The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 28, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1894
Page 1
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T.V.I' tOL, XV1H. KO. 86. CAMOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1894. WHOLE NO. 924 Diy Oiote Stote, USEFUL Next door west of Postofflce S GUILD MAKES E LOWEST PRICES-^ On Everything He Sells ' HERE WE ARE -with the finest selected stock of staple and fancy dry goods ever seen in Carroll. We have taken great pains to get the best goods the market affords for the least money. We will save you TEN .to- TWENTY-FIVE PER (DENT on your holiday purchases. Our store has been popular from the start, and what has given us our popularity has been our extremely low prices. In fact, our prices have no competition in western Iowa. We quote a few prices which we think are bargains and know that can't be duplicated elsewhere. We solicit your inspection. ^We always have what we advertise. , ' Men's i 1 NECKWEAR Men's Suspenders Men's. Men's Men's Fine Shirts, Collars and Cuffs Men's Underwear At Great Reductions Handkerchiefs. Dress Goods Silk and Wool Mufflers. f FASCINATORS, Hosiery, Underwear. Silk Handkerchiefs. 1C gets a good colored bordered handkerchief hemmed and ready (or me. 1 f\fl Per yard, a Rood double fold serge, ID ±\J\s beautlf nl check and plaid effects.'. 19c A beauilf ril Paisley muffler. 23c An extra One bochea. 33c For the largest and beet fascinator ever sold in the west for the money. lOc For children's fast black hose. You can't got It elsewhere for less than 16 cents. lOc For a beautiful embroidered hud- 3c A fine colored bordered, hemstitched warranted fust colors. 45c 8llk and wool cashmere. •S _ An extra fine colored bordered or a beau- OC tlful plain white or embroidered. These ^ ^* goods would be cheap at Uc ordinarily. Double width corset cloth, these pnod* an 40 Inch width and look Rke GO cent goods. 73q A beautiful brocaded silk. 49c in extra heavj closely knit Would be cheap at 76 cents. 13c Some real dainty, with embroidered corners. $1.00 This Is a hummer and would be cheap at $1.50 15c Anne American cashmere or Arlington stripes. See these, they are a grt at bargain. We would solicit your Inspection. We will guarantee to save you money. 69c 15c Will sell yon a pair of Iron clads. Usually sold for 25 cents. Something handsome. See this, It Is a beauty uud would bu very cheap at 15c Something handsome. Embroidered corner and drawn work. A beautiful Irish lawn handkerchief, hand embroidered and hand drawn work. These goods sold last year for ascents. 19c Hoe unfinished handkerchief, nd embroidered and drawn work. Tblelsapww Irish Cambric. Tbe same goods laandeied would cost you«S cents. ' The best line of storm serges ever looked at for the money. These goods would be cheap at 40 cents. CLOAKS! CLOAKS! For a nice well made child's! Af AC For a lady'e flue black beav- 19c 20c A LadleV extra heavy fleeced lined warm hose. This stocking usually sells at 25 cents. A very fine and good size elaborate embroidery and drawa work. cost that has been Belling I at three dollars. | 33c >er that dollars. we sold for eaveo This Is a beauty and I Iron are going to make any presents this season be sure you see this. 23c Our fine English CMbmeres, also _ beautiful line of Jamestown that we have reduced fro* 96 cents. Of course we are going to close ont every cloak and cape we have and made prices accordingly. We have a fine assortment yet aa we got a late abipment a last week bat they go with tbe rest at almost rfl • • ,- fr . , 35c A very fine Imported hose. We have these In the extra widths. This Is 60 cent quality. Our stock of silk handkerchiefs are too large to enumerate, we have everything you «an think of at prices that will snrprl se yon. £0c A novelty In handknvbtefs. A fine linen embroidered with silk In white or colors. Our black dress goods H very complete. A nice black dress makes avery useful Christmas gift. Table Linens and Napkins A good Mlnch loom dasusk. Ton can't match It for less than 36 cts. We asm sfre yen something floe 4n an Irish linen or BwUs embroidered. An endless variety to select from. These goods would bo sold for more bat we have too many and mast sell them. We can save you money In tbls department besides giving yon the newest novelty. 45c For a 7B o. quality one-half bleached and extra One. Our line of napkins is very large, can give you snytfclagyou wanting or X sizes and save von money. TOWELS. 45c A very floe Lisle.thread, something that used to sell at 70 cents. 5c A fast colored satin. We can sell jou an alt linen towel. 15c An all silk tie. AWge size and par* tinen. 25c Our ftne Hunk. ThU towel Is >wiu i- -,- •Isewh^re tor 860. We nave what you ' ound want and can save you money. We keep thnte goods up to$2.2S per pair an d will guarantee to sell you something that will 7575 give you satisfaction at as low a price as can be '-—•• In Amcr.cs. ^ 25c We will show you the Onwi assortment you ever saw for tbe money. ^"Renfrew Dress Ginghams at 5 eta. Best Amoskeg Apron Ginghams at 5 cts. Best Indigo Blue Calico at 5 cts. -Extra Heavy Flannel at 7i cts. Fine All Linen Crash Toweling at 5 cts. Yard Wide Fine 'Muslin at 5 cts. Heavy Canton Flannel at 5 cts. Fine All Wool Scarlet Flannel at 16 cts. Extra Heavy Scarlet Flannel at 25 cts. We are headquarters on Dry Goods. We have the only exclusive DRY GOODS STORE in Carroll. Our prices Will compare with any of the large cities of the country. ^ byt ^ at GUILDS DRY GOODS STORE $1.00 or over all this week. Next door west of Post A Beautiful Souvenir with every ostofflce. 1 OBUBOH DIBBTVOBY . '?', it" 3 '*> fff u ' ir S s f£F f ^sl , aiw^Si." iiPwrifl( BIT.QIO. rouov, Pastor. BAPTIST. £&•! V" ' , »^s»«^s^l VTY^ W ^™* fe", 'ft. n. ocwtf, Bnvtrlntp W»- vm Uarrollfoctoatm. * ^ ..^Sunday trip • to »».». aM ItMTtoiiw P. m. f • at the oWos cToea as felowtt Hi Oaratl and Xeotner, dally.. Departs at lBi,,ari|jMat«i8ip. m... . .. • , »a7i6;.Mfiwa;80p,m «•, I DeoftrUMat • > \ ivAVVl a. IB p. at, ,«i p, w. r«atjw«u nuasj a*nf, ;\V- lift I QwlSuaH»Me4..,,„,.,,,. • ; ' ; ' ft*, I D*Bf«f LflMi i'amttsn'att'^lBi^W'esV t^^^^^^^AT^'^^^^ ^^WT ^^^ »«*«vjp" Asi to Bitulu. tbe ordinary manner o( bank eaahiers and clerks toward depositors when they go to put in or draw ont money, especially i( it be only a small amount o( money, one supposes that Imnk officials are people who know it all Tho humble depositor feels crushed boueatsi the awful glare of superiority with which tbe cashier contemplates him. That godlike being deigns no greeting ol common civility as he automatically ruptjiii ftujt for your bankbook. Bank cashiers and bank clerks, even down to the smallest mea- •euger boy, an perhaps, after all, our true upper cloas. It was with t a surprise not unmiu- gled with horror, therefore, that tho hurobleilopositor heard tUata depositor, aotnaliy a depositor, had been able to swindle tho Now York Shoe aud Leather bank oat of §804,000. He did it in conjunction with $no of those godlike beings, a bank official, and tho most trusted one of the lot into tbo bargain. For ten years this depositor had been drawing 1800 a day oat of the bank. The clerks called him the |800 a day man. Tho bookkeeper by his skillful figuring covered up tho gap. Tho foot that thi|i (rivaling hat boon going on for ten years in QUO of tho safest bank* in the Uuiouwtuat, too, in spito of theps- perK Uni||A Stote* bonk o«amliteri and por»ou» tnppojwa to safeguard d«P°*ite aud other (wids— shows thnt it i* not Jhajrd, after % to swindle a l«uk. It somehow lej|ou| oar awo tuid roveronQo for tbe noble; aiid faraway boiugfi who toko our, omk ifid mow at IM while take U froui behind grated window* II OV«M •ngge«tl «h«t tho»e noble and faraway beluga would be iu better business if they would turn thoiraupo- riority iuwovd, behind tbe crating, aud improve their own honesty aud mm- 9m, likewise their bookkoapiug. €>ousJ4tHtioB, 4uiwio»u» J)»V« felt In their n)iod« (o wander bow » e^ ^W Wi ^BWP^^WflR iP^^BR^SP fWp triolties, the tbing would certainly tiuco five years. A constitutional amendment to that effect would have to pass both houses of the national legislature and then be ratified by three-fourths of tbe states. It is not at all probable that .the senate will over consent to its own abolishment. In Great Britain there arc also two legislative bouse*. But Great Britain has «o written ^constitution. The laws mado by parliament (or gen era! application to the wbole realm are practically her constitution. It is easy to change those laws. Suppose Rosebory wonts to ascertain the will of the poo pie in regard to tho lords' question. By an appeal to the queen parliament dissolved at any time, Then tho prime minister will, M tho-phrase goes, go be(pro the people on the issue of abolish, ing the veto power of the house of lords. A now election is ordered, and this, con bo douo at any time. TUo matter is thus referred directly to tho British people. Tho election is bold. Say tho people have returned a great majority against the lords. They have spoken. The uonse elected by tho •rotors of tho realm will pass a law do ing awny with the veto power o( the lord*, and it will end, That is all. In brief, tho will of the British poo. pie, M expressed through tho ballot i» tuo British constitution, Coutosting oandidatoa Jinve been'uslug the uawo of the Oroafa-frequently lute- ly in their rash vows about what they would do In Alabama, Quo swore that by tbo griwo of God ho would take bin Roatui governor ou Deo, 1. Then the outgoing govoruor of Alabama vowed tl»»t uuQther oaudidate was tbe proper' ly olooted one, and that by the graoa of God ho and nobody oUw would that gnjgrjtntorlai ohair, Tfee»e men appear to bo lor granted in assuming l^fti Die Al wighty bean a baud iu aolttiolttu* £ may possibly be bitterly sorry (or if that canal is not finished under the auspices of the United States by the year 1000. At any time emergencies might ariso in which wo should need 4o send nuval vessels quickly to tho Pacific. Tbeu whore would we be? • ThresiU at Selene*. Wonderful things are going to be dono by the development of synthetic chemistry between now and the year iOOO if Prof eusorBorthelot, tho French savnut, is to be beliovod. The food and drink producing animals and vegetables will not then bo encouraged to exist for human life, but food arid driul; will bo muuufaotarod direct mid 10 order by JJQUU himself and nerved in highly concentrated tablets, vest pocket sice. A porsQi) muy then carry about him two or three table d'hote dinners com- plotu, from Blno Point oysters or Littlo Kcok claws to crackers, cheese and oof- foe, tobacco mid with all his wiuo and cognac included. This change will be brought about, it is enid, by tho remarkable progress being mado in compounding food uud drink from their constituent elements— carbon, hydro- gou, oxygen and nitrogen. It has advanced so far already that tho preparation of beefsteak from its olumuuU is assured, andulootiuo, theosseutialprin. oipleof tobnooo, has bow produoed from ooal tar, Lifo indeed'would not be worth the living should tbe professor have hi* way. Tho ready mudo tablets of food and drink would be horribly alike to o uy.^ tbe tajte and tho understanding; eating and drinking would be purely uiooliauwlj good feUowshipaud wit and iuiagiu^tiou would depart and ex. istoiioo would be utterly utatorbU and dull— Bontou Olobo. Croului r»|Mi% Tliooduontlou of tho public i« (oppoi- ed to bo advancing, but that view of affwirn in evidently not taken by the ed- itow, judging from tbo kind of matter wliiolt tbo; not bofoi'o tUoir if«»dor*, whi«U gain iwrupnier day by day— or evoniug 07 evowiug. Tuo SQ ««||ed "new*" uowadajn r«mi Coal (| Mpfc, Hurtiugf Water is a compound of oxygen and hydrogen. It is stated that Lord Bosobery, who is the prime 'minister, owns a race horse. , It is a curious coincidence that yes- 'terdoy was wet and that the battle of Waterloo was fought on June 18, 181 B. We learn on good authority that Alexander the Groat was not the originator of tbe electric light It was Xerxes of Persia, who, however, did not take ont a patent (or it And so on. and so on.— London Judy. An Abased Girl. "Yes, I gave him up," sighed the young woman. "Did he prove unworthy of your affection?" inquired her sympathetic friend, "Ho — ho became a spelling reformer," rejoined tho other, with a shudder, "and signed his name 'Jorj. ' It took all the poetry and romance ont of tho name. 80 wo parted. "—London Globe. __ _________ "Don't 'Phale' to bo There." Do the youug girl wrote to tier lover bjr way ot postscript to ttnlnvtiMton. "I'll to tUero" be sum to lilHuulf, "[or tUcru Is no nuoJi worj •• 'lilittlu' |u my U let uui dry. " ttotbur* do not Ull Iu jour duly to yuiirUiiiiijhtor*, Utuya girl's Iwaltli Is Impurilvd by tunnlloniU irNWuluTtlMi, lit liur or lilcBl iwrlon u( llfo. TU»t It tbu Uiu« ta lako a Urltil sulf-lrwHoieiit wliu Or. Plertt's Vavoiiiu 1'rtworlullou. ltuu|la«a «nd anrtobel . UIB bluoil, given houlihy soflvlur to th« kljuoys, sluuiKvh, bomiis niui otbororgtus and «o»iir«s robust baa) Hi. For uui »I»K matbers aud dsDIII tstadruii-doivu woman tviiwraUy, It Is th« n>«*t rcllslilo m»tor»llv« tonia sud most sootblug u«r«lua known. To those about to b uioiunniU U H nriii«lMsbop«. lor It ISSNUS tbti pslBiaud tMirlls of oblldbtrUi, sborious labor. proiuoto* an ubundaut Mention or nourishment for thv vblld tuid «boiUus the |>»rlod of «ounu«> Dr. Price's CrMtm Baking Powdwr AwsnW OoM Mri*l MMwtaUr Pilf. §*n Frwwlwa. A* vrmuutf, Mo, j. n. irtoldt killed William O'Dryau, leader of UIB BSUR whtuh Itold up »u Illluots Cuutral irtuu at , Ky. TWO UYK8 8AVHD. MM. FitMiM Thouifts, of juuotion oitr, iu.,«ms told b| bw doctors ibe b«a Oou»nui|Hlon and lutt U»«i« KM no bopn lor b»r, but two botUn of IV, Klttn'i N«w MMHWtfi ooiupUtMl PUI«1 b»t and«ltttia|iiUwv«4i|>wUt«. Mr- »bo». Vxvtn MUnorUJaBt., 8«o mnvliao, »uWw«l (row • dreadful »ld. aiinnuwhlM uooiuutHiw, titM wUbottt mult Mwylblns «IM, ib«i bou^at BDW botUo»4M.Kln«'sN«w plsuo««rf «ud to Mo *t*ki Rot Mind. H«U Mtwnliy Uuutkrul. it t* »uob iftMid, of waloh UtMo at* MUBDIH^ (h«| ' ' " ' MKivaaalLIU WWW ^pip ^Pi^r' " liL ^L^f^ii*' CABBOUL Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. Una, M. 8HADLB, rashlonable Millinery. l»aa KLLA TOPD. Mliiloery and Vanor Oeess) FINANCIAL. V1B8T NATIONAL BANK, Cor. Main and Finn Stneto. NOBTBWKSTBKM BDILDINO AND LOAM ASSOCIATION, nrui autet PEED MILLS. I. j. j. a MATLOCK, ruth stn«t. H RNE83, ETC. L. T. ANDKHSON, HaruMsand Trunks, Vallsss and 8«wlu| PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHimXLD & PATTKR80N. Wind Mills. Tsnk* and Pumps. JOB PRINTING. DAILY BKNT1NKL. Adams Stnet Bosl Kqutpped Frlnllnc Offloelu WMtwnlOM, Professional Cards, JAS. L. MAWTIK. q. H. sUKTU. MARTIN & MARTIN, l/nmgg.} ww BSKf &£? *** Mrrrorapt attention «lvw to «oli«ottoni. Notary in omea, OCw la M«U«au Biook BBAOH A HOYT LAWYERS GKO, W. KOBT& LAWYER. jsx$ ssstr * lw * »****»* *• F, M, DAVFNPORT, •jp«« ATTORNEY A (LAW. •j^/ff/rrSff/u*/**,

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