Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on July 2, 1974 · Page 13
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 13

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1974
Page 13
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Dodgisrb THi tliiibYf: Thfe NPL c6whe8.and asslsUnt coache« have already been tipped otf by hlgh*r |headquapter8 to keep main when thifir cohtemjtorariis over Jn the ,a)^Ur| World Football League try;to i^Kitvip i\m for inform^: tlon on talent. * CLEVELAND M E1 G HtS, * ^'S jJ **ii ^?S!«Et !dfe OHIO (UPl) - When cad-^atet. But teto^^^ dymaster Tony Wdtacoman. S^'ITJA S&S^ i»Wed helpwanted notices at^lO •^^.^S^TiSW new cad* iirfea.sMsIIrt an effort to ^^^^^^^i^^M bofeter tts crew for the m»m.J^^tj;,^^ S mer, Uttle did he know that JL S »*2Sd KarihCltlnowouldappiy. t .itliffiSS?'^ But the i4.i^e^r^ld ^'^i^^^^'m^ theonlyglrilnWoodshopclaM DKS^^ .... last term at MontlceUo Junior at,OakWMd^^ Karen on the spot and outnum- ^^^Zl^ S each consecutive singles beredim after going through lJhSTi^I?lia3fby W well-planned caddy school. Wad "hb reservatons what* iftter. the BrooklynjD^ ^At Moo^a and 115 pounj, ^J^^ajJiSS girls as cad- InnlSg butsome'of th^^ e„eli Karen said becoming a caddy "^^^'J^"^^^ what Is Q. lVllke;to Jii^^^ -theflrstglrlkno^todosoln *?ed"id expect^of any cad- f ^^ffJ ^^aSJlff^^^^ mance on the course ioaw« «»». • been good. northeast OhlcMiad nothing to do with the women's liberation movement. She signed up because "It sounded like the right thing to do because I wanted to work and make some money." "I couldn't get any other kind of Job because of my age/* said the long-haired teen-ager. "I saw this sign on the bulletin board at school and at the bottom was printed 'equal opportunity employer.' "I didn't know If they meant Jew or Gentile, black or white, boy or girl, so I Just applied. I like belng.outdoors a lot and last summer all I did In my spare time was swim, swim, swim. I needed something to bum up energy and make money so I put In for this because If I hadn't, all I would be doing at home right now Is watching television." So Karen Is now a "B" class caddy earning $4.50 for 18 holes carrying 14 clubs In isle of uiew drive-in [V[Rin AVINU[/]85 4110 Giants at Yankee StidlttBi that year? ^Tinaele fintierrei. San Jose, Calif. "She hail cArfdied Rteadv And ^.P'®'* Nplan was No. 25 in the defensive secondary of the y^.S^^h^rA^^A^T'^ THe late Jimmy Fatten was No.10 and covering Hill S.. S «M deep because the Giants had rolled into a lone defense when plaints about her, 'he said, the Bear receiver made a fanfastic stumbling, fumbling last"But you sttll tend to lean second catch that resulted in a 17-17 tie. The way Nolan re- towards them (women) members it, Fatten actuillyipu8hed |iill toward the bail, because chivalry Is not at an When the teams met for the NFL title a few weeks later, Hill end, at least not yet. No other was blanketed and the Giants won 47-7. Re: Nolan; in his of- club around here has them Ace at the 49ers training camp in Redwood City, there is an except us, from what I've •"i^".'* 'OjWe EW**5 'SL h»nrd" came out Of the University of Maryland. The 49ers'scouting And hAvina « m^ttv airi report: "Will hovor make it." Written in red Ihk. .^L ^SyZ^S^^fIl th* winners of the WS.74 NHL Trephies around hasn t brought about an (H»rt Memorial, Art Ross. James Nerris Memorial. Lady uprising among the other male Byi«. Veslna. Calder Memorial and Conn Smythe award^ caddies. In fact, most treat her - Susan Gregory. Cincinnati, O. like one of the guys. In case you missed it in your favorite family newspaper, "I really don't care who they here is the recap of top awards in the NHL (or the recently get to caddy," said DlGlaco concluded season: Hart Memorial as the most valuable play- mantonio's son, Paul, 14, who er in the league - Phil Esposito, Boston; Art Rosd trophy as' * the leading scorer >Esp08lt6 again; for the fdurth straight lyear^ James Norris tropny for the top defensive player . BdbbyAOrr of Boston for the seventh straight year; Lady , B^hg for SRortsmahshlp, rtlce guy award j-; Johnny Bucyk, BostonViBill Mastertohaif^phy/or perseverance - Henri r Rieh«irdAMdrttr6al CAhlidieiis; Vetinft trolphy for tdp'goali^ shaired^bj^ Bernle^Partnt. Philadelphia, And Tony .Bsp08i(0,VChickgb; calder Memorial for rookie of year 4 Dennis Win; New Yoirk Islanders; Conn Smythe trophy; for MVP in |)l4Vdh*^Parght6f the Flyers. ; • - ^ ^ Q. The tikeri have put Connie Hawkins in the market fe^ trade. WhatforTUstieason, the Hawk was the key factol for the tak«ifieilnehii« their division. He made thiiigi happen for LA. Please eomment. > Bill Kaelln. Huntlngtoii ,Beach,Calif.;,.V.': v OflnctaliyiHa^^kins isn't up for grabs... yet. Unofficially, hO is. B^aOsI the linkers expect to sign Cazzle Russell (War^ Tiers) when he beeblRnlfs a free agent Sept. l, which overl&ad^ them at forward, iiUdseiid the Hawk to Warriors as compen^ sation for RUsselliThii leads to Interesting^tegalltles because it would ;b0; pro basketball's flrst application of the Rozelle Rule andrihe players association would raise a big stink; Artisticall$r|the Hawk at age 32 has become an erratic performer, sputtwing shooter and plays inspired basketball only. Intermittently. Q ; What's happeMdt* Sal Magller Is he still In baseball? ^ R V 'OMdensonrtf NiY' ^ ' ' TlwBarber.'now^Vhas been out of baseball since manage ing a Rookie Leagtie team in his native Niagara Falls, N.Y., four years ago. The old curVe-baller, recently remarried, lives in nearly Gi'and Island and works for American Distillery. He has an athletic son - Sal, Jr., 19, plays hockey. Parting Shot: Like Lew Burdette of half a generation ago, Gaylord perry preys on the suspicion of hitters, to whom even his regular pitches Iodic like spitters. So he can save the latter fbr special spots. • ' RojasPaces Royals'Win Wed. Night has caddied for two years. "She should get the chance to prove herself Just like us guys did when we were hired. Besides, she's been doln' all right from what the other guys have told me." Karen, who usually wears an old sweatshirt, blue Jeans, a light wind-breaker and tennis shoes while caddylng, Is bound to be a favorite among the club's members. Baker Posts Fastest To Time CHICAGO Rojas went (UPI) 4-for-5 - Cookie DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (UPI) - Buddy Baker of Charlotte, N.C., drove his 1973 Ford around the 2.5-mlle Daytona International Speedway at 180.559 miles per hour Monday for the fastest practice time In warmups for the annuel Firecracker 400 NASCAR race. Baker, who has been off the NASCAR Grand National dr- WilliamsTo Give 110 Per Cent ANAHEIM (UPI) - Flamboyant Dick WUUams, exiled from basetwU last Octol)er after Incurring the wrath of Oakland owner Charlie Finley, returned to the game Monday, vowing to "give 110 per cent effort" to get the California Angels out of last place in the American League West, Williams, 45. hired last Thursday to replace the fired Bobby Winkles, took on his Angels managing debut Monday night against the A's, whom Williams guided to world championships the past two seasons. "The contract is the best I've ever received and I'm sure the Angels will get their money's worth," Williams told a news conference at Anaheim Stadium. "I plan to give 110 per cent effort at all times. "There's a little excitement out there playing against the A's In my first game back. I hope my knowledge of the Oakland club can be of some value to the Angels." Asked if he felt the Angels would remain in the Western Division cellar this season, Williams replied briskly, "No sir, I do not." "We'll have to evaluate the whole team. I have ideas that have proven successful in the past. I will ask the players to give me 100 per cent and that they not make little mistakes. This Is a better club than they E have shown." Following a 9-20 record In June which 16ft them 10 games behind the division leading A's, the Angels fired Winkles and hired Williams. •Williams, who was prevented by Finley from breaking his contract with the A's to join the New York Yankees last winter, said Finley notified him March 6 that "I was free to Join any club except the Yankees. I was quite happy. I respect Mr. Finley as an owner and a general manager." Williams said the Angels' first need was to shore up their sagging bullpen. "We will have to strengthen the bullpen," Williams emphasized. "Defense and pitching are the keys In winning. We will probably need a starting, pitcher too. "It's a whole new year now." Asked If he expected any problems from designated hitter Frank Robinson, whom Winkles blamed for some of his troubles, wllliams said, "Definitely not. Frank helped me. quite a bit when I was at Oakland and Reggie Jackson was having problems with the front office." "When Frank was managing Reggie In the winter leagues, he talked with Reggie and was a big help to him as a nmn and as a person In his career. Frank was a help to me then and he will be a big asset, no doubt, to this team." The mustachioed Williams, who spent his semi-retirement as an assistant to real estate developer John D. McArthur in Florida, was asked if he had been Itching to get back into a uniform. cult for some time In a dispute with NASCAR officials over carburetor plate restrictions, drove a Bud-Moore-powered car. Second fastest was defending Firecracker 400champlon David Pearson of Spartanburg, S.C., with 178.569 m.p.h. In the Wood Brothers Mercury. Pearson Is aiming for an unprecedented third straight victory In the July 4th classic. Donnle Allison, a recent transplant from Hueytown, Ala., to Daytona Beach, took third fastest time with 177.589 m.p.h. in a Chevrolet. Bobby Allison, Donnie's brother, ran fourth fastest at 177.385 m.p.h. in an American Motors Matador. Bobby, who Is still l>ased in Hueytown, had originally thought he might miss the 1974 Firecracker because his CSievrolet could not be made ready in time. DOWNTOWN THEATRi 220 HARRISON P.H. 78S-8331 But Bobby signed a one-time contract with AMC's Roger Penske and Mark Donohue td run- the Matador In the Firecracker. Richard Petty of Randleman, N.C., who has won five Daytona 500 races but never has won the Firecracker, powered his Dodge to the fifth fastest time of 176.831 m.p.h. Sixth fastest time was turned by Am J. Foyt of Houston, Tex., at 175.822 m.p.h. in a Chevrolet. Charlie Glotzbach of Edward: sviUe, Ind., was seventh fastest with 174.623 m.p.h. hi a Ford. Johnnie Rutherford, winner of this year's Indianapolis 500 and the Schaefer 500 last weekend at Mt. Pocono, Pa., was unable to make practice runs Monday because his car did not arrive in time. Qualifying for the first 20 places in the 40<»r Firecracker field gets underway at 11 a.m. Tuesday. The final 20 places In the field will be decided starting at 11 a.m. Wednesday. The starthjg flag for the $115,000 Frecracker 400 will fall at 10 a;m. Thursday. • NASCAR has rescinded its » order trimming the distance of » all Its races by 10 per cent to • help with the energy crisis.' with four runs batted In Monday night to trigger the Kansas City Royals to their fifth win in the last six games, 9-0 over the Chicago White Sox, behind the flve-hlt- pitchlng of Bruce Dal Canton. RoJas singled his first three trips to the plate and then homered in the sixth inning after Fred Patek had walked. Patek drew four walks In five appearances at the plate and hit Ids third homer on the other occasion. Hal McRae also homered for the Royals, his 11th of the season, with RoJas on base in thetlfth.; The White Sox used three pitchers and all of them gave up one homer. Stan Bahnsen took his ninth loss against seven wins, giving way to Ken Tatum after RoJas' single in the fifth Tatum gave up McRae's homer and couldn't finish the inning after a walk, a fielder's choice and a single brought in Skip Pitlock to pitch. Pattk M 1 2 11 KtUy dh 3 0 0 Raju lb S2440ittft 402 Whtttlb OOOOAiiMlb 300 OUtd SOOOMuHTlb' 000 M C R M dh 41221tayl( 400 HMlye 3000 HMdmBd 400 loUIUlb S210BiHpK 401 WatdfaMU S130lMlo«> 300 PiMMri SltlHrnmnnc 301 arMt3b SOOODoMdofC 000 MCutap OOOODcMM 301 BidMMnp 000 tutm p 0 0 0 nUock p 0 0 0 aOUOTMi 1101 IHOttOOI- WONOM 1. UlB-KiMM aty DP-Cklraio ^*ISSLii. HR-httk (3), MelU. (U) M CMton W 44 I S 0 .0 2 BalWMii L 14 4 6 4 4 4 TwSr 24 2 2 2 1 nilOGk 41-3 « 3 3 3 Bahntm pitcM to 2 taiittn In SUi. WP-Oal Cwton. The decision means that the Firecracker Will cover Its full 400 miles of racing, the first race this season to be run over Its full distance. EMBA Triumphs EMBA edged Sll's, 2-1, In an Eastern Junloi' Major League "game Monday night. Terry Hagan had two singles for EMBA. JUnmy Killingsworth had 14 strikeouts for the win ners. RMnaNMVlHON m't ooioooo-i 2 1 WBA atOOOK-3 < 1 Ktnc uid BMuUiMni); KUUniiworth and Uwla. Beach Changes Meeting Date Beach Little Major League Association has changed Its meeting from tonight to Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Hutchin son Beach Elementary School. NBWS^HfillALb, l:aH»iii |.(Dllyrf1fti< ^iM^MiM Leffal Notices ' POORTEBNTHi- . jlftjDWIAlj CIRCUIT OP THE STATE^iOP: PLORIDA, IN AND PGR BAY COUNTY " - ; CASE NO. 70-102^ • IN RE: The ffisr'risge of RICHARD JAMES MURPHY, husband I and . ' • L '-'^"'4 MARY ELIZABETH MOkPHYUf wife. • • '•• ^' NOTICE OP ACTION 1 j; TO: Mary ElitsbithMurphyiSr Shelby Blvdii BremertMi wsming^ YOU ARE NOTIPIED that mUA tlon for Modification of the Piiial Judgniient ih the disiolutlon of your marriage has bemflled against you* ua yAu,(ii« required to file s.copy of your written defenses, if any, to it on ttte Hon. Carroll L. McCauley,' Attorney for Petitlonlsf. P.0;'B6k 3426, Panama City, PloHda 324(li(<Hf or before July 26, 1974, and file Uti original with the Clerk of this Court either before services on Petitioner's* attorney or immediately diefelitter; otherwise a def auU will bis entered St you for die relief demanded . D. Faet^ tMtsllU air eondt> ,v T E. floivy duty.lowter tu»p«if sidt ;' b.'^trkUondirrortntitl. . s H/Jfctvy duty from tests. '"I. SttOty guards on front bumper 'bnlVi' • "t'qkr^*^ „ "^"xcoi*':;!!!*.. ^ : Bid* SM to be in lh« Ctllawsy City; Mill liiiirked attention City Cleric no • later tKinS:00p.m. 3 July 1974. The City ttiervet the right to reject any orallbidi.To waveinformalitiesand to accept the bid that lowiett and belt in iti Judgment. , ' Jamei H. Brown -' Adniirtistrator ' • J(24! July 1,2,3,1974. 1 In WITNESS my hand and official Seal of diis Court on June 20,1974f ^ (SEAL) ^ BRUCECOLLINS ' I CLERK:OP: ;^';';;f':/v.' cracurr COURT • ByMaryLouSelf* MM: June 2S^ July 2,9* 16^ 1974. FiermousNAMti Notice is h^^^given diit Dursuant to Sectfon 86S;09, Floridi Statiites, the undersigned persoiiif intend to register witti die aerie of die Circuit Court, Bay/County,;Floirlda.; four weeks after die first miblicatio)i of this notice, the fictitious name or u«de name unde> which ttiey will be engiged in business and In which saM business Is to be carried on^ tOr wit:,.; • " (Name of.BUSihess) HWY 388 TRAILER COURT (Locatkm of Business) Rt. A Box 113, Youiigstownr Fla, 32466. (Wwiier) Warrieh aiid Mildred Fortner- .^v ^Hn..-., 8866: June 18^^25; Jldy 2,9, 1974. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, FOURTEENTH - JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA IN AND FOR BAY COUNTY\^- AV'^-.^.;',-;:;';;.:^;* lai; pursuant lu ocbuwu aw.v7. i CASE NO. 74-821 .' . lorida Statutes, the undersigned HOLmAY BEACH. INC., a Florida intendito register with die Clerk of corporation. Legal Notices NOTICE OF FICTITIOUS NAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that; pursuant to Section 86S .09, the Circuit Court of Bay County, Florida^ four weeks after the first publk:atkm of diis Notice, the fkititi- ous name or trade name under which they will be engaged In business and inwhkh Said business Is tobecarried 00, to-wit: BEL-MAR COURT. . GftJ PROPERTIES,a partnership of Larry B. Jones. Myra R. Jones. Philip W. Griffltts and Jerrilyn T. Griff itts. in equal interests. Route 3, Box 303. Panama aty, Fla. 8864: June 18.2S. July 2.9.1974 FICTITIOUS NAME Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Section 86S-09. Florida Statutes, the undersigned persons intend to register with the Clerk of the arcuit Court, Bay County. Florida, (our weeks after the first publicadon of this notice, the fictitious name br trade name under which they will be engaged in business and in which said business is to be carried on, tpwit: (Name of Business) RICHARDSON AND SON'S DISTRIBUTORS (Location of Business) Rt. S Box 339, Panama aty, Fia. 32401 (Owner) JAMES M. RICHARDSON 8863: June 18,25, Jbly 2,9.1971 Plaintiff, jfT. INGRAM, SR., Defendant. NOTICE TO DEFEND TO: DEFENDANT'J.T. INGRAM. SR., whose last Known address is 1S96 Pontiac Place, Atlanta, Georgia 303is; if the'above named natural person be alive or existing, and if tiie above named natural person be dead or nonexlstingi his unknown heirs, devisees, grantees; creditors or all otiier parties or persons claiming by, through or under him, and> all perr sons or parties having or claiming to have any right, title or interest in and to die following described land ^jTing^and ^^'"8 in Bay County, " *'Lot One In Block "Z" of HoUday Beach Unit Eight, a Subdivision of a portion of Section 8. Township 4 Soutii. Range IS West, per plat recorded In Plat Book 11. page 61, public records of Bay County, Ftorida. On or before the 19tii day of July, 1974. tile Defendant. J.T. INGRAM, SR., and all ottiers having or claiming to have any right, tide or interest in tile property herein described, are required to serve upon Raymond L. Williams, Plaintiff's attorney, whose addras is P.O. Box 1807. Panama itCvTHfc CIRCUIT C0UR|, FOURTEENTH ; /JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE Of FLORIDA, IN AND, FOR BAY 'COUNTY''"^'' ""' f•''-''t'•'• • •'•*"]|'''• IN RE:^ESTATE 6F'^LICE BLANCHE COMPTON, DECEASED -v^ NGTICEiTO CREDITORS .-/ All Creditors of AUCE,BLANCIffi COMPTON, who dlMiit September 2S, 1973; while a're^ident of Ba[y C6unty, Florida; are notified that diey are reqiiired to fill any claims or demadds that.they may have against her'Estate in the Circuit Court for Bay County. Florida, in tKe CourthbuseatPanamaCity, Florida. wldiinrour(4)calendartnondiifr6m diedateofdiiefiMiSubllcatiohiDru^ Notice. Each claim ordemsnd must be In writing and fUed in duplicate, and must sute die place of residence and post office address,of die Oai- mant and be s\vorn to;,by the • aaimant. his agetit. or his attorney, or it will become void:accordlng to law; . 1 -, !•» •'>(r DATED tills 7di day Of June,,A.D. 1974. S-E.Ward Harris . E. WARD HARRIS, i y\.. ' Attorney for Administrator . <.," BAY NATIONAL BANK <^ fcTRUSTiCOMPANY; X By:s-NelsortM^TayWr,,,". Nelsoo'MrTayltfrvV V; - Trust Offteerr '-f. Administrator fondle Estate of' '' - '7 ALICE' , BLANCHE COMPTON, i DECEASED; 8836: June II, 18,2S,;July;2,1974.<; CIRCUIT Legal Notices IlJ THE CIRCUIT COURT. FOURTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA. IN AND FOR BAY COUNTY IN RE: The Estate of MILDRED WICHERT WHALEY, Deceased NOTICE OF FINAL REPORT AND APPLICATION FOR DISCHARGE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Notice is given that L. Charles Hilton, Jr., as Administrator Cum Testamento Annexe of the above- styled Estate, has completed, its administration and has filed In tills Court its Final Report and Application for Discharge. Objections, if any. should be duly filed witii tills Court. After filing Proof of Publication showing that this Notice has been published once a week for four consecutive weeks, the matter of approval of die Report, tiie ordering of distaibution of the Estate and die FinalDischargeofL. Charles Hilton. Jr. as Adnunistrator Cum. Testamento Annexe will come before die Court. -8- L. Charles Hilton. Jr. L. Charles Hilton, Jr. as Administrator Cum Testamento Annexe of die Estate of MILDRED WICHERT WHALEY 8867: June 18.2S, July 2,9, 1974. FICTiflOUSNAME ~ . Notice is hereby given tiiat pursuant to Section 865.09, Florida Statutes, tiie undersigned persons Intend to register wiUi die Clerk of the Circuit Court, Bay County Panama City, Florida, four (4 weeks after the first publication o diis Notice, tiie Fictitious Name or Trade Name under which ttiey will be engaged In business and in which said business is to be carried on, towit: The Cheese Bam 14 West UUi Street, Panama City. Florida 32401 Owners: James E. RIggan and John P. MitcheU 8893: June 25. July 2,9,16, 1974. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, FOURTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR BAY COUNTY CASE NO: 74^ IN RE: THE MARRIAGEOF PAUL E.HAMMON,JR., Husband; and BARBARA FAYEHAMMON, ' Wife. NOTICE TO DEFEND TO: Mrs. Barbara Faye Hammon, 911 Soudi 21st Street, Paducah, Ken- UKky 42001 YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that a Petition for Dissolution has been filed against you, and you are required to serve a copy of your answer or pleading to tiie Petition for Dissolution on the HERBERT P. SAPP. JR., Attorney at Uw, 20 East Fourdi Street, Panama aty, Florida 32401, and to file die original Answer or pleading in tiie office of tiie Clerk' of the Circuit Court, on or before die 26 day of July A.D., 1974. If you faU to do so. Judgment by Default will solution, DONE AND ORDERED at Panama aty. Bay County, Ftorida, tills 21 day of June, A.D., 1974. (SEAL) BRUCE COLLINS aerkoftiie arcuit Court Bay County, Florida By: Alberto G. Castordo 8897: JimefflSy?9,16, 1974. S%'£'°a rkTUii8%^rtti?«i^ nal.of, an answer to tiie complauit to foreckise ah Agreement for Deed filed'agalnst the above-named Defendant; said Agreement for Deed executed by Defendant,to die'Plain­ tiff herein, eiicumbering die above- described proj^NTtylocatodJIii Bay County. Florida, Said Agreement for Deed being recorded in 0;R;'Book 344. page 39. pubUc records of Bay County, Ftorida. WrmSSS myhand and die Seal of said Court at Panama aty, Bay Countys^Flbrida. this' 14th day of June. 1974. (SEAL) BRUCE COLLINS. CLERK OF CIRCUIT COURT By: Mary Lou Self DeputyClerk = 8865: Jiuie 18,25, July 2,9,1974. ' inJBUCN^ NoUc* It htnliy siv«a ihtt at Uw Kfultf timOnt ol tlw OommMoMn ol the aty of PuitiM City B*Kh, Ftarldt, to bt conducted on July ^, in4, at Uw lmirol2:(IOP.M.,Mtliiaty ItaU Ui Pwwina aty BeMh,'Florida, Uw toUowing ontltM Ordinance ihalt be iXPfMntwl tor nnal adoption, liHrit: ••AN OaOWANCE AMENDING SBCnON 2-1 OP ARTICLE I OF THE CODE OF PANAMA Cmr BEACH, AMENDING PLACE OPMEEnNGSOFCmrOOUNOL." Copiea of Ow'Ordlnanoe are available and may be read In the office o( Uw Oerfc ol Uw aty o( Panama aty Beach, and all penontdeairinf to bt heard on the ordinance are invited to be preaeat at Uw ttnw and place aforeeald. ' CrTYOF PANAMACtry BEACH. FLORIDA ByRoyKlnpniUl OlyClerk mr:July}.U74. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, FOURTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR BAY COUNTY CASE NO.: 74-777 IN RE: The Marriage of NANCY SHARON JOHNSONiWIfe, and PHILLIP WAYNE JOHNSON, Husband. NOTICE OP ACTION TO: PHILLIP WAYNE JOHNSON, Last Known Address: care of John W. Johnson, 2710 HiUcrest Avenue, Macon, Georgia 31214; YOU ARE NOTIFIED that ah action for dissolution of marriage has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to it on Richard Smoak. petitioner'is attorney, whose address is 434 Magnolia Avenue. Post Office Box 157^. Panama City.^ Florida 32401, on or IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, FOURTEENTH JUDICIAL . CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA; IN AND FOR BAY COUNTY. CASE NO. 74-574 IN RE: THE MARRIAGE OF MARION ANNETTE GIBSON,-wife. and LARRY DALE GOISON.^ hut- band. < .. l .Uv NOnCETODEFEND ; . NOTICE TO:' LARRY DALE GIBSON,- 3107 Orange Street. Abilene. Texas 79605. Onor before die Utii day of Jtdy, A.D.V1974, tiie Respondent, LARRY DALEGIBSON. is required toserve upon W. FRED TURNER; Attorney for Petitioner, whose address is 900 Florida Avenue, Lynn Haven, Florida, a copy of and fUe widi tiie Cleric of tttis Court ttie original of an answer to tiie Petition for Dissolution of marriage filed against him; herein fail not or a default judgment will be *^fflfNS §Sray blind and official seal of said Court at Panama aty, Bay County. Ftorida. tiiis 6di day of June A.D. 1974. (SEAL) BRUCE COLLINS. . , Clericof - ^ Circuit Court By:MaraLouSdf - DeiiutyQerk' ' 8838: June 11,18,25. July 2.1974., IN THE CIRCUIT COURT. FOURTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR BAY COUNTY CASE NO. 74-787 IN RE Hie Marriage of RONALD D. HAYES. Husband. <M)d LEATRICE ^•*^NC&ICBTODEFEWD TO: LEATRICE B, HAYES. 6205 Springfield Drive. Charlotte. Nortii CanMna 28212. YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED diat a Petition for Dissolution of a marriage has been filed by the Petitioner.RONALDD. HAYES, and you are required to serve a copy of your Answer to ttie Petition'on die the original of said answer In the . . , (rfficeot die Clerk of tin above CpUrt before July 11.1974, and file tiie origi- v mo?lMfwedwu£^^^^^ nalwiditheckrkofidiis court eitiier oGCEDENTi If ^oufXWwTjuiU^^ befqre service on petitioner's v«i «.«. KtTttWBtiSgaWj^^ attorney orimm^latrfy Se rdid praypd for in die Petition,, P«?«rw»e a defimlt wlH^be entered WITNE^myhandandtiieofficlal Mjtast you for die relief demanded sealofdii^Court,d.is6«,dayofJun.. 1974. (SEAL) BRUCE COLLINS Clerkofdie ClrcultCourt^'^ By Mary Lou Self DeputyClerk 8837: June 11,18.25, July 2,1974 diis Court on June 6,1974. (seal) Bruce Collins As QerKof the Court By Mary Lou Self DeputyClerk 8839: June 11.18,25, July 2,1974 FICTITIOUS NAME. Notiqeis hereby given.diat pursuant to Section 865.09, Florida StaUites, the undersigned personr Intend to register witii die Cleric of dieiCircuit Court; Bay County; Florldaj four weeks after die first publication of this notice, the fictitious name or ti-ade name under which.tiiey will be engaged in business and in which said business is to be carried on; towit: ... (Name of Business) Reynolds Realty (Location of Business) 301 W.Stii Street, Panama aty. F|a.'3240I.' (Owner) H.L6max Reynolds. 8868: June 18,25. July 2.9.1974. J ADVERTISEMENT FOit'toS The Board o( Directon, Bay CountyGuldancc ainle, Panama Oty, Florida. wiUncelyebldi up to 11:00 im.. a July.'Wi at which time and place thay'MU be pubfldy ppcneit and icad aloud lor conairucUon ol;) ^ 'i ADDITIONS TO GUIDANCE CUNICOF BAY COUNTY, FLORIDA PioJe«No.FU-MH-JJ , ' which ahaU'be attached to preaent bul^ling owned by Uw Bay County Guidance .C^, Panama aty, Florida, L "Jl « Plant. SpecUlcaUona and oUwr.Conjunct Docunwnta may be tawpected at Uw Qniea;o( MandevUlc Smitti, Jr., A.I.A., Architect: T Harrlion Avenue, Panama Qty.'Flori^. General Contractort may obtain one (tvaet upon »S.0O deporit which wUI be reiunded oily to Uwee aubnUttlng a bona ndt Ud and retumbig In lood condition Uw tet tiMtad ttwrn within &n (10) days a»et bid opc^. General Contr^ ton dealrbif mort ttiai^ane aet, or oUwr | ioni, may procure Documenu upon Uke dep#lt n/ctfi that fa.(IO per act wU) be d*' covcr,rep^uct|Mi coat. Malte.check ( MandevUle Smith, Jr., A.I.A': • ' Caahicr'a Chccki O M UIM ChetA'or BM BdM made paya|>k toOwnerinaipountofSpercfit olbaaebldmuilaccompanyeachbld. Except wtUiUwconaentolOwner,Mdan y be wlUidrawn only prior to Ume llwd (or I d openln|9r.atanytlme(oUQwin«U)liiy(aO)4 m atttrdateo(bldopenin(. • <r '.'^Sl Jtmea L. Humet, Director Bay County Guidance CUnlc i-'i' Panama aty, Florida Ml!July2.».t6,U74, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, POURTEEWH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATOrpF FLORIDA, IN ANDFQRBAYQQWNjyj IN REi The EtUte ol TKBD A, BL^ICTTWR, ' Deceaaed ' '•'^V. NOnCEOFPROBATB 4V,>d THBSTATEOrnjOWOA TO ALL PERSONS INTEREBTEblN TgP, ESTATE OF THE ABOy,E,N/IKlfD "ECBDENTt pJSru'^t'Sll ^M ^W NoUc* to appear in till* cm0m.f>m-^ : poatlblf, why Uw action ol «Wlp«rtli»a#>lt'; UnTthe WUl to prtjbi^" 8iwM 'P*l*ll«» unrevolwd, - '*'..'*, UrryA,Bo4Uord;

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