The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on September 7, 1974 · Page 3
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 3

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1974
Page 3
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. LN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION Stale o Cotmlyol Oiler TailSS. Order for Hearing on Pet 1 1 ton lor General Adminltlration. In The Manes CM The Estate Of 1>.*a DocM«r, DecWeni IT IS ORDERED inar tfie peiition for general adrr'nistrdl.'on '.'«* hereVt and any obiecl:ons h-.ed tferelo be heard or Sepierr.ser i»r\. W4. ai 10 M o'clock A.M Dy this co'-rM m ire couTrouw in rr.? City ol Fergus Fa'ls. Minnesota Trial, il (xoptr, a! sa-d lime arm «:iace a reprwentaiive vr -i be appointed lo M minuter tne «!aie. v-rvo shall collect a ( asseii arxj file ai inveniory tflpreot, pav an legal aetfb. da nv and rasfs. a-va expenses ol adn o s'ra'ion. a iv l *e'.i Sixh real and persona! properly ai fay t# r.eccssary joa for r-e best interest* cf tne c-5late. Upon corr.ple! on of ad m n.ilra'.or. tfi« ^a'- f \t a t.nal acccuni ley aHowarvce a.-o sha • QislntMJe 'he es'a'e ro r*ie pc-rtors tf«rewn'o entil'ed aso*"Cereo c,- ire tcuri and do all oitwr ads is close if.* es'a'e IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, '-a' creators cf tfectdw! t :p tr.eir c'a-n™* n fnis coj r l will-. n suly ;6C! aayS rrcn*-. '"e ca'e rter^ot arw ir-ai s*;o c'a -m c* r-ea'3 on Ocfot>er 30ln. (574, ai '3 OC O'C'CCk •». M by rnis cojit in the couMiO'-se n 're Oty 01 Fergj* Fa'is. M'pneso-a Oared Augi.ii ?6?n. 197J Judge (Co^rt Seal) Pi_lef. He<ie. rergus fai'*>. S [Firsi PualfcaliOn Aug 31. 197*1 INCOUNTYCOURT PROBATE DIVISION File No.mi* $faiecf//:"tv.«cia, Counl/of Olter Tall ss Order (or HfarJng 0,1 Petition lor Admission of Willto Probate in ir* .'Aaiter Of irw Estate CH Luci'e Rusiad a Has Lucile ft. Rustad, alias //rs Duffy 0, Rjstad, Decedent IT LS ORDERED the p«lilkm For adrrvss-on o< will 10 p roc ate filed r>ere'n a.TO any ocjecMons Filed tnerelo be hea r d on September I4tn. 197a, ai to 00 o'clock. A M. by tnis cocrt :n the court house -n ihe City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Titai, it proper, at said tirne and place a representative v/-'i be appointed to ad m'n'.srer tne esiate, who shall collect ail assets arxJ file an inventory ihereoi, pay all legat deois, claims, and idxe-i. and expenses of atfrriinistrat'on, and sell such real and personal property as may ce necessary and for tr>e cesl interests of tne estaie. Upon completion ol as- miniitrai;on, the representalive s^all lilt a linar account for allowance and shall dislriCule the esrale to the persons tneretnto eniJHed as ordered by )f>* coyfl and do all other acts lo close (he esiate. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, lhat creditors of decedent lile their cla^rns In this cojrl within slxly (60) days from the dai« hereof and thatsa^d claims be heard on October 30lh. W4. at 10:00 o'clocX A M. by this court in fhe courthouse >"n th* Ciiy of Fergus Falls. ftVnnesoia. Dated August 33rd, 197J Henry PoUinghorn Judge of Counly Cour) (Couil Seal) Claude R. Field Fergus Fails, W-'nnesota 56537 Allorney (FlrstPuWicationSrpf.?, 197Jf SURPLUS LAND DECLARATION Pursuant to Laws 1969, Chapter 897, a fearing, will be heW on September », U7d at 1:00 p. m . ; n Room 116A of the State Administration Building, 50 Sherburr.e Avenue, Si. Paul, Minnesota. The purpose of this tearing rs-to enabte trie CO.TI aiissiorter of Admmisiration ro determine if Ihe following described lands should be declared as susp'irs to State needs and lubject to disposition in compliance wilh said Chapter 697: - Easement: Road easement lo Ihe Seven Lake Spawning Area in Oiler Tail Counly is a 33 ft. strip of land lyinq in Govr. Lot 2, Sec. 7 and Gov'T. Lot 11 S«. 4, all in Twp. 137N., Rge. 40W of the 5th P.M. By Commissioner of Administration (First Publication Sept.7,1974) NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIOS NOTICE TO..CHEMICAL DEALERS: Sealed proposals will be received by the City Council of Ihe City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, at the City Administrator's Office until 7:00 P.M. on Ihe 7th day of October, 1974, at wMch time Ihey will be Opened at an open meeting in Ihe Council Chambers by the City Administralor. City Engineer, and two members of the Cily Council. The bids will be considered by he City Council at a regular meeting on The above date a I 7:30 P.M. for furnisWnq t>e following: Alternate No. i One or more carloads of calcium chloride — 9-t 97 per ten I concentrated (lake, pellet or glrier granulated calcium chloride in 80 To. bags per M.H.D. 3753 for Type ?. Alternnte r.o. 2 One or more trucvioads of calcium chloride — 94-97 per cenl con cent rated llake, pellet or other granulated calcium chloride in 80 ib. bags as per M.H.D. 3753 for Type 2. All b'tds must be submitted on proposal blanks furnished by the City ol Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Qid is for requirements from October IS. 1974 to April I, 1975. Proposals are to be accompanied by cash, a certified or cashier's check or bidder's bond irt Ihe amount of SI00.00 and made payable to the City of Fergus Falls. Bids must be in the hands of Ihe City Administrator no later than 3:00 P.M., October 7, 1974, and must be in sealed envelopes plainly marked "Sid on Calcium Chloride." The Council reserves ihe r:grii to accept or reject any or all b-ds. By Order ot the City Council this 3rd day of September, 1974. Rodrjer A. Neumann Cily Administrator (First Publication Aug 74,1174] IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION Siafeo* r/innesoia, Counly 0< Oiler Tail ss. Ofd*f (or Heir in? on Petition to Determine Dctcint in Re Estale Of Selma BjorMurx]. Decedent ViW*1 BEorklund having fried -n tnis Court a pt'tiNon representing, among ofher thirtgs, lhar said deceden) died ./? les'a'e more man f,ve years prior 10 me i.ling fwreo), leaving certain property n OHer Tail COjnl/. M.rj-*sota. arid 1r\al no wihot sa;d decedeni hasceen proved, nor admin Miration of her esiate gramed. .n this Slate and praying thai tne descent oF iafd property cecfeferm.r.edartdtnaf it be assigned lo rr-e persons entitled ir^erero IT IS ORDERED. That tn e trvereo 1 cenad on September nth. 1974, at 10 00 o'crock A M , cefore tnis Ccurt, n me County COtrl f?ocm, in ir.e Court House, ; n ir-e Cily OF Fergus Falls. /,*-n nesofa, aid 'haf r.of."cer>ereo/ t/e g ven by tne pjSi.cai on ot m;s order :n tie Fergus Faiis Dai.c Journal in: tw n-a-'ed not-ce ai prov ofo c/ law Da'W Ai,gjit 19tn, 1974 Herwy PcIV nghorn Judge :Co-jri Va i ^jrer. Helie. Perr-Berlon, Schulie & Swi e Fcgus Pa 11. W nr.esota 4*S3f Aiiorre, lor Peii' :f '*( PcC.'iCaNonAvg 74. 1974) IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION File No.41941 Vare ol Minnesota. Cc-nr v o<OHef Taiiss. Oidtr lor Hearing »n Pelifion for General Administration. in Tre Vati*r Of The Esta'e Of Joseci.r.e Dr'foH. Decedent. IT IS ORDERED That ir* petivon tor Genera- Ad r-i:r.i strati an died nerein and ar.j' ouiecr-ons t.iod ihereio be heard on September i/»h. 1V7I. at 10 00 o'clock A M cy ih.s court m ihe cou'house in rr.e C-ty of Fergus Fa'-l^, Minnesota That, il proper, a' said time and place a represenidi've will be appointed lo ad rr nister ir.e esta'e. v,r*o shall coiled ail assets ano file an rwentory tnereo), pa/ all fegji debts, claims, and raxes. &rrt expenses of aafnin;Mrdt:on, and sell su.^i real and properly as nay te necessary and for toe best interests ol ire estate Upon templet ion of a 3 mir. stratioo, tr>e representative shall f ie a lira' accojn) for allowance and d-stribute tne esiale to ihe persons ihereunto eniiited as ordered by me court ano do all «h«r acts to close the estate IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, lhal crediiors of decedent file the'r (.la^mb m lh,:s courl wilhin sixly (60> days IrO'n l/>e da's hereof and f^at said c<aims be F~eard on OOober 31rd, 197J. at ID 00 o'tlocX A M, by Ihiscourl in Ihe (.OurlfHX,se in Ihe Cily of Fergus Falls. Minnesota Dated August Uih, 1974 Henry Potkinqhorn Judge (Court Seall Williams. Nelson i N tz Fergus F'alls. MN Attorneys (First Publication Aug. 31. 1974) INCOUNTYCOURT PROBATEDWISIOH File No. 41953 Stare ol Minnesota, County o! Otter Tail ss. Order tor Hearing •?n Petition lor Admiuiwi of Will ro Pro bate, in The Mailer Ol The Estate O< Lawrence A. Huss, Decedent IT IS ORDERED lhat the petition for admission o1 will to probate liled herein and any objections liled thereto be heard on September Mfh, 1974. at 10.00 o'clock A M by this court in the courtrtouse in ihe Cily of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Thai, if proper, at said ti/r.e ar^) p'ace a represeataiive will be appointed 10 ad minister tne esta>e, v^« shall collect ail assets and lile an inventory thereof, pay all legal debts, claims, and laxes. and expenses of administration, and sell such real and personal properly as may be necessary and lor me best interests ol tne estate. Upon completion of administration, the representalive shall file a final account (or allowance and shall distribute the estate to the persons thereunto entitled as ordered by me court and do all other acts to close Ihe estaJe. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, thai creditors ot decedent lile their claims in this court within sixty (601 days Irom the date hereof and thatsa;d claims be heard on October 33th, 1974. at W:00 o'clock A.M. by this court in ihe courlhouse in Ihe City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Dated Augus! 3C1h, WM Henry Pol king horn Judge ol County court. (Court Seal) Williams, Nelson & N<tr Fergus Fal'.s. Minn. 56537 Attorneys • .-'-.;.- Fergus Falls (Hn.) Journal Sal., Sept. 7,1974 Teachers strike in several areas By The Assurkik'd 1'irss Teacher strikes in 10 states kept classrooms closed to tliou- siind.s of pupils on Friday as Ihe o|)eriiiu; week of the full semester ended. About 120,000 students were affected Ijy ;i '.ralkout in .\licli- i|;an ;is were tens of thousands more in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington, California. Cuimecticut, N'ew York, Ohio and Wisconsin. —THE WEATHER Sept. Weather 1973-74 85 M 76 71 74 7-t 0 .73 .03 C 0 65 GO 70 79 75 M Pep T 0 0 0 0 .23 Jos. Felix Sub-station observer National Weather Service NORTHWEST FORECAST Minnesota: Cloudy this morning with foggy areas especially west portion until late morning. Cloudy northeast and partly cloudy west and south this afternoon with chance of a few showers or thunderstorms. A little warmer cast and north. Highs today 60s northeast to 70s southwest. Partial clearing overnight with scattered showers and thunderstorms east and south diminishing. Cooler west and north. Ixm's tonight low 40s to low 5fls. Partly sunny Sunday and a little cooler west and south. Highs G2 to 70 north and (18 to 76 south. North Dakota: Partly cloudy east and partly cloudy, windy and cool west this afternoon. Highs today low to mid 60s. Partly cloudy west and mostly cloudy east and cool tonight and Sunday, laws tonight upper 30s west to low to mid 40s east. Highs Sunday near GO. South Dakota: Mostly sunny today. A little wanner west. Highs today upper 70s to mid 80s. Partly cloudy with a few isolated showers tonight and lows upper 40s and low 50s. Partly cloudy and a little cooler -•Sunday—M^th iJifghs -low 70s ^northwesMo nqafr SO southeast. [First Publication Sept 7,1971) NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE TO CHEMICAL DEALERS: Seated proposals will be received by the City Council of the City of Fergus Falls, Minnesola, at Tf-c CiTy Arjtr,initiator's Dffke until 7.00 P.M. on the 7rn day of October, 1974, al -which Time they w-il be opened ai an open. meeTing in the Council Chambersby the City Adm nistrator. City Eng'neer, and two members oi the Ci!v Council The b'ds will be considered by The City Council at a regular rr.eelng on the above daipal 730 P M for lumping the follow'ng One or more irutkloads ol sod urn chloncie. natural or manufactured. in 100 ib. bags per M H 0 3910 lor Type 1 All b ; ds must be subm.TJed on proposal blanks f urn shed by "w Cify of Fergus Falh, Minnesota B d is for requ.ramenls from October 15. 197J 'o April 1. 1975 Proposals ar*> to be accompanied by cay, a certified or caster's checV or bidder 'stored >n the arr our t of SI 00 00 and made payable '.f> the C-ty of Fergus Fa':s Bids r-.L,st be -n the hands of 11-e Cily Ajrr niitrafw r» laTer lhan 3 00 P M , Oc'ooer 7. 1*74. ard n-.usf be -n sealed cnve'05« p'a n1 v rrarked ' B ion Sod-jm Tr-eCo-.ix-i reserves ire riqhl Toaccep' or reiecT ary cr a:i D ds By Order ol the C 'v Ccurc'l ll- ; S 3rd day of Seple-rcfr. i?74 Rodger A Neumarn (First Publication Aug. 31,197J) IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION File 41951 Stateof Minnesota. Counly of Oiler Taiiss. Order for Hearing cm" Pit i Iron lor General Administration, in The Matter Of The EsidteOf Dorolhv L. Soward. Decedent IT IS ORDERED that Ihe peMlion for general adminisiraiion filed herein and arty objections liled thereto be heard on September 2^th, 197.1, at (3:00 o'clock A M by this courl in Ire courthouse in Ihe Cily o) Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Thai, if proper, at saki time and place a represent a live will be appcrnted to ad- minisler th« estate, who shall collect all assets and lile an Inventory thereof, pay all legdJ debts, cldims, and fanes, and expenses ol admrn^slrallon, and sell such r«al and personal property as may ce necessary and lor the best imprests of ihe e^Jaie. Upo^ completion of ad minisiration, ihe representaiive snail file a final account lor allowance and shall distribute the esiale fo the persons ihereunlo enlitled as ordered by the court and do all ether acts to close the estate. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, thai creditors of decedenl F'Je their claims in Ihis court witnin sixty (60^ days from ihe date hereof and that sa ; d claims be heard on October 30th, 197J, at 10.00 o'clock A M by ihls court in the courthouse in the Cily of Fergus. Falls. M r nnesota. Dated August 23rd, 197J Henry PolKinghorn Judge (Courl Seal) F-eld, Arvesea, Donoho. Lundeen & Hcd Fergus Falls, Wrtn SAi37 AKorneys irsi Publication Aug 24, 197jj INCOUNTYCOURT PROBATE DIVISION File No.41?52 S/aie CF M.nnescta, Co-nlycf O1tcr Ta Us. Order EOT Hearing on P*litiMi lor Admission in The Walter Ol The Esiate Cl Thc-a Christiansen. Decedenl 1T IS ORDERED that the peiition lor admission of wii| to probate Filed heie-n and any oejections filed ihereio be heaiu on September 17lh. 1574. at 10:00 o'clocX A.M. by this tot rf in ffie COgrtf-ouse ^i the City of Fergus Fails, Minnesota. Thai, if proper, at said lime and place a representative win ce appcimed to ad minister the estate, wno shall coiled an assets and file an inventory increot, pay ail legal debts, claims, and taxes, and expenses ot adm nistralion, and sell such real and personal property as may be necessary ard for the best inleresls ol the estate Upon completion of ad minrslration. the representative shall d'e a linal accounl for allowance and shall distribute the estale to the persons thereunto enlitled as ordered by tt>e cotrt and do all o'her acls to close the esiate IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, lhal creditors of decedent file ihe.r cia : ms in this courl wiirvn sixty (60) days from ihe datehereoi and trat sa d claims be heard on October 23rd. )9;j, at lO-QO o'clock A this courl in ihe courthouse in the Cily o1 Fer&u', Falls. Mmresoia Dated AL-I^SI I9tn. 197 J Henr/ Polklrvghorn J'jdge of County Coi-rt (Courl Seal! Rofer. Heife. PcT.derton. Schu'ie 1 Sorlie Fergus Fa'ls. .'.vnrxjsota 5&S37 AltorncyS Tin 1 Mii'higjni dispute - - involving IJ.iiOO loathcra find more lh;iii ii (Joxi'ii school districts — improved sliglitly Krid;jy when tentalivu u^reiinenl on a new work pact was reached in the Clit> district, north of I-'lint, and instructors relumed to their rlassrooins. In Cimiplxill, Ciilif., 40 mites south of San I'rancisco, sulxsli- . luU 1 U';IC)KT.S' were lured to keep elementary schools open as 218 of the district's :i94 in. stniL'turs stayed off the joh. Teachers in t)ak]and, Calif., voted to strike its elementary ; and secondary schools, schcd- . uled lo open Tuesday, in a dc' mancj for a 15 per cent increase in wages which now average $M,W2 annually. 'Hie school district offered fi per cent. The :i,OOQ teachers also seek reinstatement of 104 instructors . who had been laid off. The district said it would rehire 80. Extended forecast Minnesota: Mostly sunny and cool Monday. Mostly cloudy and warmer with chance of showers or thunderstorms Tuesday and in the northeast Wednesday. IXDVVS mid 40s to mid 50s except mid 30s to mid 40s Monday. Higlis 70s except mid 50s to upper 60s Monday. South Dakota: Fair Monday with chance of showers Tuesday and partly cloudy Wednesday. Cool Monday morning warming west Monday and east Tuesday. l,ows Monday low 40s. I/ow Tuesday and Wednesday low 5fls. High low 70s cast Monday otherwise low 80s. North Dakota: Warming trend with chance of showers Tuesday or Wednesday. Highs around 70 to 80. Ixiws 40 to 50. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET ( Sept. G) MINNKAI'OUS, Minn. (AP) — Wheat receipts 43D, year ago Iil4; Spring wheat cash trading hasis down 5; prices down 10. No. 1 dark northern 11-17 protein 4.42-5.10. Test weight premiums: one cent each iwund 58 tod Ibs; one cenl discount each ' 2 Ib under 58 Ibs. Protein price;.; 11 per cent 4.42-4.50; 12, 4'.50-4.5C; 13, 4.G2- 4.Gfi; 14, 4.77; 15, 4.98-5.02; 16, 5.0G; -17, 5.07-5.10. No. 1 hard Montana winter 4.22-1.90. •'•' ' • : ' Mitin-S.D". No.Tfianl winter 4.17-4.84. N'u. 1 hard amber durum, li.4a-7.00; discounts, amber 2550; durum 75-1.00. Corn No. 2 j'ellow :t.29-3.30. Oats No. 2 extra heavy white 1.75. Barley, cars 165, year ago 187; l.arW 2.48-3.95; Blue Mal- tinM 2.48-3.90; Dickson 2.48-3.95; Feed 2.10-2.47. Rye No. 1 and 2 2.82-3.00. Flax No. 1 10.00. Soybeans No. 1 yellow 7.02' z . BELTONE Hearing Aid Counselor TO HOLD FREE HEARING AID CONSULTATION River Inn Hotel, Fergus Falls, Minn. Tuesday, September 10-11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cords, Batteries and Repairs on all Hearing Aids IF HEARING IS YOUR PROBLEM BELTONE IS YOUR ANSWER BELTONE HEARING AID SERVICE 300 Main—Suite D, Fargo, N.D.—Ph. 237-9977 VERNONC.MJELDE, Distributor Certified Hearing Aid Audiologist — ELECT — Emma Ness Second District County Commissioner OTTER TAIL COUNTY + Experienced Public Accountant and Income Tax Practitioner 4- Licensed Real Estate Saleswoman WHEKK KNIEVEL PIJVNS TO JUMP - This photo-diagram shows Iho path of Eve! KnievePs planned jump Sunday across the Snake River Canyon in Idaho. His Sky-Cycle jump is set for 3:30 p.m. Sunday. (AP Wircphoto) Serious crime rate up in rural areas WASHINGTON l A I') Serious crimes rose 6 per cent in the United States last year with the biggest increases in suburbs and rural are;is, the FBI reported. G. Albertson dies (1. Norris Alljertsmi died Tliursil;;y ;it the Milaca HnspiUil. Funeral services will be Monday at 10 a.m. in the .Milaca Funeral Home. Surviving him ;irc Ihree sons, (iurvin, (Icrmaiiy, Orrinan. Minneapolis; and Robert, Texas: one 1 daughter, Mrs. Miirluw i.Iackiei Arneson. Minneapolis; three brothers, I,. K. Albertson, Minneota; Kcnnelh and Cordon, both of Foxhomc; and two sisters, Mrs. Inky Olson, Barrel!, and Mrs. Floyd llciobler. Spring Valley, Calif. NEW YORK POULTRY MARKET i Sept. G i NEW YORK (API - f USDA i-Dressed poultry. North Atlantic carlot and Irucklol turkey markets, U.S. grade A, ready-locook, frozen, fo.b. or equivalent: • • Demand- for-commodity 4-22 Ibs continued light, Interest for 24 Ibs and up fair, with distributive supplies generally light. An occasional feature that was anticipated for next week on fresh has been canceled due to it labor dispute in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. Sales of U.S. Grade A, frozen: fryerroasters 4-9 Ibs 54 cents; young torus 1422 Ibs 44, 24-28 Ibs 47.2G-28 Ibs 49.28-30 Ibs 52,30 Ibs and up 55-56. The annual Uniform Crime Reports reflected increases in the number of offenses reported lo police in all seven crime categories last year. The highest increase was 10 per cent for rape, the lowest 2 per cent for robbery. Increases were reported for all sections of the country and for cities, suburbs and rural areas alike. In all categories, the urban dweller was more likely to be a crime victim than the suburbanite or rural resident. However, the largest cities, those with more than one million residents, recorded an over-all decrease of one-half of one per cent. Suburban areas reported an average increase of 9 per cent and rural areas 10 per cent. The FBI figures, comparing the volume and rate of crime in 1973 with the figures for the previous year, are based on reports from nearly all state and local police agencies. The figures are not considered a totally accurate measure of crime. Most critics suggest that total crime is much greater than the offenses reported to police. The 1973 increase was a return to an upward trend broken only once in 18 years, when the 1972 figures reflected a 4 per cent decrease. The only 1974 figures available show a 15 per I At the Movies \ Peter Fonda and Susan George are fugitives in a wild car chase in "Dirty Mary Crazy l.arry", co-starring Adam Roarke and Vic Morrow, showing through Tuesday at the FERGUS Theatre. cent over-all increase for January through March. For the past five years, serious crime is up 30 per cent and since 1960 the increase is 120 per cent. As is customary, the FBI report offers no explanation for the trends in the 282 pages of statistics and charts. According to the report, Americans in 1973 reported 8.6 million cases of murder, assault, rape, robbery, burglary, larceny, and auto theft — the seven categories for which statistics are collected. In 1972, there were 8.1 million reported crimes. Adjusted for population growth, the statistics show a national crime rate increase of about 5 per cent. The 1973 crime rate indicates that about four oul of every 100 citizens was a victim of serious crime. Broken down by category, the report shows that the murder rate rose 4 per cent last year and 35 per cent over the past five years. In big cities, 21 of every 100,- OOfl residents were slain. The number of rapes increases 10 per cent, the highest of any crime category, but the total comprised less than 1 per cent of all'"9erious crimes, the report said. lake murder, assault occurred most often within families, and the national rate increased 6 per cent last year and 40 per cent in the past five years. The four categories of violent crime — murder, assault, rape and robbery — collectively rose 5 per cent but totaled only 869,470 while all three categories of property crimes added up to 7.8 million. Sample Ballot -- County and State Primary Election, City of Fergus Falls, Otter Tail County, Minn., Sept. 10,1974 Instructions for Voting on the Voting Machine 1. Move the Red Handle to the Right. 2. Turn Down Voting Pointers ^-% Over the Names of Candidates of your choice. 3. Leave Voting Pointers Down 4. Move the Red Handle to the Left If You Change Your Mind, Turn Up a Voting Pointer and Turn DOWN Another FOR T11E SAME OFFICE. As BO TOlts czr« i«gistered until the Red Handle is moved to tp»a th4 curtain, fou can mall* as many changes as you desiia while Ihe Bed Handle :• al tae right side. The machine is so arranged that you can turn down oaly the propet aumhei ol Toting point, en lor each oUice; you cannot spoil your ballot by voting lor too nacv candidates. Each candidate's voting pointer is located jusl above the name; a voting --sinter must be turned down over the name ol each candidate lor whom you wish to vole. LEAVE VOTING POINTERS DOWN, No one will know how you have voted bocauj:. the movement oi Ihe led Handle reruns the voting poinlen to the unvoted position l.ela-. ih« curtain begins lo open. The state Law does NOT PERMIT splitting your ballot in the PARTY PRIMARY. Th'* Voting Machine thterelare prevents you irom doing so. You can enter tho primary ol any ONE PABTY oi your choice. All other party rows remain locked. Votor All out To Cloie Curttis bj Moving the B«d KtmdU to Th. Bight u Cut Vc & tcrii lei 1 n i C Vo 1 "-V o»d dng County Auditor PA'. 0 ADv Presa-ed ax) c tier o*vn cefa'l d ard pa ; cilfy al Ad* a 10$ by ETir->^ Ness, Consolidated Primary Election Ballot OFFICES tar- REPUBLICAN W PARTY TICKET FOR REPRESENT- ATTVE IN CONGHESS 7th DSTEICT VOTE Fll HE FOR REPRESENT ATTVE IN LEGISLATURE HA DISTRICT f«TE Fll till 1 A Don REBER DEMOCRATIC FARMER- LABOR J3T PARTY TICKET 1 B Bob BERGLAND 2 A Bud ANDERSON 2 B Geno R. WENSTROM FOR GOVERNOR/IT. GOVERNOR V6IE FM «1E TEAS FOR i SECRETARY OF STATE 3 A 4 A fohn W. ' JOHNSON Dwoine H. and HOBEHG 5 A 6 A 4 B SB Marvin Wendell (Marv) (Wendy) EAKMAN ANDERSON 6 B and Rudy PEHPICH VI1E Fll «lt 8 A Arlen ERDAR. FOR STATE AUDITOR YBIE Fll lit 9 A Rolland F. HATFIELD 10 A Robert W. (Bob) MATTSON Alcuin LOEHR FOR STATE REASUREH VITE Fll HE 11 A I. Robert (Bob) STASSEN II B Jtm LORD FOB ATTORNEY GENEBA1 fITE Fll IIC 12 A Dean A. NYQUIST Warren SPANNAUS

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