The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 15, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1933
Page 8
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\ , THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15,1933 Poncing Brilliant Cast Promised in Technicolor Production Mere Thursday In "Thp Mystery of the Wax Museum." which opens tomorrow night nt tlir Nile, Warner Brothers feel confident that they have achieved something off the beaten paths of motion picture entertainment. This gorgeous all technicolor production Is calculated to startle the most sophisticated theatergoer, and stir the most jaded palate. Nothing has bcon spared to make "The Mystery of the Wax Museum" one of the most lavish and realistic pictures of the year. Directed by Michael Curtlz, whose success In the creation of "Doctor X" has made him recognized as a master of the suspense and thrills, the picture Is said to have a terrific climax, although there Is abundant comedy relief. A brilliant cast contrives to make every character In tho story live with startling vividness. Lionel! Atwlll one of the foremost stars of tho metropolitan stage, plays tho sculptor Igor. Olcnda Farrell, whoso brilliant work In "Llf,e Begins," stamped her as a comedienne of no ordinary ability, is the newspaper reporter who solves the mystery. Frank MeHugh, whose comedy Is well known, supplies many hilarious moments. Others In the cast Include Pay Wray, Arthur TiMmund Carewe, DeWltt Jennings, Holme's Herbert and Allan Vincent. LOX THKATItt: CONTINUOUS, 2:30 TO 11:00 Today and Tomorrow Two Excellent Features Five Women to Three Men ... All of Them Exquisite With the Sensuous Charm of the Tropics! "Virgins of Bali" and WHBIUMt YOU'LL SHAKtVWTH LAUGHTM- Fox Movietone Newi 250—300 GOOD SEATS—25c AMI'OKXIA CONTINUOUS FROM 1:30 TO 1Bc—300 Good Seats—16c NOW! CONSTANCE BENNETT "ROCKABYE" and JACK OAKIE "Once In a" Lifetime" Today and Tomorrow TWO BIG FEATURES Evenings for Sale With Sari Marltza, Charlie Ruggles and LORETTA YOUNG In "LIFE BEGINS" VIRGINIA OPEN 12-11 P. M.—1Bc ANY TIME Last Times Today Spencer Tracy, Doris Kenyon, Tommy Conlon, Ralph .Bellamy "YOUNG AMERICA" A Vital, Human Drama of Youth, Directed by Frank Borzage Comedy, News and Cartoon RIALTO » TO 8 P. M., I5o; AFTEH I. ID., 29t Today and Thursday CHARLES LAUGHTON New Miracle Actor, With Maureen O'Sulllvan and Verree Teaidale "Payment Deferred" Drama That Makes You Qasp! Comedy, Newt and Cartoon CHINA NIGHT THURSDAY SEEKING TO AVERT MIGRATION OF 5000 MENNONITES FROM PARAGUAY will Induce the sturdy colonists to remain. Ion of the Chaco, Paraguay 1ms re- led more upon the hoe and plow than pon armaments for eventual victory, lolonlzatlon has been a Paraguayan veupon which Bolivia could not match. Especially since 1925, lung and the region has begun to add colon, corn, sugar, peanuts, fruit and lotatoes to tho older Chaco products f cattle and Quebracho timber. Secession of the Mennonltes would lot only remove a sixth of the white xmulatlon of the Chaco and leave Idle a fourth of its cultivated area, but would halt a colonization project which had been counted upon to bring 10,000 members of the sect eventually nto farms wrested from the wllder- Mennonltes 1927 they mem NILE BOOKS MYSTERY DRAMA SCENE FROM "MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM" (Anaoi'latcd Prcsn Leaned Wire) "LIFE BEGINS" HEADS REX DOUBLE PROGRAM "Life RcBlns," featuring Loratta Young and 'Iflrlc I-ilnrten, heady the double bill opening today at the Rex theater. "Kvoiilngs for Sulo" is tha" second fciiluro booked. Qlondu Karrcll, who Is prominently runt In thc'SOMNatlonul malurnlty ward dranin, "t.lfo Begins," begun her theatrical euri'er playing. Little Ifivu In "Unnln Tom's Cabin." Since then Bho has had ntimovous roles allowing her UM H hard-boiled mid (horoughly sophisticated girl. Her biggest stage successes wei'u as a gangster's moll In "On the Spot" and as Sadie Thompson In "Kuln." Her first motion picture role was us a lady of the night clubs opposite Ktiward G. Robinson and Douglns Fairbanks, Jr., In "Little Caesar." In "Life Begins," she plays the rola of a flippant, hanl-boilcd patient In the maternity ward. Othurs In the cast urn ,Tx5retla Young, Rrlc Tjlndon, Aline McMahon. Herbert Marshall and Sari Marltm have leading roles In "Evenings for Sale." JACK OAKIE ASUNCION, Paraguay, Feb. Threatened migration of 15.— 5000 acquired 120 square miles of land in the central Chaco and made plans for an Vventnnl 400 villages of twenty families each. Kvery' village was to have the contra! dining hall and other socialistic features of the sect, Mennonito tennonltes from farms In the Chaco o new and warless fields In Uruguay r Brazil, will be averted If any ron- eBBlons which Paraguay can make officials were to govern and police ----- , the whole region, and the govern- In Its war with Bolivia for posses- ment by special law exempted from military duty all Mennonltes and their sons as a concession to their pacifist loncts. The colony has grown steadily, and both Paraguay and the Mennonltes hoped t haven hud been found for .grlcultural strides have been taken t wandering disciples of Meniion tho ness, came When the first from Canada In world over—those who left the United States In 1917 to escape Investigation as pacifists and pro-Germans; descendants of German Immigrants to Kussla In the reign of Catharine the Great, who fled onward Into Manchuria a decade ago to escape antireligious deenJes of the Soviet government; those who failed to find In Mexico a haven of peace and religious freedom, and those who, still living In Holland or Germany, waited for their pilgrim brethren to found a new resting place. I S SH E WOMAN OR WAX LAST DAY—Slim Summervllle, Zaiu Pitts and Roland Young in "They Just Had to Get Married" Also RUTH ' ETTINQ . . ... ^ TOMORROW He MADE the Women He Wanted Another ckfinih- *f- brent Warner firm.' rat,' wittl * LIONEL ATWILL FAY WRAY GLENDAFARREIL. FRANK McHUGH SHOWS 7 and 9 1 THE I MYSTERY 1 OF THE MUSEUM Mr ALL IN GORGEOUS 1 TECHNICOLOR SAVE In order to acquaint you with the merits of the famous Glover Continuous Flow and DeLaval Claritlcation System of Dry Cleaning, we are making a special offer whereby you may obtain the finest cleaning and dying work at a tremendous saving. Watch for our representative who will call at your home or place of business soon and give you full details. New City Cleaners and Dyers 1021 EIGHTH STREET Phone 351 , IS OF PASI, BELIEVE • (United Press Leaned Wire) PORTLAND, Ore., Fob. 15.— (Deaths from the dreaded food poisoning termed botulism Jire becoming fewer and fewer over'tho United States, northwest cannors. in convention hero were told recently by Dr. Karl H. "Meyer, of the Hooper Foundation, University of California. A^death from botulism has not been raced to American commercially canned goods In several years, said Doctor Meyer, an Internationally known authority on food diseases. "Eternal vigilance Is. the thing that has put down this deadly ailment," said Doctor Meyer. "Acidification and sterilization are ts masters. The canning Industry mows this, and Is careful to see that proper methods are employed. "Housewives who prepare foods at lorno have been educated through cooking schools and through Intelll- ent reading about botulism." The fact that the greatest number of deaths from botulism Is reported In 'allfornla, Washington, Colorado, New York and Oregon does not mean hat. housewives in those states are nore careless than In others, said Doctor Meyer. It only means that authorities In those states Intelligently Investigate and segregate botulism deaths from other deaths, he said. STAR AT CALIFORNIA fflllVfiMI** ^ mmt wp •• i^ v FEATURED AT RIAITO Bizarre mystery, a fantastic trick of fate which sends a man to the gallows for a crime which was never committed, and sinister shadows of guilt figure In the screen thriller, "Payment Deferred," which Is now showing at the Utalto theater. Charles liaughton. -the celebrated .Bhgllsh hctor, plays the role that he made sensational before the footlights both In New York and London. 'Hie cast also features Maureen O'Sul- 11 van, Dorothy Peterson, und Veree Teasdale. The dramatic tale of "Payment Deferred" concerns Itself with a London bank clerk who, driven to desperation by creditors, poisons his wealthy nephew. How he hides this crime only to be arrested later for one which he Is Innocent results In a narrative permeated With suspense and engrossing 'dramatic Interest. -•* KERN—1200 K. I 6—Chesterfield; Blng'Crosby, Leonard Hayton's Orchestra. 6:15—"Hdinatitle Bachelor." 6:30—Jimmy Blttlck's Orchestra. 7—Wnring's Pennsylvanlans. 7:50—Edwin C. Hill. \ 7:45—Myrt and Marge. ,8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—Nino Martlno and Columbia Symphony. 8:30—Isham Jones' Orchestra. 9—The Atrocities of 1933. 10—"Cross Cuts." 10:05—All-Request. Hour. 10:40—Ted Florlto's Orchestra. 11—Dancing With the Stars. 11:30—Danco orchestra. County Valuation Declines in L. A. (United Press Leased Wire) LOS 'ANG BLISS. Keb. 15;— Assessed valuation of Los Angeles county probably will shrink from 12 to 20 per ucnt this year, County Assessor Ed \V. Hopkins announced today. He promised definite figures on the canvass of the 1,600,000 parcels of Veal property within the county would be known within 30 days. The county's assessed valuation luring J932 was $2,613,69D,7C5, a reduction of approximately 25 per cent from 1931. Reduction of the assessed valuation must bring a corresponding reduc- lon in government costs, or an Increased tax rate, Hopkins said. 285.5 M.— KNX— 1050 K. 6 — News. C:15— Cecil and Sully. 6:30 — SI and Elmer. . 6:46 — Currier's .Seremiders. 7 — Frank Watanabo and Archie. 7:15 — Musical program. 7:30 — .Joseph Dlskay and Concert Orehostra. 7:45 — Happy Chappies. 8— KNX Midweek Parade. 9 — News. 9:15 — Croc-ket Mountaineers. 9:30— "Patches." 10— KNX Ensemble. 10:30 — Organ recital. 11 to 12 midnight— New Paris Inn. 80,000 Quarts Milk Distributed Weekly (United I'rest Leased Wire) HARRISBURG, Pa., Feb. IB.— More ihan 900,000 quarts of milk are dlstri- juted weekly In Pennsylvania 'through :he 2500 distributing sources known as Pennsylvania milk stations, stated Secretary of Health Dr. Theodore B. Appel. These stations are supervised ay the state emergency relief board and supported by federal funds. During one week 989,000 quarts of milk were distributed through these stations, and 30,900 quarts through the 19 state milk stations financed from a portion of tho money received from the state capltol employes' fund for organized charity. Sciots Valentine DANCE 468.5 M.—KFI— 640 K. 6—Charlie Wellman and Orchestra. 6:30—Belasco's. Orchestra with Donald NovlB. 7—Corn Cob Pipe Club. 7:30—Eddie Keubody, banjoist. 8—Amos 'n' Andy. 8:15—The Seal of the Don. 8:30—"One Man's Family," drama. 9—To be announced. 9:45—"Buddies," male quartet. 10—Richfield Reporter of the Air. 10:25—Phil Harris' Orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Gus Arn- holin's Orchestra. 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. • «-r-BinB Crosby. 6:16 — Vlcks VapoRub Varieties. 6:30r— Jimmy. Blttlck's Orchestra. 7 — Warlng's Pennsylvanlans. 7:30— Chandu, the Magician. 7:45— Myrt and Marge. 8— plobu Headlines. 8:15 — Columbia Symphony. 8:30 — Isham Jones' Orchestra. 9— Atrocities of 1933. 10 — News Items; Blsqulck Band. 10:15 — Kb and Zeb. 10:30— Ted Florlto's Orchestra. 11— Dancing With the Stars. 12 to 11 a. in. — Marshall Grant, organ. JUST A JOKESTER CHICAGO, Feb. 15. (A. P.)— Maybe somebody thought the police didn't have much to do. HjS phoned and complained that loud talk at an apartment party was disturbing his slumbers. The police found 35 persons at the party but no noise. Said Mrs. Ruth -Brown, the hostess. "Somebody's been kidding you. Every guest here Is a deaf, mute." SATURDAY NIGHT February 18 Elks Jinks Hall 7-Piece Orchestra Balloons, Serpentine and Confetti Admission: $1.10 Per Couple PUBLIC CORDIALLY INV1TKD THE LINDBERGH LINE "WHISTLING IN THE DARK" .SCENE FROM FEATURE COMEDY FILM AT FOX D ANCING Is the most popular Ballnesc pastime. It Is th'elr theater and their library, for It keeps alive tho legendary tales of their gods and restless demons. Everyone who can possibly do so attends the dance, If only to listen to the music. Poor Indeed Is the village that hasn't an orchestra. Girls and • boys may not dance together in Ball. "Virgins of Ball," which Is showing today and tomorrow at the Fox theater, Is a romantically beautiful drama enacted entirely by Llallneso natives, said to be the most graceful and well- formed race in the orient. , For 11 months the mystery-comedy, "Whistling In the Dark," amused followers of the Broadway singe. Now screengoers have an opportunity of observing the antics of Ernest Truex, star of the original pluy, and. that clever comedienne. Unn Merkel. In Metro-Goldwyn-iMaycr's riotous talkie version of the pieco which opens today at the Kox theater. Tills satire on crook-melodrama' Is as funny as anything that has beer? seen oji the screen In some time. An author of mystery stories and his fiancee; a bund of crook.s who Capture them and compel the writer to devise a "perfect' crime"; a tube of poisoned* toiithpnKte: and an Ingenious method of turning a radio Into a telephone, are the plot Ingredients around which the chilling suspense and many laughs are wove. • O MEI O MYI HAMMONTON, a\. J., Feb. 15. (A. P.) — Samuel Deyan'tls finds the life of a landlord Is not all beer and skittles. He was fined J20 on a charge of try- Ing to collect from a tenant at pistol point. Then, to make mutters worso, Sam's friend. Frank Pl/.ztmzu, was ao- of attempting to "fix" the case. Bank of AmericaWa .ORE than one and one-half million Californians pay the " Bank of 'America way." • ** They enjoy the convenience of paying bills by mail. They also establish their identity and credit with the merchants of their communities. < * 'To a certain extent the bank acts as their bookkeeper. They have a definite record of what they spend and their canceled checks are receipts for every paid bill. '"A. checking account with Bank of America is a protection against loss of money through theft, carelessness, misplacement, etc. It provides a feeling of safety and security at all times. » " Be on the safe side-Pay the "Bank of America way I" BANK of AM ERICA NATIONAL TRUST A SAVINGS ASSOCIATION La Granada Dance Tonight Sponsored by American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps Waltz Confest Now On Beautiful Cup on Display at Wlekeraharn'a Finals and Military Ball on Waihlnaton'i Birthday Wednesday, February 23 Old-Time Dancing Club, Friday ROUTE COAST TO COAST HOURS FABI 2 1/3 San Francisco $ 14.45 1 Lot An(jelei 6.851 1 Fresno 6.95 New York 160.00 10% Off on Round Trips Call: Travel Bumui'. Hotel Porter*, Postal, Wettem Union, Peon. R. R. or TRANSCONTINENTAL AMD WUTUtN AIR. toe. Phone Kern County Municipal Airport, 3488. or Any Hotel or Travel Bureau TWO PLATES $25 DR. FLETCHER 622 Kentucky St. Phone 2531.W (Next to Granada Theater) Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT \VhiTB Vou Got the Highest Quality at tho Txwest Cost Special Rainbow d»-| f\f\ Trout Dinner «5AeUU Club Broadcast, 2uc to 50i: l.tinolies, fjOc and S»c DlnnerH, 50c to J1.50 A D.ellclous T-Bone Steak i Dinner, $1.00 Assorted Toasted Sandwiches, 15c El Tejon Made Plea a la Mode, 1Cc Typewriters Rented ' ' Students' Special Rate Three Months for $5.00 All Makti tf Ty*i*rlttri ud AMIng M«M*«i Riinlrtd ' ' . General Office Machine Company 1808 "Eye" Street Phone 772 Phillips Music Co. MI s Sheet Music ^ Publithers* Prices 2L/A Free Kite! Boy A Dandy Kite Free With Each Purchase of a Tube of Nyscptol Tooth Paste The Tooth Paste That Whitens Your Teeth Good Sized Tube, 25c This Offer for Tomorrow Only Kimball & Stone Tkt PtrticuUr Dru^itti Phont 53 Phone 54 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY Of Bcktnficld, C.llf.

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