Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 23, 1966 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1966
Page 6
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1966 Women Hold 6 Top Positions In Alabama MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The petticoat's place in Alabama politics seems assured frith women holding six of the itate's top elective offices. During the Nov. 8 elections, most of the national attention ^as focused on Luralee Wallace's smashing victory over two male opponents. But, when the 40-year-old tilonde succeeds her husband. Gov. George C. Wallace, to become Alabama's first, and the (lation's third, woman governor, the will be joining five other members of her sex who have been chosen by Alabama's vot- irs. Moreover, a woman never has been defeated by a man in a contest for statewide office in (Uabama. This year, Sibyl Pool, who Itarted the feminist movement It the state Capitol, drubbed a male foe for re-election to the Public Service Commission. The only other woman challenged by a man. Secretary of State Agnes Baggett, handily moved over to the treasurer's office. Two other women were elected without male opposition. Melba Till Allen defeated Republican Alice Hudson for state auditor while Mabel Amos was unopposed for secretary of state. In addition to the women elected this year, tlie presiding judge of the Alabama Court of Appeals is a woman, Annie Lola Price. Her si.x-yoar term did not e.xpii'e this year. Miss Pool opened state office doors to women when she was elected secretary of state in 1946 after serving in the Legislature. She has held state office ever since. The Public Service Commission member also devised a system of rotating office among the ladies which has proved highly successful. Mrs. Baggett, for example, has been state auditor, state treasurer, secretary of state and now will be treasurer again. SURPLUS USED CAR SALE WE MUST MAKE ROOM FOR MORE NEW CAR TRADE-INS — NO REASONABLE OFFER WILL BE REFUSED! 1965 Dodge Polaro 4-Dr. Sedan. Factory air power steering, new car warranty 4-Dr. Sedan. 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By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Any television viewer with an interest in news programs must by now be familiar with what CBS', Marvin Kalb Tuesday night called Red China's "guided tour No. 1." This is the route of tourists and visiting journalists in a triangle between Peking, Shanghai and Wuhan. We have taken the trip before, courtesy of film by foreign camera teams. CBS News sent a West German crew on the "No. 1 tour" recently. The result was the usual portrait of busy, smiling people marching and singing In spotless sti-eets, happily picking perfect vegetables in rich green fields, eating well and living in adequate, if slightly beat up quartei-s, and lots of cute, fat cliildren. To make the program some- tliing more than another travelogue, ' three writers who were recent visitors to China were asked to look at the film footage, comment and explain. The result was a gentle and often sympathetic interpretation of a nation fighting its way through problems of overpopulation, food and machine shortages and social revolution. China-born physician - writer Han Suyin emphasized frequently tlie presence of so many children, and compared it with the old days. Now with maternity hospitals in the communes. Dr. Han noted that "it isn't that there are more babies, but it's just that fewer babies die." The most interesting observations were the small ones; the excellent food served in train dining cars; the "complete and total absence of sin" in modem Shanghai which once had 80,000 prostitutes, 10,000 bars and night clubs and terrible poverty; the complete and mysterious disappearance of flies in the whole country; the existence of domestic servants in a classless society which is short of house- paint. Occasionally, but not strongly enough, one commentator or another indicated his awareness that the cameramen did not have freedom to shoot whatever they wanted. Writer Robert Guillain advanced the theory tliat perhaps one reason foreign journalists were not permitted to visit provinces off the guided tour route was not to conceal failures, but to conceal "places where their most advanced progress and remarkable achievements are located." There was some calm discussion of Chinese fears of outside influences and aggression, of the adoration of Mao Tse-tung. But the whole program was attuned to Kalb's expressed hope for a time when "both nations, tlie U.S. and China, will have adopted a more flexible and intelligent attitude towards each otiier." From that standpoint, "Inside Red China" was an unusual, even controversial television documentary. Here's Girl Friday No. Two Stop in anytime - no purchase neces­ sary - and register your favorite girl Friday. Bob O'Brien presents Gold Cross Pen and Corsage to Mrs. Virginia Bain, employee of King City Federal Savings and Loan. Weekly drawings will be made every Saturday the weeks of November 21, and 28 and December 5 ond 12. The winners these weeks will receive a lovely Gold Cross Pen and Corsage. A Grand Priie winner will be selected from all the entries over the six weeks. She will receive $50 in cash - her boss will also receive a Mystery Gift from O'Brien Office Supply. All lovely ladies eligible-from office executives to housewife executives. O'Brien OFFICE SUPPLY M.ith Shh Of Sgmra 244-1662 Watching TV TONIOHT 6:00-2 Talt< ef Wells Ftrga 3 Cactut P.fa 4-5-6-12 Newi 8 Struggle For PtK. 11 PDQ (color) 4-5 Weather 6:30—2-3 Batman (color) 4-12 Special: Younfl feopk'i Concert (color) 3-6 The Virginian (eolof) 3 N.E.T. Journal 11 True Adventur. (color) 7:00—2-3 The Monroet (color) 11 Of Landi and Seal (color) 7:30-4-12 Beverly Hlllblllim (color) a What'* New 8 :00-2-3 The Man Wh» Never Wai (color) 4-12 Green Acre* (color) 5-6 Bob Hope Theatre (color) 8 Pattport Sona of Neptun. 11 Movie: Whit. HMt. Black And Whit* Or COLOR TV Comet In Bottar On CABLE TV Phono 242-5684 Today MT. VERNON CABLE TV 1306 Broadway Jamei Cagney, Virginia Mayo. An exciting drama of a ruthleta gangiter with e mother complex. 8 :30-2-3 Peyton Place (color) 4-12 Gomer Pyle USMC. (color) 8 International tM ^tiT\n9 9:00-2-3 ABC Stage '67 (color) 4-12 Danny Kaye (color) 5-6 I Spy (color) 9:30—8 Biography: Adolph Hitler, Part I. 10:00-2-3-4-5-6-12 Newi 11 Alfred Hitchcock Thurtdey Marninfl 9:00-5-6 iV^acy'a Thankiglvlng Day Parade (color) 11:00-4-12 The NFL Football. San Franclnico 49ere va. Detroit Liont at Detroit, (color) Thuraday AfternMii 1:00-11 Special: Gulliver's Travels. 1:30-2-3 NCAA Football. Nebraska at Oklahoma (color) 2:00-5-6 AFL Football. Buffalo at Oakland (color) 4:30—3 Pott Game Show 5:00-12 NFl Football. Cleveland at Dallas (color) 10:15-5 Tonight Show (color) 6 Accent 10:20-2 Sporta 3 Rebel 4 Weather 10:25-2 Weather ] 0:30-2 Movie) Operation Snatch. Terry Thomaa, Georg. Sanders. 4 Movie: The Real Glory. Gary Cooper, David Niven. 12 Movie: The Man Who Wouldn't Talk. Zsa Zsa Gabor, Anthony Quayle. 10:45 -6 Tonight Show (color) 10:50—3 Trackdown 11 :00 —11 Moviei Cry Vengeance. Mark Stevens, Merthe Hyer. A detective, bitter after serving • prison term for a crime he didn't commit, sets out out to find ih. men who framed him. 11:20—3 Moviei Along the Great Divide. 12:00-5 Nerv Griffin 12:05-12 News 12:10-2 Movie: The Saint Meets the Tiger. Hugh Sincleir. 12:20—4 Movie: Framed. Glenn Ford, Janis Carter. 12:20-3 Newa 1:35-2 Newa 1:55-4 News THURSDAY IVENING 6:00-2 Tales of Wells Fergo 3 Cactus Pete 8 Ask Me About 11 Ernest Tubbs 6:30-2-3 Batman (color) 5-6 The Ballad of Smekey the Bear (color) 8 Sports Panorama. Southern University, 11 Wanderlust (color) 7:00-2-3 F Troop (color) 8 U.S.A. Poets 11 Of lands and Seas (color) 7i30-2-3 The Dating Gam. (color) 5-6 Star Trek (color) 8 What's New 12 My Three Sons (color) 8 :00-2-3 Bewitched (color) 4-12 Movie: Jason and tt«. Agronauts. Todd Armstrong, Nancy Kevae. (color) 8 Passport: Adv.nture ef Ice and Snow. 11 Laramie 8:30-2-3 That Girl (color) 5-6 The Hero (color) 8 You Are Ther. 9:00-2-3 Hawk (color) 5-6 Dean Martin Shew (color) > U.S.A. Artists 11 Have Gun, WitI Travel 9:30-8 Biography: HItlar M 11 AAarthal Dlllen 10:00-2-3-4-5-6-12 WvH% • Film Claaslc. Alexander Hamilton. II Alfred Hitchcock 10!lS-5-6 Tonight Shew (eelor) . 12 Weather S Movict Band of Angeii 4 Weather 10:25-4 Eye-line 10:30-2 Movie: Oliver Twist. Robert Newton, Alec Guinness, Anthony Newly. 4 Movie: Sayonara. Marlon Brando, Red Butttona (color) 12 Movie: A Cry In The Night. Natalie Wooa, Raymond Burr. 11K)0-11 Movie: Legion of the Doomed. Bill Willlami, Dawn Richards. An Ame^ ican In the French Foreign Legion finds action and Intrlque. 11:50-12 Nav« 12:00-3 News 5 Merv Griffin 13i4S-2 Movie: Pistol Harvest. Tim Holt. )i15-4 Movie: Miami Expose. Lee J. Cobb, Patiricia Medina. 1:30-5 Weather 3:00—2 News; CrMlo 2:40-4 News FRIDAY EVTNINO 6:00-2 Tales of Wells Fargo 3 Cactus Pete 4 -5 -6-12 News 8 French Chef '1 Norvllle Doller 6:15-4-5 Weather 6:30—2-3 Green Hornet (color) 4-12 The Wild, Wild West (color) 5-6 It's A Dog's World (color) 8 International Magazine 11 World of Lowell Thomas . 7:00—2-3 The Time' Tunnel (color) 11 Of Lands and Seas (color) 7:30—4-12 Hogan's Heroes (color) 5-6 The AAan From UNCLE (color) 8 What's New 8 :00-2-3 Milton Berle (color) 4-12 Movie: Barabbas. Anthony Quinn, Sylvia Mangeno. (color) 8 Passport. Communists of Kiev. 11 Movie: Naked in the Sun. Jamea Craig, Lite Milan. The true story of Oscello and Seminole Indians warring against the U.S. slave trader. 8:30-5-6 T.H.E. Cat (color) 8 Spectrum. Airline Pilots 9:(X)—2-3 Legacy of Rome (color) 5 The Lengthening Shadow (color) 6 Laredo (color) 8 The Struggle For Peace 9:30—8 Biography: Theodore Roosevelt. 10:00-2-3-4 -5 -6-12 News 8 N.E.T. Playhouse. Victoria Regina; Winter 11 Alfred Hitchcock 10:15 -5 -6 Tonight Show (color) 10:20—2 Sports 3 Movie: Terror in Haunted House. 10:30—2 Movie: The Spanish Main. Maureen O'Hara, Paul Henreid. 10:45-4-12 News 11:00 -4 -12 Weather 11 Movie: They Were So Young. Raymond Burr, Scott Brady. Models sent to South America finds themselves involved with greedy, heartless men. 11:15-4 Movie: This Island Earth Jeff Morrow, Faith Dimergue. 12 Movie: Run of the Arrow. Ralph Meeker, Rod Steiger. 11:20—3 Sugarfoot 12:00 -5 Merv Griffin 12 :30 —2 Movie; Room Service. Marx Brothers, Lucille Bail 3 News 12 :55—4 Movie: Sea of Grass. Spencer Tracy, Katnerlne Hepburn. 12 News 1:30 -5 Weather 2 :00 -2 News; Credo 3:15-4 News AUCTION SALE Starting a» 10:00 A.M. Saturday, Nov. 26th al 1600 South S9th (one block South from West Side Baptist (hurtb). Household furnittire ef Gary and 0 I a n d a Chesnay; ahe aama antiques, etc, I Sectional living room suite I Plalfarm rocker. 1 Television. t ind teblea. 1 4-pie(a bedroom aulla. 1 Small Rocker. I Cheat ef drawara. 1 Utility cabinet. I Base cabinet. 1 OineHe eel. 1 Double barrel! Slovena 13- flaufa model 111; like new. I Frleldalre refrigarater. I Wastinghevse electrit rant. (Ilk. new). I 1958 Chevrolet aratien wage*. I Heating Steve. 1 Kanmere aleriiea rfiyar. 1 Coke cooler. 3 Sets meat scale*. I Radio, ANTIQUIt OldlMe I Wooden trunk. I Beta Washer. I Coffee mill. Many ether llama. NMS . and > lata all. for *ai .i WAITER CHESNIY, Owner Ray Taylor, Auctioneer iMMk taieeM, Ctaih As Senotor Percy Is For Open Housing WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Elect Charles Percy said Tuesday he would support open housing legislation in Congress and that he foresees no circumstances tliat would make him the 1968 Republican candidate for president. Percy, 47, ousted three-term Democratic Incumbent Paul Douglas from the U.S. Senate in the Nov. 8 election. In his first session with Washington newsmen, Percy said he could not even name the current leader for the 1968 nomination. "I can foresee no circumstances under which I would be expected to do other than be a good United States senator for the next six years." He said Republicans from all factions of the party were elected in the recent election and added, "I think there's every indication that we have had a lesson in defeat and we have risen from defeat." Percy said he will support the open housing civil rights bill passed by the House in the last Congress. The bill was defeated in tile Senate, but Percy said he hopes it will be introduced next year. Percy met with Douglas and said dissatisfaction among Negroes and racial disturbances during the summer were responsible for producing votes that helped »lefeat Douglas. Pei'cy said the election indicated the nation felt a strong two-party system could best serve the country. Percy spoke on Viet Nam, saying, "I think the initiat've (for peace) hopefully would continue to come from Asia. He said he hoped both sides in the war could work out a Christmas truce and he said U.S. air attacks in North Viet Nam have been overrated and have not stopped Communist infiltration. But lie said the bombing of North Viet Nam now represents a bargaining point, something which could be yielded in return for some Communist concession. Percy also said it would not be known until next year whether an income tax increase will be necessary to pay the cost of the Viet Nam war. J .4PANESE APPEAL TOKYO (AP) — Japan's United Church of Oirist, a merged body i n c 1 uding Congregationalists, Methodist, Presbyterians and Reformed CJiristians has issued an appeal to President Johnson for a halt to the bombing of North Viet Nam. These bombings near Hanoi and Haiphong, the Japanese church said, have "trampled under" the desires for peace of not only the intelligent and well- wishing people in Japan but of all Asia." CIRCUIT COURT Walter Hunter, Marion, has been fined $10 in Circuit Court here for speeding. Anofh«r Gin? Work Is A Pastime For Briton, 92 By EDDT OILMORB LONDON (AP) — Frederick Holden celebrated his 92nd birthday by announcing he plans to continue working an eight-hour day five days a week, "I'd shrivel up if I ever retired," he said In an Interview, Not only does he put in a full day as a supervisor in the Savoy Hotel's bookkeeping department, he uses the subway daily and always offers his seat to women when the cars get crowded. Holden was bom in London Nov, 21, 1874, 15 years before the hotel opened its doors. He went to the Savoy 59 years ago and was eligible for a pension 27 years ago. Asked whether he ever smoked or drank, Holden replied: "Smoke? Why, I started when I was 13." And drink? "WeU, I started on gin and I was, let's see, about 18." Holden rises at 7 a.m. and goes to bed at 11 or 11:30. He gardens for a hobby. Asked the secret of his continued activity, he replied: "The idea is — you want to treat work as a pastime. May I have another gin, please," Granite City Water Tastes GRANITE CITY, 111, (AP)— The Illinois Department of Health has sent a representative, Paul Blakesly, to Granite City to Investigate the taste of the city's water supply. Granite Qty, which gets its public water from the Mississippi River, received a number of complaints from residents over the weekend protesting a foul smell and taste in tlie water, J, G. Cams, manager of the East St. Louis and Intcrurban Water Co., said that perhaps a barge carrying chemicals to an oil refinery in the area was the source of the pollution. Is Passion Play Anti-Semitic? OBERAMMERGAU, Germany (AP) — The mayor of this Alpine village said today the text of its world famous Passion Play will be examined at a Roman Catholic monastery for alleged anti-Semitic overtones. The American Jewish Congress has urged a boycott of the play and cited Oberammcrgau's refusal to discard what was termed an "intensely anti-Semitic text," Mayor Ernst Zwlnk, who called the criticism premahjre and uninformed, said Julius Cardinal Doepfner, archbishop of Munich and Freising, has approved a plan to have the century-old script studied at the nearby Ettal Monastery. Zwink did not specify whether all the monastery's recommendations would be adopted by the village in preparmg for the 1970 performance. The play, a seven-hour spectacle, is presented every 10 years to fulfill a pledge made When the village was spared from a 17th-century "black plageu "epidemic. The text now in use was written in 1S60 by a local priest, the Rev. J, A, Daisenberger, Many Catholic clergy and laymen feel the play is not in accord with the Vatican Ecumenical Council declaration absolving Jews of any collective guilt for the death of Christ, One chorus line in the play says that the "time of grace has passed away" for the Jewish people. BOTTLES BECOMING STRONGER NEW YORK ym — Modern bottles have withstood forces approaching 400 G's in tests conducted by the Glass Container Manufacturers Institute. Astronauts experience about 9 G's for several seconds in reentry. Money Stolen In Break-In At Mill Near Dix An undetermined amount of money, and possibly other valuables, was taken in a break-in last night at Keele's Mill just west of Dix. Deputy Sheriff Roy HaU said an inventory is being tfdten and a full report made on the missing items Friday, Pins were taken from hinges and a door removed to permit entry. Hall said. He said $10 in quarters, plus $2 in nickles, was taken from a cash register. A safe was ransacked and records were scattered about the office of the mill. Scholarship For Mt V. Resident Ogie Ellis, county superintendent of schools, announced today fliat a teacher education scliol- arship has been awarded to Aldine. Lalumondier, 107 south 20th street. She is attending Southern Illinois University. for a cash advance Shopping with ready cash can help you complete your holiday preparations early ... and getting the money you need to do it is a simple matter at your GAC office. You'll get prompt, personal service and convenient monthly payments fitted to your budget. Stop in or call. Get a cash advance from GAC for gift-buying, new clothing, home furnishings, holiday travel... or for any good reason. ® UMNSimTOJSOM lUC FflUNGE GORrOMnOH • MT. VERNON- 1116 Broadway Phone 242-1996 •CENTRALIA- 129 E. Broadway Phone 53Z-736I STORE HOURS: 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. • SPECTACUIAR PURCHASE WOULD YOU BELIEVE FAMOUS BRAND SUCKS THAT RETAIL FOR $11.95 ON SALE For 99 At JO-ELLAS? S-T-R-E-T-C-H PANTS WOOL SLACKS HUNDREDS TO CHOOSE FROM 1 GROUP OF SWEATERS Values to $10,00 S^^QO »3< SAVE UP TO 50% Lay-Away Now For CHRISTMAS IF COATS 4tlt & MAIN OPEN EVERY WGHT TIL 8P YOU ARE A SIZE 9 come away with us to the land of adventure, away from the every day. Away from boring clothing and dull sportswear. Let your spirit go with the fabrics that ore so lively and textures that make you smile. They feel so good. In adventurous colors, adventurous syles that, are as practical as they are fun.

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