The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 15, 1934 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1934
Page 7
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PAGE SEVEN 1 4 ENDERSON _ Heftdet-iofi jlidaterf School '-."fin* and Second «£ft tfce wcoftd graders have out Vateftthre girls and boys bordet in tfce frost of the «ftt fcr*defs cnt out filled -with a red Our Valentine bo* Is being with many pretty vaten- IWfct Wednesday we will UKHfate the Valentines to tire fftefB. Wednesday afternoon we cele- ated Raymond Casebolt's sev- birthday, Raymond brought iorely cake with seven candies. ills* Redman pulled the shades and then lighted the canto. We sang Happy Birthday; Ihen Raymond blew the candles Evefyone had a piece and then played games. Fifth and Sixth Grades Lanfalne Taylor has been ab- jrent the past two weeks with the (ifltops. Helen Simmons has had a perfect record In spelling this six reeks, The sixth grade are enjoying a jrtttdy. of the Great Stone Face. Chester Taylor is 111 with a ad cold. We hare a large box for Val- atlnes. It Is half full now and 111 probably be bulging with Valentines by Feb. 14. High School The Henderson boys played the iverton basketball boys last tiesday night. Henderson won rtth a score of 33 to 26. The girls Jplayed the Macedonia girls the Isaino evening and lost with the Iscore of 20 to 32. Born — to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne iBImmonda at Hancock, Feb. 7, a (daughter. We extend congratulations. • Mrs. Art Phelps made a trip I to Red Oak Friday. [Ladies' Aid Do Much Quilting The Methodist Ladles' Aid held very pleasant meeting last [Thursday afternoon with several |!vlsitors present. Their visit was enjoyed by tbe ladies, .that , ., . fttintinwrir for Iltlng^Bome job ahead. An 'ppetizlng lunch was served by A. S. Paul and Mrs. Harry Ernest ETH«m has purchased the jKraltry business of Htfgh Me- Sweeney and woved the same across tbe street to the Me- Sweeney building recently vacated by Davis Brothers, where they be ready for your business. Francis Maxwell Weds Nebraska Girl Relatives here have received the announcement of the marriage Of Francis Maxwell, son of Marion Maxwell, of Lincoln to Miss Lois Jefferies of Cotesfield, Nebr., Feb. 2. Mr. Maxwell was born In this vicinity and is a yonng man of fine qualities and at the present Is principal of the school at Cotesfield where they wlil make their home. His friends here wish them a happy married life. A. J, Harbor and son and Q. T. Hafover and son attended the auto show in Omaha Thursday evening. Mrs. Sam Owens returned home several days ago from a several weeks stay with her son, Claude, and family In Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Comer and Mrs. Nannie Post of Emerson were callers in town Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Post and Mrs. Comer visited the M. E. Aid. Mrs. Post is a sister of Mrs. Elsworth Bowers. Mrs. Jud Coppock and son, Herman, and wife visited relatives in Emerson Saturday. A. J. Harbor and daughter, Arlene, and Mrs. Pearl Harbor and daughter, Luella, were in Red Oak Saturday afternoon. At the Christian Ladies' Aid Wednesday a comfort was tied for Mrs, Orlo Harris and some quilting was part of the afternoon's work. A lunch of fruit salad with whipped cream, cake, add coffee was served by Mrs. Addle Bolleau and daughter, Gayle, to the twenty-five present. Charley Rowe of Carson had business in town Tuesday afternoon. Ed Ventis of Tabor was in town Sunday, Mrs. McKeeney spent the week end with her son, Clarence, and family. • Ken Williams and wife and Mrs. Humphries were in Red Oak Saturday, Lavonne McKee treated her \y\ Wayne Choate of the Opinion- 1 Tribune of Olenwood had busl- ines? in town Friday. Mrs. Eastlach returned to her I home in Omaha Saturday after a I short visit with her daughter, Mrs, Sheehan, and family. >%|j;» Champ Harover and family of ' * " spent the week end with I relatives here. Mrs. Robert McMullen enjoyed la visit Thursday from her niece land husband of Vlllisca. How One Woman llMtlOLbs. InaWeek Mrs. Betty Luedeke of Daytou, rites; "I am using Kruschen to "uce weight—I lost 10 pounds one week and cannot say too ucfe to recommend it." To take oft fat easily, safely 4 Quickly take one half tea- ipponful of Kruschen in a glass I, hot water every morning be- breakfsst —au 86c bottle its 4 wee&s-r-Qet it at any drug ire in America, If this first bot- 9 fells tQ convluce you this is fee easiest, safest and surest way ',» lose fat—-money back. adv. Mrs, Georgia Wilkinson and son, Lyle, and Mrs. Ed Wilkinson visited in the Wayne Simmonds home in Hancock Friday. After the business session of the Rebekah lodge Tuesday evening a lunch was served by Mrs. Addle Bolleau and Margaret Harbor. Plans were made that evening for the lodge to have charge of the program at the Silver City lodge some time in April. Mrs. Chas. Gipe returned to her home in Strahan Friday after a few days visit in the Amick home. Boa Houser and wife and Bethel and Ethel Dobbs were in Council Bluffs Wednesday. W- B. Wheeler had business in Omaha Saturday. Bprn — to Mr. and Mrs. 'Milo DUley, Feb. 7, a daughter, We extend congratulations, A. R. Boyd and wife of near Oakland were guests Saturday in the Maud Kindigg home, Charles Amick who attends college at Tarklo, Mo, spent the week end with home folks. At the M. E. Sunday school last Sunday Mrs. Harry Paul's class gave a short Lincoln program which was greatly enjoyed. Next Sunday mornipg there will be a Washington program by the young ladies' class. Ht«. fed! WitfcJn*et» fs t*« first to report Itttle chickens around Sbe twelrty-fo-irr n*tch out of thirty eggs on ret. 7. OAKS O*k« SttiHiky School Not** We bad an attendance of 49 Straday. Metafoty verses were recited by the urfiftaf* grade. Birthday money was dropped In the betl by Evelyn Harman. We are prond of ibis nnmber and If yon don't attend Sunday school any other place we will wetcotne yon at Oaks. The Oaks people like to show their appreciation of good deeds done fof them so on Thursday evening of last week several fain- ilies went to the home of Rev. A. A. Wright, taking well filled baskets. A lovely supper was en- Joyed, numerous games were played, then some time was spent In singing favorite hymns, and about one half hour was spent in prayer service. At the close I. W. Castor presented Rev. Wright with a purse of money as an appreciation of his good work and of the books he gave the Sunday school. We will miss Rev. Wright and family but our prayers and best wishes go with them, Aib*rt SfttlvettB*. final estimates—Construction Fund 151.99 W. C. Stfltlfer, freight *ftd drayage—County Fnnd 2.70 O A Merrttt, ' The Maemiltan Co.. office ernpr-lfes—County Fund Malrern Leader, printing—Count? Fand -------- - ......... --- . . , - . warrant— -Cotmty Fund _________ H.«0 Metropolitan Supply Co.. offlre sur-pH*"-- County Ftrnd .. , — - _________ . Oaktf'af* Sanatoria*, care of inmates— Poor Fund ...... 56 M!I ??£? fa *" n!1 } J?/** Co - l{h ™, r ? books— Library Fand ---- jr. C. fte*so*ir, sirttA bailiff — Court Expense Fund ------ ' "" " "*'*" R. W. Rfrosdes, I*. SI,, postage—County Fond ..... ----Woodward State Hospital, care of Inmates — Poor Fond __ W H. T. Weltoiffl, defending prisoners — County Fnnd ---American E«wcatf&f Press, library books— Library Fnnd _ Brnce Pnbffshini Co. f library books — Library Fund ..... Emerson Mutual Telephone Co., services — County Fund _~ E. B. Gottdrleft, ffistie* fees — Court Expense Fnnd ------S. V. Cooney. eotfttable fees — Conrt Expense Fund commissioner fees — State Insane _ . . 1. F. Green* tr.» Frank 15. Do*etais ( eotnmissioner fees — State Insane Fnnd N. S. Genangt *orattisstoner fee* — State Insane Fund ---8. V. Cooney, officers fees — State Insane Fund Jake Fraiier, offleetB fees — State Insane Fund 4.00 57.10 24.49 20.00 2.15 3.00 1.00 10.00 2.25 30.50 15.00 1R.OO 16.20 2.85 Whitney W, GflHtland. commission on fines—Fine Fund _ 25.00 Reading Circle, library books—Library Fnnd _« 47.61 """ "" Koch Brothers, office supplies—County Fund 278.88 Little Browh ft Co.. library books—Library Fund 1.79 O. W, Myers, coroner's fees—Connty Fund ___. IB.35 Chas. O. Dick, coroner's Jury—County Fund 33.70 Chris Wreidt, coroner's Jury—Connty Fund 2.00 W. 3. Hamilton, coroner's Jury—Connty Fnnd 2.00 The Madnlllan Co., library boohs—Library Fnnd 3.01 Peoples Natural pas Co., services court house and Jail— Connty Fund — 133.Ofi 7,\tm Office Supply, office supplies—County Fund 7.80 Addy's Store, provisions—Poor Fund 12.00 F. 3. Darnold, fuel—Poor Fund Lee dllinnan, provisions—Poor Fund Gearhart Lumber Co., fuel—Poor Fund 2.00 9.47 fi.60 267.54 5.00 4.f.n 25.00 4.27 4.00 4.3S 6.03 SAVE N PORT tou HOTEL In Memoyjam In loving meniory of our Daddy and Brother, 0.' L.. Harbor, who passed away a year ago, Feb. 13, 1933. He is not dead to those who loved him, But only goua before; He lives witb us }a memory, Aftd will forevermore. Qp4 }s- good — He gives w strength To bear QUV heavy cross; He is the only oue Hew bittey 1» pur Mrs. Q. U Harbe* A. ), A, Mr. and Mrs, O. G. Ryan and Gwendolyn and Lester were dinner guests in the Marion Mohan home Sunday. Those present Were Mr. and Mrs. 1. W. Castor, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Brammeler, Ralph Cole, Mrs. Will Vlner and eon, Mr. and Mrs, O. G,,Ryan, Gwendolyn and Lester, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Maban and Velma, Mr. and Mrs. Al Schtpper, Dwaln, Dean, and Phyllis, Mrs. M. Bea, Mrs. Trent Jones and Kathleen, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Achenbaugh, Darfell and Darlene, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams-and children. Mr, and Mrs. Vernon Viner and daughter, Keta Lou, were Sunday dinner guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Trent Jones. Mrs. Geo. Hicks who has been suffering with throat trouble is greatly improved at this writing. Martin Bea and son, Kenneth, are enjoying a visit with relatives and friends In Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Viner, Mr. and Mrs. Merril Slump, and Mr. %nd Mrs. Lorell Viner attended a basketball game in Omaha Thursday evening. Mr, and Mrs. Carl Clement and children o{ Blanchard spent Sun* day in'the Fred Pbelps home.,.'" ' Mr. and Mm. Merwin Viner visited Saturday evening in the I, W. Castor horn*. Helen Anderson spent Sunday with home folks. Roy Martin and Howard Dodson and father were Ju Omaha Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. I, W. Castor were in Malvern Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest A'chen- baugh and Mrs. Orlo Ryan were in Shenandoah Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Al Scbipper and children viaited in the Merril Slump home Monday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schilling, Mrs, Laura Hall and son and daughter from Glenwood spent Monday in Omaha, Mr, and Mrs. Mike Herbert and Mr. and Mrs. Achenbaugh of Macedonia spent Sunday with •Forrest Achenbaugh and family. Mr, and Mrs, Henry Schilling and Mrs. M. Mahan visited Friday in the home of Mrs. Martha Nims. Mrs, Nlms is quite well again. L- E. Brammeier bought several head of white face calves last Thursday in Omaha. 1 Luther Wright .came Sunday to work for L. E. Brammeier. Mr, and Mrs, C. O. Hail and son, Kenneth, of Hastings and Mr, and Mrs. Roy Hatfleld and daughter, Alice Jean, were Sunday dinner guests Ju the Henry Schilling home. Glenwood Lumber & Coal Co., coal at county farm—Poor Fred Hall, shoes—Poor Fund O J Harris, transportation—Poor Fund Mrs Clifford Huhbell. washing clothes—Poor Fund Drs. Kline & Kline, medical aid—Poor Fund (Not Allowed) M. D. Linvllle, milk—Poor Fund .-Geo. E. Masters, trustee, rent—Poor Fund -John Olson, provisions—Poor Fund - — Fulierlon Lumber Co., provisions—Poor Fund 3 D Adams Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund _— 39.96 Ptrodard Adams, repairs—Maintenance Fund 1.16 R. M. Bacon, blacksmith work—Maintenance Fund 22.00 Win. Burgoin, repairs—Maintenance Fund 1.40 Boyer Hardware, repairs—Maintenance Fund 19.14 Citizens Power & Light Co., services at shed—Maintenance 4.02 Coppage Oil Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund R8.10 Vern Clark, repairs—Maintenance Fund ' " K R. H. Daniel, repairs—Maintenance Fund Deep Rock Oil Corp., gasoline—Maintenance Fund FullertoH Lumber Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund * J, C. Goss, supplies—Maintenance Fund Olenwood Lumber & Coal Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund R. E, Good, supplies—Maintenance Fund Gearhart Lumber Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund 329.02 Greenwood Lumber Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund 4.65 12,08 39.12 13.18 3.03 28,13 1.C5 7.55 4.70 __ ri _ 11,85 c"arT"Hert*, gasoiine-^-Mntntcnance Fund 23,78 Greenwood Lumber Co.. supplies—Maintenance Fund Hayes Hardware, supplies—Maintenance Fund 0.55 42.81 159.98 15.00 90.92 1.70 <U3 9.88 4.20 13.61 35.00 1.25 13.18 r 24.90 Bherwin'"winiani8~Cor,"supplies—Maintenance Fund 50.57 Standard Oil Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund 142.89 Sinclair Reining Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund 52.48 W. H. Viner, repairs—Maintenance Fund 1.50 Geo. W, Wilson, supplies—Maintenance Fund , 8.63 J. C. Wllklns, supplies—Maintenance Fund 1.75 Omaha Bridge Works, bridge steel—Construction Fund — 1,109.49 Roadmix Construction Co., final estimate—Construction — 504.53 Alfred Hall, blacksmith work—Maintenance Fund Interstate Mach. & Supply Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund Iowa Culvert & Pipe Co., culverts—Maintenance Fund Wm. Lutz, piling—Maintenance Fund Miller Hasselbolch Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund Murphy Bros. Chevrolet Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund W. V, Morrison,.supplies—Maintenance Fund P. Melchlors & won, repairs—Maintenance Fund Mona Motor Oil Co,, supplies—Maintenance Fund National Accessories Inc., repairs—Maintenance Fund — Owatonna Tool Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund R. K. Piper, repairs—Maintenance Fund Smith Machine Shop, repairs—Maintenance Fund . Sidles Duda Myers Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund Effie Jackson, trustee, error in assessment—Refund D. R. Kldwell, error in assessment—Refund The total electric power of the Navy's ,n}ne electrically ftrlyen battleships would be sufficient to s«ppiy lieht, beat, aud power for nine million people. > During tke WwM w «r the United states Navy ypuug women. These girls were enrolled us yeqpien a.nd served at e&tabUshmeats ift clerical capacities, tUej'eby releasing for duties on shipboard, At present time, young women enlist as traiued nurses, tte re- twaaa 88 aftd 16 y»n» ftl agfe ,57 ^ ^ 1.00 "The'county~Auditor was authorized to enter agreement with the Land Bank Commissioner of Omaha, Nebraska, deferring foreclosure of school loan on Lot 7 of the Off! clal Plat of the SE% of section 8, and the E% of NE% (except railroad right of way) of section 17, all in Township 72, Range 43, West of the 5th P, M. containing 96.59 A. more or less. The semi-annual report of the County Treasurer of Mills County for the period ending December 30, 1933 was approved. The semi-annual settlement with County Treasurer of Mills County for the period ending December 30, 1933, was approved. The claim of Anita Carlson for noldiers exemption was approved. The, Farm Bureau certificate of membership for Mills county was approved. The workman's compensation and employers' liability policy No. UB 7796143 of the Travelers Insurance Co., was approved. The fire insurance policy No. 1033 of the Automobile Insurance Co. insuring the County court house was approved. The Board now takes up the matter of canvassing the vote cast in the election of a drainage trustee In the McCartney Levee District and finds that five ballots were cast of which S. C. Lincoln received five votes. S. C, Lincoln was declared elected a trustee for a term of three years beginning on January 20, 1934. The Board now takes up the matter of canvassing the vote cast in the election of a drainage trustee in the St. Marys Drainage District and finds that six ballots were cast of which C. W. Schroeder received 6 votes and A. C. Brandt 1 vote. C, W. Schroeder was declared elected a trustee for a term of threa years beginning on January 20, 1934. There being no further business to come before the Board at this time they now adjourn to meet on February 6, 1934.- Attest:— E. A, SCHADB, Approved:—-GUV BREEDING, Chairman Board of Supervisors, Cpunty Auditor, OFFICE OF THE COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County, Glenwood, Iowa, February 6, 1934, On this the 6th day of February, 1934, the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment of January 23nd, with Supervisors Breeding, Hyde, and Plumb present and acting. Absent none. . The minutes of the meeting of January 22nd were read and approved. Th9-*ollowiug claims were allowed: Haldon C. Altekruse, assisting clerk—Court Expense —_$ 35.00 Mrs." Roy Crawford, nursing—Poor Fund — 12.00 Choate Publishing Co,, printing—McCartney Levee Fund. - 4.40 Helen Feckler, assisting Co, Treas.—County Fund —^- 6.00 Genuutr & Genung, attorney services—McCartney Levee — 20.00 J. F. Greene, Jr., clerk, transportation to Iowa City—rPoor 48.85 H. J. Kiser, trustee services—McCartney Levee Fund 26.00 C, P. Kinney, delinquent tax collector—County Fund _„_ 69.87 H. M. Lincoln, trustee services—rMcCartney Levee Fund _ 26.00 S, C. Lincoln, trustee services—McCartney Levee Fund — 26.00 Rutft Miller, assisting Co. recorder—County Fund ---,.-.. 33,.75 Ruth Miller, assisting Co. Supt.—County Fund „__ 1.50 1.73 55.10 IS.19 10.SS 90.2S 55.50 3.00 1.R9 5.44 7.50 7.SO 7.50 7.69 4.00 7.BO 4.00 6.00 ».S3 51.76 88.77 4.11 27.82 8.03 9.00 2.50 3.20 27.BO 24.05 28.79 20.00 fi.10 44.84 5.29 Sfi.Oo 1.79 64.45 4.75 7.70 6.06 f,4.00 10.00 30.00 50.00 1.25 5.00 9.53 7.20 .50 18.00 8.82 15.00 10.44 5.00 11.47 15.20 30.00 2.97 37.29 142.11 1.00 4.B3 1.40 1.00 fi.25 10.45 5.40 7.27 365.24 4.3H 1.00 15.08 13.80 160.01 4.84 81.30 1.00 2.28 16.45 20.07 S.83 17.65 4.00 6,20 2.60 3.60 23,30 467.90 619.30 178.73 495.86 444.39 259.73 253.74 274.76 21.90 8.31 1.90 144.00 4.00 Fullertou Lumber Co., lumber—Pony Creek Ditch Fund _ 57.60 The report of C. S. Royce Justice of the peace of Malvorn Township was approved. Tlie application of Elmer S. Lincoln for extension of tlmo of payment of school fund note was approved. Tho petition of Annie Johnson for the suspension of the 1932 taxes on Lots 3 and 4 In Block 23 of the City of Glenwood, was approved. Cash allowances were granted T. G. Dyers at $1.00 per week and Alniur Morse for the care of Elizabeth Coates at $10.00 per month. There being no further business to come before tlio Board at this time they now udjouru to meet on February 9, 1934. NW Bell Telephor.0 Co.. services—County Fnnd F. J. Plumb, supervisor— County Fnnd C. S. Royce, Justice fees—Court Expense Fnnd Jake Frazier. constable fw.«--Court Expense Fund Vnited StntPS Check Booh Co., office s>tipp1if»--Conniy _. S. C. Lincoln, Platonic Twp. clerk—County Fnnd {'. W. Karr, Plattvlllo Twp. trustee—County Fnnd Roy C. Lincoln. Ptattrlllo Twp. trustee--County Fnnd Allen Watts, Plattvilte Twn. trnstpp—County Fund -_ C. H. Warren. Lyon* Twp. clerk—County Fnnd ._ — Ernest I. Harlesx. Lyons Twp. trustee— -County Fund S. W. Johnson, Lyons Twp. trustee—Connty Fund A. B. Huhbell. Lyons Twp. irnstee—County Fnnd Wanneta Wright, assisting Co. Supt.—County Fund O. G. Waffle, library books—Library Fund J. H. Wpleb Printing Co.. office supplies—Connty Fund — 7.1on Office Supply, office supplies—Connty Fnnd J. P. Arhenbaeh, provision*—Poor Fnnd Boyer Hardware, supplies for court house—County Fnnd- Pr, L. B. Bacon, medical atd—Poor Fund K. A. Baker, provisions—Poor Fund Citizens Power & Light Co., services old ladles home—Poor Dr. Edgar Christy, medical aid—Poor Fnnd A. II. Crawford, provisions—Poor Ftmil N'. W. Colling, provisions—Poor Fund r. W. Davles, rent old ladles home—Poor Fund R. W. Davis, provisions—Poor Fund Economy Food Store, provisions old ladies home—Poor __ Fullerton Lumber Co., provisions—Poor Fund Glenwood Lumber & Coal Co., roal old Indies home—Poor ('lenwood Variety Store, clothing—Poor Fund Dr. D. W. Harninn. medical aid—Poor Fund Green Ray Lumber Co.. fuel—Poor Fund Humphrey & Howe, drugs old ladles home—Poor Fund __ A. H. Harbor, fuel—Poor Fund C. F, Hinos. provisions—Poor Fund Huntsman Bros., provisions—Poor Fund Iowa CliildrpMs Homo Society, rare of Chas. Long—Poor — Dr. Arnold JenBc-n, medical aid—Poor Fund I). G. Jamison & Co., clothing old ladles home—Poor Fund Delia Noah, ront—Poor Fund . Shelby County, Iowa, provisions—Poor (N'ot allowed) Verner J. Scott, milk old ladles homo—Poor Fiintl Hoyr-r Hardware, supplies Co. farm—Poor Fund Carl Buch, blacksmith work, Co. farm—Poor Fund II. T. Catey. mllnflRo and freight—Poor Fund Citizens Power & Light Co., services Co, farm—Poor Fund Edwards Bakery, broad Co. farm—Poor Fund Fullerton Lumber Co., lumber, Co. farm—Poor Fund Humphrey & Howe, druRB Co. farm—Poor Fund D. O. Jamison K. Co., clothing Co. farm—Poor Fund A. P. Kllmartln. Heeds Co, farm—Poor Fund Max Siref, clothiHK Co. farm—1'oor Fund Wm, Sleznk, provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund Austin Western Road Much. Co., repairs—Maintenance The Alemlto Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund Albortson & Co. .Inc., repairs—Maintenance Fund Carl Buoli, blacksmith work—Maintenance Fund Art Buch. repairs—Maintenance Fund ... --W. H. Clltes G urn po, repairs—Maintenance Fund Collins Drug Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund Citizens Power & Light Co., servlcrot—Malntrrinncc Fund _ Cllpson Paint Store, supplies—Maintenance Fund H. A. Darting OH Co., gasoline and supplies—Maintenance A. J. Harbor, supplies—Maintenance Fund . H. H. Hammer, repairs—Maintenance Fund Interstate Mach. & Supply Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund Kopac Brothers, supplies—Maintonanco Fund Kunce & Nelson, gasoline and supplies—Maintenance Fund Frank Kemp, gasoline—Maintenance Fund __• Oscar I.oe, labor—Maintenance Fund L. Lattgesen, repairs—Maintenance Fund MIller-HuHSGlbalcli Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund 'McCord Hardware, supplies—Maintenance Fund Nebr. Bridge Supply ft Lbr. Co., lumber—Maintenance „_ Pottawattamle County, Iowa, share In building bridge— Maintenance Fund Sinclair Reflnlng Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund Schoenlng Garage, repairs—Maintenance Fund Wright & WUheimy Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund Roy Wright, supplies—Maintenance Fund ~ Fyre Manufacturing Co., supplies for Co. Engr.- tlon Fund -Construc- T. E. Martin, mileage—Construction Fund —„—.Pay Roll No. 11, January road work—-Maintenance Fund _ Pay Roll Np. 12, January road work—Maintenance Fund _ Pay Roll No. 13, January road work—Maintenance Fund _ Pay Roll No. 14, January road work- Pay Roll No. 15, January road work- Pay Roll No. 16, January road work- Pay Roll No. 17, January road work- Pay Roll No. 18, January road work- Pay Roll No. 19, January road work- John Clayton, error In assessment—Cancellation E, A. Jenka, error in assessment—Refund J. W. Mickelwait, error In assessment—Refund Fred Nelson, error in assessment—Refund -Maintenance Fund -Maintenance Fund _ -Maintenance Fund _ -Construction Fund -Construction Fund _ -Maintenance Fund _ Attest:—E. A. SCHADE, County Auditor. Approved:—GUY BREEDING, Chairman Board of Supervisors. Mills Co, Fair Ass'n, tax collection—Co, Fair Fuud —,.„_ 500.OQ Railway Express Agency, express—County Fund __..,,,— 1.43 R. W, Rhoades, P. M., postage—Coiiuty Fund ___,___., 52.44 W. H. Strickland, care pf Chas, Yeagev—Poor Fund ,„-_ 9.00 Everett C. Shaw, transportation to Jowo, Clty^—Poor Fund 6,36 State Juvenile Howe, care of inmates-PoQvFuud — 186,70 Storer, matron old ladies home—Poor Fuud :, court bailiff—Court Expense Fund m -Q W- 8. Young, CWA overseer—Poor Fund, American Book Co., office supplies—County Fund O. p. Armstrong, omitted tax collector—County Fuad — & Bacon, library books—Wbrwy Fund ,___, "" Jasuraace Co., Jas«rft&ce oil court Fund .».,.., T », Co., office supplies—County Fuud --""444}^ Mwfeic-e Cai_^h^^oaunty Pued — ^ UJAHfe, 16.00 8.QO 63,90 19.87 748.SO 85,50 .63 ,76 We have a few good teams of Horses and Mules for sale at private sale. Some well matched teams in the lot and also a number of good individuals. These are broke and ready for work. r-v W« G«Wft»t* wt wll or yowr M«w*y flick* We art always interested in buying good fat welfWo* fram HOO to }tfQQ pounds. IB HW»ea c« U us. Bros

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