The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 28, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1894
Page 4
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What the Gay World of Fashion ii WeMiag-~The Very Latest Styles. VESTS AND WAISTCOATS. Finny AfT»lr» of Bilk and I*e* Rival Maa> nlRh Models. Ths vent lo one of the features of the loason and wilt be mote extensively worn thnn heretofore, If that were possible. Vesta with a halt low collar and lapels slightly rounded out, with double points and pockots, which are, however, of no use, nre the approved models. Many ladles find vests and waistcoats Inconvenient In one respect. Worn under a blazer or jacket Without shirt waist or blouse, the contact of the sleeve of the outside-garment Is decidedly unpleasant. To remedy this sleeves of soft silk are sewed In the armholes of the Jacket. They have simple bands at P J f* K. It ly f> &v a*" ilccres have deep cuffs of white cloth and guipure similar to the wide collar. Jttfitti CBottit TARIFF WAR WITH SPAIN i , -..-•... , , Cleveland May impose Dlscrlml- I natlttg Flag Duties. PHOVI8IOS OP OLD MOIlBltL ACT, . glish tailor suit of gray with a doable cape and high turn down collar. The skirt and cape have wbite silk At the right Is a hen nd high turn own coar. e sr an cape ae we s embroidery. In the center is a prune brocaded satin gown with a three-quarter mantle of prune velvet trimmed with Alaska sable. At the left is a tailor suit of dark drab covert suiting. faille and velvet. It iiua a plain, bell skirt. trimmed on the left side with a panel of velvet adjoining one of silk embroidery. The back of the skirt forms godets. The round bodice Is confined at the waist by a velvet belt. It has a box plait down the middle of the front covered with embroidery. ,A ruffle of velvet IB placed on either side of the plait and under the ruffle another band of embroidery. The collar U of velvet, the gigot sleeves of faille. The ttntft tbatohea tin silk In color. JUDIC CHOLLBT. BILK VEST. the wrists, closed with a button, or the hand'may slip through. The former is, however, more comfortable, as the sleeve stays In place and does not draw up when tbe coat or jacket is put on. Waistcoats that button up to the throat are extremely stylish and are much better liked by some ladles than those with rolling collar. They eertainly save a great deal of bother, for the tie and front must at all times be immaculate, and besides they Involve no small amount of time and labor to keep them in perfect order. In addition to this, the open front is touch leas becoming to many persons than the closed one. However, as they are equally approved, tbe question of more or less trouble rarely enters into the consideration of the wearer. While the plain cloth vests of masculine out are a complete bodice, the more fanciful frilled articles often consist merely of • wide plastron held in place by a belt and a, standing collar. With a well fitting coat tbe foot tbat they have no bock is a secret known only to the wearer. These ornamental vests are easily made at home, and used/interchangeably give variety to the same gown. The vest illustrated Is of foulard and laoe. A full front of .the silk is shirred at the neok and waist and .trimmed across the bust by three horizontal silk ruffles edged with laoe. The top of the vest is gathered Into a draped standing collar, also trimmed with laoe, which fastens on the left side under a loose soft knot. Jama CHOLLBT. PARISIAN FANCIES. Sxqalilt* Evening Wraps Ar» Shown In Flowered Moire—VanoyXntr*. Certain Parisian fashion papers, not content with instructing their patrons in the matters of dress, etiquette, fancy work, rejuvenation and hygiene, also publish little bouquets of moral precepts of a most virtuous aroma. Whether these advices are as religiously followed as those pertaining to tbolr hair dyes, complexion washes and the remaking of gowns it is fortunately not necessary to ascertain, but ••Parisian models are considered good FLOWER GARNITURES. Even Fur Collar* and Boat An Decorated 'With BlotMoms. A Frenchwoman has said, "A woman Is always pretty when she wishes to bo so," and her countrywomen, are thoroughly convinced of the truth of this statement. If personal attractiveness is made the chief end of life, If every thought and act has that for its aim, it is possible for even a plain woman 'to give the effect of beauty. Good health, an ingratiating manner and incessant and thoughtful care In the matter of dress will do wonders in the MT»y of beautlflcatlon. The "science du chiffon" Is avowedly of more Importance to our sister of Paris thnn all the other sciences put together, and nature has gifted her with an instinctive aptitude for it. There are an Immense number of small adjuncts to the costume this season calculated to enhance beauty and heighten fashion. A rosette here, a buckle there, a tuft of feathers, a frill of lace, are noth- In 1880 l'r«*ltt«nt GluvulHiiil t» I'linn by liu|i«nluK in,IK Until** on lm> pott* Ifroin that Cnnntry—Ulliar t*ni;it( Producing Vunhtrle* IK'eply Ititerpntei'. i UKwnlliin* Negotiating Troatlca. 1 W^BHHWTON, t>ec. 27.—Unless tb« Spanish government within a very short time indicates its purpose to remove thd restrictions now placed on American 'commerce with the Spanish West Indiei by the imposition of the maximum tariti on American commodities, it is probable the president will Issue a proclamation imposing "discriminating flag duties" upon Spanish, Cuba and Porto Rico im ports into the United States. The inti mation of this purpose on the part of thu president ia distinctly conveyed in a request received by the treasury department from the department of state to furnish it with detailed information aa to the amount of such imports and a (MO«tiMntk««HMuryat the elds* of tNsiineM Wednesday was fiW.MJ.lM, andth«goldrewtts M,C«l,6ftl, Unto »W» date the withdrawals of gold ttom the gubtrattury at K«w York amounts to|88,(V«0,OWi, ofwhieh |8,TOO,(HK) Wai lor export. The wceiptt from th« etutoms so f »r this month amonnt to |8,tM,tMthorn internal ravetttte, (M»' 840,1*0; nitgcellaneotw, |l,ltU,16H{ tnak* ing a total oU*».W. 49B - The expend!- tttres during the month amount M t$4,Bil,OOu, leaving a deficit (or the montL or $ri,?7UlH and for the fiva months and S5 days of the present fiscal year, fW,t)CU,t>48., Tbe disbursemutiU for pensions so far this year amount to about $7J,uOIM'00. ' Mage, on a bicycle or on horseback." This eager adviser is rather, hasty in placing bicycle and horseback riding on an equality with what is rather absurdly termed "carriage exercise." Persons who have bad experience of all three methods of locomotion will hardly be willing to agree that the exorcise involved In going out in a cushioned carriage is equal to that of riding a wheel uphill or having one's internal economy well shaken upon a horse. ' Walking is, at any rate, a very necessary exercise for children and young girls, for with them It usually means more or less running, jumping or other active motion, from which grown persons are debarred as woll by their clothes as by a sense of dignity. Put men and women in bathing or tennis costume, and they skip as gleefully as their small brothers and Bisters. Freedom to run is as necessary to a child as to a dog or horse, and child moane a little girl as much as it docs a little boy. Fortunately the old system of compelling the girl to walk quietly and sedately because she is a girl, while the boy races and romps for the equally good reason tbat be is a boy la exploded, and both grow strong and rosy through the activity naturally induced by the overflow of animal spirits with which all young creatures are endowed. The first figure in the sketch wears a street gown of hazel brown cloth trimmed with velvet of a darker shade. The plaited skirt has a velvet panel on each side. Bre- telles of velvet come over the shoulder from the back of the velvet belt and cross in front. Velvet epaulets fail over the top of the bouffant sleeves, and the plastron and collar are of velvet. The second figure wears a coat of heliotrope velvet. Ibo collar, of white cloth braided, la partly covered with a narrower one of black velvet. Black brandobourgs and mink bands form the trimming. JODIC CHOLLBT. Coughing. Pot all the ailments o( Throat and t*tings there Is no cure sd quick and permanent as Scott's Emulsion of Cod-liver Oil. It i» palatable, easy on the most deli* cate stomach and effective. Bcpart* of Indian . WASHWOTOV, Deo.. 27.— General coin plaint against the issue of government rations to Indians is. made in the annual report* of agents. Lieutenant Mercer of. the La Point, Wi«. f agency, officially characterizes the practice as a most potent factor in retarding the development of Indians, and Captain P. H. Bay of the Shoshone agency in Wyoming says: "They will never become self supporting anlongae the government gives them aseinblance of support; neither can they begin to accumulate property so long as the supply of the necessaries of life is solely in the hands of the white traders." FASHIONABLE FANCIES. Fa* Silk BIHfTOlIJCT. ones It wight not bo'amlu to provide Ainorioan women with boiled down tracts }n tl)o fashion column. HOM» is ono as an Bow w> not, tuid you rmp i» Iwbit. Sow a Iwbli, you roup a churnctor. Bow a olutraotor, you reap a ckmtiny, Decorative muds oouipotod of velvet, lace, rlbboiw, UOWOM and pastoinoiitorle gepin to lw proforrod by tliu Farlgiuiino to (be wore substantial fur ones (uvorud in Ainerlou. A fauoy collar, with umff to natch, l» now |ho popular fancy. fcarijo pld f»|ih»<W|o4 pk» »»* Qunkor bonnots are woru lyMnle Frouoh girls. Those bounuU no trlo)U»wJ with (euthuru Mid rlbbuiu, uud roiettas are plitowl witii- ' BABLK COLLAR. Ing In themselves, but put 'n the right plooe nro everything. Thit> is a flower year, at least a year Of tlio kind of flowers tbat grow under skillful fingers in manufacturers' forcing houses, and those stepdaughters of the goddess Flora adorn not only hats and bonnots, but are wreathed about evening gowns and decorate collars and bodloes. In one gown of diaphanous blue the shoulders of the wearer, which are entirely uncovered, are framed in a wreath of marguerites with black middles, the bolt being fastened under a cluster of the same flower*. 1 Large collars and neok rnobes for out of door wear are soon In great variety. Most of the latter have long ends in front either of ribbon or chiffon, while the portion that surrounds the neok is composed of full oboux of ribbon or thin goods, inter- cpcreed with flowers, bows or rosettes of lace. A combination of fur and flowers is the latest thing in elegant novelties, Tho little fur animals worn about the throut are now adorned with flowers, like a •eaorlflolal offering. The illustration shows a capo collar of Mblo out so as to lie in godoU. The standing portion U very high and full and is surrounded by a thick ruoblng couponed of alternate oboux of pansy velvet and bunches cf wood vlotota. JDPIO OHOIABT. r BENEFITS FROM WALKING. B«»t Cwuuvtlo I* Freib Air and Enrobe. atytw Vor Olrll. A writer In a Parisian paper devoted to beauty and fashion recommends podes- trlanlMn to Jiln readers In no equivocal terms. Be «oyi: "Of all open fllr amusements walking IB the easiest, the most Mlutory and the cheapest. If you have » headache, walk. If you wish your complexion to be rosy and clear, walk. If you */unt to keep your figure straight and •louder, walk. Ono hour on foot does more for the health than four hours to a ow- Combined With Bloiue* Host, Effectively Fur boleros and short jackets are popular and becoming to slender figures. The now out cloth is not enthusiastically adopted and will probably have no great vogue, as it strongly suggests the pinked felting so much- used at one time for table and shelf covers. Over a contrasting lining it is sometimes effective, but never rich looking. gome of the silk blouses made to wear with' different skirts are trimmed with fur, which forms bands and brotelles. Ermine is a favorite fur for this purpose. A dinner bodice of lace, slightly decollete. . ., , Tliu ovoulug olual* ii au Jwportuut «rtl- llo in thu Vtouoh wurdrpl*. Hi wu«t Uo warm, Ui jn'otcwt tbo Liirc urum mid lUum; wry JI«1H, tu orde> uot tu ) by iU wol«UC Uiu dullOttto oontumcn over whloli It i« wuru, uuU very Uucowln'i |or«onm'ul rvasuiis. Flowured niolro |bfi uuwiwt mutcrlul for thcw ^ v> B/tsli tp we»r tJbeui Up thy bguno. EMITHK PALETOT. has a bund of tirmlno around the edge of the nock, an effective bit of color botng Introduced by the UBoof rosettes of guroniuni velvet. Velvet is much worn for entire evening gowus. It requires to l>o plain in (million, but perfectly out und flttud. Effective bodloes are mudo of pluoo guipure stretched over u lining of cloth or Bilk of a oodtrustlug color, A dinner gowu recently soon bad puffed elbow eloevc's of widely etrlpud silk, the rent of tlip gown being of solid color. Velvet und wool form a combination very inuoh worn U>1» BUI won. Tim velvet may U> of the WUHU color as the goods or of u doclduilly different tint, bright velvet*. being inuab employed with bluok material. Borne of the new tartan vulvuts and illks are ronlly beautiful. Tlioy uro used for ftaparato budtoog uud can flcurculy fftU to win favor, although many womun have a prejudice against bright plaids. | 3 ljik lu nil clour vliwluv Is In Immense demand. U Ii the favorite color for oven- Ing gowns, uud in ctapu tontui It trim* bluok huts ii ml IxuiuuU und foruiu thu or- imiiieutul (Irupcd cullurs wlilch nro now woru with Hourly every sort of costume. An lllunVruUou U »lv«u of u ruthor odd outdoor guruioiit Hindu of pulni gntei) olotb. UUluaimtWl J" deep ylulU on ft squttro yoke, the yuke bvlng ouuuiulod by u wiUu, (luring collurof whiui ulutli, purljy ooverod with uu upjilloiiilun of uulpuro. In vlulti4. wlJHo «W list of vessels carrying the Spanish flag Which trade with our ports. It was tbe original intention of the state depart* ment to have recourse to the power ol prohibition of Spanish trade conveyed by the act of 18Bi>, bnt as this power baa never been exercised and as it probably has been deemed best to follow in ths line of precedent, it is quite clear tbat tbe department baa fallen back upon aection 4288 of the revised statutes. DlMrlmlnatlcW lag Dsrtlea. ! A paragraph of the old Monill tariff •ct, which still standi on the statute books, imposes a duty of 10 per cent in addition to all other duties upon goods brought into tbe United States in ships of foreign countries, unless they are ex pressly relieved from the additional dm; by treaty 1 . These are known as "dig criminating flag duties," section . above referred to, authorizing tbe presi dent to suspend the benefits conferred by tbe "discriminating flag" statute on being satisfied that any country is discriminating against the United States in the matter of trade. It ia a singular fact the only country which bait so far felt the force of this provision of tbe law is the very one against which it is to be •gain used. In 188U our relations with Spain were so strained that President Cleveland issued a proclamation reciting that Spain hod failed to carry out the first article of the commercial agreement signed at Madrid, Feb. 18, 1884, which stipulated that the differential flag duties should be removed at once from the United States products entering Cuba and Porto Rico. Being satisfied that higher and discriminating duties-had been imposed he therefore revoked tbe suspension of the discriminating customs duties imposed in the ports of the United States upon Cuban and Porto Hican product* coming under the Spanish flag. The effect of this action by tbe president was almost instantaneous, for in 14 days thereafter he issued another proclamation stating that by an agreement entered into that day, Oct. M7, 186B, Spain bad removed tbe source of our complaint and he consequently again restored her to treatment under the favored nation clause of our treaties. Official! Colhetlnf atatlitlflf. Treasury officials at the request of the •tate department are engaged in collecting statistics showing the volume of the trade that would be affeuted by a repetition of bis action in i8t)6 by the president. It appears- that the Spanish colonies would get much the worst of it. The labels show that during the fiscal year ended June ft) last Cuba alone exported to the United States goods of the aggregate value of |7ft.678,!toi and took from us goods to the amount of only $19,- M8.W7. Porto Bioo sent us in the tame time goods valued at |D,14A,> (tut and received in return good* to the amount pf 19,706,64(1. With the direct trade with Spain the cue waa reversed, for exporto to that country were •13,104,076, aa against Import* amounting to i»,8M,876. Tbe tariff differences between Spain and tbe United States are being waffibed with keen interest by other sugar producing countries, particularly Hawaii aud Brasil, as tbe we- cation W Secretary Gretbam's threat to discriminate against Cuban products will create a heavy demand for raw sugar, now brought almost exclusively from Cuba, Mr. Hastings, the charge d'affaira of the Hawaiian legation, is an Interested observer of the Spanish negotiations. Tbe Hawaiian sugar planters having been giving close attention to Cuba of late, many of them visiting the island uud studying tbe Cuban processes of making sugar. Ono of them wrote Mr. Huatlnga recently of the antiquated method* prevailing and other Hawaiian* and planter* pointed out to him that the Cubans got but a& tons, of cane and two torn of actual sugar to tbe acre. Hawaiian* negotiating YrwMlas. Tbo Hawaiian* thought tbat double lhi» should be obtained and that Cuban plantations could not ext*t if cutoff from tbe United BUtei market, Using dependant on tl»U country for their great product Hawaii would expect to beuotit if Cuba were abut out Tbe tUwttUuui expect soon to conclude European treaties, MlnUtw Tburston bat written Mr. Basting* briefly from Lisbon to tbe effect that lite trip to Spain to proving entirely satisfactory. ^|u» mlu- titir biu vMw4 wftny BurpjiMMl VUIUJP trie* for the purpove of Inducing tnem to renew thejr tr«atl«« of coinuwco «n<l aiflHy with tbp new republic ol the pa,, oifle. Heluis aUo sought touiakoar- rmii:oiuuut0 for immigration tu Jluwuij of tliu bolter olueaw of tho kUurern, Wuilu ta) ulv<w 110 WHWt dotailii tbe teuor of liia Jotter* iudj&atw vuiwew. H# wUl return. u> Wmrtuagton about Juo. ib. CoBfcrencm of Indian AffonU. 'WASHIHOTON, Dec. 87.— Lieutenant W. A. Mercer, in charge of the agency atLaPoinfe, Wis., notified the Indian bureau he was erironte to Washington to take part in the conference of Indian •gent* to : be held here next week. Emulsion •Emulates the appetite, aids the digestion of other foods, cures Coughs and Colds, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, and gives vital strength besides. It has no equal as nourishment for Babies and Children who do not thrive, and overcomes Any Condition of Wasting. Stud for Ptmfkitt en Sect ft Emuttimt. frit. SeotiAB«wne,N.r. MIDraggtiU. B0c.sad«l ;O9 CARROLL, IOWA. Representative Gear Improving. W*8HmaToM,Deo."»7.—Representative Gear of Iowa, who waa taken suddenly ill Monday night, is reported by his family to be considerably improved. Indleled For Bleotlon Fraud*. 8r. LOOM, Dec. 87.—The grand Jury made its final report to Judge Edmundi of the criminal cdurt. The report, which IB in relation to the recent election, is ol a sensational character, Jn the batch of 178 true bills returned, over 80 are for election crimes. Included in these are indictments charging Sheriff-elect Henry Troll and his son, Charles, who is a deputy in Collector Seiglenheim's office, with bribery. These two politicians, to. gether with James Haggerty, of the house of delegates, are the most prominent ones against whom true bills were found. ' Heayjr Failure at Atlanta. ATLANTA,* Ga., Dec*. 87.—The big notion and fancy goods store known at the Fair has been closed by the sheriff. The foreclosure of three mortgaged •mounted to 98V.DOO. This represents the home indebtedness only. Tbe other claims against the firm outside of the city are not known,, but are probably large. Samuel Thanbauser,' who with bis BOM, Frank and Abraham, composed the firm, was appointed consul to Mata* moras, Mexico, by President Cleveland, but resigned six months ago. BelleTA* AntltoilM AH Klfljbt. KANSAS CITY, Deo. U7.—Dr. B. P. Warring, health officer, bus issued • general statement of the result of the trial of tbe antitoxine remedy for dip- theria in Kansas City. Hia opinion briefly states that antitoxine te almost uniformly efficacious if used when tbe disease first appears, or at least before blood poisoning lets in. Out of 80 cases all bnt four lived and the doctor shows that the disease was too far advanced when antitoxine -was administered. Mated Barf Ian Btaapa. •MOOTOOHEBY, Ate., Dec. 37.—Four noted burglars and all round crooks broke jail here. Their names are Thomas I niif|| • Martin of Buffalo, Frank Leroy of VHIIA Brooklyn and Thomas King (colored) of •>•«"•** New York. They were arrested during the recent Southern exposition for crooked work. Aa the Jailer entered the cell they seized him, threw a sack over his head, took bi» pistol and scaling the hjgh walls, escaped. "A tramp who was lodged with % other Vagrant* in the police station at Fort Capital, $100,000.00. Surplus, $7,000.00. Opened biutncM Feb. 4, MSB. .1 J omoauuro SMBBCTOKI: 0. A. MAST, - - - PrssMSBt. . W. WATTLW. - 0. L. WATTMW, - «- - Catblsr. J. K. Griffith, V. Hlnrtohs, N. r.stunei, Chas. WaUsrsebeU, Simmer Wallace, Interest paid on time deposits. Monjyto loa* on good sKflurlty. Drafts for sale on all .parts of the world. Steamship ticket* to and from eg ottti of BOMBS. Insnraao* written in tb» hurt aoBpanlss. CITY WE AT MARKET NTO Barns, Proprietor. rheoholoasl Heats, auoh a* Beef Port and Veal Steaks, Roasts* 8i*w.« •ta.,oanbehad. Poultry, Gam* and Flab. frmtbilda f itth-at, Carroll, MW*. OR. HCBRA'a Wayne, Ind., was found to nave black diphtheria. An Eiperienci of more than 133 years i the manufacture of tobacc enables us to produce th very best article pos»ibl< Consumers of tobacco d< rive the benefit of this experience, and in using the Celebrated Lprillard's (RmA ^sj^HS*^^^^^^* Plug ^r*^***^ are atsured of the highest quality, 'Tis a rich, lasting and delicious chew. It'sLORILlABDS Sold Everywhere. Liver-Molit.. Ml Bun!»iirn anvTM, r,lorcfl the skin to ual (rctbuM*. pro— clear and- hduinjr >~...., lexion,.Bupoi iw <.*t< MMO flvC) *•* M*W Si'»ta*jtjt .'»"™m »>^ i -••• •—• —• — •-••» •MM. MdraiKiut. lMat2iCttnli|. G. C. BITTNEB & CO..TQUM. REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY. 1st oaf. IBtbDejr TNI CWBAT .. bowtrtully rad qulolilr. owe* wu«u »U othen ItfL louac nw will nwsln (hair Imt ntnliowd, md o!4 men will NOQVW tUelr youtUtul vltior by WOM KEV1VO. ltauioUrwd»ur«lyn>*tor DOM, Lmt Vitality, Iwpotvnoy. Mlsbtly IiulMlaes. , , . . IFawW.niUu Momorv, WwUiui DUu>*H*,M4 ill oaWta ol wU-tbiMe or awaMwa l»dl*oretl«a. which uuflta on* for »iudy, IIUIIDUMI or luwflx*. H jot oaly OOK* by itaniu »» tUs M«t of 41««Mo, Ml Is •swrt Ber»« Mnto and blooU buUitor, brtaj> J*i l> lnk >>ow Iff nal« cbavks «a« tailoring tb» flrs of youth. U wtrd* c« Inawitv tad Cowumpllon, loiin on hsvlu MR VIVO, at) or •PVAl MOWINI 90., •• •! »M M,, (NIOM» l|| Por Sale al Oarrud, Iow», fof J. W. HdttwQ, Drutftfi«t. * ennyroYallills '£ i\ io«i IFjSpttMt «»w, tttcs Md ffw mjuM JKAMJI tftt tMM JHsttHs^s^A .*J.U, . . .;.v4>S

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