Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 25, 1965 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1965
Page 14
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADAMS r—l ITS LIKE THIS. IN lOBeCTOM)^] I AFTER EITHER OFERATION.THE ALOBEORPORTIONOFTHELUNSISREMOVEP.IN I PATIENT LIVES PREny MUCH PNBUfAO(iECTomr,m ENTIRE LUNS is REMOVEP. OPERATIVE RECOVER/CAN BE RCPECTEP IN 957. OF LOBECTOWIES, ANP IN 90% OF PNEUMONECTOMIES. THE SAME AS BEFORE. BUT, WITI RESTRICTIONS ON ACTIVITY. yOUR CHEST )C-RAY5 INPICATE SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS BUT THEY'RE NOT > ^ Of£/q «EN0USH SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL By DON SHERWOOD GOOD //OWNING;', SET SOME GENERAL SHIELD. iCOPFEEAND MA JOB FLAG3 .SEND HI/.', IN. ,15 HEPE, SIR. f THANK VOU, ^ ...WBE HE HAS MAJOR... AN IRON HEART BUT HIS STEEL ( JAW /V.ELTS INTO ' THE MOST DIVINE SMILE.' THE BORN LOSER By ART SANSOBI LET ME SEE THE MSFEEZY REPORT, }^N1UTCMELL !7 PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER I LIKE TO HAVE' EVERVTHINJG AT ' FIKIGERTIPS! CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER 50KKV WE- HAD TO PELAY VOU. 6-IR'. THE- WITNESS WAS 60 P051T1V& WE PAREP NOT FfllLTOCHECKl K IN VIEW OF VOUK P051TION.,.WJP TROON'5 FAULTV MHIWKY...VOU WERENT A PRIME 5U5PECTI HERE'SVOUR PASSPORT. NONE THE FlMGERPRINTS FOUWP AT THE FARW MATOiED VCURSij { WERE MANV a THOSe FlMGERPRINTS MftPE BY CRIMINALS WITH MORTY MEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI I'M <2>0\H2> TO newouizEABo 1. /N A Nice BIO [ WOUZCHIH/ itL AW£ youE HEioem eo ?AeT \Tii, TAkS VOJC NOSe A WSS^ TO CATOH OP WITH THE PeSrOF VODE. FACB/ .-^UiS^ , ^ OUR BOARDES G HOUSE with 3IAJ0R HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIAMS 14 - Tues., May 25, 1965 Redlands Daily Facts SHOW BEAT Her ancient highness Stefanie By Dick Kleiner Hollywood Correspondent Newspaper Enterprise Assn. HOLLYWOOD (NEA) - at 22, Stefanie Powers us impatient. And she thinks she has good reason to be. "Many people have told me," she says, "that I won't live to old age." Tlie words of fortune tellers and soothsayers are taken seriously by the beautiful young actress. In the past, their predictions for her have been, she says, quite accurate. She has also dabbled with such things as yoga, metaphysics and extra sensory perception. She is almost convinced, for example, that she is the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian queen. This belief, or near- belief, came about when she was reading C. \V. Ceram's book, "God's, Graves and Scholars." When she came to the part about the opening of King Tut's tomb, something quite strange happened. "There was an unusual odor," she says, "and a feeling of dampness. And on my feet I felt the sensation of wearing peculiar leather sandals." She read a great deal about Egypt after tliat. And then she visited Egypt and the old tombs. She saw the leather sandals EgjTJtian royalty wore. They matched the ones she had felt on her feet. But the smell wasn't tlie same she had experienced. "And then I realized why it was different," she says. "The smell I smelted in the Egyptian tombs was an old, musty smell. What I had smelted when I read the book was the odor of the place when it was brand new." PAUL, or A FUTURE IN HIS FORD Amazing. They're going to make a movie out of the Broadway smash, "Never Too Late," and the two leads m the play- Paul Ford and Maureen O'Sullivan—will play the leads in the picture. I asked Paul if he'd had to fight for the part, and he told me he isn't a fighter. But he thinks, he says, that Sumner Arthur Long, writer of the play, fought for them both. "I guess he had to fight pretty hard." Paul says, "because I know they had been thinking of bigger box office names for my part—they had mentioned Gary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Fred .MacMurray." Paul Ford's television series, Tlie Baileys of Balboa, has fallen by the weary wayside. And he living through an interesting example of Hollywood thinkmg. "Before the series," he says, "I had many television series offers. But since The Baileys of Balboa was unsuccessful, I've had absolutely none." This doesn't distress him too much. For one thing, movies and tlien Broadway interest him more. "Besides," he says, "I'd he very wary about anotlier television series. I learned that good ideas can go wrong, if the writing and production is wrong. In fact, I think I'll be so wary about it that I doubt if I"U do another one ver." After he finishes "Never Too Late," he plans now to go back to New York and do a Broadway show. It will be a comedy. He's read dozens of scripts and eliniinatel all but two, both comedies. "No, I won't do drama," he says. "I think a man should find his forte and stick to it. Too much ambition is often a mistake. At this point, I don't have any ambition to do anything ex cept comedies." •Good. OUR ANCESTORS by Quincy I want to send these to a girl in Kansas City!" NOTICE TO BTDDtnS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN lhat the Board of Education of the Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County. California, hereby calls for scaled bids to be delivered to the Assistant Superintendent of the said Board at the Administrative Offices. 33 West Lugonia Avenue. Redlands. California, until the 1st day of June, 1965. at 2:50 p.m. (PDTi at which time and place said bids will be opened for: ATHLETIC SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Each bid shall be made out on a form to be obtained at the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Each bid over S4.000 shall be accompanied by a certaified or cashier's check payable to the owner or a satisfactory bid bond in favor of the owner, executed by the bidder as principal and company satisfactory to the Board of Educatipn as surety in an amount not less than 5'r of the bid; said check or bond shall be given as a guarantee that the bidder v^-ill execute the contract if it be awarded to him. The Governing Board of said School District reserves the right to reject any or all bids or waive any informality in a bid. No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty i30' days after the date set for the opening thereof. By order of the Governing Board of Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County. Dated at Redlands. California, this 13th day of May. I96.=i. CHARLES R. STULTZ. Clerk of said Governing Board. Russians think moon's surface very rocky MOSCOW (UPI) — Russian scientists beheve the moon's surface is predominantly brown and composed basically of rocks, the Soviet news agency TASS reported today. They believe the outer layer of the moon's surface is apparently composed of "basic and ultra-basic rocks," TASS said. [ They also think that the luminous rays radiation from a number of lunar craters for hundreds of miles are due to "powerful, apparently volcanic, explosions." It said the Aslrophysical Institute of the Academy of Sei-j ences of Kazakhstan had added to its "lunar card file" a series of spectra of new areas of the moon. "These spectra were obtained for the first time in the infrared region ... by means of an electronic - optical transducer," TASS said. "Preliminary study of the spectra has demonstrated the! absence of any considerable color' differences between 27 study areas of the lunar surface. The scientists believe that the moon's surface is uniformly colored with a predominantly brownish tinge resembling freshly plowed black soil. TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPD—If tele­ viewers have become rather skeptical about how their interests are protected in Washington, D.C., can you blame them? Consider, to begin with, that the airwaves belong to the public, and that Congress is elected to promote the public interest. Consider now; —Two years ago. Congress investigated the ratings system. It is generally said that adjustments toward more accuracy have been made. Yet there has been no revolutionary adjustment concerning the basic harm of the ratings system. It continues as always, and as powerful. The question of whetlier it was ever intended for a public property to be virtually run by such a method— wliich was the key question- was never really considered, and is not resolved. The long-awaited "CBS Reports" hour about the ratings system, by the way, is scheduled for June 21. —A while back, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) tried to do something about commercials. Congress told the FCC to mind its manners, and tliat was that. —Last year, of course, the SOVIET VERSION OF JUVENILE DELINQUENTS NEW YORK (UPI) — They don't have juvenile delinquents in Russia. It's simply a matter of terminology. In the Soviet, they're known as "misguided youth," says Akos Valentin in "Coronet" magazine. Valentin — it's not his real name — speaks with authority. He spent two years at the Corrective Camp for Juvenile Offenders at Ufa, Capital of the Bashkir Autonomous RepubUc, 700 miles east of Moscow. His crime? Then 16, he was apprehended stealing cigarettes from the pocket of a clothing factory foreman. NOTICE OF IIE.ARING OS PETITION TION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND FOR LETTERS TESTA.MENT.-\RV No. 34727 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the Countj of San Bernardino. Tn the Matter of the E.state of i MARY E. KILGOUR. Deceased. I Notice is hereb.v given that the ! petition of Securit.v First National j Bank for the Probate of Will of Mary E. Kilgour. the above named decedent, and for the issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to petitioner, reference to which is hereby made for further particulars, will be heard at 9:30 o'clock a.m.. on May 28. 1965. in the court room of the Probate Department. Room 308 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse in the City of San Bernardino in the above designated county and state. Dated May 14. I96j. V. DENNIS WARDLE, Clerk. By Edith Campbell. Deputy Clerk. RUSSELL GOODWIN. .Attorney for Petitioner. 'First publication May la. 19(J5> NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 341)22 Superior Court of the State of California, for the county of San Ber nardino. Estate of MILDRED WILLIAMS. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary voucher.^, to the undersigned at 444 Fourth Street, San Bernardino, California, which is the place of busi ness of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within si>c months after the first publication of this notice. Dated April 30. 1965. BANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL TRUST .AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION. By W. A. Macdonald. Assistant Trust Officer, Executor of the Will of the above named decedent. HEKTON S. BRENAN, 306 East State Street, Redlands, California, 793-47.55. Attorney for Executor. (First publication May 4. 19651 U.S. surgeon general linked cigarette smoking with cancer. Some moderation in cigarette commercials aimed at youngsters was brought about. And there are indeed many persons who feel that the government did its job merely by passing on tlie findings—and that in a free society the rest is up to individual choice. But of course Uiere are those who feel differently, and they will tell you that all the romance and glamor are not yet removed from the youth-aimed ads. They will also point out that Britaui, wliich formerly limited cigarette video commercials to a 9 p.m. start to help miss the younger audience, now has imposed a complete ban on those television ads as of tills August. But above all was a federal Trade Commission (FTC) possibility of forcing liealtli warnings on cigarette ads. And the outcome could not have completely pleased televiewers on either side of the contrversy. A brief story in a Hollywood trade paper said of the outcome: 'Broadcasters and advertisers scored a key victory today in tlieir fight to overturn proposed Fedei'al Trade Commission rules for health warnings on cigarette ads." But then it added: "Triumph came as the Senate Commerce Committee voted to postpone for three years proposed Federal Trade Commission rules calling for health warnings on cigarette advertisements." In short, the mailer is settled for now — but apparently will be settled differently later on. Thei'e is no sign of real principles, only acco­ modation. It is all as obfuscating as a paragraph by Simone de Beauvoir. In all these conlrovensial matters, of course there is always a way out for the veteran manipulators; They call for more research and for advisory committees to undermine llie clarity already achieved. Animal Fair Answer to Previous Puzzle 141 151 f :6i ACROSS Carnivorous mammal Small rodents Wild hog Some There are animals in even- - 381 201 2-tI 261 • Keminine appellation . > Far off (comb, form! ; Bcaklike process ibot^ 1 Caustic imed.) I ?:rects Fonllikc part : Poisonous .Ia\ancse tree Pain i Eg.vp1iail goddess 27 Diminutive of Samuel • ."^O Having rooms 32 Mammars coaling 34 Lymphoid tissue mass 35 Redactor 36,Sainle(ab.) 37 Low haunl.'J 39 .Animal home in a zoo 40 •Fiddling" Roman emperor 41 Transgression 42 Taste sensation 45 Tangible 49 Transform 51 Food fish 52 Seine tributary 53 Famous British school 54 Con'juni:tion 55 Light touches 56 Artistic ornamentation 57 Meadow DOW.N 1 Fortune 2 Heav.v blow 3 Percussion instrument 4 Female equines 5 Press 6 Aphrodite's • girdle (mythj 7 Consume 8 Bundles of cotton 9 Spanish stew 10 Chinese province ^6 Empty car in railroading 27 Devilish 11 Male sheep inl.) 23 Astir 29 Simple 17 Expunged 19 Opines 23 Whistles 24 Crafts 25 Stupid bird 31 Sea ducks 33 Uwful 38 Spotted 40 Roman dale 41 Drama division 42 C.-a.^e 4.3 Operate solo 44 Time sone by 4fj Particle 47 Unfrtquenfrd 48 Icelandic saga 50 .Masculine nickname I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 3 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 7 18 13 i 20 21 • 23 24 25 • L. • 28 23 30 31 i 32 33 34 1 36 38 B 33 40 • 4, 42 43 4+ 45~ 45 47 48 4S 51 52 54 55 57 NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY No. 34738 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of San Bernardino. In the Matter of the Estate of NELLIE F. METZ. Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the petition of Carl F. Metz for the Probate of Win of Nellie F. Metz. the above named decedent, and for the is.suance of Letters Testamentary thereon to Carl F. Metz. petitioner, reference to which is hereby made for further particulars, •will bo heard at 9:30 o'clock a.m.. on June 4th, 1965. in the court room of the Probate Department. Room 308 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse in the City of San Bernardino in the above designated county and state. Dated May in. 1965. V. DENNIS WARDLE. Clerk, By Edith Campbell. Deputy Clerk. PAUL B. WILSON, GUAY P. WILSON, oOfi E. State St.. Attorneys for Petitioner. Redlands. Calif.. 'First publication May 24. 19651 NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WHX AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY No. 34743 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of San Bernardino. In the Matter of the Estate of FORREST MUNHALL. sometimes known as FORREST E. MUNHALL. Deceased. Notice is hereby Riven that thm petition of Forrest T. Munhall for the Probate of Will of Forrest Munhall aka Forrest E. Munhall. the above named decedent, and for the issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to Forrest T. Munhall. petitioner, reference to which is hereby made for further particulars, ivill be heard at 9:30 o'clock a m.. on June 4. 1965. in the court room of the Probate Department. Room 308 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse in the City of San Bernardino tn the above designated county and state. Dated May 21. \065. V. DENNIS WARDLE. Clerk. By Edith Campbell. Deputy Clerk. EARL D. FINCH, 105'2 Orange Street, rtcdlands, California. .\ttorney for Petitioner. iFirst publication May 2>i. 196 JI SIDE GLANCES By Gil! rox "Now, dear, don't try to be a one-man group discussion!"

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