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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 54
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 54

The Evening Suni
Baltimore, Maryland
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PAGE 51 Friday: TLJ EVENING SUN May 26, 1939 STAH COMPLETE MARKETS mm 1 i 'i 1 CITY AND STATE ARKANSAS GIRL Dear Boss: Congress Sure WIRE KILLS MAN SAVING Drives Cows Cross-Eyed PROBE SPOTTED NW III FEVER OUTBREAK McCardcll And Maryland Farmers Attend Milk Hear ing And Get All Tangled In Bootleggers, Bacteria, Dictaphones And Detectives SELECTED FOR JUNE WEEK KISS Miss Frances Moses Chosen To Present Colors At Annapolis CHILDREN Fells Curtis Wilcox, 28, When He Bars It From Group At Play Investigating Death Of Man And Serious Illness Of His Stepdaughter Washington. "I In cross-eyed nnd ask theirselves where does it all come from in the first place anyhow? As far as you are concerned. Boss, milk probably comes out of a bottle. But I know from experience that it comes out of a cow and that you cannot get it out with no bottle opener, either, but must work it out by hand and that the cows are mighty particular about who works it out and how Dear Boss: The milkman over here has got his-self so balled up with bootleggers, bacteria, dictaphones, detectives, doctors, lawyers, Congressmen, the public utilities, the Battle Creek (Mich.) Sanatorium, the Mayor of Occoquan Maggie Brewer's five children and Mrs. John J.

Boyer, that the cows up to my home county of Frederick are beginning to lock Girl Is Fourth Victim Of Rocky Mountain Malady In Halethorpc Area Sweethearts Lead Annual Invasion Of Naval Academy Crowd Watches Hours Of Effort To Revive Him In Yard Of Home and will not stand for no rough stuff like when strangers monkey with their By the Associated Press 1 Annapolis, May 25 Miss Frances Norfleet Moses, Little Rock, today was named the "color girl" for the machinery. How Trouble Started Well, Congressman William Thco 'ft -M dore Schulte, of Indiana, his milk bill June Week ceremonies at the Naval Academy. While some 200 neighbor and spec-liioit watched, two doctors, an am-b-'ance crew and a pulmotor squad today waged an unsuccessful battle for nearly three hours to save the life of Wilcox, 28 years old, who had been fatally shocked when he grasped has been running a little high lately, as whose ha not, and ne does not think it is on the level and so he has POLICE INVESTIGATE KIDNAP THREAT HERE Maid Warned By Phone One Of M. Jacob Abrams' Children Will Be Abducted Miss Moses, president of the junior class at Sweet Briar College, was selected by Midshipman Benjamin drawed up a law to let the Indians shi) their milk into Washington every morning on the Congressional Limited th end of a broken power line car K' Campbell Jarvis, Ferda, commander of the first midshipman company, which won the inter-regimental rying 2,300 volts to keep it from en or something and that has made the Maryland farmers right sore. dangering a group of children near by.

After ten tanks of oxygen had been competition. She is expected to arrive On account of they ship almost half the milk you get over here, which means that they sell upward to two here early next week. The "presentation of the colors" dress parade Tuesday afternoon, dur administered, Wilcox was removed to the Union Memorial Hospital, where and a half million dollars worth a year which, believe me, Boss, is a lol ing which Miss Moses advances to the of money when you are working it out front of the regiment and places the national and academy colors in the keeDine of the first company will of a cow by hand in the form of milk at 4 o'clock in the morning squirt WARNS BOGUS $10 by squirt even though you are a pro fessional and know how to do it. Balks At 14 Cents A Quart BILLS FLOOD CITY climax the June Week ceremonies. Slated For Traditional Kiss Tradition calls for the commander of the color company to kiss the "color girl" after the presentation.

This has been followed in recent years, although Congressman Schulte says his milk 500 ARE EXPECTED AT DAVIES WEDDING First Of Guests Arrive For Marriage Of Tydings' Sister-ln-Law he was pronounced dead by Dr. L. E. Sawyer, of the hospital staff. Thrashes Near Children The wire had been thrashing about the rear yard of his home- at 3650 Keswick ffJid.

according to his wife. Mrs. Dorothy Wilcox, who saw her husbar.d collapse under the heavy charge of electricity. Two or three children were playing in an adjacent yard. It was to prevent it touching them, she told William Davenport, that her husband caught the swinging wire.

Eight tanks of oxygen were used in the f.rst twu a Wilcox vs. treated, and additional tanks were there have been years when it was costs him 14 cents a quart, which is more than the Indians ell it for, but all my farm friends and folks up to Frederick county claim they have got skipped. Spectators always crane their Secret Service Says They Are Good Imitations, But Paper Is Thicker Police this afternoon were investigating a report that a colored maid in the home of M. Jacob Abrams, 3002 North Hilton street, had received a telephone message from an unidentified man who threatened to kidnap one of Mr. Abrams' three children.

Mr. Abrams himself said he did not give much credence to the story, and said he had not asked, nor intended to ask, a police guard about the home. The maid. Moselle Bryant, colored, 1100 block Park avenue, was quoted as saying she had received a telephone message from a man, who first asked for Mr. Abrams and, upon being told the latter was not present, warned the maid to tell him that "they're going to kidiuip one of his children.

Girl Hurt In Crash Of Cab And Truck Miss Evelyn Taylor, Passenger In Taxi, Taken To Hospital. Both Drivers Accused Miss Evelyn Taylor, 22 years old, of nothing to do with what Congressman Schulte pays his milkman as they have never got no 14 cents a quart for any milk they work out of their cows and Officials of Baltimore city, Ann Arundel county nnd the Maryland Slate Health Department today were investigating the death of Harry Dorn and the serious illness of his stepdaughter. Catherine Murphy, from an ailment that has been diagnosed as Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Mr. Pom's death occurred at the University Hospital, where Miss Murphy also is a patient.

Her home is on Sulphur Spring Road, in Halethorpe. Four cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever have been reported from that section in the last week. State Health Department authorities said. Starts With Headaches Mr. Dorn, a 52-ycar-old salesman, became ill a few weeks ago and began to suffer from severe headaches.

His wife, Catherine, called their family physician. Dr. Bruce R. Brumbaugh, of Klkridge, into tin last Friday and Mr. Dorn was taken to the hospital.

Dr. diagnosed the case as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and the hospital physicians agreed that Mr. Dorn had all the symptoms, including a rash, severe headache and high temperature. His stepdaughter, who aLso had been ill with the same symtoms for several days, was taken to the hospital the day after he had gone there. Hospital official reported todav that the gul's condition wiis grave.

Sfie is 15 years old. Ticks Blamed According to medical authorities. Rocky Mountain spotted fever comes from the bite of any one of several ticks, which acquire the virus from rodents or other small animals. In humans the disease resembles typhus and it is "practically impossible rt distinguish it from typhus clinically, said Dr. R.

II. Riley, director of th State Health Department. The disease first became -rcognijed in the West about it was said, and about 1930 it began to appear, or at least to be recognized, in the East. In the West, especially in the regions of Wyoming and Montana, it is believed to originate with the bite of th wood tick. Here, it is thought, th dog tick is icspori.Mble.

Death Rate Varies From its nature, it occurs more generally in rural areas than in urban ones, and its mortality varies from region to region. The mortality rt here. Slate Health Department officials said, averages between ten and twenty per cent. In Montana it runs as high that he is off on the wrong foot the Banks and business houses of the way he is going about it. citv have hern warned bv the United Special Dispatch to The Evening Sun Havre de Grace, May 2fi The flit of lvt hundred guesti begun arriving here today for the wedding of So last night, Instend of watering my grass and helping Mother put the States Sei rrt Service thnt "flood" of counterfeit ten-dollar bills has been babies to bed alter supper, I took a Pcnna.

R. R. train over here to set Miss Emlen Knight Davies, daughter of the American Ambassador to Bel up with one of Congressman Schulte's discovered in the city and to be on the lookout for them. These bills, according to George necks to see if the ceremony will be carried out. The "ohs" and "ahs" of the feminine visitors usually convey to those buried out of sight in the crowds the news that tradition has been satisfied.

Following the presentation the midshipmen of the color company wave their white caps above their heads and give three cheers for the color girl. The regiment responds in like manner with three cheers for the color company. Battleships And Sweethearts The battleships New York and Texas dropped anchor off the naval academy today, with the Battleship Arkansas expected before night. The three warships will take the midshipmen of the new senior and sophomore classes on a summer practice cruise along the East coast and to Canada. Advance guards of an invading army Indian midnight milk hearings and get I 4.

,9 '-AX-' P'- iff 1 a load of it for my own satisfaction. gium, and Robert Leon Grosjean, to I be held tomorrow afternoon at Oak-lington, the estate of Senator aid Mrs. Drescher, Baltimore agent for the as I am very fond of milk without Secret Service, arc unusually good imi owning no cows or buckets or spring tations of Federal Reserve notes. The houses or dairy barns or milk wagons paper used, he said, is slightly thicker or anything else that has got any Millard E. Tydings.

Mrs. Tydings, sister of Miss Davies, explained today that the arrangements were being made by her mother and sister, and that she and Senator Tyd the 2fa00 block West Frmklin street connection with what he is doing. Goes On Day And Night ordered. Snrr.r neijihlwir crowded lis closely about the little yard as police would let them to watch operations and the tension mounted steadily as the crews labored feverishly to save the man's life. Wife In State Of Collapse Mrs.

Wilcox, who had watched from the back porch as her husband was shocked, was in a state of collapse. She had talked only to Patrolman Davenport Wiicnx, It was said, is employed in the (8 department of the Gas and Electric Company He and his wife havt two smalt children, Robert, 4 years old. and Roberta. 3 months old. The wife said her husband had been working in the chicken coop in the rear yard and started out of it and down a short fl.ght of wooden steps.

He saw the wire thrashing about, threatening the children, and grasped it. telling her to go into the house to get his was injured early today when a taxi- cab in which she was a passenger was As a matter of fact there- is two in collision with a truck in the 100 ings had merely loaned their house and milk hearings, one day and one night Congressman Joe Bates, of Kentucky oiocK west isiocne street. sne was treated at the Maryland General Hos of relatives and tourists, led by a high- pital for contusions and bruises and running the day one, and Congressman Schulte the night one, as Congressman Schulte does not think the day one is getting anywheres fast than the note paper used in Government tender, and the check letters below and to the right of the green seal are "1-18" and "D-81." The warning instructed business houses not to return bogus bills to the passers, but to notify po1' or Secret Service agents. Operators of gasoline stations were asked to note license numbers of all motorists passing $10 bills for possible future reference. Three Held For Jury On Bookie Charge removed to her home.

George A. Judd, of the 1200 block heeled regiment of sweethearts, captured Annapolis today. Finals in the Quarterdeck Society's public-speaking contest tonight will and is anxious to fix it up so the Indians can begin shipping their milk right off the bat. Lake avenue, driver of the cab, was charged with reckless driving, and George II. Thomas, colored, driver of open tne weeK-tong rouna oi muai cruris wiwox IT I 2,300 VOLTS THREE HOURS Fatally shocked by a tension viro be ftrasprd as il threatened to injure neighbor children, Curtis Wilcox, 28 years old, is shown as firemen and inilmotor crews worked over him for nearly three hours in Ihc rear yard of his home, at Keswick road, in futile altempts to revive him.

and romance that will be climaxed the truck, was charged with failure to grounds for the ceremony. She said that her part would consist of a dinner which is being given tonight for about fifty persons, members of the wedding party and relatives. Outdoor Ceremony The guests will be mainly front New York and Washington, Mrs. Tydings said, and will stay both in Havre de Grace and in Baltimore. The ceremony, to be performed out of doors if the weather permits, will be conducted by the Rev.

William D. Lusk, of Ridgefield, N. an old friend of Miss Davies. Mrs. Tydings said that 500 acceptances have been received to next Thursday when the navy's alma The day hearing is the one where they have got dictaphones under the desks and detectives on the other end keep to the right of the center of the mater sends this year's quota of new street and with reckless driving.

officers out to the great gray ships Refuses To Review work gloves. Sees Husband Collapse She went inside, she told the police, and get the gloves. As she stepped back out onto the rear porch, she said it sea. Every Train Brings Girls Every train brought thrilled and of the line and the Postmaster of Mar-tinsburg. W.

and a very beautiful stenographer who is said to have been too friendly with the opposition and the bootleggers who is said to have been dodging around the district with Grand Inquest To Hear Men Arrested In Mount Royal Avenue Raid Three men were arraigned today before Magistrate John H. Stanford in the Northwestern district on charges as eighty per cent. tremulous girls from "back home" in the forty-eight States, to be met at the station by eager gallants in navy YANKEE CLIPPER SET she saw him step off the stair onto a wet place in the yard. Instantly he collapsed as the charge of 2.300 volts out no license tags on their milk cans. Stone Parole Plea Moser Calls Woman's 18-Year Sentence For Poisoning Her Son "Light" Hopes of Mrs.

Hattie Stone for a blue. Forty-seven cases were reported in Maryland last year, the State Health Department said, and fifteen have been reported so far this year. Ni cases of maintaining a bookmaking estab fowed through his body. Baggagemen sweated and fumed All very complicated. Not Enough Room But I set in on Congressman Schulte's FOR HORTA-U.

S. HOP Seaman, 26, Falls Off under a deluge of trunks. Six months Mrs. Wilcox said she grabbed up a woolen blanket and ran to him, using ever have been reported from Garrett parole faded today following Parole care and planning, no less exacting and Allegany counties and only ont Ship Here, Drowns night hearing which is being held up in the District committee room on the than a trousseau assembling, was in Commissioner Herman Moser's refusal to review her application with the Continued On Page 33, Column 7 each debutante's trunk. Resplendent second floor of the old House office Prepared To Take Off On Last Loses Footinn Whi.

lishment and maintaining a gambling device in the 100 block West Mount Royal avenue. They were ordered held in $200 bail each for grand jury action. The men, Henry Bernstein, of the 3300 block Overview road; Frank Adams, of the 703 block West Fayette street, and Robert Bogash, of the 3400 block Grantley road, were three of formals, tea frocks, spectator sports comment that her eighteen-year sen a wr building, which is mostly for con outfits and slacks for canoeing on the Lea Of ROUnd TriD Mail Vessel's Ladder At Pier 5, tence for poisoning her son was "light." sumers only and was not big enough 1 Severn were the regimental uniforms Mrs. Stone was convicted of second- t. r- Pratt Street last night to hold everybody who wanted to get in, but had to stand up SWIM AKD PICNIC AT MEADOWBROOK "A Complete Swim Resort" OPENING TOMORROW the sweethearts will wear in the riiyill IU CUIuptJ Walter Godlewski.

26-year-old wioer uegree muraer in 193 tor poisoning coming week. out in the hall as it is only about the her son, 15, and collecting his $600 in surance policy. 1T Population Doubling forty-one persons arrested ir a raid Continued On Page 33, Column 1 By tonight, Annapolis' normal The Yankee Clipper, returning from her first round-trip mail flight to Eu aiu no new evidence warranting a parole had been presented 000 population will be doubled. last night Police reported finding betting slips, telephones and one of the "one-arm bandit" type of slot ma from every Slate and the territories "Tht ov-nimrn" Tomorrow Night Mcadowhrook Ballroom PALIS ni. MT WASHINGTON CAKI.INB.

the blanket to draw the wire away from the body. Her husband's right hand was badly seared by the contact with the wire, and there were other bums about the body suffered when the wire touched him as he fell. Company Sends Physician She called Patrolman Davenport and Patrolman Frank Lannon, who caUed the ambulance and pulmotor crews and Dr. John H. von Dreele.

of S46 West Thirty-sixth street. The Northern district coroner, Dr. Louis Hamburger, was at the scene for a time, and a physician for the Gas and Electric Company also was sent to the house. The ambulance and pulmotor crews administered oxygen and artificial respiration in steady shifts for nearly three hours on Wilcox in his rear yard before he was taken to the Union Memorial Hospital. since 193G, when former Parole Commissioner W.

David Tilghman, refused to recommend a parole. chines ruled illegal in Maryland. The rope, landed at Horta, the Azores, today and immediately prepared to take off for the United States on the last leg of the journey, Pan American Air- already jammed the city's narrow streets. other thirty-eight persons, including two colored men, were released. As in a captured city, the invading wavs officials here announced.

host was quartered on the town. Not a room was available here or in The flying boat left Lisbon, Portugal, in the engine room of the Bull Line steamer Dorothy, was drowned last night when he lost his footing as he climbed up the ship's ladder at Pier 5, Pratt street, and fell into the water between the vessel and the pier. William Savage, night mate aboard the steamer, witnessed the fall and summoned Sergt. William Atkinson and Patrolman George Gardner when the seaman did not reappear. A police boat was called and after some time recovered the body.

It was believed that Godlewski had struck his head in the fall and drowned without coming to the surface again. Capt. W. E. Ford, skipper of the steamer, said Godlewski's mother, Mrs.

Virginia Godlewski, lives at 62 Grand street, Brooklyn. N. Y. Tarty In Ius Terminal The Ladies Democratic club of the Fourteenth District of Baltimore surrounding villages. Hotels were shortly after 2 A.

M. today and completed the 1.050-mile flight in seven OPFXIXG TOS1CHT WAIKIKl'S Hawaiian ViSHae Klonr Nhnvi. rr iri T'nrJr-T fr! Mi" TWO ORCHESTRAS Swa vine Pi 'l'rfv- in the Mor.nHat i i Hut a tvI 1 irn irt 2500 N. HOWI.KV'S I.ANF (U.lair II.M.t in 4-1'Hi Mhirk, Turn r.nat l.i llimlry l.aitr I crowded, and all spare rooms in private hours and eighteen minutes. homes were long ago reserved.

It county will hold a card party tonight at 8.30 o'clock in the bus ter-j minal at 6303 Belair road. Hostesses not uncommon for three or four girls Atlantic Clipper Poised The Atlantic Clipper, sister-ship of the Yankee Clipper, will take off from will be Mrs. Mary A. Ilarwetrl. Mrs.

to sleep cross-ways in one bed in the few short hours allowed for sleeping in the jam-packed schedule of dances, drills and sports events that make up Matilda Rudo and Mrs. Anna Walters. Continued On Page 33, Column 4 MEN'S SPRING SUITS f.SS Jl'r. Snrint- r'ahrir- All Colon MEN'S SPORT SUITS Shirt anil Taut to Matr-h AM Slrn yjA' A '-'M 'X 9 '7-1 Ral One of the nicest things at this season is Hendlers fresh fruit Strawberry Ice Cream. So be mre to have ionic today, bltkt errry night 1 1 a party night, 1 Trot th family Tlp- "Fanii'y i i Tint" pmt HENDLERS A ardrd OOOI) HOIJ SFK KKl'l NO or aitkoval GALA OPENING TOMORROW NIGHT Spanish-Villa rrrfrnli LOU KKCKKK A HIS OKCHKSTKA JOHNNY I'ICKAKU Master nt Oeremonie KI.AINR IMI KU Nong of A 1 1 1 AND CIKALDO IritmiHf ionl Dancer SI'KCIAL ATTRACTION NKI.SOVS BOXING CATS SflUIHEM HOTEL ROOF HERMAN'S ri.16.1S Raltimora St.

Or Arrh. June Week. Parents, Proud And Grave Parents, proud and grave as their iniddic sons turn into men of tlw men-of-war in seven days of cere Painter, 71, Killed In 20-Foot Plunge mony, were counterpoint to dominant melody of youth and romance echoing from the ivied battlements in John Gray Suffers Fractured Skull When End Of Scaffold Slips And Drops Take advantage of THE DECORATION DAY HOLIDAY TO GET WANT-AD the academy yard. At measured pace the elders walked the storied Uxw: wiiiie ucweys ani rarraguts once A 71-year-old house painter died Continued On Page 33, Column 3 SPECIAL NOTICES EESIJLTS this afternoon after a fall of twenty feet to the sidewalk at Montford avenue and Monument street when a scaffold on which he was working slipped at one end and dropped. Taken to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in a taxicab, he was treated for a fractured skull and succumbed Tin- Homo of llliif Uhltr llliimc.nil.

'I lie ninriioiiil Center of The South "Diflinninl Jim" ftrailv.lOft Kulaw St Marc Bliizstein's Musical Satire CRADLE WILL ROCK PRKSKNTED BY NEW THEATRE of Philadelphia SUNDAY 8 30 P. M. I.rhmnnn Hall XIX N. Howard St. Tii'kri "ilk- ('I'm Kvftiiin 1 III NM ir LINCOLN lUHAIU.Iai several hours later.

According to witnesses, the painter, HELD OVER! Bv Request! 4 ria i.v nun at ft now with sotsrni.Asn hiiytiiu ciki.s nt DA 1S. Irnm ml, In lititirt- -hie llkh'AUI unit il Par a little more Drink a little lci Treat vourselt to the very best MELROSE Blended St. Kve Whiskies (W-proot I )S A lIOI.DSIIOIIOlHill. Inc. Baltimore.

Maryland Kat. IHWk The leisure time aIorded by this holiday will be put to Use by many Baltimoreans in investigating sales and rental offerings listed in Sunpaper Classified. Make sure your house, room, apartment or sales offering is listed in The Sunpaper's widely-read Classified columns during this time. John Gray, of 2510 East Faimwimt avenue, was at work at the second tlrrit SiTKV KSS. Irnm llolliiii onil I DOT HLOOf'K.

unmjn nt the pinnn. on Ihr MKRHT CO liOIIM) MUSICAL BAR in the LATE CORRF.CTLY AIR-CONDITIONED now ff with fsj Wool at lawcxt prier tnmrm Fault: h'nrk rtrrrrtli innlnllrii D-A-N-C-I-N-G TOMOKROW NIGHT st. liprndahlr rumimny. Ucre is a typical Sun-Ad vhir hrouyht results to t'ie e.rtetit of a tf'P YU. Holly Inn Citi lnil w.ur riaihi WIIKItK IT SMAHT to hk si km dozen replies.

Wr. r.878 Alsquilh St. RII.l.T ISAAO and ma COM A KHS. floor level when a pulley rope slipped, dropping one end of the scaffold. In falling, it narrowly missed another painter, George Baier, 711 South Robin.son street, who was working bolow.

Dr. Anthony F. Corrozza, North-estern district coroner, is investigating the accident. Civinyt Two Operettas Two open'titis, "The Magic Fein" mid "Cinderella." will be given bv 300 children of the lhtmpcien School No. 55 tonight nnd tomorrow evening in the liool nuditiii him, t'liesinnt ftv-MMP find TbivH r'lH- Mrr.t BAY FISHING RENT A CAR, DWKKIt AVR.

fit Al'AKTMKNT fr l'ANTS! PANTS! Pn-t II I I' lll.l'".. tr.v A knrr Fair ll.iirh II! iini.ii. II I'. MMiilglit nii-l SI Mr mi.

I I tui I nilim Nltnid Mailing 1 ir.i' mi. i-iii-i', i TRUCK. VAN STAKE tiiri It Youmrlt t.w llnlr. Sen Miiiti-ia Milt I I CAItAi.i: L'T Clmtlrn Ml i (UIN7 hi, vm An .1 I I il fi tim i i -1 1. 11.

Mi- IIHK.INAI P'd-'l" mm rtanalln Ht It a point to place your Sun-Ad NOW. You can do no merely by calling WANT-AD HKAlXJUAnTT-'nl A A AT A PI'. A Oil 1(1 KS Mrtnnrinl Mht Srhrilnl Ail (in rum- DOGS! GOING -liiii-r mns nnnms. Ain rii, jamks i)iioin HONOH NAVAL A DIM I Ih. IIhv, miMi wrrv I mm nl TO TIM nt T- j.

...,.11. 1 Tl (f. f.l Hf I nl lo il. oi Coll. VI A 7 11, I i r.

II -r I 'ISO Martin J. Hurry ti Hi 'i ih thil'ltfln tiBii 5,.

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