The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 18, 1997 · Page 58
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 58

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 18, 1997
Page 58
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NEWS & VIEWS An impassioned reaction to our story about interfaith marriage Cokie and Steve Roberts respected both of their traditions and gave their children an opportunity to learn about both. My children married out of the Jewish faith, and I now have three grandchildren who married in three different churches. I believe it is time to reach out in love to all peoples. Naomi Cherkofsky, Haverhill, Mass. I finished the story near tears. Bless you, Cokie and Steve. Here would be the solution to the world's conflicts. Gladwyn Moore, Loveland, Colo. I'm glad a mixed marriage worked for the Robertses, but it won't work for everyone, especially those who find religion more than mere rituals. It is cruel to imply that religious differences don't matter and that anyone who thinks they do is prejudiced. I have been hurt badly by such thinking. As a Catholic, can I teach my children what the Jewish people believe: that Jesus was a good man but we are still waiting for the Messiah? I don't think so. Jean Harbeson, Graham, Wash. I N A RECENT cover story, Contributing Editors Cokie and Steve Roberts wrote open letters to their two adult children, explaining how they had forged a strong marriage in spite of their different religious backgrounds — Cokie is Roman Catholic, Steve is Jewish ("How two faiths unite us," March 28-30). Reader reaction to the letters, which were excerpted from a recent book, was quick and fervent. Here is a selection of letters. tions out of sight until after Hanukkah, etc. I fondly recall preparing Seders for no fewer than 30 people. We always included a Christian family in our celebrations, and on Christmas Eve we would invite Jewish friends to a traditional dinner. Our marriage in 1964 created a stir on both sides of the family, but the union everyone said wouldn't last is still going strong! Dewi Rudnick, Chicago I was touched. Love overcomes every obstacle. Bernice E. Kraber, Eastlake, Ohio "God does not separate. He unites." Frank A. Raso Spencerport, N.Y. I converted to Judaism 16 years ago and married my husband; we have three children, raised Jewish. You can't give children a confusing choice between religions and expect them to come out anything but indifferent. Being Catholic or Jewish is not a label; the two faiths' tenets often conflict. Clearly, Cokie and Steve's beliefs were so ingrained that neither would convert. It is sad their children will never share their depth of passion. Marybeth Rosen Commerce Township, Mich. My husband, Jim, and I thought we were the "only ones" with a successful interfaith marriage. Jim is Jewish; I was raised Catholic. Our daughters, now 22 and 26, have had the benefit of both traditions. I identified with Cokie when she wrote about hectic holidays — keeping Christmas decora- te May 18-16.1987 Leaal Notice Legal Notice OWNERS OF HOUSES, MOBILE HOMES AND OTHER STRUCTURES WITH POLYBUTYLENE PLUMBING Cox v. Shell Oil Company, a national class action on behalf of homeowners who have Polybutylene ("PB") plumbing, has extended relief for certain qualifying leaks in the $950 million settlement. If you have PB plumbing, you may be entitled to free replacement if it has leaked in the past or leaks by August 21, 1997, and possibly thereafter. IDENTIFYING POLYBUTYLENE PIPE • PB pipe is a non-rigid, sometimes curved, usually gray (or possibly silver or black) plastic pipe used in water supply plumbing systems. • When used in the underground service from the water company, PB pipe is blue, gray or black. • PB pipe is not used for drains, waste or vent piping. PB pipe is not PVC or CPVC which is a rigid white or off-white plastic pipe. Cokie and Steve just don't get it. No one doubted that people of different faiths could be happy. On a personal level, I am happy for them. But as a rabbi, whose mission is to preserve the beauty of the Jewish people, I view their marriage as sad. The fact that they raised their children to appreciate both traditions may be fine for the parents, but the overwhelming odds are that the children will not be Jewish. One cannot be Jewish and Christian at the same time. As a Reform rabbi, I don't claim my faith is the only way to heaven, but it is my faith and I want to preserve it. We rabbis who refuse to officiate at interfaith weddings understand the love of a man and a woman CALL: 1 -800-876-4698 to: Obtain a claim eligibility form and find out if you are eligible for relief Speak to a Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center (CPRC) representative to get answers to any questions and can applaud that love. But because of couples like the Robertses, the tiny Jewish population grows smaller every day. Rabbi Stephen Fuchs, Nashville NO COPY GATS With sheep clones in Scotland and monkey clones in California, animal genetics has made big news. Our March 2830 "Q&A: pets" column asked whether you would clone your pet. Results: • NO: • YES: 47% Write to USA WEEKEND, 1000 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Va. 22229-0012 (e-mail:; fax: 703-276-5518). tt

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