The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 15, 1934 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1934
Page 5
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LiaBBt. MAtVBt*. tSWA. ttlMUAftt PAGEFlVfe frred Ffct<m*** was no*- f» fte Methftdlst Lsdtes* Cfr- fifty ittfcmlterg were prea- * tew vlsflors. the *fter- w«* tpent with gatttes and t*rftlne Fletcher played a _ . Refretnittefttt were •tftM. Assistant hostesses were jtetdaiue* B. 3. leolkftMl!, efeattes Andersbn, E. 0. Kineald, fftfcffci Wcrtfc, tern Croc*, *nd It. W. 4 ft* it Mrs, A. A. Benton entertained tt« 1* t. S. elut> Wednesday afternoon of last wee*, they played nearts lot entertainment and late In the afternoon the hostess fterred delicious refreshments. AntiiMry SHss Dorothy Henderson entertained wftft a surprise party Saturday eventog at the Martin fretae nc*- ortftg tne twentieth mrttrday ot tbefr orotfcef, Davie Henderson, tfee Valentine inottt was ttsed fa :he entertainment and tne refreshments. Gtrestg were Dorothy Haydeu, Roth Darland, Annette Wilson, Marjorte Durat, Edna and Walter Henderson, MetTte Fartter, ROD- ert Wills, Randall Donner, brace Waltahan, and Mrs. Fred Henderson. H. 8. C. Am The Bridge Benefit which i« sponsored by the American Legion Att*iliary will be held In the Legion club rooms Tuesday after- ftoon, Feb. 22, playing to begin at 2:30. The committees are busy with plans whifch they hope wll make this an outstanding event Those hot caring to play brldgi toay play any desired game. Refreshments will be served, a door prize wilt be awarded, and each table wilt have a prize for high score. Call Mrs. W. D, Slothower for reservations, Orgftnixe O« E* ft. Kensington A group of ladles met at the home of Mrs. Margaret Buttmann Friday afternoon and organized an O. E. S. Kensington. Mrs. C. L. Kunce was elected president, Mrs. W. L. Smith, vice president, and Mrs. Glen Dalrymple, secretary and treasurer. Dainty refreshments were served at the close of the afternoon. DEARDORFF'S Grocery Otoe Narrow Grain Corn, 2 No. 2 cans— Otoe Red Kidney Beans, No. 1 cans. 5c Otoe Pork and' Beans. Mo. The H. S. C. club enjoyed a pot luck dinner at the home oi Mrs. Fred Dickersbaeh last Wednesday. A good percentage of members with their husbands *ere present. After the dinner the usual meeting was held ant an interesting program given in eluding talks on the life 01 Thomas Edison by Mrs. Guy Breeding, The New Germany by Mrs. Harold McCain, and German Folk Bongs by Mrs, Pearl Kline Mrs. Jcane Mason became member of the club at this meeting. Have Dinner at Tea Room A group who enjoyed a ho host dinner at 6!45 Tuesday evening at the Malvern Tea Room were Mr. and Mrs. 3. E. Randerson, Mr, and Mrs. Bruce Boehner, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Beckwlth, Mr. and Mrs. 3. R. Hall, and Dr. and Mrs. W, M. Hlett. Celebrate Birthdays wltfi Dinner Sunday Mr and Mrs. 3. M. Elchelberger entertained at dinner Sunday honoring the birthday ot Mr, Elchelberger and their little son, Merlin, Guests were Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Austin, Harry Naylor and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Pace and Miss Gladys Gilllland, Mrs. Pace who is an aunt of Mr. Elchelberger, baked a' lovely birthday cake for Mr. Eichelberger and Merlin and there was also another cake for the guests. Entertain at Bridge ^Mr. .and Mrs. Leonard Anderson entertained at a bridge party Tuesday evening at their home in the country. The Valentine motif was carried out in the decorations and refreshments. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Evan Swain, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Bass, Mr, and Mrs. Dan Beaton, Mr, and Mra. Verne Dunn, Mr, EMERSON Declama* t on Thursday Night Witt IfcW Pf*f»ift*ry to Atritilinry Pfttgf *m 6* Otoe Cut Green /•String Beans, 2 No. 2 Otoe Red Beets, 2 No. 2 Otoe Red Ripe Tomatoes, No. 2 can Otoe Red Ripe Tomatoes, No. 2Vk can—• Otoe Hominy, No. 2^ can Hoimny, No. 300 can SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY ONLY Deirtterff'i Groc, Bernice Caudell and. Naomi < Harman, Ralph Bower and Charles Wilson. Mrs. Verne Dunn received high core and Austin Bass the' con olatlon. HOW TO COOK EGGS T HE secret of egg cookery He; in the simple principle, which Is a tale with all protein foods, nevei to cook them at a high temperature a* heat toughens and hardens pro- teta foods. Eggs, being the mos delicate of these foods, should have especial care In cooking. When we speak of eggs as dolled hard or soft, we do not mean boiled at all. Kegs will cook hard «t ItO to 180 degrees, depending upon the length of time to which they have been subjected to the heat, Kgg* to be cooked in the shell, if desired hard, should be placed in a saucepan, using one plot of boiling water for each egg that Is of room temperature when put into the water; If taken from the Ice chest, more boiling water will be needed to cook the egg. Cover clotely and let stand on the back of tho range or In a warm place for 90 minutes. The egg Is then hard cooked, but the white will be tender and easily digested. If a soft cooked egg of various softness is desired, remove at six, ten or twelve minutes. Once the principle is learned for cooking eggs In the •hell it Is learned for other forms Low temperature, below the bolllni point, is used for poached eggi When cooking foods with eggs, placi the dlih in water, especially in th oven cooking, A successful merlngu Is one that expands by long slow cooking In the oven for 20 minute In an oven of 250 to 300 degrees. Ragout of Egg*. Cook two cupf,uls of mushroom In three tablespoonfuls of butte moisten a tublespoonful of flou with a little from a half-cupful o milk, add to the mushrooms, season wtth.»alt and paprika, add the, re- '»8lnfle)r s ottthe »ttk,|a,,Uttle*grated onion. Out six hard-cooked eggs Into halves, removing the' yolks. Place the whites on a hot platter hollow-side up. Fill the centers with the mushroom mixture, pour Frotn tne trfrcrett held last week by the EnterM* high school contestant* M *eei*ffi*tory non- et* teft were <*o*eft tot the pre- toaty contest KrtMen wilt be neld ia tfee fiteersefc gymnasium tnte (TfcnfBdty) erenlng. Three will %6 enoeeft from this group to enter tfce four school contest wnlftti *itt Be held In Malvern March 2. The fallowing Is the program: Music, orchestra, Oratorical "bate feefnets," BlJly Rlpley "There is No Peace," Rollln Wart-en. "The Maker of Dreams," Doris Bishop. "Beau Trerlsion," Merna Ellis "Ashes of Roses," Dorothj Kapple. "The Hill of Silence," John almons. Piano solo, Margaret Hatfleld Hntnorott* "Who's Afraid?" Raymond Al en. •The Back Seat Driver," Do ores David. •My Contour 'Tis of Thee," Roland Edie. "Sister in the Medicine Closet," Dorothy Gilbert. Music, orchestra. Mrs. Nellie Donner of Councl Bluffs Is here this week visiting ler brother, A. S, Marshall, am 'amlly. in keeping with Americanism ,nd National Defense week the American Legion Auxiliary will told a program at the M. E. chnrch Friday evening. Feb. 16. at 8 o'clock. An entertaining and nteresting program has been prepared by the committee: Mrs. *. L. Evans, Mrs. Jessie Graysott, and Mrs. Vernon Johnson. Music wilt be in charge of Mrs. M. D. Lang. The public is cordially Invited. No admission will be charged. The program will consist of music, readings, and a tab- lean in seven parts. Bojr Scout* Have Big Day Saturday with " Saturday WRS a Wg day her? for the Boy Scouts. A big torn munlty "Pow-wow" wns held In the town hall. John Thorson In stalled a rndlo so all could hear President Roosevelt's flnd Broil Master Walter Head's speeches. The school orchestra played under the direction of M. Gu Martin of Avoca. The Boy Scouts gave a pro- (Continued from page 1) .ailed on and as one of the ear- iest attendants of the old organ- jtatlon, Bpo*e of the memorable revival in 1862 when there were nsany conversion* and where many of the converts went Into \ trance like state before eom- ng through. He said It was » great revival of religion and established the aew chnrch on ft mound basis. Mrs. W. O. White ot Qlenwood wa* called and spoke briefly -of her early chnrch connections here. Mrs. W. H. Pltwr of Nebraska City spoke on the music ot the church In which she had considerable part In those dftys. Mrs. Joy Parker of Tabor and Mrs. Matnle Phlpps of Nebraska City also spoke briefly of their former connection with the Hillsdale chnrch. The closing talks were given by former pastors, Hev. E. E. Goodrich and Rev. M. A. Banker both of whom spoke feelingly of the splendid spirit of the members of the Hillsdale church and their ability and willingness to carry on. In closing tho afternoon program the pastor announced tha in June, 1935, would be the 76th * their second orgrnn, used nnttl i they boapht the present piano. ) Mr." and Mr.«. 3. 3. Kelley, Uncle Billy Wolfe, James MfcJtelwait* and family, Isnac Ketley, the first local preacher, and Mrs. Keller •who was IKJSt mistress at Ml. Olive, Isaac Milter, Mr. and Mrt. A. Hynte, Samuel Van Ortdftt, and others whose names were not attached. It was a very totet«rt- n* collection and attracted * lot of Interest. _,__ - ,,^ COX GROCERY PHONE 9 * MALVERN N. BEANS, !b». — -. Giant P. & G. SOAP, 7 for ,._-- _ ,_ _ - -2Sc Dark Karo No. 10 __SYRU P __^ - - - -4Sc Liht Karo No. 10 Women's Relief Corps Will Meet Feb. 17 The Emerson Women's Hellef Corps No. 214. Auxiliary to tho Grand Army of the Republic, will meet In regular session Saturday, Feb. 17. Don't forget to bring your tub fast print pieces. Kate Htcka Is going to piece a quilt for the Corps and it will be given away. We will have a pot luck luncheon in honor of Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays. Also a short program will be given with Mrs. Carrie Thomas in charge. Be sure to be on time. Mildred Butcher, Pfess Cor. gram and drilled under the dlrec-l anniversary of the beginning ot tlon of Cadet Lester Carson, The Women's club of Emerson had charge of the tables. Pancakes, sausage, and coffee were served. There wfts a good attendance. Twenty dollars was clear- d to buy some equipment the boys need. This Is one of the organizations hat Is doing much good for tho boys of school age. the remainder around the eggs. Put the yoJks through a sieve and sprinkle over the mixture. Garnish with parsley. O by Wests™ Newipuper Union. Imogene - S. E. Mills Ladtea' Aid Entertains The Methodist Ladies' Aid met Thursday afternoon, Feb. 8. The meeting was called to order by Mrs. J, D. Bussard. Two songs were sung. Scripture reading by Mrs. Bussard, the Lord's prayer in union, roll call, and secretary's report. The next meeting will be Fob, 22 with, Mrs. Boscoa Qreeh' wood, A program will be carried out in honor of Washington's birthday, Lunch consisting of hot chicken sandwiches, pickles, pis, and coffee were served. Proceeds of the meeting were $3,90, Visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Trenholm a»d family, Rutb How< ard, J, L. Qwynn, Mra. gyerett Buy From This Ad Fret Iteak on haw Slanoias Oil, fit.— ntflnjn Worm Syr» Kiddies 3Q itute, pint 49c genuine icy Hot Thermos Bottles > r lcklas ond children, Mrs. Leonard Duncan, Mra, Maggie Lewis, Mrs, C, J, Addy, and Mrs, Albert Addy. Those attending the O. E. S. school 'of instruction at Shenandoah Wednesday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Patrick, Mrs. J. L. Evans, Mrs. A. E. Stokes Mrs, Minnie Wbisler, Mrs. Mary B, Gibson, Misses Dorothea Lakin, and Leqna Dlxon. • Nate'Jageer and" son, Jim, lefi Thursday via bus for Chevalls W/*sh, to visit the former's daughter. Goldie, who is married and living there, Mrs, Jagger wil go out later, Mr, and Mrs, S, 0. Davis and Mr, nnd Mrs. Otis Davis and children of Glenwood drove over Sunday and enjoyed a dinner in the R. W. Davis borne honoring the birthday of R. W. which occurred the day preceding, Miss Martha Stllle, R. N., returned to Council Bluffs Monday to resume her work after spending two' weeks here in the home of her parents, Rev. and Mrs. J. F. Stille, while convalescing from a recent operation for adhesions. Several cases of measles and mumps have been reported re. cently. Scarlet fever bas again oroken out and the home ot Ralph Arcber was quarantined Sunday, Mrs. Leonard Duncan of Chicago is here visiting her pi Dr, and Mrs. s. A. Allen, joe Gutsehenritter Jr. of Bur-> lington, Colo, spent Saturday here with bts uncle, Leu dutBeb- enritter, and family, The annual Catholic bazaar beJd Monday and Tuesday of last week was well attended and. the proceeds were aver $400, Tpmmle Conors arrived borne Mrs. J, R, Coates went to Oniu- ha Saturday to spend a week in tne home of her daughter, Mrs W. W. Anderson. The Woman's club was entertained last Tuesday in the home of Mrs. K. A. Evans. The Christian Home Circle met Wednesday in the home of Mrs, J, A. Taylor. Mrs, Emily Burton and daugh- Mrs. Alma Whlpple and son, Robert, of Hod Oak had business lere Saturday. Marshall Mart has moved his iiousehold goods to Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Darns nnd son, John, were In Omaha Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Will Gammon of Pacific Junction spent Sunday here with her mother, Mrs. Lydia Good. Mr. and Mrs. John Carson nnd daughter, Jeanette, spent Sunday in Omaha in the Paul Carson home, Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Rowland nnd family of Omaha spent Sunday In the J. W. Evans home. Mrs. Edd Moore was operated on Wednesday at the Jennie Edmundson hospital In Councl Bluffs for gall bladder complica tlons. Miss Dorothy Brlggs, U. N,, o Red Oak is spending a week's va cation here with her mother, Mrs C. W. Brlggs. Mrs. J. A, Thorson has been on the sick list the past week. Miss Bertha Crabtree is assisting her with her housework. Dick Crofton, C. F, Barns and on, John, and Mrs. L. L. Scott vore in Shenandoah Friday aft- irnoon, Mrs. T. H. Grayson spent the •>ast week in Omaha. Her daugh- er, Mrs, Arthur Johnson, of Valey, Nebr. was operated on for ppeudicltls at the Lord Lister lospital. Mr, and Mrs, R, L. Grayson went to Omaha Sunday to see his sister, Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. J. L. Evans and Miss Jeanette Carson visited the O. E, S. school of instruction at Oak- and Thursday evening. church work In that vicinity and hat the Hillsdale church proto make It a big celebration with historical pageant picturing ho early church scenes, announcements ot which would be made later. In the basement of tho church was an Interesting collection of old relics Including the old church record of 1881, old Bibles, one printed In 1811, and another n 1833. There a large number of old photographs of tho pioneers who attended tho old church, among whom we noted Nicholas Sawyer Mrs. N. S. Phelps, Mr. and Mrs W. B. Reasoner, Ralph McPherson and sons, Grandmother Davis who presented tho church with Goodie* Pancake Camay SOAP, Tone Bros. COFFE Oil SARDINES, _6jFor __________ 25c Large Juicy LEMONS, doz. ----- --- --2Sg HIGHEST PRICES for YOUR PRODUCE CASH and TRADE ter, were Shenaudotth vis night on a furlough V. 8. Navy Btatlos at San Pi« ego, Calif, Harold and Jerewlab Maoer and Hob Jones are in Nebraska pity working on t»» river worfc The play given here last FrJ* 4ay ftlBbt, «*Tfea Last Days gj pchog}," was wall attended 150 were tae praeee4§ wblcb be gives t« Warn SpriflP rlsl in bonor of Preeiaeat veit. |t w»» JiepsslWe ta give the play Ja». 8Q M ft wae gives in A, 0, K. Mr, an4 Mrs, Fra . and fawily epeftt Moaslay eve»iiig the bome at Mr, and Mrsv tors Sunday afternoon. Mr, and Mrs. Fred Brunow and O, B. Fogarty of Councl came down Saturday eve n(ng,,Tbe former visited her par euts, Mr, and Mra, R, E. Good over Sunday and Mrs, Fogarty visited her mother, Mrs. Mary Qlbaou, until Monday evening, .Mr. sn4 Mrs. fiarl Crawfon entertained their bridge club t< a 7 o'clock luncheon at tbei Thursday evening. REXALL 31st BIRTHDAY SALE The volume buying of 10,000 Home Owned Rexall Stores gives you these Low Prices— The Emerson Commercial club was invited to be the guests of the Cherokee Commercial club Tuesday evening. Those going from here were J. L. Evans, H, E. Greenwood, H, C. Knight, and WUbur Morrison. Friends here received a letter recently telling that Rollie Whippie of Montana, a former resident here, was operated on at the Mayo Bros, hospital in Rochester, Minn, for cancer. Friends here are sending a shower of cards, letters, and valentines to him at St. Marys hospttRl, Mrs. Wbjpple is staying at the Zumbro hotel in that city to be near her husband. A two-act play, "A Scream in the Dark," will be given at the Baptist church Tuesday everting by the young people of the church, both for both for both both for both for 1 pt. Rubbing Alcohol, Puretest 1 pt. Mi 31 Solution 49c 1 pt. Rubbing Alcohol, Puretest SOcl 1 pt; Rexall Milk Magnesia 39c| 1 pt. Rubbing Alcohol, Puretest 5Qc\ 100 Aspirin Tablets, Puretest __S9c/ for Stag After Shave Powder ——2Bc\ Stag After Shave Lotion SQcf Stag Shave Cream 35c) 1 pt. Bay Rum ^-49c/ Shari Powder $1,00) both Shari Perfume —, ,,_SOc/tor Opeka Malted Milk, $1.00 value „.,—..—-— : — Eli Absorbent Cotton, 1 lb. — — — Klenzo Facial Tissue, 25c value^--———-«———— Vita Full Chocolate Drink, 1 lb. 59c 59c 59c 50c 50c .00 59c 29c 19c 59c 29c 79c Mr, 6U4 Mrs, WIU 8un4»y » MS bli aunt. Mra, Ufttgte««k t » i» «ry ill Mr, MA MH, Mills County Chevrolet Company Authorized CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE Get our prices on th^t Auto Repair work you m are eur Fire»tone Tire* and Auto Acce«»ori< with wwy Wo vmtom* ft 9kp» l^ "" ~- A -'— j --- Klenzo Dental Cream, 50c value Cod Wver Oil, 1 pt, Puretest Hinkle cara Tablets- Firstaid Sanitary Napkins- Compound,,--' Glycerine «p^ -| Q positorjes—-- * SrC Grade Bird f g« 1 lb.,-*OC Mi 31 Shave Cream, 50c Permedge Blades 85o COLLINS DRUG CO. PHQNR80

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