Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 23, 1966 · Page 14
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 14

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1966
Page 14
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14 THE R.EGISTER-NEWS — MT. VHRNON, ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1966 DEGREE CHECK — Lunar Orbiter epacecraft ^ •O U P panels get test for extreme temperature changes In •lamsHelMika chamber at RCA lab In Princeton, N.J. ii November 30 Last Day In HIA Blue Cross Drive "November 30 wDl be the last day on which eligible Jefferson County residents will be able to join Blue Cross-Blue Shield through our HIA gi-oup," according to Mona Clark, president of the Jefferson County Health Improvement Association, which sponsors this en- rollrnent. To be eligible to join Blue Cross and Blue Shield through the HtA, a person must be under 60, live in the county, and be self-employed or worlt lor a firm with less than 10 people.. Wife or husband, under 60, and all unmarried children onder 19 may be enrolled on aie family plan and all receive the same protection. Those who join during this enrollment will be eligible for Blue Cross-Blue Shield benefits beginning January 1, 1967. If the person under 60 has a wife or husband over 65. he or she will be given the opportunity to have the special HIA Series 65 Group Plan for people over 65. This program supplements but does not duplicate Medicare. When present HIA Group Blue Cross-Blue Shield members become 65, they wil be transferred to the special plan which supplements Medicare and still pay dues through their HIA group. Present members of Blue Cross who joined through HIA may add the Blue Shield Plan during this enrollment. For information about joining Blue Cross-Blue Shield during this enrollment, contact the Jefferson County HIA secretary, Ray Humphrey, 620 North Street, Mt. Vernon. The phone number is 244-0523 in Mt. Vernon. WEEKEND SPECIAL Friday and Saturday, November 25 and 26 WE HAVE MILK AVAILABLE IN PLASTIC CARTONS HALF & HALF .... Pint 2%SLEND0 Grade A Homogenized 33^ GRADE A LARGE EGGS W K ICECREAM Gal. $'|19 DAIRY STORE? 1702 fio. 10th Mt. Vernon, llllnoit 110 N. 3rd HOURS: 12:00 to 6:00 P.M. Legal Notice NOTICE Public notice is hereby given that a hearing will be held before the members of the Zoning Board of Appeals of the City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, -duly designated as a commission or committee for that purpose by the corporate auOiorities of the said City, upon the following proposition: A proposed amendment of Ordinance .No. 66-17 entitled "An ordinance amending Article 21 of Ordinance No. 66-12 the revised code of ordinances of the City of Mt. Vernon, and regulating and restricting the location of trades, indu.strios, and buildings, and the height and bulk of buildings, and the intensity of use of lot areas, and the area of yards and other open spaces; and further establishing boundaries of districts for all of said purposes within the City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois and all territory contiguous to and within one and one-half miles beyond the corporate limits of the City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, and furtlier prescribing penalties for the violation ol its provisions," so as to change the classification of use of the real estate hereinafter described from an "R-1" One Family Dwelling District classification or such other classification as such real estate or any portion thereof may have, to a "B-3" Highway Business District classification and to permit the uses and structures thereon as provided for a "B-3" Highway Business District in said ordinance, said real estate being described as follows, to-wit: Lot Eighteen (18) in Sam Casey's Subdivision of Part of the W/2 SW/4 of Section 5 and part of the N/2 NW/4 of Section 8. all in T3S, R3E of the 3rd P. M., EXCEPT the North 234.3 feet thereof, situated in Jefferson County, Illinois. (Being otherwise described as located on the West side of State Highway No. 37 South of Mt. Vernon, Ulinois, and just South of McDonald Sales and Service,) and that said hearing will be held on Monday, the 12th day of December, 1966, at the hour of 7:00 o'clock p.m., in the Mt. Vernon, City Hall Building, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, at which time and place all persons interested may appear and be heard in the manner provided by law. Dated at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, this 23rd day of November, 1966. 2:0NING BOARD OF APPEALS OF THE CITY OF MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS. By Jack J. Setzekom, Chairman. COMPLETE SALES COURSE AT SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY—Instructor Harold Engelking, center, discusses a point with salesmen In an Advanced Sales Training Course at Southern Illinois University. At left is Chiirles McCraxy, whose territory includes Pana, Taylor\'lIIe and Springfield; and at right, Dnrrel DidoUet, Mt, Vernon afid Salem. The course was the first specialized sales training offered by Southern's Division of Technical and Adult Education. BOYD Mrs. Flossie Wittenbrink visited Monday afternoon with Mr. ] showed their interesting slides of Russia. Several from here attended Church at Little Grove Chrisand Mrs. George Carrel! and I "'-L" Church Wednesday evening Mrs. Esthel Garren. all who have been sick for some time but are improving slowly. Dale Mooney of Kankakee has been visiting relatives here last week. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Ferguson and son, were supper guests at the Claude Tinsley home Sunday evening. Bob Draege and son, Tony made a business trip to Indiana recently. The HomebuUdcrs Class Social of Boyd Christian CHiurch was well attended Saturday night. The Thanksgiving Rally will be held at Boyd Christian Church .Vov. 23rd-2-lth and 23th. Beginning at 7:30 p.m. nightly. Mr. and Mrs. Leuty Chambliss of Bluford visited their daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. David Tinsley Wednesday evening. .. , Mrs. Charles Tinsley, Cor. WOMEN ARE BETTER NEW YORK {m — A recent Keep America Beautiful survey indicated that women are con sidered to be the best fighters -Mr. and Mrs. Forest Stewartagainst litter. PRODUCTION RISES NEW YORK ^m — Production fo glass bottles and jars is expected to rise above the 30- billion mark in 1963 for the first time. The Glass Container Manufacturers Institute notes this is 'equivalent to 152 jai-s and bottles for every man, woman and child in the country. FOR SALE 1966 98 Oldsmobile 4 door hardtop fully equipped. Can Be Seen At 421 Broadway Oswold Not Alone? Says Shots Were Fired At JFK From Fence By TOM JOHNSON DALLAS, Tex, (AP) "There dednitely was a shot fired from behind that fence," maintains S.M. Holland in regard to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy three years ago. Holland, signal supei-visor for the Dallas Union Terminal Railroad, was standing on the ti-iple underpass when the presidential motorcade came under fire about a half-block away and heading toward the underpass. He said in an interview Mon- shots were fired at the motorcade from behind a wooden fence adjacent to the underpass and some 150 feet from where he was standing. "Four or five of us saw it, the smoke," Holland said. "One of my employes even saw the muzzle flash." Holland's testimony on the matter is in Vol. 6 of the Warren Commission hearings. "The way the Warren Commission published my testimony, it was kind of watered down some. It made It seem that I wasn't really sure whether I'd heard a shot from tlie fence. "But I own too many guns myself, and I've done too much hunting. I know a rifle shot when I hear one," he said. Asked why he thought the commission would delete or alter any of his testimony, Holland replied: "Well, obviously, what I had to say pretty seriously conflicted with their official version." The Warren report concluded that three shots were fired at the motorcade, all by Lee Harvey Oswald from the Texas School Book Depository. That building is at the other end of the block from the overpass and the wooden fence. Bullets fired from the depository would have struck the motorcade from behind. Shots fired from the fence would have come from the front. Shots from both places would have put the motorcade in a crossfire, and meant the more than one assassin was involved. Holland said he saw two mud marks on the bumper of a station wagon that had been backed up to the fence, when he ran to the vehicle immediately after the shooting. "It had rained that morning. If a man wanted to shoot over the fence, he probably would have had to stand on that bumper." "A man could have gotten Into the trunk of a car parked! nearby and hidden himself. Or he might have just got lost In the confusion. I couldn 't tell you," he said. WORTH 50 EXTRA PLUS YOUR REGULAR TOP VALUE STAMPS This coupon is worth 50 Top Value Stamps with a purchase of $3.00 or more AT • •«• Don's Clark Super 100 Stction Offer Good Nov. 23 Thru Nov. 29 1515 WEST BROADWAY MT. VERNON, ILL TOP VALUE STAMPS I Name Address NOTICE Public notice is hereby given that on November 22, A.D. 1966, a certificate was filed in the Office of the County Clerk of Jefferson Counly, Illinois, concerning the business known as Hoit & Higgins Income Tax & Bookkeeping Service, located at 116 N. 10th St., Mt. Vernon, El., which certificate Gets forth names and address of all persons owning, conducting or transacting such business. Dated this 22nd day of November, A. D. 1966. (SEAL) LESTER F. DAVIS, I. F. County Clerk. 12-7 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is given of the death of Mary Ruffino and that Letters of Administration were issued November 25, 1966 to George Gracious, General Delivery, Marissa, Illinois, as Administrator, and that Monday, January 2, 1967, is the claim date for the estate. Dated November 25, 1966. JERRY B. GOTT Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois. Attorneys for Estate: HOWARD & HOWARD Howard Building Mt. Vernon, Illinois. 11-30 "YOU MEET THE NICEST PEOPLE ON A HONDA!" ISN'T THAT WHERE YOU BELONG? See all 1967 models in stock, including the elegontly styled 160 Scrambler with 4-stroke engine at HONDA OF MT. VERNON SALES & SERVICE Parts — Accessories — Financing — Insurance (Medical Available) 821 Harrison St. Mt. Vernon, III. Hours: 9:00 A.M. Til 5:00 P.M. Phone 242-6080 WARDS RED CARPET iWoNTGOm E RY WARD WARDS E 3 LIFETIME QUALITY GUARANTEE A SNOW TIRE TO FIT YOUR BUDGET! Riverside SNO-TREAD BLACKWALL ANY SIZE, ONE PRICE! • Retreaded with fough, coTd rubber • "Go-power" even on packed snow • Dependable tubeless performance • 24-nrionth road hazard guarantee TUBELESS RETREAD PWc0 hntvdts Moral £xciM Tax Riverside SNO-GRiP • Powerful, deep-biting lugs for sure go • Self-cleaning tread digs in for sure traction • 24-nionth road hazard guarantee rASSINOII TIM 4.WAT OUAIANTII I, UFETIME QUAUnr GUARANne M DM qualiry of inaLriol and wofkmamhlp 1m Itx CI. of Ih. Ofiglnol Inoil. AilKitliMnta profol.d on Iroad bowd on OWTMI wk pric 7. ROAD HAZARD GUARANTH (unpl npalrobia punctur«l for p.riod ipttllW on all Urn .xcepl lOT, Adjuilmtnll pro- rat.d on monthi mad baud on currMtf lol. prko. Pr.nluffl LOT gworonU.d ogalnit road iMiordl (or lif« of orisinol Irtod, Adlval. nmti prorolad on Irood WMr ond onrM* nia prin. 3. TREAD WEAR GUARAHTK for p«M ipKilM. Ad|inlm«nl> boMd on ommt •ndiaiia. prk.' of tani* lin and typo taw a ipacl/lc dollar allowonco. (Troad l ollowonea not apptlcobk to mM Mrai or lir« viad conrnardaUyJ *C)cchana« pric. ii rogvlor rifa/I prfot pfut Mtn\ ExclM Tai Im trsda-h «l HM ul ntm. 4, SATISMCnON CUARANnEDNATIOH. WICC. R .him tiro to nooTMt Word brondi far odluitmHd. BLACKWALL TUBELESS SIZES LOW PRICE EACH PLUS FED. EXCISE TAX EACH TIRE 6.40/6.50-13 14.45 1.83 7.75/7.50-14 18.95 2.20 8.25/8.00-14 20.95 2.36 8.55/8.50-14 22.95 2.57 7.75/6.70-15 18.95 2.21 Whitewalls $3 More Per Tire, 6.50-13 TUBELESS BLACKWALL Riverside POWER-GRIP • Angle cleafed tread for more pulling power • "Skid-resistors" resist side-skids on ice • 33-month road hazard guarantee Blackwall Tubeltd Sizoi Low PrIc* Each Plui Fed. ExclssTai Each TIra Blackwall Tubeleif Sizes Low Price Each Plui Fed. ExdseTax Each Tire 530/6.00 -13 16.45 Ul 7.75/7.50-14 7J5/6.70-15 22.95 2.20 2.21 5.40/6 .M-J3 18.45 ta 8.25/8.00-14 8.15/7.10.15 24.95 2.36 2.35 700 -13 6.95/6 .50-M 20.95 1 .92 8.55/8.50-14 8.45/7.60-15 26.95 2.57 2.55 5.60 /5 .90/ 6.0G -15 20.45 \M 8.85/9.00-14 8.85/9.15-15 8.00/8.20 -15 28.95 2.84 - 2.97 2.97 'J5 /7.00 -H 21.95 2.II 8.85/9.00-14 8.85/9.15-15 8.00/8.20 -15 28.95 2.84 - 2.97 2.97 'J5 /7.00 -H 21.95 2.II Whitewalls f3 More Per Vre 1.40/6.50 -15 '35-15 21.45 2.05 2.05 Whitewalls f3 More Per Vre 6JI0-13 TUBELESS BLACKWALL Hut 1,83 Mua\ CJCCJM Tax 10th & BVoy WARDS MAIN STORE 242.6540 Hours: 9:00 Til 5:25 Daily Except Friday 9:00 Til 7:55 P.M. Catalog Order Phone 242-6350 Customer Service Phone 242-6554 AUTO SERVICE STORE 315 S. 9th Dial 242-6540 Open 8:30 Til 5:25 — Fridays 8:30 Til 7:55 P.M.

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