Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 19, 1890 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1890
Page 3
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Listen TTTTT'I'TTTTT T f|irjirjirjirprprjirjir|irjirji T T T T The Made several changes in the Store during the Blockade, and is now Ready for Business again. RISE TO REMARK Tea THERE 18 NO DOUBT But what you can get the BEST TEA at the Grand Tea Store for tho Least Money, and the reason is that the Proprietor understands the Tea Business. THE GRAND TEA STORE Carries the LARGEST and BEST Stock of Fancy and Staple GROCERIES in Mendocino County. All Goods arc Guaranteed to be the Very Best. That we are up to our neck in the Grocery Business In Ukiah, but a Permanerf Fixture, and here to stay. THIS IS NO AUCTION I Store or Circus, which folds its tent and like the Arab silently moves away when the time is up. We are here to Sell Goods I Nothing shall hinder Us TTTTTTTTTTT T T T T T T Best Brands of Stockton and Ukiah Flour ! THAT ARE GUARANTEED BY BOTH MILLS, KEPT IN STOCK. (Highest Prices Paid for Country Produce. T T T At the Lowest .Posssible Price oons'stent with business principles, and therefore fear no competition. From selling our Groceries, for they are Cheapest, and the Freshest in the the Best, town. the Our Bargains Catch the Eye of the People. We sell a Pound for a Pound—full 16 Ounces. Our L'ow Prices don't depend upon skimping our Weights or Measures. Yours, strictiy for Business, TEMPLETON, THE GROCER, DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. FRIDAY. .S KI'TEMIJRR 10, 1890. LOCAL NEWS. pure •17 at tho •17 for Go to the Grand Ten. Storo for groceries. What's new? Our entire stock. L. Rosenberg & Co . * Purest spices, teas, and codecs Grand Tea Storo. Twelvo yards of blenched muslin $1 at L. Rosen berg it C O'H. t> G. W. Parker arrived home on Wednesday from u trip to Oregon. Temploton's groceries ore tho freKhest and 1)is prices the lowest in town. $ We can 't keep people away unless wo cloBe our store. I.. Rosenberg it Co. * Those who like meet rare, may meet Tflro bargains at f.. Rosenheim & C'u's. * Wheeler & Wilson No. 9 sowing inn- chine at W. English A (Jo's., Ciilpelhi.-m From 1 to 125 shures of Ukiah Bank stock for sale. Apply to J. 11. .Donohoe.* W. E. King, the Jeweler, has moved into the Gillespie building. Call and HFO him. * W ANTED—A girl to do general house work iu small family. Apply at this office. " + Black, colored and undressed kid frloves at 5U cents a pair at L. Rosenborg & Co's. • t Bargains I Bargains! \V. English & Co's., Calpellu, is the place to secure them. i» Car! Purdy returned on Monday from a trip through the northern part of the •county. W. P. Thomas and wife have been spending tho past week in Redwood and Eden Valleys. Land for sale in lots to suit purchaser, on easy terms. Inquire of W. J. Ifildreth, Ukiah Valley. xi We are plcasod to learn that Mrs. T.A. Teniplelon is couveicscent alter qnito a lengthy illness. Slow but sure progress is being mado in moving Charlton's blacksmith shop to its new site. J. E. Scoggins tins just added a fine lot of fresh groceries to his stock in tho GilleBpie block. * Go to Jamison & Oban's for choicest meats of all kinds. City Market, north side of court house. •<•'> J. W. Eversole tho New Furniture man is now permanently located in 1 he Gillespie building. *» Nothing can exceed t-ho delightful, refreshing effect of a glass of Jamison's Siberian Arctic Soda. i Rev. J. C. Hyden, formerly pastor of the M. E. church, South, of Ukiah, is here visiting friends. Kev. W. E. Reed will preach in .St. Johns Mothodist church next Sunday morning and evening. Hon. T. L. Carothers left on Sunday for a trip along the coast in tho interest of his candidacy for Superior Judge. We have had considerable fog this week, and the smoke in the afternoons has settled pretty thick ovor the valleys. Donohoe & Johnson have moved their real estate office into one of the new apartments of the Grand Motel building. •I. B. Benton, a roaring good Democrat from Cahto, spent several days in town this week. We acknowledge several ploasant calls from him. .T. W. Fversole has removed his stock of furniture, carpets, etc., to the Gillespie building where he will be pleased to have all intending purchasers cull and exam ine his stock LOIMIi NEWS. W. adver- •is English & Go's -best quality We ask you at Our customers all speak praise of St. Patrick's Pills. •19 highly in They are the best.—Berry Bros., Carroll, Nebraska. For sale by J.N. Magee, tho druggist, t Kev. N. B. McGhee, of Topeka, Ks., will occupy the pulpit, at the Christian church in Ukiah next Sunday morning and evening. Subject for morning service, "Jesus at Jacob's Well." Evening, "The Four Boasts of Revelation." The steam schooner, Cleone, well- known on the Meudocino coast, had her boiler tested by the government inspectors at San Francisco last Monday, with the result that it cracked before the gauge registered within thirty pounds of tho required pressure. Jamea Fish, an old resident of Ukiah, died last Tuesday at the residonce of C. W. flight, after a longillnoss. Deceased was a native of .Maine, and was 70 years, old. He had no family here, but a son lives winewhere in Minnesota. Ilis funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon. "vVe have received the premium list and speed programme of tho 12th District Agricultural Association (composod of the counties of Lake and Mendocino) for the eighth annual fair to he held at Lakeport, Sopt. 28, K4, 25, 28, and 27, 181)0. The prizes and purses are higher than given at any previous lair in this district, and we hope to see manv of them won by Mendocino county people. We And the following item in tho Santa Ann Blade-. It will bo remembered that A. B. Lawson spoi.t some time in Meudocino coun 1 }'three years ago looking after sheep and cattle thieves in the | northern part of fhe county: "Detective A. B, uiwson and his brother,Chan., are locked up In the Los Angeles county jail, charged with having miide an assault on Copt, I. M. Moody with intent to murder him. Moody was stubbed in tint abdomen near tho left groin, but it is not believed Die wound will prove of a tiiSrloua character." Since the foregoing wn put iu type wo learn that A. II. L UWHOU has been discharged, but his brother has boon held, lionk for tisemonl. Siberian Arctic Geo. Jamison's. We don't ask you to buy. to look. L. Rosenberg & Co. * The freshness aud purity of Tompie- ton's groceries are guaranteed. t Twel ve yards of dress or apron gingham for $1 at L. Rosenberg & Co's. + Fresh groceries of all kinds constantly arriving at the Grand Tea Store. 17 Como and see new stylo of jackets with silk cords at L. Rosenberg & Co's. t Merchandise of all kinds is being sacrificed at W. English & Co's., Calpella.ia Ed Burnett and J. Ruecastle, of Novo, were in Ukiah Inst Friday, and Saturday. Von should buy now, if you want tho pick of an extra full lino. L. Rosenberg & Co. * Yon get more change out of a dollar upent at 1.. Uusc-nberg & Co's. than anywhere else. * K. L. Holiday, of Santa Cruz,'has been circulating among his Ukiah friends for the past week. : Miss N'ellio Wadsworth returned home on Monday from an exteuded visit to San Francisco. Our prices are not hid low by dull trade, but made low to make trade. L. Rosenborg & Co. * Large quantities of freight are being hauled from tho station here into the northern valleys. Although tho quail season opened last week, we see very little game of that character iu town. The most artistically arranged show window in town is to bo seen at H. M. Sen's grocery store. J. E. Scoggins inviteu all his friends and old natrons to call and see him in the Gillespie block. * L. Rosenberg will leave in a few days for San Francisco to buy new goods for the firm of L. Rosenberg & Co. iV. English & Co., Calpella, are closing out business, and offer all kinds of merchandise bedow wholesale rates. '' s We aro ploased to see Harry Rosenborg back in Ukiah again. He has taken a position in L. Rosenberg & Co's. store. For the beat stoves and ranges go to Brunnor's. The Superiors are tho lead ing ones everywhere. Prices way down.'"' Parties indobted to J. E. Scoggins must settle at onco. Do not expect additional favors until old scores aro wiped out. * Joe Jacobs' Shaving Parlors is the best place in town to get a shave, hair cut, shampoo or anvthing else in thotonsoriai line. " * Tho celobrated Buckeye Pump is being more and more appreciated, so easy to work, and durable, mid a big premium in case of lire. -to "When the warm days of summer come, gentle Annie," ask your fellow to treat, you to some Ice Cream Soda, at Geo. Jamison's. $ L. Rosenberg & Co's storo will be closed next Tuesday evening at 0 V. M. and will remain closeduntil Wednesday evening at (i I J . M. Why swelter over a bis cook stove when you can do your cooking with comfort on a gasoline slnvo. Can be had of all sizes and juices at Brunnor'n. Iu tho way of line edge tools lor carpenters and farmers, as also pocket cutlery, you will find tho most complete assortment at Brunner's, at bottom prices. M. V. Helm, wife and daughter, of LnytonviHe, returned last Saturday from an extended vi*it to Illinois. Their many friends are pleased to see them back. • Prof. J. S. Austin has decided to open his Normal School in Ukiah next Monday. September 22d, iu Barnes Hall. We hope to see a large attendance at his school. A correspondent at Greenwood informs us that at the Greenwood mill on September (1th, one man broke his leg and another fell about ;i0 feet and died in ten minutes. Rev. T. L. Duke of Mercod will pro ach in the M. Ji. Church, South, next Sunday morning. In the evening the paBtor, Rev. T. A. Atkinson, will preach on tho subject of "Just and unjust competition, or tho spirit of rivalry." As will bo seen by an announcement elsewhere L. Rosonhorg, who has been one of our leading merchants for many years, has decided to move to San Francisco. His dry goods estublishmoiit in Ukiah will be conducted by Ben Rosenheim. In San Francisco Mr. Rosenberg will buy goods for the establishment here. A reference to tho mammoth ad in another column will prove interesting to our readers. * We had a pleasant call on Wednesday from J. S. Hodghoad, formerly of this place, but at present residing at Ouklund. Mr. Hodghoad will loavo iu u few days tor his old homo in Virginia, to make n short visit. On his return ho will bo accompanied by his mother (who has been spending the past year in Virginia) and, dame rumor has it, another Mrs. Ilodghead. Tho D ISI'ATCII- D KMOCHAT wishes him a pleasant trip. A. F. Thatcher this week purchased from S. Hombrook, the controlling interest In 'ho /ii-piiWicrm Pitts, and will take charge of the business immediately. Mr, Thatcher, is a BOH of W. \V. Thatcher, of Hopland. lie recently returned from Honolulu, where he had been engaged iu ^Republican Ratification meeting-. The Republican campaign opened throughout the State last Saturday evening, and Ukiah was one of the towns in which public meetings were held. We do not propose to follow the example sot by our Republican contemporary a few weeks ago and by senseless ridicule detract from the merits of any public meeting, whether it be held by Republicans. Prohibitionist", o." the members of any other party. The Republican meeting last Saturday evening was not ushered in by any display of enthusiasm, but was woll attended. One feature that pleased us very much was the large attendance of Democrats. We hope our Democratic friends will continue to attend Republican meetings, and we hone the Republicans will be an fully represented at the Democratic meetings. We want everybody to hear both sides and all sides of the political issues nf the campaign discussed. The hand enlivened tho meeline previous to tho speaking by some choice selections. J. M. Mannon called the meeting to order and after a few remarks, introduced the speaker of the evening—Judge F. Adams, who spoko for three quarters an hour. We have discussed the merits of his speech in our editorial columns. At quarter past nine the meeting quietly adjourned. LOCAL NEWS, LOCAL SEWS. Q<3.<3. Fellows BullcLins, XJl5-l«,li, OAl AN IMMENSE STOCK OF— I will givo permanent work to the right party, either lady or gentleman—$3.00 per day or better. Inquire for me at the Grand Hotel. ED. C. HUMPHREY. ! best hotel in Wesr.- the place to A Case of Leproey. There was a litile ripple of excitement last Friday over tho announcement that one of the Ukiah Valley Indians was afllicted with leprosy. Tho Indian in question lives at W. Beattie's place, and is troubled with ulcerous sores on his feet. Dr. C. H. Fitch, Grand Medical Examiner of the A.O.U.W., who was on a visit here, and who has spent five years in treating leprosy on tho Hawaiian islands, examined the Indian and pronounced his aflliction a typical caso of leprosy. Nothing as vet has been done in the matter, and the alarm created when the facts of the case were first, reported seems lo hsve subsided. In conversation with one of our leading physicians he informs us that if the Indian examined is afflicted with leprosy, he hns no doubt that their are many others all over the State afflicted with the same disease. In connection with the above we will state that tho Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, of England, the highest medical authority in the world, after a thorough investigation declares that leprosy is not infectious, and is not communnicated by contact with those afflicted with it. Even innoculation fails to communicate it. A Birthday Party. A pleasant surprise party was given Will King on his 21st birthday, last Monday evening, at the elegant home of his parents. Tho evening was most enjoyably spent with music, dancing and general sociability. Refreshments wero served shortly before midnight, and at one o'clock the company departed, after wishing their young friend many returns of his birthday. Among those present wero tho following: Mrs. W. W. Cunningham, Mrs. S. J. Chalfant, Mrs. A. Thatcher, Mrs. Geo. Pratt, Misses Mabel Ames, Mabel White, Hattie Lammers, Mollie Howling, May Redomeyer, Hattio Kilbourno. Grace Reed. Minnie Stnndley, Carrie Garsey, Georgie Thatcher, Blanche Thatcher, Rhodn Moore, Messrs. Horace Hodghend, Joe Hunter,-Mux Carothers, Ster'inglshell, Thos. Rees, Sam Moore, A. Thatcher, J. A. Jamison, C. Tower, J. Holliday, F. Van Allen, Ed Orsborn. Political Heeling's. Hon. T. J. Geary, tho Democratic nominee for Congress from this district, will address the poople of Mendocino county at the following places and dates: Point Arena, Tuesday, Sept. 23d ; Mendocino, Wednesday, Sept. 24th; Fort Bragg, Thursduy. Sept. 25th ; Westport, Friday, Sept. 20th; Willits, Saturday, Sept. 27th. Speaking at each place will commonce at 8 o'clock v. M. sharp. From Willits Mr. Geary will proceed to Humboldt county. Ho, will come back to Mendocino county later on In the campaign and speak at Ukiah, and if time will permit at other places. The State Democratic campaign will ho opened in Ukiah on Saturday overling, Sept. 20th. Judge Hudson of Lakeport will address the meeting. The Judge is nn eloquent and powerful spoakor, and we hope to see a largo audience greet him. Dr. E. B. Batomun, of Covolo, dlod at his home ut that place on the 8th inst. Deceased had been a resident the.e for about eighteon years, having been sent there as a Physician fur the Indian Reservation. He was a native of Massachusetts and came to California many years ago. lie served one term in the State Legislature having been elected from San • Joaquin county. He was highly os-1 , ... teemed by all who knew him, and his•• ™ imn "loss is severely felt in the community whero he had spent so many years. A four horse wagon load of Monterey mackerel was caught rit Caspar one day last week by Ves Nolan wl'.-li one haul of the seine. Tho hays along the coast aro swarming with these fish. Services at the Presbyterian Church next Sabbath at 11 \. M. and 7:30 r. M. j Sacrament of the Lord's Supper at the j 11 o'clock service. McDonald's is tl port. Tho Grand Tea Store got groceries. ••' F. M. Crossley, of Willits, was in town last Tuesday. Get your name on the Great Register im mediately. Fresh lard at Edwards tiros, at 50 cents to $1 a can. 36 Fresh and salted meats, lard, etc., at City .Meat Market. « Ten yards heavy shirting fur $1 at L. Rosenberg & Co's. t F.Brunuer is agent for several kinds of iron and steel fencing. •>'> New fall goods are lining received daily at L. Rosenborg A: Co's. t You can test Tcmpleton's Teas in the store before you buy (hem. t Sweeping bargains in everything at W. English & Co's., Calpella. ' « Is it well with thy sole? If not, go to L. Rosenberg & Co's. for shoes. * Mrs. Warren has a gasoline stove for sale. Inquire at Mrs. Fowzer's. * Judge McGarvpy commenced picking his twenty acres of prunes last Monday. Among the visitors to our sanctum this week was H. B. Bowman, of Laytonville. Striped woolen drega goods 40 indies wide at 25 cents per yard at).. RoBenberg & Co's. t Six cases of typhoid fever are reported in the family of Thos. Orr, who lives on Cold Creek." Carl Prat her, of Anderson Vallev, broke bis leg in one of the hop fields there lust week. Juan Alviso, an old pioneer of the Mendocino coast, died on his ranch near Westport recently. C. W.Tindall, of Point Arena, our next Assemblyman, spent last Saturday aud Sunday in Ukiah. Miss Ada Swltzer, of Mendocino, passed through Ukiah last Saturday, en | route to San Francisco. Last Monday being a Jewish holiday, the business men of Ukiah of that faith closed up their places of business. Sam Luce, teachor at Kitisen school district, is spending a two weeks' vacation with his parents near Ukiah. P. R. Klein has sold his property in Ukiah and will move to San Francisco, where he expects to go into business. E. B. Salsig, of the Little Valley Mill Co., was in Ukiah last Monday. Ho was on his way from San Francisco to Cleone. Capt. J. T. Rogers, of Westport was in town Tuesday. The Captain has been at Witter Springs, in Lake county for some time. Mrs. J. S. Reed and daughters, of Long Valley, were in Ukiah the fore part of the week, on their way home from San Francisco. W. L. Williams, of Navarro, was in town hist Friday on his way homo from Sau Francisco, where he has been celebrating with tbe Native Sons. Thos. Hudson, who has been employed in the dining room of the Ukiah House for a long timo, left on Wednesday for C'ovelo, where ho will reside. A jury of thirty-five has been summoned for Wednesday, October 1st. Court meets the fust day of October instead of the second Monday as is customary. Miss Sallio McGarvoy went to San Francisco last Friday and returned on Tuesday. She was accompanied home by Gcruldine, the little daughter of Mr. aiid Mrs. Geo. McMullcn. Woodley Redwino left on Wednesday with three running horses for Lakeport. They belong to Redwino and O'Farrell, of Round Valley, and will try and win some of the large purses to be given at the District r air. H. A. Peabody, of tho Santa Ana Blade, formerly of tho D ISPATCII- D KMO- CRAT, has been .granted a patent for a fence post. Mr. Peabody is of qnito n mechanical turn of mind, os this is the second or third patent which lias been granted him. Senator Yel! left for Sao Francisco on Tuesday. He will proceed from there to the northeastern portion of the State to begin the canvass of tho First Railroad District, in which he is tho Democratic nominee for Railmud Commissioner. We have no doubt of thy success of Senator Yell. Grand Master Workman .Adams and Grand Medical Examiner O. H. Filch paid Ukiah Lodge Nd*. 33, A. O. U. \V., an official visit on Thursday evening of last week. Pleasing addresses wore delivered by those gentlemen and Mr. H.Price of Ukiah, and musical selections were given bv -Mrs. Kate Sweasev, Miss Hattio Standout, 0. II. Duncan 'and D. the profession nf teaching. Ha is a ! W ANTKO— A young horse or mare, Ron- young man 6i ability, and will doubtless i tlo to drive and ride; weighing' about 1000 keep the liebubltw^ /Vmw up to its present i or 1100. Enquire at thlH oflico, w 'tho D ISPATCH- | Don't forget that Templeton's canned Thatcher the fruits are all of this aro the ('••eshest heigh standard of merit. D KMOCHAC extends to Mi right hand of fellowship. year's In town, The'. 1 While driving to Upper Lake recently J. B. McClure of Ukiah Valley was pitched out of his buggy about six miles from Ukiah. It appears that his horse became frightened nl something and shied, throwing the Imggy over the grade and turning It up Ide down with Mr. McClure under it. The horse ran some little dii-lanco, hut Mr. McClure held on to tho relus, and iiuallv gin Ho then reached out from the buggy and cut the truces and tho horses scampered off. J. Miller, tho stage man, found Mr. McCliuo aid got the biis/jy oil oi ' lilin, and it was ascertained that hn was not nurt much except a sprain in ono nf hlu 'egft, Register! Register!! Register!!! Flour and feed of all kinds at tho Grand Tea Store. *" Buy your meats at Jamison & Obarr's, City .i /arket. 45 Fruit and vegetables of all kinds at the Grand Tea Store. *7 Fortunate woman! She traded at L. Rosenberg & Co 's. * A. W. Boyd, of Mendocino, was in to-v:! hiftt Si -.tmday. P. Ha.'din, of Cahto, made us a short call Tuesday afternoon. A little child of Mr. Rube Daw's died at Hopland lust Sunday. J. E. Scog ^inB is now ready for business in the Gillespie block. * Twelve yards of unbleached muslin for $1 at L. Rosenberg and Co's. t A Spaniard from Long Valley died at tho county hospital last Sunday. The march of progressis chronicled in our new fall stock. L. Rosenberg>& Co. * Figured red oil calico a yard wiilo at 12 1 -..' cents per vard, at L. Rosenberg & Co's. " t John Ward's bouse at Westport was burned to the ground last Sunday evening. J. E. Scoggins is prepared io meet all competitors in quality of groceries and prices. * Look ahead and you will find yon soon need an Imperial plow. Found at Brunner's. 4ti Dr. Robinson, of Willits, was in town on Monday. He went to San Francisco in the afternoon. Clothing and tailor made suits to be sold at one-half regular price ut L. Rosenberg & Co's. t Miss Marian Van Dusen went over to Mendocino last Saturday to visit her sister, Mrs. E. Brown. Miss Hultie Stunfield is enjoying a visit from her cousin, Miss Dora Williams, of Sacramento. The purest materials and finest flavors are used by Geo. Jamison in the manufacture of Ids delicious Soda. } Fou S .U.K—A good driving horso; will work double or single. Also a two-seated buggy. Inquire nt this office. Jamison & Obarr will supply you with the very choicest meats at all times. City Market, north side of court house. <5 L. Rosenberg & Co. liavo just received a large invoice of elegant sealettes from the East which they will sell at Eeastern prices. $ Wo understand that J. S. Reed will shortly rebuild the gas works, which wore destroyed by the Palace Hotel lire a year ago. Mrs. S. Whaloy, of Mendocino, spent a few days in Ukiah the fore part of this week. She was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. Buckingham. General Freight Agent Menton and Superintendent Corbally of the S. F. A N. P. Railway, spent a couple of days in town tho fore part of this week. Don't forget to hear Hon. R. J. Hudson, of Lakeport, at the court house on Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. He will open up the Democratic campaign here. Jurors, witnesses, and litigants should not fail to remember that the October term of the Superior Court will commence on Wednesday, first day of the month. Street Superintendent W'm. Yokum has been doing some good work this week. Ho has had n force of men at work scraping and clearing the main streets of the town. The many fiionds of J. F. Pyront will be pleased to learn that ho has returned to Ukiah to live. Mr. Pyront left Ukiah lust fall, and since thou has boon living in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. O. H.Fitch, Grand Medical Examiner of the A. O. U. W, of California, went up to Wiliiln last Friday to visit old friends. Mr. Fitch practised medicine in Little Lake Valley about fifteen years ags* L. W. Bahcock, principal of the Ukiah public school, returned home last Friday from a short visit to Pennsylvania. He was accompanied by his mother and brother-in-law, G. 11, Elliott and wife and two children. Most of our peoplo aro awaro of the fact that Judge Hudson, of Lakeport, is one of the most eloquent spoakers in the State. Go and hoar him Saturday evon- ing, at the court housn, whore he will diseusB the political issues of (ho day. Mr. Jason Carper and son, of Potter.and Wulter Young, son of W. H. Young, formerly of this comity, left Wednesday of this wed; for Orange county. Mr. Garner intends to make Orange county his home and MiiBtor Young is going down lo live with ins father. The Board of Trustees has awarded tho contract of building a bridge across Gibson Greek on Bush street to F. M. Mason. The North Pacific Land and Improvment Co. have also awarded Mr. Mason ft contract to build a bridge across Dora Street. The latter bridge will bo 80 feet wide— the full width of the street. N. W. Griswold, Presidout, and F. Ench, a Director, of the North Pacific Lni)d and Iinr-rovementOo., were in town yesterday. Mr. Gciswold informed us that the company had abandoned the project of an electric light plant operated New Fall Goods Change of Business w K HAYK DETERMINED TO CHANGE OUR BUSINESS FROM A SEMI-CREDIT to a strictly Cash System, whereby we will' buy for cash and sell for cash oaly, thereby giving our patrons the benefit of the very lowest prices. In furtherance of our purpose, L. ROSENBERG will establish himself in San Francisco for the purpose of buying goods for our house at the very lowest cash prices. BEN ROSENBERG will remaiu in Ukiah an conduct our business here. Having made this announcement, we wish to state that we have laid in the Largest and Best Stork of Dry M! Ever brought to Mendocino County. tyQ ^Special attention is called to oar New Styles of Plaids, Stripe* Embroidered Suits, Plushes, Velvets, Jackets, Flannels, Blankets, Domestics, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Btc. We have $6000 worth Of Clothing, which we have Just Received, and will sell BEQABDLESS OIF 1 COST! EVERYTHING MARKED DOWN TO ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. We will sell for Cash only. POSITIVELY NO CREDIT TO ANYBODY! Call and see our stock. The Fashionable Styles and Splendid Qualities of our Goods, as well as our Marvelously Low Prices, will interest you. *3T 01x2*8, Anxious to Please, L. ROSENBERG & CO., Under Grand Hotel, State St., Ukiah, Cal. NOTICE.— All persons indebted to L. Rosenberg will please call and settle at once. Hops. being it Htopppd. | irotii HnlihiHon Crock, but It wiis ijio In undernentli; tontlun lo |iut In u plnnt m\i\ nnernln it hv Mtcnin. l'ninpmg wiivkn will II I HO be •put in mill open 'tod by t ho mune power. p !»RlH will l)« lni'nied nn tlioTodil irnut. judt norttiwOAt of town, whore the Company him n beautiful wmurbim 1 adill; Limi to Ukhth. ••••", •":,'.:'.,"',";. Large quantities of hops nro freighted into town for shipment. L ONUON, Septomber 16th.—The Kn- pUnti bop crop is revealed by general picking, which is fairly under way, to be poor. Hop-picking came to a wind-up in this vallev last week, Andy Gibson finishing up on Thursday and Weger 4 Ford and Phillip Howell on Friday. N KW Y OUK, Septomber 11.—Lilienthnl H I-OB., dealers in California hops, Bay that the lowest estimate of the shortage of th.? hop crop in this country is from 80,000 to 40,000 biilos. The Heahhburg Knlerprine nays: "The best record in hop-picking in this county was made last Friday by E, Hohenstein, who plucked 240 pound" in one dav. Dan McCann comes next with 230 pounds In the same time. Following Is the latent report of the hop imirknt taken from the Han Frnncisco Call : "The demand is not as sharp as it i has been ami there is now a lull. The | city dealers now quote 85 cents as tho best figure obtainable, but prices seem to be higher iu the countrv, where H'iH emit* is quoted, with mwt growers hold- iug off for 40 cents. The lull may prove only temporary, for the statistical position of hops all over the world is strong. The following dispatch received yesterday insignificant: "N RW Y OIIK, September 1(1.—EnRllsh advices say Eng1i«h hop dealers are trying lo bear the hop market. It is known here that old hops aw selling Ihero at n »...».!<-;. «.«f »i .I ..AL1 o».. Court Proceeding's. H ON, K. M C Q ARVKY, P RESIDISTO. JaracH Woodruff- Bnmh E. Bogart vs tntUwl. •Sub- Tlios. Olvens VH. His Creditors—Decr«! dls- uharglUK Rsslunee. J. K. Carlson vs. J. E. Hauhon—Demurrer withdrawn; UdqyKto answer. Greenwood R. R. Co. vi.T. McDonald—Motion to quash Bummcm withdrawn; K days to answer. Fort Bragg Redwood Co. - Erl Higgins vs. tontluued. Put on the Brftkes If yon find vou are going down hill lu point of health- Kalllni; strength, impaired digestion and asAhntlattnn are the marks o( decline, cheek these and other indications of premature decay with the gnat vltalixer and restraining tonic, Hosteller's Stomach Hitters. Bejlnnlm at the fountain head, the stomach, the Hitter*: rcincflk-sJtt Inefficiency, corrects its errors, aMi; sets in rigorously at work. The digestive orf an. Is thus enabled to thouroachlr separata twim Oeo. Ray vs. J. B. Vt'alkor—Continued. Bauk of Mendocino vs. H. 9. Norton—Continued. Sarah Oshoru vs. C. B. HiUMtts—Decree of foreclosure grunted. E. Packard vx, J. K. Packard—OMer granting flO per month for support of minor ehf Idreu. J. S. Moore vs. (i. f. Moore—Continued. B. 1). Fox v«, Bessie Fulkuer et al—Decree of foreclosure. John Chittick vs. liahol Chittlck—Decree of divorci granted. Noyo Lumber Co, vs, R. A. Hardy—Order that plaintiff take possession of premises sued for. N. Iversou vs. Jr. H. Scott—Judgment for non­ suit entered in favor of defeudant. J. S. Vaun ». K. H. Cameron—Non-suit entered In favor defendant. David Jones vs. J, E, Chalfant—Motion to set aside verdict denied. T. Murray vs. His Creditors—Sheriff appointed assignee. J. S. Vau vs. E. H. Cameron—Submitted for decision. John Hansou vs. Fort Bragg Redwood Co.— Continued. Henry ITolcorBb vs. T. n. Smith—Submitted principW which th* is enriched. Thu* Is tba .• , i-7 — thouroughly the food Its nutritive -blood nsslmilatlng, is o system nourished, and being nourlsllod 'rtrini. ened, and abnormal waste of its tissue* stiv Appetite, the power to rest well, a regular habit are also re-established, and the various functions moveonce more Is their natural and healthful groove. TUp Blttors, moreover, is aapeellkr for and preventive of malarial oomplalntafrhMI* matlsm, bllllousneas and kidnov ttoMhiaa' ; M AHR1KD. DAI.Y—NltCKOLLS—In San Frsucisco Septom­ ber 41h. 1890. by Rev. M. D. Buck, Herbert Daly, of San Francisco, aud Susie K. Nuckolls, of Calpella M!L!.KR—KOSS—At the family residence, Caspar, on the 4th Inst, by the brides father, Kev. J.S.itosH, D.Webster Miller anil I,t«k< A. Unas. ritKimiOKBON-BRAUPKR-At the resilience of U. HoycKlall, near Noyo, on the 7th lust, by tho (lev, J, S, Ross, A. W. Frcdorlcksou, of Wesiport, and Baletna C. Jlrauderi of Caspar. BOH IK. HILDRKTft-tn I'kml! Vallsy to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. ::. ' OOOl'KR—At Hcrmltitw hiiniinomc premium, the prices in some inslauves reaching £7." We llnil St. I'litrli'k'fi Villa to bu very oxiiu .im! to give splendid salIsfactirui. They are now About the onlv kind called ior.-W, A. Wallace, Oasis, <». For sale by J. N. MaKee, tit* drugaW. ^ ' ili Vallsy, September 17th, i. Hlldrelh, a daughter. - • u -/-.- SfWi September 7tu, im, to John Coopar and wife, a daughter, XlCOLAiSK.N—in Meudocino, {tepUmlKr 8tb, im, to Mr, and Mrs. ;;h;siti£. Xlcplatsen, a t and kldnoy troubles. Notice. Having disposed of my carriage paiaii mg busmens to Mr. E. W. Welle, inth* luture I will give my entire attention -to? carriage tiimuiing at the old ntan<i,ov«# Chilton's aiiop. Cuehione, topa, ttath-' es, etc., made on short notice, «ml-«iaV: pricos to suit the times. >/«a*' **» En. WMatj,,^ For Bale. A good stock ranch at a vervlowflgtil^i'"' Apply b> .1. II. Donohoe, Ukiah, Cm\.% ' "Fonr hundred carioads of fruit h been shipped irom Winter* this - ~ date," says the Expnu, "Thto i hostem umt local shipmentsi bj» aiut exnresK. Four hundred ii equals 9,000,000 pound*. Tuli* , a vast n I* it UuU that would V thrown in a heap tether. -TOfe iias yfct two months or more to* sldpmertfl are betas <naa>™v*rr There n} ity who arts at tfntt'lrMb&l or auhject to attMke 'W^'jiW.elL Colic, CI IP W m.| lfl «rrtaM-,{. It »iH afford a'nUt l«Sl- jfl to take. If ttkeiMal diismoft* kbTir^

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