The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 19, 1959 · Page 1
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 1

Austin, Minnesota
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Monday, January 19, 1959
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The Weather Mostly foir and colder tonight- lair end cold Tuesday; northwesterly wmds 10-20 mph today diminsihinq tonight; high today zero to 10 obov». Low tonight 5-15 below AUSTIN DAILY HERALD VOL. cxxxvi AUSTIN, MINN., MONDAY, JANUARY If), 1959 SINGLE COPY — It 12 Pagci You don't hnve to be sick in order to break out with * nlct, big smile. $77 Billion Budget Calls fo r AUSTINITE WITH CARDINAL—Hugh V. Plunketr, Jr., 808 S. Kenwood, poses with Francis Cardinal Spellman in an outer room of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, today after Plunkett and 30 other men had been inducted into the Knights of Malta. (AP Photofax) ISTRIKE ANY TARGET Castro Invites , e Newsmen Polaris Blasts Off $4B Strong Emphasis Put on Missiles, Space WASHINGTON (AP) - Missile weapons and space vehicles fly high in the budget proposed to Congress today for the year starting next July .1, The Pentagon, in asking for a $40.945,000,000 spemlim' budget, said it would lay out 60 million dollars more for missile research than for the present year. Missile costs were not itemized separately, but President Eisenhower has said missile programs are costing nearly seven billion dollars this year. i In addition to defense spending, the newly created'' Aeronautics and Space Administration would be given a I 280-million-dollar spending budget, compared with 135' millions for this year. | | Expected to Hit Record \ f* Expenditures by the Atomic E»i'| jP|T1C Slash in Sp 9 to Attend Rally in Space Flight CAPE CANAVERAL. Fia. (AP.'Dee. 30 flight which was cut short, ^ v , uua la ^j immun uoiiars nign- - A Polaris test rochet, the Navy's abruptly when the range safety i er than estimated spending for the HAVANA Cuba I/W - Fidel Oustro said today he h;;.-. i \iied * —™ imuiia it/si, xuciit'i uit 1 iNuvy s uoii4-n.iv wncn uic range sai-[.y ,;>0 newsmen and commentators lligh , y tmited submarino missi , e , officer destroyed the missile after Irom the United States and Latin , llol skvw;lrd todny on tbo start o[ ju minutes. The puffy smoke trail America to attend a giant rally , n awi-mile space'flight. j from the solid fuel engine power called m Havana Wednesday to Th[> 28 . fool Lo ckheed missile ' package traced the rocket's arch- rfhow support for his speedy trial: which will be capable of striking ing course. and execution of Batista bench- any target on enrth ,. 0 . lmi llp ' After 45 seconds, another promi- men> atop a flashing tail of white flame nent smoke puff was seen. This The revolutionary chief said he r ,t 10:42 a.m. .signaled separation of the two also had invited U. S congressmen; Preliminary reports indicated .rocket stages, who '_'jn recent days have severely the spectacular shoot was highly i Cartwheel Tunis criticized the executions of w a r successful, the first in .four at-' The spent first-stage booster ele- criminals by the revolutionary: tempts of the current development; ment fell in a series of cartwheel ----=--- turns. The rocket reportedly was load- ergy Commission, Eisenhower told Congress, are expected to hit a record $2,700,000,000 in fiscal 1900. This large amount, he said, "reflects our determination to main| tain our position of world leadership in the file of nuclear military armaments" until international control agreement can be reached. The military budget of $40,945,000,000 is 145 million dollars high- ^ i i. Republicans Praise Budget \f WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional reaction to President Eisenhower's 77-billion-dollar budget presented today generally followed the usual party pattern. i i 60- efieit 0«!i< sufcmvs 40- y 1 - / f Yr in niJ / JfS 'lir|ii»Hi.i ft£C£i/>r5 j 1 — • BUDGtT 195) 1950 1952 1054 1053 £ifim<il«n *0 60 40 1*58 BUDGET DATA — Bureau of the Budget chart shows budget trends, actual and estimated, for the decade 1950-60 in the areas of expenditures, receipts surpluses and deficits. (AP Wirephoto Chart). Ike's Program Aimed to Nip Inflation Trend By FRANK CORMIKR WASHINGTON (AP) - President Eisenhower today sent Congress a 77-billinn dollar budget forecasting a spending cut of nearly four billion dollars and a precarious surplus of 70 millions. He called it "a confident budget that assumes a surge of prosperity. Eisenhower said the budget aims to'reslrain inflationary forces that cheapen our money and erode our savings. He also said it paves the way for a tax cut "in the reasonably foreseeable future." No tax cuts were proposed for Hie present. In fact, to help achiev the first balanced budget In three years, the President is asking Congress to boost postal rates and gasoline taxes. He also wants some lax loopholes plugged. Hikes Defense Spending Ike Puts Stress on Economic Aid in Message Any added postal revenues and I proceeds from loophole plugging I would increase budget receipts WASHINGTON Ml- A foreign Gas tax money would go into a aid program emphasizing rn or e separate trust fund which, Eisen- economic and less military assis-jhower said, would otherwise have tance was offered to Congress today. series. A statement from Castro's press if all went well, the missile's . .. ._ headquarters said personal invita- blunt shaped re-entry body would' ed with an elaborate instrument lions had gone out to the foreign be recovered from the Atlantic, 'system. journalists. j The mission was similar to the This was the l!Gth Polaris test U. S. Will Get a Look at Argentina's Frondizi UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. -iS329 million in economic aid from (NEA)—It's not easy for any;the U. S. government, the Interman to change the beliefs and,national Monetary Fund and pri- ideas he's held for a loog time. For j vale banks. In return, Frondizi in » politician, it's almost impossi- stituted a program of austerity ble - this month that has hit hard at the But during the next two weeks (working classes who once formed Americans will have a look at ajthe base of Peron's power, and politician who has done just that: (who, on the exiled dictator's ad- stage experimental series. The Navy believes that the current year. Respond More Quickly _, . ^ •* ; «» wt ivt\_t*.l. 1H-|JUIJ111. tllia lltllJCtl Eisenhower said "it Will boUer; effort to hold down spending. , the defense of our country against! House Speaker Sam Rayburn possible attack and enable our (D-Tex) said "I hope we can bal- forces to respond more quickly, ance the budget but I don't see, and^ vigorously to any emergen-1 much chance for it under the Pres- CJT ' . (ident's proposals." : Offsetting some of the higher) He said also that Congress is missile costs will be abandonment j not likely to grant Eisenhower's of some older, outmoded weapons!request for authority to veto or Mfnor- . . ....^VICTORY FOR INTEGRATION The over-all cost of foreign aid I for the year starting next July 1 j to be replenished out of the budget. Eisenhower said his fiscal blueprint, for all its emphasis on economy, promises to "Increase our types. Unit Strengths Listed Here is how the manpower and unit strengths are projected: ARMY — 870.000 men this to reduce individual items in authorization and appropriation bills. Strong Defense Massive Resistance Collapses in Virginia I ivi VIIK jucn auui tiuft ncxi iJUiy I " ' ' ^" w «i^ic«ae our iwill drop from this year's level,j military effectiveness." The bud?- j President Eisenhower said in his^ et ca!ls for nik 'nR Defense depart| budget message. But he nsked a i r nent milila iT spending by 145 mil } higher appropriation for the years | clollars hut Projects a cut (,f 'ahead. 4( ' 2 millions in arms aid to other nations. RICHMOND, Va. <AP) - V,r- suit before a three-judge U.S. Dis- agglesso,,' """' P °" lbIe| ,'«"»Uv. 1, mor. inflaUon. trirt rvini'i nf M«,.fr,iu TI,:,. ,. — t i Treasurer Warns and next; the same total of ginia's massive resistance to school integration laws apparently collapsed today in the Virginia Su- 14 flight but the fourth in the two- divisions and 23 other major units. The administration will ask Congress to continue selective serv-. ice, now used only by the Army. I trict Court at Norfolk. This court Argentina's President Arturo Frondizi. Th<? 80-year-old Frondizi, who will be visiting Washington and New York and five other U. S.! cities beginning today was elected last February in Argentina's lirst truly free presidential campaign in 30 years. He has been plagued by severe economic problems ever since. Frondizi came to office with the reputation of a nationalist and a leftist, who favored government operation of oil, seel, mining, transportation and power. But he found a nation near economic ruin from the years of Peron's dictatorship, and realized the only way out was to encourage foreign investment and foreign aid in the development of a basically wealthy country. He signed one billion dollars in development contracts with foreign oil companies, and negotiated j vice, supported Frondizi for election. Polaris will be one of the most devastating weapons in the U. S. • arsenal when it is ready by 1960. Five nuclear powered submarines, equipped to prowl beneath the seas indefinitely, are being constructed to carry the Polaris. Utilities Group Is Proposed in Legislature ST. PAUL (API - Establishment of a three member utilities commission is proposed in a bill I,. f? *»« »»*I»*^.WIY \*.VA11V*/ OCIJU 1*11 w »JUVJ(j . et, as it stands, will provide for a rllc court in a 5 ' 2 decision ruled strong defense, for progress inj afiainsl lhe Alm °nd- administration! meeting human needs, and for a' prosperous and expanding econ- ' Toppled With Statute was not immediately clear ready for introduction today in the House of Representa- in t bat groups operating from will remain at 16. MARINE CORPS — Unchanged from the present 175,000 men, three division and three air wings. AIR FORCE — The only manpower reduction—5,000—is in the! 105; . -_• cut! to 102 wings, including wings of missiles as well as manned aircraft. Makes Promise Ehat "the lissiles will a in an action testing the validity "Iof the payment of tuition grants .-,«„,. | f°i' private schooling and related NAVY nn nnn PS »t • ' The Senate's asistant Republi- statutes. NAVY- 630,000 men tins year| can leader) Sen . Thomas K ' ud)el W f Rt-T ! nue of California, sa 'd the budget lays It >vus nui immernaiei 01 8b4 ships down a S pi en did formula for de-jhow the court ruled on 3 them com-, f ense _ But he sajd he does no( . j c ] osure and fund cut . off ]awSj but agree with the President that: since they were directly involved there can be a breathing spell in i apparently they toppled with the I asking new public works projects, j tuition payment statute. r, «i ^' ie delay in the specific ruling Rep. Clarence E. Cannon (D- on theae other statutes was caused Mo), chairman of the House Ap-; by a hold . llp of the f . ourt - s fonnal | opinion as well as the dissenting BULLETIN HICHMOND, Va. (AIM — The Virginia Supreme Court today struck down the state's statutes Promote Stability ; Secretary of the Treasury Robert Al the same time, he added, IhisjB. Anderson indicated that if Con- country should help promote the i gross boosts spending in the new economic stability and growth of)budget, a tax increase — rather less developed countries where;than a cut—would become a real want and suffering abound. j possibility. ! Eisenhower asked 3,930,000,OOoJ Anderson said revenue estimates . 'in new foreign aid money, includ- M O1 ' fiscnl 196 ° assume personal in- integral on which ing $li600i(KWitwo ,„ m iii tary a j d >oroe in calendar 1.959 will rise ne schools in Nor- Actual spcndjng c , uring lhe year 'more than 20 billion dollars to 374 folk Chariotte«.H H v Aclla "P cndin B d » ri »B ^ year, oars o folk CharlotleivlJle and \Varren he sajd| jg eslimate( , at % 3 ^ iw ; 000 ': billions. He said the Treasury be V^OUlliy» __ __ .... . llniirtf nnptnnxn tn «».i*: i._ 111 t . profits will into 47 billions 000, including $1,H5i),(X)0.000 fori" eves cor P° ral e ••[military assistance. Much of the! cl ' oase l ° l * indicated it would announce its de- j spending, especially for military I antl lhat the gross natlon a' product cision shortly after the state court aid, comes from funds appropriate' BUDGET acted. led in previous years. | (Continued on Page J) Projects in Budget Included in the Eisenhower budget are appropriations for the fol- Minnesota lives. Assigned to the commission un- ,..__ , „- .. . .,-— ler the proposal would be super-' ™ b «if< ™^*> vision of all public utilities, be at launching sites by of the current fiscal year." Production of the intermediate the Air and Army Jupiter, i lowing i Minnesota: St. Anthony Falls. River of the North, and N. D., $386,000; and Lost River opinion of Justices Harold F. Snead and Willis D. Miller. j Chief Justice John W. Eggleston i announced the court's decision i Car-Truck Collision North of City Fatal to Iowa Girl tersely to a crowded courtroom, j An Estherville, Iowa, girl, Mary .THE HERALD this morning. He remarked only that in the c?se Mason, 19,' ' C -»ty's! Kieck w was with projects mason, iw, Became mower uouniy s; Kiecker was with a cousin, Cur" ;of Atty. On. A. S. Harrison Jr. first 1959 traffic fatality early to- (is Kiecker, Fairfax Minn', and I against Comptroller Sidney C. Day,! day when she died of injuries suf-' Armin Kiecker, Hector, no rela , , . and electric power j eluding gas companies. One member of the commision would be named by the governor, , iwill continue through to June 30, but no appropriations for i- planned, , disclosed. one by the House and one by the J^Z?* ™ A ' cpnaip '• missile, the Air Force Klect.'U by Voters Members of the state Railroad' and Warehouse Commissio, ^ addition to the Atlas ballistic ile, the Air Force will put in- P ' 3Ce th ' S year the ai-'-breath- 1 "? •"* Intercon ««ental AKTUKO KltONDI/.! THROWN AGAINST TREES supervise telephone, railroad's Brii^JJ '"" kwlU . h ' ve a tiuck companies, are elected by ° f ^ Sna , rk misslles ' the voters Accelerated Pace UTILITIES Eisenhower said the (Continued on Pa^e ;i j MISSILES I '.Continued on Page Army is a political budget based on con-' Involved in the friendly suit be-; in the state. 'truck. tingencies which no one expects to fore the- high court were the ! A passenger in the Mason girl's! Station Wagon Ditched le, and Loyle Mason, who resides in Idaho. The body was taken this mornin.; from the Jordan Mortuary to Es- Minn :" 1 " ; " l " J " "" ""'"uamus nas ut?en, lerea m a car - irucK collision tion. The three were hauling 13 therville Brook'a™ 1 "? ?* lh Jllsti( ' es Mill( ' r and i :lbm " 9 P' m ' Sunday near Andy- 1 cattle to Gco. A. Hormel & Co.| Just before noon Saturday Al- |Sneadd ls .srntinB. The action re-jVille on Highway aiB-N. | from Hector, about 130 miles! fred Erickson, 78, Tigerton Wis j quested an order forcing the' It was the second fatal accident northwest of Austin. Kiecker said | was killed when he was thrown -1 comptroller to pay the tuition; in the Austin area over the week-'the cattle were not hurt but ex-1 from a car six miles west of Aus- propnations Committee, said -this;funds. ieiid.^and ^the third traffic fatality, tensive damage was done to the! tin after colliding with an Austin- bound Milwaukee Road freight train. Erickson's head hit a fence materialize." •* ; ------ ---- --"o "•••*•"*•••*'* viwiij.iji. iv^noisii Q ilCCtU lilt a ICIlCvT stale ' s school-closure law, fund- j 1936 model station wagon, Beryl; The Mason vehicle ended up in : post causing multiple fractures and D ------- i - , - , e ason vece ene up n pos causng Kep. John TaDer fR-NVi, rank- ; cut-oft law, tuition grant laws de- i Keener, 19, Estherville, was re- the difch, and both girls w e r e : instant death. ing Republican on the Appropria-; pendent upon the school closing ' ported in satisfactory condition to-; taken to St. Obtf Hospital. Miss! ' tions Commute, said he would try mid fund cut-otf, and the so-called [day at St. Olaf Hospital with in-, Mason died about 1:45 a.m. She ! ' " '' • TITO LI-:AVKS CKYUIN MADRAS, India i.i'i — President any Tito and his wife sailed toihi.v ii» Ilircatened disorder. 1 . Ceylon after a six - day visit to Tin- school closing law constitu- IlK ^ a - liuiialily also is under lest in a Terrified Teenage Girls Take Fast Tumble Down Icy Trail NORTH CONWAY. N.H. Sixteen terrified let-n - ;if,'c girls were injured, one seriously, when Weather Olliriul I'. S. Heading Irinu TJIE HEKAI.U Ucallii'i Sit,> <m Kuof of 1 iif StalUin; Heading «:,".n a.m. - -in b-lo-.v. Previous 21-hr, low — -12 btio-v Previous -t hr. high — -- sbw General Weather—Partly Cloudy Teiuperaturi's Ut'cordi'U at THK IIKKAIJJ liuildiiig: .S I'M) AY i:> T P. i P. M. -! P. M. 'I P. M. 4 P. M. > P. M. o P. M. M. ;.; P. M. a P. M. Id P M. 11 P 12 P. they went sliding dizzily down an k-e-Klazed ski trail on ,'i,00(/-foot hiyh Cranmure Mountyin Sunday. The trail had been closed to ski- ini; as hazardous. In a frolicsmne mood ihf yirls decided to try sliding llf.Mnid C onirol Al.noji instantly their speed was beyond their control and they were thrown a^'inst trees, brush and locks as tlu-y plunimetted 1(K) yards down the steep, icy trail. About an inch of glare ice. left by free/-ir,« ruin encrusted a loot 01 snow. When iiKind. UiL-y \vtix' siri-wn the bri:i»fd anJ bleeding, sijjue unable to stand. Bernard E. Massey, 70, Minne. • ~--- - — — --..-« L - —, ......,..,., L..V x. uu^ui, 4. t.j a.m. out: ! upolis, died Sunday when his car to keep the appropriations within. ••Liule Hock" laws which would 'ernal and facial injuries and a! suffered multiple fractures, a phy-i left U. S. Highway 12 near Hudson the budget. i,i ose any st .| 100 i pa trolH'd by fed- fracture of the left arm. siciun said. An autopsy is planned. : Wis. Injuries suffered in an acci- •oral authorities and which will The station wagon heading north; The liijii station wagon is a com- ' dent at 1 a.m., Jan. 1, north of [,uthori/e the Kovernor to close- collided broadside with an Austin-'plete wreck. JHayward, Wis., resulted in the school faced with actual or bound truck driven by Elgar Kiec-' The girls were returning to!death late Saturday of Karen K. ker, 2H, Hector, Minn. .work in Minneapolis after attend-!Pearson, 15. The Hayward girl Swerved Riyht First j ing a fraternity dance at the State Idled in a Duluth hospital. "Her car first swerved way to University of Iowa, Iowa City. ; A weekend accident in Wiscon- the right and then swerved into, Miss Recher is engaged to Al'.sin killed a Minneapolis man and our lane and came right at us:Miller, Iowa football star. ia Wisconsin girl died in Minneso broadsule with the driver's side! Miss Mason was the daughter!la of injuries suffered in an ear- smashing into us," Kiecker told of Mrs Mabel Mason, Esthcml-, lier Wisconsin accident M. M. MONDAY •< 'J, 4 ", ti A A. A. A. A. A M. NIL ., M. .. M. . M Iii .. U ,..11 ... 7 . . 5 :t - o ;i lu n u A A A. A, A N. . M. . M. M. . M. . M. Lion Fra<'tures .\io.-t M-rioush injured w:is Carol Di Spirito. Iii. who suffered pelvic and lumbar apinal fractures and bladder injury. Five girls were held at Memorial Hospital jor less serious injuries. Ten others were treated at the hospital a:id released. The girls were amuug auout 'Mi members of St. Patrick's Catholic Youth Organization of La\\rence, Mass., who went to the ski resort on the parish's second annual win-' ter sports party. Arctic Blast Puts State in Frigid Mood Minnesota appeal's in .store for another prolonged cold wave this v.eek. A wave of arctic air pushed back into the region overnight, sending temperatures below zero again over much of the state. The outlook for the next five days calls for mercury readings averaging 20 degrees below the normal high of iii to 2« and the low of zero to 9 above. It will! continue eold through midweek with slowly moderating tempera- lures toward the end of the .pe- I PROTON RAY USED New Brain Operation Doesn't Open Skull, Sheds No Blood FATAL SCENE — Alfred Erickson, 78 Tigerton, Wis, was killed instantly' ju'i' before neon Saturday when a car in which he was ndmg slammed into an Austin-bound Milwaukee Read freight seven miles west of Austin, just off Highway 16. Erickson lies covered by blanket in right foreground. Rov Olson, Oakland, cat driver, ne;,hew of the dead nidi', was released after treatment at St. Olaf Hosp.tal and Carl Erickson, Boulder, Wis , no relation to the dead man, is reported in satisfactory condition. i STOCKHOLM iAP> — Working with an invisible '•atomic knife'' Swedish .scientists have pioneered a brain operation which neither opened the .skull nor shed a drop ol blood. The team oi brain surgeons and nuclear .scientists at the Gustav Werner Institute for Nuclear Chemistry at Upsala University destroyed diseased tissue with an American-invented proton ray. The operation 'was 'performed on a man at 55, the team disclosed i ui radio and television interviews. By destroying a piece of tissue three millimeters thick inside the, 'paiiem's skull, he was cured pai'i- of a serious mental depression : The ::iu:i leJt iht hospital twi' days Saver. A similar operation ; carried out by orthodox lobotomyj 1 would have required weeks of preparation and a long period of recovery. Prof. Lars Lek.sci! of Lund University, who supervised the operation, expressed belief the new method can be applied to ease Blind Man's Dog Warns of Blaze GOSHEN, N. Y. i?> - Victor Kowalski was sleeping in a downstairs bedroom while his wife and four children were away. The barking of the family's pet dug awakened him. The second floor of his house was on fire. Kowalski and the dog escaped to the street. Firemen extinguished the blaze. Kowalski is blind many chronic pains, for treatment 'of Parkinson's disease and for cer- Itain mental illnesses. I Proton rays, the poshiv-- 'charged unit of the atom nueleu- penetrated the patient's brain from 18 directions during the two- jhour operation, said Prof. Bior ; Hexed of Upsala, one of lhe six' man team. ! Ouly JJ iu World The atomic £r4fe was supplied ; by the synchrocydolron, one of only two in the world suitable for I this kind of operation. The other is ! at the University of California at Berkeley. During the operation, the patient was alone in the operating room'. To avoid risk of atomic radiation, ;Leksell and his assistants operai ! ed the ray from wa adjoining room (and watched the patient ou A , closed television circuit

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