Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 19, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1890
Page 2
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DISPATCH AXI> DEMOCUAT.; u be i— 1 " _ . i pie to understand what connedion : FKIDAY SBITEMlSKIt IP, lS'.XI. mrs" it i ;iv peo- thev have with it. "Hut of . would be a terrible Wow to pie hero who have, wood to sell if they had to compet" 'vith the jumper eonhvoort of foreign countries. I'DITIIIim. \<mx Mlt. !\r.\ !;KHAM reads ail his The Maine Election. NEWS OF THE WEEK. es ti 'om ;i type-writer imiiiuw-ript, iind they are now referred to '•fvpe-wiitei tonic." W. liuirk ;i s Tho connection he! ween cordwood STATE TICKET. FOR O0VEEN0B, EDWARD B. POND, 01'" SAX FIt.iNVlsCO. UEUTENANT-O0VEKN0R, R. F. DEL VALLE, of l.i is ASHKi.KS. and the tariff is too abstruse tor our simple mind, so we will drop if. together with the tanbark question, with the remark that it was unt'oi- tunnte on the Judge's part that he neglected to include lies and posts in Ilia list. The wool question w.ts also very briefly touched on—• in fact but merely alluded to: hut when he on me to hops the -hul^e brought his is th eaiupai; fail to IK District week. excitement of vhe politic)!,] n our people should not well represented at, the •'air at l.akrport nest ME N no. a NO county's increased from 12.,sill) MM'.) in 1S0O. its peivc-ntittfe of inereaso was exceeded hy only one county in northern California. : r Aitu n shunt over the result i of the Maine election seems a trblo pro; mature. It '•euiuls painfully like a halloo from lhe woods. Il is tn Ueeil was re-elected by n |ar;ie increased : majority irmn the Kirst Itisiriei. hat front all the rest the Slate cutties news ol I heavy Republican losses. The Pcmocrnls | miined iottr Senators and twelve Assom- ' hlymen. Not only has the Uepiiblieiin j majority fallen several tlieiisniiil below populiition , 'hat of 1SSS, lint thetotal vote has largely ' ton in 1S80 to MAIIKHAM says hit believes the ... , , , , , ,. . , {JovcratiK-iit of this State mijrht to mitpfniheent knowledjro of political , , , , , * 1 - - Iie run bn- less than the Kepubliean >0 cent limit. Hoouyhtto yet on economy into play. He informed our hop-orowers that if it were not for the tariff', our market would be CHIEF JCillCll, .1 A STANt.V AS^OCIATI*. .ICSTlCfS. JACKSON HATCH Mart terra) JAMES V. COFFEY (long term) OKOKOB 1'. SMITH (long term) Hr .<'l'.F .TAUV OF ST-.TK. \V. O. llKNOIilCKS CON'TtlMLt-F.H. JOHN 1'. Dt'XN ST \TK ft' i:\-"_ l'.Flt. ADAM HF.llOI.I) ITTOIIS fcY-UKNFRAL. WA1.TKU it. OUAVF.S Sit UV l*.VOIt 11 F.S r.HA I.. STANLEY LI. IIOOM the Democratic ticket and stain a -io cent plank. on ! Hooded by the pauper labor hops of the British provinces, and instead of ffetting or 411 cents a pound for hops as they now are, they would hardly be able to give them away. What an insult to the intol- I ligence of our people! There is not I ' 1 " mr la school boy in Ukiah who does not sa„ F,«ict«o j know that t.lio tariff has no more to T ,,K S,iUfi t;lx ,pv . v ll!ls ^f'™ fixed H.. m ! do wil1 ' thfi l Jl-PS< ' llt P"'' f ' s "f liops! 1 ^, 1 ^ Stal " Koar ' 1 ° r Eipmlization HrI.«wNT E .vl , B ^•ToV •'M ; «u^I^ : «B.•'< : rIo™' 0 ' , I than it has with rerrulntino- the eents on each $1(1(1. a veduc- IIK.VItY C HI'LI finMltw' yl'PHEM f. Alaroffla ; .. .Kjiutft (thin. 1 .San | ..l..w Auk-eli*. | t Itllttc j .San FrnnolflCd I PiKPoms received from all quarters of the county indicate that the Democrats are working- in harmony, ;and the whole county ticket will ; undoubtedly be elected by majorities running from 2(10 to 400. ciiCUT ci.ltKK, J 1) SI'KNCF.l! •I- .1 OKAltV (IKST r.If-TllIlT. rtt.ui> nlsTKlcr. JOHN I'. IRISH Alan.Mla FOCRTH IHSTniCT. •lit jrun Hi 1 ./ tn mrrt in Na.i Fmnciscn a< thr ml! of FIFTH ltlSTF.ICT. T J CI.rNIK. it tn.•<(>«•> roM.Hiss :<?ss:;!». FIltflT tilSXRK'T. ARCIIIIIAI.D Vla.I. . .MMI.IOPIIK, SKCOSn It.sTHIcr, CHARM:* UASVVia.I.. Jit Sin * THIIIII PISTIUCT. L ARCHER *>nu Vlur. HOAKI> OF I:QI AI.I/.H io>. I'tRST nixTfllcr. .{•(itm.nifi'l tti nifPl nt the mil nf th* Chair. .SKCOND niMTI .ICT. JAMKS ItltADV »l«mrda TI.IIII) I1IMTIUCT. 11 11. IlKAMKlt Villi. KufHIII DlHTItlCT. JOHN T. OAFFKV . . .Lo» Anjelrs movements of the stars. The idea that British hops would flood our murk tits if it were not for the turilT ! Why, we tlood our own markets;and have to find a market for on r j large surplus in England. There are hop-growers in Ukiah Valley today who arc shipping their hops to London. Under the veiy same, tariff that now exists hops for the past six years have boon Helling at from S to 1") cents a pound. The tariff on hops is 10 cents a pound, and such a protection to our hop- growers has it been that, in some seasons thev have sold their hops lion of I.") cents over last vear's levy. The reduced levy is due to the fact that the State will not be required to raise as much nionev this year as it did last. in the recent lliiui he re- o. Hud the RKF.D'S total vote election was 200 loss reived two years a Democrats polled the same vote against, him as they did in 1SSS his plurality would htue been but a few hundred. It was the stay-at- home Democrats that gave him his birge majority. Tin: Republican Press, decreased, l .t -ct Tuesday lUitlei^h, the Kei'ttbVicni. .aniiiilate tor tinvernor, received •".(>."! votes, aK'.iinst II,cast for Thompson, his 1 >eutocrjitic competitor, a plurality of IS.Ti'l. In bs^S Maine 'yave (birrif-on 7:i,7.'!-l ami Cleveland .">(l.-tSI, a Kepubliean plurality oi L':i,_"];'i. This is about -MO!) in excess nf the plurality received hy < iovenor I'.nrleiidi in Sep- lsss. This year the Heptiblienii ] filnralitv has fallen oil" •lo.'lL' iron, the Presidential plurality of 1SSS. and is about oOlll) short of the, Otiliena'nriiil phi rality of Hint year. Both parties Inst heavily (nun their vote of two years a^o, showing that there was a lartre slay-al Inline vote. The Kepubliean loss is 10,1(10, while Hie Peniocrntic loss finite up ">!).i7. The Prohibitionists ina.le ii slijiht j4'.iiii, while tbo sn-c:i.lle,l labor vole fell nil" a few hundred. If (he Republicans sustain the same percentage of loss in the November elections, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin will he curried into ihe I letiiocratii: columns. Tiie Board of Education. We published Inst week the tiatnes of the successful applicants for certificnteR upon passing a successful exantinnlion before the Hoard of Education. The following were granted Grammar Grade, certificate." without examination : |IM >" < 1 . •'• •pten:!-er !0. - A re- iible cxliibiiinn of mind tea.linn was •riven in t'lticaco lilaho lnditins ate reported on Ihc wto path Chtumcey lethal speaker |.\|. I tepevv nrrivcil (nun i'tnope ; he indorses the New York Centra! uiatuiire- meiil in us < leal i HIT with the sli i!.ni». ! The steamer I'eilouic made the trip hV 'io New York tc t^ucenslown in o days, 2il hours anil .'.I luimiies The World's l-'air Ci >uiute ; sioners Inive decided on the dual siclit of bnUe froitl and ,laekson Park The iricat ialior .-itrike in Australia has ahoiii collapsed Sinn lull..p, Knuh'iid, is under military ^iiard "ii account ui the strike of laborers, sailors | and firemen The Scnnle passed the ; Tniiif hill hy a striet party vote. i THI'HSIHV , September II.—The young | men of i.)rei;oii have organized an order j similar to the N. S. (i. W ... Stockton is | lo have a new lilu,lK)U-toii wareiioiise . . Six keirs i it triant lxnvder ex]iloded at | Shohola idea, Pa., and three men were | instantly killed; a number of others j were seriously injured Heavy rains in i New York have caused ilaiiuurint; Mods. I All kinds of (rrain and meat showed] a marked advance in price in Chieairo 'the population r. "uii ceil at f>iitl in ten veto's Senalor JI ears! J. H. Scawell. While bakecounty fi els somewlia', dis- ap|>oin(ed in no( dciiiL' able to name the Joint Senator in,:u this enmity, \vc Ice! inuic the less disposed to ^ive our Itcttrly s\ip]iort to the nominee, Hon. .1. 11. Sen- well. We have known Mr. SenweH front hoy hood, have watched with pride his itv.tulv ell'orls to huild hiniseli up in his chosen profession-4a\v. Mo has been repeatedly honored by die people of Mend» vino, and has made one of the ablest representatives ever sent (mm that county. lie is an able jurist, an aecniii- plished scholar, an hoie 'Si and im.irrnpl- ible otlicer. and an indefatigable worker for t he interest oi ins constituents. —Clair Lake VV «s. To shield Mr. Markhaui from the eon- j lamination at'"ii'litur his nomination j through the nuitiiinilaliiin of bussess I'an burns, ('rimiuins and Kelly, who defeat- 1 ed Morrow because he failed to provide I their chierjiierH with federal pap, the lliilh'liii and Cull persist in clnirgiiiL' that . I Maine is ollicially an- j Major Pond was nniniiiated through the ' l ! d, an increase of 11,-; iuHtrnineiitalitv of boss Bueklev. ICvon : . It is rumored that |. , ... *, , . , , .. ' is negotiating for the ! ""elhgent reader w ho watched the pro-. New Furniture Stored I wish to announce to the People of TJkiah aad vicinity that I have opened a First-Class Furniture Establishment strike. I'liiiuv, September 12.—The Hio (.iriinde river is the highest known in ils New York .Star.. . Seven thousand men j ceedingsof the San .loseeonvention knows arc out of employment in the Newcastle j that b.ih Pond and Coll'ey carried the district, Anslrtil'ia, on account, of the j convention , nv ay from Buckley and that the nomination of these gentlemen was iae.piieseed in by the buckler element 1 l' 1 ! KST-CLASS QUALITY I onlv when it had been demonstrated hv liislurv.. hstist rous storms are. report-,,. , . ,, . , . ., ed in western Pennsvlvania and Ohio... . I t,,p v °' e " ,jf " ,e "" lMlor >M<V"i™ " Wyoming went, Kepubliean by 1200 : was absolute!': nn].ossihle to defeat hint. The Treasury Ilepnrliuent is using every t Mayor Pond led on the lirst ballot with ell'ort to avert liiiancial |>anic, , .The at- 1 the liuckley contingent all against him, tendance at the State Pair at Sacvivmento i and cont'uuied to increase his vote until cry good . .The Kastern papers are j it was plain to be seen that he could not Minister Alizneri he defeated even through a combination BLOCK! I have on hand and will always carry a Full Stock of Furniture, Carpets, Draperies, Wall Paper, Oil Paintings, Pi ct 11 re Mol <1 in gs, Vrtisls' Materia!, Curios, Etc., Etc. A irntit I.tic iiiplointtK— Kiltc CDIIJ-MT, Kelt,,.., Mrs. M. Ilnski-lt, II. it, S. lliiittti'lls. II. II. OutiiiniliKS null T. with llil- fov two cents n pound less than Hie niirable discretion, oxpunyed from tariff duty. Owing to the shorttiffe i notes of Judge Adams' speech the of the hop crop in America nnd its : ridiculous arguments of the speaker MTATI: SESATOIt. m\TH I'lsriiiiT. .1 ii ST:AWKU. COUNTY TICKET. s.'l-r.lil.ilt .if unit. II MoOAHVEY . C. \V TIN1JAI.I, J. \; STASDLF.Y J. J. Ml'INltOW... ASSKMI.LVMAN I'OCNTV Cl.iaiK, tlkiuh I'olta Arena ... SlierH-oo<l ... Meiidoclno CuCNTY TKK.l^CHtai, n. M. OIliSON Ukiah HHT'UU-r ATtOllNltV, .1. Q. WHITE t'kln.1. COU:,'TV i:i :r DKT;i:n, K. ft. ALUEKTSON t'Hali HC'HOnl. HUPItRISTltSOBNT, MRS. S. IV. IIASKKTT Ukiah COROSKIl ASP 1'ItBl.IC AUMINIMTHATOH. DAVID CAIISON Hot Springs AS^i^ison, C. I'. SMITH Ukiah f.L'livi:voii. I!. V. VOI1K Hiirmitage sertlivison, A. It. DAVII'.SO.V Third District L. RKDEMKVKR Kilth District A REMARKABLE SPEECH. Vi'itnntit is ,i's Ncritiunt, >f tiic tn inn. went almost total failure in England and Europe, hops are now quoted at, 10 cents a pound in San Francisco, nnd 71) cents a pound in London, j with a prospect of going still higher; | but Judge Adams tells us that this high price is due to the tariff. He might ns well have said the changes in the seasons were also due to its marvelous workings. After so learnedly discussing the question of tariff he switched off on- 1 to the Chinese question, and do- j clared that all the evils of Chinese immigration were due to the Democrats, and till the measures with one exception, for our relief from • that incubus were due to the lie- publicans. He neglected to state i that there never was a restrictive bill ! 11,0 war - If t,lp • lle P" bl "'«» welkin passed in Congress which did not! " n * rt aw bad, - v 111 lhe rom « i,u,er ° r receive more Democratic than n e _ ' the flo,iul.l IC an States this fall nine- publican votes, lie neglected also 1 len(1,s yf Ulc Stlllcs 111 tlie IT,lio » to state that the pvo-Clunese i en(V 1 "ill go Democrat^ ^ ers in Congress have been and are now Republicans. He roundly denounced the e\- I on the tariff and mosl of the other issues of the campaign. Our Republican contemporary cannot, endorse such rot as the argument that the present high prices of hops, and the : demand for wood and lanbaik is ; due to the tariff. TUB Lakeport Avalanche extdl- | antly exclaims: l.ct Oie w;'ll:in rin'ti. Vi'.timttt is *ufc Hi'IHiVjlSiiui- - . n.<•! se ;-•• .he R»»!i!i!!i-aii stnif-s Yes. Vermont went Kepubliean by the smallest majority in thirty- live years, and ]"i,tH)(l smaller than two years ago; the Democratic vote was larger than any preceding one, more Democrats being elected to the Legislature than in ar.y year since Mrs. M Hunks, t 1.. Vcin.e. On stuti' t'.iivor-tty Ilii»!(in\ii-.icn. Stnrli'viint. Ot, Sun .lest' Niinnrt ^'I 'linnt nii >]niniis—M i «s ''Inr.-l IV Thnrstmi. M t-s Alice OrHwfonl nail 1. M. (ilpiin. Ot'iinniinr (irailc I'l'ititlcilti 1 ^ wcre! to tic fntitiv.'ita,' in rfiii'iinl cl'l-'ii'Hl Oruiic ccrtlttCHti'it hi'nl'.r'irc £jrnitt r *'t in llit-i i-nutUy. Mrs. ttuttii' 1C, ilrown tinil Knimn J, Si-It. The folluwinc eertificute .H were re- newei! : Grnmttiiir i irudii—M i *v I" N. Fnwlcf. Miss Ciir- rll'G.'.uti'f, Mi».« Nettle Arlinlil, N. 1'. Itniic, W, o. Speiic.'t. rritntny 'irjul Kiiiinii K, AiiantH inn, Mt.L'l -'i,' I.. ll.iiHiliin', K.itp Mcltcntrli, Tinn (Holier. Iiin t.'li|,, SHII.II CullKlicy, lYr-itin IIIIIT, MI's'itiiics ICiilc I'tTitlitT, N.niey K. l.'liiiirniin, Anniy VrrUiv,-, I'tcrn \ nroncM. Orn 1 ? .. tllossor. Mnry M. Oonlotl. U'ilnii. McN'uti, Killle .1. O.nv- ell, I'l.irn rit .'ll, lii'll" Iti.ini'S, K. 1' Klliolt. Messrs. Clink UttOey anil 1'runk It. llrown. ileiiiaiiilin^ tltc recall of on ticcnunt of the liarruiidia killinc; The IifMiinersits oi Nevada noiiiinnted Tlico. Winters for (iovomor The police arrested the principal and seconds at a prize fight at the California Club in Francisco, and the club proposes to make a test ease of it. SATIIHIIAV , September lib—A woman ban Krancnco secured $S,00t) by a clever impersonation . . ..The corn and wheat market in Chicago is much excited by wilil fluctuations . ..The Treasury Department will take action to relieve the i stringency in the Kastern money market, j . A new political party, and Catholic ; and opposed to foreigners, was organized j in Chicago . . . I'MOIMIH in New York and frosts in .Minnesota have done much damage lo crops ... The triple alliance 1 between tiermany, Austria and Italy has i been extended until May, 1SD7. . iilad-| stone is engaged in writing his biography. Si'xii.w. September U.—Fresno hn.l ! an tWM'nO tire. . .Much dissatisfaction is ; country all lir Com in is- ! | skin in selecting two sites for the fair. , . The Maryland baiv School has decided' I to admit no more colored students Kastern parties have bought I ,«'50,OUU ; i ticres of land in Texas tor grazing pur- i poses. . Tho United .Slates steamer, j J Baltimore, arrived at Stockholm with j of nil the elements against him. Then it wan, and only then, that the San Francisco delegation wheeled into line and made the nominati .in unanimous. .Mayoi or l 'ond is a clean man and his nomination was the result of a steadfast determination on die part of the interior delegates to make him Governor. — Sunlit Jiosa Democrat. All my Goods are of the very LATEST STYLES, and of Public Patronage is solicited. Call and examine my Stock. J. W. EVERSOLE, Gillespie Block, State St., UKIAH, CAL. Pondi^Del Valle RETRENCHMENT AND REFORM! i'-Misses A. nnnnenn. j ^pressed in all parts oi the H, AitilieSeut, emienee Mi -iu-1-: t | ie ,„.,,„„ jl|e World's Fai Bon. R. J. Hudson! Will address our Citizens Political Meetings, j 0N THE political issues of the day. :^-i^»"'' HZOI N T. Wecoimn.'ii.W—John s. It.iilifhoml for an I-M- I n, t , romll i ns „f Captain .John KriccKon ii.-i .iinii .il nii.loiuii Hint Kmiik I.. iMut -lii 'v f"r n I The remains of Hubert, Hnv lliitnihon, "h'leiiii.. I the young New York lawyer, were found I,apt. week a number of old First j in Yellowstone I'avk. and Second IJi'tide eertiti incites vhich : M '.Ni.Ai , b>.—Il is thought have been renewed by issuing liram-; that, the President will call an extra ses- nmr and l 'rinnnv Oraile ceniiieates I sioii of Congress... The ollicial count of in their Mead were sent out from the ! ll,e . A r l;ilIlpa !< ™<o « iv( 'f T. J. GEARY, ]„ iihjnk (Pdiioctntic Ni.iai.i.H'fur COUBI.'.'S) 'ill U ulULll Will discuss the Political Issues of ; the (lay in Mendocino County as follows: ' the Democratic majority ai lil.Otili. • .Cholera has broken out at Natal. . J^aborers in Australia are [ireparing for a general strike; 80,000 men will be allecled The New Zealand gove. nnteiil. has voted to renew the contract for one year lor carrying the mails to Mm Francisco The strike at Southampton. Km- . has ended, the wo'ktnen gaining t heir points.... A list certiHeateii were sent i 'it'' 11 occurred in the 1'ortugitese Cortes. Superintendent's ollice. Some of the leachers receiving those certificates were much exercised over the matter, thinking the Hoard of (education bad ignored their request for renewals The renewals are on file, is the oilice and the expired POINT ARENA . MKNIX.ICINO l.-ITV KOKT lSKAUti WKSTl'OHT . . Wtl.I.ITS .TPKSPAV, 23 ..WICIINKSHAV. Sr-pl. 24 j ..THI'ItSDAV, Sent. 25 | PKIDAV, Si']it. 26 j ..SA'I't'RllA Y, Si-pt. 27 i SEPTEMBER 20, out, merely way. lo get them out of the Tin- arguments of some liepublieau <'onteni])orarifs of our are as bad as lliose made by Jud^e Adams last, Sal unlay evenino. The San Francisco Vost says: Iii'iiioernlic jiupi'rH Miili-li .'itli-iiijil to siuiui. ,UT neon OiiViTtlfir Wilti'riiiiin llio bluliic for ltir;:e litirislulive uppriiprintior.s imnnv lie tn.-t ihul Hut ilnviTiiur H simply un ..m.-iu'i liutiri'- travagance of the last, Tjegisl.itnre, Vnil ncglocfed to state that, every special appropriation bill that, was passed with but one or two exceptions received more l^epublioan than Democratic votes, and that j in-mi. mid itt.-.i u.,. r,-..! ri',;p,,asii,iiiiy lies wnii these appropriations were passed : "'ewutmiiiiiKiiinjoriiy. with the approval of a Kepubliean [ 1,1 (l ' 0 v, 'i'.v next column it np- Goveruor, and against the advice ! P ftals to *'»•' vofem to support Mark- and recommendation of a Demo- Unm because he will see to it that cratic Controller. uppropriations do not, exceed The remainder of Mr. Adams'; tlie r »° eent limit of the Republican sjieoch was made up of praise of platform. Tho harmony of these Republicans and Republican meas- ! iirffumenla is simjily sublime. ures and abuse of Democrats uud everythinf.' connected with the Democratic party. THE San Francisco Post of last: Sunday has a short sketch and a picture of Dan Bums, the new Re-! publican leader in this State, lu ] now tariff law goes his biography we find the following: j October 1st. Now, all this seems ire (Burns) l.ectime, quite p,omi„«„t in He- . strange . Tile Republican ora- CUl'llCHIl ptllltiCK Wlii'll IL yo.lUK Ul.Ul, flllll iu ; a L vm teccivcrt ti>« nomination luui was i-ifctcii • tors and organs have been tolling St'i'ii-liiry nf .stj .te on ihc Oco. 0. i 'erltins' tick ^l. j ^^c- .^]] filojjo' f hat our not pay the duty Tin: metropolitan pajiers for tlie past week have been burdened with accounts of the stringency of the Kastern money market. It is stated that $50,000,000 will be required by importers to pay duty on goods which they desire to get before the info effect The Republicans hold their ratification meeting at Ukiah last Saturday evening', and a lurge audience, composed of Republicans and Democrats, was addrossotl at length by Judge F. Adams, of San Luis Obispo. As a political speaker— or any other kind of a speaker, for that matter—Mr, Adams is about the most signal failure wo have ever heard. The absolute absurdity of most of his remarks on the issues of the campaign was simply appalling. Among other things, Mr. Adams explained why he was a Republican He went on to state that after baring his breast to the enemy in the Mexican war, and fighting valiantly for his country—being breveted for bravery—he returned home to Missouri and found that, through financial adversity which had. befallen his parents, he was forced to go to work for a living, and secured employment with a neighbor. When meal time came he was told by his employer that he would have to eat with tho negro servants. His hoi blood rebelled nnrl with a curse upon his master he left bis employ And returned home. His mother tohl him he would littvo to return to work and apologize for his actions toward, his employer. He rei'msed to do it, and his mother whipped him. Fifteen minutes later he left for California, and from that day to this he had opposed the party of olbvery anil had been a true Republican. Whether it was because his mother spanked him or because his master wanted him to eat with the negro servants that he became a Republican, Mr.Adarus did not very ideurly esplain. But as one was as good an excuse as the other it did not make much diflerenee. As the tariff is an important issue j Tuu Humboldt Mail saya, " We : " Who loses pi ^tLe hy the defeat m in. this campaign, Mr. Adams could j never knew the Democrat whose j the force hill?" the llaltiinore ,S HH IM U», >kot afford to let pass the opportun- j history would boar repeating I nml '" 11,(4 brontti it makes this re• . -,. i I'ly.: '.'H is evi.leniiy Speaker Hee.i Ihsi, long interval, 'Mr. bodge, and Board of City Trustees. The Hoard of Trustees of I'kiah City met in regular session on .Monday evening, September !."). ISO 1. Present—.1. 11. Seawell. President; J. b. brown, ,1. Ii. .b.linsoii mid b. T. Day, Members, and II Morris, Clerk. Absent —C. \V. Parker, Menihet. Following claims were allowed : 'l'. it. Jiulii'^nu, ilillor, I.. 'I', St.iill ^ Sntl, tlli'l.l.s Win. YoU.iin, iirrcsts. . .I'.liti 11111-10111:1111)11, printing 1'. !.. Wil .si .n. Iiitinr J. J. Miller, sprinkling. N. Sinllli. hm.Urn; l 'lo. 1 fun 1 ^ c.itittiutrliliin, litiiliTtiiUini: l'iirn.'rti.'l.l .V SIitl. coal "il. !!. Muftis, hui-sc liilc. A. II. Mmiti-'uiiii'l y, niglitu nti-iiiiiiitl.. Pill lit b. At tlie expiration of hii li-rtn of ollifi'M.-. Burns w.ts chosen n.i lhe Superiiueiiik'iit of tin- Ctin-ii'- liiriu mine, locntoil iu ilti- suite of lliiriuigu. Mexleo. Mr. Hums left lor ills lieu- lii'lil of lolior it) lsSo. The above reads nice. but. is as far from tho truth as it would be to say that Judas Iscariot was one of the chosen friends of Christ and died of sorrow because his master was crucified. Dan Burns was elected Secretary of State, and nt the ex- importers do -that it is paid by the foreign manufacturer or producer. Somehow the assertions of our Republican friends don't, harmonize with the facts clearly demonstrated by the present crisis caused by the Tariff bill. The Hank of .Mendocino commence:! two suits in the superior Court yesterday against John Ray, ,1. P. Kobarts and the piration of his term of oilice he was ! Shelter Cove Wharf and Transjiurtnlioii [ Company. The lirst action is to foreclose fin no t,tl Ml '.' U» i •I UU iu oo ii 00 ' I". on, I .»I 1 r,o I ;,(t uu | Villi Dusen for lumber was! referred to the Finance C'.nmnillee. ! A petition lo open llolden street was i presented, (in motion it committee of one was appointed to purchase oOxiiO feet on present course of street. .1, b, brown appointed. .1. M. Miuition appeared in behalf of D. (ic.hhi in regard to moving the P. Henry house north ami west 20 feet. On motion petition was granted. tin motion it was ordered that \V. II. Chesstdl he paid ifii". lor building on lot. on adjacent to City Hall. .Mr. Held appeared before the lioiird and asked permission lo erect a building on properly near tho depot. On motion siiiiio was granted. On million permission was granted to J. s. Keed to erect a wooden building adjacent to brick building to be used for gas works. On iiiiitinii S. C. Poago was unpointed a committee to build a foot bridge at the north end of School street. On motion the Clerk was instructed to draw a warrant for Jf ^'i) each month in favor of the Street CotiumsHiuuer. Whereupon tho Hoard adjourned. TCKSIIAV , September 10.—Tho son and son-in-law of A. Menke, the extensive hop-grower of Sacramento Valley, had a shooting scrape in which (he former was killed anil the latter badly wounded Congressmen generally object lo the idea ol" an extra session oi Congress. . . blaine has written a long letter to the editor of a Huston paper explaining: and urging his reciprocity scheme. . .A bill has been introduced in Congress to provide for the tunneling of New York bay; the distance ! is four miles ami estimated cost $0,(100,- 1 DOt). ..The .Mexican Congress was opened ; by President Diaz. .. A tire broke out in j the Palace of tho Alhainhra, lhe ancient Moorish castle in (, Spain: groat ! damage was done. ! Speaking will ooimnenoe nt 8 V. M., shurp. i Ilemoernl.s nt tin' various points are requested : to nuike the neeessiuy tirriulgeuients. ! lly order of ileinocr.itie. County Centnll Cum- I mil lee. ; ,'X'O. IIIJCKlNi.illA.VJ. ! f'n.'.s. CrsNiNuiiAM, i.'hiilriiinu. i Seerelnrv. j AT U P. SHARP. All Are 1890, Invited. By order of Democratic Oo. Central Coin. J. BUCXINHAM, B00T& SHOE STORE CHAS. CUNNINGHAM, Sec'y. OHAIHMAN." Willite School Report. Ladies' Gentlemen's anil Children's BOOTS AND SHOES At I he I.oivesl l.Ivini,' Prices FOR CASH ! Agent for United Workingmen's Boots and Shoes. Following is the report of the Willits j fW -TH-Y - TXXJKTYI. public school for the month ending Sep-; AM. KINDS of l0 "" , " r " ,! ' H ,, CT , n , ; , : , !i;y , : Soots and Shoes Made to Drdsr. Number of d .ivH, 20; whole number of | ilny -alls -mlance; ,M»7 ; whole number of I .^^'^iUinaS'S} 'sSmE UHK I SINR! days absnnee, i'.li; whole number of tardi- I COilK oOl.KS, Kte. nessos l(i; whole number of boys enrolled | A 11 -TXrAvV "Xjlfo »>r >Q nf aA lo ; whole uiunber of girls enrolled, 27 ; j A11 W U1 K dlllttU. I average nunibor belonging, 33; percent- ] HOOBCB ago of attendance on ! vorago number present, every month, Ida Simonsrni, MaggieSimnnson" i Dollie SimntiNnn, Josie " "' prosecuted for embezzling §150,000 from the State. He acknowledged his t,'ui!t by pleading the statute of limitations, and fled to Mexico to escape tho odium of his offense. There ho made a fortune and returned recently to California, unci t is now the lender of the Republican : party. a mortgage of ^|."i,li 'iu'.7n on the liny prop er!v at Shelter Cove, with interest at tea per cent f'om Sept. U-l. ISSii, (o Sept. lo, 1HS7. and at, eight, per cent Iron, the lasl named dale until now, together with :f">0tl counsel fees and cosls. .1. P. lio- hiirlK and the sheller Cove W'lnirl and TranKpfirfalion Co. are mii.le parlies bo- caiiHO they claim some interest in the properly as lessees. The second suit is to foreclose another mortgage on the New Appointraonta. The Methodist ICpiscopal Conference at, Pacific < (rove this week made the lol- belonging 05 ; present, every day during ! ^QR, CONGRESS [bifl'inan, Fredie Hoffman, Corn Hice, Fannie Hice, -Maud Waltrip, Hazel P.urns, tiny .lackson, ah- S sont• just a hali day, May Keinverthy, I bMua Viers, David Cook, and Graeie , Davidson. Willie Ilahel has been very sick for i three weeks, but is now convalescent,, j Several did not return from their slimmer > vacation and camping until school was in j session for several days. About eight nf j our number started hop picking during i the second week of school, showing that! they are not. afraid ot manual labor, j Pionioing detained a couple, of our most | ,. . , „ „ stiiihons pupils one day, and serious, in- s Order or bale aim Decnie or fore- lepd was inule-lcU-kiiig, the elfeet o( i closure nnd T. j. GEARY, Regular Democratic Nominee. I Election November-I, lfiilu. J NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. AM DETERMINED TO KEEP THE TRADE OP this community here. To do so, I will sell goods as low a price as thoy can he bought fo on the Pacitic Coast. You ash why I<:au sell goods so chea^i? Simply because T conduct my business at the least expense, and can afford to sell ^oods cheap, Call and examine- my stock, nnd 3ee what bargains I n o-ivo you. No trouble to show goods. nb .no very jfcila 3r~E State St.. Ukiah, Cal. J REMOVAL! same We believe it, to be a crime 11"'"l ,erl . v «' IVI '" 10 feciuo a number of dif- L • L r tiercel noies aggregaliii'* L '7 L ; I ), with in- agamst society for newspapers to j terost ai eight, percent; V 'tiu cmnsel fees try and cover up of the record of' : "'° 1,1 ••suit- .Messrs. this thievino- Rcrn .idrfil j Weaver A Crowe and ,1. .AI. Mannou, tins rnieMiiff stounrltel. , ,, :Hll are aitorneys lor the plainlill'.- , , /ItiiiilmliU Time*. W. s. Priny, I'resiiii.iK Kliler. ! A.iiiersiui Vuliey, to lie .snpplieii; Aref .tii, C. K. l 'elli-; lienlelii, J. I 1 , llislmic, Oulilu uir- ; unit to be .snji|i!ie .i; I'loverilule, II. \V. (.:]|clsn.i; ('.e.seeiit City, S. A. llrlile: i .l.loll, I'. I.. Tlllllei trim in. it nil .Mmlistiii, to l,e sii|i]iile.l; IC.treUit, W, K. Wiirreir, Ku.i'l.ii Notwi'tiiilii unit Punish j .Missions,..'. 'Jhrlslofcrsim; loiiiliel .t, il. M. Ilir- iniiiKiiiair. i 'eniiiiile. S. M. W'tir.l: lireell V.iltey Uireiill, II. 11. Sliel'lim; Ile.ililslnirg, II. II. j Slovens: i mill iselseyville. V. Apple- i I ton; Uiwcr l .tlke mill Mt .l.iii-iiin, .1, J, Coyken-! <ll.ll; .Mi.lll -i .e.ster, .1. linnif. Mcn<lorhlo Cireuit, • 1 ,1. M. CinrUe; N.i|iii (.'lly, .1. Curie: Xiifiii elreult, ! to lie stipiilluii; i item II, s. I 'uy: (ict'iiteiil.-il <'ir- 1 cull, W. A. .lolinsitii; I'einiiiiiiii, M, C. llrlyns; | l'niiil A.eliii, F. M. Kiil«: Itli.M.ervlllo .'he.ill, j 1 II. r. UuiKli'V: Hio Vislii, .1. lliiiley; si. lie- j , letiii anil I'lllistoiet, A. s. oilitiot.s; Sun ifiifilel, [ li.liii'.s lIlilcllle.lKe; Sunt.. It "sit, Wilil .n.l AulaIt'll; that i Sl -l".stoi„il nml lilooiiitleld, I.. Irvlnfti I'lJul. W. Id,!) j H. I'i'l.lilyi \']o, S.llii.iel Hirct: Wesl|i<.l 'l, 1.1 i be supplied; Willlls, ,1. il. Wtilum;, ' S. I.. Jones: Vote, V. K. Winiiiiis; .1. lleiin. I'M'Ki.iliiK JClitcr; W. C. Pintio.i, Profesnor til N-.IJWI it-iUcK'.': Oeoi'K''' c. Clill'oril, mielll of Xapa Rise of despotic, aiithoritv, iind then tried l ' oil ' ,>:1 '- hone«t i to force it through the Senate. ( ! lo useil » attJe of oetty .buw. ' „ „ , ' n:o, nut ... vmii. nun IKltlV Wlln lli'ii illl-i , , ,. . ,, „ ... ! .fWVtk that if It were not for tlie j thiev««. pan Burns, tho embez/lcr pressed t'nvoinblv bvbis melhods. Then, ; 1 he coleprated 1 anorama oi the nmile ( ' "'^tttimm would not h* tho lively and «cpub!}c»n bo,.., m nl hnvJ'^ !,iC, ' , ^ , ,^ ^,, , n,, •; I "t ,m "' ,,orn f r M 'T! „-• -' . »: ; Iirsnii against Mr ..e.;d. .Mr. lilauni's; kel and lllth pit-eels, Sun !• raiieiMcn, is t been niBtruotiujr 3nAg« Adams and | little tUmr watt thicker, It was found, „:,: lh ,. MaIfciVlUty. . p «g« weot tho Oounter oi Quorums." ' not yet steen It, H will pay them to do so. 1 which gave place to a instead , ol a plensant countenance. LOII'IB tatoe | Mark Twain's advice, .'inch are tho j H cause? nf total attendance being less than : it should have been, nevertheless final j review for tho mouth was satisfactory, i c In no instance was the leader of any class absent a whole day. Ida Simonsnn led the A class with an average of (ti per cent. May Kenworlhy the I! class with H;l percent; Kamiie, Rico tho C class with fill per cent; David lowing appointments fur Napa I'irtrict: i Cook I he !> c'nss with SI poreent; Guy Jackson the IC class wish K.'! per cent. The lowest, in any class was 4!! per cent. Vihilora during month—Kranklo lSnsch, of I'otter Valley, Walter K. liny, of l-'nrt Hracg, banra Tmtle. Ida Upp, beona l.iimliert and C'has. Mast, of Willits. Sale. I'hiintijj', j ity to air his profound knowledge! before a respectable audi- 1 aiid then, alter on that question to our people, uutl I enee." This is worse, if anything.! »''h'A' lv '» piliiics Wishing to bo partieularly- interest-1 than the remark ol' Judge Adams, ing, he confined bis remarks priaoi-i tbo liepublieau speaker in Ukiah | laoamire upon the country, pally ta bops, wool, <!orcliv<)«(l and {lust Saturday evening. ,tanb*rl{. Of the two latter Items!believed tl tere w'ere it few liv.'i"A r ' e ^>" »l'nded l^i them \vitJj the I Donioornt*, but most of them inlltlcal saint, .Mr. Hoar. Those men i I.HV6 fried their host to force a wicked The .Speaker He said he 1 i '." mI)c ! 1 '-' ""'"."i-'i 1 ll . 10 "ouse by the oxer ^-l^inatid ion 'them that there ii at f! |^*elierif; r ,\s4ftnbaj'k anrt co^•d^¥ood ptmentidne'd i» the tariff liat, SIlCOXIl llEl'MtTMKKT. Whole iuunher enrolled, ; whole number of days attendance, iifiti; whole mimher of tardinesses, 2-1 ; whole number of days absent (ill; average daily attendance, ?fiS; average number belonging, ill.8; percentage of iilleii.lnnce, 0(1.2. Ilatl no written reviews during month. S. I 1 '. , STI-CKI.-.V , Principal. t 'nAs. WiiiTun, Assistant. Willits, Sept. 11, IH',10. A Ripe Old Age. J. 11. Ilclconib and wife, oi I'elcher- ville, Texas, have celebrale.! llinir lllty- liflb wedding anniversary, and are still hale and hearty. Thesecret of their long life and good h»aif!i is that they correct any slight ailment promptly, and in that way avoid serious sickness, bike inos! everv one else, they are most frequently troubled w itli oiinstipuliou than any other physical disorder. To correct, I his they lake St. Patrick's rills in preference, to any other, because, as Air. Ib.lcomb si \yH, "Thny me it mild piil and, besides, keep :hu whole syidoin in good order. We prize them vary highly." Kor sale by J, N. Mugee, the dmuKlBt. 4 va. 'i \ CKSWIK FALKNKH nnd I J, H. FAI-KSEK. I Defendant*.) 1 TTNTiKK AND MY VIRTUE OF AN OKIHCft ! \l of Hiile nml ileeree of ioi-eeloaut-e anil mile 1 Issued out of the Superior Court of tile Oounly J o( Mendoelno, Slate of Ciiliforniii, .m the llitfi liny of Sept., A. IJ. 1891), la li.e above entitled | aetloji, ii'lierein H. II. Fox, the aliove ! ultilutitt', obtftin.'.t a JudKineiu tU |,i .leeree of foret'lOHOre ami Hale ayaini't lles.sle Falkner ami I .1. II. FnlUner, liefemlHiits, on the lull day of September, A. IJ., lS'tU, for tne mini of one Ih'ou.s- iind, one liuuilreil anil einiity seven and seventy live oue tumilie.lll.s dnlliim «1,W7.7.',) ill United Stales gold eoiu, iiesidi'M in terost, eosl.s, and eotmsel tees, omounling it. nil to |I'ilili.ri.v besides cosld nnd Interest lo interne, ivhleh U'lld do- oiee was, on the lllli day of Seiiteiulier, A. I),, IH'JO, recorded lu Judgment iiooU * of said Courl, »t page :I2.>, I (un foinuiaiidcd to sell all that eer- Into lot, piece or parcels of laud, Hit'.iale, lying, ami being tn ttie (.'0111111' of .Mendoelno, State of California, and bouuded ami ileserltieil as follows, lo wit: Silualed ill t.'kiali City, >ten.l..eIno county, Slate of California, piil'llcnlariy described an follows: nciuiiuhigon tl.esoinli side of clay Mli-eet lu said Ukiali City, ut tlie aorttieast eor- \ 1111-of lot owned by u A. Yell, running ibeneel southerly parallel all.t 'JOtl feet east from it.e ; east line 01" lot owni-il by Siiuiuet llrowu. a dlH- i taiiee of two hundred and thirty feet, thence easterly 111 rlKhl nnit'lrs ninety (»0) feel, tlienee i iiorlherlv iwo liiii>.rtt'"d mid ilitrlv (i:») ', feet, to the souUi side of (,'l.iy street, IIliielv 1 ('.ill) feel ens. 10 the M'. corner of the lol beloim- , illK lo A. Veil. Thence westerly along I lie south Hue of Clay street to die place of hcgiuuiiitf.aut) ! being tlie same premises eouveved by \Vm. : Iluldeii and wife lo llesslo Kalkner by .iced : dated March 17, IHH4, and recorded iu Cook w: of, Deeds 'il pajiu 17-J, reeordsof Mendocino eonnly. ] Public notice Is hereby nlvca tlial on I Snliir.liiy, tlie ISIIt day of Orloher, 1890, At 2 o'eloek r. M.of Unit day, In front of I he, Ooiu-t Hon su door of Ihe.totinty of Mi.aiioeliio.iit tiktuh, I will, lu ohetlleiiee lo said order of sale ami de ! cree of foreclosure and sale, sell tho above de- t snrlhe.1 properly or so much ther.'.if a- may be j nei'i.'ss.iry to satisfy said Judgment, with lutor ' est and eusls, etc., to tha highesl and l.esi hid-1 dor tor gvtid coin of lhe l.'niied stulfs. Puled llmi Ititli (hi)' of Sunlvmbor. I»!HJ, J. M. STANIU.KV, SUetlif. T. J , WELBOM , Uudvi -ijUerlir. Having pnrchusod of J. E. Sooggins stock and fixtures known as the j GROCERY, wc lnive removed to that, shmd ! the corner of School and Standlcy Streets, west eorner of Public Square. With the combined stocks, we now offer | public tlie Largest and Finest Collection, of tlie entire CORNER on iiorlh- to the i Ever in one store iu Ukiah, and invito tlie public to give us a call at our new quarters. We are prepared to supply largo ranches, companies, etc., with goods at a remarkably low figure. Country produce of all kinds bought and sold. Fresh Fruit.and Vegetables received daily. Coods delivered free to all purisof the city. PORTERFIELD & STITT. ... v

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