Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 12, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1890
Page 4
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• If -I, S. AMES & CO.,- PALACE SHOE STORE, GRAND HOTEL VVF ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF nt% Shoes. Sliprs & fids t'OM THE Nl'ltlXU AMI M!.H.'I8:»i T;:A!'V:, I Imported direct from the very best Manufacturers. I Look at the Latest Stylos ! They are i>.U Neat, "Dur.-i'i'i; : u -;\ Com'oi table, 'and the Very Best Goods that money citu buy, ;i;ui lin-y will be sr .-ii ;is low as Reliable Goods can posaiblv be sold. TERMS GUSH, AMD OHOif OflLY! If you want Credit, wo can't Trade. Goods sent to any part of the County C. 0. 0., or on receipt r.f money ordov,' All kinds of Boots and Slices mads to Order, i RgPAIREKC NEATLY DOME, I US. AIUEESSS dS- CO.; j Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street. Ukiah, Gal FICTOBIAL PROOF. FACTS ABOUT EXPORT DISCOUNTS" CLEARLY PROVEN. Protectionist* Try In ViUn to Wi-lr- j j Out, bnt the I'nct Htimuin* That ^nafacturorg Sell Cheaper to Former. Than In the Home Market. hen the tacts as to export discounts I first brought to public attention Bgh tho Reform club's pamphlet, i ithe discussion omspd by it in con-. , tho protectionists were very mneh fed. It was exceedingly nnplcas- • thorn to see the proofs that many |r protected manufacturers are sell- i foreigners cheaper than to Arcer- niatters could not be left in tliat the facts had to be denied in somo ring the tariff debate in the house, I Congressman JIansur, of Missouri, attention to the facts contained i pamphlet, Jlr. Stnyser, of Ohio, {ready with a denial, which he |d up with childlike innocence by Dg The Cleveland Leader, ite recently a copy of tho foreign ' lof The American Mail and Export al has been secured by Mr. Lind- the tariff expert of the Reform This foreign edition contains a IE FOREIGN ADVERTISEMENT. foreign price list which no American is allowed to see. After waiting three months and exhausting every means at luacommand, Mr. I/lndquist sent to South America for a copy, and obtained, through the courtesy of a Spanish firm, the' 'Spanish supplement" for April. It is headed in large type "Illustrated Current Price List of Ameriimn Productions and Manufactures fur Exportation." This supplement contains forty-eight wide columns. The first of the columns here given is reproduced from cuts made for the weekly edition of The New York World. As these cr.ts appenred in Thw World they were made by photographic process from the above mentioned "Spanish supplement," and arc reduced in size simply to make them fit an ordinary newspaper column. The second column contains cuts reproduced by The World from the advertisement of the Ann Arbor Agricultural company, printed in the American edition <,i The American Mail and Export Journal. The following table gives tho result of the comparison: An I'nrortunnf t. Way to rut it. . Mrs. fiosseep—Of course, Mrs. Fliton in a j friend nf mine, hut don't you think she is j Just a little bit common? j Mrs. Kindleigh—Yes. she might be more j particular in her choice of friends, I think, ; — Washington Star. -THE- feiSt-aM I Ik! mhl. s -OF TIIK- Too Innocent. Young Wife—I want a box of sardines. Are you sure t hesn are fresh? Denier—Ves^um. Caught this morning. Young Wife—I think you'll better send two boxes.—New York Sun. Spanish prion. . »S1 00 . 4 0U . 80 00 . 40 00 00 Advance plow Advance plow Hay tedder Mower Horse rake Gumming feed cutter, J»o. 3 CO (10 Ann Arbor cutter, No. i 28 00 Ann Arbor cutter. No. 1 16 00 Clipper cutter II 5» Lovel cutter 4 25 Cultivator SS 00 Sweep. 50 00 American price. 118 on S 00 45 00 w no ii 00 so on 40 00 is 00 is oo 8 HO !» 00 HO 00 HOME MARKET" ADVERTISEMENT. IBUSJNTOS I)£. AGItlCULTURA. 2>— Instrumsntos de Agrieultur*. [A MI * Anion SoaicmrvaiL CoirtHt. No .Ji). 14 Sim I>e**ervetl It. In a jewelry store: "I love yon," said the bronze figure of Venus to a Jurgensen j above lo-i, "because yni have sueb an open ' face.' - And the watch ran down and kissed ' her.—Jewelers' Circular. 12th Dist. Agricultural Association .'Composed of Luke mul Mendocino Counties) FOR TIIK igtilh Annua! Fair! TO in: nm.n .\r Si, Doubt About It. "So Jack is married, eh? Do you think he'll get along well with his wife!'" "I'm quite sure he will. They sang in the same choir for two years \\ ithoiu (juar- leling."—I.Ippiucotr's. Sept, 23, 24, 22, Si ad 27, 1090. (lint Not H B K era-/.}-. Tom—Did Thompson really say I was half crazy, .Tiu.-k? Jack—Xo, he didn't. He isn't so generous as that. — Epoch. At a Salon. Tie—Have you read "Evangeline!'" She—No, but I saw it played, "'id X think its gifti-l author, Mr. Kiee, pe.rfceUy charmini:.—Chatter. Nn. so. aa .oa. t>o.H. V> Urn. »«. $49 C17. TO THE SKA Trudged all tho way on foot, over moimtaln and through morass, ctirrjinir kr.apaaeK and gnu. slept on brush hr-ups v» k''-:'p v'tt of the mutt, caujrht cold, from tin 1 eifeeis of ^vhinli his frk'iiQS thmigln ho would iit-vr ivcovcr. Linp-(.'r!nB' with Mow uonsutnp!ion f -n- nmny years, he siuv i)r. Merit's GohWrii iJedioal Discovery a<lvfrr'nofJ in a c(/t:ntry lu -wsiiHj .'er, and he ilotfrminod to tr> it. A foiv hottioJ worked a chantro: sis months' conthuu-d uae cured him. A]way? too irniojir-ntlont to ask his country l'or a pension, hv no-.v FHVS ho needs none. He helped save hia country, ho saved himself! Consumption is l.tuip-serof- ulu. For scrofula, in ult its myriiul forma, ibo '*D,jOovery" is an uiieeiimlyd remedy. It cloanses the nystem of all Mond-tnluts from what over cause miainc", and cures a'! .^kiu at id Sea in Diseases. Siut-rhcum, Tetter, V.uzo- ma, arid ^imii^'d ailmcnM. It h. guaranteed !o bt:nelit or cure in all diseases lur which it Is reennimetided, or monoy paid for It will I XJ refunded. Sold by dru^gista. Coprrlglit. 16M, by W OKI.O'.-: M KD. A SS'M. J wpon \i- (do Cmintior* id" Nnpa. Solano, j Sonoma, Mnrin, l.nke, ?>l'»n<looino, I Colusa, Voio ami Iln.mbohlL i Tuesday, Sept. 23d. i HACK N* i. I -TiiOTTiNt-i — V^-mliiijifi. Mil- li'.ui", 'J in •". l*u:••**. 0. , Si«. '2-r.CSSINM-HrtU mil.- dash, j ?HHJ a.Jiled, Kntriiiiec. ?J0. ; heut .H, if in ~\ $|..U a.ided. KnUllliee, Wednesday, Sept. 24th. » A(".'!•: NO. i -K('NMN'i- : ., !nile hc-nXi, '2 in .!., ifl'V. U.'.CK •>--Tk'VtTlN 't -otiilli<m nice, mil,' liOitis. •': in l'ur>"'. ?..oa. li A( 'i\ >'i.). t; — ri;i « TTI .N< ; --'Ilnvf •year-old. Thursday, Sept. 25th. HACK ,Nti. 7 — UrSSiNi;--"., lai'.o da-li. Pur^'. Si"- 1. i':nlr .'0 ;'-i' UA'.'K M». >- r;N(.i -Tv.-o-y-ar-old. "2 in I'ui'-c ?:.',0«i. Friday, Sept. 26th. J:\CI-; MJ. n-'iiMrnN^-rurM-. *..oo. MHO li>-:ii^. .". in :,. ll.U'K N't. Hi - Kl'\M.\r;--('u!/cii-' Purse. rHW miU: '2 in Saturday, Sept. 27th. HACK Mi, 11 - i;i"N'Ni.\« .-iM-utl.-u.i..^ Nr.v- cliv. Fin- 11 "ii-jueii'- 1! ^>"i; c\ ^ ' 1 i if mill* •!:t>h. I'w, M ""i. Ki-.trnn.'.-. Vir^ !•..!>,-• •\\ mwh ijUfirHT in t-'-'l Slr.\vc.-J NVi 'Miit' ;il nil 'HiiirUr.' >\i t M '.ci .'U mt'ilal. CM V. S* i. l'J— 1. Alili:.- TiKllN \ M I'.NT — Pur-.-. -*.-!». 42:* tn iir>t. lo s^'uml, U') 1<> thin' K.W'K N -l. ir.-r.r.Nil.F.MAN'.S TKOTT1N -^;iii )i' rnn'f.linnv !t v ( <w\ !>M)l)! n's Nuv.-lty. M i licat". ~ in .:. Ktiti.inei-, *.i. Divided ii0, 'M and li> per en! CONBlTlOUfi! l -'iv 1 i*> eiii-r :ttid tliP'r l" Hnvt. in a'l f.n-i-<-. Nut i nilo L 'n\ < rn i rnttiim itu-^^. I'r.v !M: --.'!::;!''. :•!•, vra runnihi; ra •ntri-«•!«<-•* nf ti v. >l, tin* day ln-pir*' tin 1 hv iMV 'vn.r', rc-'Tvc the rit;ht {•> cliair_;e i h'.nr a:,d dati- ri m.y i '.'ic. A 1! I'll !••-.••, 1 1 i *"ii li'd I '.'J, ;J'l and Id per vv'.W. A IIOT -V,. d'^triiifin.: ilii' lit-hi slinil r i ^- 1 :\V>\ ill'.d (l)ini lil;;:!;':'-.. I'.iiuiiuct', \i'iii'>s uiht-i'wisu' speeiiU-d. lo pi c'llt I'l plll '-'i'. Good Agricultural I^aud for $10 to $20 per Acre. The Best Selected Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ever Brought to A tarieth' lirsl-rhiss 1 11 :t11i 1 1 1•. U':UT :iii!-'d .MM'ic ir.ini vi'r) rial, by s|!eil wn/knirn. ami best t.' I lull have eve , j .ir liio ;nir|u»=t>. Wtirntiilii ••an i'e re;i.-n:i:i 'i |y e:i,ii'ili-,l -t I \'j r i: t 1 ! 1 e\lanl. 1 'n\i urilill:: I ."ill |.er n i iiillle- < ,r . aecoidin^: t-> the :i!»;li: ^ o! t ho COVELO 3 Must be Cleared within - SIOO.OO. t.e .wi, PFHCE, 1 1 I liere is no as-'cut in your dress the u,:, n ui'aii uni s ; THE PARISH iVir-'C CO V S!i ;X(!fii:A!'!!V and Tvri;- lii wi .rnvi; i'!;!:i:. nrf -t-cUiss ilili":: :Hi'l ..I i !TI • 1 ,IT.S. Aiidrt'SH, wi'.h stain,, i. .r IIMIVH } OH :\^\\ lin: I'AUISH .Mr--'.;, co. l'aiisli, N. V, ays irom Goods Will Be Sold STRICTLY And at Prices Lower than ever before Offered. Clifton & Weill. t Tin- FY'dhV improvment Company has reeeut- [ ly purt'liasrd iwelvtMliousand acres of land iu the In arf nf "Vhama eotmly. for the purjui^e of j proinnUn'j; subdivision* and seltleniLMit. This ! lend cuihnii'r;. hiiidn irom lirst-cla^s SaciuiiK-uP) Valley iiiiriiMilUire limd. iu land 01 fair avenuru ,piali ty. anil is oil'ercd ni from $10 to $'20 per aen;, In sttbdh-lslonrf of P). K3. IL 'l. ICO, .".'JO acres. 'J'he tt'nuM upon » hii-li these hi litis »re od'ered an-e-pi'idally atliaetive. They will be sold in subdivision*, a- a '.ovi' Indicated, by the payment or Interest nil ly for i hfee year»1 which tisne tho piirchaser can lnytn the pa\*)ne:il of priilelpnt by paying the iii>t of live equal annual Install- inent". Tims tin p;'i; r.f the principal is to by I paid l'or th re" year*, mi,! tben the purchnsv-r in to | have live veins in which to pay five v»)tml amiii- | al iu Mailmen t s, with interest at the rale of seven ! percent peranum^, maUic: ]i *.yinenis e.\ii [jib ! in-: over a period oi eiyut years, in'.eiidluj,' pui^'hi '.M-i -s a;-e assured lhai ihis is an opporiuii- I lly 1o purchase Itsini of fan average IJ unlii ICM at U pei acre. a:td -^o- «d i\v.< 'icult niai land at J'JO •er aer,-. witii other u ni'.ii'.' oi' l.-ind jitprie-.s to cori'e.-ii'.uid b,'[v..'eii ili.-v I'^MIV.-, Til.- a-.-M '1'tinti is fre, t ii ":iil>; made l i i o t trood bind- .suit tilde i 'tir -net a I farm i n-.: a»:d especially ie la pi e,j mi fi :iit n i • .-.v i iu. ea.iuot it.- hud In (.'.d- iioiiiiii for liian f<om >t<\) to find an aer.'. A. 11 eV 'Hiiiii'itior' oi the bind-.lib] -et H-i- \ertis-ui-rit w il! prove !o h..:ne s.-ekr> that thin N an opporiunily i"..r the putetow- id' a.\>M •imp 1 rb. nInn a! l .md at * :.• radium down to (;u acu:. on ti-rin- of pi the dt'OiuMlbe.i *e, \h [••'Milt t .'.-t>y of aeeosi I I he pi iinnry ob'i'-e' o body of land w,h the I UoldilJi! ]'oi i)n> ptii'ii.i.-io liicnt ill Miiiiller iOiuiKit dUb.ree.t bu-!,:oid>-y. J-or I 'll it In- 1 parti, ii'ai-- 1 an a re. MM I tor qualities r:i ivuUvii ul bind n\ $10 an nieot u hieli should inahc ie bonis in actual s.'tllers A li'-hliU 'iil. of Die purcluo-e of this " boMlvine up of a lar^e .HO of p- oiiioiim: its settled ibs devotiou lo ijwi! i i, i —s....y"^'.«>.'' : - 'it £1 ^S% ; ^%: * rail upon, or nildress, W. 11. MII.I.:!, (.llinl AB-MII i'l' the (\ I". It. K., Fotutll Mul rowii^i'llil Mi'i-els.^mi l"rainisi'o, Cnl. tho Best C OUK I I Medicine. Tteconuueiirled by Physicinns, Cures where all olse titilH. Pleasant andii^reoablo to taste. Children tnko it without objection. Rv drusjciala C O N SXJ'I^JBii DR. SAGE'S CATARRH REMEDY iree the worst cn*^. no mutter of now long •"*"« «" "t'uta, ' u j' tiruifsrlsts. curee •umdinir. No.V (M. Imtrumentfls t» Agriculture SHERIFF'S SALE. .Notice of tiio Sale of Real Estate liKicr Execution. K. S. filllSON ni.,1 MARTIN CHKH1T, ~. M. ASllir.I, anrl J. II. ASH!1.1.. /'I; K'mliml', 5 J POWERFUL tVlAW";FOLDER. All tho typa cleaned by a brush device in 10 S2i ;ouAs wiihont •loiliug' th.- hand;,. SCOTT^S EMULSION CURES SCROFULA BROWCHIT3S COUGHS CCLDS Wasting Diseases Wonderful Flesh Producer. Many have gainod ono pound per day by its two. .Scott's Emulsion in not ft secret remedy. It coutiiinn tho Rtiimilat- inp; properties of the. H'ypoplios- £ hitos aud pure Xorivegiau Cod iver Oil, the potency of hoth beiiiff largely increased. It is used by Physicians all over tho world. PALATABLE AS MILK.. Hold by uU I)nirj(ilHtfi. HCOTT <fc BOWNE, Chemists, N. Y, \\ ill lu/l.l n lnei'tin^ on its tirouiitis, ni'iir TJI'ZTJLJr£ - OITT October 2.31 "* n..i I £»d'!'. Try i ltuEo vt.vti hy (he .Ta(<<Eien 1 iJWiiif .v, I'rt 'NerilK-d Ity ^•.jiliFri '.in 'ff-i 'o 's llA 'attiit^' Camnhor Phlorp.1 OlllUi Cll Lininieiit. Write for ^OHcripHvL- ciittiir.aiie anj * t iricos to LEO. E. ALEXANDER A- 00., Saiisome Street, **an FrunclHciu (^ciieial Aleuts, icalion of Insolvency. N lit!.' .-TtTbiuU oilKT ,)!•' TIIK COL'N- ._ ty of Mendoeino. siaie or ralii'orniu. N TIIK rtUl'KRIOK COURT OK THE COL'N- • In the inaMeiof l>. )•:, njin-'nian, an insolvent tv of Mendocino. State of California. • debtor. I). V.. liiti'j.aiau. hiti Iir-j tiled in rhU [ in the mutter of tho estate of C II. Arthur, \ court li Is petit ion. schedule and inventory In deecas.'i!. Notice is hereby i;iven that iu pur- involveuey, fiMin which it anpe.trs that he is an i -nance nf an order of the: Superior Court of iusiniveui debtor, the ,-abi Ji, \'.. [>i n^taan N l Mendocino County, State of CaUt'ot nia., made on ' hervby declared |<> tie in.solvent. The Fieri tl* of | tlie [,ith of April, I sua, in tlit* matter of-tiie e^iaie th<* eon my of Mendocino is hereby directed to ; of C. It. Arthur, deccie-ed, the utidorfiljiued, tlie. [ tuUe tiosse^siou of all the CNUCIV, and p '.-r- . Adie.inwiialor de bonis nou with the Will an- s,.ual. of the said insolvent debtor, except such - n ".\ed.of t !ie stiiii cMtate, will sell at publio : a> nitiy be by law exempt from execution, ami j auclion.lo the highest Idddor, for eu J h, jjolvj , all of \i is deeds, unicljfn. Pooks of aci it. iin of the I'niied state«, ami ^uhieet to eoiiiir- ; and ptipi'rs, and to keep the same siii'ely null! j (he .•ippointieeiit of a.v ;e„..,. (l : |i- s ..-lnU-. j All ]icrsnus iiie forbiddei. to pay any del-u to the said ius<d\eiii or to deliver any ju'operiy. hebin^in^ to such insoivenl. in lilm or in any perrfoii, lirm, corporal ion or usso .hition for hi* use; and the said d"bior icrcby fortudden to tratiKfer or deliver any properly, until the farther onler of I his Coiii I . ewepl herein or- >v VIUTCI-: OF AN F-MKCCTION iwt 'En out of the Superior t.'outt of the Cmnty v,i Mendocino, of tlie State td" (."alifornla. where!n i K. S. '.t\V*o« uvid Mixiini ei>n>;i, phiiiuitV! 1 , and j I'. M. Asldll iiild iS. A ^blll, defeiidiltll.'i, UpOU I a judmiieiit rendered n,e \-,\\\ davo(juty, A. r»., \ Is'.in, for the sum of three tlioiiMiud, one lmu* drad twenty-six and seventeen one hundredfH | dollars. United s.Uiu-^. iiold coin, besnlus eonts j and intercut, i have Ihi^ day levied upon nil tho [ I'iL'ht , t iile.claim and intce.-l of said defee-diuu. ] V. M. A sbdl, oi. in aud to the following ileherlbcd real estute, lo wit: The possessor v claim and improvement* ami all the ri ^lit, title, claim and In- *e;t 'Sl of, in and to the I'Uich Kcnenith kuowi'. Oo 1 suinmn Valb y rum h in Mendoelni ' county. Califo-nia, I»**i1 1 j-r about '20 miles north • I \\ est of Covelo, in township '2* «ud '21 iioiih, I ran;;e I'l West, M I> M. ami also nil liuprov, ! iiieni-, po'-;.e .--ory. ebiim and all rijiht, liilo i chum i\nd luxev'.'st oi V. M. Asbill, of, hi and t-> i the ranch Keiierlly kmnvu a.* Die lltild Mounttuu • raueh, in Meiidoeino eounty, California, beini: \ al.uut 1^ mile.- noriliwesiof roveI(»,lu t.osnahijn I '21 and "2.. north of ran.:. . l;\ and 1 1 wem.M I) M. ; 1'uhlie noOee herePy ^i\eu thai I will, on ! the HI!: djiv nf Srp[', .i. D, .I'l riujHMiur (jourl, oil Snliirilny, il:c 2 /th dny of Septtralier, 1890, At: ilt2,i clnck p. M . of snlil ilny, hi front of the •'iilirt h(iiisi.,l,)iirof tlif (Jounlv of Mi-uiloi'in,,' lit 1 kluli, «'U nt imlilii' inii'tioii. for I'lilii'il' si,iU'si;„lU..ohi ,ill i!„. rlnhi. ,111,., el,,!,,, ,„„( llili'K'M oi s,u,I ili'fiMi.lniu. !•'. M. Ashlll. nf, i'l ililil lo MR'IIIM.V .. ,lis,rili,.,li,i„|„.,-U, or„.i umcl- ""•J"'." 1 "» may l«- nm -M .ry u. niiso 3ulii,-l,.|,i Millsly j.,,1,1ji„,gi,,,,„l wM, inn-ri 'st iiiul i-„ s |i,, l!li'., lo Hi,' lll|.'lli",t llllil Ili -sl lilidl.'r lliiliMl this 7tli ilu.v ,,f Ailk'il"!. IS 'j'o .... T , ... ,, '!-. - V *'l'A.\'l>l.i;v, Sliorlfl'. J.y i. J. n KI.DO.V , i ii,k'i'.sii,rlii'. 1000. Open to Lake and Mendocino Horses. S DG Fosters for Speed Programme. <lAKl.*Nt>, l'( 'This may certify that ueh:i\ I.inimi'tiL io our ftimily. and hi l»v the b.-ss ,uid jtinsl eiVeelive in lac-ih' and kindred disease:, of e I ii! d. We can u:i he-dtm ;in:'o r, a lin .i .--t l.owenul nllil useful rene e tor neu- ! v.e have end it us 1» ti­ cs- of theFi !*.. i;. i J i , M. )•:. t" eh: ea -cs, pi coniicetion with ( ('. I.I N '. M I'.NT. use "i'( i M ['i d' N 1' 1 : 1,1 'IH i> 1'uVY- Id'.K" for tboi 'ouehly eb-ansbii; tbe blond I. (Tl i -up I lie entire S\ Melll. 1 t !'• pi it tHi OIll V l.\"IEn' W. BS. litmv <d >».. 12 Hush slieid, der ; iruec Uotih s. Ptie j j;.: Hi .'iit po -apaid u i'i' b'UCc, l> bot'iies l'or eipl nf price. To euro BillouBneas, Sick Hoadacho, C OUP U- pation, Malaria, Llvor Complaints, take tho anfo and certain remedy, BfibUTxra BILE BEANS Hue the BMAI.l. Sine (Wllttle mum to the bsttlu). T HEY AUE THE MOST CONVENIENT. Ciuit«.V>l*. ten- Mil A. R e.. Price of either alxc 35c. pur Bottle. •%I WlI WUilled Tor 4eti. (copi-on or itamj.-), i,r ,l «lTHfcCt .Makfir.M-BILCEEiSa,'ST.tOUtS MO. QUICK TIME AND CHEAP FARES lo HiisliTii iiiul Fiiropnin ('ifEcs \'la tiic Crrai Trans-coutinenial idbntil ]:nntf« or TKK THE v. i\ immxi (;«., i'©-KUK SALE iiV ALL UHCC01STS .-«K5 'clock v. M.,in froiii of the door of tho I 'oiift lifiuse, hi Ulilah City, Mendocino eounty. rah,all the rig-lit, title, interest and estate of the said C. K. Arthur tit ihc time of hit* death, and all the riKht, title and interest that the said estate has by operation m law or otherwise ue- «]Uiied, other than or In nddttiou to that of the said C. U. Arthur at the tiino <if hits death, in and too al] that certain lot, pleoo or parcel of land situate, lying aiidheiiu; in the said eonnlv of Mendocino, Stale of California, and hounded und described as lolbnVH. to wit: K 1 .., oi SWJv of section la, T U> It PJ W, M U M. Terms and coiniition.^ of .sale—eush, L0 per cent of the purchase price, in Kohl eoln of th" Cnitcd-States, payable on day of the sale, balance payable on eonlinnatioh of the sale by the : Judf,'» of this Court. Deed at expense of pur- i eluiaer. } Ckiah, September'2, 18'JO. Q. A. OVEKMKYEK. , . • i AdtuInl«tratorde bonis non, whh the Will an. | *e tdayeii I nexed of the estate of C. It. Arthur, deceased It is further ordered that all. the- creditors of said (JeMor h" and app' ar iiei'nr" the Hon., ii Mei'iarvey, Judge of trie Sup--ri.>r Court of the county of Mendocino, iu ,.jni Cm-t. at the court « KJIU oi said CmiV'.. in the County of Mendocino, o;i the tjiii nay of , a-toh-'r, i>.'"0. a I P) nV'loek of tliat iia\. to [uove their debts and elmoKe one oi more i-.s-i^iiecs of the estate of »i :i <i debtor. "It is further o«-dered \\\\\\ \b«- order be published in t he 1 n n A.JI I o. M, I , a neu s p^iper of generai ch 'enlanon, pnblisiicd in the etnsnty of Mendocino, ah often' as de said paper is; ptitJilsJied. tiefo.'e the said day scl for the ifleeiiutr nf eredilori-. And it is fiiriber or.lerc-fl th -t. in tin- ineau- Unie, nil prut'oe.iini .'K ar;atn^l tin 1 said In^ohenl 11. Me-iAP.VKV. of the Superior •Tlld V KLL Sr-.vwF.LL, Attorneys lor Adm. Dat'-d September 1. js:tu. J. M. M ANSON, Attorney for Insolvent. •.•id j ['NITI-:I) STATIC I.ANn Ol'L-'U'K, S\N FUAN- j V i <-i-sco, rah, July 1, i Nfdice is iieiehy given that lu compliance, i with the pvowrdons oi tbe Act of Coiigresii of i June '•). l^VS, eniitled "A.i Act for the firth- of : timner lauds in the States of California, viregou. Nevada and Wa-hiiiiMmi Tcrriiorv," SVDN'KV C. M LTCllKl.L, of Abnncda. Couotv oi Alnincda, Slate of California, has this day tiled in thN otib-c his -Aorn sialcmcnt No , tor the purehuse of Loi:', ,.f M'diou No. IS, in Tow nship No. lo north, Ka.'i^i- No. II west, M. li. M., anil will oll'vr proof to MIIOW that the land sousht is more valuable lor its timber or dtinr Cum for auricuit oral purposes, and to establish his claim to said huid ^-u.i- the Kegister and Ucceiver of thi- ottiee at San rtaiieiseo, Cab. mi TTESliAY, the '2;td day ,.f Setitember, 1 KL<LV lie names as witnesaer»; P. Ilolherinel, C. C. Menej;. T. .1. hiihy, 1*'. U. Hailey, all of San Vs'iiiii 'i-fu, ' a.. Any an! a 1 ' p-T -o-is elaimlnp adversidv th-; above-dc-t ioe-i. iauds tu-' veouested to i)le their elaiiuf iu thif oiHee on or before said 2;[d day of September. .JOli:< V. SllKKH.iN*, P.ejil-ter. -STJBSCBIBE POii TttlZ-" 1END0CIN0 DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT! {I'.icinc SVSTIOI). Daily Kxniess Trains make prompt connections with tile several Hallway liucsi in the Cast, AM) AT Si 'M' Yark and Xcw (hle«ns with the n>\ era! .-teenier IJnch to ALL EUROPEAN PORTS. Tor iireposrlvi.'iHtJ tlie m «i1l «iuc must »• mar* Otn-.i n put'Kuliva. •»'« lie per. miiucol, Ii uititu vubtalii Tonic, Alterative and Cathartic Properties. Tutt'a numima (hc*» .,u >.lHt«a >• »•> cral» Uoart- 1', uu,! Speedily Hestoro koir»l« thalr »u iaal uarlituili* Mallvu, «e uuvutM to r«(riiiDriiy, MolA JS&t irywbere. riillmiiii I'alacv iSieeniiii,' Cars ,IN,1 TOURISTSLEEPIMG CARS allaehed to Overland i'^.vpreps Trains, tfTBr-TIekrls sold. Sh-eplngear Herths secured an-, proper iufnr^piCinn given upon apj linnioii at ('ornpiiiy's otttees. where passengers calliug In pei^uii can Hern re choice of router., etc. Onhri< tnlit af Lnirent Units for '/W-v/w J.yr p/iy- naur from ICti.upf: antf ICwh-ro <'itt;'s In nun •)<ti->l tn'tht l*n»:ti>> W.-ii--* ">:f! '/V 'r ,--/,',ir.V,. Titer* urdi.m, if unt I'-CI/; i>ill he redeemed id lue wuonnt jiafd t'hei-i (nr. EIGHT; CrEAY, T. H. GC0DMAN, c.en, Traf. 5r«r. Oen. P. & T. \;:\, RAILROAD LANDS! ) I'm' ^Illl' <Hk Hl'l,H,l^,lll»tl! TlTMH. i l'or l-iinilf in Ccntrnl nml Norllmrn fnlKor- I ii In. Oivgnu. Ni'Vailn ninl L'tah, itpi'lv lo or .id- .irem W. 11. MILLS, lmnl AkJ.C.'K H. 11. 8nn rmmrlKTO, l'or f.auils In Sontliprii finll/ornlii, uiioly to or \ uildre«» JKUO A IE MAPPEN,LmiilAt't, S. 1', <3 auu f if.uc.^cc. The -North Pacific TJand and Improvement Company will shortly put in an Electric Light System in Dkiah will and will furnish Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowest possible figure. For particulars address W. H. H. GEAVES, Secretary North Pacific Land and Improvement Co, 69-71 New Chronicle Building, San Francisco. ingand Ironing? Ah Penh's Wasliouse, lor. c-lnirvli umlSii'viitsoii Si.., |'i .(,u,. tew''!)' «'IK'lt Uu' !.iitro',, ot .,.Vni .i o ' ,1 VjBiillllip. [rotllllK, uiul autiim rtoni. v 1,1 ,' Ml'SS 1111 ,1 il 1B ,„,|,,|,, UU-,,,,,) .Ull-OOl LANE'S SPRINGS, Hmi Valley, ISmdoojio Ccnniy, Cal, F0UUTKEN .MILES N'OKTU Or UKIAH. wK ^.S'sjiis.^vr 9 ii2r for horws m inwlfrnk-" lHl P '^l'iniKu T. A. LANE, Prop. SUBSCRIBE I'OR THE Oispatch—DsniGcra?,

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