Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 26, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1890
Page 2
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DISPATCH A.ND DEMOCRAT. • to ! "" >,, " ,r <>>!••(,• day- P r,.vi...iHi.. * election, is likely I" cause confusion \ FRIDAY SBITEMIIKR at, ISPO. STATE TICKET. FOR GOVERNOR, EDWARD B. POND, OK SAX FRANCISCO. MEUTEKANT-OOVEItNOJt, R. F. DEL VAL.LE, en- A Mii:i.i:s. rtlll-.r nsTn i:. J. A. ST AS* I-V A.-tMiCIAII. ,;i-*TICT*S. .VAflKSON HATCH (short tiiuil JAMES V. t'OFFKY (lnnit tmiiil CEORGIi K. SMITH llolia term; SKrllKTARV '»F ST.VTK, W. C. HKXW'.IOKS cnvrRiir.i.Kit, JOHX r. ni.S'x STAI'I: Titi:.\si'iti:lt. A BAM HV .ROl.O lTTnil>E\ UKNUH-ll.. WAl .Ti:n 0. liRAVKS sttliVKVOli 'ir.Nl:HAI.. STA.SI.KV !! UlKlM ItfiNHV i\ Ill'Ll SC I 'll KHK I 'lli 'lIT CI.l'.HK J. II. SI'F.XUKU Ill ' ufi 'isiott unless if in thoroti}dily iiudcrstooit Uy voters as well as the ollicers of election. It is essential I hut every v.iter should he conversant with tin' recent cliHivaon' made in tlit? election la»s, " Tin-; high prices ni iiiilnniactnrcd articles mo.*' 1;;,- i !-,i> fanners are maintained not liv (lip limit' laws but Iiv tli<- patent laws," is tfip novel position taken Iiv n Republican exchange, h' this is the case why not lot the filly farmer hnve the tarifi'laken nil'some these tmiii- nfactorcd goods and slum liim what a tool l>e i** making 'it himself? Who lias the [latent on clothing and woolen goods J n general'' | Tinsays: Tlii'Sjin Friuit'lii' ml in 11 t 'l 'llliiitl bury :l»p innn it i TELIilNO FJOURF.S. Ts-Hii tion Pledg-es ol the Compared. Two Pnrtiea 111 order to show (hut the pledge of the lieniiHTatii' pialiurm relative to thelimit- ing ot State taxation to -Pi cents uti I hp $10,1 is feasible, .lolm I', I 'unn, State Controller, ii|ion whose estimate the pledge was given, lias written a letter to John Murk ley. Corresponding Secretary of the 1 'emocralic Stale Central Committee, the calculations and statements are of exceeding urea! interest to the tax- j a cord it this depot. It was nearly ten Trip Throuvh Noltiern Mendocino. ' fencing, would havi , paired lor nr'ia'mg. It «as the fortune of the writer lo lake i 1 11• hop growers an extended trip through the Nortliern i •''>' . Iicc-< >n•< valleys iuiely Nor',li..(I'kiuh on ihe Little "J^'V'\'„' u ',! Lake road, a iiiinibo, of teams were met., ; dni-cil. divide loaded with tanbark from near the Angle ranch, a reminder of the extent . . of the growth oi this new industry. I learned that '.he Thomas hoys hud cut three hundred cuvds on and adjacent to the Unlit' Cave, ranch on the Totnki, and that the toial output slti|ip"d (rota Kkiah this year will reach lolHI conts worth $,2.f>0 its vahie greatly im- of Round Val- dis.'iuir.i'jed hy f low prices, and this vein iver • lbs. ivere 'pro- niiiong six or eight places. V. i Hep, "i a recent date ' t'i,nm /<'/'' IniMilll ininpiliiOi. li iila-nic! it|ipii«in^ uitli '•liui-li't tttiM 11 . .Sunt; S.lll 1'lHIH'isf .. I.ns AliEi'U- i r;i>t- in lni\c :ui\ li'triml lor Irulli ic it- 1 I 'lt'urts In tt.'e.iirlilivh ji- | IIII|MI Yes, «e have noticpd that the I'lu-oni- r /e 's ciiinpnii'M itL 'ainsl Pond is a slander- ons, imid -sliiiKing. one, hut we also no- eiiira j tice that the I 'nul iollows its contemporary's footsteps very closely. Mtid-sling- ins? and slander seem to he the .Untie San Knmcisvd tUuntiotilt C1U.1C ISMTKCCri^N. S;,ii Mat*»«i paver, showing what the dill'ereiice really amounts in in favor of economy under, the I'eiuocratic proposed rule. The letter is as follows: CHNTHOI.I,:-:K'S OKIUI-, ) S.\i i;\ MI:NTo, September lSi'O.l" lion. Jnhn Miii-kka —DI.AII Sue In answer lo your letter reipiestint? an esli- luule of the probable amount of luxes which would heonPeetcd irom the people of this Mate under the rale of taxation as limited by the recent Democratic and iiepulilican conventions, 1 respectfully submit following statement of the etl'ect of tiie IIpmocralic and Republican rates of taxution for 1 S (H, ISili. 18(i;J and 18!M . upon the basis of average annual assess- mpnt increase as shown irom JSSCi to 1S!M, to wit: .t7fl,s;!l ,T7ii. In 1SS4, when the Legislature and i principal stock in trade of the Hopublican ; (iovernor were lieinoeratic, the ta.x lew I press oi tiie State at present. I 1H ^T I'lSTlUCT. T. .1 OKARV. Tnosr, of our renders who heard ,lnd™e Adams di-cuss the Chinese ipie.-lion at the Kepuhliean nitUlcation meeting in : Ckiah two weeks aj»o will appreciate the ; follow'inn criticism : Tfic Krosno firtmltlifiii is II ci'i: SIIHIMM - nf lituli ! mf-rif. tail It etuifdiunKmu' \\tt!i Mnfri-v "very ) inent roll i>f ISSO, anionntin^ to $1,115, iiii.-i- in ii while. 'I'll" it. v »w*t» i'initi'iiil« iiuii : 01-1,022, less 1'J per cent, ns alu-ve, which lie- iiemiieiiitie iuiri\- i> net siiiimi nn ill.- cjii wiiidd raise -ft.-t 1 "i, l.'t"i.5:! in taxes, or iic*.e .jth^iinii. mi.i in snpci'i't in' iiii> p milieu ; ^1,Mti.->")*i.5:5 per year in excess of the . cites ilui filet Hint in iiovenmr .inioi Me . Ainoiiiil raised ior ihe expenses oi the j liouenl! remarked in Ari'hlluU.I l'eneliy tlnu n \ State Cniveriiment in 18S4. The total K.III,I(OAI> t »>MMINSI<>M:IIH. VIKST liiiiTUier. f*AltOIliIiALD YKI,I. Mom IlOARI'l OF till AI,IZlTIO>, I Cliiiinintin WH.S ii very n-efiil pei-con to i|<i ehoie.i nt that lime. Why nut carry the iinxn meat ii little fuittiei- nnd ilmn ihai till men nre lm^ll...le^t hy prnvliiR Unit Aituiii went ivitlimit trousers I'eir ll I- I'II.IIIII.— >1<>rl:'ni) MnH. Tiunn pisrittcr, It II. BEAMCH.. M'l'ATK NKNATOR. ,-,1X111 rilHTiui.-r. J. H. L -iKAWni .l. COUNTY TICKET. I'nde-tiie efl'ect of two party pledges. Sei -AKix.i of Ihe extnva-ance of t |, 0 ; takint? the average yearly itterease as . . , -, - ., , ' M .. i the basis, the assessment roll tor l,s!il last Lenislr.aire, il . .mahl be well l„r our | wi]1 , ool lln ,| ,|, e .litVor- Kepnblicnn friends to bear in mind that 1 ,.,„-,. in the result would he lis follows, to I there were eighteen Republicans to twen- i wit,: Amount of taxes for isdl, at the ."it) tv-two Democrats in the Senate, thirlv- cents on eai 'MPJO, the liepiihlict.n ha,. , ,. . - . , ,, sis, would raise $.i,l ->0 .liti-l.. i,> ; under lo • seven Itep'dmcatis to mrty-three Demo- ( , pnt>) „ n $ UMy , )lp Democruticrale on - erats in the Assembly, and two 1 ,'epubli- assessment of 1SS0. it would be ^-l.llo,- : cans tn no Democrnls in the Coventor's -l">-i..">.'!, savinf.' to the laxpavers for the j chair. These tiftv-seven Hepubli, ans! .™'r. ! r7:?"','-«'-<t > - I'or ISPL '. on the ' i sittne basis ol tncrense, the assessment HCI'UKIOK JCDOK. I it. McOARVICV T'klHll ! A-eifcMIU.YMA.V C. W .'rt .VUALIj I'liint Al-eiin ; MIKKIH-. J. M. STAN01.KV Rhi'iwnn.l , encSTV t:I.KItK, .1 ,1. MOl'.ItllW Ml-nilociun I eoCNTY 1 HKASI.'HKIt, IV M r.IHSON I'kUili | niSTRlCT ATTOKSKV. ! .1 Q. Wiiri'K encxrv itKronnr.K, K. C. AI.BIiKT.sOX *.'Hftill SCrKllISTKNUBNT, MRS. S. W. HASKKTT COHOVBR ASH I 'CHLie AHMJ S 1ST HA TOR, DAVID CAKSIlX A^AEsAOR. | C. I'. SMITH fklah ( IOCNTV SCUVEVOil. ! . . ,, ft. P. YORK Hermiuee ! I 'ortion ot the nitcre MrrenvwnH, ! There is no reason A. K. DAVIDSON h. HEDKMKYKP. united in one solid combination with the object of naming appropriations for their constituents and their success wits something startling. The five jireat Republican counties oi I-os Angeles, Alnineda. Sacramento, Santa Clara and San Bernardino received no less than ^-,0iio ,-l"-l.- o-S, and most of the other llpp'thlican counties were well provided for. years since I had traveled the north road and Little Lake Valley and town of Willits showed material improvement. I was struck with the beauty ofthe scenery and the evident richness ot the soil, but not always by the uppeaiunoe of thrift that I like. .Many places are well cured for, while others sadly need it. Tins valley grows line irnit, especially apples; but as a rule the on hards snow a hick of caie. It is true that I here has been but little profit in fruit heretofore, hut it seems that wilh the railroad at I'kiali and such a year as this in fruit prices, the Little Lake crop could he handled to some pro- lit. We hope to see the people awaken to a realization of the possibilities in that line, .\orlh of Willits the stage road follows a ridge to Sherwood. Many com fort able places are passed. At. Hatch's .1 mills on each $100, ! well equipped saw mill is in operation, the history of the Mr. Hatch deserves credit fur tiie promptness he has showed in replacing ihe one horned last year. 11c ships much lumber to I'kiali. The old mil! dam so long a feature of this place, and which formed ipiife a lake is now- drv. At Sherwood Valley I slopped at Mr. Lawhead's. Here is (he stage barn and pustollice. Mr. Lawhead has a nice, home and is a rustler. I the vear had been a hard one for the people of the vicinity. Las! winter the heavy and long continued simivs compelled them lo either feed their slock or let it die. Hay was bought at Willits at full prices, and the stale of the roads made a heavy r.diUtimuilexpense in Iv.'.nl- ing. Then the hay crop was very light., Nn grain is cut in Sherwood. Sherwood vullity is not n (otitinuoiis body of land hut A series of meadows and coves separated hy low hills, and drained by streams which run into the Mel river. It lies high and and is well adapted to drainage. Several dairies are carried on there, and I noticed ipiite a number of Holstein cattle at one place. The hills to Ihe west are densly covered with timber, nr. oak ami redwood. Farther on. on Sherwood mountain, is a large quantity of line cpon grazintx lands. The next place of note is Cabin. Here NEWS OF THE WEEK. Wr .-oNKsivw. September 17-—The elegant country residence of .Indga W. II. Sini! Ii, near Los Angeles, was destroyed by lire. The First National Hank at The Dalles, On -giiii, was inirglarized of $10.- iiiiti Cnlnradn Itcpiihlicans tire engaged in a Inter factional fight . The Treasury liepailinent has paid out . r iM ,000 ,iiOO i T in the past month than Ihe receipts ...The worst, fruit failure for thirty years is reported from Chin \ half- i lazy I lertuan named lleim killed his three grown daughters, a gentleman visitor and then hi.iiself at. Portsmouth, N. !! .I'nusiially hot weather in Spian has grcatlv increased the number of cases of cholera . . . t Innlner. Chase .V. ('".. bankers ano brokers of i'.oston failed for ^.'i.lMO.ilOll. TiiruMitv, Sepleiuper IS. — Dion llou- eieaull. I In- well known playwright and in t"t, died at his home in New York City; he was OS years of age .... Congressman Dellaven has sent his resignation lo I iovernor Waterman lo lake ell'eet November :M Jnhn Dillon and Wil-I HOW TO COUNT BAM.0T8, j A Brief Synopsis of the Law Reirulat- j inK the Count, | . - I At a recent meeting of the Hoard of i Flection Commissioners in San Francis- I eo, much attention was given to cotisid- j erationofa blank form lo be used in i counting the ballots to be cast at the | j next election. The lav regulating the j . counting of ballots is supposed to lacili- i | tale the work, but unless completely nn- | ; dersio'id hy the entire election board it I allords opporlunities for mistakes. !n | order to obviate all diilicuilles, William 1 'ii 'oileriek,('liairiutiu of the Kogistr .it ion : Com mil fee of t he Democrat ic Count vCom- inittee. of San Francisco, has formnlated u blank which any one can readily understand when examined in connection with the law. This blank form has been adopted by the Cominis.doners for use in that county and oitv, and will be reconi- ended. with some modifications, for use I hroiudiont the Stale. Weare in receipt of a j copy ot Ihe blank as adopted there. || | is so convenient that we have no tlotihl it j will be generally adopted. It is not necessary lo reproduce the hhink in these cohimiiH. but Ihe following ' complete, svimpsis of the law will enable ! the general reader to understand its re- I quirements: Section ]'2't7 provides that the inspect New Fin nit ii i I wish to annonnce to the People of Ukiali and vicinity that I have oponed n First-Class Furniture Establishment XJST THE GILLESPIE BLOCK! I have on hand and will always cany a Full Stock of F \ l rni 1 ure, Carpets, Draperies, Wall Paper, Oil Painting's, Picture Moldings, Artists' Material, Curios, Etc., Etc. was 45 cents and L* the lowest rale State. The assessment roll, which was tS'.'l,07S,707, less IL* per cent for de- lini|itencies and costs nf collection. The amount of taxes raised for that vear was ^i.-JO'.i.lti.l. The Democratic platform of the present year limits the tax rate to 15 cents on each $100 upon the basis of the tissess- assessinent of IMSti wits tfSlti,-l-lii.700. For 1800 it is .f 1,000,77.'!.80-1, showing a total increase of . r L'.s:!,:t27,10) for the four years, or an average yearly increase of $70,S:il ,- .I'kisli .Ukiiih I .Ukinh EDITORIAL THE St. Helena Sla its seventeenth volume. It is one of the cleanest and brightest country papers in California. THE Democratic county candidates will make a tour of the county in a body, visiting all the precincts. They will stun out about October 8th. WK speak without authority, but con fidently, when we state thai amorc things which will not be found in ycara's Keptiblican Campaign Text P.nok will be Congressman Kennedy's recent 'HMSririiiin! I compliments to Senator Quay The i'hro>iicle's opinion of Colonel Markluint (prior to his nomination) will also be a ting iniitinf oiiii 'red. either, lo helievc- Tl 'i" 1 THMtin i timt a biographical sketch of 7>an JSurns Khth District > .,, , , , , ____ ; win be given it prominent place. Again, ! our ltepnblicun iriends. will proh- NOTGS. ! ably forget to quote Secretary lllaine's j T, " ! " *" v — observation on the McKinley Tariff Hill has entered upon j wlien ,, e ^,1 there if) IKJl n ^n,,,, or „ line in the entire bill that will open 11 market ior another bushel ot wheat or niiotlisr barrel of pork." H may be, also, that, they will neglect to call attention to the oppressive silence of their platform on the queHtion of Sta ion. would be ^l,'.Ml,-137.3o(!, which, at 50 cents on the .,100, would raise ifo.-lti-,' 324.3(1; Democratic rate of 45 cents, $4.410,455.53, thus paving for the vear. *1.0J(i,SlK.N:s. For 1803 Ihe assessment under the same increase would amount to tfi.tU'J,- O H!I,I:!L \ which, at the 5n cents, would raise, .fo,773,084.18; at 45 cents would amount to $4,415,455.53, saving for the year ift.IUVS.SiS.Ow. For 1894 the assessment under the same basis oi increase, would amount to $1,383,bit), 1)00, which, Ihe iiit the 30 cent rate, would amount to thisj * l >.0o5,ti4S.00. At. 45 cent rate it would " he $4,415,455,53, thus saving for the vear $1,070,188.40. lieeapitnhiling and contrasting the total assessment rates and faxes, as given above ior each year, the following grand total is reached ; to wit: Vcnr. lliTU'Cilitic rntc J.|,ll.'i,4.V...-0! 1 s'.ig l.llf',|-|fi.;it im I.II." I ,1.- I S ..'I :I lstij i,tl .-i .l .Vi..'i:( Iti'tHinllcini rale. I ,''.i . r *,tir .i..'.. r i ">,'l''.L>.3-iI.aii • r '.77a ,!lS4.1S t "-,0S ;",,r .4:t.!lll Tolllls, Jl",l!lil,SJ.'.l'J Ik'Oitct lax on Di'inotTiitii'rnti', : in the four yt 1 2.17g .t517 nv,i'iiii .s'« *t,M0.V'.H.Clti In other words the Democratic rate will, in the four years given, save more money to the taxpayers than it will cost at that to run the Covernment for an entire year. It must be borne especially in mind that the Democratic rate of 45 cents on the $100 is based wholly on tho assessment of 18.80, which was $1,115,014,02-'. This, at 45 cenls 0:1 the $100, iivis- gives the tax of $4,4I. r i.455.53 in each of the above named years, whilst at. the 50 IN ' Illinois recently a young man by the name of Wheat married a woman by the name of Com. We suppose tho choir sang, " What Shall the Harvest He? " enl Iiepulilican rate the tax increases I A t'liOToiiii.ii'ii has been taken for polit- i year by year in the ratio of the yearly in- ical use showing empty seats on ,he i "eaeo in' the assessment. Not' so 'with ..„. .t'li 1 -t, , j the taxes under the Democratic 45 -cent Democratic side and n number oi Jtepub- 1 Means posing in their seats on their side of the chamber. A companion picture 1 might go out representing the ladies llee- ing from the gallery to get out of hearing COKi'oit.u. T .iNXKK must be proud to j learn that the l'ension Bureau is more j „f t .i, e filthy speech of .Mr. Cannon of Illi- scandalous than it was while ho had \ nn is and leaving the beni-hes ttulilled charge mil, says the Louisville '.'»»'('."'-i which parliamentary politeness dictates Journal. ; to their use, says the San Francisco Aim THE First Congressional District will j roll up a good majority for T. .1. Ceary. j He is a man of hrillianl attainments, and j in his vigorous campaign he is winuing j voters everywhere. i rate; for the Democrats, in fixing both the assessment and the rale, fixed 415,455.53 as a maximum of cost for the State Government, and hy so doing, instead of the taxes increasing year by year, as in the case under the force of the Kejiiihliciin platform, the Democratic rate would decrease year by year, in the assessment, and on the same basis the rate in 1804, upon tho given assessment I in the liepnhliean coimnn above, would i, .. . , I'he picture should he followed bv one I be a fraction less titan* 30 cents and 3 | o.unnlity and quality any other bony 01 the encounters between ' mills mi the .$100. Respectfully, ; rich ami in the county 1 here are no inu tinoiiiiti rs iH.i«u.ii. (dux )'. DINN . benches, hut. level table land reaches to ' ' 'the very foot ot the mountain. It is all I good, hni the lower lying portions have J greater fertility. Anything grows well, Marklinm'mnnrk hits too low. It just i and in favorable years the crops nre i 111- reacheB Dan Burns. Close Ihe volume | mense. The scenery is fine, tho climate and give us sweeter music, l'ond's ma-! favorable to both grain am! fruit growing, joritv in Luke e.ountv muv he written 500. i 1»d there is nn immense stock country on —-Aiiiw l.uhf Bulletin. every side in the mountains. In short, , , 1 Round Vallev possesses all of tho rerpils- Colonel Markhitm s eflorts to nms;no- t i teft ,- or , n ukli)|i the home nf 11 large and ttze the voters ot this State with a type ! prosperous population, excepting one, and writer are a melancholy failure. The t , !m t is easy and cheap transportation and voting woman who operated the machine • communication. There is no easy way Would probably meet with more success. ' ' —.S'. /•'. Aim. there is a store kept by that well known neiitleinan Hobt. White, a hotel, saloon, hall, and many cottages. The valley is a stretchnl very rich land, touch of which : was formerly a lake lied, now drained by deepening tiie otiliet. The surroundings are the most picturesque and the climate '•xcellent. Four miles further, mostly 1 through pine ninl oak woods, on bencli land, bronchi me to Layfonville, in l/mg i Valley. Here some line land is in view , north and south, lovelv meadow lands ina narrow valley along the course of it stream. Laytonville is a repetition nf C'alito in buildings. Here branches the road to Covelo. built a couple- of years ago. 1 found it an easy grade, and for five or six miles 11 line road, lint narrow. ' Near finrger Creek the country becomes exceedingly wild and precipitous. The 1 ro.'ul is built. a!omi the niounlain side. , There is little timber or brush, and many natural slides. Of course there have been 1 many slides along the route of the road. : The grade is easy, hut, the road bed is j very narrow and turnouts far apart. In 1 winter with its liability to slide the road I must be positively dangerous, and now if j is a serious problem for two heavy teams I to pass. Such is ltonnd Valley's western ; • oiitlel and only post, route. About half j way, or fourteen miles from Fayronville, j lOel river is crossed just below the jiinc- , tion of the Middle Fel river and its south i fork. It is nn easy slimmer ford, hut in winter a terrible stream. There is 11 ferry here, minus the boat, which went down I hist winter. From here to Hound Valley i the road is on a feasible line, and good ' grade. ,and could be made first class, j Here is quite a settlement and a school i district; called Independence. Also it I saw mill which cuts the yellow pine and 1 fir of this niountaniii slope. ! The soil in t hese mountains is excel• lent, and many large (hits are found. It \ is being filled with settlers who areshow- ing much enterprise in budding up the ] mountain homes. Heretofore there has '. been no stopping place between Covelo : and Laytonville, but a Mr. Cole formerly i of Culfeys Cove, is preparing to build a ' waysidn hotel. 1 had always hail a fav- iuiable impression oi Kound Valley, from hearsay, but fount! it was even better nit I supposed. It far surpasses in both liaut OT.rieu, the well-known Irish j ovs and judges shall count, number and sign Ihe ballots in the usual manner; open ballots and place in separate idles, scratched ballots of each party separate anil unscratched ballots oi each party separate; count the number of tickets in each pile ami have an official record thereof, and Ihe total of all made by the 1 clerks on the tally sheet; string all tin- I : scratched tickets of each party in direct , succession upon one siring; hind securely , ami replace in the box; then separately fasten and replace in the box each pile of j scratched and undesignated tickets; free one package of scratched liekets and take I out tickets one at 11 time, and have the j clerks tally on the tally sheets opposite , each name substituted thereon ; after all i scratched tickets are taken out and tal- ! lied, the undesignated tickets (if any) are | taken out, one by-one and eatdi name t here; on tallied by the clerks on tally sheet; string all scratched and undesignated bal': lots upon one string, in direct succession, : and bind securely. A bulletin (senii-oflicial statement), 1 one to be posted in polling place, one in I front of building or booth, and one to be j sent to the Registrar of Voters for the . press, ninsi be furnished by the Hoard. In making up bulletin, insert the total vote of all party tiekels (scratched or •The cam-! nnscrnlched); the number of limes each candidate's name is erased : the. iiiuuh '-r of times each candidate's iinino is substituted and the number of times candidate's name appears on Ihe undesignated tickets. In keeping the the tally-list, section 1257 provides that Ihe clerks will make reeortl of total number of scratched bid- The otficin! lots ami toial number of unscratched Turkish man- ballots, as shown in each pile, and the leaders, were arrested hy the llritish authorities on a charge of inciting riol ; they bad arranged to sail tor America in October, and the arrests were made in order I" prevent the trip ..Disastrous storms and floods are reported from various points in F.urope Serious rioting occurred in Lisbon the Government, has declared :i slate of siege . . ..The opposition to the double site for the World's Fair is increasing. Fiiii'iv. September 10. — \n express train dashed into a wrecked coal train near Rending. 1 'a., and at least fifty people were killed and as many more seriously injured ... .The President lias signed the River and Harbor and Anti- Lottery l'dlls . . A cyclone visited .Manning, la., and did much damage.. ...Advices jnsi received from I 'iogo. Japan, stale ihat the Turkish imin -of -war Frto- groul foundered at sea and oOO of her crew were drowned ; Ostium I'asha, who won fame as the defender of Plevna, was among the victims . Ten persons were killed bi" Ihe collision of two passenger t rains on t he Mexican Railroad.. The total number of cases of cholera in Spain since the appearance of the epidemic is given at -I, ISO: deaths, 2,125. SM-IIIOW , September 20, paign was opened throughout the State by the Democrats . Sixty ciu-loads of raisins have been shipped Fast from Fresno this seas in. ..Terrible storms All iny Good? ore of the very LATEST STYLES., and of FIRST-CLASS QUALITY. Public rati-minge is solicited. Call and examine my Stock. J. W. EVBRSOLE, Gillespie Block, State St., UKIAH, GAL. port are reported along the Oregon coast; considerable damage, has been done to shipping. .The Oregon pilot boat Governor Moody went ashore near Astoria and is a complete wreck rs 'port oi the wreck oi tb oi-war gives the number of drowned at : total number of ballots ns shown in all 5S7 ; number saved, 00. .Two hundred ! idles; also record number of illegal bid- lives were'lost by the overflow of the Mots, if nny—-the same to agree with Marilzn river in Turkey.... ...A Sheriffs : number of votes as shown by poll-lists, posse and a gang of Italian railroad la- and make record by tallies of all scralch- borers had n desperate fight in Kentucky ; es appearing against each candidate, nvd and a number of the latter were killed. Si'sniv, September 21. — Governor Stevenson of Nevada died at his home in Carson: he was 04 years of age (ion era! Fremont's family are said lo be in destitute eiroumstitnees in Los Ange'.es. . A freight train dashed into nn excursion train in Chicago; the number killed mid wounded has no! yet been ascertained... Fx - t'niled Stales Treasurer wri.U 1 "way one the numb"' of substitutions made aaainsl scratches, and the number of times the words "No vote" appear against.scratch­ es, and the number of votes given to candidates on undesignated ballots, and make out a bulletin. Section 1258 provides that, opposite ti 10 name of each candidate, thov shall make record oi the total number of scratched ballots of iiicli political or other party on Spinner ; w j,o90 pnrtv ballots such names shall from Florida Hint.cancer has eaten l m vo been printed—tlesignating the party me of his cheeks almost wliolly','Hieii make grand total ••" '• • "' The Old Reliable Firm OF of his nnse Pr .il' ' "iv" iM .-iKi.- gritud innn 01 an such; the erio si 111 ' at his 1 ,0,! ' 1 ° f w ' rn << , >" , «! tho total of all sub- *..Tnumb"' oMivcS ! ^Z^^t"!.^ "<^™\<« Notice of Probate of Will. representing tho encounters between Mason and Camion, involving the use of blasphemy and blackguardism that aie burred in any pig-sticking establishment , in the country, and for uttering which on THE Democratic -State convention en- j the public sheet in any city in the I'nion Political Straws. domed the Australian ballot system, but the Republican State Convention absolutely refused to do so. And yet our Republican frienda say that they are anxious to purify the ballot box. As exchange says that it is painfully admitted by Markham's friends and admirers that the presentation of his Bpeeches as mental pabulum loan intelligent votor is about the same as offering 11 tiaU pancake to n pampered epicure. these two Republican members would have been arrested and locked 11 p with common thieves. The fisticuff which followed, between Reekwith and Wilson should finish this panorama, and over all should he the legend: "The .Speaker declines to even reprimand the actors in these disgraceful scenes." and the greater part of giessuniii Scoti is ser home in Krie, I'a. . . ...1 immiicr 01 lives ; _ tn(m H nbst.rnct. tin' number of scratches have been lost ami a huge amount, ot froni ,, llrtv vnl0i n( |,i substitutions and property destroyed by Hoods tn France. undesignated, and thus produeo and re- MONIIAY , September 22.— The Slavin- ; mtd " oi v ° l0 - McAnlifle prize fight, which was to have i - taken place to-night, was stopped hy the police arresting both principals ..The site for the World 's Fair has been finally settled by securing sufficient space in one compile! and central portion of Chicago. . . . It has been arranged Unit Harrison and a large number of distinguisei.l citizens will visit, the l'neific. Const some lime next year lo dedicate the Lolitnd Stanford, .lr.. University Congress has not. transacted any business oi importance ior several days ior waul of 11 quorum The 1'alciiL Olhee report, for the year ending Juno 30, 1800, has just been issued, nut! shows th^re were 40,140 applications, as against 42,047 for the preceding year. TPKSII.IY , September:!;!.—A disastrous Hood is reported from Hot Springs, Ark. Tiie Republicans at last secured a majority in Congress and unseated two more Doiuuei'iits.. . . .TO ree-ionrl! is oi llioeity oi Colon, in ('mitral America, was reduced to ashes. . . District fairs wore opened in j many places in the Stale; the attend- ; mice was generally good and the exhibits | unusually tine.. . .Sim Francisco and 1 Fastern firms have been victimized to ' the extent, of $50,000 by a Cliieo linn .. . i A movement is on foot to relieve the want, of the Fremont family An epi- i .leni'ic of suicide is raging among the no-; bility of Germnnv. i TN TOE SUVKKIOU l.'Dl'HT 11V T1IK COVS- l ty m' Mi'iiilorinti. state oi I'litifernia. Ill the '.nutter ol: tile otitic of 11. '1'. .lullll*oll, iloecilsi'ii. Notice Is herein' tdven Pint Kl'i- fliu , lie- Will liny "I lli'tnlier, IS'.iO. at 10 (iVliu'k A. M. nt siihl ihn' nt Ihe ceurl rnein ef sail] cittirl, in tin- (Jotiuly ef M ci id'ic inn,.st in c of ('nlifitrniu. hnvi'hi'en ti'i]ieinlcil On-t'oiii' anil plnce fur liriiviiiK tin' it 01 of .-ulit II. '!'• .iiihiisoii.doc-fiise'l, uud (or lu'tivtiwt the uvl'Ui'itltoli of Myrtle .V. .tnhnsoll fertile issuance to llcr (if letters to.stft- lnentitry thereon. SA.M 1' I'.l-VI ON, (Mi'ik. W. I'. THOM.\«, AU'y tnr I 'l 'iilioiier. PORTERFIELD & ST1TT, Does not put on much Style, But when it comes to Solid Bargains and the Best Goods, the People recognize our Place as Headquarters. REMEMBER THE PLACE, Cor. School and Standley Sts., Ukiah. -SUBSCEIBE FOB THE- MENDOCINO DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT! Coast Items. T. J. GK.VUV , the democratic nominee ! for Congress in this District, lias been j (speaking alotig the const this week. He lias just returned from the mining co-tin- ; ties, and reports his own prospects, ns well as the prospects of the whole ticket, very bright there. Tut: San Francisco Ctill evidently was I thinking of Governor Waterman when it I said the other day that it ti'ould be nn- i generous to hold Mr. Cleveland respon-1 sible for the mistakes of his adniinistrn- j tion, therefore the Democratic parly ns a whole should bear the odium. There's I the point exactly, and we gladly accept the proposition. The Democratic party i has no desire to shirk responsibility for any act of its chief executive. We do Tin-: following from Section 1204 of the I " ol i « ,K>rfl <" repudiate him ; Mr. Cleve- ? rolilical Code should he borne in mind > lnmi is n democrat, everybody knows jt, I by every voter; " A voter who erases n j an ' 1 I ,nrt >' 1h re- K Pon"''We if he made ] name upon a ballot and substitutes no i ,ln - v i"i»'«l>'<?'«- Mr. Waterman is equally \ therefor should write the words 'no | ,1H wcl1 kl,own in " 11H * lat0 ils il "''I' 1 ' 1 ' vote' after such name erased." Other- 1U '"»' nn ' 1 W,)B " llllU I >,lrl - V «»eo'|ds to wine the vote counts for the man W | )0RP | deny his paternity, it places itself in a! name is erased. position to merit the ridicule and con-j i tempt of every man conversant with the ! THAT Senator Stanford is little bettor j UMnrv of Mr> Waterman and his ser-' than a physical wreck is known; that he • vi( . w ( . nvr , tion , 0 llml ,, llrtv \y e ; ]( ,; is shrewdly j uol | )0 | ( | ^j,. Waterman personally re-: - V( 'M sponsible for Ids nets as Governor, but; the party who gave him to us must not into Round Valley. 1 have just outlined the post route. To I'kiali via Jv.len Valley is over sixty miles jniles, taking a freight team seven-days for round trip. Over the latter route nearly all of the freight comes, and in winter, either by snow, mud or storms this route is practically blocked for freight. So die Covelo merchants must lay in goods in October to last them till May. There is no express office at. Covelo. Hut I have failed to speak of the town itsoii, There are three Hlorcs, and as many saloons, a couple of stables, a neat school house, and a tasty church. The Gibson House SH a menial wreck as well suspected, says the Chronicle. And this is the man the Republicans will reelect to tho United Stilted Senate if they secure a majority in the next Legislature. And why? $ $ $ * .$ $ $ $. How tlie mere fact of a meeting having been held could "augur a triumph in November''is one oi those things which we suppose we must accept in blind faith, because no reason could support it. If our neighbor saw a gimlet lying in a field, il. might anger from thai tho boring of fl gas well.— .Sliced inert to The candidacy of Mr. Pond puts deeds against promises, a record against animal mngnetism, the well matured conclusion of executive experience ngninsl the tenn- tive pledges of n type writer. The people ; j H „ well built house but is now closed, nre not in nn experimenting mood at, The American hotel, is the onlv ptiblii present, and they will make this mani- house. The Indian Reservation 'fillH the fesl in November— ft. /•'. Aim. ] Northern end of the vaPe.v Col. Markham spoke in snn Francisco j over the mountains, covering an area of or, Saturday niitht, and much enthusinsm ! Rlteen miles square. 1 he level land is, was inanifcrted. Our liiplilv osleonied | r "bnuld judge about. HO00 acres. I he contemporary remarks thereon: H 1H ™'• 'T <Jlne '"'bans of all Tiiis,,,,. m„'v oik,. «. iniiiciitiv,. oi the very ! <W>« ™ drawing radons. By ho; the ( |,,.„ liiteivs, hV Itetitiiiili'nas „, ibc of! '"W pnrt o! the reservation lull kinds ilidtiMmliliemiilcke,.,,,,,! „, iitntur „ tri.,m,.h i nru beld by squatters, an, there is a , .. , great deal ot tresimssimj: oil the reiuaiiid- ill Noi'l'ltlllcf. (ni 'i i ; er. there remains however enough to ".Markham Men In Ihe Saddle" is the : support three times the number of In- heading in the Los Angeles Tribune lo a : djans now there. The past and present report of a Republican denionsi ration mtimigeiuev-.t wetcs fa be honest; lit least hold there on Saturday night, Hold up, j i.| ie Indians mo fairly well cared ior, hnv- gentiotiiiiu ! Voo are getting things bad- j i n g plenty of food and comfortable clrith- t'rom Mettilricttie tletioon. There has been cnimiderahle sickness : ill this vicinity Ihe past week or two. U is reported that an opposition stag.' is soon lo bo put on between Fort Bragg and Wcstport. 1 On Thursday evening Mr. Wool way came itilo town with a buck which dressed 120 pounds. It was killed on Rig River, Another hordo of the finny tribe made \ 1 heir appearance in our bay Wednesday ! and tho anglers liave since been kept busy. Ry Hie falling of a tree in the Albion woods Wednesday three men who were near by barely escapod death. They \ tnd extends : were all slightly bruised by fulling limbs, i The herring being caught in our bay is 1 an excellent bait, for bear, ns was proved Thursday by G. II. Joy, who succeeded in trapping it black one on lleeser's ranch, t)u;t was induced to sot his foot in an unsafe place fur a few moulhl'iils of ihe delicious fish. Josui'ii !'curacil, proprietor of the Mew York ICui'M, has at Inst become totally blind. The writer knew Joe I'ul- U/.er in Kt, Louis fifteen years ago, when j he was on till' I'o&t-hhpatrh. and little! did lie then think the little wiry lierinnn would ever become proprietor ol the loading newspaper hi America, forget his political identity, nor must they forget the fact that when they nominate and elect n man fur anv position ' thay are sponsor to the people for his official nelH. T.J. Geary, Democratic nominee for Coogress, stopped a few hours in Simla j Rosa. Monday,on his way to Gevsnrville. From there ha proceeds to Mendocino i and Humbolt to meet appointments in those enmities, M>. Geary has made a , •,,„„,„„„„,,,,. I through canvas of Modoc, Lassen, I 'lu nui,r« iwinuii , nmB ailt | Siemti W | l( , rt , i,j H , ni? f lings were I ' u '-' "iiimiw" j»lneil In wlien lion, J. .). IVHavcn ircim tlil'H. the i.rsi. District, has sent in j in7ge7iiid 'the'poop!e limst eiithiiHiastht 'tn )lk imlKlialiop, to take etl'ect. November j their support of tho Democratic ticket. «4. W,« learn froni private sources that I 8'vra bas been for a long time a Repuh- j imeumiiiia t» Ol^aroge ly mixed. Last tvnek yoi| had all the Markham men with blood red roses in their button holes. \o\v vou hnve them all in the saddle. If you Intend to transform good, sensible, independent Republican voters into dude vaqiieviw,, you will have to excuse a lnvue proportion of the Sacntinento contingent. —Saerumento liee. The San Louis Obispo liepuhlic, like the mass of repulnble citizens, resents the inauguration of a campaign of slander against I'onil. It is sinnchly Republican, but lu comuumtiiu! upon a recent abusive campaign speech if snys: i 'flic K|tei 'ch iriis not well reecivcit, its the ophi- j Ion Is tfelii't 'ltl llo-oiltthoiit the rtiiiiiti'v tlint Ibc i country iteleynten In Die Sua June eoiivention ii'iiiOinite.t l'onrt In Hjiltii of HiickJey, mid Hint the nomination litis found Inevliiifok'. Wo believe iluit the. Stale Oeatnii i~iinunilteo IH piirHUIiiif a wrong nyntein it by iiliiehighim ^1. Ittlr .ivuri Is nllerlv (lis,.,,sled will, ! "'•'«« coillltv, and from what he tolla IW lieni'iitii tint rule of Buckley. The people be- tMr. OoliilMm W Utlerlv disgiiBted »HI>i of B j fuaHon , hare „ ow , wc shall not H«ve Hint Pond in nn able an.1 nouaelentluti.. ing and huts. They speak well of Agc-ids, Yates and Wilsoy. The stockmen of Round Valley and vicinity suffered severely last winter. It was commonly stated that one half of the stock had died. This coupled with the handicap in mail transportalion facilities and the depression ali over California, has made hard times in the valley. Ju looking over this northern country, when I consider the high prices paid ior the land, by the present owners, the low prices for wool, and the tendency to reduce tiiriif, or the same thing, tn reciprocity with wool producing counlrtcs, 1 cannot see how a great many owners of Btock ranges can escape wilh sovcre losses from decreased land values. In many places the coyote has further decreased the narrow margin of the profit, of the woo! grower, and even compelled him ID k'toelc with caltle. As all ranch owners know, cattlo cannot be made to pay oven a low interest on the cost of the land. It .iJifl iKwMon.'aiid he dot-H n..t car., to j ^ HIIrpf!He ,| , n B01 , !, ur retiirn to lliej'W lhon|l '" rl !,,d ^ r »' lel111 " WIUrwl0 " 1 ' 1 '! of riiiL^ nnafcn m »y fajthnr sacrifice* of his man-' Democratic fold on the 1th of November. I •" ••>« injury ot Murrain. i n n0 wlm knows "he nalure of inV .-mt-'ln- "at tb« dictation of K «ed am' his j Ol.-lc Keimter HII.VH Geary's[logical' preaen- i — nils pounti'v, thoroughly uuderiil.inds ihat ttUlimof the IVuionratlu aitlo of thequos-) A sample ot the productiveness of tho while oil u hir K e range there aro manv i t 'fons dl*icu»Kiv,l, morilly Nntioual Ismtes, j soil of .Anderson V'dley was given to us nooks wliich will support a family, their. • • - - remain vast atrotches of laud ai- unfitted for agriculture, and •M/m i»'j,i ! rtfijfsl<.u nf Ihe SmiMiine Cmirt »o I H K)k T. 1 , 11 ', tiieminerK Immensely mid j Tjinrmiiiy by Goo-Stwiohaker oi i hits- would rei ^^ftXlS^^^ M W' rt ' T l ,e ""»«''»|» ot beautiful large to- tog.other J^^l^,rW r (ortelW m y oM) I eiwi on n Mr.Geary is cuuceiie.i iniwijtji. I „ 1H tonn, meawirlng JS^xU^ inelieB, wh|c|, liv " from pra- j out tl '.e Dtatrloti^sanlo «o»o Umocmt. i known the fieOO (om»to, Poini Areim IU'C0r(|. A man by the name of James Moore was thrown from u high wagon sent on the Fort Ross grade and instantly killed on Tuesday. i Hev. I-e Woodward who bus boon residing nt Mum-hosier for the past few months will' leave during the coming week for Nil pa circuit. Rev. N. Grunt will take '• Ids place. i C. 12. Winning late editor of the lie-: enril,- but now i'astor of tho Yolo M. K. j church, will leave for his now field of; labor on next Tuesday. I Rev. IC. A. Winning, who for the past j two years has, been pastor of tho 51. F. i church nf this place lias just beou trails- i *Wy Wfl ierred to Suiter Creek, whither he wil! go \ jf IJ B 1 during the coming week. ™ Miss Ada Scott, and Mr. Ttillener's 1 children were picking huckleberries one j day last week and met u hear also gather- j Ing berries. They did not molest bruin, 1 but left him all alone in the patch. I';it Turner, G. Johnson, Lige Williford • and Win. Tomlinson, spent a few days hunting last week. They report that the fire in inounlains has run the deer out of Hint, suction of the country. They brought home a few quail. A tiro has been rugpig buck In the tuoiinlidussince the fore part of lnsl week and has done considerable damage on the road built hy Young last year, several bridges have been burned, also consider The man who -never before traded with L. ROSENBERG & CO, lost his head when he heard the Low Prices quoted on good He can have it again by applying to Rosenberg. This is an extreme case, but EVERYBODY - IS - EXCITED! Who once gets inside of L. ROSENBERG &. OO.'S STORE, and sees the Boundless Bargains that are offered for the Lowest Limit, a living profit will permit. Nobody does or can ofl'er such Quod Bargains or Low Prices. In the race for Business Rosenborg has WON BY A A head that knows how to buy as well as sell; a long head on buying, a square head on selling, and a big head on business gen­ erally. Rosenberg is not a kicker, but a thinker, and he gets Business by Brain,, not Brag. It' WAIT TO BE In your Bargains, ahead in your savings, ahead in your Dry Good; and Clothing, then come to the only firm ihttt can put you there Yours, Axxx.Xo\xm to Please, HEAD ! AHEAD! L ROSENBERG & CO, the sale of snmfi trnets and tltei "bio bfli'k bfilonijliuj lu HeUlOfH In flint consequence nocewarlly of a great deal of I section, Country Orders solicited. Under Crand Hotel, State St., Ukiah, Cal. Samples sent on application. mi

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