Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 25, 1965 · Page 13
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 13

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1965
Page 13
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Spealcing in Riverside, Dr. Jack Gibb, a psychologist with the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute at La Jolla, pointed out that business management, for example, attempts to motivate its employes by "guidance, imposition, persuasion." It uses public relations in efforts "to get people to do what tliey don't want to do." It creates strategies to reach the corporate end only to have its employes and customers creat counter-strate- gems of resistance, ti-ickery or apathy. Gibb spoke at UCR in University Extension's series of Subdivision parks provision would become legal Pacific Coast News Service S.4CRAMENT0 — Although many local communities now re- quii'e subdividers to donate lands and/or funds for park and recreational purposes, they have no autliority to do so, according to Jack Wickware, asst. legal council for the League of California CiUes. Assemblyman John Quimby CD-San Bernardino) has introduced legislation (AB 1150) to 'legalize" this practice. According to Wickware many communities require subdividers to include areas in their subdivisions to be used for parks and playgrounds. If there is already recreational space available the ordinance usually calls for tlie donation of fimds. Because there is nothing in the law that states communities may do this, sulxiividers are not required to comply with the ordinances. Wickware noted there is usually voluntary compliance among most subdividers. With the 'legalization' of this practice Quimby said his measure would add to the state's recreational facilities—especially in Southern California where he said parks and playgrounds are badly needed. He said there are many new housing developments rising in the south, and with them the need for recreational facilities. The measure, which is being opposed by tlie California Real Estate Assn. and 'the California Home Builders Assn., has received a 'do pass' recommendation from the Assembly Committee on Municipal and County Government. Now Yoo Knov/ By United Press International Certain sea bass are bisexual and can be the mother, father or simultaneously play both roles in the reproductive cycle of the species, according to the American Museum of Natural History. lectures on "The Urban Environment." Tills dependence on fear and mistrust isn't confined only lo business, Dr. Bigg said. It can be found in churches, in schools, even in the home where much child-raising is based more on fear of punsishment than on mutual trust and love between child and parent. Dr. Gibb said. Still, the "revolution" is -seen everywhere, he asserted. There is a "new look in management," a new "openness." For example. Kaiser Steel sends out blank, signed cheeks with orders it places. The supplier writes the order, fills in the check with the amount and cashes it. Kaiser, Dr. Gibb said, has had only four instances when the method didn't work. These, he said, were clerical errors. Other industries now use the open stock room." ."Assembly line workers no longer need to el parts or supplies from a stock room where requisitions must be filled out m triplicate. Instead, shelves are open and the workers, trusted by management, take what they need when they need it. Losses actually have gone down. In education "tliere has been a fantastic movement toward elimination of artificial goals to learning," he. went on. "The drop-out problem is not a problem of the drop-out. It is the dull, conformist, lousy classrooms. Make th'em exciting and stimulating, and we will eliminate tlie drop-out problem," Dr. Gibb asserted. All of this—the elimination or fear and distrust as motivating social forces—is a "process of psychological growth," he concluded. "A person who loves and accepts himself can love and accept others. To not fear ourselves, to trust ourselves, to feel we have worth—tliis is the state of mental health. "If we have it we don't have to throw hates, fears and hostilities out on the world." Tax delinquent list soon to be published Annually the State Law prescribes the publication of all real property tax amounts delinquent as of April 10th, together with a listing of those parcels of property which have been delinquent five years or more and are to be deeded to the State of California for delinquent taxes. The annual publication is revolved between the daily newspapers in the County and this year it is being published in the San Bernardino Evening Telegram and will appear in the publications of June 7th, 14th and 21st. Copies of the publication -will be mailed upon request, such request must be received on or before June 1st, 1965 and addressed to Tax Sales-Publication Division, County Tax Collector, Third Floor, Hall of Records, San Bernardino, CaUfomia. Requests received before the above date will be mailed direct from the San Bernardino Evening Telegram Office on or about June 9th, 1965. SHOP and SAVE ... With Redlands Fainlly Drug ^ri(^iti\s Pkamacif UnivenUY Plaza (Nexr to Alpha-Beta) Corner of Church and Lugonia Phone 793-26I9 OUT OF STATE PRESCRIPTION REGULATIONS If you are expecting out-of-state \ tors, may we point out that prescriptions written by out-of-state physicians for barbiturates, stimulants or narcotics cannot be filled legally in California. With this in mind, you might consider our suggestion that \f i fore-warn your visitors before they depart their home stats, thus saving inconvenience or possible emerge- However, written prescriptions for other maintenance medications for tourists, newly arrived citizens, or military dependents have been granted some exclusion irom the regulation. 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