The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 15, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1933
Page 10
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10 TflE pAKERSFIELD CALIFQRNIAN, WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 15,19.33 I HUMOROUSIP. CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON A POLAR BBA* THAT UVBD IN THV LONDON ZOO, WAS A COLLECTOR OF WALKIN9 •TDCKS AND UMBRELLA*. HE WOULD PtACB A PISH ON A LEOCB NCAA. THE ft AND PRETEND MB OOULO NOT RBACH IT, 50 THAT H» MICMT <5RAB THE LWBWELLAS OF ONLOOKERS VVHO OPPCMD 10 PUSH THE FOOD TOWtftP HIM. IN/TONTANA, TEMPERATURES OF 65'attOW ZBAO, ANO WABCME. HAVE •CffN RBCORDBD/ , • IMS BT NU Momet, we. OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS O OT- OUT 1 ALWAYS ' T£> BS. OOT/ A VWW\\.E. , AMD GET A 9OOV< AV4O RE.AO MtU. te VOST PV.OTAPOA uwe« HIAWATHA Lt.AOWeFTffc.lAKE, CCT OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN A CMLWAR fl0UNDNANC*KTRU, WAS HOLLOWIOOUr •Y INSBCTSi SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK VEAfrS TOO SOOM HOW CAN VOU STAND US BACK AWAY GROCERIES, WHILE HAD -NOTHING TO EAT FOP A WEEK, BUT NMLK? I'D BE- SO HUN6KY I COULTJ EAT TW LEATHER SACK OFF A MAILMAN/ C "V \l WILL TOWER, >NV -Bpy •.»-*. WllX "POWER/ AMD TH& STRONG CHAKACTER 0F A HOOPLA/ TEMPTATION, M'UD, tFFECTS N\E. LIKE A GOPHER WOULD THE •ROCK OF GIBRALTAR GET OUT / "TWELVE* THERE'S TWOST ON VOUR vsn<£>, >IW "RAIDING ICE BOX/> f y !& if YS~ w s "I'll play another, If you aay, ma'am^but I'm o«*tlng terribly behind with the housework." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN (READ THr STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) sketch of Duncy was real good. "Well, son, I did the best I could," the valentine man told htm. "It was just a joke on you." "At least I got a valentine," laughed Duncy, "and I think It's fine. Gee, having jokes pulled off on me la really nothing new. "The Tlnles always pick on me, but I'm as cheerful as can be. I figure, why should I get mad, If thingH uro done In fun? "Some folks are dlff'reni. It's too bad when little jokes make people mad. "Tin best to laugh at every little ullly thing that's done." Then Scouty said, "It's almost noon. Say where did we leave our balloon? I think we should be leaving hero. We've been here long enough. "Of course, we don't know where we're bound, but some new pl=ujo ri-.n toon be found. The wind's dlorl down, so riding through the air will not be rough." (ri«t«rei by Klni) "Your big balloon IB safe rind soir.ul. Right In my house It can bo found," the valentine man told them. "Gee I hate to see you no. "But I don't blame you Tlnym.r-s for sailing 'round to se * the sight.. The more you see In tlilH MB world, the more you're hound to know." The Tlnlen then Md him soodliy ,. nd shortly untied off In the hlty. The I >g balloon Jimt drifted and fie irlp was lotH of fun. They rode for 'bout an hour, nr more. Then Coppy Bald, "My llinl s aro wore. I wish we'd land." And Scouty cried, "You're not the oniy one. "I, too, would llko to rcaci tin- ground." The lilff bnlloon thsn whlrlod around anil sotllort wloivly ilnwn to oarth. Cried Windy, "Whit u thrl h "t BOO right now whor» AM« will land. Upon a great bl(f pile of Himd. ' And, when they did, oni> Tiny iM-licl. • SV'iiy, It'H n liirfre nnt hill."* IPT RIGHT IN CiUOPHANE . o. •. MT. UiiE JUST^STOWtD AWAY A MEAL THAT "JASON HUSHED IN - THE GUMPS Where, 0, Where By SIDNEY SMITH EA*T» AFLAME t» M IT» RIGHTFUL, 6R»- Bl^ MA% RETURNED THE BOOK ME POUND IN Ml* CAR 1b THE DE VROJJES- BUT IMA&IMC MAMA,'*^^ AMAZEMENT WHEN 3WEOFEN6D THE BOOK- AND TWE DIAMOND BROOCH FELL FROM A HOLE )N THE CEKYHR- OH- BROOCH- ON,OOY- I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEC IT AfeAJN- BUY MOW D»t> IT fcVCR C»6T IN THAT aooK ? PERMAPS A\R. <rOAM> _ ^OUNftlY— AND YMA\Y'»v)UVr MIS ^ rA\CYFOL CHIVALROUS WAV OF RETURWNtr IY— \ CANT V*MY Y1LL I TO/ RND OUT IF- HE KNOWS ABOUT IY- YUL NEVER RE«T OMYIL I lAYWW MAM ON THE PERSON VJWO VTO« IT-»P MR.C.OAAP- DIDN'T PUY IT THERE I'LLTvJA^ER TMB PBR50N VJMO COY THAT M6U-. IN YHE BOOK. IS YME OME WHO VrOLE TWE.BROOCW- Reg. U. S. P«l. Off.; Copyrliht, I IKlEANVJMIL JT^YHI* it BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Oh! Oh! By MARTIN MM. u.». MT. orr.C 1*33 sir MIA MHVICG, me. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Music to Their Ears! By BLOSSER E? HE DRUMMING 60UNO Re»CHE3 THE. EARS OF THE. SC.RI WHO "TRAPPED UMCLE HA.HRV AMD WLLY BOWLESS AND* HE TURMS TOWAAO THE. SCSI VILLAGE, NEMZ THE BEACH THAT DOBSNY SOUND LIKE. A FIVE. GALLON CAI r. |T THtSERI VILLAGE, PETE MEWDOZA, THE TUNA FISHERMAN, ANO HIS SON,GALEM, WHO SISHTEO THE PPOCE6SION ADVANOMG TOWACD THE SACRIFICIAL MOUNTAIN, WOBK FURIOUSLY 6ALEJ4 !E DID YOU COME FROM ? WHY/ AIW'T THAT THE YES-IT'S KID WHO WAS TALKIM' / FRCCkLES I THINK I SEE THEM COMING BACK,DAD It THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Ribbing Al By COWAN »F TWE AVEPAGC PEPSON SPENDS TWENTY VEAPS DON'T VOVJ GIVC HIM &.NOTHT.P CEMT-HIC ^^f: . Ir4 THE WHEN HE ASKED ME HOW MUCH MONEV 1 HAD \N THE BANK,LASTr \ 9HOUI-D HAVE TOLD HIM THAT THE GPOCCPY BILL.,THI<3 WEEK, GOBBLED \T ALL UP! 'HIS POVfcL. MAO & TOUCH TIHE MAKING A ONC O'CLOCK LUNCHEON ITS BEEN A LOt FOR HIM TO DRAW ON IN BED, I'LL. BET THAT BfcBY MAXES A NEW PECOPD HE DfeSNT WANT TO IT OUT THE WAV HE VOU OM TVIE AND TALKS ABOUT NCCBING TIME '1O LAND A BIG JOB' BUPNS ME UP ',! VCAH.HE CAN AFrpPD Hl^'TIME, AS UOMQ HE HA9 HIS WIFE'S RELATIVES TO VISIT 1 .!

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