The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 15, 1934 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR NEWI OP Hffi INMALVER.N tot* friend* wffl KW*eciftt6 futvint thWr irttfi* tu*ntion«d ta thess ceitrtnBi. Phone 106. I e t. 6t Pfttfi** It eufl tot tte wottfen &m *<s*!S *« in tt4freM at Dr. and Sirs. 1. tl. Parsons drove to Omaha Monday, Dr. Parson*' mother Who has been a guest in their home for several weeks returned to her home With them. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carr ot Council Bluffs and Mrs. Welshons of Omaha were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Eaerett Sunday. Mrs. Welshons is a daughter of A. T. Ayets, long time resident in Deer Creek township. Mr. Carr is a long time chief engineer of the Council Bluffs and Omaha street railway. Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Thomas and daughter, Mary Martin, E. E. Thomas, Miss Dixie Baer, and George Parsons all of Omaha were guests Sunday ot Dr. and Mrs. 1. U. Parsons, Mrs. B. E. Bayes and Mrs. Harley Stevesson, Helen Ann and Margaret drove to Clarlnda Saturday to visit in the T. B. Bayes home. Mr. Stevesson and Mr. Bayes drove down Sunday morning and spent the day there and returned with them. Theron Atkinson is driving a new V-8 Ford coach purchased Saturday of the Salyers Auto company. It Is one of the newest models and makes him a nice turn out. You have read "Chickie," the popular, stirring novel of some years ago. Haven't you often wondered what happened to "Chlckle's D a u g h t e r?" Read about her dally in THE OMAHA BEE-NEWS. 31tf. Our good friend, Mrs. An tone pontow .from out neat St. Johns church northeast of Malvern was hi Saturday and called to advance her subscription another year. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen from south of Pacific Jnnetion were In town Satorday and favored our office with a pleasant call, Mr. Allen, our readers may remember, Was in a bad runaway accident last October In which he had his back broken and has had a long bard siege with it. Re Is getting the best of it however and although still in a cast is able to get around real well. Not many men recover from a broken back. Chas. T. Smith of Hastings was in town Saturday attending the sale. Ask ftbotit an Admiration DeLuxe Shampoo to recondition your hair.—Milady Beauty Shop, Phone 90. adv. M. J. Smith and Earl F. McGee from northeast of Henderson were In town Friday and stopped for a brief call at our office as they looked up some sate Information. They had been down to attend the Davis sale. l»|p swtnl nncl program — Friday night, Feb. 16, at Foxworthy school. Everyone welcome. Ruth Llndsey, teacher. adv. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Biggins Awfc nwOflat lift Luxe Shampoo to recondition yotrr hair.—Mftady Beauty Shop, Phone 90. "***• Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Konce drove to Newton Sunday for ft couple of days vfrtt wfth Mr. and Mrs. Amos Pauiftn. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Latfdft drove to De* Koines Monday for *, visit wfth relatives and to attend the hardware dealers' meeting. Ask atwtrt an A«fnM*efoft De- Lute Shampoo to recondition your hair.—Mitadt Beauty Shop Phone 96. adv. fvan Jackson is acting back to Mills county trots Lsinoti this week and will farm the Henry Wise farm in Anderson township this year. We are glad to Welcome them back to Mills connty. John Dye is quite sick at his home on North Marion avenue. ftesntlfnl J»efm**K»nt Wiw*»»-- at very low prices. — Milady Beauty Shop. adv. H. A. Deardorff had business In Omaha Thursday. M. S. Conrad visited a couple of honrs with his son, Guy, in Omaha Friday. Perry Wilson from north of Hastings was in town Saturday and called to check up for a year's subscription. ATTENTION! —for the Ladies Who Care Have Installed a new water softener for your convenience in my new location. Get your needed permanent now while the low prices are still in effect. Prices from $2.05 up, Including shampoo, finger wave, etc. New location: two (lours north of Community building Mrs, Edythe Mackey Phone 120 visited Miss Delia Lucas at the Mercy hospital In Council Bluffs Thursday afternoon. Miss Lucas underwent a very serious operation on Monday of last week but at latest reports Is recovering nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Churchill returned Wednesday evening of last week from a visit with their daughter, Mrs. T. M. Cross, and family in Mitchell, So, Dak. Mrs. Cross and children, Gerald and Jackie Lou, came home with them for an extended visit. O. D. McCoy of Neppel, Wash, is here this week visiting his brother-in-law, Elmer Flckel, and other old time friends. Mr. McCoy lived in Malvern a good many years ago but left here in 1903. As a boy he said he used to help turn the old hand press that printed The Leader. In this he was sometimes ably assisted by Will Higglns and other Malvern boys, Mr. McCoy's father at that time had a blacksmlthlng establishment in Malvern. We enjoyed a nice little visit with Mr. McCoy. Clifford Wynla who has been visiting for some time with his 1 brother, Carroll, left Monday for his home la Akron, la. Mrs. Logan of the Cottage hotel left Monday on a business trip to Albla and Des Moines where she has some property to look after and will be gone several days. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nelson and daughter, Donna Rae, .were down from Omaha Sunday for a visit in the Albert Nelson home. Iteautlful Permanent Waves — at very low prices. — Milady Beauty Shop. adv. Waves — prices. — Milady adv.i fill with N«ms Tat ,ext Thursday afternoon.g tnan , at 1 o clock, the furnl-ij_ nm IJpnntlfnl at very low Beauty Shop. On next Feb. 22 ture and household effects of the late Mrs. Samuel Masters will be sold at the residence In north Malvern at public auction. See the ad In this Issue with the Berkhlmer ad. Miss Harriet Cadwell, teacher In the Strahan schools, was taken to the Jennie Edmundson hospital yesterday for an operation for appendicitis. She was accompanied by Dr. D. M. Kline and her aunt, Mrs. Andy Berkhlmer, and her brother, Lawrence Cadwell, of Coin, All Solid Lonthcr Shops and priced to sell. — Fred Hall. adv. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crlswell and Mrs. Abble Bellwood of Omaha spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. 0. 8. Eacrett. Jack DeWltt ot Council Bluffs accompanied by the Nonpareil official photographer visited Malvern yesterday and interviewed various and sundry citizens and took a number of pictures which they are using tn a special page for Malvern in their Sunday edition. Fred Hall, Exclusive Shoe Dealer. Expert repairing. adv. in two not very eiefting gatftes last Friday night Olenwood teams again defeated th* tfatvern flrtt and secead teains, this Hnw on the Offmihtnrity building cotnft. The first team lost to the Olen- wood first team, fca-28; tie reserves lost by It-SS. Altfcottgii the first fratf tared tfee scoring mote evenly divided than the second half was to show, with Malvern leading much of the time by narrow margins and at the half leading by 10-9, the half waft definitely slow. Malvern's laxness at defense was balanced by OlenWood's ineffectiveness at the basket. Glenwood definitely won the game in the third period by improvement in both speed and accuracy over the first half. The fourth period was fairly even, with some edge to Malverh from free throws. Jamie Summers was high point man for the game, four field goats and two free throws contributing *ten points to MalVern's 23, Kill- second high man for the 'Vigame and high man for Glenwood with seven points. The scores: First Game (Second Teams) Olenwood, 22 pf fft ft pts Roberts _^ ^—0 1 0x0 2 Hawker _. --.0 2 2x4 6 Hunt 2 2 0x0 Van Pelt 0 0 0x0 Schnecktoth « -1 1 0x0 Carrot —1 1 Oxl Blerman -—0 0 0x0 N. Hunt _.-_.! 0 0x0 Woodruff 1 3 0x2 Seltz __-0* 0 0x0 Mnlvrrn, 17 pf fg ft pt« Knight 0 1 2x2 4 Storey -.0 0 1x1 1 Hyde —1 0 0x0 0 Benton 3 3 1x2 7 Carey > 2 0 0x0 Dashner -0 2 Oxl E. Jackson 0 0 1x1 1 Myers 0 0 0x0 0 Second Game (First Teams) Glenwood, 28 pf fg ft pi Anderson — —2 Empress Theater Malvern FRI., SAT,, FEB. 16-17 with—Robert Montgomery Mtulge Evans Wallace Beery ,V Special Attract ion Also Comedy, "Mush and Milk," AOtti. SUN,, MQN,, FEB. 18-19 AllOft* (food Short Attraction* WED,, Big Bargain Night The Eroprw will »Urt th» ftrit ibow M TtJSt Ihlit WtdBtt 1 »bow Roy Scheel from up near Silver City has leased the old Fred Zanders farm being vacated this spring by W. G. Zanders, and will move there about March 1. Mrs. School's father, Henry Miller, purchased the farm of W, G. Zanders a couple of years ago. Ralph Bower and Bernice Caudell drove up to Guthrie Center Sunday to visit the Oral Bower family and Mr, and Mrs, W. A. Bower who had been spending a week there returned with them. Mrs. Beulah elites and Mrs. Ray Huntsman were in Malvern yesterday afternoon. Shoes for the whole family. Repairing done right. — Fred Hall. adv. Ed Osborn was over from Emerson yesterday having some dental work done. Ed Wearin is able to be out and around again after his recent severe attack of pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. Setli Byers came up from Shenandoah Tuesday afternoon to visit his sister, Mrs, J. A. Fletcher. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mackey had aa week end guests Miss Ruth Patton and Mr, and Mrs, Frank Godwin of Plattsmouth, Nebr., and Sam Worcester of Omaha. Herbert Hall, Stewart Hall, Mrs. Frank Bacon, and Miss Dorothy Miller drove to Omaha Sunday to see Kate Smith in person at the Brandels theater, Miss Alice Hall has completed her course in the Academy School of Beauty in Council Bluffs and ook her examinations at pes lolnes last week. At present she s with Mrs. Edythe Mackey in tter home beauty shop. Paul Berkhimer drpve over rom Shelby, Nebr. Saturday sad eturned Sunday. Mrs, Brekhjmer ind little daughter, Carolyn, woo had been spending a week is the Andy Berkhlmer borne, returned with him. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baker yearned to their nowie in Movllle Monday after a visit in. the George Short home. Mrs, was formerly Miss Elbel pie social &tt4 program •» Friday Bight, fob. 18, At Foxworthy school. Everyone -welcome, ftuth Lindsey, teacher. a<Jv, Will Robb,las of Nebr. drove over Tueaday to tend the funeral of hi* »u»t, Frank Rabbins, Mrs. 0. I* JCeUej? of City, Nebr, drove to »U«wi t celebration, of tto HlUi4tl» o4l*t cbiircte. Mnu KaUtf of RtoUwd. - m*» •#» they r«»l4«4 »outhwe«t sf " " Osterholm — -3 Killman ----- 1 Huebner __ __ 1 Myers ---- — 4 Hawker ---- -0 Malt-era, 23 pf Conner __ - ___ 0 Summers — —0 Jackson ._ --- 3 Bowers __ _ — 0 Faxel -_ — —.3 2 2 3 2 2 1 fg 0 4 1 3 0 0 2x4 0x0 1x2 1x1 0x0 0x0 ft 2x2 2x6 2x6 0x0 0x0 UJl Henry Dale White, Minister Sunday senooi at 10. Miss ' Morning Vorshi* at 11. T6e«e for the consideration of tfee feettgretation, "Christ's R&le for the Acfnirlng and BxpfesMng of the Abundant Life." Tb* Presbyterian come. Our Wggest pWBttpi be made in the adult department. Tke TJftlon «^ L-^ praye* *«i t» ** tft * Presoyte- rtan church tftt* *ee*. *»*«•». *J 8 p. m. It will W « esAdle HgM church Is feOt particlpattnt in tfi* Lotalty Crusade which is bringing *ucn spiflttiat f etutfti to ttan* chutclies. liay we not during tfiese cottlng six weets give our- seltes to Bible ttady and praref so thftt we saall find ourselves in the proper frame of mind and heart to enter Into the spirit of that outstanding miracle of his-* tory, the ReSUfrection o! Jesus troin the dead. Methodist tepiscopiil Chttrth Roy E. Gugeler, Pastor There was a fine prayer meeting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Horton Beam last Thursday. We were glad for the goodly number who drove out there from in town. There was a nice increase in attendance again last Sunday. Why not keep going in that direction until we double pur Jaat sertice. follows: Sunday BCBOO! at 10 *ird worship service at 11 a. ». Vesper service at 6 p. ». toung people's ineetin* ftt 6:80 p. tn. T*e young people's meeting will TO just a.n hour long. The sermon subject in the morhtng will be "The God of Yesterday and Tomorrow.' EAST LIBERTY the hospital. A. L. Halnes whose birthday was Feb. 10, and his little son, Walter, who was two liears old Tuesday, Feb. 6, celebrated their birthdays together at the home ot Mr. and Mrs. Frank Halnes Tuesday evening of last week. Mrs. A. L. Halnes baked a large angel food cake for her husband and a small one for the son. With the cake, fruit salad was served. Those enjoying the affair: Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Market and Harry, Walter Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Halnes, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Halnes and Walter. The Ladles' Aid Society met with Mrs. R. K, Henderson last Wednesday for an all day meeting. The men folk planned a wood chopping bee that day and came to the Henderson home for dinner. There were nine ot them there for dinner and two or three more went to help work in the afternoon. There were twelve ladles present to enjoy the dinner and social time together. Business meeting was held In the afternoon. The resignation of Mrs. Nelson as president was accepted and her duties fall to the vice president, Mrs. Clyde Barger. [ There will be one more all day meeting, this time with Mre. Frank Haines, Wednesday March 7. , • , „ «^,;4»5v Sanday'B attendance? Mucb^can be done if each one in Sunday school is a contagious booster, in- JBttptist Chtoth Sunday was another day which they say was one of the many recent winter days such as the mid die west has not seen as many oi In one winter in a half a century. The beautiful day may have accounted largely for the large audience Sunday morning. There was only an increase of one in Sunday school over the two pre vlous Sundays. A man Who was present last Sunday, but not a member o^ the church, said to the pastor this week: "1 do not see how you have the courage to preach or the Inspiration when there are so many empty seats. We invite you to our church and all its activities. Sunday morning there will be another sermon in the series on God, Subject this Sunday, "The o'clock The men ot tfi* cfctfreli ttgrstfrtfofr wftf 4**» *» supper at the cnnfefe at 8:2(r Tfcufto%y cveSrrfti!. A progratt and soct»l feffat *ffl f (filoto. Comft. The Kensington fceete wnh :. Marlon Wise thtfsday. To SBOW fcoW far aft«*d Of hi* times Shakespeare iris. Just remember that be coined tint phrase "full ot soufcd and foty and signifying nothing" and &» hadn't even heard ot a radio announcer. , PRINTING RESULTS Tb« oil* big thifig w« art interested In to buy printiag i» not ptltnatily new Dttf in^ wcUtf*iJtit* i * to insure you maximum wtUfaetidtt* Weknowtriatllyou e*tresult»YOUWillbe The Malvern Cleaners Specialize in Prompt Service Quick Delivery Fair Prices We Call for and Deliver Call Phone 268 and we will come for your work. East Liberty Methodist Church We wish to express our appreciation to all those who helped with the wood cutting. Friday evening our people will go to Htlladale and put on a Church Night program. Everyone is welcome to go. Come to church next Sunday at 10 o'clock. The pastor will preach. Church school at 11 with a good lesson on the subject, "How Jesua -Meets Our Needs." If you do not have a church home elsewhere we invite you to make this church, yours. A. L, Hatnes and family visited at the Lyle Howard home near Tabor one afternoon rer cently. Mr. and Mrs, S. R. Hurst of Malvern came out to the borne of Mr. and Mrs. C. M, Nelson Tuesday, and Wednesday all spent the day at the B, C. Mayberry home ILL near Hillsdale, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Haines spent one afternoon recently at the Lum Ward home near Tabor, Clyde Barger »»4 family a business trip to Shenandoah Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. L. Q, Adams, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Latchaw and Eve- }yn, drove to Qlenwood after aery ices Sunday and were guests Jn the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. DAdams. "*"" Mr. and Mr*. H. A. MeColUater, Noraa, Mary, 904 Albert were Sunday visitors at tha howe ot her narestB, Mr, Mr, attd Mra. Violet Jo&n of were B«e»t8' ta t stater, Mrs, w, (]»» H. Ot for were MILADY BEAUTY SHOP MM. 0, A. Excuse us for living? Not on your life! We don't need any excuse for we have a man~ sized job, That is the task of supplying our subscribers with ALL the news of the field * we serve. And while we sometimes slip in our purpose, we believe we print more news » of this particular part of the world than any other publication, That is the basis upon which we soliait sub- gariptiom We think our readers are entitled to no less. That is why you wjU Imd eight pages filled * with news of Milli County, of Mills Countian^ and ol your own particular County

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