Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 12, 1890 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1890
Page 3
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n n The Grand Tea Store is selling Goods too cheap and giving short weight. IX* IMLm SERB. DISPATCH is» DEMOCRAT. Fill PAY SLI-I-EMBKK li!, 1890. LOCAL SEWS. For hop notes BOO second pnj»o. Mho. Vki'ih public/-elmo) will open next Monday. What's new? Our entire Rloclc. L. Ilnsenljerji & Co . * Lake county lias n population of 7,10.1, about two-lilths of Mendocino's. Those who like meet rare, may meet run.' bargains nt L. Uosonbern & Co's. * From 1 to li"> shares of I'kiah Hank rtrii 'k for Hale. Applv l<> J. II. Douohoc.* The town trustees of l.akeporJ. have iixed ilio lax rale at '.ii't cents on the -rlOO. W. K. Kinj;, the Jeweler, has moved into the Gillespie building. Call and see lii m. * liladc, colored and undressed kid ploves at 50 centH a pair at L. liosenherg & C O'H. t The Humboldt lumber millH hnvo all cut down a day';) work fruui twelve to ten hours. Ice cream daily by the gallon, pint or dish at Ed. Unilsdori's City liakery and Confectionery. U;!-tf Mire Ida Harris returned home last Sunday, after several months' visit in SuUuu and vicinity.. As will bo seen by advertisement elsewhere, the Town Trustees are going to bridge Gibson Creel; on Hush streot. Jamison & Oharr will supply you with the very choicest meats at all times. 'City Market, north side of court house. 1 " Hon. J. II. Soivwell and wife, ami District Attorney White and wife returned •on Tuesday from their visit to .Orr As will be seen by advertisement elsewhere, bids for the. construction of the new Asylum will he received until October 13th. The celebrated Cuckeyo Pump is brine more and more appreciated, so easy to work, and durable, and a big premium in case of tiro. '16 The town hns been nearly deserted this week, and local happening* are in consequence ra!her scarce. Everybody at, the celohration. Capt. O. A. Uingmnn and Mrs. Kate •Olive, of Hound Valley, were married at the Ukinli House last Sunday by Father Krekeler, of Han Francisco. K. V. Wrny, the Seo 'ta Valley nurseryman, brought, over a load of Bartlett pears on Monday, which he shipped to •San Francisco the following day. In the way of line edge tools for carpenters and farmers, as also pocket cutlery, you will find the most complete assortment at linmnor's, at. bottom prices, w The work of moving Charlton's old blacksmith shop has occupied the attention of a number of workmen and all the small boys and Indians in this vicinity (luring the week. Il is reported in the St. Helena Star thai Mr. Carpy, a leading Napa county wine-maker, will pay this seasnn $15 fur Zinfandel, $17.50 lor Keisling ami Chns- .solas, and If20 for Burgundy grapes. If anybody doubts the ability of our aiianzanitii lands to grow line fruit we ••would like to have them take a look at ithe.magnilicont pears which W. A. lioll- mmn .liRS growi: this year in his garden on ltiuefitreet. Dr. Frank Cornwall, of San Francisco, who makes a specialty of treating diseases .of the eye, ear and throat will come up next Saturday (to -morrow) to operate on •several cases. Ho can bo found at tlio •cilice of Dr. G. \V. Stout. * The Ukiah Indians got away with the Hound Valley and tho C'ahto Indians last-Sunday in games o( "shinny." In the evening they ail had n goneral drunk and spent most of the night in gambling at tho camp in Gibson's hop field above iown. Too much hop-picking money. We call tho attention of our renders to the spued programme of tho 12th Agricultural District Fair to bo held at Lakeport, September 23d to L'7th inclusive. Tho programme will bo found in our advertising columns. Tho purses aro the largest over given in this district, and from prosont indications the fair will be tho best tho district has over had. We hope to HPO Mendocino county well represented there. The leading question now is: "Aro you provided with a bottle of Chnmber- Jniti's Colic, Cholera and JJiarrhoMi liem- edy. as (i fuitflguiird against an attnuk of bowol complaint during tho summer mouths? " No fumilv can nd'ord to risk boint! without this invaluable medicine during ihs hot weather. It is almost I 'ertain to bo needed, mid in iv triond Indeed when required, as it nover fails and is plenum)t and safe to lake, i '5 and 50 cent bottles for saio by J. N. Mugoe. « Beat Offer Yet Made. The political campaign in this State will open in a few days, and the people of Mendocino county should keep themselves informed on all events attending it, especially those of a local character. The DISPATCII-DICMOORAT is conceded by everybody to be tho best paper in tho county, and it is therefore the best, paper tor a person to take who wishes to he kept posted on political as well as all local evenls. Desiring to aid the Democracy as much as possible in this campaign by placing tho DISI'ATCH-DF.MOCUAT in hundreds of homes whoro it does not now go, we have decided to make a campaign oiler of the DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT from now untill January 1.' IR'.ll, for BO Cents. This is tho best offer ever made by a newspaper in Mendocino eoupty. Ptmr iuc/tth:i xtttmcriptioii Jor fifty renin. Send along your names and avail yourselves of this splendid olfor. W. English &. Co., Calpella, are closing out business, and .ifl'p.r all kinds of merchandise below wholesale rates. If you want to know what a dollar's worth, take it to L. Rosenberg & Co's. * Blankets at Cerf's from $1.25 upwards. -19 Board of Education. The Mendocino County Board of Education has boon in session the past week. There were fifteen applicants for Primary Certificates, and ten were successful, as follows: Miss Delia Cooper and Miss Lillio Cooper, near Cloverdalo; George Elder, Ukiah; Miss 1'hronia English, Calpella; Walter Margraves, Caspar; Miss Ella Laughlin, Largo; Miss Jessie Nelson, Mendocino; Miss Mary Purdy, Cahto; Lewis Smith, Laytonville; Miss Stella Tarwarler, Boonvillo. There were no applicants for Grammar Grads Certificates. The Board made an order under Subdivision 5 of Section 1S5.S of the school law by which funds were transferred to the different districts, and all orders may now be cashed. Tho balaneo of tiio time has been put in revising tho Manual. The Board will adjourn this week. Those who save money, make money. That's a strong argument for trading with L. liosenherg it Co. * Wheeler & Wilson No. (1 sewing machine at W. English A Co's., Calpella. ; s Go to the Grand Tea Store for pure groceries. +1 Visiting - Natives. Among tho Native Sons and Daughters of this place who availed themselves of tho special rates offered by the San Francisco & .North I'acilic railroad to participate in tho Admission Day exercises in San Francisco this week were Ilio following: Mr- and Mrs. G. K. Jamison, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Ouyott, Mr. and Mrs. W. II. I.y.m, Mr. and Mrs. 11. li. llenslev. .Mr. and Mrs. it. L. Crane. Mioses Nellie, Alice and Minnie Fox, Mbs Neilio Slandley, Miss Flora Bailey, Mrs. Delia Alborlsfu, E. W. Cook, II. B. Sinilh, Sam Hide, li. W. Knpe, ('has. Brown, W. M.ihiiisnii, Geo. 11. McDonald,.). Dan and [->d lleger, It. It., W. I.. Williams, Geo. Orr, J. li. Johnson, M. !.. Gibson, Geo. W. Hector, S. J. HnlUday, A. W. King, II. Morris and Chas. Cunningham. Haste makes waste. 'Don't hurry to buy till yen have seen L. liosenherg & Co's. stock. * Bargains! Bargains! Co's., Calpella, is them. Purest spices, tens, and coffees at the Grand Tea Store. •!< W. English & the place to secure •is Twelfth District Fair. Owing to tho crowded condition of our columns last week we failed to call attention to the speed programme of tho Twelfth District Fair. The liberality oi iiio purses offered nhnuld attract a superior lot of horses. Tho fair opens in Lakeport on the 2'M of this mouth, and wo (rust our county will be well represented. Our neighbors are sparing no afl'.irt to make it tho best fair over held in the district, and it is no more than our Bimplo duty to lend tho cntorpriso every encouragement. J. E. Scoggins invites all his friends and old natrons to call and see him in tho Gillespie block. * In onr bright loxicon of business there's no such word aa "faii." L. Kosonberg A Cf. * Call for Homsdorf black hosoatCorf '.HM TUo Ukiah Races. Posters were issued this week nnnono- ing tho iiminal meeting of tho V'kiali Park Asscciaiion. It will bo held nt the fair grounds near Ukiah Oily on October 2d, ,'id and <»tii. Purges are offered for running and trotting races, nearly all of which uro open to Lake nml Mendocino county horses. Tho entrance fie in euc'i Instance j§ added to the purse, and n number oi interest!)))} races aro expected. LOCAL NEWS. ( 20 yards calico for $1 at Cerf's. •« J. E. Packard, of Mendocino, is in town. Flour and feed of all kinds at tho Grand Tea Store. Buy your meats at Jamison A Obarr's, City Alarket. •» Fruit and vegetables of all kinds at the Grand Tea Store. « Fortunate woman! She traded at L. ltosenberg & Co's. * J. E. Hcoggins is now ready for business in the Gillespie block. * M. Newfield was among the returning San Fancisco visitors on Wednesday. Hon. T. L. Thompson, of Santa Kosa, paid a flying visit to Ukiah last Sunday. The march of progress is chronicled in our new fall stock. L. ltosenbergA Co. * J. E. Scoggins is prepared to meet all competitors in quality of groceries and prices. * Look ahead and you will find you soou ueed an Imperial plow. Found at Brunner's. <<> Judge T.B. P»ond,of Lakeport, camo up on Tuesday's train. He returned home yesterday. Work on the cement walk around the new Mark's building has been under way this week. County Clerk Sam Paxton returned on Tuesday from a ten days' political visit to the coast, Clothing and tii'.or made suits to be sold at one-half regular prico at L. Rosenberg & Co's. t Go to Jamison & Obarr's for choicest meats of all kinds. City Markot, north side of court house. Eugene Tult and wife, of San Luis Obispo, aro visiting in Ukiah. Eugene is an old Ukiah boy. WASTED —A young horse or mare, gentle to drive and ritlo, weighing about 1000 orl!00. Enquire at this office 4i> J. Bunyan Sanford was over from his Yorkville school and spent a eouplo of days in Ukiah the first of the week. Kemombcr thero will be a meeting oi the Democratic County Central Committee held in Ukiah to-inorrow (Saturday), Jon Jacobs' Shriving Parlors is the best place in town to get n shave, hair cut, shampoo or anything elso in tho tonsorial line. * "When the warm days of summer come, gentle Annie," ask your fellow lo treat you to some Ico Cream Soda, tit Geo. Jamison's. § Thirty eight persons took advantage of the excursion rales on Tuesday morning. The Native Sons, Daughters and Pioneers had all gone down before. Editor Mathews, of the Republican Prow, went down on Tuesday's excursion train to witness the big parade in Sati Francisco. He returned homo the Mowing day. il. H. Hundley, an old Mendocino boy, who is now on the special detective force n San Francisco, was in town the latter part of last week on his way to Bartlett Springs. WANTED —A lady wishes to board in a respectable family who would accept thorough instructions in vocal or instrumental music as part payment. Inquire nt this office. { S. J. Chalfant is expected homo in a short timo. Dr. Mitchell, who accompanied him, will rotnaln at Aden, Modoc county, whbro he has oponed an office and will practice his profession for a time. As the vacation of throe weeks taken by tho Pastor of tho M.K.Ohnreh, South, has closed, there will bo Sabbath School begining on next Sunday at f)M5 A- M. Preaching at, 11 A. M . and 7 :3J )'. M . Ke- ception of members at close of 11 o'clock services. A private lottor from Prol. Austin informs us that ho will be ready to open his Normal school in Ukiah ona week from next Monday, the 22d inst., if the pupils aro ready by that lime. Due notice will bo given, however, if he does conclude to opon the school then. Wo noticed the following Ukialiites on last Saturday's train, bound for San Francisco for tho Admission Day celebration : CP. Smith, J. It. Johnson, G. E. Jamison and wile, tho Misses Fox, Harry Morris, Will King, Max Carothers, Jack JIciH-Jay, 3. A. Jamison and F'red Van Alien. J. N. Magce, tho druggist, wishes to remind his patrons that it is a dangerous policy to wait until taken sick before buying' « bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Homedy. Kvnrv family should be provided with some reliable remedy for bowol complaints, ready for immediate iiso, whenever required,'during the summer months, ami this remedy is unquestionably far superior to nnV other. It can nlwaywko depended upon, and Is pleasant, and sate to tuk». It in put up in 25 and 50 cent bottles. . 44 Additional Local News. New Store! T. EMPL New Goods! COFFEE, : COFFEE, GROCERIES, n I have imported the choicest May-picked which you can draw and caste for yourselves before purchasing. My ^'TTSTTgSS; are the beat that can be found in the Market. Also SPICES, FLAVORING EXTRACTS and BAKING POWDERS guaranteed Strictly Pure and Full Weight. The GROCERY DEPARTMENT comprises all the latest styles and grades of Staple and Fancy Groceries. I have the Largest Assortment of Plain and Fancy CRACKERS ever brought to Ukiah. This year's CANNED GOODS in Meats, Fruits and Vegetables. Xo Ohi GOOllS Oil Illy S.'iClVCR. COUNTRY PRODUCE of all kinds bought, and sold. GOODS DELIVERED to all parts of the city FREE OF CHARGE, and orders called for. &§T Goods ordered hi/ mail tvill receive prompt attention. Don't Forget the Place, TEMPLETON, THE GROCER Odd. Fellows lOixllca-liig,, XJM.l^lx, Cal. LOCAL NEWS. As will bo seen by an announcement elsewhere L. Itoseubcri;, who ban been one of onr leading merchants for many yeart*. has decided to move to San l'ran- cim'o. )lin dry iioods eHtablishmont in Ukiah will be conducted by Ben Hosen- her^. In San Francisco i\lr. Rosenberg will buy KoodB for the CKtablmhnient here. A reference to the mammoth nd in another column will prove interesting to onr readers. * The harbors alonff tho coast of this county aro swarming wilh Monterey mackerel. Such an abundance of fiuh was never before seen. In some portions of Mendocino bay a stick cannot be shoved into the water any distance without striking; a dozen fish, and hundreds ! are caught i'i an hour by simply throw- I ing mihnited hooks in the water and I hauling them. i The Clear Lake liaplist Association j will meet in Fort r.ragg on Friday, Octo- I ber 10th, eoimtinuing for three days, i Delegates from Lake, Humboldt and this county are expected to be present, also visiting ministers from Oakland. A telegram received from Prof. Bnbcock stales that he will arivo in Ukiah in time to open school next Monday. Ho is expected on to-day's train, and will be accompanied by his mother, sister and brother-in-law. Among the arrivald home from tho celebration yesterday were G. 15. Jamison and wife, C. 1'. Smith and wife, Harry Morris, Fred Wan Allen, S. .T. Holliday, John Knight, M. B. Gibson and a number oi others. Hon. A. Veil and wife were among the v.'sitois to San Francisco this week. Mr. Yell is a member of Governor Waterman's staff and was summoned for duty durinu tho .Native Sons' celebration. I.i. W. Miller, principal of the public school at Caspar, and Miss Lizzie H OBS, . MI5 chamiing and accomplished daughter of Rev. ,). S. K OSH, were untied in wedlock at Caspar last week. Tho barbers of Ukiah have entered into an agreement to close their shops at H o'clock. That is a sensible move—8 o'clock is late enough for anyone but a newspaper man to work. The Mendocino lieacon has hoisted tho nanio of Win. llaneti local editor. Mr. Hanen is a tried and trusty member of the lirnenn stall', anil we aro pleased to learn of his promotion. Supervisors Pavidson, Day. Henry and Scot I visited I lie new road near Boon­ villo last Wednesday. As soon as a few unimportant improvements aro made tho road will bo accepted. The Republicans of this vicinity will hold a meeting nt tho court house tomorrow (Saturday) evening. Tho meeting will bo addressed by Hot). F. Adams, of San Luis Obispo. A private letlor from Dick SimtnonB announces, his safe arrival at Goshen, lndiann. Hi; is much improved in health 1 and ON peels to return to Ukiah before long. liobt. Ultimo and wife, of Novo, are spending a low days in town. They aro on their wav homo from a month's visit in Santa Crn/. county. Miss B. Clark and Miss E. Jamison, of Mendocino, spent a few days in town the fore part of this week visiting relatives and friends. J. >'. Magoe has moved into one of tho Van llttsen houses on Spring streot, formerly occupied by H. M. Condict. J.J. Morrow, onr next County Clerk, was circulating among his friends in Ukiah, yesterday. Mr. C. Tenco and wife, of tho Grand Hotel, aro visiting relatives and friends in Sun Francisco. Our prices tire not laid low by dull trade, but math low to make trado. L. Rosenberg & Co. * H. S. I.ampkin, oi Westport, made the Disi'ATCu -OjiMocii .vT office a pleasant call ou Wednesday. Joe Jacobs, Ukiah's leading tonBorial artist, has been spending tho week in San Francisco. It is rumored that another grocery store will he oponed in the McGlashen building soon. Parents and pupils should hear in mind that the public school will open next Monday. It. A. Hardy, of Novo, is among the number of coast visitoM to Ukiah this week. Supervisor H. B. Scott, of Point Arena, is spending a few days iu Ukiah on business. Merchandise of nil kinds is being sacrificed at W. English & Co 's., Calpellit.« James Brett, superintendent of tho Albion Mill, was in town this week. A. !<• Wintzer and Miss Bertie Wintzcr, of Navarro, wore in town yesterday. Sanol is to have a newspaper very fhwlly, so says Dame Humor. New fall goods aro being received daily nt L. Hnsonhrtrg & Co's. t ' C, W. Olinstnad, of (iunliiln, is paying the county seat a visit. O. U. Johnson, of Fort Bragg WAR in I'kiah yesterday. Andrew McCay, of Albion, was in town yesterday. Black velvet lihboiiB in it »i Cerf 'M. AN IMMENSE STOCK OF width nt B.Marks came np on yesie)da^'n train. Alai; Pss-ry;. of Covolo, is in town. McDonald's is the best hotel in Westport. 33 While there'B life there's soap at L. Rosenberg & Co 's. * Fresh and salted meats, lard, otc., at City Meat Alarket. «> Kd Cameron, of Westport, is spending a few days in Vkinh. We i.oticod Capt. Iverson, of Point Arena, on our streets Wednesday. We can't keep people away unless we close our store. L. Kosonberu oi Co. * Judge McGarvoy returned on Sundav from a few days' trip to San Francisco. Ed DeCamp came down from Willits on Tuesday and spent a couple of days in town. Dr. C. It. Aiken, Republican candidate for Coroner, was doing Ukiah the first, of the week. Land for sale in lots to suit purchaser, on easy te-ms. Inquire of W. I. Ilildreth, Ukiah Valley. 3 ' J. Jv. Scoggins has just added a fine lot of fresh groceries to his stock in the Gillespie block. * Misses Nellie, Minnio and Alice Fox returncd on Wednesday from their visit, to San Francisco. J. W. Eversole the New Furniture man is now permanently located in the Gillespie building. " Nothing can exceed the delightful, refreshing effect of ft glass of Jamison's Siberian Arctic Soda. i We are under obligations to D. Gobhi for a fine lot of grapes, which he left at our office last Saturday. The purest materials nnd finest flnvora aro used by Geo. Jamison in the manufacture of his delii i ms Soda. J FOB SALK —A good driving horse; will work double or single. Also a two-seated buggy. Inquire at this olfice. For tho best stoves and ranges go to Brnnrier's. The Superiors are the lead ing ones everywhere. Prices way down.*' Parlies indebted to J. li. Scoggins must settlo at once. Do not expect additional favors until old scores are wiped out. * Attorney J. E. Pomberton eamo over from Mendocino, Tuesday, on legal business. Ho will remain here during the week. The Twelfth District Fair will begin on tho 23d inst. Quite a number of good horses are in training at the fair grounds, near Lakeport. J. Buckingham and wife were among tho outgoing passengers on last Sunday's train. Thoy went down to take in the big celebration. Why swelter over a bis cook stove when you can do your cooking with oom- fort on n gasoline stove. Can lie had of all sizes and prices at'Brnnner 's. •"' An average of about 100 cords of tun- bark have been shipped weekly from tho Ukiah depot for several weeks past. Shipments will continue at this rate for some time yet. A II.VROU :. - —Mrs. Warren has stored her furniture in tho Whelan building on State street, and she will sell tho same at any prico. Here's an opportunity to secure a bargain. * J. H. Thomas nnd sons, of lledwood Valley, have tho thanks of tho DISPATCH force for the finest lot of peaches we have sampled this season. Thoy always have tho finest of fruit. W. E. King and wife, Chas. Cunningham, J. Buckingham and wife and I,, VunDusen and sister (Miss Marion) were among tho number returning from San Francisco on Wednesday's train. The Reveille tells of a most exciting nnd closely contested primary in Clovcrdale for the nomination of a Itoad Overseer. The onormouH number of Si) votes was polled. Our neighbor needs a re-count. It is reported that platinum has boon discovered on Geyser mountain and that San Francisco capital is about to develop the prospect. If platinum is found iu paying quantities it will be a rich tiling for Ibia goc-llon.— Cloverrlak lieeeille. The banner of the Ukiah Native Sons, which wn» on exhibition for ft low days at T. A. Tompleton'n Btoro, is certainly a most elegant pieco of work. Mi*. Dr. Hudson made it, and it is well worthy of the splendid artist that she is. Chas. Cunningham, Secretary of Ukiah Parlor, No, 71, N. S. O. W., went to San Francisco on Monday. He took along Charley Brown, a stalwart Indian, better j known as " Squealing Charloy," to carry j the banner in tho procession on Tuesday. Thiaoflicc received a flno treat last Tfock from John A. Forcler, who lives on tho summit this s |i |p of Blue Lakes, near the Luke and Mendocino county lino. It was in the sbano of n largo box of splendid s rapes nod BarHetl pear*. ew Fall Goods Change of Business W E HAVE DETERMINED TO CHANGE OUR BUSINESS FROM A SEMI -CREDIT to a strictly C.ish System, whereby we will buy for cash -ami sell for cash only, thereby giving our patrons the benefit of the very lowest prices. Jn furtherance of our purpose, L. R OSENBERG will establish himself in San Francisco for the purpose of buying goods fur our house at the very lowest cash prices. B EN R OSENBERG will remain in Ukiah an conduct our business here. Having made this announcement, we wish to state that we have laid in the Largest and Best Stock i Dry Goods! Ever broaght to Mendocino Counttj. lSegr* Special attention is called to our New Styles of Plaids, Stripes Embroidered Suits, Flushes, Velvets, Jackets, Flannels, Blankets, Domes­ tics, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Etc. We have $<HH)0 Worth Of ClOlhillg, which we have Just Received, and will sell ^EO-A-I^/IDLTCSS OF COST! EVERYTHING MARKED DOWN TO ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. We will sell for Cash only. POSITIVELY NO CREDIT TO ANYBODY! Call and see our stock. The Fashionable Styles and Splendid Qualities of our Goods, as well as our Marvelous!}- Low Prices, will interest you. Yours, Anxious to 3PI<?«sie>, L ROSENBERG & CO., Under Crand Hotel, State St., Ukiah, Cal. NOTICE.—- All persons indebted to L. .Rosenberg will please call and settle at once. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. ol Largo, wns In town plnee to •17 Hon. I... V. Lon yeslonliiy. T!ii> drawl Ten Htoro is tlio Set ({rocprips. Frefili lard at KJvvanls Bros, nt fiO cents lo $1 n can. :1 " Ten yni -ilH lipavy shirling for $1 at T-. Rosenberg & Co's. t Mrs. A. NewlieM ami rhikl, are visiting friends in Snii FninciNvu. Stripeil woolen dreiw goods 40 inclien wide nt 25 cents nnr yurd atL. HoKenhcrg & CO'H. t We had n pleaHantcall on Monday from Mrs. Byron Clnrl:, one of H IP teachers in tho public school at Mendocino city. She retained home Tuesday. J. W. KVO/BOIO lias removed bis slock of furniture, carpets, etc., In tho Gillespie buildini: where he will be pleased to have nil intending purchasers call and examine bis BtO ;'k An old bachelor says that f >ivin <z tho ballot, lo women would not. amount toany- tliiiitf'prm t!'"!!y, becauw thoy would keep Battle of Gettysburg- unci Museum. ! How to Save Money. When any of our renders visit Pan j Francisco, be il only for an hour, lake a I Market Street Cable far nnd RO to .Mar-1 ket and 10th streots and spend a pleasant | time visiting tho celebrated Panorama of j the "Battle of Gettysburg.'' Take your! children to see the museum of live animals, electricity, magic, lantern entertainments, etc., you will be weil repaid for your lime and money spent thero. 100 dozen ladies' and children's Hemsdorf fast bla.:k hose at San Francisco prico at Cert's. w Is it well with thy sole? If not. go to L. Kosenbe 1- !? & Co's. for shoes. * .Sweeping bargains in everything nt. W. English & Co's., Calpelia. Notice. Having disposed of my carriage painting business to Mr. E. W. Wells, in the future I will give my entire attention to carriage trimming n't tlw old stand, over Charlton's shop. Cushions, tops, dash- cu, etc., made on short notice, and at prices to suit tho times. • iH ' : ' s En. WHIOIIT. denying thev were old enough to vote tin- j • til thev got to l.o too old tu tnko »»y in- Yo " ««' mors ''nnnKe ortt of n dollar '. .... i finent id. L, KODonborg ui Co s. than anv- torest in politics. ! „t, lpro p)t , t , " » Thero Is probably no towu iu tho Stale j v nmnner is a „ nnt {or g8Vpral kin(ls oS of near its size which boiists of an fine a iron mid slcel lenidng. -w line of grocery" slurps (W I'kiah. Wo | French corsets nt Corf 's for $l-vvortii T2. hnvo lour stores devoted to groceries ox Buy your Shoes from S. Hnoke! (jet him to repair your old onenl! (id « pair of his own inn lev Boots, $0!!! You should buy now, if you wnnt the pick of an extra full line. L. Rosenberg A Co. * Vresli groceries oi nil kinds constantly arriving at tho Ornfid Ten Store. *7 LaoU. iui W. English & Co's. advertisement. Notice to Contractors, IS I'UUSUANCK Of AN ACT 'SKTFIt KO IN j. '-.wt to KftnUixti u Hraueb TumuiV A,«MR. I,,H «„« of 0|( . wnm V cAiforuii!'™ I, Miin .lnolno couutv," (stnt. of ltwn rhan • cinsivply and liny one of thorn would be a credit to towns much Itnvjor than this. \V. W. Moore, of the 11 rand Oporn House, D PS Moines, is mi parly settler in that part of Iowa, anil had >i ({rent deal of j f experience in bis lirno. lie *ay»; "All variniw limes 1 have hud acute httneks ..f! bilious colic nnd violent puliiK in the, atoiiiu'.lt, and lound in<lhing lluit gsve' mo relief like t'lmiulierlulii's Colin, Clxd- 1 cm nnd [imrrhoBii Kemedy. Every mr-! son," lie fuVH, " should imv« a bottle." I Pan M IO by J.-S. M«uea. *« Gw Saloon tor Sale. A good paying saloon business for sale for $800. For particulars i.nciulro nt Nana Wine Rooms, Uklnlt. • '•! 1 * V3 if '4 4 ' id da •9 i If twlvtTiifH fur sciiluj rm>iJOMil» which will ix> ro- iM'Ivwt nt tho offlco ot tlio I'roaldnnt of the Uflanl of lilivclon of the Mendocino Slate Atuiuui fo« tho In tho Town of Uktah, Mcnrtocluo ocHintv, CnllfnrnlN, until 12 o'clock Hi ou Mnn- d»v, ilio lath i1e.j of October, 1H80, tor we iicverAt tm'uichc* of iRhur nnd material in he >urni>h*<t for the vnrtlon mid completion of building* for the Mendocino state Asylum for.the tnnsut. on th» mini known im the tlnrtlcU Rnnob, uear th» town of Ukiah, Mendocino county, (Jail- : Urawlngt and *pecUl«at3tviM (or:.,.the - MKd ; bnllilfi** cmi be "ecu dnlly from * o'cloofc A. Ki" until •; ..'chick v. M.I nt tho office of ,the Arcbi- t li'cis of the fci.Ul Bount, Conchoid & PiSree, No. ; IAS Kcnti.«j' »trret. s>« yrnnciico, Cailwrtiia > nimik yrc.j.nsiU fortrtu and nit tufcjrnmllitn in regard in tno manner Iu wbloh propotata arato yu^Jj ho o.iidnie.l to be obtained: iroiu the ^rohlMeta X nfoicsiiM, _ r ^ . i'nyjncnta to lHihi«d(!ln8tat».warrant»,.wblPBi will be nvailalito at tho time »tated ,|iiiTJb «.aJor«';j Kiich |iroiioii«l mtsst b« ayeompantediM I JOIU I of to per cent of the amsimt of Uy> prop ill tendered, ;.. .V '-^^'-'^iSaM hv Chtiieav labor,' to lie \t«ed lu U«'.Mpp the wild hutldlnCT.;.: : ; A v •'^^kti s ^S^sS^ff&^ •Aim Full lino pf •'iremtgootJs-r-all." thip' Intent style- and ptitierns, -at Sau, Francisec. prices—id Cerf's. Wo don 't nslc you lo liny. We nsk vou tn look. t. t{o»ciiber« & Co.. V HHwian Arctic So -in—best utwtow-at reVel «,iy or «ll.LldJTflo"tthd-nei imblle ifood mny rednirc" ' ARCmBAWp; t r «.rtbelJ09rd , o»:5tt*Bn«

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