The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 22, 1934 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE MALVERN LtADER, MALVE**, NJWA, FfefiftUARf &» t»* LOCAL NEWS OF TTTE TOOT trfeatfs win appreciate taairteg tb*Jr ri*K» mentioned ta '* eetaasa*. Pboae 10*. Miss Jeatrf* Clark of Si. Jo- E. ft. LaagfeBn «as ia tw*ifet1 Adatt 6fe* *tt *» fro* Stra- Ito. eame Monday to rts5t. aad ordered WBs aad xdvertWa* j 1a« yesterday grec&at «* ««* i her brother, Harry Clark, and for a Big eta&t* cat sate a*.wW| KaKera friend*, jfaaily and other Xalvera rela- bold oa th« old Clark MJUer farm | fc. W. Kalght w«t to i trr« and frfead*. i two »B« west aad one-half »8*) Qty S*a*«y to atiejrf a eo***a- { F «» Fan»*n ttmete* is b*re.jioatb ot tbe Strabaa. SfrMlltto* tor ; Come Jn aad have the sarprtse of j fcafldiat a*xt Ta**a*y» Hfe. — Kane* & Xfrlsom. ad* j Mr. Lavghla Js s*JS*i A p5«*saat fafeBy j-eaniea »fid s be i* aaaile to get a art t?. | Mtes Ida Ireland retarued home L»o DSBJOTI of Council Blaffs" Mns. Orfffl* Darbln from strath ( tlrts wa« Seld at tk* fet>«* of i year awJ h* fc»s w» plaw to Carat. was a guest Saturday is ih» M. A. Summers BOSS* soatnirest ol Malrers. Albert J. Ja*lk» «na daartter. «a*t of Hasting dror« over Fri-j »*- aad Mr*. Marf^ Wfee Jloa-i He ta» « *a* **« «<**«* 1*« T1»*r>d*y Eda«ad«o» hospital ia Council Bt*fts **«« rf» recently nnflw- erestef. day and took B«r aether, Mrs,} **? Era l>arb!2, for a nice long ride ] "Sari oat part her old Borne and to i Texas was a as you of Sais AjeUafo. 1 a* ** ?<*«e six. We H*r* OB for yoar Delta, of Mansfield, Osio came in; other points of interest la D«H «» to . Monday evening aad will visit day* in tb* Frank and Indian Creek. It beatttifal day tor saeh a trip; asd the family , Mrs. Ctas. »r. a*« Mrs. Deweyi «T i B*«m, Alaa Dnral, aad Gewrg*! ? Talbott were over to GJeSswi&c'd > Mr. and Mrs. Joe PaitersoB t Friday ereaiag wises* tiey > came in last week from Haxtam. j played in the plaso recital $?rfa : Colo, for a vteit with relitives la f by pupil* of Miss Hetea Jose* xi | and around Malvens and at Shea- \ the Cozjrregattssitl tkBPcS. i aadoah. Mr. Patt«r»E'f father, j Tos aav* r«as3 "CbJdtSfs." ti»; Kevin Patterson, was formerly j popaJar, stirring Jjorti cf years ago. Ha-r*s"t • woadered "CWcki«'« »er dafl? la THE OXJIHA j r Miss R«th t>GSB«r, t**els«r at; j Use Barrttt sekooS. is tcaSa«d to ' i h«r toms wsu> th? Bvaap* a&d . t tar the i«Booi thi» w««k. ia Xrft. I Walter Aistrope. Mrs, Uoyd Mal- ;boHand. and Mrs. $. A. Fletcher idrore to CeaweO BlaCs Friday ie largest erowd« of jj aft erwwn. att«td*d ta« Harry J Howard Dye of Spencer, Jtefcf., aottbeast ot aad «tery- »dT. tkiag ««K»*d to fcrtttg feed retanssd teaa ot iaales «o!4 for *S1«, ttrws coME ay to 144; Ratal-day aad j tie eera fcroaght S»%c ia the eri», «otd AJta Haiiaway of GJ*E- ; » *»«»diag tbe w*ek with j in the han)»»« busiaess here asd at Shesaadoah. ' ..... " RED a. WHITE STORE I Mrs. L«p»is Bam. P. A Scialtt o? Saa Ca£t ca»e back a w*»k ago to leek after tis laad iateresis la D?«r Creek aad was in M»l- yejierday with U. A. Clark afid made oar oSJce a p5«asuit the Fine, large, pink meat grapefruit, 2 for __15c Large White Celery, very fifie, each lOc Bead Lettuce, solid and tender, each —lOc Cauliflower, best quality trimmed ____ * 12c Green Peppers, large, each >^—...3c to 5c First Grade Malvern Flour, 49 Ibs $1.59 2 Ib. can Blue & White COCOA 25c Tone Bros, vacuum seal Coffee, 1 Ib. _ 25c Wheat Data, 2 Ib. 10 oz. pkg; 27c Home Rendered Lard, Ib lOc Finest Quality Corn Fed Beef Roast*, Ib. ___10c Pure fre*h Sausage, the kind you can eat, Ib. — _-_._10c Same kind of Hamburger, Ib. lOc Two Special* for Saturday Only lien's Crackers, Excell brand, fresh and fine, 2 Ib. box 23c Bacon Squares, Ib. 9c We boy eggs at the * market price. Everything else is "just around the corner." Spring is too. See us for Seed Potatoes. I CITY MARKET Phone O. : E. DAVIS Rev. Walter C. Flask of i aooia was aa over aigbt gatst in ', I the George F. Salyers BOBS* Mo&- j I day. He w»§ Jn the cosaty a eo«- pie of days looking after come business pertaining to the conference claimants fond i&ve«tmeat« ia the county. Met dames Amy Slothower. Gladys Do&ner, Ruth Salyers. and Mildred McCauslaod drove to Council Bluffs Monday lor a few boars visit. A. Jndson Connor came down from Omaha Monday evening for a visit with bis son. Dudley, out j at the S. J. Anderson home and j with other Malvern friends for a i few days. j Some Snrprine! See tbe new : Fartnali tractor. — Kunce £ Neli eon. adv. ! Thof. W. Gidley Jr. and Miss ] Blille McXuHy drove to St. Charles, Mo. Saturday and spent Sunday with Miss Gretcben Old- ley who is a student in Lindenwood college for women. They returned Sunday evening and bad some stormy trip. Mrs. Laura Shepherd of tbe Hiilsdale neighborhood was telling a Leader representative the other day that she has a crocus, hardy little early spring flower, which has been blooming for a week past, tbat is since Feb. 12. This crocus has been in the same place for twenty years but has never before bloomed so early. So she is oae lowan who does not need to go to California for winter flowers. Allen Wortman and Frank Durbin of Emerson returned Saturday afternoon from a three- weeks trip to Washington and otber places of interest in the east and south. Spending much of this time In the capital city, they interviewed Iowa's two senators, Congressman Wearin and others and generally observed the functioning of the Congress and other governmental bodies. ^ ^ Maft to theJr ^^ baelfiew oat u T*e P«*t year tke caaam i ^restricted as to tke anovot ot frait they could can and when reached that Halt they who bad been aad tfee imp3eaKats wen. it was a good sal*. H. A. MeCollister had a good sale at fate dotfag oat sale sooth «f Hastings last Thursday. There was a good crowd aad tbe cattle aad horses sold especially wett. White deaatag a lantern ealnt- aey Wednesday morning Paal Hilton eat aa artery ia bis wrist raaUag a gash three inches long and a half inch deep. He aad the wctead dressed at tbe office ot Drs. KMne aad Kline, Floyfl Rhoades was ia yesterday aad called to Order advertis- ; lag for a pabllc sale be will bold bis home oa the old Woodrow to) deliver their frait previous to this f farm east of Malvem next were simply oat of lack. There was so market and thousands of bushels rotted ia tbe orchards. They have no method of restricting the growers to sale of a certain per cent co some of them sold all they bad aad others sold none. Mr. Shults still owes their old home farm southwest of Strahan and thinks it a good thing to hold on to, even In these troublous times. . Feb. 21. Be to unable to get as large a farm as he wants so la snoring to a much smaller place, hence the sale. He baa some good staff to offer as you will note by bis ad. Dr. D. M. Kline reports the birth of an eight pound daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Reeder, Saturday. Feb. 17. Oil Tour Harness. We have the genuine. — Knnce ft Kelson, adv. LOCAL SPORTS aa eiapbaUe "Bo" tut week to * proposed boad larae to «eeare * IJSO.OOO t>WA loaa for Ike erection or a tara&Jdpal electric ptaat n competition %itk the Nebra«ka J«kt aad Power cotnpaBy, a jtri* rately owned electric compaoy which haa tttnd fwldenU of Me* look for maay yeara. The loaa waj to be accotnpaaled by a federal grant of ffO.OOO. The vote waa 1070 agatast and <>0 for Ike issue aad was cast la the face of a bitter battle waged by Its pro- nooenu in which Senator George W. Xorri* took an active lead rom Washington. McCook la the home of Senator Norrls. Red Oak Cagerc Bow to Malvern Oriole* Win doae 41-39 Tilt on Home Floor Theater Malvern FRL, SAT., FEB. 23-24 A Special Attraction Added Shorts ; JOc - 25c The Empress will start tfce flrat show at 7:15. Second show starts at 8:40. SUN., MOM,, FEB. 25.26 -STARRED bu ^fjf ~ ™ w "** " *• ' Demand WED,, FEB. 28, Big Bargain Night *^^Wff?^^^^^^^W^^^^^ to K»li'myli -ww s^p^^^^w • With extraordinarily good passing and clever floor work Malvern high school Orioles pushed through a close win over the Red Oak quintet Tuesday evening on the Community building floor. Two field goals In tbe final minute, by Faxel and Conner, gave tbe locals tbe 41 to 38 victory. In fine shooting fettle were Conner, Faxe) and Summers, Faxel scoring 14 and the others 12 each during tbe evening. Their success was due in large pan to the very able floor work of their teammates, Jackson and C&ry. One staunch Red Oak athlete, Mertz, was disastrous to the locals, for he succeeded in popping in 10 field goals and claimed the ulgh point honors with 21 in his tally. Tbe Orioles started the af- tair easily and were ahead 20 to 10 at the halt Fast work by Red Oak in the early part of the second half soon tied tbe score and tbe visitors led for a few minutes just before tbe end of the game. In a preliminary Malvern's seventh and eighth grades battled, the juniors winning. Orioles Halve Set with Tabor Cager* First String Lo**s 31-22 in Violent SeMo on Tabor Court Tabor high scored a violent victory orer Malvern high school's Orioles Feb. 13 when the locals invaded their opponent's floor. After A rough aad tumble battle tbe Tabor quint TOR by » 31 to 22 margin. After » sporty start the locals gained a slight lead and were slightly ahead at the end of the half. By the simple tactics of concentrating attentively on able Jamie Summers, the Tabor alb- Jetes kept the Malvern scoring down and dropped in enough of their own to win. Summers afco the misfortune to take a b«d tumble pu tbe Tabor floor which left Wnj _ _ for the reoalnder of tbe game. Cotter of Tabor came through with scoring honors with points and was closely followed by Fazel of Majvern with 9, More fortunate in the second string game, Maivern, won tilt ja to s. Snowing tauch and a little skill the Oriole ftjdc* lings easily kept ahead o| Tabor and provided wuch good *«u»c entertainment far spectators. Tbe bog score: afaJvinna, 88 If ft Summers, f -,-l 0*0 Fs*«l, f .. .„„! i«8 WUi, f „ „,« HO Jftckmon, c ..,1 0«| Beaton, c ,,.0 oifi Uowws, g .,,1 }«4 Kittenball League May Result Schoolmasters Appoint Committee to Look Into Possibilities Mills county schoolmen from every community but Henderson met at Pacific Junction Tuesday evening for their, regular monthly meeting aad dinner. Looking back over the successful basketball tournament sponsored by the group, member* beard reports as to finances and other data. Suggested, at the meeting was the organization of a county high school kl^tenball league for this spring and a committee was appointed to Investigate tbe possibilities of this. Schoolmasters Ee- gers of Strahan, Welch of Pacific Junction and Anderson of Silver City were named for this. P. J. Cager« Win Bout with Orioles Push Ahead During Final Period to Take 25-18 Tilt Inability to keep up the fight during tbe second half cost the Orioles » basketball game Friday evening when they clashed with the Pacific Junction five on the Junction floor. Toe P. 3. team sprinted during the but period to lead 25 to lg as the whistle sounded. Excellent pass work on the part of Ualvem eliminated the advantage of site which their opponents enjoyed. With excellent skill the Orioles kept the ball in their control daring most of tbe flrat half and used ft to considerable advantage. The long Junction players limbered up in the last period and popped in field goal after field goal while the Orioles contented themselves with but one counter. Summers was again in good scoring shape in tbe battle and tied for honors wttfe JJaJney 0f the Junction, eftch getting eight points, in the position, ot Sowers, out with a sprained ankle, younjj J«ee Gary turned f nt 49 sirely and Mr*. E«1« tir«e sons ot Olytnpla, Oolo., «£ Mr. fcad Mr*. la tfce Dy* 4a**fct« 0y«. ar* hoai*. OO«r» Tfeftla* la tbe Dye bom* Saaday w«f* tkeir son, Dttrey. and taaifiy ot Mr. afi4 Mr*. WIWs Dy* ot Btra- ha.n. and Mrs. Howard Oy* aad «on »ho retnraed to tadr ftone at Speacer. Nebf . Moaday. loaa Kottoa is reported q«1t« sick iritk an attack ot paeamonla. Fred Darbla. R. U. Hale. Dr. J. W. Baer, aad Mr. HamlUoa dror* to Des Itoilses yesterday. Voter* oMeCook Kebf. Announcements of the Churches Baptist Church Lee Roy Bobbitt. Minister The sleet cut down the Bible school last Sunday, especially in he primary department. The otber departments were about as usual. Tbe morning preaching service, considering the weather, was excellent. Blessed are the folks who come to church and Sunday school In all kinds ot weather. Next Sunday will no doubt be tbe last sermon in the series on God for awhile. Subject next Sunday, "Can We Limit God," or "The Omnipotence of God." ,, ot th* saertte*, death, *ftd feiwr- tft« reetlaa *t Chrfct. Let «* of Christ. Evening service, t to 8. Staat afght, whicb ft « **neat affair pat on by «»* Sunday school, wfll tw bet* FrWat ««bt at T:S«. Bach eta** wfll have a stunt Come and lantfa ttll you way need to eatl * doctor. fepfeoopaf Chat** The sfrsdai offering for Wesley Foundation last Sunday amounted to ttfS. Thank yon. that wfll be a great beta. Services next Sunday-will be as follows: Sunday school at 10 aad worship at 11 a. m. Vesper service at 5 p. ». touag people's meeting at S:30 p. in. Tou are needed at these services and they should belp you. Oar ebareb has not bad maay social gatherings recently when the whole family gathered tot aa evening ot pleasure bat those tbat we bate bad were enjoyed. Saeh an evening is being planned tor next week Thursday, March i, at 7:80 o'clock tit tbe church. Details ot program, fames, and light refreshments are being looked after by some ot the !a* dies ot tbe Circle. Flan to bring your family tor an evening ot fel- .towahlp aad tan. There wfll be a aeries ot evangelistic meetings in our church beginning March 11 and oontinu* ing until March Z6. Rev. K. B. Nesbitt ot Wesley Chapel and Rev. Ernest MeAalncb ot Mace* donla will help as In these meet* ings. We hope that our people will plan their activities so tbat tbe evenings, except Saturday, ot these two weeks will be kept free for these meetings. Several families have brought quite a lot of papers and magazines tor storage In tbe parsonage garage for the purpose of selling when more have accumulated. We are grateful for these and can make room for contributions from others. ' Presbyterian Church Henry Dale White, Minister Sunday school at 10 a. m. Miss Edna Hertz, Supt. Morning worship at 11. The theme for discussion la MILADY BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. O. A. Strahan / Phone 90 fro* of 41." At w the Letttea saatftt Wtt fie cetttered *wre intfre upon tne elosttg scenes ot OT fftot The Wotften's MfiMfMtsfr Society win meet at the 6om« of Mrs. . Tie t*ird tfrtrrtday topics for eoasideTattott ate Kegroes ta America aed in Africa aad Work In E«ro*e. ffee leader is Miss Mary f ottet. Despite the weatfeef conditfoug of Sabfaith Ust tk* attendance was eaconraging. Banday, Feb. tt, is "do to Chatcli 8*nday" in maay qoartert. Let «• Jaake an extra effort to be In *Ht j»ewg on that day. _ __________ COX GROCERY PHONE 0 * MALVERN Effective Feb. 22*23*24 FREE* it Pkg• of Royal GELATINE with each pound of COFFEE you buy! All Fancy' Chocolate CAN ancy Cl NME8. Ib. ..ISc SUGAR. 10 Ib*. for 49c Tall .MILK, Swift or Libby t 4 can* -^ Wisconsin State Long CHEESE, .h... Gooche. CORN MEAL, g Iba. for ______ 13c CORN FLAKES, Urge pkg. — . — lOc CRACKERS. 2 Ib. box Soda or Graham 22c CATSUP, 14 oz. Bottle. 3 for ____ 29c Sunbrite CLEANSER, 7 for __________ 2Sc LEMONS, Large and Juicy, do*. — ,_2Sc HIGEST PRICES — . CASH OR TRADE FOR YOUR PRODUCE MANSFIELD*/ Detail , . , . Guaranteed spring unit in this mattress is protected and enclosed by 38 Ibs. ot quality felt. Quality ticking, expertly made. Full sUe only wjtn ventilators, handles, apd imperial rolled edges. * $ A value /or our customers which tew stores can approach . . , seconds, I? to T. With opponent* off thejr feat — — T ^-

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