Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on June 12, 1946 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1946
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 1946. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA. PAGE SEVEN. uctt&u (ft For the Herald's Homcmakers by Iowa State College Home Economists For Your Daily Diet— MORE MILK By Iowa State College Garden Specialist. NEWS LETTER Thrrc's more than one way to get your daily quota of milk. Drink it, cat It for the main course, or mix it up for dessert. Just as it's a healthful glassful, It's a healthful plateful combined with other foods. Iowa, one of the richest dairy pro) ducinK states in the union, has a fortune of f»od value sealed under the | caps of its milk bottles. Milk, it has been said, comes the | closest in being the most nearly perfect food. And today, perhaps it ( should be classified as moro important | than ever in nrovtdinK the protein and i oilier tood nutrients that have slackened m the American diet because (if ;r.i:i! shortages. It's had a lead for years as a bever- .a;c--fi.iin the infant to the elderly sriiiip. Iowa State College nutrition- its say that well-fed children are get- I tins from three to four cups of n\itk i WM. C. BAKKUM I CHIROPRACTOR In Postvlllc Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays IJOSEPH B. STEELE] ATTORN EY-AT-LAW Office Over Abcrncthy's Store j Telephone No. 240 j DR. H. D. COLE Dentist Office Over Citizens State Bank Dr. F. W. KIESAU, M.D. Dr. M. F. KIESAU, M. D. Office Over Louis Schuttc's Hours—Daily 9 to 12 and 1 to S Wed. and Sat.—7 to 8:30 p. m. Dr. C. M. Morgan VETERINARIAN Office Opposite Post Office Telephone No. 146-J daily. Elderly people, according to their studies, should be getting at least a pint of milk a day. I'sc Milk for Cooking. Of course, not all this recommended amount need be taken as a liquid. It can be part of the cooked food, for milk is versatile. U combines with almost imy other food—cereals, meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits. Though, sometimes, it's a bit stubborn about how it wants to be handled during that combining process. For instance when meat or vegetables are cooked in milk, the milk j tends to coagulate—to thicken. Nui tritionists say to prevent, this, add a ! small amount of soda to the mixture. ! The vegetables which foam the most ' when they're cooked in water usually are the ones most likely to curdle the • milk. These include asparagus, string • beans, peas and carrots. ! Meats cooked in milk are most unattractive when the milk curdles. The j college nutritionists say this can be ; prevented by adding just a portion of the milk to the meat when cooking is tlrst started. The rest of the cold milk should be added gradually after the conking is under way. Again soda added to the milk will decrease the possibility of curdling. On the other hand, adding acid foods such as prepared mustard or apples, will increase the chances of curdling. Acid Enrouragcs Curdling. This is a lesson to keep in mind when making tomato soup. Since tomatoes are acid, there's a decided chance of curdling. There is much less chance of curdling if the hot tomato mixture is added to the cold milk. An egg and milk combination in pudding sometimes causes a bit of trouble, but the nutritionists point out that it's generally the fault of the egg there. They suggest pouring the hot milk mixture very slowly over the beaten egg yolks with plenty of stirring. Curdling of the egg is less likely to occur. June is a critical month in the battle against weeds. Every weed is n "saboteur" stealing soil nutrients, moisture and living space from the vegetables. Many weeds serve as supply bases for pests which attack vegetables. Since weeds grow much faster during warm weather, it's necessary to cultivate about once n week for a while to prevent weeds from getting a head start. By the time the vegetables are large enough to shade the ground, the weeds aren't likely to be such a problem. It is important not to cultivate more than an inch deep. Vegetable roots will be injured If cultivation is deeper. While plants are wet is a poor time to work in the garden. Doing so may spread disease. Rust disease in beans is one example. It is good economy to remove and burn plants appearing diseased. Tomato plants showing stringy, fernlike leaves near the top are virused and should be removed. Blackleg, a bacterial disease, has been showing up in potato plants. The first evidence of the disease may be seen when "the upper leaves of one or more shoots on a plant start to roll up. The deep green color of such plants will gradually fade to a yellowish color. The plant gradually dies. The base of the plant will be rotted and inky black. Nothing can be done with plants diseased by this organism. The only known control is to plant seed produced in disease-free fields. (Weekly news release of the Iowa Press Association. Material contained herein does not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper.) With the primary election over the "pause that refreshes" in politics is at hand. There will be a period of comparative inactivity during the summer months with the fall campaign scheduled to get underway in earnest about Labor day. Meanwhile, both party organizations will take over running of the campaigns and will have headquarters established and functioning when the oratory starts. However, neither Gov. Robert D. Blue or Frank Miles will be idle in the meantime. Both have appearances scheduled through the summer but the intensive campaign will wait until September and October. The general election is scheduled for November 5. approximately 11 percent of the traffic which used Iowa's highways in April of this year was traveling at or above 60 miles per hour and about 16 percent was traveling at less than 40 miles per hour. The checks were made at 20 different points on the highways and indicate that traffic was moving at about the same speed as in 1941. That is one reason for the accidents, since the cars now on the highways are not in as good condition as in 1941. Neither are the highways. DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. The Democratic central committee has set the state convention for July 16 in Des Moines this year. At this writing the Republican convention had not been set. Unless the official canvass of the election returns changes the vote materially, there will be no contests at the conventions and nothing else much to do except renew acquaintances, listen to the keynoters, adopt party platforms and return home to start the campaigns locally. The state judiciary conventions will follow the state conventions for the purpose of nominating candidates for the state supreme court. Although DDT Is going to make fly control easier on the farm, it can't do the job alone. It needs help from fly traps, screens, proper treatment of manure and the other long-used control methods. r W* A WAY TO PREVENT ROT, SPOILAGE AND SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION IN HAY, GRAIN, FODDER AND GROUND TEED ^ The latest method for controlling potato insect pests in home gardens is to dust with 3-percent DDT in talc. Production of potatoes is likely to be increased by dusting every 10 to 14 clays until the tubers are matured. It is important to get the poison underneath the potato leaves where the leaf hoppers work. To do this, use a duster or sprayer with a curved nozzle. » • • * • Keep dusting cucumbers and other vine crops to discourage the attacks of cucumber beetles. Dust must be kept on the plants continuously until the first fruits have set. The home gardener can make up a dust mixture composed of one part calcium arsenate or lead arsenate and 15 parts dusting gypsum. The gypsum usually can be obtained at lumber yards. A dust containing one percent rotenone may be used instead. Painted woodwork will show fewer finger marks if it is given a protective wax finish. Bookshelves, mantel, window sills, painted areas around the sink where water splashes—all will stay cleaner when they are waxed. AIR MAIL TO FARMERS. LOUIS SGHUTTE WILLARD SCHUTTE Funeral Directors and Embalmers Cut Flowers For All Occasions BURLING & PALAS ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Office Over Postville State Bank AUCTIONEERING Having recently graduated from the Rcisch American School of Auctioneering, I am prepared to handle all types of sales, as household, real estate and farm auctions. Will be glad to consider your needs for an auctioneer and invite your inquiries. ELDON DULL AUCTIONEER I'iiouc 212 -F-lfil Monona, Iowa Robert L. Sheets, rural mail carrier at Ollie, Keokuk county, is planning on covering his 58-mile route by airplane. About 44 miles of his route is dirt road and part of the season is the stickiest kind of mud. He plans to buy a light plane and fitting it up for a flying postoffice. Mail will be picked up and delivered, Sheets plans, with the aid of a wire strung between two poles and a hook affair managed from the plane. Sheets has not secured approval from the postoffice department but is confident there will be no objection so long as the 225 families get their mail regularly. ONE SURPRISE. While Democrats merely certified their candidates' nominations to make it official. Republicans fought five contests in the primary election and everything went as expected with a single exception. The exception was the overwhelming victory of former Secretary of State Earl G. Miller, Des Moines, over the present secretary, Wayne M. Ropes, Onawa. The unofficial vote showed that Miller carried at least 94 of the 99 counties and piled up a margin of approximately 40,000 votes to win over the incumbent. Miller, who was secretary of state for two terms while George A. Wilson was governor, spent only $45 for his campaign he told reporters after his victory was assured. He said that money was spent to have some cards printed but that he didn't use them because of a misprint. He made no campaign because of two heart attacks which laid him low at the beginning of the drive for nomination. It was a stormy two years when Miller occupied the office. The legislature considered him a misfit and in the reorganization of state sub-divisions, took away everything from his office save the real estate division and one or two minor jobs. Miller tried for the gubernatorial nomination in 1942 but got a sound trouncing from Senator B. B. Hieken- looper who went on to win in the fall. Incumbents took all the other Republican nominations handily with Governor Blue winning all 99 counties from George Olmsted for the gubernatorial nod. Treasurer John M. Grimes and Atty. Gen. John M. Rankin got some surprising opposition from John Hamilton Cruickshank and L. W. Laughlin but managed to win in good fashion. Commerce Commissioners B. M. Richardson and David B. Long had little trouble downing the bids of Warren MacHenry and Lloyd R. Smith. None of the other Republicans had opposition for state office nominations. EFFICIENCY. The foresight of the legislature in passing, a few years ago, a bill making it mandatory for the count of ballots to be completed even if it requires all night following the closing of the polls is proving itself in recent elections. As a result of this Iowa citizens are getting returns from the elections much more rapidly than heretofore. Before this law was passed elections dragged out three and four days, even as they do to this day in a good number of states. Now, Iowans can go to bed at a reasonable hour pretty certain how the election came out. The law has made it much easier for news services to gather the results. Security Compound hoi been rested 'or over !0 yeori—it's Approved br both procticot farmers and ogricuM turat experts. You need no longer worry about your feed being too damp — Security Compound wilt give you a tremendous leeway in judging completeness of curing. No speclol equipment is needed ond you can do your processing by your old methods. It's obsolutely harmless to stock or poultry LES 30* ^ON Postville Feed Mill JUNE 30 A BIG DATE FOR ARMY MEN! IF YOU have been discharged from the Army—if you held a grade and wisli to retain it—if you have dependents — then act now. . . . June 30, 1946, is the last day on which you can enlist in the Regular Army and still take advantage of two important benefits . . . retention of your old grade and family allowances. ENLIST NOW AT YOUR NEAREST U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION Court House Building Phone 1065 DECORAH, IOWA Family allowances for your dependents will be continued throughout your enlistment only if you enter the Regular Army before July 1, 1946. If you have been discharged from the Army and wish to rc- cnlist at your old grade, you must enlist within 90 days after your discharge. And before July 1,1946. Think it over. Act now. A GOOD JOB FOR YOU U. S. Army CHOOSE THIS FINE PROFESSION NOW/ ll!= J. W. MYERS, M.D. Office Over Luhman A Sanders Telephones: Office 188-W Residence 118-X Dr. R, F. Schneider VETERINARIAN Phone No. 170 Postville, Iowa Day and Night Call* Answered Office In The Iris Theatre Building Monona and Postville Rendering Service We Pay Up To— $2.50 For Horses and Cows Permit 48 For Prompt Service Telephone POSTVILLE LOCKER SERVICE Telephone No. 288 Monona Farmers Phone No. 201 AUCTION SALE ! Due to poor health, I will sell at my farm, 2 miles southwest of McGregor, formerly the Charlie Moody farm, on MONDAY, JUNE 17 Starting at 1:00 o'clock P. M. 12 HEAD of LIVESTOCK 2 Well-Matched Horses 10 HEAD FINE CATTLE 6 tons Hay; Oats and Corn Full Line Farm Machinery Some Household Goods ELMER WELLER, Proprietor A HORSE RACE. One of the best contests in the entire state was found in Linn county where three candidates for two state representative nominations on the Republican ticket fought it out until the final precinct came in. In the end, the unofficial total showed that Rep. George E. Farmer, a member of the legislative interim committee, had lost his seat after serving in two regular and one extra session. The final unofficial tally gave Rep. Farmer 3,352 votes to 3,390 for Ernest Kosey and 3,393 for Charles J. Knickerbocker. According to an opinion written by Ben Gibson when he was attorney general June 26, 1922, 35 percent of the vote is not necessary to nominate where there are two offices at stake. In such instances the procedure is to divide the total vote. Then a candidate must have 35 percent.of one- half of the total vote in order to win nomination. However, that applies only whore there are two nominations at stake. Allamakee Rendering Works Call 555 Postville ALL DEAD ANIMALS LARGE OR SMALL We Pay Cash and Meet All Competition WE WILL PAY FOR THE CALLI NOTICE | New Improved Service ( Postville to Waterloo via INDEPENDENCE | Now 2 Buses Daily | Lv. 5:32 a.m. Arrive Waterloo 10:50 a.m. | Lv. 2:45 p.m. Arrive Waterloo 5:35 p.m. | RETURN TRIP j Lv. Waterloo 7:30 a.m. Arrive Postville 10:01 a.m. | Lv. Waterloo 10:00 p.m. Arrive Postville 1:25 a.m. | BUS DEPOT | THE PALM imtiiivi i»»t mi t »i n»tin«iiiii 11 i»»»}inti t ttn t»»isn mtt^iitiit^vi 11 i»i»i UMM u i ititu »i tiiiiiitiiitu i unu» »i unit 11 »n m i m» unit i iit^iuiiiviiiiiitiiiiiiimS it Whether you are • mild, ma* * ^ dium or severs case. •. whether * you use • hearing aid or not * ... important discoveries make * * possible the greatest help ever * offered to the hard of hearing. ^ ACOUSTICON CO. Write or call (or free booklet or consultation and demonstration, JOHN I. LARSON McGregor, Iowa , AIRPLANE. This is not the first campaign in which the airplane has been used to transport candidates between distant points in order to make scheduled appearances but probably there hasn't been a campaign in Iowa when it was used any more frequently. Both Governor Blue and Olmsted used planes at different times during the campaign. It would not be surprising to see the use of plane travel for campaign purposes increase in the fall and the day may not be far off when the plane is used almost ex clusively, * TRAFFIC SAFETY. Iowa, the state which was first In the low number of traffic deaths and injuries in 1945, slipped to ninth place among the 48 states for the first four months of 1946. This is not good and it is expected | that as soon as the highway patrol increases Its manpower to full strength after its summer training period scheduled for August, you can look for a concerted drive against excessive speeds on the highways. A recent report of* the highway commission shows that through some I ^ speed checks it was determined that HIGHER PRICES! FOR DEAD ANIMALS Small Animals are just as acceptable to us as larger ones! We are paying higher prices for dead animals! By Higher Prices we do not mean MERELY meeting competition. Due to present conditions of roads Tankage is available at Art Ricker's Service Station. The supply is limited. You may either call us collect at our plant, telephone No. 1000, or if more convenient, see or call the service station of ART RJCKER in Postville, No. 287. Postville Rendering FLOYD BLY, Proprietor I > ii i iiii tn. \ u I, ii u i / 11 m * '»'' A I i 111 i, lit. ' . • ii|M" 1 (.K()s> < HI. t <>. 1»1 i i >K \ II 1 1 •\\ V

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