The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 21, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1894
Page 12
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PlifflPPK?''? 'M^^^i^^^^^^^^ "Ip^^HSH^^- ;i ^ / I P ?i> §c, r w<* Sir &i < $ !»' £;•: »,r ,* 4 v I &' FORTY niLLION CAKE5 YEARLY. TOE PROCTER k OAMaiE OO, OIN'TV, DAILY AMD WEEKLY. ALL HOME] PRINT, the om >' newapaperin Car- lnted a " 8t Home and it con- oth « . £oW>Bgft COLOtO, PK>P«. FBIDAV, DECEMBER. 21, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Vifiit Moore's ehoe store. Heffelflnger is receiving holiday goods ever? day. Patent photograph envelopes for sale •t this office. County Attorney Korte was ot Boone Tuesday on legal business. Dueaaae of the eye, ear, throat and MM. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Carroll. Call at Heffelflnger's and see the cot glass Wore and new silver ware. The sir-year-oldson of W. L. Phillips it quite Bick with typhoid fever. H. Mittleman, who has been quite sick (or some time, is said to be very low. The little child of E. L. Landsberg is doing nicely and will soon be well again. Diseases of women and children a •pecialljv DB. B. C. KBLLEY, Carroll, la. Mrs. Mary 'Russell and Miss Mamie Maoomber were at Dee Moines Tuesday. Inanrauoe, and money to loan on real- •etate at 6 per cent. MABTIM & MABTIN. The city schools will close Friday for • (Wo weeks'- vacation during the holiday*. A marriage license was issued Saturday to 0. B. Carter and Miss Jennie Polk. H. E. Russell left for Chicago Sunday evening to be absent a few days on busi- pt' I!?' '' 1^' ' "" 4 Bobee and blankets are cheaper than per. Do not fall to get prices of L. T, Aadenon. Geo. Sebrmg. of Loug Mont, Colo. bin the city fora visit with his cousin, Mrs. Wm. Louther. Do oot forget that yon can get needlea and repaira tor any eewing machine Btade st L. T. Anderson's store. Mr, and Mrs. W. B. Atkinson are entertaining a little stranger at the college— • girl who came Saturday noon. Frank Butler was in the city over Sunday. While here he spent considerable of his time at the dentist's office. Frank Riei was at Council Bluffs for a few days in the interest of the Carroll Cnen house with which he Is connected. Ohai. Bailey was called to his home at Bac Oily Saturday by a dispatch announcing the serious illness of his son George, 0. L. Wattles and Tueo. Fettig left for Atlantic } Monday to bo present at a meeting of Elltebir Tem'plo to be held at thatpltce. The rain Saturday was too late to do much good this year, but it demonstrated the fact that it can rajn when the con- eUtiona are favorable. E. R. Burke entertained a number of hli gentlemen friends Saturday evening. Betresbments were served and the even- log was enjoyed at whist. Frank Connelly, baggageman, has got • week'* lay off and will visit his parents At Ogden and will also visit friends at DM Moines during his vacation. Schumacher & Mitts have plenty of their Salt Lake potatoes on band. All parties ordering now will be furnished from the car at wholesale prices. Mrs. Blomberg, of Hnrlan, who came to the oily a few weeks ngo for surgical treatment. IB doing nicely, and will be able to go home before the holidays. Arrangements are boing made for a Club dance to bo idvuu ui Qurminla Opera bourse Peoombor 97. JSKormayor's family orchestra will furnish tbe music. A recruiting officer for the regular army was in the city last weolt and so- cured a number of application for on- Ustmepti but when the cttudidatus ap- Awarded HlfbMt Honors-World's Fair, r • ^, 1; , MOST PERFECT MADE. rMm of Tartar Powder. " Fr«e Alum pr any other adulterant, 4Q VitllS THB STANDARD, peared before the examining officer at DBS Moines all of them failed. The physical examination is very exacting and it was in this that thejwould-bfi soldiers from this city failed. Schumacher & Mitts, dealers in flour, feed and produce are prepared to furuish uoods cheaper than ever before. Call on them when in want of anything in their line. Henry Lobman has disposed of the Brunswick, Neb., Herald and will leave that place for financial reasons. Henry Rot up a good paper for a place the size of Brunswick. Jas. Thompson was able to be down town a short time Tuesday for the first time for over a week. He is still suffering considerable from his sprain but is slowly recovering. Mrs. Irene Quegel has so far recovered from the effects of her wound as to be able to be seen on the streets again. She was looking sowewhat thin but appears to be in good health. > The Calhoun county saloon petition has 66 per cent and 137 names to spare. If the signatures are all in accord with requirements of the law, saloons will be opened in moat of the towns. Hiram Hart, who was sentenced to one year in the Anamosa penitentiary for hog stealing, returned to the city Monday. He was looking as if the year'* confinement had not worked much of a hardship withjhim physically. R. E. Ooburn and wife, of Carroll, have donated about twenty volumes to our institute library. Among them are Macaulay's and Hume's history of England and other valuable works.—Sac Sun. Ludwig Broa. will hold their second annual handkerchief sale Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week, at which they will offer 4000 handkerchiefs at prices ranging from 1 cent to 93. Nothing makes as nice a Christmas present as a nice book. Bturges & Thurlimann have the choicest selections of works of standard authors and elegant gift books evor brought to this city. R. H. Griffith left Monday for hl«;home at Montezuma, where he will remain for, some time. Ralph is one of the railroad boys to come under the Northwestern'! scheme of economy and so he has been laid off. A. W. Patterson WM called to Ferry Monday by a dispatch announcing the death of his sister, Mrs. Lavlna Beale. As Mr. Patterson was unadvised ot the sickness of his sister the newt was a sad •hock to him. The entertainment given Saturday evening by the Orients was not well attended owing to the rain. The program was well rendered and would have been greeted with a full house bad the weather been favorable. Conductor J. H. Anderson waiin the city Sunday. He thinks ho will get his old run back, from here to Slour City. His frlendi here are in napes that he will, tor he and bis wife have many friends who would be sorry to have them leave. The German Military band was to give a concert Tuesday night but the attendance was so small that the program was not given. A few pieces were given which delighted those present. The band is a good one and deserved a better audience. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Carroll County Fair Association will be held Tuesday, Jan. 8, at the county clerk's office. This is tbe regular meeting for tbe election of officers and settlement with the old. All mem bers are requested to be present, We have made arrangements by which we can furnish tbi» paper and the twioe- o-week New York World all for only 82 a year. Hera la the opportunity to get your own local paper and the New York World twice every week at extraordinarily low ratee, Addrew THB OKNTI- M, Carroll, la. Tbe infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Ben its parents' homo at Marshalltown Monday. The remains were brought hero for burial. They arrived on'the 8 p. m. train Wednesday *nd were taken to (bo M. E, church where tbe,J funeral Berylou* were held. Wm. Lynch received word of the death of bis eldest brother. Alex Lynch, who died last week M Dade City. Florida. The deceased was Mxty-flve years of age i and for nearly forty years has been in the service of the United Bute's, »» postal clerk, soldier, claim agent and Jalely *• •gent of tbe laud department in Florida. The following ii from the Perry Chief regarding the death of Mrs. Beal, ajlitor of A. W, Patterson of thl» city; "plod, Woodsy morning at 0 o'clock, Mrs. Den. n|| Heal. Mm. Baal fau been in poor for yean, being troubled with (he , She is well known tod respect- Mi in Perry, havjug lived hero foryows. fhe VM a member of UM Congregational Church, and her daughter U the wife of a 00Bgreg»Uon»J mlnliter, Bey. Tailor of Stuart, Mr. add Mrs. Taylor arrived lust evening and It was decided to take the remains to Oilman. There will be services at tbe residence, conducted by Rev. Kldzer, at 8 o'clock this afternoon." To show how the foreigner pars tbe duty -We «iYe this illustration: The other day Mrs. Maggie Brown received a small package, valued at a dollar, from Canada. Before the package was deliver* ed to her at the postoffice she had to leave fifty cents with Uttcle Sam's clerks which Was returned la the custom office. Mrs. Juo« Vaughn his disposed of her farm and left Monday evening for Chicago where she will remain for a while with her children'and will then co to Canada to live with her parents. Saturday she had a fine large monument placed at her husband's grave in St. Joseph's cemetery. Tbe monument is of Vermont marble and is a very handsome one. H. T. Daniels announces with regret that ho is out of his favorite 65 cent flour, his last order to the mill bringing the reply that they were away behind with their orders and it would be some time before they could catch up. Just as soon as it arrives Mr, Daniels will, let his customers know, however, as this is the best flour in the market for the money and he is determined to give the people the benefit of low prices. Station Agent Creager informed ue the other day the t he was now walking two miles each morning before break tast to keep from becoming too portly. We took in LIs fairy yarn all right but thought it was fortunate for him that be was not picked up some of these fine days by a hungry dog in search of a stray bone. If there IB anything that Joe is in need of it is surely not anti-fat. The present year has been a very favor able one for Jefferson, tbe most so for u long period. The Bee, of this week, contains a review of the improvements made which show an outlay of over $100,000. This is not a bad record considering the financial depression which has prevailed so generally all over the country. The greatest improvements made in the city were tbe building of the new hotel by Jno. McCarthy at an outlay of 120,000, water works *18,000 and tbe electric light plant 11,200. J. W. Kennebeck and Q. W. Wattles closed a good siz;ed real estate deal the first of the week. Mr. Kennebeck sold 480 acres of land to Mr. Wattles for a consideration of about 115,000. In the deal Mr. Eennebeck came into possession £of 214 shares of electric light stock and has since purchased nineteen more mak ng within seven into half of the whole amount. The Electric Light & Power plant is a paying institution now and will keep getting more valuable as tbe city increases in population. The Clio club baa Rotten out a very neat little calendar containing the names of members, the officer* and the subjects for discussion during 'the year. The club has Italy for its text and will spend tbe whole year on this one inter- eating topic. Mrs. Bangs is the president of the club and her well known energy and ability, will place it among the prosperous and successful women's clubs of the state. The meetings are said, to be full of interest, for at each four ^papers are if ad on some important topic selected from Roman history. General discussions on local events is also one of the features of tbe meetings. Tbe ladies who are connected with it cannot fail to be greatly benefited. Reserved «eai« «t Batton'e ate 35 Oente. Tioketi Will be Bold at tbe opera hones door for 25 oente, but they will not entitle the holder to any epecitil teat. He will bare to take hie onauoee for a eeat. The stage manager requests) to say that the program will begin promptly at 8 o'clock. PROGRAM, Orchestra EsortnayeM The Bngte Song Tennysdn Arranged by Hits Gertrude tmei Bepresented by Misses Bungs, Smith, Onam, HlllMan, Young, Hoyt,Kali, lynch, Sherman and Patterson. Recitation Little PinkHloe Tolona Cooke. Instrumental Sold, La Traulte Schubert H. Blanche Patterson. Oration.... The Liberty of Law James E. Ament. Beading f. Maud Muller Arranged by Mteaes Nance and Butzow. TheJndge J. H. Egermayer Haud Ada Hillman Maud's Husband KlvusHood Judge's Wife Marie T. Gnam Voco-Inatrnmental Duet| J^Junse"^'^? 10 '' Voice: Misses Smith and Lrnch. Piano: Missed Maclean and Patterson. INTERMISSION. Orchestra ; ....Kgernmyers Dream ol Fair Women... : Tennyson Arranged by Mrs. Ament. The Poet J. Everett Smith Helen ot Troy. Beise Patterson Iphegenln.... Beryl A. Haft Cleopatra,.. Bertha Marie Bangs Miriam Marie Teresatinam BoMmood......... Ada Hillman Margaret Moore . Martha J.Butzow Joi.hof.Aro ..... .Edith V. Young Eleanor.... ..'. Brace Arlene Kail Margaret Moore's Father.. .Arthur W. Paine Eleanor's King Joseph H. Ejrermayer Orchestra Bgermayers Comic Recitation How "Baby" Flayed (He had been to the ietty and heard Bubln- stetn play; he tells bow It affected him.) Kljlva v. Sherman. Vocal Solo.. ...Heroot Florence B, Mlneheu. TrloBeclUtlOQ. "Archie Dean" Misses Kali, Hoyt and Lyncb. Homophone By "Who are they?" Stage Manager. Louts H.LIak P)lea) Piles) itoblng Pilea. Symptoms moisture; intense itching and sting ing, most at night; worse by scratching. It al lowed to continue tnmors form, which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very sore. Sway- no's ointment stops the Itching and bleeding, heals ulceration and in most cases remores the tumors. At druggists, or by mall, tor 80 cento Dr. Srayae* son, Philadelphia. " w . l T«r HOME MADE CANDIES Better goods than ever, and at prices in reach of all. See our own make of candies in pound boxes 1 Fine goods, at - - 2Bc. Extra fine, at - - - 40c. And the very best, at 50c. ^_ -—----_,..___„ ' ^ Is equal to any made, > ^ via simply delicious. our 10 and 20 cent Xmas trees and decorations and the very best of fruits and nuts, all new stock. PERRINE & NESTLE. TH» OBHNT-OOOIDBNT PEOOBAM. Tbe union program to be given by tbe two high school societies at Oer- mania opera boose next Saturday evening promisee to be tbe rarest treat of ite kind ever presented in this city. Tbe musical numbers will be especially fine. The voeo-inatrnmenta! duet Will attract special attention. Tennyson's Bogie song as arranged by Mies Dreea tor tableau, song aod declamation will be fanciful, beaatirol and intellectual. We all shall be pleased to bear Bupl. Ament in bis oration, "Tbe Liberty of Law." Mr. Ament baa won some dia- tinotlon as an orator, having frequently chosen ae a representative oratorical eonteeta. Our boys need M. ample* in this direction, and we are glad be is to take the initiative. Maud Mailer is to be acted out in fall, under tbe direction of Mies Butzow. Advertised. Letters. Tbe following letters remain uncalled for at tbe postofflce, Deo. 17, 1894. Unless delivered within tbhty days from date they will be forwarded to tbe dead letter office at Washington, I>. C.: E. L. Parker Annie Weigh Frank Wolfe B. Patterson John Scbultes eteren Hotter Non Boeton Dr. J. F. Dimal D.D. Dentberg . Buby Brown C.U. Baker Tbe law provides tbat one cent shall be paid for all letters advertised. When calling for same please state date of advertisement, JNO. L. POWBBS, P.M. "How to Cure all Skin Diseases." Simply tpply Bmtyne'i ointment No internal medicine required. Cures tetter, eczema. Itch, all eruptions on tbe (ace, hands, not*, etc., leaving tbe (Unclear, white and healthy. Its great h«*ltng and mitatlf« powers aw DOMCM** by no other remedy. Ask your dsonlit for Swayne's ointment. (H-86 [|QLJDAY sAT THt PALACE DRUG STORE Commencing Thursday, Dec. 6, and will be contfnued until;January Ut. »ii » Winter Tourlat Rates On Tbe Northwestern Line. The Northwestern Line is now selling excursion tickets, at greatly reduced ratee to the health and pleasure resorts of California, Florida, Texus, Mexico, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama. For tickets and full Information apply to agents Chicago and Northwestern Ballway. '•. . Sheriffs Bale. Notice U hereby given that by virtue ot a general execution, to me directed by tbe clerk of the district court of Carroll county, Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, etc., of W. if. Blokerion, Mae J. Hlokenon and HJ. P.jjfneller defendants,,,!!)_ favo" ot ^ , . i , , 's i I- f » t j •"* '*h ALBUMS-Ayi elegant ueadfajft ii#m Spo. to $9.00. TOILET CASE8-A fine stock, ftom ^SeTto — -- ' *%** a ^ C ?S ar ?°?es, jurist Sets, Sbaviiig Silver Novelties, Ladies' Purses, Work Boxes? „ JBibles, Juvenile and Story Books, Fancy Novelty fumes, Tea Sets, Steam Engines, 8*- -" «- IronToya We have a" ' * of China ware. ue £ plalatllt.TwIll oiler »t public sale to the ulghert and best bidder foreaib, MI the door of the court houte, In the town of Carroll, county ot Carroll, low*, on the 24th day of December; ISM* between the hoars of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock " -i. on Mid day, all of i*ld defendant*. H, P. Muelter right, title , and Interert •~ and to tbe following da- scrltwd rent estate, «ltuatad in OorrolT oouair. to-wlt: fioutbeast .quarter of the iouthe«il quarter wctlon »btrty-»U (86). townihlp eighty- two (82).runge thirty-tout (81),aud north linif of t IB southwMt quarter M>d uorthw«it quarter of ihe nouihewt quarter and wmib b«tf of the *P? U> W. flnwtar MCtlou thirty-one (811. town•hip oighlnwo W), nun tblrh-tbrM (as). «nd ecu tU west quarter of iiectlon uluetee townihln ebjbty two (82),r«ufe thirty three (8S),lii carroD oonnty Iowa. hour - itness u,rl,. D dU»U WehaveagoodaBgortment of aU kinds, and have a large stock of Dolls, from one penny to $8 apiece, IN LflMFS i We have au assortment left that we will oloie at cost. A consisting of Hanging and Banquet Lamps. Jf W * prices will sell these goods, this is the place to buy, G. W. ASHTON & CO. C. H. WESTBROOK, Manager. •JL-Mt Tennjrioo'e "Dream ot Fair Women" will alone be wortb tbe price of admission. Thie remarkable dream ie (p be reproduced bj tbe beet talent of the two Booieliee, drawn from tbe rauke of botb pupila and tewbere. Tboae wbo have listened to |ft*t Sbermao la aomio reoiUtioo will not fail bear ber renditipn of "Bow Bob* Played," 80 far us Tan Sttnwn, kuow«, a trip reoilotiou baa never been rendered iu |h|f city. Suob reoitaliona are eeldom •(* teipled owing to tbe nnuanal awpnnt of praetioe required, Vbree of our bes) deolaimen, Mieeee Kail, Hoyt u4 tynob, will render "Aroble Peoo" in tbla uovel way, Tbe "aomopboBV'jprornlefti everybody lf"»0b. Tbe rlobueai of tbU profiam, p«b* iiafaed e|ae»ber» to tbeee ooluunc* (§ euob M will «a|| oa» IU l*/0e«) -iiUnm «H»nibl«l bj 0»uu4« oneranon**.! w«re ont 09 aiOe «t S»tk>t»'» t«4»* I HERE W With the Finest Line of GROCERIES in the cit > and the old reliablo SLEEPY EYE FLOUR, the belt on earth, and SUNLIGHT, th« best of southern flour, or money refunded, Our TEAS, COFFEES, DRIED FRUITS, CANNED and BOTTLED GOODS can not be beat. Prices and quality guaranteed. South 8idt Fifth St, 4 HOLLAND

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