The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 12, 1948
Page 7
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MONDAY, .1UI,Y 12. 1943 KU'THKVn.l.K (ARK.) COURIER NKW8 Draft'Escape' Door is Closed One-Year Enlistment By Boys of 18 "Out" Until Budget Okayed Bj Frank Klrairr United Press SUff Correspondent WASHINGTON, July 12. (UP) Some. 18-year-olds are learning llwy ran't beat the 21-montli draft after all by eniisting voluntarily (or ons year. Their rries. as tliev approach 1» and rxKMbls draft calls, are reacli- ..jifcK Capitol Hill. One House mem- S*r is demanding that President Truman liims«lf do something about it. According: to Selective Service estimates, sonic 3.203 nmigsters daily pn-si their 19lh birthday. In so d*j- ing they may be losing for good tlie chance Congress i bought it gave them to 5i?n up for hitches'of one year. In iia^.sing the draft act, the lawmakers believed they were putting info effect immediately the special privilege lor IS-year-olris. Thft Defense Department says, however that this '.vas not the case. Army Secretary Kenneth C. Roy- fill says he cannot accept the one- year enli^Lintnils utiul tire buds<H director approves his cost estimates «nd makes the money available. He points out that thi* restriction the program wa* approved by Congress uhen it passed the Military Appropriations Act. How soon it can bo complied with ,he does not know Solution Studied Royall says he is studying the possibility o( making the voluntary enlistment privilege retroactive to cov- ngsters who have lurnec dr^ft act became las 1 , PAGE SEVER. Israeli Navy Makes Its Bow Heroin* of Philippine Resistance Admitted To Hospital in Louisiana tired nmi ".shnkfn up 1 ' by thr lon« food «n<1 Information to CARVILLK, UT., July 13. UJP A li*roln« of iho Philippine mlft- lancf, M>s. -lose firm Cieunno, in- riay wa* confined in the Infirmary dt the National l-c|HO5ar!!im here. Kfter a 12,000 mile trip In set>Ich or meOU-ftl aid. i 'Hie ;iQ-year-old u-onmn. wriRh- ' lug only 10ft ixnmds. was flown ' tn New Oi loans Immediately atl^r her arrival by .i<*ft nl Sun Fi'finrisco. ' Hospital authorities snld slif was ' Mrs. Oue-rr* ro won the U. S. Medal of Freedom, hi g him I award piiTii lo rlvlIUiu, /or her valUtit i work In .spying on JupftitfA* »nrt 1 « since ihe it month. Tiny, but confident, the Israeli tinvy—ronsisling of two corvetlos— is Banding hy (or action in Haifa hnrbor Two liundroo snappy, whilo-clart sailors fland at case \vhi!<: Prime Minister Dnvid Rrn- Curion addresses Ihcm. (Pholo by NEA-Acme slaM correspondent David S. Boyer.) {In aiding Hie PACK})** o< American i prisoner* In the Sslatidn. ' She took AdvanlHKC o[ hrr l#prosy iHiinsen'.s'i to go back and forth thro-ugli enemy llneA to AILACIDE Kilts Johnson Grass E. C. Robinson Lumber Company .IIS West Ash St. the In Orvtlle, sh« will b» given the mo«t modern treatment for lite «««-ol<i <il«*«»*. Authorities wniilrt not comment on the chance* for rnre unlit th«y have been • !>)« to glvt 1 unlit they buve been able lull *Uu*v to her <!•*«, / Read Courier Newi WAIU Ads. Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! PRESCRIPTIONS S<ork Kirby Drug StoreS Preferential Primary Law Keeps 1948 Campaign Free of Usual Dirt Some Congressional experts doubt, however, that it can be done. The draft law says .specifically that the i t"s'a'l]ze"Tn privilege shall be confined to 161,000 men annually betwcrn the agi's of 18 and 19. Technically, no 19- year-olds ate eligible. Rep. Kenneth B. Keating, R. N. Y., was the first member of Congress to protest. He said one of his 13- year-old constituents in Rochester, N. Y., had been turned down the day before he turned 19. He asktid Roy all how come. Wli&n Roy a 11 said he couldn't do anything about it yet, Keating telegraphed his protest yesterday tu President Truman. He asked the president to make th; one-ear enlistment privilege for 18-ear-olds retroactive to the date of the draft law. By Rntt Brown (United PreM Staff rorrwpontUiitl LITTLE ROCK, Ark',, July 12.— I UP)—The "dirtiest" campaign years promised Arkansas voters early thi.s spring has failed to niat- the race for governor. other contestants. Otficial-s in headquarters of -lack I Holt and Horace Thompson have i Indicated that they will "keen it I clean." So, while all candidates contin- lie to Awing from th« heels at "Just wait until the runoff," one j way, school *nd oiher campaign political olcUitncr suRReslrri. [ issues, there probably will be no Senator Byrd Urges Big Cut In U.S. Payroll WASHINGTON. July 12. <U.P.>— Sen. Harry F. Byrd, D.. V«., has urged a 30 per cent slash in the number of civilian workers on the federal payroll. A leading congressional economy booster, Byrd said there will be an average or 2,112.000 employes on the federal rolls this fiscal year. •"This number is more ihftn twice the World War I peak," he said. "II is more than three-and-a-half times the level at the end of the last previous Republican Congress and administration." He said his suggested cut could be made without reducing government efficiency and would save $2.000,000.000 a year. It would mean dis- mrssa] of about 630.000 workers. Even so. Byrd said, there would His sentiments were echoed at least one headquarters. "We'd be chumps to start heiw- lug mud now," one campaign manager declared. "The guy we'd attack might get beat July 17th and throw his support to us in the runoff. You simply can't afford to .stai t any thiug in .such a wide field. To date, only one or two candidates have attempted to deal hi personalities. ! Jim Merrill, who pulled out of (he campaign last week attempted to link Sid McMath of Hoi Springs with the political organizations of \ former Governors Carl Bailey and Homer Acikins. As McMath did not deny lhat he I was being backed by the t,wo Cornier governors, however, trie charge fell flat. John Lonsdalc, Jr. of Lonsdalp has leveled several blasts at Me- Math's record as a prosecutor. James MncKrcll, the Little Rock radio evangelist has admitted several times that he expected to hf a target for the other candidates, but to date, his fellow-campaigners have watched him collect money at his campaign rallies and have accepted his statements that the funds are supporting his campaign and two orphanages. MacKrell himself hn.s been careful not to trod on the toes of the _ | be some 1.462,000 federal employes! or 500,000 more than in 1939. j "H would appear." he said, "that' SOC.GOQ additional civilian employes should be; sufficient to tncet new postwar requirements, including the new military expansion." ; He said the federal payroll has real fireworks before July 2fth. RED T0P ALE Fred S. Saliba & Company 123 H'nt Ash St. Phon* 437 It's Not Too Late for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 RECTAL DISEASES (All Typw Exc< DRS. NIES Clinic 514 Main, BSjth ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blyiheville Curb Market T30 E. Main Phont 973 Minnie Lee Jones Studio Opening Snmm»r ClaMim In PIANO Enroll Now 807 n\i Tuition PK«n« 299* Police Investigate ^Slaying of Former U.S. Navy Officer OPELOUSAS. La.. July 12. (UP! —Stories of a score or suspects were checked today a s authorities nought to fix responsibility for the murder of a former naval officer and tlia brutal-rapt of his woman companion. The suspects weie rounded up in hours of searching yesterday after Mrs. James Morris stumbled Into the hamlet of Krotz Springs shortly before dawn, to report the attack. Officers she led to the sccr» found the beaten, slabbed and shot body of Albert B. Couvillion, 40 of Melville. La. ' Mrs. Morris, wife of an Opelomas resident, said the pair were attacV- od by two Negro men at about 3 a.m., while they were .seated in .1 ear in Melville. The men were masked, she said and one of lii»m leveled a ?iui at Couvillion and or- dcr"<t him to drive to Krotz Sprint Before iliey reached there, however. Couvillion wss ordered to cii- Ifr a si.lB road. The men then be- san to be.n l:i:n. Mrs. Morris reported 1 , and one of them altcmplcri to kiss her. Boih mpn assaulted her. Mrs. MiirrLs told SJierifr Claylon Gille- bcau antt state police, (hen told her to walk to Krotz Springs, severs! miles away. She did. and notified JK !»»' enforcement authorities. "^ Couvillion'i body, shot, t. 5tabrd several limes, and it.s skull smashed, was foimrt in the automobile. Pieces of « broken pistol were found in the car. been growing at the rate of nearly 500 a day since last January. Brlxlcrl Discovery '. t White men explored California i for more than 300 years before ' ! they discovered tlie "General Slier- , • man" tree, the world's largest liv-| » ing thin?. j • for mixin's and fixin's Everything for lh«l special party Coll 2127 or 2868 Foster's Liquor Stores Gatewood Grocery State Line Pkon« 975 GAS GAS Rt t , Gal. Ithyi, Gal. 20.9< 22.9< BEER (irieseriieck T iste how During 1935, ^34 Ainoricans Rave up their O. S. citizcn^ilp to be rmtiiralweti in Canada. SPECIAL! 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