The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 17, 1959 · Page 16
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 16

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1959
Page 16
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X-AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD, SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 1959 TAKE IT FROM BARBARA BEL GEDDES ARMY COMEDY — Tony Curtis "kidnaps" Janet Leigh in a Paris elevator in scene from' "The Perfect Furlough" opening Thursday at the Sterling. Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh in Leading Roles in Army Picture Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh finally got married the way they , bad always intended — formal ceremony, elaborate bridal gown, flower girls, the works. They tied the knot for a scene in their new Universal-International picture, "The Perfect Furlough." In the spicy Army comedy, which is to arrive at the Sterling Thursday. Tony plays a snow- numbed, Arctic-stationed soldier who quickly begins to thaw once he comes within range of sultry Janet and pepperpot Linda Cristal. "Our actual marriage," said TV Calendar of Sports SUNDAY, JAN. 18 1:00 p.m. — 3 — Champ Bowling 1:30 p.m. — 8, 10 — Pro Basketball (St. Louis - Boston) WEDNESDAY, JAN. 21 9:00 p.m. 6, 8—Fights. FRIDAY, JAN. 23 9:00 p.m. 5, 10—Cavalcade of •ports SATURDAY, JAN. 24 2:00 p.m. 5—College Basketball 3:20 p.m. 3, 4, 10—Big 10 Basketball (Iowa - Northwestern) 4:00 p.m. 5—Women's Bowling 5:00 p.m. 6 - All Sta: Golf 6:30 p.m. 4, 10—Champ Bowling Janet, ."was practically an elopement'— we made up our minds in such a hurry there just wasn't time for the kind of wedding I had always dreamed about since the days when a girl first starts thinking in that direction." Although, all the "I do's" were part of the script for the scene, there was one big surprise in store for the "bride." After the rites Tony presented her with a new wedding ring to replace the modest band they used at the original wedding. "Don't know why," said Janet, "but this time I think I was twice as nervous as at the actual ceremony — probably because I've had so much more time to think about it beforehand." Besides Tony and Janet, "The Perfect Furlough" co-stars Keenan Wynn and Broadway luminary Elaine Stritch, with the Argentine pepperpot Linda Cristal as the Hollywood star whom Tony Curtis presumably leads astray on the furlough in Paris. GARY CROSBY SAYS Gary Crosby, a hit in "Mardi Gras" and much sought after these days by Hollywood producers, opines: "When you start at the top, the door is thrown wide open. But that's a swinging door, and if you haven't got it, that door opens just as easily going the other way." Network Television Tuesday, January 20 6:05 a.m I—David itone 6/30 a.m. t, 10—Continental Clou- room 7.'.% a.m. 4— Slcgtreid I, 10— I odav 3:00 a.m. t, 4 —Copt. Kangaroo 6/45 a.m. t— News 9:00 a.m. 3, 4—For Love or Money A. '«—Dough Re Ml 9:30 a.m. 3, 4, 8—Godfrey 5. 10—Treasure Hunt 70/00 a.m. 3, 4, 9—I love Lucy 5. 10— Price Is Right JO/30 a.m. 3, 4, S—Top Dollar 5, 10—Conccntiation t—Tim Is Life ll.-OO a.m. 3, 4, t—Love o! Life 5. 10—Tic Toe Dough t—This Is Alice 11:30 a.m. t, 10—Could Be You (C) 3, S—Search 6—Peter Havel 11:45 a.m. 3, 4—Guiding Light 6—Day in Court I—Film Review 12:00 m, t. 4. S. 10— News, Wealh- •r I—News 72/20 p.m. S—Treasure Chest 12:30 3, 4—As World Turns •—Celebrity Playhouse 6—Play Hunch 10— 7/00 p.m. 3. 4, t—Jimmy Dean 5. 10— Truth M Consequences 6—Libcracc 1:15 p.m. 4—Jimmy Dean (C) Means Program is in Color 7/30 p.m. 3—House Party 4—Linklettei 5, 10—Haggis Baggii 6-Ncwj, Weather. Clubs I—House Party 1:40 p.m. (—Matinee 2/00 p.m. 4 —Rand* Merriman 5, 10—From These Roots ft —Day in Court 3, I—Big Payoff 2/30 p.m. 3. 4. (—Verdict Youn 5. 10—From These Roots t—Music Bingo 3/00 p.m. 3, 4, t—Brighter Day S 10—QueT t-oi Day i—B:at Clock 3:15 p.m. 3, 4, 8—Secret Storm 3/30 p.m. 3, 4. (—Edge ot Night 5, 14—County Tail 6—Who Do You Trust 4/00 p.m. 3—Show 4—Around Town 5— Margie 6—Am Bandstand (—Western Theatre 10—What's New 4:30 p.m. 4—Coppy 5—Last of Mohicans 10—Meet Schools 5/00 p.m. 3—Club House 8—Brave Eagle 5—Robin Hood 4—Axel and Dog 10—Texas Rangers 5/30 p.m. 3—Time for Teens 4—Popeye 6—Disney Adventuie Time (—Jet Jackson 10—Woody Woodpecker 5:45 p. m. S—News 6/00 p.m. 3. 4. 5. I. 10— Newt, Weather Sports 6—Weather 6/75 p.m. t —Don Goddard 10—NBC News 6/20 p.m. S—Should Know 6.-30 p.m. 3— Boots & Saddles 4—Huckleberry Hound (—Conlee Crossroads 5, 10—Dragnet fr—Sugorfoot . 7/00 p.m. 3—The Texan 4—N.Y. Confidential (—Rifleman 5, 10—Eddie Fisher 7:30 p.m. 3, 4,—To Tell the Truth «, (—Wvatt Earp 8:00 p.m. 3. 4, (—Godfrey 5—Geo. Burns Show 6—Rifleman 10—Curtain Time 8:30 p.m. 3, 4—Skelton S, 10—Bo'} Cummings 6—Naked City (—Target 9/00 p.m. 3, 4, (—Garry Moore S, 10—Ccilifornlanj (—Alcoa Presents 9/30 p.m. S—State Trooper 6—Dick Powell 10—Medic 70/00 p.m. 3, 4, S, 6, (, 10— News, Weather Sports 70/75 p.m. (—John Daly 70/20 p.m. I—Rough Riders 70/30 p.m. 3—Badge 714 4—Parole S—Harbor Command 6—Hour of Stars 10—Jack Poor Show 70/50 p.m. *—Wrestling 77/00 p.m. 4—Hollywood Playhouse S—Jack Poor 72/00 p.m. S—News Hard Work Exceeds Glamor Now in Theatrical Business By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP)-Ever yearn for the glamorous life of an actress? Well, take it from Barbara Bel Geddes, who has made a success on stage, screen and television, there : is more hard work than glamor in a theatrical career. "When I first started," she recalled, "I thought it would be all fun — like appearing in a high BARBARA BEL GEDDES school play. I didn't realize the discipline involved. "You have to treat yourself like an athlete. You're always in training. You have to save yourself for those hours on the stage or before the cameras, when you'll need every bit of energy you possess," Daughter of Designer Barbara is the daughter of the noted designer, Norman Bel Geddes. Although Barbara enjoys Hollywood, she feels a Broadway star has one big advantage over a movie star. "A stage star, unlike a film star, has privacy after she finishes her day's work. People don't bother, her. . "I like that. After a show, I like "to go home and live my own life. I like to put on a comfortable pair s of shoes., and breathe. , . "The theater is in the theater. You don't have to take it .home with you." . Likes Casual Clothes , Barbara, who is hazel-eyed and flaxen-haired, likes to dress casually in a skirt and close fitting blouse, 'open at the collar. She usually wears neither lipstick nor rouge. "When I'm in a play," she ex- plained, "I get sick of looking in the mirror as I put on makeup.'* She is fond of outdoor sports, and looks like the outdoor type. One of the worst problems of the acting profession, Barbara said, if the endless waiting. Have to Wait "You can't just sit down and do a job by yourself as a painter does," she continued. ."You have to wait for so many peo'ple. You have to wait for the playwright, the producer, the director, and the public. "But there is one wonderful thing about acting. It never really bores you." Barbara is a woman who isn't sure just where she lives..She and her husband, Windsor Lewis, the stage director, have a 60-acre farm in Putnam County, New York; a.lOO-acre farm in County .Galway, Ireland; and right now they are dwelling in a small house on the East Side in Manhattan. In this menage they have two daughters, three turtles, two hamsters, a miniature marmoset monkey, two golden retrievers, a Maltese dog, two cars and 20 fish. "By the time I get them all fed in the morning," said Barbara, "It's time to start preparing them lunch." TAHITI: NO PARADISE O'Brien Home Again With Disillusionment By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP) — "I've been to tougher locations in this country—on mountaintops in the Rockies and places that were infested with rattlesnakes. But at least they were never billed as paradise." This sums up Edmond O'Brlen)s disillusionment after a three- month stay in Tahiti for a film location. The legendary land of Gauguin canvases isn't paradise, the actor sighed, not by a long shot. Expensive Movie French moviemakers tabbed Oscar winner O'Brien for an expensive movie of the South Seas, . "The Ambitious." Oddly enough, they admired his work in a Jayne Mansfield movie, "The Girl Can't Help It," and sent him a script. He accepted, finding the role "a rare combination of Wally Berry and Humphrey Bogart." The location in Tahiti sounded like a dream. The first inkling that it wasn't came when he applied for a visa here. The French official commented, "Don't expect too much." Sceucry Disappointed Added O'Brien: "I didn't know how right he was until I got down there. As scenery, Tahiti itself was a disappointment. In the first place, there isn't a white beach on the island. The natives fish, but you seldom see them swim; the lagoons are lined with coral that can cut you to ribbons. "Tahiti seems to have attracted all of the worst that western civilization could have brought in. The place is filled with castaways of all kinds—Americans who have sought an escape from competition, Australian millionaires and ex-millionaires Who discovered women late in life. The natives hate the French, who they feel have treated them with little regard, and everyone hates the Chinese, who control the island's economy. Weatber Murder "The weather was murder. The average humidity was 84, and on some islands, 89. I sweated right through a mattress every night. AMONG TOP 10 "I've Got A Secret" is one of two non-western shows represented among television's top 10 in the new Nielsen survey. The other is "The Danny Thomas Show." All the others are oat-burners. There were no studios, so we had to shoot our interiors where we could. One place had a tin roof, and you can imagine how that was, combined with our lights for the color camera." On the credit side, O'Brien remarked that some of the island girls are indeed beauteous, particularly those who are part-native, part-Chinese. Juvenile Delinquency Series Starts Sunday "The Twentieth Century" begins a two-part series on juvenile delinquency Sunday that traces the story of a typical delinquent and new rehabilitation effort being undertaken in New Jersey. Stephen Fleischman, who wrote, directed and produced the filmed program, had a choice of doing a study of the suburbs or juvenile delinquency. He chose the subject of delinquency, he says, because "The problem is just too big to ignore and cries for treatment.'* DISNEY FILM — Sal Mineo portrays Sioux brave in "Tonka" which opens Thursday at the Paramount. THE CONVICTS CURSE WiHi Rosmuss McPetenon in the Steoler Role, show* how a man can go Hog Wild in crime, if he gets off on the wrong foot! Take no chances, friend — why buy inferior gas and oil when you know rr will be Hie Ruination of your car. Stick to the right path — use the Right Oil and Gasoline — our time tested TOP PREMIUM GASOLINE & OIL — All this end GIANT TRADING STAMPS, too, ot BOB McCLOSKEY S MOBIL SERVICE TIRES Herald Square - BATTERIES

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