The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 22, 1934 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1934
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LEADER [Name Permanent for Cortt'Hag Wdf k Meld ia Each hip in e& last Wfsfc lire W "S tatt Cmmty Seat f MBi-aa •iiifrnaa« K*£d^gtefc ipeaicers irom SthoolitoCc In Contest gafttic corn-hog redaction graft assembled in their f tite townshlfis in Mill* county the past week and there batlotted fof peiinsiienl committees to cafe tot latef work ot the plan, in many *aees temporary cofflffiittees Were feeleeted. tioties of these permanent community committee* in general be to assist and direct eo* >r* til cafryl&g out lot) pre-> «..», seeing to it* progress, checking and correcting data and making investigations relative to the contracts. . Results of the elections, in which cpftirmeti, irice chairmen and third member ot committees were named in order given, are below. Aadewom 0» ». Wll»ott, Gordon Bleiner, 0. A. Wight, Center: Rudolph Hopp, Jr., 8. J*. Bufflngtott, Leslie Richardson. Deer Creek: Ivan Salmons, Frank Kochersperger, L. M. Kline. Olenwood: C. J, Deupree, Qro- ver Rodman, H. H, Fein. Indian Creek i Ira Turner, Albert Pontow, Marion Lang. Ingraham: R. K. Henderson, C. V. Sell, Donald Qoos, Lyons: Oeorge Graves, Clair Dashner, A. B. Hubbell. Oak: Albert Schoenlng, Charles Plumer, Harry Schoenlng. Plattville: W. C. Bstes, Max Vinton, Wilbur May, RaWles: M. R. Cunningham, Ray Rhodes, Charles' H. Walking. St.Marys: B. F. Anderson, H. C, Dreyer, Walter Kltndt. Silver Creek: J. V, Wearin, 3. M. Steele, C. E. Hilton, White Cloud: Ray Hilton, , Charles Kayton, Harold McCain. Chairmen of the respective townships are directors ot the* county Corn-Hog Control association, which Is to be formed soon. As soon as possible an organlsa- ' tion meeting will be held to elect , s .president, vice president, treas- , secretary and county allot- wet B c feuttbef ot Additional cart registered dftrlftt the ten day eitension ot the time to Feb. 10 w that the total nttmtost to get In without the penalty Attached reftehed 2860. Since theft about ft doiett mere hat* been registered the total ft little there hate been ftbottl fOO mofe «ats registered this yew than there were last year at this titte. StfartMl to Vf« tot I' PC ,„,—..j Requested to Attend : Lodge at Tabor on Tuesday c * Tuesday, Feb. 27, has been set as the date for all members ot Masonic lodges to attend a lodge meeting of some sort honoring Georgel Washington and stressing tbe great principles .of Masonry. Tbe members of tbe Malvern organisation are invited to Tabor for a special meeting of that kind onHhat date, AH who can attend are requested to; notify William Warjner, Silver -Urn W. M. and should meet' at the topal l° d &e . room* at seven, p,'^t; A^ large delegation, is-expected to attend.; Wm. Skillicorn Died Suddenly Monday Morning Stricken with Appoplexy While at Home Alone; Funeral Wednesday Death catne very sudden t William Skillicorn, pioneer rest dent, at his home In Glenwood Monday morning. He has been living alone at hi* home in north Olenwood and apparently in his usual health, o. B. Miller had been to see htm the night before and was to come back the next morning to complete some business they had. Mr. Brown went over about 9:30 that morning and found Mr, Skillicorn lying unconscious on the floor. He had lighted the gas in the living room and had evidently started for the kitchen when be fell. Mr. Miller quickly summoned a physician but the unfortunate man was beyond help and soon passed away. Funeral services were held yes- tefday (Wednesday) afternoon at S. o'clock in tbe Myers funeral home in Olenwood. District Court Open at *3% „„ . from l»er*6*. Has* ings, ttalveta and Btrahan high school* wni display their wares Ifi t!» ttatrsfft Community build* ing fcWtt Tuesday evening as they compete in the three classes of the four school, ot preliminary, declamatory Contest. One speaker from each school wit! be in each clais. Winners ot the contest earn the right to compete in the sab- dlBtflet contest, date and place ot which will be determined by the district secretary. A* speaker* froia the tottr school* were *e» lected by their individual schoo contests, competition should be keen in each class; f he program for Tuesday ete* ning Wilt include: Oratorical Date Kernels, Billy Rlpley Emerson. fisau, America's Patron Saint, Mildred Darland, Hasting*. The Prisoner at the Bar, Fred Brenning, Malvern. What Think Ye ot Christ, Lul Bradley, Strahan, Dramatic Ashes of Roses, Dorothy Kapple, Emerson. White Lilacs, Virginia Scott, Hastings. Honey, Edith Belt, Malvern. The Show Must Oo On, Anna Rose Bass, Btrahan. Humorotu My Contour 'Tis ot Thee, Roland Edle, Emerson. Henry's First Long Pants, Velma Mings, Hastings. a The Cat Came Back, Lorraine Fletcher, Malvern, Jane, Thora Cunningham, Strahan. WABttlJfOTON Whose binhdny the nation honor* today tb« Malvefo Leader's Public Sale Date* Tfc* following sales are or will be advertised in The Mai- tern Leader. Feb. 88! t Caudell Bro*, Horse Sale, Malvern. Auctioneers t Talbott, Cramer, McKensie and Jones, General sale, Malvern Sale Barn. L. A. Talbott, auctioneer. Feb. 28: Floyd Rhoades Farm Sale, one mile east ot Malvern, L. A. Talbott, auct. Feb. 27! B. R. Laughlln closing out Farm Bale, 2 miles west and V& mile south of Strahan school. L. A. Talbott, auct. Mr*. Lida^.AtkinEon who died »„ ,„,..._. .jnmftfS Charge; _Gtand Jury ,in loir Conmwwity Building '.was named ,tb9 MalYiern .^ B«ttdl»s tbe past week an4 began hla 4wtle? there 8atur4ay, He will be in charge of The February , term of the Mills county district court opened Tuesday- morning with Judge H, J, Manti in charge. The grand jurors were, called at this time and the following members chosen to' serve: A," R. McPherron, foreman, R. E, Psrfc- er, 0, S. Vestal, W. L. Daniel, Otto Leu, Albert Schoenlng, Jr.. and Marvin Johnson, MUdred Clark wan chosen clerk and Tom Byers, bailiff. The docket is not so heavy this term although there are & »um» ber of foreclosure -cases to cc-me. up and the usual number of, divorces *nd prqV ft * e 'or*> " f The petit Jurors are sot, called until »e*t Monday, Feb, ?8. vv . MiJU, Fremont Board* in . Seuion wib IH.C, Tue»d»y Mrs. Lida Atkinson a Pioneer Resident Died Feb. 13 at Randolph; Had Lived There 65 Year* Baptist Men Enjoy StagParty Thursday Night at Church Gather for Oyster Supper • and Church Fellowship Meeting The Baptist men broke away from the cherished idea that only women can get up an appetizing meal when they prepared and served a delicious oyster supper last Thursday night in the church basement, Not^pnly was the gas'" ft&&syiitt* o J&&.&% - 8 pe*tbwau JHistorical Pageant Given at All Day Meeting of R. 1* C. Difttter f olldwied hy Pro- ftt Hillsdale Church Febtuaty 14 The last of the all day meet tftgs of the Rural improvement club tot this year was held Wednesday, Feb. 14, In the church basement at Hillsdale. A large group including the men folk, a number ot Invited guests, and 86 ot the 40 members were present. The pot luck dinner was servet cafeteria style with Mrs. Pear Brans and her committee in charge. The menu consisted o creamed chicken served in heJrt shaped patty shells, mashed pota toes, gravy, hot buttered rolls and a choice of delicious vegetables, salads, pickles, pies, cake and coffee. The tables Were very prettii decorated by Mrs. Laura Bhepard nd her helpers in keeping with t. Valentine's day. A social time was enjoyed while the tables Were cleared and ut away and the chairs placed or the program, The short business session was resided over by the vice presl- ent, Mrs. Lulu 1 Gilbert. Community singing was led by Rev. T. J, Petit. Bach one present was nuked to ell an event concerning Lincoln r the Civil war. A historical pageant was pre- ented over radio station RIC, with Mrs. Florence Howard as .nnouncer. Mrs. Howard explaln- (Continued on page B) B. I. C. PAGEANT 22,310 BUSHELS And now comes another record Breaker when this week C. 6. Hilton ot Malvern finished up filing his corn sealing operations. The former record ot 19.2SR bushels by Zeno Bass was distanced. Mr. Hilton's total sealing* were 22,310 bushete or more than 3,000 bushels more. tn addition to that Mr. Hilton also has the record of seal- Ing the largest crib. One crib on his home place contains just 10,886 bushels. Mr. Hilton's total loans from the above amount ot corn would amount to over $10,000. CWA Projects Oil Employment to SI as Nsw Job* Start GradiriR, Patntin*, Water Done by •'athers, Sons in Joint Banquet at Hillsdale Church Young Women Serve Delicious Dinner to 70 Guests „ ^ wjjo resigned. of .failing, eyesight, Candidateor Auditor Au4iior woo a »»4 To fafeor T»esflay. Po»rd« o? gupwvisors ot MHte Fremont counties &nd lava cpmwlssioners . Archie, Fred White wber» |erre4 long dad earnestly on the ever rooot subject of primary. SQlewaly teRsft to te ispart by le«ej? shortly ' r:rs«|HtiHn a . was one of the pioneer rural teacher* of Fremont'county. Her work In tbe country ^schools covered a period of five years from 1873 until 1878. Among those who attended tbe fbneral service were some of her pupils who had not forgotten ber fine teaching ability and who bad learned to admire her personal worth, Llda McCreary was born at Martinsburg, Iowa, April 11, 1865, At tbe time of ber birth her twin brother and her mother died. When she -was six' months old her father passed away, She was an orphan child witb no conscious memory,of either father or mother, When nine, she came to Sidney to .make ber borne witb »r, and Mrs. g, N, McCracken. Mrs. McCracken*. was ber sister, Here she completed her course in tbe public schools an4 then'at- tended Tabor college for a year to better equip herself for teaching, Among tbe rural ecboois ip wbieb sbe taugbt were tbe Hirer* side school nortbeast of Handolph and tbe Fremont school southeast of tbe village, ^ " Sbe and Qeoris Q f ,, were united. |R marriage in She was-tbe sMrtbejr of 8v,e „.„ dren. 'Charles died ia Infancy. Those wb9 are living art f— W. Atkinson, ftps* AtWaptu W> T, Bummers P* BwuSeJpb, ^, Atkinson of Malvern., Nine , ?ran4ph»4refl share , their o, Wr. Atkinspn 4{e4 Feb. 15, 1904, from to ,-;. - (• — - t • MAly&rn ( ,,^,^-, =r _ r .__ gfflP^HilT^I^ Durjfcae tbe last few epeat b»f time witb few tier B»»49Jpb feeinj made tt. JMW» slble for ber ie ^ywir»»ns'y'^aww^iv^»"-*i •-"— " - above the* average quality. The preparation of the feast was ably taken care of by John Clayton, Otto Hall, Arthur Trively, and 0, B, Davis, Smartly attired waiters, with a da'sh of nro- fesslonal air as they toted napkins on their arms', eagerly cared tor the wants of tbe fifty or more men wbo bad gathered to partake of tbe feast. The efforts of these, men. were rewarded by the downing of'no less than four refills by some of the hungrier young bucks. The waiters wer Jobn Waller, Randall KHne Frank and Clarence Chamber lain, and Bud Conn, ARdy"" Berkhlmer served ai toaetmaster for the evening and seemed to be in bis element in that capacity. Witty introduc tloas of tbe speakers gave them tbeir cues from which they bull interesting talks/ Leslie Richardson gave'an in strnctlye account of the duties o 'the deacons of tbe church. Gran Chamberlain covered the work o the Sunday school and outline plans for the future. The neces stty of a church in the commv nlty was tbe subject of Fred Mul bolland's exposition, and be wa -found to be an able speaker. , "W, MfNulty spoke on the subjec of .missions witb clarity an force, Tbe subject of church fl nance throughout the history o tbe present church was presente by Pr, P. M. Kline- The Rev. L a, Bobbin closed tbe program »n Inspiring, address on tb Meet, "Fellowship." *JFhe entertainment for tbe eve- was under tbe dlreetto* o pJr.'J,, A- KUae assisted by Ver son Babbitt and Bob Burcey. Un like most entertainment programs bad a part in tbe pro. and it waj witb consl4- _ enthusiasm that tbis p.or- 9l tie evening progressed. Strahan Mothers and Daughters in Banquet Program 138 Entertained Wednesday in Methodist Church} Men Did the Work The Mothers' and Daughters' banquet at Strahan was given at the Methodist church Wednesday night, Feb. 14. The men again Droved themselves. able to put on a real banquet and the women are again loud In their praise of the way the men put it over. Mtllard Gee was chairman ot the menu and soliciting committee; Cha». Kayton was chairman of the table committee, and Oeorge Curtis, chairman ot the kitchen committee. The menu consisted ot mashed potatoes, brown gravy, roast beef, green beans, buttered rolls, jelly, pickles, apple pie with whipped cream and coffee. One hundred thirty-eight mothers and daughters were served. The program before the banquet consisted ot selections by the high school orchestra under the direction of Mrs, Barnard, the high school girls' quartet, and a solo by Mrs. Marvin Woodflll. The program following the banquet in the basement was an especialy strong Local Artisan* New CWA projects, made possible by the additional money grant of »»BO,000,000 by Congress, were started In this community Monday and 61 unemployed were ready for work. Grading, painting, wale* work* Improvement are the main projects. Painters are finishing the redecoration ot the Community building and eipect to work on other public buildings later. Another crew Is working on a grading project on the town's street* and another is ready to start on a project to improve the town'* water supply system. The latter will be delayed, however, until the town conned determines the placing ot its new well*. Under the hew plan CWA work men get but 16 hours employ* ment R week and receive 60c per hour for ordinary labor, more for painting and other skilled work. In the painting crew are H. J, Knight, Forrest Weidner, V. V, Hoover, Lee Noftsger, Ivan Lundgran, Q. E. Pace. H. C. Slater, H. A, Hoover, and Hugh Foster* With the street grading gang are Millmrn Walker, O. R. Weak, Noah Stogdlll, L. M. Gray, Will Pettls. O. D. Davis, C. D. Her- rlck. V. M. Henderson, Bill Lee, and Harry Dunn. Ready to start on the water works Improvement are Hermaln Lair, Ben Smith, Ceo. Sullivan, Clyde Johnson, W. E. Biggerstaff, O. W. Logan, L, A. Jone*. R. A. Tackett, and A. W. Pace. Working on roads and rock crushing outside ot Malvern are A. B, Walker, Corwln Hardy, Fred Hauger, Harry Hoover, Jr., Wilbur Walker, 8, L. Alley, C. A. Jones, liarl Clatterbuck, R, J. Darnold, Qeo. H. Smith, Herbert Stogdlll, W. B. FredrlckBon, (Jeo," *-w»»0-*""» " ««»^ %•> — 1 CWA REDUCTION "- 859 v w* y will bt up' tbe Tfe» 38Q worker* dtt tb* fttW Hlllsdale fathers and sons were guests Tuesday evening at a delightful banquet, served them by ihe young women ot that community. Program,, three-course din ner and entertainment were,.al arranged •tfy the>younff;Wom«n>ii charge." and the affair waV given In the basement of the Hillsdale church. Dressed in snowy white colo nial wigs, the pretty .waitresses kept 'their guests well suppliec with food and carried off this part of the affair with efficiency. Ta bles were decorated with flags and hatchets commemorating thei birthday of Oeorge Washington, and small emblem hatchets were given the guests as favors. Wendell Pettlt of Omaha ably served as toastmaster during the evening and introduced the speakers with a subtle humor which kept each at his ease. Young Robert Jackson delivered a short toast to the dads of the evening while bis father, Dean Jackson, responded witb a witty toast to tbe boys, Rev. T,,J. Pettit, pastor of tbe Hillsdale church, gave an Interesting talk on the subject, "Boys," stressing sound advice pn the various problems which tbe youth of tbe country raise, Sympathetic understanding of tbe attitude of boys and careful training by example and wholesome group direction were suggested by the speaker as being essential. W, P. Wortman of Malvern spoke on "Clean Living," telling of many of the influences and experiences of early Mills county boyhood life and showing how the influences of that life affected tbe people ot today. He suggested that Initiative, energy, courage, wise cooperation should be Instilled, la youth and that this would, be a more valuable heritage than great wealth, Purlog tbe evening tbe , _ phiat Quartet sang two numbers and community singing was led by Clifford piilehay. Present witb boaors for family Utenflanofi were patriarcba' a»4 bis four &»»». keaiami", Pavia. Robert, as4 J&cfcie; «n4 goi lln ft«4 bl« two, Boas. QharM>* and lA»ri|i» NUhna Matonic Cl¥fil$ At -— --j- MoiwUy Evening m*u, P. R. of»YM. ftrW *» d ^»j itjr ^wPsBPw WHs^ P- -?^v^ •(mi*)* w «fl-ii--.iiB— T^W of tfc* NUbM Mawuto, Circle. "' |t %$fr i Aftt *W*»A»Ae* ftt temm *ub *»•?? teAit ia Basement WBB an especiaiy nu-uug oiuou"., ••> •»• » •-—"",,"' », I ,' > one. Miss Loralne Oleson spoke Davis. Chas. Coons and Cliff Mar-- vel. Driving trucks are OM> * Campbell, J, M. Robblns, Mark, Johnson, Leonard Duval, Willis Campbell. on "The Job of Being a Daughter"; Mrs, William Bradley responded with a talk on "The Job ot Being a Mother"; Miss Buchanan spoke of the "Relation of the .Teacher"- and =Mr§. L duties and glories of motherhood, the need of a perfect understanding between mother and daughter. Mrs. Ben Coxon was the very efficient toastmlstress. Legion to Meet Tuesday for February Session Regular February meeting of he Harry Hammons post of American Legion will be held ext Tuesday evening in the Lelon rooms In the Community ulldlng. Commander Edgar Perew of the post has asked all ex- ervlce men, non-members as well B members of tbe Legion, to at- end the meeting. Post membership this year has xceeded the quota set by the na- lonal organization but Commander Perdew believes that the group's activities will be aided by an even larger group. Nfame Winners in Contest Thursday Freda Brenningi Edith Bell, Lorraine Fletcher First By Jean Davis After a seise of stirred Intel ect, soaked handkerchiefs anc aching sides from too much laughter last Thursday evening he winners 'of the borne declama ory contest were chosen, In tbe oratorical division Freda Bre»»l»g placed first with a fiery searing Piece, "Tbe Prisoner at the* Bar." This was exceptionally well given, witb deep feeling anc splrlteduess. Woyd Walker placed se?on4 witb "Tbe Supreme Menace" which, was «el\ presented- Edltb Bell won first in the dramatic divlstyn witb ber heart* stirring piece, "Honey." Donner, second, presented "Little Dub," which was a mixture of h»mor veA tragedy. Jt pulled at our heartstrings and at tbe same time ire were convulsed with laughter. First in bumoroui was won by Lerralue FlatebM wbo presented Cat Owe I*jk, M TbU prg* Btttsft UwwWw ajMl WM i!Slw*»v«i, npttto wttwH* WM i«M4*4 wrf^wjwiw-iyTOTr.Tftw^-jc?-*** Aid Observation S2nd Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Bayes Wedded in 1882} Cele. brate Sunday Like Abraham of old, Mr. and Mrs, B. B. Bayes of Malvern gathered about them their children, .heir grandchildren, and their great grandchildren last Sunday :o aid in the observation of their Sftysecond wedding anniversary. Meeting at the home of son, Roy, of Strahan, the Bayes descendants partook of a hearty anniversary dinner, topped off with a huge wedding cake. Visiting was the main entertainment during the afternoon following. Taking part In the observance were tbe four children of Mr, and Mrs. Bayes; Roy and Perry Q. of Straban, T. B. of Clarinda, and Harry and Mrs. Harley Stevesson of Malvern, and their families. Around the patriarchal chair ot Mr, Bayea gathered 16 grandchildren during tbe observance and two great grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Bayea were married Feb. 16, 1888, in the home of Mrs. Bayes' 'father, Robert Puncan, near Thurman. The Bayes began house-keeping In that home and. except for flve years spent in Kansas, have lived lu southwest Iowa ever since. The last 3Q years have been spent in Mills county, flrat on their farm near Strahan and later in Malvern where they now reside. A, L, A.toMeet Friday The regular meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary will be held Friday afternoon, Feb. ?3, A good attendance of members Is requested. crwjLU »m bj f i»ft» la ftur tj4 tb» tY on i |»f J m> P. T, A. Meeting and Pit Social Held at Fosworthy A P. T, A- meeting was held at Fo*worthy school last Friday evening wUb tbe program in charge of Mru, Qeorge Marsb i. Frank swobad», after » pie w«» held, tb» pro* c«e4» being turu«4 ov»r to tbe iQ m i Tbe progrsa included • movie ay« by »ftulel and vocil *aio by rey ( KQAK by C«r4on Her wo, tan by Aw*b«a AlbwU, a*or»t», an tb» pltttA »V lift. HenwcwMl, liMiru." wexe s*liMji sybaywi ', T. U fey

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