Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 6, 1965 · Page 18
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 18

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, August 6, 1965
Page 18
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SIX IRONWOOD DAILY GIOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN FRIDAY, AUGUST 6, 1965. Medicare and Social Security: 4 Here Is How to Apply for Cash Benefits Under Social Security By JOHN TROAN NfiA Special Writer Thrfee types of monthly payments ere available under Social Security: Retirement benefits. Sur v i • vors' benefits. Disability benefits. To draw any of them, you must apply at a Social Security district office. For the nearest Office, inquire at your post office or check under "Social Security Administration" in your phone directory, You must be at least 82 years old to get a retirement benefit. But you can never draw your full retirement benefit unless you wait until you are at least 65 to start collecting it When you apply for your re- tifemnnt benefit you should take along: Your Social Security card, or some record on which your Social Security number appears. Your Income-tax "withholding statement" (Form W-2) for the previous year. (Or if you are self-employed, a copy of your last federal income-tax return). Some proof of your age. The best proof of age is a birth certificate, or a baptismal certificate issued shortly after birth. If you don't have either, you may ut-p some other document to establish your age. Such as a certified hospital birth record; a signed, statement from the .nidwife or doctor who attended Vour birth; a marriage record jshowing your age when married; I a chiH'" birth certificate which | happen? to show your age: a family Bible: a military discharge paper: an immigration oi - naturalization record; a passport: a vaccination record: an! old insurance policy: a certified i !union vecord: an employment! record showing your age: a record from a foreign church or' government; or a license, per-! mil or voting record showi n e your age. Generally, the older the docu-: ment the better. And if youj don't have any other satisfac- j tory evidence of age. you may I ask the U. P Census Bureau toi checks its records for you. Tliej fee; S4. | If yor qualify for retirement i benefits, your wife also may be I eligible—provided she is at, least i 62. In such case, she must prove ; her age and her relations to you i (a marriage certificate will do). She also should produce her own .Social Security card. if she has one. so the government! can figure out whether she i qualifies for a higher benefit on| the basie of her own work rec-1 ord or yours. Even if she's under 62. your' wife may draw a retirem e n t! benefit provided you have in your care 'a child who is under 18 or if incapable of self-support due to a disability incurred! before age 18. In such event, the \ child also would be eligible for monthly benefits. So proof of the child's age tor disability') would be required. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Here's a check list of important documents you should have on hand for Social Security purposes: D Husband's Social Security card (or a record showing his Social Security number). D Wife's Social Security card (or a record showing her number). D Proof of husband's age. D Proof of wife's age. D Your marriage certificate. D Copy of your latest income-tav "withholding statement" (Form W-2). Or, if you are self-employed, copy of your last income-tax return. D Birth certificate of each child for whom a benefit is sought. D Certified copy of adoption order (if child is adopted). D Death certificate of worker who dies. D Receipted funeral bill if somebody other than widow or widower claims lump-sum death benefit. D Divorce papers (where applicable). Also, if you should become so disabled that you can't work, it is a good idea to keep a list of doctors who have treated you as well as hospitals, clinics and other institution! where you have been treated. 1 pastor, with Techny Fath e r s, , Masses. 7:30 and 9:30. MASS St. Paul's Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. A. A. Lepisto. pastor, i English Holy Communion, 10. I PAYNESVILLE I Apostolic Lutheran. Worship j services, 10:30 and 2, with the' Rev. Usko Pelaisto in charge. 'lur Savior's Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. John Linna, pas tor. Morning worship, 8; Sunday School. 9:30. PRESQUE ISLE Bethel Lutheran (Missionri). The Rev. Clifford Brege, pastor. Worship service, 11. ROCKLAND St. Paul's Methodist. The Rev. George A. Luc 1 a n i, pas t o r. Morning worship. 10:30. St. Mary's Roman Catholic. The Rev. Norbert LaCosse. pastor. Sunday Masses, 7:30 and 10:30: weekday Masses, 7:30;! Holy Day Masses, 7:30 a.m. and! 7:30 p.m.: confessions Saturday,! 7 to 8 p.m. : SAXON Lutheran i Missouri i. The Rev. R. W. Heikkinen. pastor. Worship service, 1:30. j Saxon-Gurney Community. The i Rev. Nathan L. Daynard, mln-! ister. Summer schedule: Worship service, 10:30. SIUNAU' Methodist. The Rev. James! Hilliard, pastor. Sunday School, i 10:30; worship service, 6. TOPAZ St. Paul's Lutheran (Mis-; souri). The Rev. David Musall, j pastor. Sunday School. 10:45; j worship service. 12 noon. TROUT CREEK Assembly of God. The Rev. Roger Dissmore, pastor. Sunday School, 10: morning worship, 11; i evening evangelistic service, j 7:30. ' ! Presbyterian. The Rev. Arthur DeVries, minister. Sund a y | School, 9: worship service, 10. | Trinity Lutheran (LCA). The! Rev. John Linna, pastor. Wor-; ship service, 9:30; Sunday! School, 10:45. | WAINOLA j Lutheran (LCA) The Rev. A. | A. Lepisto, pastor. English worship, 11:30. WINCHESTER St. William's Catholic M i s- sion. The Rev. W. A. Torkild- son pastor. Masses 9:45 and 11. Confessions before Mass. WINONA Lutheran fLCA). The Rev. A. A. Lepisto, pastor. English worship, 8:30 a.m. MSU Officials, Democratic Party Leaders Deny Charges By AL SANDNER Associated Press Writer EAST LANSING (API — Mich- j igan State University officials! and state democratic leaders; are categorically denying re-' ports that the Democratic Party I is trying to take over state col-i leges and universities — starting with MSU. MSU President John Hannah, generally regarded as a Republican; Zolton Ferency, who heads the Democratic State Central Committee, and Warren Huff, Democratic chairman of the MSU Board of Trustees, denied reports of a "power struggle," The State News, MSU student newspaper, made the charges in a front page story in its Thursday edition. Frank Merriman of Decker-, ville, a Republican member of! the board of trustees, charged, ; "There is more pressure on! president Hannah by Democrat-; ic members through their chair- 1 man on administration policies: than at any other time since I< first became a member in I960." Gov. George Romney decided to stay out of the altercation. : OOP State Chairman Elly Pe- ' terson said she was "shocked", by the story. The newspaper story was, based on a meeting of faculty ] members called last June byj Ferency. The meeting dealt withi the hiring of former Democratic ] public relations man John Mur-1 ray by the department of journalism, and the "clearing of im-1 portant board of trustee agenda 1 items with top Democratic lead-! ers in Michigan." the story said.i * * * The newspaper also said there j was pressure on administrative i officials to get Ferency named! to the political science faculty. Hannah, often mentioned as a possible GOP senatorial candi-j date in 1966, denied any partisan political pressures. "It has been my long-held conviction that universities should not be brought under the influence of partisan politics, and this conviction has not been violated now," Hannah said. "The board has been dominated by one party or the other in the past. It was never run on a partisan political basis. And | although six f of the eight) board j members are Democrats, it Is not being so run now," he said. Interference by board members, Merriman said, often rep- resents more a practice of meddling in administrative affairs than it does partisan politics. Merriman said that Huff earlier suggested closed board meetings without administartors present "because we would be able to talk more freely." Merriman said he attended several of the meetings. Huff denied that any were held. "The only closed meeting without Hannah present was the one in January in which the chairman was elected — and that's standard procedure," Huff said. "There have been no executive sessions." * * * Merriman said a meeting was held July 21 the night before a monthly board meeting but that he was not Invited. "There was no meeting," Huff insisted. "President Hannah and two board members came to my room for coffee and social talk." There was no pressure to hire Murray, assistant to former Democratic Gov. G. Mennenl Williams, former public relations director for state Demo-, crats and the State Highway. Department, said Frank Sen-' ger. chairman of the Journalism department. "When he finished his work on his master's degree. I suggested that he think of going into teaching. When a position opened, I offered him the job, but we couldn't match his salary requirements," he said. ; "Then, I was told by dean; Fred seibert (of the communication arts department) that he was no longer going to teach journalism law and government, and that I had to find someone qualified to teach it, so I went| back to Murray," Senger said. This time Murray took the post. Hannah and provost Howard Neville denied that any of the money for Murray's salary had been taken from a special contingency fund administered by the provost's office. Murray's salary reportedly was set at $13,500 a year— highest-paid assistant professor in the department. Senger declined to comment on Murray's salary. He said "there often is a range of several thousands of dollars in one rank in the same department — depending on the person's ability, experience and other qualifications." Proxmire Urges Lakes' Ice Study WASHINGTON (API — The House Public Works Committee has been urged by Sen. William Proxmire, D-Wis., to approve a study of how to keep the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway ice - free during the winter. He said a Senate - passed bill, of which he Is the author could lead to year-'round shipping on the Great Lakes ports, thereby reducing unemployment and cutting transportation costs. in a letter to the committee, Proxmire said: "In this age of science and progress, when the United States sends satellites into space and launches probes to distant planets, it is unthinkable that a thin sheet of ice should continue to stand in the way of year- 'round shipping of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway." Under the Proxmire bill, the de-icing study would cost about $75,000 and take two years to complete. The Doctor Says Astronaut to Be Honored HOUGHTON (AP)—Astronaut Donald K. Slayton Is scheduled —in absentia—to receive an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from Michigan Tech on August 25. Slayton. who was scheduled to deliver the commencement address to the summer class of 1965. was forced to change his plans when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration moved up the date for the orbital flights of astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad. While the graduating class hears the address prepared by Slayton and later confers the degree, the astronaut will be at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Tex. as assistant director of flight crew operations. Alma College Appoints Information Director ALMA (AP) — Gordon G. Beld, 38, former staff member of the Grand Rapids Herald and the Grand Rapids Press, has been appointed Director of Information Services at Alma College. By W. O. BBANDSTADT, M.D. Q — A recent magazine article said that suntan lotions cause skin cancer. Is this true? A — You may be misquoting the article. Excessive exposure of the skin to the sun is a factor in some skin cancers. The Food and Drug Administration does not permit the sale of any cosmetics that could even remotely favor cancer o f the skin or any other organ. Q — What is global hysteri- ca? What treatment is recommended? A — Globus hystericus is a feeling that there is a lump In the throat that is severe enough to make swallowing difficult. Thre is no lump or tumor but a severe spasm of the muscles in the throat instead. It is caused by an emotional upset. The most effective treatment would be to use a tranquilizer for a few days and find a calmer way of life. Q — Last winter N o v r a cl cleared up a cough that had not responded to numerous antibiotics. Will continuous u s o cause any side effects? A — Levopropox yphenc (Novracl) in the prescribed dosage will not cause side effects in most persons. In a few, however, it may cause a skin rash, nausea, nervous tension, drowsiness or dizziness. These usu- To Get Pay Raises CHICAGO iAP) — Mayor Richard J. Daley says Chicago's 14,000 policemen and firemen will get pay raises next year. He says the money likely will come from a substantial 1960 property tax boost. ally disappear if the dosage is reduced. Q — I am a 67-y e a r - o I d housewife. My doctor says 1 have a cavernous lymphanglo- ma. He says I can live with It if it doesn't get any worse. What do you think? A — A lymphangioma Is * vessel tumor. It is not malignant. Such tumors usually consist of a group of cysts and so might be called cavernous. If the tumor does not cause any pain or discomfort due to pressure on vital organs no treatment is necessary. If it Is troublesome it can be r e moved. Q — What is crythroblastlc leukemia? Is there any treatment for it? A — This is a rare form of leukemia in which large numbers of immature red blood cells are found in the blood. It is highly malignant. Although several drugs have been found to have a delaying action on leukemia there is as yet no cure. Q — I'm in my early fifties. My doctor says I have anemia. Could this cause numbness i n my arms and legs and tongue or is this due to something else? A — N u m b n c s s with or without tingling in the tongue and extremities is a common sympton of pernicious anemia. , Please send your questions and comments to Wayne (I. Brandstaclt, M.D., in care o f this paper. While Dr. Brand- stndt cannot answer individual letters he will answer let t e r s of genera] interest in future columns. BEEF LIVER HILLS BROS. COFFEE Tender Sliced Regular or Drip ib. can POOD STORES Where a wife draws a retirement benefit on her own, her husband also may qualify —provided- he Is at least 62 and can prove he depends on her for at least half of his financial support. You may apply for retirement benefits three months be f o r e reaching retirement age (to avoid delay of payments) or any time' thereafter. But retirement checks can't be dated back more than 12 months. In case of death, the widow may draw survivors'benefitspro- vided she is at least 60—or has In her care at least one child who is under 18 or was dsiabled before age 18. To claim survivors' benefits, a widow must submit her h u s band's death certificate, his Social Security number, her marriage certificate, and proof of her age. Also, birth certificates of any children eligible to draw such payments. Incidentally, an unmarr i e d child aged 18 through 21 who is still in school may now duality for retirement or survivors' benefits but the mother doesn't. Again, evidence of the child's age is needed—as well as proof the child is a full-time student in a college or other bona fide 7;00-Mr. Mayor d:00-Alvin Show 8:30-Tuxedo 9:00-Qulck Draw 9;30-Mlty Mouse I0:00-Linus the Lionheartcd I0:30-The Jctsons ll.-00-Skj' King I1:3l)-Flicka 12:00-Bandstnnd l:00-Washlni!tcm school (Including vocat 1 o n a 1 school). Surviviors' benefits also may be drawn by the parent or widower of a deceased worker provided the individual is at least 62 and depended on the worker for at least 50 per cent of financial support. In event of death, a lump-sum benefit also is payable. This goes to the widow or widower —who must present a death certificate to claim It. If no spouse survives, the lump-sum death benefit may be claimed by the person who paid the burial expenses. In such instance, a receipted funeral bill as well as a death certificate is required. To draw disability benefits, the worker must establish total disability which is expected to , :ou . rarm „ ri last at least 12 months or to re-| icuu-cap. K groo death If you're unable to See MORE FOOTBALL This Fall on CABLE TV 5 Big Undistorted Channels ... No Antenna Problems! KDAL Channel 3 SATURDAY, AUGUST vs. Phillies 4:UU-"No Sad Song For Me" S'30-Shindig fl::iO-Fanfare 7:30-Gilligan'i Island 8:00-Secret Agent B:00-Gunsmoke I0:00-News, SporU I0:1o-King Family ll:15-"Odds Against Tomorrow" SUNDAY. AUGUST 8 9:00-Unto My Feet 4:30-Amateur Hr. 9:30-Look Up. Live 10:00-Camera 3 10:Hn-Lock Up II :00-Disc'Overv Uii'O-Facc The Nation 12:Oa-Holidn.v in Michigan 12:30-Sea Hunt l:OU-Colts Intrr- Sqiuid Game 4:OU-Zoor«ma 5::iO-World War 1 3tOO-Lassle 5:30-Martian 7:00-Ed Sullivan 8:OU-The Fugitive B:00-Candil Camera 9:UO-My Line? 10:00-News. Sport* 10M5-Viewpoint .1 I0:30-Untouchable» Jl :30-"Secret of Convict Lake" MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 7:4S-Ftve Minutes l:liO-House Partjr 7:50-Farm & Hoine2:uO-Tcll Truth 2:25-CBS News COMPLETE, DEPENDABLE INSURANCE SERVICE MUNARI AGENCY Seaman Bl'dg. Ironwood Ph. 932-2121 WDSM Channel 6 SATURDAY. AUGUST 7 at a Social Security ol- fice, the agency will send someone to take your application personally. If you qualify, disability benefits would be payable also to your wife If she is at least 62 or is caring for a child under 18 or one disabled before 18. Benefits would be pabyable also to such children plus any child under 22 who Is still in school. 10:00-Andy 10:30-Real Grit Why :liO-Trail master McCoys* :00-Trailmaster Church Services IRONWOOD Little Girl's Point, Immanuei Lutheran (Missouri). The Rev. R. W. Heikkinen, pastor. Communion service, 10:45. St. John's Lutheran (LCA), Airport Road, North Irohwood. The Rev. Oliver A. Hallb erg, pastor. English family worship at St. Paul Lutheran, 9:45. $eventh-day Adventist Ay e r arid Clirry. Pastor L. A. Bierlien. Sabbath School Saturday, 9:30; worship service, 10:50; children's story hour, 3:30, at new school on East Cin- nebar Street, Bessemer. BEfttiLAND Calvary Baptist. The Rev. Doueta? McNeil, pastor. Sunday Sctoool 10; morning wors h I p, II j. evening service, 7:30. Methodist. The Rev. James flJIUard. pastor. -Worship serv- • tee, 9:30; Sunday School, 10:30. St. Aun Roman Catholic. The Rev. Pernaski, pastor. Mass, 9:30; confessions before Trinity Lutheran (Missouri). Tht Rev. David Musall, pastor. NO Sunday School until September; tfoiinip service, n. HRUCE CROSSING tuioy Lutheran, The Rev. Jdergrejd, pastor, worship service, 9; Sunday School, 10. EWEN First Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. John Linna, pastor. Sunday School, 9:45; worship service, 11, Methodist. The Rev. James dilliard, pastor. Sunday School, 9:30; morning worship. 11. St. Mark's Episcopal. The Rev. Charles Swinehart Jr., pas- prayer and ser- ll:00-Love of Lit* 4:30-Thcre The 11:25-CBS Newi Action Is 11:30 Search 6:00-News 11:45-Guiding Light 6:10-Sports, Wthr. I2:00-Town/Coumry 6:1S-CBS New* 12:30-Worlrt Turns lO:00-News.Sport» IrOO-Passwora IO-10-Wpnther MONDAY, AUGUST fl S:00-W. Woodp her Playhouse tor. Morning mon, 11. GREENLAND S:SO-CBS New* B:00-Report 6:30-Tcll the 7:00-Got a Secret 7:30-Sumincr TUESDAY, S:OU-HucK Hound 5:30-CBS New» 6:30-Patty Duke 7:00-Joc.v Bishop 7:30-Talent Scouts a:00-Gl.vnis B:lid-Dan Thomas 9:00-CBS Reports truth 10: In-Naked City ll:15-"Prlde and The Passion" AUGUST 1(1 Btjo-Penieoat Junction 9:00-BurUc's Law 10:15-Ro.irinR 20'f ll:15-"The Gun Runners" WEDNESDAY. AUGUST II 5:00-Bcavcr 8:UU-Dick Van Dyke 8:30-Our Private World 9:00-Luci-Desl !UM5-Thrlller ll:15-"Lonel.v Hearts" THURSDAY, A-UGU8T 11 5:00-Yog> Bear Game 5:30-Cronklte New»9:00-The Defender* S:30-CBS New. 6:00-Report 6:30-Mister Ekl 7:00-My Livinff Doll 0:30-Munsters (!:3U-Hawhlde 7:30-Cara Willium* 8:00-Private Worlds IRON 7:00-Perry Mason 8:00-Password 0:^0-Celebi-it.v Methodist The Rev. Geo r g e ifi:oo-Beav J c"" MI ' A. Luclanl, pastor. Morning worship, 11:15. St. Peter & Paul Roman Cath- Uc The Rev. Norbert LaCosse, pastor. Sunday Mass, 9; Holy Day tviasses, 6:30 p.m.; confessions Saturday, 4 to 5 p.m. KENTON Methodist. The Rev. Jam e s Hilliard, pastor. Worship service, 7'30 p.m. MARENISCO Community Presbyterian. The Rev. Winifred Lomas. minister. worship servrice, 11, with Maurice Bennett, Ironwood, officiating. Messiah Lutheran (Missouri). The Rev. Toivo Miettlnen, pastor. Worship service, 10. St. Catherine's Roman Catholic rhe Rev. Samuel Bottom, Villa St. Thomas, associa t e &. I0:00-News. SporU 10:15-"Talented Husband" ll:15-"The Marrying Kind" AUGUST I a H:30-Playhous« H:OU-Bewitched 9:30-Broadsidr I0:00-News. Sporta I0:15-Stoncy Uurke ll:15-"Cavalry Command" FIREMAN Custom Mark II THE OIL FIRING THAT MAKES ANY OTHER HEATING WASTEFUL Most Complete and Best Equipped SHEET METAL WORKS Custom Work — Comnwciil Industrial — Residential KAUFMAN SHEETMETAL W. 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W'th'T 10:20-"Taras Bulba" MONDAY T11RU MUD AT 7:00-Today 8:25-Looal News •8!30-Today 8:00-Truth or Consequences • :3(MVhafi This Song »:55-NBC New* I0:00-Concentra- tlon I0:30-Jeopardjr I2:30-Make a Deal l:00-Moment of Truth l:30-The Doctor* 2:00-Another World 2:30-You Don't Say* ):00-Match Game 3:30-Gen. Hospital 4:00-Donna Reed ll:00-Call my blu£f5:30-News, W'th'r U:30-I'll Bet SvWS"* n.^s Nnr M.O.. lOsOO-Newt, Wthr U.S5-NBC New. lOiSO-Dafly Dble 12:00-Rehus Game 11:00-Tonleht MONDAV, 4:30-Bozo S:00-Casper 6:30-Karen 7:00-Man From UNCLE TUESDAY, 4:30-Bpzo 5:00-Beany, Cecil 5:30-Roeky Teller 5:40-Weather. Spts. StfiO-News 6:00-Huntk.T- Brlnkley AUGUST D 8:00-Andy Williams 9:00-Ben Casey 10:00-Ncws, W'th'r I0:20-Tonight AUGUST 10 5:3o-Coinbat 7:UO-T\vins vs. New York I0;00-New», Wthr I0:20-Tonlght WEUNBSIIAV, AUGUST II 4:30-Bozo 9:00-Combat 6:00-Twin« vs. 10:00-News. Wtb'r New York I0:20-Tonight THURSDAY, AUGUST 4" i;30-Bozo and His U:3l).FUm Pals 7:Oij.Twins vs. 8:00-Porky Pig New York B:3S- Hockey Teller 9:00-Suspense Thtr 5:30-N«w« !0:20-Toniglit J'RIDAY, AUGUST ]» 4:30-Bozo 8:00-Beauty 5: °°'Ho^e, y Spectacular 6:30-Twln» v§. 10;00-Ncws, W'th'r Cleveland 10;20-Tonlght CKPR Channel 4 SATURDAY, AUGUST 7 l:00-World of. 7:00-Announeed Sports 9:15-Hillbillie* 3:15-Filra 9:45-Man & Car *:00-Forest RangerslOiOO-CBC News 4:30-Kids Bidb 10:10-Lakehead 5:00-Bugs Bunny News 5:30-Spectrum 2 10:20-HHehcoelc fi-00-Great War 11 :25-"Wind Across 6:30-AJl Star Thtr Everglades" SUNDAY, 12:45-Livlng Word llOO-Cnnndian Swimming 2:00-Canoeing 3:00-Tlme For Aclvcntuie :»:B7-CBC New» 4:00-Calcndar 4::iO-30/20 5:00-Gilly Graham AUGUST * 6:00-Cine Club 6:30-Patty Duke r:00-Ed Sullivan H:00-Bonanza 9:00-Compass 9:30-Camera H'est 1():00-CBC News 10:15-New9 • Sports I0:30-Take A Chance .l:00-Untouchables WHY GAMBLE? 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Date 7 : l:30-"Doubl» 8: Confession" I 3:00-Vacatlon Time 4:00-Survival 11 4:30-Tak« Thirty 00-Pioncfn 30-Spectrum J 30-Favourit» Martian 00-Great War 30-TaJent Srout.i 30-Gideon's Way 00-Educatinnal Programs :30-"Man of the Moment" WEDNESDAY, AUGUST II 12:00-News. 5: Weater I2:15-Three Stoogesj. 12:30-Luncheon Dale 5: l:30-"Powder 6: River" 7: 3:00-Vacation Tlme7: 3:30-Sunshfne 8 Semester 9: *!00-Survlval 4:30-Two In The 11 Bush 00-Nation's Business 15-Cartoons 30-Spcrtrum 2 30-Bewitched 00-Swing Ding 30-Perry (Vlason 30-Mystery Thtr OO-Educatio-'al Programs :00-"Jim Thorpe" Specially Decorated WHILE YOU WAIT for BIRTHDAYS Anniversaries HOLIDAYS FRESH made CAKES CARKON'C PASTRY VARL3UN ) KITCHEN Carlson's Super Market Ironwood Community System McLeod Ave., Ironwood Dial 932-1831 WLUC Channel 5 EASTERN STANDARD TIM« SATURDAY. AUGUST 7 8:00-Alvln 8:30-Tuxodo 9:00-McGr«w 9:30-Mlty Mouse 10:00-Llnus 10::iO-The Jfifont 11:00-Sky King H:30-Fricnd Flicka WLUK Channel 2 THURSDAY, AUGUST IS 12:00-New8. Stoosea Weather 5:30-Speltrum 1 12:13-Turee Stooges8:30-All Star 12:30-Luncheon Theatre Date 7:00-Gomer Pyle l:30-"Satcllltc In 7:30-Portrait the Sky" 8:00-Detendcn 8:00-Vacatlon Tlme9:00-Educationai 4:00-Survlval Program 4:30-20/20 UlOO-Pursuers 5:00-The Three ll:30-"Jauquellne" FRIDAY, AUGUST 13 6: 12:00-Newi. Weather K . lS:I5-Three Stooges 12:30-Lunchenn ' Date l:30-"Lord of the 7: Jungle" 7: 3:00-Vacation TimeS: 3:30-Sunshlne Semester 4:00-Survival 11 4:30-Go To Greece 00-Three Stooges 30-Spictrura 2 30-Double Vnur Money 00-Greal War 30-The Fugitive 30-Telescope 00-Educatlonnl Programs :00-"Dangcrous Youth" Franchisee! Dealer for Gogebic, Ontonagon Counties J. W. HUSS DIAL 932,4110 Seaman Bldg., Ironwood WhiU Pine. Phone 915-2041 Afiociitfs Ralph Butler, Ph. 932-3602 Jim Hun, Ph. 932-2028 SATURDAY 7:00-Davcy & Golialh 7:15-Kartoona 8:00-Supcrcar 8::iO-Robln Mood 9:00-Sgt. Preston 9:nO-Maglc Ranch 10:00-Caspei- J0:30-Pork Pig UlOO-Bugs Bunny l):30-Hopplty 12:00-BandRtand l:00-Baseball SUNDAY, . AUUL'ST 7 4:00-Wide World 5:ao-Room for one More 6:00-EnsiBn O'loole 6:yu-Klng Family 7:30-Lawrcncc Wellt 8:30-Holl.vwonrf Palace 9:30-Peylon Place 10:UO-Report IO:35-"Grccn Grass of Wyoming" 12:15-Bob Young AIJOUST 8 , 12:00-Lucy I 12:30-CBS News l:00-Washlngton/ SUNDAY, «:OU.FInland I0:00-Canicra 3 I0:30-Thls the Lile il:00-Chrlstophers 11 MS-Lighi Time ll::iO-Facc Nation 12:00-Wire Service j l:00-Colts Inter- Squad Game 3:uO-Phlludelphla Golf Classic 5:00-20th Century Philadelphia 3:30-"The Mob" 3:00-Blg Plctur* «:00-Call Mr. D fi::m-AI Hirt 7:00-Lawrenct Wclk 7:30-Lawr. Welk B:30-Pcter Gunn 9:00-Gunsmoke I0:00-Secret Agent ll:00-News, SuorU 11.30-Showcaie AUGUST K J:30-Jonny Quett ' : 5?-S hrlstophcr » Answers 7:45-Town Hall 3:00-Checkmatf B:15-Gospcl Hour :i:00-Thriller 8:45-This thp Lifc4:00-Frlsco Bent ' 9:15-Davey &• Goliath ?A a S; Sllvcr W1 "S 10:00-Beany «: Cccl1 ln::iO-Bullwinkle M : 22"?. iscovi?l ' y 11 :JO-Biograph.v 4:.')0-Scopc ri:00-FDn 5:30-Acldain$ Family SiOO-Valentinc's Day B:30-Wagon Train 7-:il)-Broarlslde t 10 ™ r,', Jucy Lon S ft B:00-"T(irns Bulba" l2:00-Dlscovci-y 10:30-Report I2:30-Farm Report 11:00-"Heaven Can J .'00-Profile U'wit" *-"" USD-Issues, l:00-Bob Young MONDAI THRU FRIDAV 7:00-Kartoons 2:30-Young 9:pO-.Iaek LaLanne Marrieda ?n 3 2^ P A ayllousc J:00-Trallma»ter 10!30-Prlce Right «:00-Alberfs U:00-Donna Reed Showcase U ISO-Father Knows5:00-Report 12:00-Rebus Game 5:10-l,nral Sports 12:30-Hobln Hood 5M5-ABC NPW» l:00-Whcre the 5'30-Bachclor Action Is Father 1'30-A Time For UsB:00-RIfleman lrS5-News 7:00-Carloons 2:OU-Hospltal M):i)0-New« Sports MONDAY. AUGUST » 6:30-Voyage to thc8:30-Farrner> Bottom ol the Daughter , ..„ ?, ca 9:00-Ben Casey '.-30-No Time I0:00-Report o „„ £, or Sfits - 10;25-"Boncl 8:00-Wendy * Me Street" TUESDAY, AUGUST 10 7:30-McHale'i NavylbiOO-Rewort 6 °' ! SS"S bd . Tyo ° 00 10:23-"My Brother :JO-Peyton Place Jonathan" WEDNESDAY, AUGUST II «:30-Th« NeJsont 8:30-Who Is Tom- 7:00-Patty Duka pering with 7:30-phi"'»- America? I0:00-Report 8:30-Burlte'« daw 10:25-"Loves Of Edgar AJlen Poe THURSDAY, AUGUST Vi 8:30-Jonny Queit 8:30-Peyton Place 7:00-Dpnna Reed BsOO-Jlmmy Denu 7;30-My 3 spni lOiOO-Repdrt 8;00-Bewltahed l(!:30-Nlglilllf« FRIDAY, AUGUST IS 6:30-FHntstone« Day 7:00-"Doc HoIiday"8:30-"Bls Jack" 7:30-Addams 10:15-Report Family 10;40-"Molly and 8 :00i Valentine •« Me" «:30-Martlan 7:00-Ed Sullivan >:00-Bonanza ):00-Candld Camera >:30-"What's My Line 10:00-CBS Newi 10:13-ThrUler ll:lo-Report ll:30-Supcrlor Showcas* MONDA* THRU FRIDAY l:00-Cop Kangaroo l:00-Paisword 3:00-Ncw« l:30-Housepart.» 9:30-Lucv . 2:00-Tell the Truth : ^CBS News ll:.JO-Search F'or -Cartooni x< Newi ti .uu-aearcn for -.nnnnc. ». ll:4.VGutdrng Llght i:30 ' CBS Newi 2:00-Rebus Game JiOO-Local Newa I2:30-World Turni tT:00-Newg, SporU MONDAY, AUGUST 9 9:30-Tell the Truth- Family 7:00-Got a Secret !:30-FarmeV» 7:.iu-p|ayhousc Daughter 8:00-Glynis 'onus V»:00-Ben Caiey oinn"^ ^ Sons ''-'OO-News SporU 9:00-Addai» l i: ll:30-Showeasa TUESDAY. AUGUST 10 i:3U-Combat 10i30-ailligan • 7:JO-Talent Scouts Island" 9'00-Fuffitlvft 'HiOO-Newa, SporU 10:00-Hazel II :30-S(iowcaie WEDNESDAY. AUGUST U !:30-Walt Disney 8:6o-Lucy-Deei 7:3U-Hillblllies 10 tOO-Twil Ite /lon» 8:00-Dick Van Dykell:00-Newa, SporU 8:30-Hcnncsey Il:30-Showoaae THURSDAY, A.UGUST IS ^ilS"i^- U _ n _!. ter . s ._^ »:30-McHaie'» Navy i 3 n :30-Bo\vlli!hcd U:00-New» , SporU :00-Pafty Duke lIrao-Sho\Mase KIUDAY, AUGUS/ IS 30-Rawhlde 8:00-"SlaUui'j"i :ao-Bob Hop. :30-Playhouse , SporU 1 :30-Sh6wcase TV DIAL 932-3210 Git more for your money —get professional service ' on radiosi hi-fi, etc. Don Noren'i.,. TV SERVICE ClNTER ntOMWOOD

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