Manager,

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