The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 12, 1948
Page 11
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MONDAY, JULY 12, 1948 RI:YTHKVII,],R (ARK.) COURIER NKWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams! Our Boarding House with Moj. PACK KLEVBlf GAO,3Ak'£.' COM.E OKi.* u TJJPULUr?iTrl PlSTOL,HOHf OtW UP/ VJE OV^6 JA&Of-i \(5Rft|sJO KOSPL iAL.nY ->- A GUEST 6E.T.S SOUL VORUN& DRV To PAV PER ..' TIN\E t VllSVT AW i s'POse. YOU'LL ON.' TMKV'VE GOT EVERY GROV£ SO FAR.' DRIVE ON "THIS IS CHURCH PICNIC/ CAhJCH TClP EMDS HERE.' POT QKJ A, MfeS-J ROOF/ THIRTY YEAR* TOO SOOM •»«.«...«.» Fairy Godmothers Enlisted to Help Nervous Children SALT LAKE CITY. Ulah (UP) — By I lie time trees get red in Ulall cinyoiu again n»xt fall, Therm? Pettey will be In action. Sh« will I hive called in h*r Iiiry godmothfr ' »nd scores of other helpful little creatures and characters of storybook fame lo i)e!r> her aid children. Ttw: imaginative Mis. Pettcy troiu th« Utah town of Holladay want.s lo help little children get over (heir « rvou» and emotional habits which ycliolocii'.j call tics. She figured t:ieie'd be a whole legion nl valuable helpers from fairyland who'd love to help but they've Just never been asked. The helpful "fairyland" cure will b« per.sonalized by real-life recordings from the fairy godmother au.1 her helpers tellins the child thai h!« particular habit will get him nowhere. By Drexel Drake Reprieve] CwV". IM».*Oo.U. H. H^f. •; ^-ffffl . nff Di.hiW>.d t, Nil. 5UVICE. INC. ; $OsfTT?' ' THK STOHY: Mlnrflr »lt».- Hi* *« ml 111 7 lBtrri hlv ihr M>* !•!«• alter t* rnllrcl. rlvvB, M arena ir 4rl»k, Keyed •• >T. Miriam, Wn nM r*M*« In. h*r a *«pr< Retorrls Go Orw She. tried making a few records while she was on the w«sV coast visiting hpr sisler, ihfi film star l^raiup Day. and they w«nt over i big, she reported. j Th< first one she ever made WM for Laraine's six-year-olcl daughter Angela, The six-year-old Angela had a nervous habit of biting her upper lip. So the godmother— or Mrs- Petisy—H>ld her via a record- i^iR that fairie-s and brownies and Q£he other small people who help good little children lace their shoes, wouldn't like it very much' if she kept on chewing her lip. And-t worked. Larane Day says her daughter uo longer bites her lip. When she name home, Mrs. Pet-. ley decided that* Tiere was a chaftffcT to .help children get rid of their tics,' Mostly Die records will help children In I he three to six-year-old group. That is because they're morn imaginative and because that~& when most children start their bad et JAMH •« IV CTERLING ran fingers through his mop of straw-colored hair. "I told you on the telephone that I couldn't do anything until tomorrow. Still you insisted on j coming b«re tonight" "Right Alwari, Sterling, my customers come tn M« ME . . . in my office. It's been a long trip out here. I didn't make H just for the ride. Why do you *'pose I came out h*re tonight?" "Jwst why, Bindlef" Vie don'l keep books. We don'l end around a collector. Mavbe cou've rend once or Iwice what happens lo welchcrs." "But, Bindle, a wclcher rs a man who has Ihe money and [rtes lo sel oul ol payinK. Do you Ihink vou'd have lo wail i( 1 had Ibe len housnnd?" "Don't make me pry, SlerlinR. r\'hy do you think vou was good 'or ten grand in lhat game?" "I losl my he;id . . . ton many Irinks ... 1 sho\fldn'l have goi w ha I deep." I bank, clubs, a swell that'i Wwsy with THE | CURTAIN SHOP ] Mrs. N. J. Humphrey ] Phone 815 108 So. First | Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD ^Before You DIE! "1 don't ,Wte io s« yml make a big mistake. Just looking around your place, and what little 1 know about you, I'd say you xot a lot lo lo»«. Like I said, you're young. Yo»i'r« big «nd l<x>d-looking »nd healthy. Tou'v* got I place in a home, a wife dough. That would b« a lot lor you lo give up for just ten grand." £.:.?!. don't g«t whM jrtni mean." "Wh»t do JCM think would happen k> jou if I turned yonr IOU over to a couple of my boys?" Tow don't mean . . .' "Listen, Sterling. In my busi- neiR we. don't auc when a man don't pay. It's seldom a man don't pay. In my business it's money on the line. Maybe a man has to leave his IOU, like you did, but he shows up by noon the next day with the cash. It ain't my business how he gets it,<but he get* H_ j^UT I'm still asking you why do you think I let you get nto me for ten grand? 1 didn't win I. My business is for percentages. had to pay out m.v own dough to he winners and take your IOU. What you owe me is a big chunk of my own capital to stay in business. Should I let you put me out of business because you hati loo many drinks and wst your head'; Would I think you wasn't good for ten grand? Don't I know the way you been burning up Broadway? Is it my business if it's your own money or your wile's money? Just so it's money." "Bindle, I'll pul my cards on Ibe table. All I've got is a job in a bank and a small salary. My wife owns this house. Her money pays for everything. She bought me my Cdr and almost everything els* I've got. She's bailer! me oul of the stock market a couple times. She's squared tip some of those nightclub parties you just men- stuck for blackmail . . n something?" "You didn't tell her you tost H playing poker?" That had to be out, llmdle, 1 jusl (old her I needed the money seriously. She'd never he willing to bail nie out M a poker gutnr. She ni;idc that clear to me a long time ago." wt should wife down hpre now. I '1 be afraid to tell her it's my bre;ul aiut bulter you owe me be- rause you j;ut i nc i o sta^p ym , tn , poker game." "Thai would b« my Rnish, Bindle." "II secm.s lo me your finish, any way you it," Bindle snid. Sterling leaned forward. "What do yoi] mean?" Bindle drew deeply or before he answered, nol leaving here lonighl until setlle our accounL* "Hut . . ." "Take a minulc to Iliink H over, Sterling. I'm glvi My IKI.VS would seconds." Sterling look Ibe minute. His c-iiri was pounding, his thoughts were r.eeling. He rested his elbows on the arms of his chair, clasped u: hands in fronl of tioned. I'm not proud of those are the hard facts. it but I was . dumb enough to think there was no limit But this time she's balked." "You mean you aikeri her for the ten grand and she turned you down?" "Exactly Iliat. It's because of the way I had to ask for »L in cash no check All and . . . nothing bigger than hundred dollar bills. She thinks I'm beinj; habits, ihe said. same thillR that they've been toU Program Plannwl , all along—it'll just be .sugarcoaleri,' Mrs. Pet.tey will start a prograi:i | she explained. called -Behind the Scenes of Fairy- | land" over a local radio station in! Six governments have ruled the This series tells popular Political Announcements The Courier Ncwn has Been authorized to announce the follDW- inc candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 71 and August 10 COUNTY TREASURER Prank Whltworth COUNTY COURT CXEBK Elizabeth Blythi FOR CORONEK E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shipper! bTATE REPRESENTATIVE Jlrnmie EdA'ards l> H Autvy H. K- "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie" Succk For County Jndfi °oland Gr.een Fielder Pecry For Circuit court Clerk Hfcrvey Morris CONSTABIE (Chiskasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskao Arch Jjndsey the fall fairy tales with the "Pettey" tv,is-., or as the characters themselvos seo the story. Eight wrripts are ready to go now. The erstwhile "fairy godmother' 1 ligtlres that the recordings will jus: be an added feature for the program. When parents get bothere.1 by junior's habits they can ask for help and right away there will he a recording Irom fairyland with Black S?.mrx> or Tom Thumb, maybe, and thfe fairy godmother telling hun that slicking thumbs and IjltinK lip* is not such a good idea. "The advice will probably be the state of Texas—Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States, and the United States. Although the sun apparently Is the largest and brightest of naked- r -,, -!,.,- 5 . K actually is almost thf smallest, and faintest, according to L.IC ^.icytiopcdia Britaiuiica. Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 2M'i W. MAIN ST. PHONE 2172 Blytheville, Ark. Protect Your Loved Ones ee.E. H. FORl} Before You DIE! ! You Are Cbrdiolty ! Inrittd to Visit I The I • i j Accessory Shop j j Feminine Apparel 1 i Mabel Hogan Jessie Srll« ! ! Hotel Noble BHg. I I Filvthcvillc, Ark. ! MY COOKING IS GOOD But You Can't Beat The Food At Johns Cafe Elliott Johns i09 West Main Optn I)»ir and Msht CLEAN FUN by City Dry Cleaners CITY DRY CLEANERS Monite insured Moth Proofing 414 E. Main St. Blytheville HECKLES 4 MW FRIENl* My MXRB1LJL CAR VJILL BE CACKYIM6 PiFl POUSiOS VARO WITH THr PlAtT A Mll.K TCAIM/ SWIMMING POOL VfA^.AMO V**kT LETSB*C« jy s .T. J?* ^.F. J9«.Ly \ A LOT OF waswa, OUR _. J _WHM OWLV T> HAV« "Well, Joe, If sh« walked out on you for«v«r again, I »up pose you want th» usual bowl of hot chill snd advice!' Oonl t l.tMik Now, Bui— AL VERMEKB 16, thank you, my cfgar~S fv<r yot a whale rut/ of f*tuni*f. Wllh Reinforcements By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LAN! t 111? sound of my race beliiitd TT AMD I'D HAVE BEEH flMOeiT-/ \OOR 1ARY IMTOQAV'5 FINAL fflSTOl! . wowow WRIH •[ you DID YOU DO H? «4n INTHS CAR; OtlE ftVDMf NT MOBE. VIC, IHAT-S iVHSS GAUANISEE'S, U6BV. WE KXWO ItONTHI ^IMWALK OUT51D6 Wf R AR4«TA\EMT fiim. 5ilk whirled and fired. VOURE HOT SMART, FEILA.I [OlDTOU TO DROP VOUK GUN, OIDN'1 WASH TUBBS LESLIE TURNER «UT HOW COMI..VOU UP HtRB * LEGITIMATE UIMHW0* T rue OOT IT! IN SUCKINSHAM IUH'S* HO*E fOR NEEpv nwr onmtR. FOU I'D NTTll DOWN •*' TAKE IV EA5Y. WIT I «UI ROMEO TM' IOCH. SOKEU I GOT IW J PUMP M«I-fACID r***0 IP TH'fiOlDWHIU \ TRKCCO HIM FOR •OM«r RACKCr! WTIKINM AS UPRIGHT A, 4WIWDLER. AS EUER I &CENI SWINDLE {ACHOTHfd. Signal Received By FRED HARMAN WMKf'e SALOON YOU ASK TOO MANY PESKY UESTIOMS/ BEAT IT.' HfN 1 THE TOWELING MAN WHO WAS LUCKY ftT BUYS A STAGE COACH TICKET, PINKY SKJNAL8 JAKE.THE WHEN PINKY RAISES THI E rf THAT LUCKY OR'JWlER'SA ALL nl DO !S YOU RAISE-UM WINDOW SHADE ON DAY/ HALL PROPRIETOR. OUT H«rn Has » Htich By V. T. HAMLIN Of COX-if. V,t KNOW TH».T I PSV7MIS! VO\J ILL SEC TO IT TK' MUMflYOf TH' LUS WV> TOOK MY PACt Off TH' SPHINX WLL TUBN UP WITH A HIMf CM, HO.' ME* LL«V OO" AN5«V WHEr.i, ON mi PROM ANCIENT E6VPT. HE LEARNED F*CE OF TF/E SfX HI* OWN LIKENESS. HAD ' EN NO. BUT BY .E <5OT WITM TO LEARN, GUY ~TO '«OX AU.W6HT.' By EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND I1KK RUDDIKS 'ace. Before his eyes Miriam's keys from the rinfi that still encircled one of his finger*. He had barely noticed the keys n picking them up when Miriam lossed them down to him. She fiad asked him to be Ihcm. Why? He was surprised >l Ihe number of keys cm ihe ring. Her automobile key was easily identified, but the ring seemed Vo hold all o( • he r 'person at key's. 'One of them fascinated him . . thin key. vaguely . Me remembered it two yean or longer since he had seen It Suddenly Sidling lowered his hands, slid forward in his chair, • his jaws squared. He rtared defiantly across at Bindle. "You give me little choice. Bindie," he said. "I'll take the chance. I'll go up to my wife. Make yourself comfortable until 1 eomt down." How tn FqualLxe Thrm Water level of the earth's occAns would have to be lowered two miles iu order to mnke the land arcft of our globe equal in si/.e lo the water nrea. Remember Rolbrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 (YOUR OOGr IS j EVEN DISSUSTE \MITH VOUR APPEARANCE.' FOLLOW HIM HE'LL I.EA.D NOD TO OftY , / Ph. 3197

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