The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 12, 1948
Page 10
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TAGK TEN BLYTHKVII,I,R (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JULY 12, 1948 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION IM n* UM lo« i <>** ................ on i »mi«« worU. M Ifa* Act oi4«r*d for tLi*e or *U llm*» Rita frtooLMd MlCt< •iph&liau will tM elmrB- Mi for ID* otimlwr of Hme* U« »it »D- p**r*d »ad »dju»ini«ui of bill w»u«. All CUMllted Ad»erii&iii« copr *ub- • tlt*d by uerM>D4 raiding ouiilde o( th« cHf «u*t b« *ccoiup»ultd'bF c**b Bfi^ ^ tj b, tuUr computed from the * A.cL**riUfiic ora«r for irregular laier- llouft :»*•• ib« on* Urn* r*lt. No rMpaatlbULlr will b« t**« foi •or* tbiiu on* lacorieci iRMttlon ol LJlcfttLon. *yt» »ua lye *- J , courier txrrrM lli« rlslit to Kill »Jec« »ar »* Apartment For Kent Money to Loan Do rou and » VCMB !• r*p«lr of r«. nxxKl) »» down ptpiuil. «o IMK- Me, no r»d t«p« rSl APPROVED ItATB »«*, ASK FOB MTA1LE Max Logan, Realtor Phom MM L?ntb Bull«ln« miTio.Yill. irk. Real Estate Loans F. H. A. Loans Farm Loans TKURY ABSTRACT v AND RKAl.TY COMPANY ill W WALNUT mON« 1381 128-cl-U Before You Buy Used Cars or Trucks For , Misc. 'TOUGH, BUT HANDSOME, i Shervrin-WillianiR Mar-Not Varnish protects floors, wood- 1 i | work from .scuffs, scratches, I I stains. Hniltlerg Supply Co., I Hiway 61 South, Plione 2882. 6-23-ck-U ii 2 room fmnlihed upartmei pnvai.* hath, couple only. 516 J Thre« room rjamueikl, pfttlly Ixir- 719 W. Ash, I'liotie Lost and Found Found — Door ker on \tj rlnK :oiirler New*. 7;l2-pl« r'oiuulLtulle« wrist w«lc>]. C»H • Notice Look over the Lot at GATKWAY I.UMBKI1 COMPANY Two room Mrnltlied upsr Plione 4634. 7,9-pK-i;i four room hons« for rent HI 1 it'll. Ark. Phone M83. f L6-pfc.-M 3 zoom ADI. n'lih bfith, 211 K. Missouri.£-lS No 1 *' ojif » Tor imMrufts. Complete imp of Bulkier;. Supplies l/ioairrt nrxf rioor to .)rxll€ KtUirrs Store on HUHwuy e n I. ' j« Wfsi. C O. Oftfm Mftimger. Plioiir 2 room [umlshpd r«it. i'hoiie 2339. inipju Cor 1:l2-Hk-15 Apartments Wonted Tftre* or four room un .a\:st or apartment. Couple i Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Services .......-..V"a"ml" IJNUSUA1, Place Cards, 'rallies, Party ! ; Favors, Centerpieces, Marly i j Amovicftii Novelties, for Porch ! and Kitchen. 'Mrs, Alrx Shrlb.v Plume H528 7-10-pk 14 IKi TOIL need an fxpfrien nifr? . . . call an:i. Hetty Jo Uunyan *K>5 FT. Ctterrj PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 1918 Kord Super Del.uxe 'I'udor, radio, healer and while sidewall tires ]947 1'ord Super Del.iix* Sedan Coupe, radio and Heater ItMft Kurd Super Del.uxe 'I'udor, radio and henler 19-16 Super l)el,tixe Tudor, radio and heater, while KJdewall tires I!) Hi f-'nrd I'icknp International I'ickup ()l,l> NKWSl'AI'KKS COURIER NKWS OfFlCK For Sal* or Trade inet plertrlc itiarliliir (or port- 7 S-pK-15 McCBll. 1037 W. CHAPMAN SVRVECX STATION Mfttn * Dl?Lslon Phone 'Ji63 Don't «nd»nger your fn lly wUh faulty tlr«ft— BUT LKK TIKIS 1311-Cfc-U Jeep parts now available at POOLS MOTOR CO. W« c*n ILh kit jour ncrdi Get Reaukni parts from our com- Jl?rn*H POOLI. OWNER ff OPKRATOH South HLrhwftT 81 »t Steelt. Mo , Phone St««)« 49 Food* Lnc-al or lonjr cllsianrc day or niffhi OH C. H Cirftii TnirklnB Co. Plion HAULING day or B Co. 7-7-i>k-8-7 "POFtTR AITS'* I'hoto rinish nnd cominc rc;fal work MAY™ RKNTLEV STUDIO "hillipsMotorLompanii *&j*M.mj.-Hi4:i5gig.t.-fc^n*iJM=iJ> v Private Rooms Bedroom, adjoining bath, Ante Ian MPI\ only. 60a W. Main. Plttm:- -U32. 1 12-rk-tf Nice cool heel room lor men or couple. 218 KASI l>avLfi. 7 lO-pk-M Kooin lor re til, Pliodf 2101. lipclrooni, 1109 ClilrVasjiwbn, Phone . Oood locution. Plume 24R:t 6 IS-pk-7 IS n onlr. phnn*« 6 22-|>h AUrRcltv" wo N1rp bedroom. MOH only. Altltr fRzi fiKI WMiiut. rtumr 249S. fi22-[ik-71? IDS' ? E. MtUn. Phnm Here Is The Truck YOU WANT I!H« Chevrolet Ions wheel has* truck, 2 speed axle, 750x825x20 tires. Only $995.00 l<>)6 Koid VS—!>r> H.I*. Kit In. w. lins*. 2 speed. 750x82')x2ll tired. Runt like n<.'«'. Special ?1 095.0(1. , - x .>'/T l!M(i Clievnilel loi\n wlieel h;ise. Mnlor jierfecl. 6 almost new tires. 750x. S2:ix20. Heady to go. 111(2 Kurd UniK wheel liase truck. New 12 foot stake rciil fiirm (nick. ?1 0(15.IX) dy. 6 tftMwl tires. Wanted to Buy sod cnr? and I Phillips Motor Co. 5-6-ck-tf Barnard Gooch, Mgr. 5th «t Walnut Raymond Cole, Soleim, Phon* 44M WANTED TO RUY 3 hile mode! ,A-C combines. Writ ft Box C. V. ^ Courier News. G-22-ck-7-l3 Used Tub. CO mm ex] e and lavatory 1'nonp 46*;). 7 !2-pk-7 15 for Insurance 'For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency 'Planned Protection GUVNCOK HOTEL BUILDING * 4S-ck-tf HouitHold Goods ],oc:*l and l.onp Distance MOVING Plionc 2077 2-l-pk-7-24 Lawn Mowers sliai-pcncd am] repaired. Rlythcville Machine Sliop, Plione 2828. 211 Second. 4-6-ck-tf Sewing Farmeri Column JS'«u' HollaiKl Hay i' Flxcellent condition. Call Bob I, owe, Manila, 91, or B. C. Land Co., Lcaohvillc. For Sale —City Property j Help Wanted. Male ! Salesmen ambitious to earn 1 up lo ?o(H).00 and more in a i month ' WnjUfd, i-H<- find rouiuy snlcA- . men in unoccupied lerrltorlcs—build j up bi:nin^A5 In your home rlty Rtul 100% guLside White Paint ?4.98 gallon; fiM.nO in 5 gallons. / Garden tractors \\-i h.p. at Suburban Property"! 40 acres of choice land lo- ;-ated 1 mile S. of Blythevillo (airm , roln (actoly Hcrr are „ fm , ___ 6-18-ck-tf i on Highway fil. Has beautitul or "" hundreds •< prospccisi schools, I ___ . 7 room house with bath. Also, ^n^^^iu^Zir'™";^ Bible sJilp. bill Riul collect—niftLL [iro- ; lit checks weekly. Straight commls- ' alons fur above average salaries Rs- tnhtiFhr-rt in 1916. AA1 i^llag. Exchi- ; si VP types of Uti tire writer's approved lire extln^t]lsrxers~;io competition. Sell I nirfri Iroin factory. Her UM2 Dodn'o shnrl wheel I ruck. New 2 ton motor. 70(lxS25x20 t\re&. J1IS5 Inlern;ilional l z ton pickup. A good cheap truck—51245.00. 79 /More to Choose From Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan SOLLIVAH-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY Closed Nights & Sundays 301 W. Walnut St. Phone 578 firm O11C i 1 1- i-ttr,,-,-, Virtues ,.M| li U1 lOOm nOUSC Ultll hath and two tenant houses.! Beautiful Hiwii and g n o d , lne hutibpr nilUs. bulldttis supplies, homes Iflrms. laclorles, pvibllc InstltuUons. | etc •J 1 hou:sautls of prospects. Fear of . '• - renter thBn ever, cash Iti on i h-* na. Write quickly for lull Salesman Fais To Read Own Wares AMERICAN FALLS. Ida. 'UP'--: -u.,,in M:II i i • i . ""tii'-s. Mflr^-s the yvp-FVTER Co., Murrav Bo!l\vJiik!c. business sales- shade. Alllk house, chicken i m:i-r. -r-a. p,y, on I. Ohio . ,i man was asked l-.v an elderly sales- hflllSP a lift i>i'i f>l\ 1 Tt a eVinrl \\ ill 1 * li-pK-lj , „„„!„ _ _i,^..i. COJIAE IN AND SEE THE NEW «^^^^ A°pV?S5?cg Ur aMr"SrY *» ^^SiS ° M<K P £umi±l ««w- 20» W Uxln. phone 20TI. . J^V-TbML "uTpmVnl ADAMS AP- 5 l3-ck--,!3 t ,, tlANcr , COMPANY. 208 W Mnln HK1.TH, BUCKLES, covered rjuttonJi, btinon holps Mar Miller. AlniR Bass. KlmA Crowrtcr Plione S539. It no »r>- — swcr. 46H2. 606 K. 5lh St. 822-pk-7,32 MR. FARMEH: I,n ua hullrJ yoiir . i truck mid trailer brde. Any size or - - I kind. l>on'l lor;;p[ TO ,^ee trip HhPtJjj- UOOaS Tiailer with or Vutioui sprltiRS. Hcn- We.sitjrooic Shop, 225 N. First, plione I. 626-ck-T 26 house and machine shed. \ViK, Screen doora $7.15 up. j )C g ] a( j lo s i, ow anvone wa ,,uj JIM BROWN STOKE { ng a nice country* home. Sec- Touc ^ng Love Son? 105 W. Alain or ca |! Fatal to Two Friends 4-M-ck-tf For So/e, Cars, Trucks Loans -LUAN3 AulomobLle-alK- »fct\irt--cotna)ter-riimmire. Quick., pil- »»t* Mrvlcc Person a ItZEtJ atteiulnn Com* In or teleplionp. 3i)28. OKNERAL CONTRACT rURCHASE OORPORATION 106 a. Firth at. BlTthe\m« Ark 1234-ck-tf Th« Vnlt«d Press supples news directly to more thau 3.000 newspapers nn drndio stations - imon Typewriter FOR SALE: — One ft-morie! Ford Jj« perfect shape Call 79J '»fler 4.«' TYPEWRITERS Hfival. Smith Corona »nd K*m!nK- DON" EDWARDS JOHNNY MARR, Realtor 1!2 S. Second Plione 4111 or 2.")% Kusscil jMarr, 1'hoiic 807 T-H-ck-tf man to cash a check. The salesman sairi it had been given hint by & woman living in For Sale, Farms KFAV DEI-HI, India i UP)—Press reports ccnriling \\c-.e 5niri musical pr5tarv t-n^i the ]ivr«; of MVO youiT2 men in Benarea, a holy cilv of the Hindus. 'I*"ne report said one Bubullnh - J •'rah «'^5 Ii5tcnin« 10 music sung by ASH STREET SPECIAL thft famous Abdullah, Kawal of Kleveii room, two story rornhlrmuon ' Bhopal. PD Illfitail stale. During t\onic. investment and husincsi [oca- the recital ion of ihc line,*; "Ashiki coi" pfan? 1 rtow 2 varam 'ftnci'^on-Vesi" ' Imliya?. Kva Jane, Farke Nato nrnt owner says sell qiifcu. Price *nd ' Niyaz Kya Jane" ("Love knows no tlisiinctio]]. U makes no difference $1275 Some RKA, . rnUc arru iniid on iiir 12111 per LMI acre* 4 hrvill*. J1&5 p^r acie. 211 Reres. Clood Inline site. ir liase. S3ot) p^r i\cro 'rim-c. W1M in Stodrinrtl C. allway 60. Good Lin prove me ru County t of Bly- Adjoining I Mo. on F1KLO RKALTV Phone 23JM. Residence offices 808 Hearn : loveri"'. voting Balm Hall Sab fell into cr.stasy ami breathed hi.s last in the rnfuiiciH of blisi. \Vh-n Babullsh Sjilfs friend Sardai^ ^nl) heard the news, lit 1 hurried to his side, and drop f >ed , - dear! with these wo;rt?.: "I have lost new two UCn-i a n i ove for lifr after you have I room home on West Hearn. ' gone." ^ iM nil ovrr woo<l<i lanri. ^ rtiU»- 1 KlimUCC hfat, attic fail, FHA* n concrete Highway. $6.50 pfi acrr j f i c ., . . , or rflii ! fmuricerl. Shown by appoint- n. M Hfi-tt or Max I.OK an f niOllt fin] ^" Til f iiriV'o Jo >-i^rVit Aiuociiutri Brokers. Pnonc 20;n jMKiiL oiu> . Lilt pllCO IS 1 Igm. Lynch Blclg. ! Call Noble Gill Agency V. P.. Joynor hone ^.1:11. nitc 8205 Farms For Sale '^ni Rrros of xood loam land Two rx- !ra nice noines and ham A. Plenty or nit bulldlni;^ 1 » mile* from lo-A-n. •o<Ki schools And cniirches. Hce this H you want A home. This plarr can he • lender! 120 anrt BO nrre», No lo^n aiirt | isy 10 riRncllc Smftll clown payment , ill noid It till Fall. Prlci- !110 per acrf i ^'11 srre,» Two 1:000 nouses, 73 actcj i tuHlvatlon. tWOO. | W3 acrc-s ihort distance from Krn- • '•in. Prom on Ettanway 2.1 \'i nil]A ixid ftnrt harn, nearly nil In ' otton Cjmc* .ialr, II1O per acrr- ] Ln town of Holland Mo Read Courier Nr\vs Waul Arts Our Skith-il Shoe Rchuildinp honestly restores the uliLity, shnpe, si yip. I.rinp \rr:ir Is built in; comfort of tlie old shoe retained. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FREEZERS CONVENIENT SIZES... FROST. LOK VAC-U-5EAL TIGHT-V/AD Dalla Implements, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Educators Elect Woman President T-n-pk-13 Phone 863 tliis area. Bolhvinkle obliged Lnicr ; lie began ciiecKin^ atitl Tonne! there ' was no such womnn on the bank A telescopic camera, tainted at, the Pole Star, and left exposed cnviiic, Mrs •HII he roimectrtt into riling 433CK1 or le:.^ Mcatlor. 6 H-pk-7 11 'w ri7e-ro<ui\ Rnrt hulri \vlxh BU\.O• ir not water ncatrr. -117 FT ROKt rut* 1 tnrcr-room hr>it«r, cl^r in. mlla;*- possession. Kllhpr r>r • iootJ four room Rnd two ux>m ftou^* | oTc'^ A'U" ^ Unanrctl Cil1 ' Ol "" .•Ml in couon rrou W|]| *now tor II- -rl(. SI7.S ppr acre. ^D RcrrA. Clohler. Mo. Extra nlcr Of ncp Tenant hou%e. two harm . anoer. realtor, phonp ' It Takes the Right Kind of Know-How In ci(. » (food repair jol, ,, r your carl And our mechanics have thai knowledge ami exiH'iipnre in (hfir fingertips. You can always <\v\\v w \ ,,|«>n n» l« do every repair job—% or small—txpertly, efficiently and at modest rosl. SAFE SUMMER DRIVING Mlrt ! vit notne.s .School blip. niiUI tnvitp • vntn tjm.Kpn liavi. clenirlcUy, Ml \n 1 ouon B»sl of loam *ol! *2(X1 ppr ftrrf i nd vo>i iz^l nnp lotirth ol couon nnrl I nnve a nuiuhT nf other *ood rsrr.ii f you ntf intPreAteri In n nomr corr.r n aprt <pp mr r am strictly in the film Innrt anil kixn biislne^. Rialc? Land C'o. Office across street, from City Hall 3322—2 Phones—'11 SO 7-fi-ck-tr For So/e, Alisc. Hill t*im for tritrt^. On 63 *lrt* of Hardy For So/e, City Property HOUSR THAU,EKS tor Home or v»- •Mlon 2.^ II. Alinn. 19 ft .MHO Crulsrr. n n Ttaiipr <mr>- jeisai AH sicop lo.;r Math^ i ia;ler Saks So\ittl 61 Hlxr---r 7 ; 9-pk-13 "'i!irn. nealfr. blr.yclf. rhoiif 1!A!>. complrtf hn<isi*holr1 furniture (op »Aie. crall W. R Pierre. Phinr. 319^ l>e- tw-ern i BIHI 6 p in 7.7-iiK-U HKS'I'OKK BKAl'TY lo old j [floors, woodwork, furniture | twiili Slicvwin-\Vil!iains Mav-" Not \'aniisti. Scralcti. scnff- J 5 .],' fivo rooms, hath and shower.; 1 '•"' " >v - ^- " Colcman fliwr furnace, attic —--_ Mairs with storage soacc, in-' ''"'•' -- 1 " window fans. Coni- sulatod for comfort and neon- i P^'" - vil h stai.ds. Plionp 2721. nmy. Possession today—FHA ! fi-lS-c.k-t f llnatlCOd. ' 7 fl Ei fr i nc n^Irlteralor Oo<xl cotl- Huilt of everlastinK Ijrick | o" 10 " 1IJS He.» t n. rhonr 33i« and tile. Two tiedrooms. Auto- ! — - - - • - -- malic attic fan. Roval Jot-i For Sale i.. i,. ' i 1>n ' el'fUic Uoxjr fan wrh i. horse I'low neatniif system rlcsijfn- power motor c<l for efficiency. Why pay; f mil \\'. Davis [rent? FHA financed. ' ' 2»l \V. Davis I Five rooms and batli. Two i _. . „ *' 8 ~" : "locks off Main on Sycamore, i B <^'; !Owner must sell today. Priced "n . ,to move fast. "A" 1 Max l.ogan, Realtor n « h | "««. "» r^m?. 7».px-i5 i Vhunc 20!lt Lynch Rldjr. I ' 7-6-ck-i;:> . rcfoixls '. Vhrmiihou't 24 hours ol a polar Bolhvinklp railed the sheriff, i "'Sht. shows the stars, not as They fnimcl the salesman at the [ l>°»»ts of light, hut as circles OCITP of tovn. Thr-;mai< l>aicl i around the celestial pole. I he moiicv h^ck and moved on with i ; hK wares'— Bibles ! N° Caffeine is contained in the Re.iri Courier News Want Ad.s. coffee grcj\vn mi Grand Comoro island, off South Africa. Maybcl SUidebahrr, Eric. Pa., schoolteacher, just elected president of the National Education Association, gets a lew pointer? from her predecessor. Glenn Snow, of Si. Gcorae. lilah. Mips Stlirie- baker was cliosen at the orR.iiiu:ition'.<: 8Cth convention in Clcvelan<l, O. For EVERYTHING YOUR PONTIAC NEEDS a ruble, feet. 117V Msn War- | ny eases ftml eoolers WHHnins | Uon CO.. 116 Lilly phone | ?!S-pk-7 Ii ,| r- atifline mar hi no unrt onr rash f: Src nt 10.% K. FranVim or SOI. A 2t-cK-U i We Wish to Announce MR. FRANK BRODERICK 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Ts In ('burg* of Our Machine Shop HENRY WESTBROOK'S SHOP See Your Pontiac Dealer Parts \\'t carry a complete slock of faclury-enginecved I'ontisic parts, precision-made lo insure better car performance. Accessories Whatever you need in extra items: IT. S. Royal Tires, a Sun Visor, a Radio or Healer. Permanent anlifrec/.e. Seat Olivers—conic first lo SMITH PONTIAC CO * PHONP . »»-i_ BLYTHFVILLK M)ITH 1 II 1^

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