The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on September 14, 1974 · Page 1
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 1

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1974
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Fergis Falls (Mi.) Joirnal Sat., Sept. 14,1974 2 (First Publication Sepl. 7,197*] SURPLUS LAND DECLARATION Pursuant lo Laws )y£?. Chapter 69?. a hearing will be he)don September 30,1?7J at 1:00 p.m. ~>n Room ll&A of ire Stale Administration Building, SO SnertHjrne Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota. Tr* purpose of ihis hearing is to enable tne Com missioner of Administration to determine if rhe foilowing descried lands should be d«[sred as surplus to Slate needs arw Subject lo disposition : n ccrrpllance wit.i saW Chapter 897: Easement: Road eawirtnf to the Seven Lake Spawn ; rtg Area in Otter Tail County is a 33 It. strip ot 'and lying in Gov'l. Lo! 3, Sec. 7 and Gov't. Lot U Sec 6, a'.i :n Twp. 13JN , Rge 40W of the Sth P M. By Commissioner ' (Firsl PublicalionA^g 31.1974) IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION FJeHo *mo Stateof M:niesDtA. Comiyof Ottef Ta : iss Order for Hearing on Pet i I ion lor General Adminiitraiion, rn Tne Matter Of Tr-e Esiate Oi Trea DocMer. Oeceaem U IS ORDERED thai ire petit.on lor general acmmi&traron l<:ed here-n and ^y objections 1MM ihereto ce heart) en September ?Jin, 197.*. at 10 OX) o'clock A M by ih-s coorl in t.iecojrihouse in ihe Ci(y of Fergus Favs. V.'p.r.esota Thai, .1 proper, at sa'd lirre and place a representative v/;il be appended (o ad minlsler tne estdtt, wrw shah collect <3!l assets dnd File an inventory thereof, pay alt legal deots. da rns. and, and expenses of'ratKxi. aod sell *uth rtdt and personal properly as may be necessary and Fof (he best Kiicrests of ihe estate Upon completion of ad ministration, tne representative shall I .re a final accojni for allowance and trail distribute tne es'ate to the persons irwreuriJo entitled as oraerw by ir-e court and do ail other acis to close ihe estate. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, tnat creditors of decedent file their claims in New meat labels tell buyers more When you're buying meat under the new meal labeling law you can be sure of the kind, cut, and where the meat came from on the animal, says Isabel (Firil Publication Sepl. U, 1974) ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed bids will be received until 10:» A M. on Ty«day, Oclober 8, W4 by the County Auditor of oner Tail county ar the Courthouse Ji the City ot Ftrgu* Fa!ii, M nnesota for I he pv/chase and delivery of the following equip/reni in accordance ftilh specifications on dte at ihe Ccn-n|y Sheriff's Ollxe in Fer«irt Falls. Min nesota: Two 197* //.Odd Used Driver Education Cars, No Trade In Ore 1975 Police Car 4 Or. Sedan wiih iraae in of one 1971 Dodge Poiara * Dr Police Car F.O.B. Fergiyl Falls, Winn Cme I9?i Police Car <c*. Sedan v.iih 1 1 ade in of one 1973 Dodge Poiara 4 Dr Polic* Car F.O.B. Fergus Falls, Minn. Bids nrnjisT M on separate proposal forms, as prepared by rne County Sheriff, arx) will be furnished trader upon his request. Bids must t>e accompanied by a certified check mace payable 10 ihe Treasurer of Otter Tail County for atieasi five {*) per cent of 1M amount ol i/>e b'd The County Beard reserves the right to reject any or a:l 6id$ and to waive in- K. W Hanson, County Auditor Wolf, extension specialist, food and nutrition, University of Minnesota. In the past, continues Mrs. Wolf, you bought meat by such names as family steak, Pike's Peak roast, London Broil, His and licr steaks, Delmonico, etc. Now the same meat cut should have the .same name everywhere in Minnesota. The main or primary label on meat which is a yellow sticker, must now contain the weight Governing Board Proceedings Fergus Falls Vocational Center (F.rit Pibi-cat.on Sept. u, 1774) NOTICE OF INCORPORATION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Tr-at KVARE GARAGE. INC was incorporated under me <a*s of the S'aie of Minnesota on the 21s! day of August, l?7<. The nature of the bjjiness ol l/-e corporation being or about to b* conducted is as follows r o-conduct and operate a real mate business. Including purchases, sa les, rentals, cons true lion, management and development o) tnis court within sixly (60J days from trve real property, and to exercise all Ihe on Oclober 301h, 1974, at 10:00 o'clock VM by Ihls court in tne co^nhovse In ihe Cily of Fergus Falls, A*. : r-resota Dated August 34!h, 1574 Henry Poikinghorn Judge [Court Seal) ftufer, Hrtte. Pemberton, Schu'ie & Sor Ite Fergus Falls, Minnesota 5453J Attorneys (First Publication Aug. 31.1974) IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION FileNo.41959 Slated Minnesota, County en Otter Tail ss. Ortfer for Hearing on Petition (or Admission of Will to Pro bate in The Mailer 01 The Estate Of Lucile Ruttad, alias Lucile R. Ru$tad,alFas Mrs. Duffy o. Ruitad, Deceder.t IT IS ORDERED that 1he pelitkjn (or adrrTrisIon of will to probate filed herein and any objections filed thereto be heard on September 2<lh. 197-*, at 10:00 o'cfocX A.M. by this court in the courthouse in ihe City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. That, if proper, a I said time and place a representative v/ili be appointed to ad- m'misier the estate, who shall collect all assets and file an inventory tnereof, pay all legal debts, claims, and taxes, and expenses of administration, and sell such real and personal properly as may be necessary and for Ihe best interests ol the estate. Upon compleli*n of administration. Ih.e representative Shalt file a final account for altowance and shall distribute Ihe estate lo the persons thereunto entifted as ordered by Ihe cowl and do all other acts to close trie estate. IT ES FURTHER ORDERED, lhat creditors of decedent file their claims in this court wilh:n sixty [60> days from the date hereof and thai said claims be heard on October 30th, 1974, at 10:00 o'ctocX A.M.byfhiscpujt in the courthouse in Ihe City of Fergus Fails, Minnesota. Dated August ?3rd, 1974 Henry Polkinghorn Judge of County Court (Court Seal) Claude R. Field Fergus Falls, Minnesota 54537 Attorney corporator operaUng onder the Minneiola Business Corporation Act. The registered office of the corporator is in care of Cnaries C Kvare, Pelican Rapidi, Minnesota W5J2. Trie name arvd acfcfress ol tn* in- cor poratorollhis corporal ion and the sole director of this corpora lion is: Charles C- Kvare PeKcan Rapids, Minn. S6S72 Da led tnis Jlsl day of August, 1974. KVARE GARAGE, INC Pelican Rapids. Minr.esola 56573 (First Publlcalion Sepl. 14,1974) IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION StateolMinr.esol*, Counly of Oiler Ta;lss. Order for Hearing on Petition for Probate ol Foreign Wilt, Limiting Time to Fite Claims ind for Hearing Tnereon In Re Estale Of Rutri Ann Burri&s Eritkson, Decedenl Authentkated copies of Ihe lasr Will of said tiecedenl and ol 1he Inslrumetit admitting it to probate inlhe County Court in ihe County of Cass and the State ol North Dakota having been filed with Ihe PeTitkxi of Marcia Motir praying for the aitowance of said Will in this Court and for ihe ap po'ntment ol Marcia Morir as Executrix IT IS ORDERED, Thai the hearing thereof be had on October sift, 1974. at lOrOOo'clock A.M.,before ihis Court in, the pro bale courtroom in-Jhe courthouse in the City ot Fergus Falls, Minnesota; lhat Ihe lime witnin which creditors of said decedent may hie tneir claims be limited to 40 days from the dale hereof, and that the ctaims so filed be heard on November 13th. 1974, at 10:00 o'clock, A.M., before this Court in the probate courtroom in the courthouse in the City of Fergus Falls. Minnesota, and lhat notke hereof be given by publication of this order in fhe. Fergus Falls Daily Journal and by mailed notice as provided by law. Dated September Jlh, 1?74 Henry Polkinghorn Judge (Court Seal) Vogel, VogH, Brantner & Kelly Fargo, Norm Dakota 5810? Attorneys for Petitioner. GOVERNIKO BOARD PROCEEDINGS FERGUS FALLS VOCATIONAL CENTER Trie regj'ar July meeting of tne Governing Board of tfve Fergus Falls vocaiionai center was caMed lo order by Chairman SDeri Flan at l.» p.m. ih:$ meeting *as held July 73. 1974, In it* Board Room 01 ihe Fergus FaHi Scnools Members preseni were Sibert Flan Jr., Cnarles Oyncan, Jofinson, Richard Baker, C. D HoMisier, John Ennen, Harold Drews, ajxl H V Engtiuist. Members absent: Gerhard Dammei. V.r. Charles Dgra:an moved tnat the lot lowing slate of of (ices be elected for the 1?74 7S school year; Cna^rman fifs. Sibett Flan Vice Chairman- A*r. Elmer Jot'jison Seer el ary-Treasurer: Mr. Charles Duncan Seconded by Mr. Elmer Johnson and carr;w. Mr Charles Duncan moved that ir>e salary for ihe board members be set at 1)00 00. jhe same ai f/iis past year. Seconded by MJ-. timer Johnson and carried. The me*l ing dales were set for Ihe third CHECK 387 Slate Treasurer PERA Contribution 3M Commissioner ol Taxation . . M9CNA insurance TWHwacefAar^ insurance 591 State Treasurer PERAContributlon J« Western Stales Lile ins. Co. ... 501 Social Secyriiy SOT State Treasurer-PERAContribution 503 American Linen Supply Co 50JThe American Nan Red Cross SOS Carl A. Anderson, Inc 506BroTextnc S07 Changing Times iOftConsumer's Union 509 Cooper's Office Supply SiODacotah Paper Co SilOoutfeday 51? Fergus Grass & Paint Co 513 Gregg V.cGrawHill 5H Hearst V-agarine Book Division . ., SISHobarPublicalions 514 Home EC Publishers . 517 Homemakingi Research Laboratories . SUH.P.BOQKs , . "519 Deere & Company .. 520 Krattco Corp S?)Wontgomery Ward&Co SHNortrrweslern Bell S23CKson's Furnllure 524 Howard W. Sams t CO., Fnc 525 Sears TerKng Films, Inc. Serv. . 5J6 Sears, Roebuck & Co 527 Sherwin.WilllamsCo 526 Snap-On Tools Corp 529Thor-Tek,lnc " 530 United Tool Process Corp VOCATIONAL CENTER Seconded by Mr. CharJes Duncan and carried. The secrelary-lreasurer and director were authorijed lo sign Ihe 1973 74 financial repori for the vocational Center. This will be sent lo the Stale Department by Augusl 1st. Mr. Harold Drews reported on ihe cenler finances. Mr. Elmer Johnson moved ana* seconded by Mr. Charles Duncan lhat Ihe report be accepted. The 1974 75 budgel was discussed and lhat the expenditures be printed, Mr. Elmer Johnson mowed and seconded by Charles Duncan that the 1974-75 budget be accepted as presented. Mr. Charles Duncan moved and seconded by Mr. Elmer Johnson that proposals be made and lhat quotations be secured for either a 1974 or 1975 station Morwjay ot the months of Ju'c. Ckrooef. January and April lie t^me of rrtetiny was 10 b* a I I 30 p m Mf Charles D^rcan T.o/ea il-at trie Fiscal Oisfn'cf be Fergus Fa'fs Scicwi District and tr-e Security $?a'e bdn>. of Fergus Fai-s be the official depositgrf for 1974,75 Secor-ded by tfs Johnson and earned A moflon Oy Wr E.'mtr Johnson and seconded oy MJ Charles Duncan tnai rue Center piol'Sh in m.rirtts separately Irom ihe Fergus Palis District a-xJ Ihat Ihe Fergus Falls Daily journal be designated as tne pjcnsner Mr Charles Duncan moved and seconded by /Ar Elmer jor.ison that tr-e audit lor 197475 oe made by Ness. Neumann, Waller, and Nygaard M leage tor useot private cars r/as set at 1? cents per mi'e until negoi-a'icm and trve mailer contract are seitied Mileage will be W.r. Cha^res D-jr.can rrc.'ea ihat rne m.nuies be app-'Oved wMh the foiiov/irw) correction Tr-e meeting to be held July ?Vd insteadcf Jjly I5tn. Seconded t>y AV Johnson a.Td carried Mr. Dre-^s presented the Cills and afler discussion M/. Elmer Johnson moved to pac tne foiio^rng b:iis Oisf.Conl/iDjliWS . t U 00 SaiesTa* 6733 Dlsfr.ttConlritrjKons . . ?40d6 District Conlnbu1ions . . 33 69 Dlstncl Coniributions 11 00 D strict Conlributions . . 37 51 Soc.Sec.Contributions . 70 20 District Conlributlons . . 11.00 Laundry Serv ce ... . a 25 Health Textbooks 54 00 Small Eng-nes S'_-pp!;« . 11.01 Voc. Duitoling Supplies . . Hi 00 Consumer HomerraX ng Supplies . .10 56 (lomemak r»g Supplies . . .15 00 Model Office New Eqjip .611 84 voc Office Suppi'es . 29 « Heallh Texlbocks ... - .2594 Model Of lice New Equip . . .3500 Voc. Wfice Supplies ... .204 Auto Shop TextDOCfcS . . 23 53 Small Engine Supplies . . 55 *5 Homemaking fexibooks 33.J6 Homemekir.g S'^ppiies 5 20 Small Engine Supplies . . 7.S-! Small Engines. Supplies . . .35 05 Homemaking Texlbooki . ... 6.50 Aulo Shop New Equ p . . .37.41 Telephone Expense 134.72 Malerialsfcr RK3IB . . . 398 Small Engines Supplies ... .3663 Homemaking Suppl'CS . . .2 50 AutO Shop New Eqjip. . 7463 Materials for Resale . . . .9.60 Small enginesSuppl'es . . 18t 11 Electronics New Ecu.p. .202.15 Auto Shop Supplies . 57 39 TOTAL S7.37603 wagon Supt R Baker repcneoon negotidt;ons and he v;ill work oul !r-e dMails (Of negoliations for ihe tenlor. Mr. Criarles CKr.can rroved thai a confiaO be made v,-i1h D B Rosenfcialt Co. (or ihe 1974 7; school year. SecontJeo by Mr Elmer Johnscn and carried. Acfult EcJucaron tuirons and free tyiiion for senior ciliiens were labled Thedirecfor reported on ir-e vocalJonai Office work schedule few ir-e summer rr.onlhs. Upon a molkm by Mr Elmer Johnson and seconded by Mr. Charles D^rcan the meeting adjourned at 3 -iO p ir: Respectfully sutn-.tted, H. V. Ensqu^St Vocaiionai D rector Executive Committee Proceedings Fergus Falls Vocational Center [First Publication Aug. 31,1774} IN COUNTY COURT . PROBATE DIVISION Fiie4itsi Slate ot M'mnesota, County of Otter Tail ss. Order for Hearing on Pttitionlor General Ad mini jt ration. In The Mailer Of The Estate Ot Dorothy L. Soward, Decedent IT IS ORDERED that the petition for general administration Hied herein and an/ objections filed thereto be heard on September 2Jih, 19/4. at ;0:00 0'ctock A M. by this court in the courtiwjs* in the City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. That, if proper, at said time and pJace a representative will be appointed lo acT minister the estate, who shall collect all assets and lile an inventory thereof, pay ' all legal debts, ctaims, and taxes, and expenses of administration, and sell such real and personal properly as may be necessary and for Ihe best interests cf Ihe estate. Upon completion of administration, the representative snail tile a final account Cor allowance and shall distribute the estate to the persons mereuntoentiiled asordered by ihe court and do all other acts to close ihe estate. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, lhat creditors of decedent fUe their claims in this court within $*xty (60) days from the date hereof and that said clatms be heard on October Wh. 1974, at 10:00 o'clock A.M. by this court in the courthouse in Ihe City of Fergus Falls, M'<nnesoia. Dated August 2Jrd, 197< Henry PoJkinghorn Judge (Court Sean Field, Arvesen, Donoho, Lundeen 8. Hotf Fergus Falls, Minn. 56537 Attorneys (First Publication Sept. 14,1974} INCOUHTYCOURT PROBATE DIVISION Stateof Minrtesors, County of Oiler Tailss. Fil»No.41VQ Order for Hearing on Pttition for Admission ot Will to ProtMt* In The Matter Of The Estate Of Malvina Mao, aka Malvina M. Miu, Oeccdenf IT IS ORDERED that 'he petitkxi for admission of will to probate filed herei'n and any objections filed thereto be heard on October cih, 19^4, at W:00 o'clock AM. by this court in the courthouse in the Cily of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Thai, if proper, at said time and place a representative will be appointed to administer tt-.e estate, v*ho shall collect all assets and file an Inventory thereof, pay all legal debts, claims, and taxes, and expenses of administration, and sell such real and personal property as may be necessary and for the best interest of the eslale. Upon completion cf ad ministration, the representative shall lile a final account lor allowance and shall distribute the estate to the persons thereunto entitled as ordered by the court and do all other ads to close the estate. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that creditors ol decedeol file fheir claims in this court within sixty (60) days from Ihe dale hereof and that sakJ claims be heard on Novemfcer 13lh. 1974, at 10:00 o'clock A.M. by this court in ihe courthouse in the City ol Fergus Falls. MV-nesota. Dated September 3rd, 1974 Henry Polkinghorn Judge of County Court. [Court Stall Field, Arvesen, Donoho, Lundeen & Hoff Fergus Fails, Minnesota S&537 Attorneys (First Publication Aug. 31, 1774} IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION File NO. 41953 S^aSeof Minnesota. County ol Oiler Taiiss. Order for Hearing on Petition for Admission of Will to Probate. In The Mailer Of The Estate Of Lawrence A. Husi, Oecedenl IT IS ORDERED that Ihe petition for admission of will to probate filed herein and any objections filed thereto be heard on September 2-ifh, 1974. at 10.00 o'c'ocV A.M. by this courl in ine courthouse In the City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota That, if proper, at said t n-e and place a represent a live Mill r>e appointed to ar! minister the estate, who shall collect all assets and file an Inventory thereof, pay alt legal drtts. cla'ms, and taxes, and expenses of adrnirvslrat^on. and $#| $i,-ch real and personal properly as may be necessary and for the best interest o! tt-e estate. Upon comp'etion of ad rr.inis*rdtioo. ^he representative sha 1 ! I !e a linai account for allowance and shall dis'ribuie tr.e es'a'e to me persons thereunto e^iitieo as ordered by the covrt and do all other ads fo close The estate IT LS FURTHER CRDfcRED. lhat creOiiors of decedent f,i? ihe.r claims -n this coyrf w.'hir, si*ty EW: days from the dale hereof and tr\at sa dtia-ms. b*hea-d on October Wh. 1971, a! 1C CO o'c'ock A it-'S court ;n fve cQ-j-tr-OuS* In (he City of Fergus Fa'is. Mirresota Dalfd August Wn. '.974 Judgr of (Court Sean Wii: ; ams. Ne'sor, t N-'i Fergus c alls, V.-roi 5&S o^nfy Cojrl (First Publication Sept. U, 1974) IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION File No. 4i?« Stateof Mirnesoia, County cf Oiler Tail ss. Ordtrtor Hearing on Petiltoafor General Administration. In The Matter 01 The Eslate Of r»ora Maybelle Ericsson, Decedenl IT IS ORDERED lhat Ihe petiVon for general ad mi nisi rat ionised herein and any otoiections filed thereto be r--eard on October &ih, lO.OOo'clock A.M by ihis court in Ihe courthouse in th« City of Fergus Falls. Minneso'a. That, if proper, at said Time and place a representative will &e appointed to administer the estate, wno shall coJieci ail assets and hie an .nveniory thereof, pay an legal debts, claims, and taxes, and expenses o) ad ministration, and sell such real and personal property as may be necessary arwj (or the best interests of the mate. Upon comp'etkjn of administrator,, the representaiive sh-ail File a final accounl lor allowapce arxj shall d ; stritu> the esfale !o th« persons n-ere^nlo eolttled as ordered by th* courl a-xJ do ai: ac's Co c'ose the esrate IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that creditors of decedent ! > iheir claims ; n th-s court within sixiy <60f days from ihe da'e hereof ard 'hai sa-d claims be heard on November ijlrt, 1974, al 10 00 o'dOCV A M by this courl : n ir.e courtnouw -n ihe City of Fergus Fal'S. M nrveso»a Dated September 3rd. 19J4 Henry Pa'kir.g > vorn Judge (Courl SeaD NycVlpmof. N^cklenroe S. Nycklemoe Fergus Fa'ls, M.nrvescta 56537 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE PROCEEDINGS FEBGUSFALLS VOCATIONAL CENTER The regular monthly meeting of ihe ExecuNve Committee of th* Fergus Falls Vocational Center was calfed to order tjy Supt. Richard 1 Baker at ?:« p.m. This meeting was hefd in the Supt's. Office of the Fergus Falls Schools on Thursday, August 79, 1974. Me/nbm preseni were Supl. John Ennen, Supt. Gerhard Dammei, Supt. CHECK 531 Commissioner of Taxalion 532CNA Insurance 531 HoraceMarm Insurance Co 534 Western States Life Ins. Co 535 State Treasurer PERA Contribution .. 534SraleTreasurerPERAContributk« .. 5J7 Century Communications Corp 53£ Ch.lton BooX Co 539OXimissionerof Taxation 540 Continental Oil Co. ..-. S4> Cooper's Office Supply Ml DtHmar Publishers 543HaroJdH. DrewsCust.Cash Imprest.. 544 Earl's Welding Supply Division ... 545 Engine Cily Training Services 546 H. V. Engquisl 5J7 Xordel Furniture 54* H. Dean Long 549 Victor Lundeen 550Machine Tool Supply, Inc • SSlNasco 552 Northwestern Bel! 553 PhOtO Center 554 The Singer company 555 Transport Clearings 556 Twin Town Tool 557 Wheels i Keen inc VOCATIONAL CENTER Seconded by Supl. John Enrtert and carried. Mr. Harold Drews reported on the finances for th* Vocational Center. The stalkn wagon proposals and bids win be let on Sepiember 16, 1974, at 1:00 p rn. rn tr>e Administration OFIice. The Governing Board will be called together al a later dal* to analyze the b-ds. Supt. Richard Baker reported on negotiations are at a stand still. The director reported lhat the Vocational Center will start th* 197475 school year with a full (fay of schooJ on and jjric-i 1 ; the species of meat (beef, jwrk, veal); ynd the whok'salu meat cul and brief descriptive name of the retail cut (beef plate, short ribs of beef loin, sirloin, pork loin, blade roast) These new regulations do not apply to ground meat, cubed meat, cutlets, soup bones, bacon, ham or .spare ribs. (Iromid meat regulations were changed recently to limit the amount of fat on products sold ashiimburgcr 130 per cent fal), lean ground beef (22 per cent f<il) and extra lean ground beef (15 per cent fat). If texturized soy protein has been added to the ground meat, the meat cannot be labeled burger. And, the label must say if tenderizers, extenders or anything else have been added. The law requires that all ingredients be listed in the order of amount. For instance, if the word beef is listed first, then there is more beef than anything else in the product. However, if soy is listed first and beef second, then there is more soy than meat in the product. Take time to read the labels. It will take time for the information to appear on labels in all stores. New laws and rules will not benefit the consumers unless they read the labels carefully and shop accordingly. Plan before you shop! Shop live specials! Head all labels! Vou'll be a belter shopper and will save food dollars. Fish can bo both lazy and smart, says Warren Zeiller, curator of the Miami Scaquarium. Hammerhead sharks have been seen swimming into a strong current, gulping fish flowing past them. Mrs. Cecil Sherman dies in Minneapolis Mrs, Cecil (Janet E.) Sherman, 39, Golden Valley, died Friday in the Twin Cities. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Augustana I^itheran Church in Fergus Falls, with the Rev. Ixiuren Youngdale officiating, Burial will be in the Knollwood Memorial Gardens in Fergus Falls. She was born June 2, 1935 in Parkers Prairie, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kilde. She grew up in Fergus Falls and moved from the area ten years ago. She married Cecil Sherman in 1973. .She is survived by her husband; her mother, Mrs. FJfie Kilde, Fergus Falls; one son, Timothy Thorson, Minneapolis; one daughter, Mrs. Klizabeth Dahl, Minneapolis; three brothers, Darold, San Jose, Calif.; Duane, Bernidji; Dennis, Fergus Falls; two sisters, Mrs. IMS Haney, Bend, Ore.; Mrs. Sharon BJoch, Minneapolis; and one grandchild. A funeral service will also be held Monday at the Gill Brothers Funeral Home, 5801 Lyndale Aye. So., Minneapolis. A visitation will be held beginning Monday evening at the Olson Funeral Home in Fergus Falls. The family- prefers memorials to the American Cancer Society. •GENERATION GAP' INSTEAD OF OFFICIALS SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — When the date was chosen for Marin County Day at the California State Fair this year the county supervisors were invited to attend. But, alas, it was their regular meeting day. A singing group called the "Generation Gap" was chosen in their place. At the Movies ' ...... dK ' I .'y-.tKf'Jt- .'*&.' Catherine Bach and Jeff Bridges notice the consternation of Clint Eastwood, as they take a breather between bank heists in "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot," showing through Thursday at the FERGUS Theatre. Today in history By The Associated Press Today is Saturday, Sept. 14, the 257th day of 1974. There are 108 days left in the year. Today's hinhlifiht in history: On this date in 1901, President William McKinley died in Buffalo, N.Y., from gunshot wounds inflicted by an anarchist. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as President. On this date — In 1628, the second settlement in Massachusetts, Salem, was chartered by John Endicott. In 1778, Benjamin Franklin was sent to France as an American minister. In 1812, Russians set fire to Moscow after an invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1940, Congress passed the Selective Service Act. It was the first peacetime draft in U.S. history. In 1945, after World War II, Premier Higashi-Kuni of Japan said the people of his country would forget the devastation caused by the atomic bomb if Americans forgot Pearl Har- bor7 In 1963, Mrs. Andrew Fischer of Aberdeen, S.D., gave birth to quintuplets. Ten years ago: The third session of the 21st Ecumenical Council opened at St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. Five years ago: For the fifth time in less than a week, Israeli warplanes attacked Egyptian military objectives on the west shore of the Gulf of Suez. TELEVISION SCHEDULES KXJB Cti. 4 Saturday Night G:30 Hoc Haw 7:00 All in Family 7:30 Paul Sand * 8:00 M. T. Moore 8:30 Bob Newhart 9:00 Carol Burnett 9:30 Carol Burnett 10:00 New-, 4 Tonight 10:30 Wrestling 11:00 Wrestling WDAY Ch. 6 Saturday Night 15:30 &mford& Son 7:00 Emergency 7:30 Emergency 8:00 Movie: 8:30 "Klute" 9:00 Movie 9:30 Movie 10:00 Movie 10:15 News-wthr-spts. I0:-lj Bonanza Richard BaXer, Mr. Harold Drev^i, and Mr. H. V. Engquitt. rUembers absent none. Supl. Richaro Baker opened the mettirvg by reviewing the duties a->d proceedings of the Fergus Palls Vocational Center Execulive Committee to rhe new members of ihe committee. Supt. Gerhard Dairme! moved that ihe minutes be approved a; read. Seconded by Supt. John Er.r.en and carried Mr. Harold Drews presented the bMi& and alter a discussion Supt Gerhard Dammei moved lo pay the lo>low*ng b Us Sales Tax i 1691 District ContribuliOns 3iO 66 District CorIribuirons ... .3365 OiSlricI CCfilributtons 32.SI Dislrict Contributions ii.QO District Contributions .. - li 13 HealthOecup Equipmenl 699? Small Engines Supples ?0 9$ >j1ySal«Tax 2.75 Gas 8rOil . . .. 363 ModelOfliceSL-ppfies . . . 7^215 HeaLlhOccup.Texlboox.*. . . . ??2 1-1 Irtitr. Supplies S 00 Small Engines Supplies 705.70 Small Engines Supplies 5.4S Moving Permit 5 00 Model Home AMierial 'OS 0-i Travelfcr insir. V *$ Voc.OKice Supplies. . . 9.70 Small Engines Supplies . ... 47.84 Inslr Equip . ... 97 &5 Telephone Expense ... no 64 AVEquJpment 730.&S Cons. HomemaViog Equipment 319 97 Shipping Expense 3073 AytoShop Equipment 31800 Small Engines Supplies 9J 21 TOTAL H.9I9H September 3rd, Underwtod and Ramsay will be at it-* cenicr trom 1:70 until 3:?o p m. The comm.ttee favored ihe -rfttwo used dur'ng the W3 74. school >car lo figure Ihe montnlycosis (or eacn d^rricl. Ihe rwxl mpeling was set for t 30 p m on luesday, September 10, 197J Upon a motion by Supt Gerh^rcJ Damrne! and seconded by Sypi ja-n Erjipn t->e meeting adlojrned ai 3.iS p m. Respeclfi^ly sutjrr-.tted. H. V. Enqquist Vocational D'recior 11:30 Garner Ted Arm 11:15 Bonanza EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE PROCEEDINGS FERGUSFALLS VOCATIONAL CENTER The regular monthly meeting ol trve Executive Commiltee of the Fergjs Fa'ls Vocational Center was called tovrJer by Supl. Richard BaKer at 1:15 p.m. Thii meeting was held in tt-.e Supt's. Offke of Ihe Fergus Falls Schools on Tuesday. September 10, 1974. Members PT esenr wer e Si, p i j ohn Ennen, Supt. Gerhard Damrrei. S'_ot Richard BaXer. Mr. Harold Dres^s arj Mr. H V. Engq-jist. V.e.-nbcrs atsenr Supt. Gerhard DaTmei neved i^ai m : nutes be approved as rpao Secon by Supt Richard Baker and carr ed Mr. Haro'd Drev*s preserved tf>e and after discussion Supt Gert- Damn-.elmoved 10 pay it-e 1oi'o\v'r\3 b t.-_e Thunder-ball A World Television Premiere! Bond is the name... SeanConnery as Agent 007 submerges to crack the evil forces of SPECTRE. ABC Sunday Night Movie A 8 P.M. SUNDAY ^ CHANNEL 11 CHECK 5S8Air,er. Fidelity Assurance Co. . 559 SUte Treasurer PERACoolrib. . MOWnltfn stalnLife Ins. .. . 541 Bennett. CharlMA.. Co. Inc.. . . 542 Btore's Po'aris Sales ....... 543 Brake iFrool End Swvicf ...... 5w Burnstein Appiebee Company MSCommiuiontrof Revenue . SMCooper's Oirce Supply «r Earl's We'dirtq Supply Div . 548 Edtroo : C3 Company, The 5«9Enoquist. H V 573Gfneral Trad : ng Company 571 OniKC* Parti COfr.pany 573Hyoeman.HOTin-e. Irx.. . S71Klevgaard. V-arette 57*MaclTn«ToOI Supply IrK. 575 Var.haltan Supply Compa-iy S'i^^cn«y wanagemeoT Ir.stitjle S17NASCO ......... Bvst-.:ng & Parrs Con-.pany V? Norlhwestern Sell Telephone Co S«o Parts Koyse, The ...... Ml Peeders,. Norms S8?P.erce Company. The . SWPiIman.Haro'd M Company SWPoiyPaw . . 5S5 Roberls, Lewis Inc. S94S.C Di!tr ; tutrxslnc SMSOS Sales S Service. SWSams. Ho»ardW . . 590 Sallerlee Company, The . 591 Stenerson 8/os. Lumber Company 5?J Sears Roebucli 8- COrrpany SMSnao OnToo'Slnc. 594 Thor,, Sylvia . . S«TrosyiH.O. E SfSTran&porl ctearlngs S97 Upholstery Supply Co . The . SWWe'dino Supplies & Equ:a 599WO-'d Supply COmpar.y VOCATIONAL CENTER District Contr.Cu'ions District Con'ribul ons . District con'ribctions. Textbooks Strall Engine Supp 1 ei Subscriptions Electronics Supples Sales Tax WooetOlficeSuppl es Welding Sucpl-es Eleclron ; cs Eau 0-rent . Travel Vrxatior-al Supplies . Vocaiionai S-jpol-es & Eo/j'p Small Engirds Supples Travel for instruct on Machine Shop Supcl es wach : ne Shoo Supp':« Homemak r.g RQu pment for Instruct on Small Enqinei Supplies voca'^nal Sur^l es Travel for Irstrjcl.oo .wxlel Office Suool'es Graph c Arls Suppi-es Electronics SuDPi'es Graphic Arts Suoolies Small Engir* SupcMes Electronics Si.cpiies Sn-a'l Enq ne Stpo'ies Electron c SLpplies vocalional Shop Sunciies Pi-rchiasesfor Resale S-Pall Enq ne Supples Srrall Enaihe Suoci'es Travel lor Ins'rucl on Carpentry Supplies Graphic Arts Sucpi-es carpentry Sjppl n Weld ng Sups' es Electronics Supp'.es TOTAL 12:00 Rock Concert Sunday 7:30 Dwayne Friend 8:00 Rex Humbard 8:30 Rex Humbard 9:DO I,amp Unto Feet 9:30 look Up Live 10:00 Camera Three lO.-lifl Face the Nation 11:00 This the Life 11:30 Insight 12:00 Pre-Game Show 12:30 NFL Today 1:00 Football: 1:30 Minnesota 2:00 vs. 2:30 Green Bay 3:00 Football 3:30 Dallas 4:00 at 4:30 Atlanta 5:00 Football 5:30 Football 6:00 News 4 Tonight Sunday Night 6:30 Apple's Way 7:00 Apple's Way 7:30 Kojak 8:00 Kojak 8:30 Kojak 9:00 Kojak 9:30 Police Surgeon 10:00 News 4 Tonight 10:30 Virginian 11:00 Virginian 11:30 Virginian 12:00 Virginian Monday 7:00 CBS Morn. News 7:30 CBS Morn. News 8:00 Captain S:30 Kangaroo 9:00 Joker's Wild 9:30 Gambit 10:00 Coffee Time 10:30 I,ove of Life 11:45 Weirdo Theatre: 12:00 "Night Monster;' Sunday 7:00 Gerald Derstine 7:30 Gerald Derstine 8:00 Rel. Town Hall 8:30 Oral Roberts 9:00 Chall. of Truth 9:30 Day of Discovery 10:00 Rex Humbard 10:30 Rex Humbard 11:00 Messiah 11:30 Luth. Church 12:00 Football: 12:30 Cleveland 1:00 at 1:30 Cincinnati 2:00 Football 2:30 Football 3:00 Golf 3:30 Golf 4:00 Golf 4:30 Golf 5:00 Big Ten Football 5:30 NBC News 6:00 Wild Kingdom KCMT Ch. 7 Saturday Night 6:30 Adam 12 7:00 Emergency 7:30 Emergency 8:00 Movie: 8:30 "Klute" 9:00 Movie 9:30 Movie 10:00 Movie 10:15 News-wthr-spts. 10:45 Vacationland 11:00 "Fantastic 11:30 Voyage" 12:00 Movie Sunday 7:00 Ag. Ext. Service " Did KTHI Ch. 11 Saturday Night 6:30 Sweet Rachel" 7:00 New I,and 7:30 New Land 8:00 Kung Fu 8:30 Rung Fu 9:00 Kung Fu 9:30 Kung Fu 10:00 Rookies 10:30 Rookies Th 11:00 Night Owl Theatre 11:30 "Love with the 12:00 Proper Stranger" KFME Ch. 13 Saturday Night No Schedule Sunday Sunday 7:30 Hour of Hope 8:00 Old Time 8:30 Gospel ilour 9:00 Voice of Church 9:30 Lassie 10:00 Goober 7:30 Old Time 8:00 Gospel Hour 8:30 Homestead U.S.A. 9:00 Chall. of Truth 9:30 Messiah 10:00 Luth. Hour 10:30 Day of Discovery 10:30 Make a Wish 11:00 Catholic Hour 11:00 Notre Dame 11:30 Meet the Press 12:00 Football: 12:30 Cleveland 1:00 at 1:30 Cincinnati 2:00 Football 2:30 Football 3:00 Country Jubilee 3:30 Golf 4:00 Golf 4:30 Golf 11:30 Football 12:00 Wings to France 12:30 Issues & Answers 1:00 College Football '7 1:30 College Football '7 2:00 Dragnet 2:30 I-et's Talk Racing 3:00 Kiplinger 3:30 Animal World 4:00 Hank Thompson 4:30 Buck Owens 5:00 American Ski Seer 5:00 Award Theatre: 5:30 NBC News 6:00 Wild Kingdom 5:30 "Arreiverderci 6:00 Baby" Sunday Night 6:30 \V. Disney 7:00 W. Disney 7:30 Mystery Movie 8:00 Mystery Movie 8:30 Mystery Movie 9:00 Mystery Movie 9:30 Hogan's Heros 10:00 News-wthr-spts. Sunday Night Sunday Night 6:30 W. Disney 6:30 Movie 7:00 W. Disney 7:00 Movie- 7:30 Mystery Movie 7:30 "Fiddler 8:00 Mystery Movie 8:00 on the 8:30 Mystery Movie 8:30 Roof" 9:00 Police Surgeon 9:00 Movie 9:30 Police Surgeon 9:30 Movie in -in u , D - -A. 10:0 ° News - w thr-spts. 10:00 Movie 10:30 Red River Theatre 10:30 Masterpiece Theat 10-30 Movie 11:00 ''Dr. Strangelove" 11:00 "El Greco" 10:45 Weekend Report M ° Vle }J : ^" ovie 11:15 Movie Movie 12:00 Movie ' : 12: Monday 7:00 Today Show 7:30 Today Show 8:00 Today Show 8:30 Today Show 9:00 Name That Tune 9:30 Winning Streak 10:00 High Rollers 11-00 Young & Restless 11:00 Jackpot 11:30 Search for Tomorrll:3u Baffle 12:00 News 4 Today 1.2:30 As World Turns 1:00 Guiding Light 1:30 Edge of Night 2:00 Price is Right 2:30 Match Game 3:00 Green Acres Monday 7:00 Today Show 7:30 Today Show 8:90 Today Shower Today Show 9:00 Name That Tune 9:30 Winning Streak 10:00 High Rollers „„. 10:30 Hollywood Square: 10:30 Hollywood Squares 10:30 Bradv Bunch „.« ,_.,._... 11:00 Jackpot "« ]1:00 pjj^™ 11:30 Celebrity Sweep 11:30 Split Second 12:00 Movie Monday 7:30 Farm Report 8:00 Ne* Zoo Revue 8:00 Living Easy 8:30 Good Morning 9:00 Good Morning 9:30 Mike Douglas 10:00 Mike Douglas 6:00 ZOOM Sunday Night 6:30 Journey to Japan 7:00 Evening at Pops: 7:30 "Old Tuners Night 8:00 Masterpiece Theati 8:30 Masterpiece TheaU 9:00 Firing Line Monday 10:00 Electric Company 12:00 Noonday 12:00 Farm Today 12:30 Jeopardy 12:30 Jeopardy 1:00 Days of Our Lives 1:00 Days of Our Lives 1:30 The Doctors 1:30 The Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:00 Another World 12:00 Dialing Dollars 12:30 Make a Deal 1:00 Newly wed Game 1:30 Girl in my Life 2:00 General Hospital 12:00 Sesame Street 2:30 Survive a Marriag 2:30 Survive a Marriag 2:30 One Life to Live 3:00 Partyline 3:30 Mike Douglas Shov 3:30 Partyline 4:00 Mike Douglas Sho< 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Mike Douglas Sho\ 4:30 Addams Family Seconded by S'jpT. Richard Baker and carried The Vocational D rector reported on th* enrollments in th.e vocational Cen'er for t*e 197175 school year. In the eleven vocaiionai areas ottered, there were Ml sti/tfents in attendance during the first week of school. MO from Fergus Fa'iS, 31 Irom Rolhsay. ard 50 from Underwood Adjustments will Tiave lo be made in The ModelOflice and Consumer Homtmaxinq Areas Personal leaves lor 3 instructors were discussed. The eleven areas in the cenfer will have their Adv sory Cor-.<v ttee . Septerrber is. 1974 at 7 x D T he rj>r«tor v,iu afe'd -- e and Center Voca'.cral Workshop on Septerter 'a Nent neei,-icj A u te .v.c*iday Jl. l»7i. al l Mprr Upon a mot.on Oamne' and o y s t Ennen tt-e meet 19 a3iOu-r« ,• t JS ' Pespectvv s.b-r •.,-., M V Ergau.v Vocational D rect<x 5:00 Tell the Truth 5:30 CBS News 6:00 News 4 Tonight Monday Night fi:30 Pop Goes Country 7:00 Gunsmoke 7:30 Gunsmoke 8:00 Maude 8:30 Hhoda 1:00 Medical Center 0:30 Medical Center 10:00 News 4 Tonight 10:30 Movie: 11:00 "The Couple 11:30 Takes a Wife" 12:00 Final Kdition 5:00 Hogan's Heros 5:30 NBC News 6:00 News-wthr-spts. Monday Night 6:30 Chmielewski 7:00 Born Free 7:30 Born Free 8:00 Movie: 8:30 "What's the 9:00 Matter with 9:30 Helen" 10:00 News-wthr-spts. 10:30 Tonight Show 11:00 Tonight Show 11:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Tomorrow- Somerset 3:30 Welcome Inn 4:00 Vogi's Gang 4:30 Bullwinkle 5:00 Brady Bunch 5:30 NBC News 6:00 6 PM Report Monday Night .6:30 Jimmy Dean 7:00 Born Free 7:30 Bron Free 8:00 Football: 8:30 Oakland 9:00 at 9:30 Buffalo 10:00 Football 10:30 10 PM Report 11:00 Tonight Show 11:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Tomorrow- $10,000 Pyramid 3:30 Movie: 4:00 "Mr. 4:30 Scoutmaster" 5:00 Scene Tonight 5130 ABC News 6:00 At Issue. Monday Night 6:30 Ho" 7:00 Raymond Burr 7:30 Ravmond Burr 8:00 Football: 8:30 Oakland 9: CO vs.. 9:30 Buffalo 10:00 Football 10:30 Football 11:00 Scene at Eleven 11:30 The Saint 12:00 The Saint 4:00 Misterogers 4:30 Sesame Street 5:30 Electric Co. 6:00 Film Feature Monday Night 6:30 Electric Company 7:00 Spec, of the Week 7:30 Spec, of the Week 8:00 Spec, of the Week 8:30 Spec, of the Week 9:00 To be Announced 9:30 To be Annour.ced 10:00 ABC Captioned Ne '— c Sapt Gr-ra-d " Can't find o good TV program? THJ V\fe sound better Try this! The very finest in Stereo & Quadraphonic Components! PHOTO :NTKR 216 WEST LINCOLN-FERGUS FALLS

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