The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 22, 1934 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1934
Page 5
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FESftUARY 2S, 1934 PAGfcf-lVt it- *• Sfr. *«« Mrs. I. M. Hatt were hosts at a «sh dinner at the Mai- vert fe* R««* J*rtday evetrfftg. Their guests Ineltsded Dr. and Mrs. J. 0. tffM, f>r. and Mr*. W. n. Hfett* Mr. and Mrs. Bruce BOThset, Mr. and Mrs. 3. V. Weafin, Mr. and Mrs. I. tt. Beck- •witn, »n<J Mr. tod Mrs. I. B. Rfttiderso*. Foltowlttg the dlnn«t the gtonp enjoyesd a social evening at the Hall hoine. Party f<» Mrs. Sam Walker entertained a group of children Saturday afternoon honoring the birthday of her children, Shirley and Billy. It happens that their birthdays both come oft Feb. it. fen little girls wefe invited because Shirley is tea years old and nine little boys because Billy is nine. Their teachers, Miss Edna Herts and Miss Isa Boretie, were also guests, dames were the entertainment and delicious refreshments were served. It was a delightful afternoon for the guests."Those present were Betty Baer, Betty Lou Barkus, Carolyn fioeh- ner, Madeira Swain, Jane Johneon, Carolyn Hall, Dorothy Fa- eel, Virginia Ranne, Ruth Clark, Peggy McCormiek, Billle Baer, Edward Hauler, Qeorge Talbott, John Blothower, John Paulson, Johnny Milliken, Edet Knight, Robert Chamberlain, and Billy Cardwetl and the two teachers. O. K. 8. in Regular Session The regular meeting of Silver Urn Chapter Order of the Eastern Star was held Tuesday evening. A social hour followed the regular routine of the meeting with the following committee in charge: Mrs. Albert Nelson, chairman, Mrs. W. L. Smith, Mrs. Harley Stevesson, Mrs. H. J. Benton, Mrs. U. R. Graves, and Mrs. Margaret Cunningham. A George Washington luncheon was served by the committee. Mrs. Mary Vieth of Oakland, district instructor, will be present at the next regular meeting. Marjorlo: Duval Give* Valentine Party Miss Marjorle Duval entertained a group of young people at a party last Wednesday evening cerrvipg out the valentine motif < ,.de games and refreshments. ., Guests were Velma Jean Caudell, , Dorothy Henderson, Jean Summers, Stella Jane Dyke, Max , Sawyers, of Silver, City, Alan Du, val, Randall 'Donner, Max :Sell, ' Bernard Scott and Lloyd Walker. Mr» Marion Hostess to Kensington Mrs, Marlon Wise was hostess last Thursday afternoon to the Baptist Ladles Kensington. Thirty-five members and guests were present. Clever contents and games were the entertainment and at the close of the afternoon a delicious lunch was served. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. J, W, McNulty, Mrs, B, C. Collins, Mrs, Albert Nelson and Mrs. Chas. Bobbins, DEARDORFF'S QIOCEIY Baby Coco* can 25c Ba>y Stuart Sweet Potato** No, , W»t " 1 C r '' - Sewly WeOs j-rMay Eve The pleasant eotrntry norae of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Woodffll south ot Strahan was the scene ot a very pretty weddfng reception last Friday evening honoring their son, Marvin, and bride. There were about fifty present, relatives and near friends, including a number of young people from around the home ot the bride hear Malvern. A program ot music and readings including a reading by Phyllis Wilson, a reading by Anfca Rose Bass, and a vocal duet by Clifford Dillehay and Mrs. Marvin Woodftll. Refreshments were served consisting of sandwiches, coffee, and apples. Mr. and Mrs. Woodnll, the newljrweds, will make their home on a farm fust south of the senior Woodfllls, wbefe they will be at hotte to their friends after March 1, Gives Valentine Luncheon Mrs. Margaret Buttmann entertained last Wednesday at a luncheon carrying out the Valentine motif. Guests were Mrs, J. F, Wearin, Mrs. J. K. Summers, Mrs. W, M. Hiett, Mrs. Bruce Boehner, Mrs. M. 8. Campbell, Mrs. Robert Boehner, Mrs. J, R. Hail, Mrs. J. H. Beckwlth, Mrs. R. H. Wilson, Mrs. L. A. Barkus, Mrs. E. W, Knight, Mrs. R. Mansfield, and Mrs, Zelma Fletcher, Tables were arranged tor contract bridge following the luncheon. •Honored Mr*. Kavich With Mrs. -Glen Dalrymple, Mrs. H. J. Benton, Mrs. Wm. Warner, and Mrs. Fred Buttmann as hostesses a. group of ladies honored Mrs. Kavich with a surprise party at her home Friday afternoon. Those present beside the above mentioned were Mrs M. S. Campbell, Mrs. R. W. Pal- yers, Mrs. P. Kllmartin, Mrs Sarah Suits, Mrs. Carl Paulson Mrs. 0. E. Davis, Mrs. Fred Hall Mrs. Paul Slothower, and Miss Myrtle Achenbach of Straban. A luncheon was served by the hostesses at the close of the afternoon. Entertain Guests ' at Dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Henry Atstrope and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Fritz en tertained the following guests a dinner last Sunday in the Ala trope home: Mr. and Mrs, F. E Mulholland, Fred A, and Pau Mulholland, Mr, and Mrs. D, 0 Cunningham, * Mrs., Jeane Maaon, and Stanley Owen Maaon. Dinner Honors Birthday Mr, and Mrs, W. H, Fireovid entertained last Sunday with a dinner honoring her father, Henry Hubbard, on his birthday, Tbe guests were Mr. Hubbard, Mr, and Mrs. Gene Vlnton, Max, Marvin, and Janice Vinton, Mr, and Mrs, Louis Bass, Mr, .and Mrs. Austin Baas, Richard Bass, Mr. and Mrs, Will Bower, Ralph Bower, Miss Bernice Caudell, and Mrs. Alta Hathaway. Theater Party for Betty Caudell's Birthday Mrs, Tom Caudell entertained at a 6 o'clock dinner Wednesday evening ot last week honoring her daughter, Betty, After enjoying tbe delicious two course dinner she and her guests went to the Empress theater. Those present were Mary Louise Juelke, Le» nore Mansfield, Leone Storey, Mary Jean, Ewlng, Elinor quhar, and the bonoree. Mr. and Mrs. Rait* Carter of Hollywood, Calif. *nd Bate Caret of Council Blnffs spent Sunday in the Kocherspefgeif home. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Allen and oe were also dinner guests. The PT«s Uttra class nied by tftetr teacher, Mr*. B*r- ha Men*ttB*rger, drove to Stra- ban Thursday night and spent the evening in a social way at the tome of om6 of their members, Wanda Kochersperger. Fifteen were present and after an evening of stnnls and games refreshment were served, the fcnests having Baby Stuart Red Ripe Solid Baby Stuart Red Ripe Solid ,35c , ,2S0 fate* theft Sr. *n€ M». Oean McLatn drove to fclefcweiwi Sunday and were &*B*f ***** of Miss tna K. Wo«a. tft tt« afternoon they all drove Gtf to Ottrttha where the MeLafns caned e* Haiet Johnson wWte *tt« W««A «*tted on one of fcef ?««&«« wn« **« also tn the BOtpftal. Mtss Johnson waft formerly 4H«t Hai«1 Grayson and « teaehef ol fieaa's In the cotm- ity «lroel..We *fe glad to hear site te f«sav«rf*g aM ready to leave tor home. STRAHAN Celebrate Their Silver Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hilton Surprifed ea 25th Atmiveftafy Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hilton were married Just tweaty-flve years ago, Feb. so Saturday was their silver wedding anniversary. They had planned no celebration of the event but theif friends thought differently and their niece, Mrs. Harold McCain assisted by Mrs, Bert Armstrong, planned and carried out a Very neat surprise for them. Accordingly a group of their old friends and neighbors gathered in at the Hilton home and proceeded to make merry with the bride and groom of a quarter century ago. After congratulations had been extended the evening was spent in a pleasant social way, visiting and reminiscing of the former wedding day, and a purse of silver was presented Mr. and Mrs. Hilton as a reminder of the day. At a late hour refreshments were served —7 brick ice cream two kinds of cake and coffee — and all departed for home wishing them many more happy anniversaries and a promise to be present at their golden wedding Claude W Farm«rt L k at Meet Claude Wilson, prominent corn grower of Henderson, will speak oil the use of hybrid seed corn at the seventh meeting ot the farmers* discussion iron is at the Btra- han school Thursday evening, Fete, it, at i o'clock. Bring sandwiches tot yourself. Cookies and coffee will be furnished tree. •stork' 8. H. B, Club gave a shower tor one of their tied on a Valentine day were pre- lented. They were: Mr. and Mrs. Win Van Otsdel, married Feb. 14, 1911: Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wttehay, married Feb. 14. 19i«, and Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Evans, married Feb. 14, 1912. The nett meeting of the R. I. . will be March t at the home of Mrs. Qeorge Howard. Sign•Up Program in Final Pha*e; 1,140 Cooperate Benefit Payment* May be Expected by Com Planting Time Uncle Sam's program to reduce corn production £0 per cent and hog farrowlngs 25 per cent In Mills county advanced another step this week with completion ot the main sign-up campaign and Weaknesses and shortcomings Against Council Flare* at Meeting Charges Friday ; Attacks Well ! Contract ^numbering again his heavy artillery, L. W. Boehner flred several saltos at his recent favorite enemy, Malvern's municipal government, at a ptibllc meeting held Friday evening In the Community bnlldlng. More than 60 persons attended. Repeated with additional detail were the several charges against the town council published by Mr. Boehner in a recent advertisement. In addition he gunned heavily for Town Clerk Woodford R. Byington, only member of the civic body to ever reply publicly to his criticism. Mr*. Chaflet l»«i-k« Wft* on Birthday members, Mrs. Ted Hetzel, last Thursday at the home of her cousin, Mrs. Pern McCain. The afternoon was spent socially and refreshments of sandwiches and coffee were served. R, I, C, PAGEANT CHAMPION Hill Wan4a called on her fellow teacher, Mias Harriet Qa4well, in the Jennie ^d' muudaoa hospital in " Council 8atur4»y fttteraoon. She is nicely from ber 4ix operation. Several from here Attended the 4eclaniatory contest IB Emerson Many Strahan People Are Moving to New Locations There have been a number of moves here the past week' and more to follow. Mr, and Mrs, Ray Ailensworth and Kenneth have moved to one of the Jim Durbtn farms. Mr. and Mrs.,Qeo. Curtis have moved to the farm vacated by the Allenswortbs and recently purchased by Mr. Curtis. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Curtis have moved from the property ot Mrs., Walter Roberta in Straban to. the farm vacated by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nagel are moving to the Curtis brothers tenant house and will work for Virgil and Mitlard. Me and Mrs, Arlln Miller are moving into the Oliver Ogden property, Mr. and Mrs, Will McCain are moving to the farm ot Mrs. Will Wolfe, Mr, and Mrs. Harold Boyer who were employed by Arlin Miller last year are mov* ing to the farm of Mrs, Ernest Wedero,vist and will work for Mr. Wederqvist this season. Mr, and Mrs. Claire Jones are moving into the Frank Bellknap tenant house and will work for Oscar Bellknap. Mr, and Mrs, Walter Knop are moving to the farm vacated by Arlin Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Retherford, Mr. and Mrs. Adria Hartley! and Mrs, Bthte Hartley attended the funeral of their little nephew in Tabor last Saturday, Interment was made in tbe Hastings ceme« tery, Mr, and Mrs, Harry McQollis- ,*er and family are moving into Strahan and wll} reside la tbe Mrs. Bmma Campbell property, Mr, and Mrs. Robert Pollltt are moving from one of tbe. WopdflU farms to an acreage in Qlen.wo.Q4. and Mr, and Mrs, Earl Tlmaon who work for Mr, WaodftU move to the place vacated by PolMtt family. ler. (Continued from page 1) ed how Miss Etta Miller who was rummaging through her attic came across a clever costume ot the gay nineties. She dons this thinking ot the many famous persons she would have enjoyed meeting. She then falls asleep and as she sleeps these historical characters, dressed in costume, come to visit her in dreamland. As each Appears he is introduced by the announcer as follows: Queen Isabelle of Spain, impersonated by Mrs. Rene Bufflngton. Captain John Smith, by Feme Alberts. Pocahontas, by Mrs. Ruth Jackson. . Priscilla and John Alden, by Elaine Gilbert and Mrs. Erma Sawyers. Ann Hutchinson, 'by Mrs. Grace Hilton. Quakeress, by Mrs. Jennie But- flngton. Martha Washington, by Mrs, Mary Sawyers. "-' Betsy Ross, by Miss Pearl Mil- Pioneer "Mother^'by Mrs. Marguerite Seeger. Harriet Beecher Stowe, by Mrs. Hattie Phelps. Uncle Tom, by Mrs. Gertrude Ranne, Little Eva, by Mrs. Margaret Howard, Topsy, by Maxine Van Orsdel. Mary Todd Lincoln, by Mrs. Evelyn Miller. Julia Ward Howe, by Mrs. Feme Mayberry, Susan B, Anthony, by Mrs. Laura Sbepard, Frances Willard, by Mrs. Gertie Culver, Clara Barton, by Thelma Wheeler, Carrie Nation, by Mrs. Ida Graves, Jessie Wilftox Smith, by Mrs. Cleva Brooks. Jane Addams, by Mrs. Lottie Van Orsdel, Carrie Jacobs Bond, by Mrs. Luella Ayers, Anne Lindbergh, by Mrs, Ella DiUebay, Tbe bistory of the month of February was given by Mrs, Opal Wheeler, A life sketch of Lincoln was read by Mrs, Mae Williams, A quartet composed of Frank Buffington, Rollin Buflington, Wfttter Pbelps, and Clifford pil- lebay sang a group of songs. Mrs. Hammers accompanied at the piano, »ight Sofia Btstep, wrrie4 eff teHMfft t» tft» -d«naatip ciaas, WllWft Caoper ao4 the Mr, and Mrs. Bass a&4 Anna nose, aatoed to Tarfeto early Saturday wfter« they were Joined by gar) ins* anj proceeded to Trey tor «B oyeMUg^t vjslt with tbeir children. Sup*, And Mrs. W»lter Roberts, Tb returned home S«Bday afterao Mr. and Mra. Fraate Jotoaaoe . wUUBgnesB §a4 the faithful' 8bQwe4 in URdertakiBR the work, Ttte 8«B4ay schaoi cjaflB, tbe «B«U4«rf» w 6*4 cjMirift el the week 6Ud U&ft41e4 it very aWy were S"Bday dtoer ID the A. piaawd i very pretty most ot the "cleanup" phase of the program. A total ot 1,140 farmers In 13 townships contracted with the government during the signup- days held In Mills county, according to County Agent Bruce Kilpatrick, up to this time. "Mills county farmers are enthusiastic about the corn-hog program," Mr. Kilpatrick said, "and we expect that farmers in this county will cooperate nearly 80 per cent before the campaign is oter." During the cleanup phase of tbe program local workers will visit all farmers who have not signed contracts and invite them to cooperate with the government in reducing corn and nog production, If a farmer prefers not to sign, said Mr. Kilpatrick, the local workers ask him for information about corn and hog production on his farm during the last two years. This is the same information requested in the corn-hog work sheet. Contracts are being checked as rapidly as possible in the county agent's office, Mr. Kilpatrick said. He did not know when it will be possible for farmers to receive benefit payments, but said that Dr. A. G. Black, chief corn- hog administrator, in a recent statement said that payment would be made by corn planting time. ot the town contract with the Thorpe Well company were included in Mr. Boehher's charges and he also criticised the town because outside labor is being used in the work, Two men are employed by the welt company In this Vicinity. Mr*. Chas. Parks was the victim of a very happy surprise last Saturday evening when her neighbors and friends assembled at her home went ot Malvern and celebrated her fortieth birthday. The neighbors and fHenda brought refreshments consisting; of sandwiches, frnlt salad, cake, and coffee. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Will Bower, Mr. and Mrs. Barley Stevesson and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Summers and daughter, Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Worstall, Mrs. Chas. Walker and son, Paul Manoku- sky, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Walk* er and niece, Eileen Chenef, Misses Viola Collins, Ruth Weak, Roberta Ranne, Gerald Breeding, Robert McCormiek, Chas. Parks and sons, Willis Lee, Morris Eugene, and daughter, Elisabeth, all of Malvern, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker and son ot Tabor, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith and son, Leon, ot Hastings. It was a great surprise tor Mrs. Parks and may she live to enjoy many more such. Miss Jean Summers, one ot the guests, also celebrated her four' Read the ads. They are addressed teenth birthday on that date, to you personally Nishna Valley Livestock Club to Elect Officers The Nishna Valley 4-H Livestock club will elect officers tor 1934 in a meeting to be held in the Malvern' Community building Saturday night at 7:30 o'colck. Following the election, Dudley Conner, 1933 state health -champion, will give a report on his trip to the International Livestock show at Chicago; Lee Cary will review the 1933 record of the Nishna Valley club; Ed Wearin will tell of his week at the 4-H short course In Ames and Harold Ingle will briefly outline the 4-H program for the coming year, An effort is being made to obtain a moving picture for the meeting, Refreshments and a social hour will close the affair, Home Furnishing Clas* Studies Block Printing Miss Nora Workman, home furnishing specialist of Ames gave the lesson on block printing to Deer Greek and White Cloud township leaders at the home of Mrs, Ben Coxson of Stra- ban. A follow-up meeting was held Feb, 8 at the home of Mrs. Henry Nlma. The third lesson of the year, "Applied household design," was given by Miss Workman Feb, 16 at the home ot Mrs. Henry Nims. Ten leaders were present who received patterns and Instructions for carrying on the work in these townships. The next lesson will be given March 8 at the home of Mrs. Nims and will take up "Retiuishing Old Walnwt." Anyone interested Is welcome. Repair While You Wait WWle you're waiting for the spring to make the needed repairs about your farm. A little lumber bought now will yield big dividends by greatly lengthening the lile of your buildings. We'll be glad to quote estimates on anything from a stogie board to A carload and you'll be aeaured that you'll gel the kind ol you Flash/ Flash/ New Spring DRESSES just arrived Silks 7,85 Guardsman Blue, Red, Navy Swaggery Prints Wash Dresses |59 Candy Stripes Plaids Prints Seersuckers Cordulettes Broadcloths TWO-WAY STRETCHES by Warner's Redfern They — Are the most comfortable I Never hike up I Flatten your Wpsl Make you from 8 to 6 inches smaller! Save runners in your stockings! Easiest things to wash — right with your undies! Pit like a second skin! The have atted there Put in a machine which 3 50 to stretched it to the limit of its stretch 4,000 times an hour •*>* and kept this up for days, It lost none of its elasticity. Soiled two days ~ hung in the hot summer eun — it lost none of Its elasticity I Dried over hot radiators—-ironed with hot irons— with the earoe remarkable results. Cleaned with gaaoline and other cleaning tlutda — still 0. K.l Sent t» a commercial lauudry ^ aud they "gave it the works" fifteen times—still Q, K, W«W outwetr *ay other garment made! Try ouol

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