Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 19, 1890 · Page 1
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1890
Page 1
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WILL PAY FOK THK Dispatch- Democrat in jam , i, Subscribe flow ! ft V WILL PAY FOR THE Dispatch- Democrat m ui \i isoi. # Subscribe Now! VOLUME XXL DKIAH CITY, MENDOCINO < MMY, GAL.. FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER J 9, 1890. NUMBER 51 DISPATCH ASD DEMOCRAT. PUBLISHED EVERT FRIDAY, VKTAH, - • - MESPOCISO CO., CM.., By JNO. B LICKING-HAM, . S UBSCRIPTION R ATES: OncTcar : $2 BO Bix Months 1 '-6 Three Months 76 ADVEKTlSiNCl KATES: . Space. Monthly. Yenrtv. 1 Inch » 2 DO »12 0D 2 inches 8 7S 18 00 3 inches f, 00 '21 00 4 Inches r, 2r> <10 09 6 Inches 7 i'5 Sti 00 * Inches S 00 89 00 7 inches 8 75 42 00 8 Inches II 60 48 00 9 inches in 2f, M 00 10 inches n oo f.o oo One-half column. 11 M> «S oo One column 15 00 120 00 Three months same rate as for one year. Two months 1}( times one month, [.ess than one month $1 per Inch for first Insertion. 60 cents per Inch f:-,r e.ich subsequent Insertion Local advertisements *1 per inch ior each Insertion. Specified position 2. r » pe cent, extra. The above are net flg*"*es. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. J. Q. WHITE, Attorney mid A Homey nt Lnw. Uklnh city, Mondficiuo Co., C B I. O FFICE —In Court House. Will practice in .ill State and Federal Courts. 1-lltf /. .If. HASXON, Attorney nntl ('ni.niselor nt I.nw. Ukiah, Mendocino County, Cal. Will practice In all Courts of this State. OFFICK —In Masonic Hall building, comer of School and Perkins Streets. l-Itf. /. .1. COOPER, Attorney anil Coiiuaolornl l.s«. Ukiah City, Cal. O FFICE —In Odd Fellows' Bull ling. Will promptly attend to all business Intrusted So his core In any of thoCourtsof thisState. | t-lfi YELL & SEA WELL, Attorney*! unit Counselors nt I.uw. Uklnh, City, Mendocino Co., Cal. O FFICE —In New Law BulldhiK, west of Court House. Will practice In all Courts of this State. (l-7tf. T. L. CAROTHERD, Attorney HudTui.iit.elor ill Law, Ukiah City, California. Office In New Law Building, west of Court House, Practices In all State and Federal Courts. |J-ltf S. C. POAUE, Attorney nt linn, Ukiah City. Cal. Special attention paid to Probate business. Will practice In all the Courts. JAMES E. PEMBERTON, A-.4*i*.iey find CounKvior Hi T.nw. LaiiBlngSt., Mendocino City. Will practice lu all the Courts of this State l-'/tf. J. K. CHAMBERS, Attorney nn«t Counselor nt l<nw, Covelo, Mendoelno Co., Cal. Practices In all tin. Courts of this State. W. jV. MOORE, M. 1)., Physician and Surgeon, Ukiah City, Cal. r "Office at residence on Perkins 8treet, cue block west of Court House. J. L. 1S0XD, M. D., Ftayaielnn nml Niir*-eou, Ukiah City, Cal. O FFICE —On west side of Court House, In Heger's building. QEO. II'. STOUT, 31. V., Physician nuilNiirneoii, Ukiah City, Cal. O FFICE —At Ukiah Hotel. 12-21tf. J. W. HUDSO.V, M. D. Physician and Surgeon, Ukiah, Cal. Olfioe: Northwest cor. Slandlev and School ata. Rooms at A. O. Carpenter 1 !), State at. •1 I2tf O. T. MASO.V, M. V. Pliyalcinu, Kiirif'Hiii n u:l Uyiifcolog-lHt. San Francisco, Cal. Telephone No. 8118. 610 Hayes Street. Makes a specialty of Diseases of Females and all discuses of tbo Stomach and Digestive Urgaus II'. 11. HOGSHEAD, D. D. X, UK NT INT. Ukiah City, Mendocino Co., Cal. OrPiCB—West of Express Ofllce. Oas administered. 10-2111. Wit. M. PEERV, Real Estate Agent, Conveyancer and 8earoher of Records, Ukiah, Cal. Office with Oountv Clerk. All business entrusted tu my euro attended to promptly. 4 -Mf. Q. A, OVERMEYER, t'oiiNtnliK- »>i «l Vollcrtur Ukiah City, Cal. O FFICE —Opposite D ISPATCH office. Prompt attention given to all business entrusted to my care. F V, MA soy, A'ohlteot and Builder, Ukiah City, Cal, Plans, BiKcIflculious and Kstlmntes mado to order. Will contract for oil kinds of building*, to furnish material, or otherwise. Satisfaetlou guaranteed. B-22tf. FOR SALE! | A AND 20 ACHE Tit ACTS OF RICH BOT- 1 I' tout laud for sale iu Little Lake Vulley. Subdivisions of (lie II, I.. Norton HOME RANCH. liasv urn's. Annlvlon. B. MUIR, Wiliits, or H. t. S0KTON. 10 Cal. 8t.. H. V.. Cnl. PIANOS Uu!y Ni-w I'linsluI'lHuo. 1JS0, Hlban <1tip. [ w»rll. ilcilwtwU, tmsti frci.iin baa <t («ai| UHStniid "lib *t "d slid coviTnu rwl|,'L' o) pr.'ao. i 'Hlb warmttwu. tlln<ap.'.t l *,nmj U UUKM V. A. 3raan3 ,l>ntilninl, CAl -t f£a> Well stocked ESTABLISHMENT The Largest Assortment of Builder's Hnrdwnn?, Mechanic's Tools, Matiu'H, Hunt's nnd Hnrd'H Axes Harvey IVnci* Kmiil and X Saws, L'i\...iiiK '"4»ols, Thr IniporJfil Plow, {liest Plow in the M'arlJ.) —ALSO— The Bnokevn Comblnoil Ifnrrow and Spcder, The inickfye'ruiiii), The Huukcyu Wind Motor, The Bridue, ltcanii »t Co. tfnpt'rior Stovi'w and Hungi?.", Tlu* Adams & Westl-iko Monarch Gun­ ci int.* R HI^V-I, Hint ft lauuilri'tl mill oil** tlliU|t7*4 Irl'lllllllt'lllHl 1111 (1 IINt'tlll, AT LOWEST RATES. PASIIIOi\l®*MSTABLBS t»|i|M>ftite tliPlirxud Hotel, State Street, - • Ukiah ; Cal. SMITH & HILL, Proprietor, Good Turnouts for hire—DouMe nud SIiiKln tfamn, ami Hiuldlf Iforat's. The best of cnrof?l\on totranslLMit stock. iv»ins furnlslicd with or without drivers. Your patronage Is solicited, and satisfaction Kuarantcd. 9-71f. D. K. SANFOUD. J. M. SANKOKD. NEW SHOP HEW PRICES For Best Meats and at Lowest Prices don't fail to call on SANFORD & SON, Opposite the Post-Office. S:ate Street, - - Ukiah City. L. EDWARDS. B. EDWARDS. EDWARDS BROS'. Meat Market, TJ^x.A.ia:, C -A.II.. We wish to infomi the public that we have opened a meat market in the building recently occupied by K. Marks <fc Co, where we will eoutiiiHiilly keep on hand the very chuieeKt meats to be found in the market. Meat delivered free to all purls of the city. Remember wo are here tn *ttav. EDWARDS BROS. II. B. SMITH. it. H. nO.VOHOE, Smith & Donokoe ;SuceeKdors to Duncan it Smith.) Searchers of Records, Onice with County Assessor, UKUH MTV, • - CUII'MINII Abstracts made and Con wyaueinK Done. Aiteuts for Pire Asiiixdittiou or Phlladelfihla. Uef«r by permission to: Kohl. MeGm-vey, Bu- pcrlor Judge; 1). I'a.xtou, County Clerk; Thos. L. Carotliers, Ksq,; 11. A. Pt-aimdy, f<lltor of O IAIMTCII. lli-7tf. IVlonilocino County Abstract •:- Bureau! And 1 and Title Oilier, School St., adj. Christian Church, UKIA1I, CAL, Sole proprietors of Dur^'s Heli-Corrcct- ing System of deducing Land Titles. Only cum ploto abstracts of Mendocino County, Searchers of Records, Insurance and Loan Agents. mmCKWEHNG SPECIALTIES •1-201 f. RICE & B ALTZELL, I 'roprietorH. Appledale Nursery, Scott 's Valley, Lake Co., Cal. tflsjT" Oilers for the soflsou of 18S9aclioice lot of T3EES, AtrsHRonanlapilrcs. Fruit firoivcrs ami oth*p .-H diiHlring trees are Invited to call and iUHpcct them at tlie Knrscry, ornund for vrlco list. All Htoek uiiiiioiilceil lo lie free I'roiu llllaM^lN Hllll (I1NHIIH4!. Atldrcttit 15. I'.WIIAY, Laknmirt, Cal. ;l-'->l)t I A WEAK Can now cure lllnxclf of the deplorable rennlts of curly iilin-ni. mid iiKi 'leoii.,' riwloco I I I H vlnor nun vIlHliiy by the lln'iit Anstrtilliin Heinedy. TUo i-i-aniirki>lili> cure* of Imuclcss cntei of > II.-HPII. Itelilillt ,i ,i ,i |>,tvi >i« «'olM|llHlnlJ> nr» evorywlicn? iitiimplun out quiiekory. The .Medicine, a iibviileiiiiragii't to sull'erluii huuiiiult)', will be soul dee lo'lUosc ,iii l-itcd. Addrtwii, Dr. M. a. TAYLOR, 'if> SOU Market atreul, 3uu Fruuui»c9 J. R. MATHEWS' CITY PHARMACY! North Side of Court House, Standley St., Ukiah, Cnl. FINE DRUG& AND MEDICINES. Choice Perfumeries. Fine - Toilet - Articles! Pure Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Preparations. Patent Medicines, Cigars, Etc. -) ICE-COLD SODA WATERX— IMllixxs; X 3 x -ea»ox.-i]p 'tioxx89 n Speolalty. Hew Mil Finest Quality 1 Low Prices I MERCHANT TAILOR School Street, Ukiah. H AS A LA ROE AND 3SLECT STOCK OF THE llnest «ood», both forelKu and domeatlc, which ho will make up at bedrock prices. A Uooo K IT G IJAIUSTKHD . Ulvo him an early call, make your selections, and secure a perfect tit, wlicrebj you will be presentable at alt times. 'J-lBtf. liiiLFm & mmmi Street, Uklnh, Have the larttest and best stock of -I3W- New Quarters. I havo Romovetl my SlonU of Drugs, Paints, Oils and Wall-Paper TO Till'. MARES BUILDING, opposiTia a -xaA .ia "iD HOTEL. alien So Will aluo have in tho aarat) room a Complete Lino of SCHOOL SUPPLIES, ETC., xCept toy A.. ID. Veatch. We invite all wanting Goods in these Lines to call and see us. J. N. MAG-EE, A. M. X>. VEATCH. S T ew Goods! :-: A Latest Styles! Furniture and Carpers E VES B ROCOIIT TO M ENDOCINO Co. Everthing appertaining to a first- class furniture establishment constant ly on hand. Buying for cash direct from the manufacturer we are enabled to sell at San Francisco prices. Call and be convinced- Terms Strictly Cash. 6 ®*0ur undertaking department is ;horoughly equipped. Orders in this line promptly attended. Do M Me Chinese or Tenement House Made Cigars. erchant - Tailor WISHES TO ANNOUHCB That he has just laid in a Fine Stock of FALL ^ WINTER GOODS, Of the very Latest Styles. tjE^^TIiese Goods comprise the Choicest Materials, both Foreign and Domestic. Finest Designs in Pants Patterns EVER BROUGHT TO UKIAH. FASHIONABLE SUITS A.t the Most Reasonable Pvices. PERFECT :-: FIT :-: GUARANTEED. State Street, Ukiah, Cal. -THE- Ukiah Cigar Factory! MAKES THE FINEST GRADES OF CIGARS TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE. Only (he choicest material used and W IIITB L ABOR exclusively employed. Ciffnr Dealers, do not fall to give our clears a trial. \ our patrons will be delighted with them. Ukiah Cigar Factory, PAUL BAIEB, Prop. C. E. TRYON, General Blacksmith! 'Jorurr of Staff, and Stevenson $trcctH x aiiioin- ing Kentucky Stahlfai Ukiah City, Cal. JTI^-Carriane HV>& wagon making, alioclng niio general bUcksm!tiling done. Agent for ell Wagon, ami other farm maclilnery. Sacred Heart Convent of Mercy! A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIE8. (..inducted by the Sisters of Morcv, Ukiah, Menducluo Co., Cnl. Korfiirlherpiirliculnrs apply lotlie MOTHER HUl'lhilOHliss, ''°- lf Ukiah, Cal. QIIRQPRIRP ft'tthc "M ENDOCINO B IS- JUOOuniDI. MKII AMU UKMOC'HAI." die lllibT LOCAL PAPER published In MtndJi- 1 10 t'ouury. All the,jrencral, mid niniici t newi (riven each week. Seud for sample onr- n ll»li!» Bpoola |i»ib forChronij 1)I «-P,«L bnlti IKI Km Kar, laami Oplam Hnbll, StuttsiLw, Marks, eto Alklii itroguUir, sclmtiao. tlilllral; onusilt hliu : wil»lM«o »boloroTou euBusBtreritaisn'.t liquid. e '<i. TeUalllnvaJIds. Cull, orwdtafitf. AttlOctal ojes. J<f Pfmslov. I,aill««lar .yrfll.»'«!y.nulrfrcnred. *«•« all »»?«! KorrouaJDoUIIW, WtskneuJJoftii t in >>lx »iu.; nfflMm o»m *»» • 'w*<t li»»llilrn«|n!. >v-V;, .Vilu'l «?#t «lilo««JUttaiBH SvllllforVirCttbl Selling mire MOCK ! Having decided to close out our business, w-s will dispose of our Stork of GENERAL MERCHANDISE At a Great Sacrifice! This is a fine opportunity for soma one wishing to invest iu a paying business in a good locality. I N THE MEANTIME, ANYONE WISHING TO ruisciusE Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Or in fact anything; in our line, TjESs^The entire etock must b© sold at once, either as a whole or at retail. W. ENGLISH & CO., Calpella, Meudociao County, Cal. BABV. A llttlo form so dainty umall. So s<,ft, so tender, and so d^ar; A little voice whose hi*lp!e».;i eaU Is musii' to n mothers ear; A 1 i rtie puis-? of delicate breath. Like Eve's when Zophyr whlsperetfef A little arm that nerveless lies; Red, covUng fingers, tiniest tldngB; Two rouud, i>li». upward Razing eye*, All filled witli silent wonderings, That, as the kiss of heaven's light bids, Now ope, now close their downy lids; A little head, so smooth Rod whit*; yert, rosy mouth and fairy chin, And cheeks all rounded to the sight, Save wuere a dimple, draws them in; All iu one tiny frame enwove, A3 light as Laughter, soft aa Love. —W. Trego Webb In Iondou Spectator. EXERCISE FOFI GRACE. Wily Women Blso from » Chair Very Much ns the flail of Their Child Docs, j litis anybody told you yet, little woman, j that you don't know how to rise from a chair? Weil, you don't. The act, as you perform it., suggests the movements of tha iin.t, iueetl, jointed wooden creature you loved best when a child, l )eo«ttRe she was the. unguinliest of all jour children, and everybody else laughed nt her and <U. you for chcrisliin.^ her mont. Bu 'v yen did, and yon made her the very finest gowns and most astounding lurtmns you could devise, and kept, her in your arms mostof tho day ttud put her olo ^e by your pillow *.vhen you went to bed nt night, and perhaps that In partly the reason why you sit down and rise up with some suggestion of her ancient grace. But you should have learned hotter things, little woman, all these days that you have been hearing so much about physical perfection, and the dress reforms, and the body reforms, and the Deism tiau graces, and all the rest. And you should have learned that the reason you ri™ like your wooden doll is because your joints are in exactly the same Inflexible and unyielding state that hers were. Tho secret of grace of body is suppleness of joiut. It really takes all the poetry out of the matter, you se.e, to discover that the elegant sinuosity of movement that marks the "vera deft" is altogether a question of mechanics, and depends upon the ease of motion in the various hinges that connect tho diSerent members of the human frame.. But It Is, and so tho thing for you to do is to get these hinges into easy working order as soon and as completely as possible. Begin your improving exercises, not by practicing various graceful poses before a mirror, as women who haven't got ''old of the seerqt of the thing are wout to do, but begin with suppliug each separate joint In your body in this way. Turn the fingers round and round on the axis of tho hand; turn the hand round on the axis of the wrist. Turn tho forearm on the elbow and the whole arm on the shoulder. Then purn tho head on the neck—slowly and as far round as you cnn. You will be surprised to see how easily after a few days' practice your face will come to be where your back hnir was a moment before. Now try turning the trunk on the waist line, the legs on the hips, tho lower half of the leg on tho knee and the foot, on the IvoVle, A steady, constant practice of this one turning exercise every day for one month until every joint is as free and supple ns it can possibly be made will give a grace nnd freedom of motion that seems «ell nigh incredible to one who has never tried it. The most important of these movements are those that turn tho body on tho waist, the head on the neck, and the legs on tho hips. Just notice tho next graceful woman you meet and see for yourself how much her grace of. movement depends on toe free and supple action of the trunk nnd tho waist and tho hips.—New York Evening Sun. Women YFho Live by Typewriting. A manufacturer of one of the standard typewriters on the market says thnt thero ate 75,000 women who make n living in this country by thrumming tho keys of writing machines. "We are not able to give you absolutely .accurate information," he said, "as to tho number of women who make it living by the typewriter, but we are probably in a bettor position to estimate the approximate number, as wo know more nearly than nny one elbo how many machines of all makes aro i.i use, and the proportion of malo and female operators. We think it not far out of leu way to say that there are about 75,000 women whose support Is derived from tho use of writing machines, and 25,000 mon of whom the same may bo said. Theso figures do not. include the men who use the typewriter themselves lu their own business or profession, but merely those, who nso the muuhine as employes of other people." Another manufacturer says that from 20,000 to 80,000 women are usiug the machines which ho is making.—New York Bun. Tho Disposition of the Ring. The disposition of that sentimental pledge, the engagement ring, hot) at last been carried before the French courts, and now we know to whom when its signiti- cunce is broken the tokeu shall revert. In the Ninies court iu France a recent divorce case came up in which the wife claimed as hers certain articles of jewelry presented to her before their marriage. Prominent among these was the engagement ring. Tho judges decided that not only is a woman entitled before the law to all those articles of value which ft lover has seen lit to present to her before marriage, but that the "ring offered for the purpose of recalling the engagement of two persons constitutes the moat personal and most Irrevocable of all souvenirs given in view of marriage," This is ns It should bo.—Sau Francisco Argonaut. Bow a Brilliant Woman Writes. Mrs. Mary B. Bryan, who draws the biggest salary of any woman editor in tho United States, has written a eomedlettu in one act entitled "His Society Play." It is the experience of a New York playwright with the scenes in tho top story of a lodging house. This quaint, nervous little woman is • Georgia product, unu%ualiy gifted, with us many whims as a child, aud a dlsposltwii quite as sunny. She Is a tremendous worker, writes day and night, most of the time sitting on tbo floor Turk fashion,with her copy paper ou a. lapboanl. and the whole place Uttered with pencil chips.—Exchange. How to Lifoe a Corset. "If lace you must," said a handsome and smart actress to me, "use three sets of locus in your corsets, one starting at tho top and ending two or three holes above the waist line of the corsets, to tie there; the secoud starting at the lower edge of the corsets, extending up t_ two or three boles below the waist line of the corsets, to tie there; the third lacing the spaco left between aud tying just at the waist iine. Then reducing the size of your waist—that is, pnlllng the middle cord—isn't going to drag you Into » straight line abovo and below the waist. Also you will wear your corsets, even though tight, with more comfort- "There is a jilnce—isn't there, dear doe- tors?—just, about at the waist line, that I think God must have left, knowing that we would lace, kill or no kill, where pressure can come without tying our necessary nnd indispensable viscera Into hard knots. By tho suggested arrangement of cords we can reduce the size of the waist with less violsnt offense to heart aud lungs and also without sacrificing entirely harmony of outline. Just make beauty and hygleno clasp hands practically — every woman knows what I mean by practically—and we will rejoice more than the doctors. "Oh! Eight he.'e I might, as well suggest, nlastio cord i'or the upper and lower strings; and even for the one at the waist if you dare. You will thereby gain a suppleness lu movement and pose which is worth striving for, but which we cannot ail of us take oif our obtain, as does the serpentine Sarah. Elastic corset lacings, as I suggest, will nt least prevent our looking as if we woro padlocked into a board fence when we recline in an easy chair- say like Langtry with a cigarette in one of her 'As in a looking Glass' pictures,"— Cincinnati Enquirer. Mother* Should ltnmember. T/hat the abdominal cavity is packed with its organs; that the liver alone extends two-thirds across it, and thnt tight lacing deeply furrows the liver, sometimes cutting it tn two, a thin membrane alone connecting the parts; thatthefull stomach Is thus often pushed up against a weakened heart, and the pclvlo organs are so crowded n« tn r »-3duce serious and permanent ill effects. That the lack of vitality in many children, by which they are rendered peculiarly susceptible to infectious diseases, is due to a deficiency of pure air in their sleeping rooms. That a child's brain is not in r. condition for study before its seventh year, aud that when n child is precocious there Is special reason for holding it back if it is to be saved from brain disease, future dullness, or possible imbecility. That no growing child should fail to have at least nine or ten hours' sleep iu a well ventilated room, and that no sleep is perfect with a light in the room. That children under 17 should not bo allowed the excitements of evening parties. That children, from the earliest practicable age, should bo trained to habits of i self control in nil directions, i That every mother ought to make It a I prime object to secure and maintain the i fullest confidence of her children nnd her : normal Influence over them.—Youth'B Companion. Quantities In Weights and Measures. Sixty drops of liquid make one teaspoonful. Two teaspoonfuls of liquid make one dessertspoonful. Two dessortspoonfuls of liquid or four teaspoonfuls make one tnblespoontul. Ono tnblespoonful of liquid makes one- balf ounce. Four tablespoonfuls of liquid make one wlneglassful, or two ounces. Eight tablespoonfuls of liquid make one gill. Sixteen tablespoonfuls of Hc.uld make one-half pint. Two wineglassfuls of liquid mako one gill, or fine teacupful. One coffeecupful makes one-half pint. A heaping quart or four cotleecupfuls of flour make a pound. A full tablespoonful of flour makes one- half ounce. Ten eggs make one pound. Oue pint or two colfeecupfuls of granulated sugar make one pound. Two and. one-halt cupfuls of pulverized sugar make one pound. Ono pint of broken loaf sugar is one pound. One lablespooniui of butter is one ounce. One piut of soft butter makes one pound. One cupful of butter makes one-hnlf pound.—Good Housekeeping. A Society Coach. A lady liclonging to nu old New York family which hn3 been financially wrecked in i.-ui'tung a substantial living by coaching people for society. She charges her pupil* SB an hour for her services, nnd her upeu- i.tlite Is to supply the newest gossip as to fashionablo engagements, coming mnr- rlages and other social events of interest. &t'l> has aluo an excellent stock of stories suitable for relation at luncheon and dinner tables, and is well up in the gossip about tho latest literary and dramatic sno- cegges and the newest books.—Chatter. A carpet, especially a dark one, often looks dusty directly after sweeping. Wring a (Sponge almost dry out of water and wipe oft the dust from the carpet. It will brighten it quite effectively. To clean marble mix wbiting with common soap till thick as paste. Spread It on the uiurble aud leave Ic for A ouupU of i"A?v. When the paste is cleaned off the itaiBs will also be removed, Women Live Longer Than Men. Despite the intellectual and physical strength of man tho womau endures longer '*nd bears pain to which the strong man succumbs. Physicians tell us that rymoi;lc diseases are m-„,u fjttai to utiles, «nd the records of our health departments prove that more malo cbi.dren die than female. Tho proportion ikying suddenly is nbout 100 women to V00 .ueu. Ira our large tiities pulmonary consumption takes off many women, while t;,e diseases fatal to the males aro apoplev'f, intemperance, affection of the heart or liver, scrofula, gout, paralysis and hydrocephalus. Again thero is an excess of more than 6 per cent, of females in the various populations, though there are from 3 to 6 per cent, more males born than females. Tn Connecticut many women have lived to be over 100 years old, while scores at the age of 90 are found in every town in the state. Jn the state of New York the average life of a womau appears to be 48 years. In Maine the males outlive the Umnien.— Herald of Health. When Bnby Is Young;. Baby was troubled with soreness and discharge from the navel, aud nothing seemed to do any good till I applied a raisin, split and the seeds removed, keeping it firmly in place by two narrow strips of court plaster crossing each other. I changed the raisin twice in twenty-four hours; hi a week the navel was entirely healed. Put vnjellue on baby's nose and chest when she has a cold, aud it will also pro- vent all chafing and soreness under the arms, iu the groin and neck aud behind the ears. I found it better than any powder, starch, flour or castor oil. Baby is one of those who never cry, and I lay it all to the fact that she has never had a pinned band on her except the week thnt the nuvel was healing; all skirts button ou waists wh(ch are loose and tie with tapes. Bands are crocheted of white Saxony and button In front; flannel skirts button ail the way down the front; only one safety pin in the diaper and no pricked and crying baby.—Mrs. Ada DezotelL Blramcrson (after six months' tour of Europe, returns and visits the club)—By Jove, how natural everything looks! The old familiar faces—the very pictures seem to smile at me. I suppose I'll have to toll the boys all about my trip— Ah, here couies our president. Ah, major!" Maj. H«rgntroyd—Hello, Simmersonl By Jove, you look all bioko upl I tell you, my boy, you ought to like s trip somewhere. Why don't you go abroad for • month or two*—LipplucottV At the convict c»mp on the Souffle plantation in Florida r #ceut,!y a nujubif of tWe men were leaning ««nunit • wire fence wntii Ut« U«htnlogetraak M M fenae, klU. tug out man inslMtiy and An Inoxp«»nlve Pnrlfler. After boiling ten minutes the water should be po.iral into a wooden or stone jar, covered with a cloth nnd left nn hour to cool, when it may be put into the filter. For n filter a new, clean flower pot of unglazed ciay,' filled monthly, or rather changed for one freshly charged. Is lietler than moat, of the patents iu the market. First cut a disk of cotton flannel to fit th» bottom of th£ pot inside, pub on this A layer of clean, white sand an Inch thick, then three inches of charcoal In very coarse powder, three Inches of sand above this, aud clean, washed gravel over all, and you have as good a filter for a dollar as you can buy for ten, ns far HS working goes. The water must run through this twelve hours before the charcoal dust washes out so that the fluid runs clear. The pot should fit into the top of a long stone jar with faucet nttnehod and toe ice he hung in it, tied in a piece of cotton flannel for a primitive mode of keeping the iceworms out and making the ice last, longer. The only trouble with water so prepared is that it tastes flat from want of air, which Dr. Currier proposes to supply by a clean bellows kept for the purpose, but It Is more conveniently dona by pouring water from one pitcher to another several times as foaming drinks are mixed. Ov one of the patent egg and cake (water* could be used in the water for a few minutes, and the most discriminating palaT? could hardly tail to approve water so re- flued.—SWrlcj Daro iu New York HettdO. The Diffusion uf Ll |[ht. A bit of clever artifice to which women may resort with n clear conscience consist* iu distributing light so that coloring aud features may be developed instead of flattened. In more thou half the houses, ou visits both day and night, the light is in- art 1st ical I y admitted from above. Go into any ballroom where floods of Illumination are dispersed from a great height, and the freshest debutante is seen at a disadvantage. Her rosiness is fairly devoured by tho greedy glare, and not until one drawe her into the dimly lit conservatory ore all the delicate tints restored. The secret of preserving one's bloom after nightfall lies in using wax or even paraffins candles as much as possible, and so distributing their soft glow that it will all shine from about a level with the face. "How exceedingly pretty the girls always look at your house,'* remarked a casual observer, never guessicg that one-half the credit was due their hostess, who enhanced instead of ruthlessly dissiputing her guests' loveliness by the manipulation of illumination.—Illustrated American. A -'r.;;li..i- Won.&ii S U I YCVUSU Mme. Ribnrt, the ex-grisett», who waa the first European to practice medicine la the Turkish harems, was as skillful oa most of her contemporaries. The woman's career is more romantic than most fiction. Her lover in Paris was a medical student; alio devoured his text books with more avidity than be did her novels. She passed a brilliant examination at twenty-six and went to Cairo to practice; herpatients went soon numbered by the hundreds, but the excesses into which she plunged resulted iu her Incarceration in a lunatic asylum. She then sought a n»w career iu Cochin China and at once won the admiration of the French, inhabitants. So speedily did her skill as a surgeon make her famous that she in a short time became physician to the court, and was to have operated on the 3 ueeu mother of An nam for cataract. The ay before she was to have relieved the old queen, who had been blind for years, the wonderfully beautiful and skillful Dr. Itibart died.—New York Telegram. When You Go Away. When packing your trunk remember to sew all the folds in your dresses flat. There Is nothing, so quickly makes a new dress look like an old one as bod management I D packing. Lay a paper over passementeries and bead trimmings, as they will be sure to leave their mark on anything lightly packed above them. If your trunk in too short turn your dresses at the top, never at the bottom, nnd if there is a velvet panel creation iu your wardrobe lay something soft where you fold it aud place It perfectly flat, otherwise it will come out in a watered design where it was not evenly laid. Opcu all tapes, and if yon have s wash dress with loopings open them out, for if packed looned by the time you r«ach your destination all their fresh stiffness will be lost. Pack everything is flatly aud. evenly as possible, and yon will be surprised to see how much cnn be gotten into even a small trunk, especially if tho trunk be packed gradually so as to let it settle by degress. —Exchange. Riders and Fencers* Outside of New York Philadelphia and Baltimore furnish the handsomest and best equipped as well as the most daring horsewomen. Fencing for women grows steadily in favor. There are few conspicuous proficients, though, outside the stage- Mrs. Lnngtry is a fine hand with the foils. So Is Sir;. Potter. Bernhardt swears by them. The exercise is so essentially French that It is no wonder French women are most expert in It. Some of the greatest ladies in Paris could fight a duel to the death, with all the chances In their favor unless the opponent was a marvelous,; fine swordsmtm. Viennese women fenco, too. In each cose it is the ladies of the great world and the half who affect ths pastime. The great middle class and tha working women know nothing of such distractions.—New York Star. Where Ftttiians Hn. Tilton Live*. Mrs. Theodore Tilton is a sod and lonely woman, with silver streaked hair, a careworn face and stooped figure; who frequents Lincoln park in Chicago with her grandchildren. Every plepaant morning In tha year she goes to the pleasure ground, but is seldom recognized and never seen speaking to any oue. She lives with her married daughter.who contributes to tha family income by water color pointings, many at : which are vory lovely in eonosnUon and. treatment.'—Chicago Letter. Cluuning White Blbboas. White ribbons cannot be waslMd 'In water to look well, hut is jtaaoima they Bhow no trace of ever being used before. Lay i/heni to soak in gasoline, covering the dish for a few minutes, then wash thoroughly and lay for a few mlnutas again in clean gasoline to rinse. Do not wring, but hang in tho opou air. When dry fold auo\ : lay in a book under a heavy weight. Whan they no longer look clear tkay.oMi **•<*)»> ored with diamond dyes, but can nara ba ; made to look new after having one* nana i washed and Ironed.—Exchanga. A LU'rary for Wassen. Miss Annie Howant.tUu^bWW thalai* Charles 8. Howard, of KfW.Oaaans, built ; a memorial to her father, anA'Inatasa ; monolithsfcs cim»m Ufatofcr UiiiSaM \ it to tha woman ot K-w ; JtoflwM.^,tW fciWuag la a marvel of bMtttfc ^f^"^ 3 rtomsti *^iH&*WW0Mim 18,000 volume*, has an *^*«rtjt»ti W »,000, «nd oil tfaa .««>tf&jiF ' womw.—Exctianga. P *~ cMhiarV <Vt*k, —• 0URchsAh*il»sft vn i*,W>0jfb#; One ot that men tn tha

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