Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 19, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1890
Page 4
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S. AMES & CO., Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street, URIAH, CAL WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF Boots, Shoes, Sli|r ,K m roil TlfK SJ'itlMi V>1> rtVMUKK 'I'B.IBH. Imported direct from the very best Manufacturers. Look at tho Latest Styles ! They are all Neat, Durable and Comfortable, and the Very Best Goods that money can buy, and they will be sold as low !as .Reliable Goods can possibly be sold. TERMS GASH, AUD CASH ONLY! 11 you want Credit, we can't Trado. Goods sent to any part of ths County C. 0. D., or on receipt of money order. ^O.SCHOBc^M'Tf .M^ All kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order.! REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street, Ukiah, Cal. THE DECLINE OF DISCIPLINE. FACTS ABOUT TEA. Why It Is Blue. B«lng a Comparison of tbe Training of Young Ideas, Past ami Present. 1790. Master Mnlvcplcce Wisdom Winthrop (to his sire)—"Will ray honored nnd revered lather Krai' mo the privilege of going lo slide on yonder pond for u brief time? His Sire—Nay, my son, it is not my desire that you nhould engage in such frivolous pursuits. They tire a waste of time and energy, and \ fear me t hey an; in certain degree sinful. Say no more about it, my son. Master Itukepieee Wisdom Winthrop, aged IS, says no more. 1690. Master Harold Percy St. %lohn, aged 10 (to his sire)—Pa, can't I go skating this afternoon? .Mr. St. John—No, vou can't. "Wiiy.»" " 'Cause you can't." "Why*" "1 don't want you to—that's why." '"That ain't any rettKou." "It's reason •moiifrh for me, and 1 want you toshutriidU r.paud say no more about it." '•Jim Urown and Ted Jenkins are go- Ins." "I don't core it thev are; you're not." "Why?" "Because you're not!" "Boo-hoo-hoo! I can't never do nothing! Boo-hoo!" "Shut tip that noisel" "Can I go then! - " "No. You can't." "Boo-hoo-hoo! IIoo-oo-oo! I—boo—don 't —hoo—see why!" "You'll know why it I trounce you, young man!" "Can't. 1 go just- a little while!'" "Yes, and break through the ice and get drowned." "I won't, eith»— Boo-hoo!" "Hush! Will you be very Careful t" "Yes—yes." "And not'ftp where the ice is thin?" "So." "And you'll'coine In. To* in an hour?" "Yes—yes." "Well, put out then, and mind If you ain't back in an hour I'll trounce you good." "Yes, sir." And off he goes to stay five hoars and a half, but the trouncing is never more heard of.—Drake's Magazine. Dreadful Awakening. "Madam," said the eminent surgeon, "I am happy to say we have discovered at last the cause of your husband's condition. A amall. portion of tho skull wa3 fractured by the injury that deprived him of consciousness a year or mere ago, and a splinter has been pressing upon the brain. I have located the fracture, and in a few lninvttCB, with the help of my assistants, the splinter will bo removed. You must riot be surprised, madam," he continued, "At anything he may say when he returns to consciousness. It has been many a long month since the injury happened to him, hut you will remember that to him there has been no iapse of time whatever. If he was interrupted in the course of any remark he was making at the time of the accident he will finish that remark as soon us the pressure is removed from his brain." The surgeon resumed his place at the bedside of the unconscious patient and the operation proceeded. It was a complete success. The moment tho splinter was removed from the man 's brain a natural look came into his eyes, an .-1 his anxious friends in the room adjoii.-jg heard him say In a slow, hesitating monotone: "- hen and p. hr.'.f lay an egg and a half in a day and a half how many eggs will six hens lay in seven days?"---Chicago Tribune. lie Kn*»w. An old man would not believe he could hear his wife talk a distance of five miles by telephone. His better half was in a biiop several miles away where there was a telephone, and the skeptic wiut also in a place where there was a similar instrument, and on being told how to operate it he walked boldly up and shouted: "Hello, Sarah!" At that instant lightning struck the telephone wire and knocked the man down, and as he scrambled to his feet he excitedly cried, "That's Sarah, sure as fatet" —West Shore. An Obscure Compliment. Gwendolin—I have often wondered, Mr. Fa&sett, what your age may !x*. Fasselt—Well, Miss Gwendolin, thirty- seven years have come and gone siuce 1 first saw the ligl.l. Gwendolin (snickeringly)—And do you know how old I am? Fassett—I do not know how old yev> are. but you don't look it.—Jewelers' Circular. A Momentary Triumph. Judge—This geullemnn can identify the watch because his initials are scratched on the inside of the cas«. Prisoner—No, he can't; I scratched them off.—Clothier nnd Furnisher. Suvert » Casket. "It was horriblel He died in the bathing house." "What did they do?" •'Buried him just as he died. It tvoa a perfect /it."—New York Herald. r*o Cause for Thank*. "Pid you give the captain a vow ot thanks?" "No. Why should we? He didn't run tts into an iceberg or strike Fastnet."— Chatter. Perhaps lie Does. "Buskin admires the man who slugs at his work." "Then be ought to admire a professional tthor,"—Munsey's Weekly. Thej- Go It Blind, fclie—How do you manage to think MBo'ag all the noise in the Stock Exohanse? He—We don't thin.k,—Lippiucott's. H«r T« M » Gown. I D •witching ffown of dainty pink (To (Batch her bltwhes,) :'<f raporisar the seduotlvs <hinlt jtoliea, mSdsiphuhss, iOldru*s aiid I'ri.'i-l;.-ae w*» , BW mmmimtUiiam !.;'»'-'.'tt«l* li tftevery innlt, to ras, i ,f? Of iwaet pwfaouoB. $U rTfit swr *ly ,r ;M liutuhu aud. 1 Vision posy, RlStluoW oouleur d* res* imjnd 1 - f&&> ssia »few prosy. Ml I K * I Utollm The total of the tea consumption of the world annually amounts to 1,334,500,000 pounds. During the Beajou of 1877-8 but 3,515 pound9 of tea were exported from Ceylon, ! whereas in the season of 1887-8 22,000,000 I pounds were exported. : As early as 1(>00 tea Is mentioned in Eng: land in an net of parliament, whereby a I duty of eight pence was charged on every ' gallon of It made for sale. ; Since 1S39 very considerable att«ntionhas | been paid to the growing of tea in India, I r.iul the industiy has opened up a large I Held for capitalists and Europeans. | Outside of China itself, Great Britian is j the largest tea consuming country in the ! world, the amount of tea taken there being I no less than 82O,O00 ,i )Uo pounds annually. ' The. total area of the world's tea cultiva- ; tlon Is 11,814,(100 aereo, the total annua! ! production is 1,877,000 pounds, and tin. I total exports amount to503,101,000 pounds. The best of the Chinese tea crop seldom I reaches anywhere but Russia. It is always bought up by the Knasinn agents j immediately they can place their hands | upon it. ! It Is estimated that tho Chinese t.liom- ! selves consume more than 800,000,000 pounds of ten annually, or more than three times ns much as they sell to all other countries. The cost of the raw leaf is said to be four cents per pound. Picking, firing, land carriage and duties, export duty, freight aud charges make up the cost of the Ixjtter teas to sixteen cents per pound. The consumption of tea in the United States iu 1880-1 was 80,aX),000 pounds. In 1SW-5 it hod fallen off to 67,000,000 pounds, but it has since increased, the figures for 1SS0-90 being given as 75,000,000 pounds. In Japan, as In China, the people drink an enormous quantity at tea. Nevertheless, in the season of 1880-7 Japan sent 12,500,000 pounds of tea to Canada, and 114,260,000 pohnds to the United States, exporting in ail to these two countries say, •47,000,000 pounds. From explorations recently made It has been shown that the tea plant is growing wild in the forests and jungles of upper Sinm and tho Himalayas, and in the great range of mountains extending through China to the Yung-tse-Kiang.—New York Commercial Advertiser. THE TURF. The race horses are distancing the trotters as far as beating records is concerned. Nearly every week there is a record beaten. Two millionaires are probably the luckiest and the unluckicst owners on the American turf. The former is the Hon.W. L. Scott, the latter Senator George Hearst. The Duke of Portland has retired Donovan to the stud. The colt's winnings on the turf amounted to*367,*99.33—by far the largest amount ever credited to a single animal. Turfmen abroad have begun to agitate the question of long distance races. It is more than probable that- the English Jockey club will adopt a rule requiring the different associations under its control to make all races for 3-year-olds aud upward a mile or over. The claim Mr. Withers and Mr. Morris both make concerning their straightaway tracks is that they are the only ones that should be used in deciding great races, for on them the best horses must win. Very often on the old tracks races were stolen by inferior horses through some of the well known tricks of the jockeys. The racing stables owned by the widow of the Due de Castries and Baron de Sou- beyrau have been sold by aution in France. Le Glorieux, a colt which ran fifth in the Grand Prix, sold for £3,200; a son of Fortin for £1.500 and Maypole, the best of Silrio'a stock, for £2,200 to* Baron da Soubeyrau, and Cadi, by Silvio, was sold to M. Michel Ephrussl for £1,000. The chestnut stallion Endower, foaled 1874, by Enquirer, out of Florence Wallace, by Vandal, died at Caldwell, Tex., recently, from colic. He was n promising youngster, but injured a tendon at an early age aud was retired to the stud. Some of his colts in Texas have made good marks, and others are looked upon as valuable for both the track and the stud. C, C. Seaman, of Sau Diego, Cal., former owner of the $51,000 Bell Boy, has a gold mounted tooth of the unfortunate horse, the only substantial portion of him that remained after his death by fire. But what Mr. Seaman values still higher is a colt which he has named Ding Dong, which is Bell Boy's ouly stallion foal of 1880. Ding Dong's dam is by Sir Walkill, full brother of Walkill Chief. LITERARY LIGHTS. W. H. Donne, ths hymn writer, is manager of an iron foundry in Cincinnati, Iludyard Kipling, the new English literary comet, is a short, square built man, who has a pale skin, thin, brown hair and near sighted eyes. He wean, spectacles. Lee C. Ilarby, author of "Texan Types and Contrasts," is a native of South Carolina. He lived lr Texas for twenty years, but is now a permanent resident of New York. Lord Tennyson has yielded to a request to recite his "Chargeof the Light Brigade" and parts of "The Princess" in an Edison pnouograpb. His son says the tones of the poet's voice are repi-oduced with startling fidelity. Bider Haggard, the novelist, bears a certain facial resemblance to the young emperor of Germany. He is tall and slim and brand shouldered, and has the bearing of a practical athlete rather thin an overworked man of letters. Daudet, it la said, smokes like a furnace and works like an engine. When working at a book that pleases him he will writ* straight on through the twenty-four hours, and lock the door against his tvtfs lest »h. should compel him to go to bed. J',uv« Wiiton Brooks, editor of The Unl- ver*iy Magazmv, has received the degrea ot W J - D. from St. John'* college, Aouap- olis, the third oldest college la the United States. He is said to lie tha youngest doctor of laws In America, being only 86 years old. Cardinal Manning's wonderful poem, "The Dream of Gerontins," wm rweued | from tha waste paper basket. The great doctor had written it as a literary exercise, and had in a At ot discontent thrown It it into the yawning basket; it was, it is u&id, a Catholic dignitary, now holding a high position in London, who rescued tha poem nod pnwrved it for the world's read- , log, ' , . The surest way to bar* coar Jelly is to I 1st the juii* drulii tbiOVgl; a ganual j -OF THK- 12th Dint. AiriciiltBra 1 Association (Composed o[ Luke and Mendocino Counties) -FOR THE- Eighth Annua! Fair! TO HE HELD .IT LAKEPOR T, Mrs. Broughnc—George, dear, why is the ocean blue? Mr. Broughne—Because it has to embrace so many objectionable people.—Life. 1 ? Jtot (tie Proper .Season. "It wouldn't, be fashionable, don't you know?" said the sweet summer girl, "out of season." "How? It is always fashionable to elope," Baid the despondent lover. "Oh, uol This is tho season of the cante- lope," And the lover brightened and thnnked his stars.—New York Hurold. Sept. 23,24,:: :: and %:::: Open to tho Counties of Napa, .Solano, Sonoma, Marin, Lake, Alenclooino, Colusa, Yolo and Humboldi. Tuesday, Sept. 23d. RACK NO. 1-TT.OTTlNlj—YeurliiiRB. Mile heals. 2 in ::. 1'UI-M>, f£,n. HACK NO. i -nt :SNlN"<i-Hnlf mile dash. fll)0 lidded. ISiitrmic,!, Jin. ItACl". NO. Tl;OITINli-3:n(l chlKs. Mile iieats, :{ in T). ?I.',0 tidded. Kni ninoo. |:;0. Wednesday, Sept. 24th. RACK NO. -1—ni'NNlXt;-:\ mile heats, a la MXI added. KutrHiiee. V.O. KACf. NO..')—Tl'.OTTlS'l—Wnllion race, mile i -alH. :t In .*>. rinse, film. RACK NO. t> -TROTTING— Throe-vear-old. I'ui'.ie, J"0ll Thu RACE Purse, fl.lll. It AC I .1. t'ur NO. . ursday, Sept. 25th. :o. 7 — WINNlXii—}„ mile ihnii. Enli-anee, *iu. 1 x—TROTTINO— Two-vear-old, 2 In n WHICH WIIX IT BE 1 WTitoh Is the fairest, a rose or a lily 1 Which is the sweetest, a peach or s pear? Merry's coquetlsh, aud charming- is Mill? • Dora Is gentle and fair. ther. Bweet «s a flower was her face when I kissed (Love Is the romance and g-lory of life,) Ifillv, my playmate, I love ,r llke a sister," Hut Dora I choose for ray wife. Test is right, young roan, marry the girl S ou love, by all meuns, if she will have you. taould her health become delicate and her beauty fade after marriage, remember that this Is usually due to functional disturbances, weaknesses, irregularities, or painful disorders peculiar to ner sex, In the cure of which Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Is arnaran* teed to give satisfaction, or money refunded. See the printed certificate of guarantee oa bottle-wrapper. For overworked, "worn-out," "run-down," debilitated teachers, ralllluem, dressmakers, seamstresses, "shop-girls," housekeepers, nursing mothers, and locale women generally, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the greatest earthly boon, being unequuled as an appetizing cordial and restorative tonic, or •trecgtb-glver. Ceprrl ( bt, 1H8, by W ORLD'S DIS . Map. Ast'a. Friday, Sept. 26th. HACK NO. 9 -TKOri 'lNil-l'urse, POO. Mile iieaiH, :i in RACK NO. 10-lU"NNINO-Citlzeu-' Purse, f 100 ^ mile heat-., '1 in :;. Saturday, Sept. 27th. RACK NO. U-RCNNlNi, Hi ink-man 's Novelty. For uon -ni -ofesslonal .kiekeys. Om- mile dash, t'u ^e, tlOO. Kntrnne--, Kirsi Oorse a'. ,-m:ii • j mine-r to i;el f.:.*,. Slowest average lit all ,-iuartev- to net s.aeUt^ m^.la'.. RACK NO. 12—LAWKS TOURXAMKNT- Pursc, |i.o. ?20to ilrst, *lfi to second. »10 to third. RACE -NO. 13-QEXTLEMAN'S TROTTINd— Some conditions as Gentleman 's Noveltv. Mile heats. 2 In 3. Entrance, tu. Divided till, 30 and 10 per eeut. OOrJDITICfflS: Five to enter and three lo start. In nil nieeB. National rules govern trottine; races, i'neine Coast blood Morse Rules govern runniue raees. All entries close at (I r. ji. the day briore nice. The Directors resL'rre the right to eliange the hour and date of any race. AU J'urseM riivideu ao, 30 and 10 per eom. A horse distancing the field shall reeelve only first anil third moneys. Kutraueo, unlesa otherwise specified, 10 per cent of purse. Dr. PIERCE'S PELLETS rcg-ulata and cleanse the liver, stomach and bowels. They are purely vegetable nnd per. fectly harmless. One a Vase. Sold by druggists. Hi oents a vial. CONSUMPTION COUGH or COLD BRONCHITIS Throat Affection SCROFULA Wasting of Flesh Or any J>l$ea— u>/i«r« Throat and Lung* mr» Inflamed, IMCH of Strength or A«i# Powrr, I /0M can b* relieved and Cured by SCOTT'S EMULSION PURE COD LIVER OIL With Hypophosphltes. PALATABLE AS MILK. A»k for Seott'n RmHUloti, nnd let no csv ptmmttioH or aaUpitatlaii indue* you fe Sold by all Drugglat.1. 800TT * BOWHE.Chdmlsta, N .Y. L. G. SIMMONS. 8. McCUTCHEN, SILCKETARY. PRESIDENT. Washing and Ironing! Ah Pooh's Washouse, <or. I'hureli ami Slevriiioii His., I'klnli. TYPEWRITER. A strictly iirst-eliiHp mncliiiio. Fully warranted. Mado from very bent material, liy skilled workmen, :uul with the I IOH L tnnlM Hull, linvo evor lii'on devisoil tor the pnrpiw. Wnrnmlpil lo do nil lliilt. ciiti hp rniisniinlily oxpci 'tpd of the very I IOK I typcHvilcr <--tl:«ni. Ciiptililo of wriiiuu liSO \Mirds per miniitt—or more— accordiiiL' to the niiiliiy ot Ilio opprni.or. PRICE, - - SIOO.OO. ll thfiro is no njjpiit. in your town, address tlip in .-uiuliK -ttiters : THE PARISH IflF'C CO., -t .at 'atx ll'ioj/.f/. I'm I V/ I. -V. 1'. 8TE.\0(iIi,\PIlY and TYPE- iih WHITI.NXi f'l! EK. Kirst-class fncilitiPK unit liesl. of lonehcra. AdilrcHs, vvilli slump fur return posfngp.. THE PAlUSri MK'li. CO. Vnrifjh, N. V. 'Si .t >-^rv;::-,-%-. „r.T '?i ;;7*—-^-\ :r S lji " l $siu?«Jv 1 >—5 1 •vVS-'C.iS^tf I tc The Ne'v Home Bewlng Maonlne Compauv, Paellle Depurtiiiqiii, Dlsirlbullng tilliri>,72i> Market street, History linilcline:, Sau l-'riiiielsen,c«l. C ll A I.F A N T & C U N X l Nt; 11A ,\!, Mtf Aiients, I'kiah, Cal. 1 jaHiavinff pureliaseii SItifirLee's wasli-housc ri'spec'.fnlly snlifll lie. puIrouiiKc ot Hie public « ashlinr. Ironing, and flutiuR done with nest ncKsantl dispatch. Illl-iim.l AH POOH. LANE'S SPRINGS, himi Valley, MeiUit Ctutl;, Cal. FOURTEEN MILES NORTH OK UKIAH. SOMA, I BON, MAUSsHIA, SULPHUR, A>l» OTIIKR WATERS. Best CainpliiR ftrounds In the Coutitv. Water, wood and grounds free. Good pasturage for horses at moderate rates. I »7-lm T. A. LANE, Prop. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE To oure Biliousness, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria a Liver Complaints, take tho safe and certain remedy, SMITH'S BILE BEANS Vae the MMAIX Biae (ioilttle Beans to the bottle). TllET ABB THB MOST CONVENIENT. Bmmttstble tor all Aess, Price of either else, atte. per Bo<tle. KISSINflr 7 :' 7 - 70 •»BW\*il«aj|lillli»lforiot«.(oop( ) «riur,l.a-i..|. J.f ,tMITH4 «I.M »l «nof"BIU(BIiN»,'|T,l(l"l8 MQ. fafelligoEt Beaden will notice that *ya mot "tearritHttii to minf all clause* or slleeauee, but oulr aueh M a-eesUt rrom a aiaordevee) Uvar, vlti Vertigo. Headache. Dyspepsia. Fevers, Costivenesa, Bilious Colic. Flatulence, etc. far ths** the* are siel HsmsM <it-' MUbl; but areaeiteBrljraoaslilsnow •lb|« lo mak-a »«r*wcrty" s>>>foe, tlMsat Dispatch—Democrat. QUICK TIME AND CHEAP FARES to Eastern nnd European H UM Via the fireat TraiiH-eontlnental all-rail Routes or THE Southern Pacific Co. (P ACIFIC S YBTEM). Dtvilv Express Trains make prompt connection* with the several Railway lines in the East, AND AT New York and Sew Orleans wltli the several Mourner Linos to ALL EUROPEAN PORTS. Pullniiui ralace Bieeiiing Cars TOURIST SLEEPING CARS attaehed to Overland Express Trains. «Br»Tiekets sold. Bleeptnig-rar Berths secured and proper Inforinatlou giveii upon application atCmnp uy's olnees, where nnnsenxcrB calling in person can seettre choice ot routes, etc. Orrf«r« mid at f.oiu£«( RaU* /or ticket* /or pan- mfit /i-oja Kitropr and tiistcrii Cities to any paint in ihi Pac.ijlc -^^JJ aa 't '/Vcrflorit'3. The** nrtlerit, i/nntmed, will be redeemed at the avaotiHt. paid BIOH'K ORAY, lieu. Trai. Mgr. T, H. GOODMAN, Gen. P. &T. Aift. RAILROAD LANDS t Tur Kale oil IteHMitiMhte Turilln. For Lauds In Central and Northern California, Oregon, Nevada and Utah, annly to or address W. U. MILL*-, Laud A K I , C. I'. H. It. flasi Kiaueisco, l'f-r Lands in Southern California, apply to or address i KHOME M A BDES , LaurtAgt, a. P, B.U 4» t'*tl Francltce. For CBtsrrM C. V, I.IMMF.M II KH Tin I'ecr. Try II. lmlui 'Neil l>y Hie Hi-illeiil liiciiKr. •'renerllx-ll by SitiilFinlivlevo'a I .eiKllnu I 'liyslciaiiN. Camphor Chloral Liniment. O AKUNFI, Folirunrv 7,18110. "This may certify that wv have uu.** - . 1 lio C. C. Unlniem in our ftimilv, and haw found It to bo Uio bi*sl ana most fiilueUve MUdtninc fur lieu- rulgia una kindred iliseust's of tiny tliat wu have triod. Wyran unhfitiitatiiiglv I'l't-oininond it as a most powerful and useful remedy." K. \X, Dir .LK, Postorof tl'e First M. K. Cbnrch. For all ohroutc CUM-H, in connt'otion wlili C. 0. MNMMKNT, usL ^'COMt'OL'-XI) Hl'Ll'lIUH VOW- I'lKK" for llmroUKlily oU-unsinK the blood r.nd ton.nR «V the entitv Hvsiern. It i- put. up only hvllii' W. II. IU IIII> «'».. v> [tubh fu«;f1, in liirce bottles. Price $1 pi:r bottle, f> bottlun for $5; Bent postpaid on receipt of price, THE c. miMvr to., 12 IU IN I I Sleeet, H. V. Ctk ^-JOR SALE BY A LI, DKUC1GISTS. •W. IX. BONB, Oenevnl Mnm»ii;er ami Nrcrctnry. Great Clearance Sale! The Best Selected Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ever Brought to COVELO, CAL, Must be Cleared within Ninety Days from July 1st. Goods Will Be Bold STRICTLY FOR CASH, And at Prices Lower than ever before Offered. Clifton & Weill. A Rare Opportunity! piSO'S REMEDY FOR- CATARRH.—Host. Easiest •*- to UBO . Olienpeat. Keliof iB immediate. A cure is cerUiin. For Cold in the Head it hsis no equal. It is an Ointment, of which n small purticlo is applied to the noBtrils. Price, 50c Sold by druggists or M>nt by mail. Address. E. T. H AUEI J TINE , Warroii, P H. THE SMITH PREMIER TYPEWRITER! The Greatest "iiichine Ever Invented! Very Latest and Most Perfect. Speed, ease of operation, permanent alignment and dui- abili.y a specially. POWERFUL MANIFOLOER. All the typo cloanod by a brash device in 10 seconds without soiiiufr the hands. Writo for desoriptive ootalogno nnd prices lo LEO. R ALEXANDER & CO., SI8 8 «i»omeAtrrflt ,8 «i fie|ler(|| AgeutjU Good Agricultural Laud for $10 to $20 per Acre. The Pacific lniproyuient Company has rwent- ly iiiirt-hnsed twelve thousand aores of hind In the heart of Teh tuna county, for tho purpose of promoting nubiUvhious and settlement. This bind embraces hind* from Jlryt-class Sacramento Viille;,- ujmeuluuv land. to \nnd nt l?M avenge (juality. and Is otl'ered «U from ?10 to fit) per acre, lu ri..bdlv..iim.A of 40, SO, 1W, liit\ ;IHU acres. The terms upon whit-h Uivav I IVW .I A nve offered arc especially attractive. They will be sold In subdivisions, as above indicated, by the payment of Interest only for three ycu.a at whivL\ llraethtf puicliaser can besin (lie payment of principal hy paying the fir.^t i «f live equal annual lustiill- mouts. Thus no purl of lite principal is to bo paid for three yenr«, and then the purchaser Is to have, five years in which to pay five equal aunu- al Installments, with Interest at the rate of seven per emit per annum, niiikliu,' payment* extend- lnj.: over a period of eight years, lnlendiutf purchasers are assured that lb is is an opportunity to purchase hind of fair average qualities at |I0 per acre, nnd [ a-rricuttunil hind at K0 per acre, with other grades of laud tit prleea to correspond betwec*n these figures. The asHcition in frequently made (hut sood luiidK, suitable for general frtinilu^ and especially udapted for growin,?, cannot be hail in California for less than from *ti0 to Jiuo an acre. An examination of the land-subject of this advertisement will prow; to home heekrs that this Is an opportunity for the purchase of good agricultural laud at $20 an acre, and for qualities grading down to fair atU'leiiUurailand at $10 au acre, on terms of payment which should make the disposition of those lauds to actual settlers a result easy of accomplishment. The pil'.nary object of the purchase of this body of luud wan the brealniiK up of a large holdiug for the purpose of promoting its seule- mcnt iu smaller quuutltle 11 and its devollou to dlliKeut hufbundry. Kor further partlcnlnr." call npon, or address, W. H. MILLS, Land A pout of (he C. P. R, R., Fourth and Tow intern] ntreels,8Hn Francisco, Cal, SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice of (he Sale of Real Estate Under Execution. Notice of Administrator's Sain. ! Order of Adjudication of insolvency. I N THE SUPRRIOK COURT OF THE COUN- ty of Mendocino, State of California. In tho mutter of the estate of C. K. Arthur, deceased. Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of an order of the Superior Court of Mendocino County, Htnte of California, made on the l.Mh of April. 1890. In the matter of the estate of C. li. Arthur, deceased, the undersigned, the Administrator de bonis noil with the Will annexed, of the Kaid estate, will pell at public auction, to the highest bidder, lor cash, RO UI coin of the United States, and subject to confirmation by said Superior Court, ou Saturday, iheltli day of October, 1890* Al 'J o'clock P. M., in front of the door of the Court House, in Ukiah City, Mendocino couuty. Cab, all the rUfht, title. Interest mid estate of the said C. R.. Arthur at the time of hl.t death, aud all the right, title and inrereHt that tho said estate bn» by operation oi iaw or otherwise acquired, other than or In addition to that of the said C, It. Arthur at the time of bis death, In and too all that certain lot, pieoe or parad of land situate, lying and being lu the sold county of Mendocino, State of California, and bounded and deflcribed as follows, to wit: FM o( SW}^ of Station lJi. T 12 N. K 16 W, M I> M. Terms aud uoudltiona of sale—cosh, 10 per cent of the purchase price, in gold coin of the United hlatoK, payahle on day of thu enh\ bul- pavable on confirmation of the sale by the Judge ot this Court, Deed at expense of purchaser. Ukiah, September C, \mn. Q. A. OVRRMKYKR, Admhiistratorde bouls uon, with the Will annexed of theestaw of C. It, Arthur deceased. Y KM. A' H KAWBI.L, Attorneys for Adm, A. LEWIS <&• CO., Plaintiffs, GEO. J. BROWN, Utjendant. B Y VTRTUE OF AN EXECUTION' ISSUED out of the Superior Court oi the County of Santa Cruz, of the State, of California, wherein A.LewlSifc Co., plaintiils. and Geo. J. Brown, defendaut, npon a judgment rendered the 'iud day of October, A. D, 1888, Tor the cum of one thousand and fortv-one and sixteen one hundredths (11,141.ltt) dollar?, United States gold coin, besides costs and Interest, 1 have thin day levied upon all the right, title, cAnlta and Interest of said defendant, Goo. J. llruwn, of. I» and to the following described -cal estate, to-wit: Commencing on the county road at a point on the northeast corner of Mrs. J. lieer's Ud nnd running west 900 feel to Main street, thence north two hundred and sixty feet, thence one Hundred nud Jifty feel, tbenoe soutli feet, thence eas'. one hundred and ility f thence south ulonn the county road to place oi j beginning. Also lot commencing at the south ' west corner of H. Marks' lot and Main stn thence east three hundred iect to the com road, thence south thirty feet to laud of Geo. J. Brown, thence west three hundred feet to Main street, thence north thirty feet to point of be sinning, together with all and singular the hereditaments and appurtauenccft pertain ins thereto. Public notice in hereby giveu that T will, on sixty feet, I X THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE COUN- ty of Mendocino, State of California. Iu the matter of IK K. Dingmau, an insolvent debtor. I). E. Dlugman, having filed in this court his petition,'schedule and inventory lu Insoivenov, from which it appears that he is au ii)M>lventdebtor, the said 1). E. Dingmau in hereby declared to be Insolvent. The Sher!IT of the county of Mendocino in hereby directed to take possession of all the estate, real and personal, of the said insolvent debtor, except Mich as iimy bu by law exempt from execution, and ail of his deeds, vouchers, books of account, and papers, and to keep the same safely until the appointment of an assignee oT his estate. Al) persons are forbidden to pay auy debts lo the said insolvent or to deliver any property, belonging to such Insolvent, to him or to any person, firm, corporation or association for his use; and the said debtor Is hereby forbidden lo transfer or deliver any property, until the further order of this Court, except as herein ordered. It I K further ordered that all tho creditors of said debtor be and appear before the Hon. H. McGurvey, Judge of the .superior Court oi the county of Mendocino, in open Court, at the court room of said Court, in the County of Mendocino, on the tilh day of October, 1890, at 10 o'clock A. w., of that day, to prove their debts and choose one or more assignees of the c«taie of said debtor. It is further ordered that tho order be published in the D ISI'A.T<:H A NO I IU.MOCBAT , a news- puper of general circulation, published in the county of MendO 'dno. UM ui'tcu as the said paper is puiilished, before the said day net for fne meeting of creditors. And It is further ordered that, lu the meantime, all proceedings ugalust the said Insolvent be staved. It. M C C. A HVEY, Judge of the superior Coma. Dated September t. ltwo. 49td J. M. M ASHOS, Attorney for Insolvent. 3XJBSCEIBB ^OJRi THE- MENDOCINO DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT! 7 The -illi day of 0c obcr, at 2 n clock r. M. of said ,i„ y> |„ f r0Qt of the court house door of the county of MemloJlno nt Ukiah, sell at onblie miction, /or United Stjtes gold coin. «lfthe right, title, claim and ?i ^i 0 ." 10 llbov ,° described property, or so riueU thereof as may be necessary to raise sufficient to satisfy said lutlcment, with interest and costs etc., to the hl-best and best bidder. ' Dated thissth day of September, 1890. „ ™ . .., •'• M - STANDI.liY, Sherltr. By T. J. W ELDON, Under Sheriff. Notice to Contractors. lectric Liehtin The North Pacific Land and Improvement Company will shortly put in an Electric Light System in Ukiah and will furnish Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowest pos^ible figure. For particulars address W. H. H. GRAVES, Secretary North Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 69-71 New Chronicle Building. San Francisco. I N PURSUANCE OE AN ACT KNTJTJ ED AN ** Act to cstuhlhdi a Uraneb Insane Asylum for the insane of the State of California, at Ukiah, Meudociuo county," (Stat, of math Chap. 23, pages 2f> to32) we are hereby authorized to advertise for scaled proposals whleli will bo received at the oflleo of the President of the Hoard of J)lrector* of the Mendociuo State Asylum for the Insane In the Town of Ukiah, Meudociuo county, California, until 12 o'clock M, on Monday, the 13th day of October, IW-O, for the several branches of labor and material to be furnished for the erection and completion of buildings for thu Mendocino State Asylum for the tuaautt ou the [aud known as the Bartlett Ranch, near tbeinwnof Ukiah, Mendocino county, California. Drawings ami Kpccilieatioiin for the tmld buildings can he. seen daily from 9 o'clock A. M. until 4 o'clock v. M.I at the ofHce of the Architects of the said Board, Copeland A Pierce. No. U!(l Kearney street. 8 in Francisco, California. Blank proposal forms and all information iu regard to the manner in which proposals are lo be tendered to be obtained from the architects aforesaid. Payments to be made In Slate warrants, which will be available at the time stated in the aforesaid act. Each proposal must, be accompanied by a bond of 10 ner cent of the amount of tho proposal tendered. No Chinese labor or material manufactured by Chliu-st: labor, to be used in tbe erection of tlie said buildings. The Board of Directors reserve the right to reject any or all bids If found necessary oa the public Hood may «1 »_«Jg bHIBAIjl , Y1;M „ President. J. H. S BAWBLL. Secretary. Kor the Hoard of Directors of tho Mendocino State Asylum for the Insane. Dstedot Ukiah, September II, 1 «!0. •inrcsii of sale of U NITED STATES LAND OKFICE, B\K l'HAM- clseu, Cal., July l .tsao. Notice Is hereby giveu that in j -ompliatice with tho provisions of the Act ot Ci?v June3, )»7K, entitled ''An Act for tlr llmtwr lands lu the Stales of California , K*'.iM\a and Wiianiiltttun Territory," SVDNKV U. JIITCIIIii.L, of Alaiaedn. County of Alain,'*.,i, Slide ot California, has this day tiled In this otlicc Ms-: r.vorn statement No , lor the purchase oi Lot :i of Section N«. IK, in Township No. if, north, ltii'iRn No. H wi'st, M. 11. M„ iiiKl will oiler proof lo show that the ii:nd ^oimht is more vainiihle lor Its timber or stone llniu for iiiriU'iiiturnl our|i"s- es, aud to establish hi* olnlni to said Inn ' " (he Rsglster aud Ki'i'utver ni tills nftln Krauelsco, Cal., ou TUESDAY, the Scnlember, lat'tl. He nariiL's :tfi '.ritnt'ssrs: 1\ iiuthenm-j Merrell, T. .1. llalley, 1 ; . It. llniley, al Frauclaco, Cal. Any aud all persons elalmlint adversnli ahove-deset'lbcil lands ,-,i". renuenotl to claims In tills nlurc ou or hemre said '2 Bentiimher. JOH.V r. HUKKIUN', UCKlst bcfiMO , ill fan ilu itny of of San -. Iho a liio thulr 1 U3d day of

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