The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 28, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1894
Page 6
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DAILY AND WEEKLY. Uy POWEKS ft COLCLO. ^ SUBSCRIPTIONS. «tl)gt«oot)»,<M»t address, per reM ...I* 00 if UftW In atfrntioe * 6° VBk 8BMMNSL l» a straight-out Demootaue .wsDatier working tot the advancement of the terwt» of the came In Northwestern town. ADVERTISING. tuecltculatlonotTH* 8MTimn.esaMai that of AD> paper on the C. 4 N. W. Railway west of «M»h»lltown. Out list* are open to any aa>er- tltet. We have good lists in «<rerr town on all branch roads, lists reaching the best tarraetn •nd business men tn eVery communltr. Rates on «11 classes ot fta»ertJsta& reasonable. 8eh*"ule of rates !<itnl*hod on application to the office. Oonesoondence desired on all topics of general interest. Be brief, write proper names plainly, •nd hare your letter retoh us early ai Wednei- «ar evening. Address, TUB SENTINEL, Carroll. Iowa. itntere at the Carroll, Iowa, postofflce, as se oaa class matter. Published weekly. FRIDAY, DEOEMBBB 28, 1894.. CSee preaedl&g page for late telegraphic nevm.] The Ohicago Times has been making some radical and extensive improvements, both ns to size and to news service. The present management brought to it att infusion of energy and newspaper ability that baa already brought it to the front rank nraoag the daily .newspapers of the country, The news service is comprehensive, taking in the whole world, bat particular attention will be given to western affaire. It will continue to be B liberal Dsraooratiq paper and for an Iowa reader certainly no better journal oould be obtained than the Obioago Times. ink, the sales two years ago to more than B million pounds a month, It is interesting and important'lo know that tbev are to be protected In the business thus built up. Christmas Old and New. Elizabeth Cacly Stanton has drawn R picture of an old fashioned Christinas that \nakos one's mouth water. Perhaps it brings a suspicions moisture around the eyes of old timers too. Certain it Is that only in tho farm districts oau anything like saoh a Christmas bo enjoyed now as tbat pictured by Mrs. Stauton. Among tho retainers of her family was, a gigantic ooolt aud serving man, coal black, named Peter. Peter sang tenor, played the violin and made tho sum of I the children's happiness at Christinas. They had a dance in a great basement kitchen on Christmas eve. There Peter playod for thorn. Then they hung up thoir stockings and went to bed. In the morning before daylight they darted down into the basement kitchen,, barefoot, to see What Santa Clans had brought them. The gifts were simple; they were inexpensive. A modern city child would scorn them. Yet happiness, joy, danced all day in tbo hearts of those rosy, healthy country children. Peter always took thom for a great sleigh ride in a long old lumber Bled. Mrs, Stanton is now 80 years old, yet the recollection of those rides remains as one of the shining spots in her mem ory. Aud now, alas, the timesi "Christ- CATHA.BISE OINO. ADR7 A. HAYWABD. HARRY T. ftATWABD. CLACS A. BWXT. THE GING MURDER CASE. Clans Blixt has confessed-that Harry Hay ward, ot St. Paul, hired MmJo kill Miss Oing. Hayward held a 810,000 Insurance policy on her life and desired to get rid ot her. Adry Hayward knew of his brother's murdero cy uu uer mo uiiu ira», r's murderous plans,. SHIPS PASS IN THE NIGHT amount of goods being received daily and resold,) tonishea some people, but not our customers, who only too glad of the opportunity we ate givmgtliew to Buy Groceries Cheap Christmas Candies **• nno>i».« •j.g |bs for SI .OO BEST MINNESOTA FLOUR, per sack SEAL OF KANSAS FLQUB. quality as ' investigation iu New York bos developed a startling state of corruption iu the police department of that city, but the corruption seems to be wholly non-partisan. While Tammany ball is held to be and without doubt is responsible for this condition of affairs it mast be said to its credit that, while tbe investigation was aimed at Tammany and is prosecuted by enemies ot Tammany, as yet only two Democrats have been directly, implicated io the taking of bribes and they were originally members ot some of tbn anti-Tammany factions. The majority of the guilty officials, to far, hnve . been Republicans, and still Borne purblind organs continue to prate ot the .Republican party as "a party ot high principles and lofty ideas." Lofty ideas ot plunder when the opportunity oooure, ia the stuteouat ot their principles. _ Duke Qaorge Pullman eadearored to create a favorable public sentiment by circularizing the country presa during the late strike with editorials from friendly or subsidized newspapers. Tbe scheme was worked through bis own. bureau apd did not prove n ehiuiog sue? MSB. Now that the strike commission hae made u report on tbe strike adverse to the Pallmaa company tbo duke again thinks be must attempt to cultivate public sentiment through the country newspapers. He has secured a few more favorable editorials from platooratio friends and the efforts of his own bureau pf publicly having fallen so list on tbe previous ooosston, ba this time •wared tbe services of 'i tbe well known advertising agents, Lord & Thomas. Tbase gentlemen are not without experience in "working" tbe rural newspaper man and doubtless thought that oa this occasion it would be an essjr matter^ Bat^they have tbe wrong client^"Du"ke""Georga bus oat- raged pablio sentiment. H« and bis corporation need regulating and it should be tbe business of esoh state legislature, as fast AS it convenes, to proceed with tbe business ot regulating. U A Trade Mark DecisUm.^ a An important and interesting irsiw- maik suit, which has been before tbe courts for some time, bos recently reach eda discussion in the Patted States oinuit court for tbe southern district of * Nsw York. Tbe decision bss » wide appliostioai and contains numerous inferences, with a full presentation of tbe |«ir as applied to trade marks, but space will not permit us to give the decision ia fall. It fall? protects Messrs, Fairbsnk # Co., tbe mauufaolarori of OoMolioe, io • ibe use ot this name as a trade mark, a jpprtiou of the tent belog as follows! J| seems' to be tii» law tbst wbeu manufacturers b«v« educated (he public to ask for a certain arlloU by its trademark, imme, they have acquired tb« right to loan* tbat product* mauufaot- ilred by otb»ra •balk not ba given to the puWlo attder tb»t name. It IB just thnt jt should ba eo, for tb» beueilt derived from snob name oould only be obtained by faithful wrviw in (arulshing articles of reooftuiKM} value. Moreover, it the tc&de mark UHUW might be adopted by otUorw, iuferlor Articles might then •>« pruiluaad aud sold uuder it; ««<i tb*why the value to muiifuoturers of the reputation ot the name used by tbem MB a trade murk would bo destroy M. Farihauk & Oo. have beea wwmfjoiur iog Qottoliue eluoe 1887 and b*w b«i" «p « large and iuowasiog «i«inj/ by lb« judicious IMP «( • / mas and wedding presents nud flowers at funerals have como to bo a tax and nuisance in their extravagance and excess." So they have. Women work themselves into u nervous illness straining to make and, buy Rifts .for their acqnaintanoes. Men with families are taxed so heavily that it takes months to recover from the drain. It is time we reformed Christmas giving. This holy and heavenly day ought to be ruade sacred to children because •it is the Christ child's day. They should be made perfectly happy from morning till night in all reasonable ways that their parents aud friends can devise. Presents should indeed be given to them, but not extravagant dolls and toys unless their parents are very rich. Games, rides and juvenile parties will make them happier than expensive gifts. As to grown people, Christmas will bo more honored by their ceasing to give presents to one another altogether than by their striving to give what they Tho Original Monroe Doctrine. It was announced in 1838. The so called holy alliance between Russia, Austria and Prussia had been formed in 70« fc 1815. This made England fearful that the three nations named would in time dominate the whole world and swallow even that country. Lord Canning, the miuister, counseled with the American minister to St. James, Richard Rush, in regard to the matter. The object of tho holy alliance was to spread the doctrine of the divine right of kings. That was why it was called "holy." Fearful that the three countries might attempt to extend their holy doctrine further than England liked, Canning j advised Rush to recommend that the United States utter a protest against the promulgation of their divine rights anywhere in America, either north or south. So it was England herself that instigated the utterance of President Monroe's famous manifesto. Jefferson expressed himself in favor of snob manifesto, saying that our first maxim should be never to entangle ourselves in tint it to resemble butter he may not do so. Neither may the butter colored oleomargarine be sold in snob a state. Tbe members of a' certain religions congregation have founded what they call a "personal interest society" to help its members and other people along. Great Scott 1 Too much personal interest in other people's affairs is what is the matter with the world now. j An esteemed contemporary mentions it as an evidence of marvelous progress that the small cities are nearly all now borrowing money to put up waterworks and electric light'plauta. Is going into debt an. evidence of progress in oivillza- Rood as anything on the .market, or money 'refunded, 5 eagk lots, @ Muscatel Balsins, TWENTY pounds for $ 1.00 .Colorado or Idaho Potatoes....... 80 Choice Japan Tea, per pound......, 20 Golden Rio Coffee, combination, put up ^specially for our own use per pound .30 Golden State Washing Powder, per pound .05 ' (Equal to aD.vtbitig sold ttlaowLibit) (or lOo.) TWENTY-FIVE ibars Soap 1.00 FULL LINE OF HEINZ'S PRESERVES AND BOTTLED gOODS. Juit aWn Indication ol nut Iro prices on tht«elftB»'of goods we auote Helnz'a Cl (111 catsup, eight bottles for ............ :.'. *I*UV Best Corn, per dozen cans. $ 1-00 Blackberries, per dozen cans..........." l-OO Best Tomatoes, doz. cans — l-yO TWJJJilTY,pounds of Sugar for. 1.00 TEN cans Yellow Peaphes tor LOO Baking Powder, per pound -20 Dog Cart Smokmg*Tobacco, per pound . .15 Grand Trunk Smoking Tobacco t per pound.... — .25 Queen Olives,- - - FIVE bottles for. 1.00 ., Siriclair's.Chow Chow, per bottle .10 v: Glassware, Lamps and Fancy Goods cauuot afford. Women especially taught to stop boring their eyes out nud sewing themselves* into a hysterical,state making things which half tho timo'aro of no good to anybody after they are done. Christ came into the world to save sinners, not to make people bankrupt themselves in purse and health making Christmas gifts. If, by mutual consent, grown people could stop giving one another gifts at Christmas or cease to expect them, we should all be better off. A gift should be offered for the mere joy it confers on tho givor. Let us measure our outlay for tho holiday season by tbat test, then send pretty and inexpensive Christmas cards to our friends to show them we love them still. Of course, if one is a millionaire and is Bpasniodioally seized with remorse for getting so much richer than bis fellow men, then by all means let him ease bis conscience by giving gifts to those whom ho can help. To such it will be pleasant to read what George W. Guilds said about Christmas giving: When 1 was » boy, I juada up my mtad to to rich, iintl o}8p made up my mind tbat whon I should bo a mau I would give Christmas presents to every one I knoV. K I have not been able to oecompUah my resolve, It bos not boon for lack of will. I oau truthfully say that the happiout week in each year of my Ufa u the one wWcU dirootty precede* Christmas, when I fool that I «n able to send present* U about 2,000 people whom 1 know and feul are part eot- ly deserving ofthem. Wherever diphtheria ravages a school or neighborhood, physicians ought to apply the now remedy, autitoxine, discovered in Europe. Information how to procure it can probably bo obtained from the health officers of tho large cities. In New York tho remedy is being applied with most gratifying results. A public subscription has been taken there • to enable the cure to be brought within reach of tbo poor, where the dread disease rages most. The evidence goes to show that diphtheria can really bo conquered. This knowledge may savo thousands of tbo most promising and precious lives among all tho human race. Tho euro is a preparation from the BO- rum of a horse's blood. The diphtheritic child is iuoaulated witb it, a fever supervenes, aud the symptoms of tho dis- ease'disappear iu from two to four days- It is not necessary to kill the horses to obtain tbo sorum. Tho genuine autitox- iuo is made iu Europe aud is shipped to this country. Beslilos tho diphtheria cure there U oUo ft euro for croup, equally effective). Manufacture of ' tho oronp medicine is now occupying a large foroo of workers Jn Paris, Pr. Boux discovered both, the diphtheria aud the croup remedial, which are substantially the name. Iu Paris a stablo of BO horse* fur. utuhoB BOVUUI for tho whole glty. .affairs with other nations, our second one never to let Europe intermeddle with affairs this side of the Atlantic. Accordingly in his message Deo. 8, 1833, President Monroe said: It IB a principle inwMch tho rights and interests of the United States are involved thai tbe American continents, by the free and independent condition which thoy havo uflsiuned and maintain, are henceforth not to bo con- ildored as subjects tor future colonUatlon by any European powers, ', They Will Be Bo Glad to Know It! Merchants aud manufacturers owe a debt of eternal gratitude to Ward McAllister. In the New York World ho asks this question, "Can a tradesman be a gentleman?" and answers himself, "I reply—unquestionably yes!" He rattles around in his mind, floes Wardie, about the ancient Livingston, Cortland, Benssolaer and Pelbain manors, apparently quite forgetful that the happiness of present day"p<?ople departs far more on tho manners of llvingjpeo- pie than the manors of stuffy old d(B»d Dutchmen who were as keeu after^ho mighty dollar as anybody has ever-been • ' it _J__ xf_— A IM *l*la la«*4 fit liVkApt'.V since their time in this land of liberty. The way McAllister arrives at hi» conclusion tbat a tradesmen may bo a gentleman is interesting.' "The Duke of Argyll answered the question by putting all his younger sons into trade," Since Argyll did this, then even an American tradesman, if he is a mtll(ion- oire and bos a tremendous dopartwent store or a sugar mill or even a tobacco factory, may got hissouB and into the ahnrmed circle of tho Hundred, fia wny not do more .than peep over the feuw himself, but tot the consciousness that bis children will be admitted sustain bim, VcriJy, bere is something for the tradesman to live for. To Bo Happy. Iu one of his Sunday sermons in the New Vork Herald, Dr. Hopwortb utters tho following beautiful tMfaght. It is peouJiarly'appropriato for Cl»r time. It is ovou better to begin tw, Year witb: It to very trito and oowmonplaoo to Buy tha* wo ought to loud u holpln« hund whonover tho opportunity in offered, or, butter Btll), that wn ouBht to aoarou ovury duy for uu oyiiorettnity to do HO. Aud yet if you will lifl/tginuu Jlfu W which* kindly word tospokou u«d u kindly dt»d U done on ovary poyvibln oucasloil, luia KUipdloK through iDuay yoftrt,: *ru totfotbori ypu will nhudo your' i»ai at tUo urllllttnuy. of tho """* «»,»...» oku»ao« w»vy of thuliupi. womiui wbo*a lifw i« «• wwuMIuJ tu a pt».^r-— *—*" W "tU ttSswsulnlPB' through ItToFw and iMfiring nn iha inuwip ot PUgrimafces to Washington, The best time for students to visit the Capital City is in tho winter season.' Then the social life is in full swim; and there are few students do poor or friendless that they have not uomo acquaintances who could give them a card to a reception, even one at the White House. Most of all, congress itself is in full Bwira then, too, and this is the greatest show on earth to a young American of either sex. The pupil may grow purblind, over his United States history, be may have tho constitution at his tongue's tip, but he will never know just how this country is carried on till he looks in upon congress at its work in the magnificent white marble building on Capitol hill. A peep at the supreme court, with its gowned judges, will do more to fasten tbo judiciary department In the youthful memory than a week of I poring over books. 11 There are the great Smithsonian institution, the vast library of congress, the colossal Washington monument and the navy yard, with its historic relics. Now is 'tbe time to organize excursions. Tbe railroads take Tory' kindly to these pilgrimages of the bright young students aud give excellent rates. It would be richly worth wbije for benev-. oleut citizens to contribute aid to such educational excursions. A week given to sight seeing in our beautiful national capital is nn education itself. A week nndahalf of the school course could not bo more profitably spent. Tho pupils would ba so quickened mentally thnt they would quickly make up the lost tiuio. We have been giving our friends a v rake-off on staples and Yiow we propose to put the knife into Glass ware, ,J)ishes, etc., and to enable everyone to buy a fine Christmas present we are Closing these Goods AT H AIiF PRICE We have just received an elegant line of fine China i in sets and pieces and no one should buy until they look over our stock. $ fs H. T. THE CASH GROCER, tar Opposite Court House, -..'-. - • • -- r v • • • • ; By special arrangement with the publishers we are enabled to offer SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE for 1895 and a full year's subscription to What a fool it must uiako of u man to bo on emperor! WUlinm of Gorjuiiuy wrote a ooiuwou Wtlo bit of vovuu oull- od "A Bpwtf to Aeylr,'' too puuuu lurd ol fruits. Iwwodiatoly bis bubjyolu flat- tor«>a him w though ho U»d buuu a crout- er tuwaaotho or BoliUlor, «ud 17 toadies iu ouo woefe Mdwwl their uewly buru Hood's is Good Makes Pure Blood •orofiilA Thoroughly Ir»dlo«t«l. •U I. Hood * Co,, loweu, M Ml. i »lt li with plMfcir* U»t I gin |0« tt» «*t»M ot our Uttto **?» U«ku«w W4 h«r ««"» by n luufftur'v . Bucb ulifu, Uowovor, Is within ravchot ov . wo inU» U JWtw for twrluuK cwu*iaMr«kflon, una wo nuwiit »ii»pJy Iwuuw wu cuunot *H God Uwt sVow<xJ»wW <* vast uwoun* of in tl«o 0««ui» wo wuvur do iiud tuu A late dooislou of tbo United supreuu court wake* It entirely o,(pi« tutioual fur stuNi to p»»ot laws nraliib itlny the w*lo of oleouiartfuriuo ootorod in luiHuUou of buttor or cruaw. oleo wttuufucturor uiay color bis not i)i»ik or gi'ww o* Joudon purpjo or 9Veu tuofugb.ionablQO* blood shude, but »t»tc» witu laws forbidding W»to ww Uktn down witfe F»v«r »nd • FollowUnt UiU » sore cam* on bw rl«ht sld* bs> «»o two loww r»>». In • »l»w* Ww w- *»»W M* puier brok* on ttw tilt rfttt. If purchased separately those periodicals would cost $5.00. IT IS THE PLAN OF 8CBIBN flll'S to give its readers next year 1 a history ot the post 25 years in the Upited; States. (1860-;95.) These years have been unparalleled ia the history of the world for notional development and material progress. Tho narrative will be written in a graphic and picturesque style by President Andrews, of Brown University, ana oapa- ble artist* will illustrate It. ROBEHT Ott\NT, whose "Reflections ot a Married Man" will long be •~ remembered, has written a series of articles on "Tho Art of Living," in which he seto himself to solve,; as far as euob problems pan be solved, quesi tlons which beset every well-to-do family: Tbe Inoomo—The Dwelling— Household expenses—Education of Children—Married ana Single Life—Tbo Bummer Problem, etc., etc. Beautifully illustrated, r»KOKGH MEBBDITH, whom mow than one good authority hw w pronounced the greatest of living novelists, b«s written a strong serial, {ffb/Aauulnft Marriage," U> beglu in January, W ]>. HOWELL8 will contribute u novel entitled, "Tbo Story ot a • PJuy." / 'A '/ . THR fvAND OF PON QUtx6TW will be 0 series of three skotohes illustrated by a number of Daniel Vierge's wonderful drawio|(», JTOLK AHTIOLKH in great variety have been arranged tor and tbe illustrations will be elaborate, BORTBNEB'B FOE 1805 WILL BE BETTER THAN EVEB. i — ' - f - — r It you desire only SCRIBNKR'S MAGAZINE rejuit 83.00 to the Pub)i»bji», t'BAKLKB HCftlitN KUK'B SONS, 16».1&7 VmU AYWUO, K. V, kBOturw — "-rr- - --• - - -Tho ilcem «f Health sl«feSSSr Deacon B. V. WWto, aWall street operator, latojy nsooudod a pulpit Iu Brooklyn and prouohod it buBluosi ser< won to youjis>uou. flu gave thorn what lie Bjl<l was tha biuiiiiaijs wau'n goldoa rule, A* bo worded it, It >Y»» iu tlm» from Boston now after 'saying PWIf• dolphla is more like ait HugJUb filtjr than, «»y other lie vlnttQd,' JBo«t«n will - - • aid think wucb of sootlons, as follows; "Cosh lei«l no money aud do uo favors for otn- eriwltb iHouey wot your OVVH." If h had advivod them to bo mighty particu lar bow tooy oa»u vliooks and lend uioii oy evui wbon it Is thoir oww, tin wow B giveu udv4uo which was still bot The deaoQu «uld the ideal for ft busiuBM »u«u who ho4 Iwew ovw- Coutyu Poylo nuyUow tu ft HtWftpy yei^. With Eualasul smelling ul tho poiyit of Oeutrnl aud Hputb Amorlc^, both owat and west, tlti« oouutry a loreor wavy, ami /K • i*" > ,'«•( Sutro, JatoJy elected oi\ looul reform 'i ti, aia uot bj»ve in hU wwtost

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