The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 17, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1959
Page 9
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ANN1I UfffNa^SSwoSSoS 6NOUQHTOGeTA«WNOJDtP/ PCJR FIRST DEGREE. BUT LETS NOT CJET PUT THE EV6RUWJTIN<$ t=EAR IN THE 60UL9 OP THOSE WITNESSES! Q5§jM rt PERJURY, CHIEF. WE THREE OP THEM WORK'FaR I UNNERSTRND THE MOB.THEYlL 6EU CHIEF? THE OTOERe~tJNLB3sl' WT WERE 1$ SOMETHING FISHY ABOUT THIS WHOLE BUSINESS... AND I CANT QUITE PIN IT POVVN., WEU,MYJOHS Noi ONLY TO KEEP HER OUT OP REP TERRITORY BUT TO SVIOKECWTHeNEW CHANNEL OP COMMIE AGENTS WHO BROUSHT HER THIS FAR.. AT THE- MOMENT STEVE TURNS BACK TO HI* ROOM/ TWO REP AGENTS ENTEE IT ANP START SEARCHING HIS I MUST BE SLIPPING... I CAME OUT WITHOUT MY WATCH BY MERELY .-. ..--, 1'SUPPENLY KNOW THAT MINERVA KOAL IS STILL ON THIS SIPE OF THE IRON CURTA'IN.., MARY WORTH V INEITHE.RCASE, I THE. EPE.CT 15 THE i SAY!-ARE vou BLU5HING?."ORHAVE VOU BEEN EXPERIMENTING WITH MY BEAUTY AIDS? REMEMBER-ON RAINY AFTERNOONS IN THE ATTIC--HOW WE KI05 USED TO DRE« UP TO LOCK. OLDER? IT'S LVtN MARY, DEAR!-ARE YOU HERE?... I'M BACK, AFTER A HEAVENLY AFTERNOON! SAME!—YOU LOOK YEARS YOUNGER! MORE FUN..-AND JUST AS EASY TO TURN TIME BACK! PLEASE LET ME PROVE IT! ABNlft PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al Vermeer I WONDER WWO I'LL"! .'J MARRY SOME DAY.' WHO KNOWS? MAYBE IT'LL BE ONE OF THE SOYS ON OUR BLOCK! : CLAM, TO HER BRIDSE CLUB, COUSIN VIHAT SAYTOA LITTLE LIBATI A F1TTIN6 WAY TO CELEBRATE TH& REOMlOM OF TWO ^TALV/AETS OP THE OF HOOPLE,' TRUE,YOU DOsVT BEAR THE FAMILY NAME, WHICH IS UMFOR.TUN , y . AT5, 6UT THB- s HOOPL& BLUE BLdOD (COURSES THROUGH VL, YOUR ffll i-a <~* KINJD OF DISCOURACrlNGv -yJSN'T IT? ~ OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoople /MA30R, AMD I'M. PtfOUt) OP IT/ER, •I MUST'3 AY YOU/ HANE A MOST A HIUIMS PLACe FOR YOUR THROAT CSARSLE-^ HA-HA/ j , T *_ 3T _ \MOLD1 •HOOPLS. ) CUSTOM! OXFORD =1 CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams / i KNOW I'M A LITTLE I LATE, FELLOWS, BUT JUST / AS I WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE THE HOUSE, MR. SRESORY CALLED ANP SAIPHE'P PAY MB THREE BUCKS IFl'P CLEAN HIS WALKS; YOU GUVS ARE NEVER OM TIME ANYWAY, SO I THOUGHT Oooow.' TH 1 ONE TIME I TH 1 WOR\A WE MAKE THE X NOT ONLY SUPREME EFFORT TO BE PLWCTUAL, HE SHOWS UP LATE--AW WITH A HAKIPFUL OF , x GREEWBACK& If £ TO BOOT/ /I ./, j t iW ; <- v *^' ^* *^ - -^ ^^^^f^i^i'^,.^ ~.-~ ../;f j^X^j^ Ai;x ?'>'^ % *;i-s*'T^^*" COLP CUTS TiZZY-by Kate Osann "Things will be pretty dull for your buddies while you're visiting grandma—with only their own house to tear up!" THESE WOMEN-By d'Alesslo That's funny — when I tried to kiss Johnny Carter, he hit ME!" Work ToQS Glasses ' _____ _ _ ---"I'll always remember you fondly, Freddie--as the ( boy T«2*U C*«|« who introduced me to Johnny Harrison tonight!" False TCCth Stolen IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS wS?c^i LO! u>id ^°Z was unable to go to work the day after -a thief stole a suitcase from his automobile. The suitcase contained his work clothing, bis eyeglasses and his false teeth. ISVO' BOYS BANK, ROBftERS? NOrEXCUJStVELVf' WE ALSO ROBS SUPER MARKETS, FILLIN'STATIONS AN'FUR, WAREHOUSES.'/ BELLAS;/ HAIN'T bUCKS AUSTIN (Mfrm.) HfRAtO Saturday, Jan, tX 1959 THE TOODLES W, FhM L n'H.'Jfi.'fii.'Si.' SALLY'S TERRIBLY \ UPSET OVER THIS TEX SITUATIONJOM--AND SHE REFUSES TO EVEN DISCUSS IT. DIP TEX TELL VOIJ WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN THEM NOT EXACTLY-- - \ B UTHE JUST SAID | IT'S HE WAS LEAVING SUCH FOR. TEXAS . / A AND WOULDKT / TURNABOUT. I—SUPPOSE ITIS—BUT WHEN 1 SEE SALLY £0 UNHAPPy— I'M NOT QUITE— SURE/ LOOK, DEAC---WHY QUESTION IT—ISN'T THIS WHAT YOU WANTED2 ARCHIE WHV, ARCHIKINS...V0U /C,VO1V YOU'RE MV FAVORITE BOY IN SCHOOL/ . WHIZ." ITS YOUR A STOMACH.' STOP STUFFING YOURSELF.' TAKE THESE PILLS AND SEE IF IT DONT FEEL WELL.'ONE EYE SEEM TO FOCUS WITH THE OTHER/ JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfleld MORTY MEEKLE 1 DONT KNOW WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO ALL OF *, THEM EVERYBODY SEEMS TO THINK THAT MORE MONEY THAN I KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH EVERY EMPLOYEE IN THE PLACE HAS BEEN IN HERE TODAY, ASKING FOR A RAISE/ TO A, PLACE WHERE YES, BARRING \THEY MAKE SOUP MECHANICAL, \ LIKE THIS? MISHAP...WOULD 1 YEAH.MAM! YcS, JUST JTHEN YOU CAN AS YOU \ RETURN TO TRAVEL IN I YOUR TIME AT WILL? BUT I AM AN EARTHLINJG, MORE \ OXY, ONLY PLANET ) NOT OF VOUPARE /THIS AGE... ...MY TIME IS TEN- MILLION YEARS IN THE FUTURE.. I AM HERE ON A RESEARCH PROJECT YOU TRAVEL IN TIME? YOU CARE TO ACCOMPANY, . ME? WASH TUBBS WELL, i MM TO PROVE IT'. MJP GET WO OP VOU ANP W UEXT SCHOOL ON OUR LIST AT TH 1 SAME TIME PUT WOT IF- Y W&'U- LEWE THEIR. CAR HIP $0(CLOSe BV...WITH IT5 OHIO PLATES MU55EP DP\ (SACK ON IT 1 . TH 1 SOONER WE TH' COPS V PO THIS JOB. TH' BETTBfcl AIN'T SURE PltvsYHILt. SCHOOL...WPUU '•f J00 SO IT L00K5 MEN WHO F-IUBP IT G CAUGHT IN TH 1 BLKST THEMSELVES! TH 1 COPS THINK VOU CHARACTERS DYNAMITED TKAT* SCHOOU ALSO OUR S5V6N OTHER JOBS THIS STATB BUGS BUNNY B-BLTM NOT VERY / GOOP V AT IT, BUSS!. C'MON.SPEEP I IF I WIN SOME PRIZE MONEY IN TH 1 CONTEST I'LL SPlir WITH YAJ BE A PAL AN 1 PO ME THIS FAVQR, PORKY i W-WELL OKAY! FRECKLES IT WAS .. BUT MY NEW THEORIES INDICATE I WAS WRONG. I'M SORRY, JUDD. ,.. SO YOU'RE READY FOR A BIS PUSH, JUDD, BUT I'VE GOT TO BE ALL RIGHT, I'LL WORK WITH YOU. BUT DO YOU RCAUY NEED ME OR ARE YOU BEING- VINDICTIVE ? THEN VOU'D BETTER « MAKESOOP, STEVE, BECAUSE X PERSONALLY OKAYED, THAT /MONEY/AND THERE ARE BOSWORTH DIRECTORS WHO'D HANS ME FOR IT.' HONEST WITH YOU. «IO,OOO YOU SPENT NEEDLESSLY ON NEW EQUIPMENT, BUT... LAURA SAID IT WAS YOUR IDEA.' FRANKLY A LITTLE OF BOTH SHORT RIBS VftN, 1 CAN THINK OF A DOZ8N BETTER. JACOBY'S BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOnV Written for NBA Service Today's hand seems to have created quite a stir around the Elks Olub In Fort Landerdalo. J. W. Shoop, who sat South, decided to open with two hearts In view' ol the part score. North raised him., to three and Mr. Shoop passed. Ap-_ parently there waa a rpar from some-,, one — maybe North — maybe East or West — maybe even a kibitzer... Mr. Shoop played the hand out. He X <f— pear seed A £ SSBd uo 6* seotrx* IIXOOS scsert XSV3 98* t&A xr IS3A1 ti S98V* et'V* 96 A ^SiB* HXHON: Buessed the diamond finesse but Bine*. West held four hearts to the queen- ten all he could make was five odd: so the result was perfectly (satisfactory but the discussion went on. Mr. Shoop wrote me to ask what I would open with his hand. My answer to Mr. Shoop is that I would only open his band with one heart but that In common with most supposedly expert bridge players I weaken my requirements for the forcing two bid somewhat when I have a part score. It Is just that I don't weaken them quite so much as Mr. Bhoop did this time. I must say that Mr. Snoop's second bid of pass meets with my full ap- • proval. He realized that he had given his all and then some when he bid two hearts and proceeded to get right off the hook by passing. To. Size 48 PRINTED PATTERN MAS A CORSAGE AMD /IMO(H£R LITfLE FOR You/ JUNE: FRECKLES is HERE/ By ANNE ADAMS For YOU wbo like to took w pretty •t breakfast as on a diimar date! MaSeTseveral veraloas o( tbl» wia»-U« wonder sew-thrtltUy in checks, p dot, or solid colon. Tomorrow's tera: Misses' Wrap-on. PrlnUd F»ttera 4777:. Slam 36, 38. 40, 42, 44. 40, 48, 36 takes «>,;, yards 35-lncb. Printed directions on eacb pft««n part. Easier, accurate. Send FIFTY CKNl'S in coin* fejr this pattern — add 1.0 W»t« Io» , pAttern lor Ut • class W ' to Anne Adaws, car* ol

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