The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana on March 24, 1874 · Page 3
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana · Page 3

Helena, Montana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1874
Page 3
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Helena, Monday, March 24, tSU. USBXI»ECTEI DEMAND.-- That there should have been a call on Montana for a supply of grain for tho use of the British Boundary Commission engaged in defining and marking w i t h suitable monuments the lino between the British possessions uod the United Slates, was entirely unexpected. Nevertheless, one quarter of a million pounds of oats ha've, within the last twelve or fourteen days, been quietly bought for that purpose. The contract to supply the grain on the line was awarded to Messrs. E. C«. Maelay Co., and by that firm sub-let to Messrs. I. 0!. Biker Bro. £ Co., of Port Beiiton. Messrs. linker Bro. entrusted the responsibility of purr-basing and forwarding to Mr. S. O. Ash by. of this city, who so quietly and adroitly managed the business that ho secured suftk-ient to nil the contract before the fact of the ·want became known. In consequence of this demand, from 1111 unexpected source, coupled with the usual demands from freighters and military posts, oats have materially advanced in price, to the benefit of our fanners, for which we feel not a little thankful. Iii addition to the above, we have to report the purchase here diii-ingthe past week, by Messrs T. O. Power Co., of three hundred thousand pounds of oats, the prices ranging from ?1.35 to ¥1.90 per hundred pounds. Tho present quotation is $1.75 p«r hundred pounds. Hf IT* I O US , 6 1 Main Street. FlllHT-CLAvSS WINKS, UQUUitS, CIUAIIS Have Pleasant Parlors and the Best Attendants. OPEN BAY AND N1UUT. Superintended by COi. SHED, Formerly of Famed ·' I y xi s THEM LOOSE.-- We leuriithat the Helena Shooting Club, sometims- ago, made arrangements with a gentleman to furnish several dozen California quails, to be delivered here in March, imd it wiia mleimed. by the sportsmen to turu them loose iu our valleys for the purpose of stocking Montana with those beautiful and delicious birus. The quails arrived at Corimio from California in dueseasou, from whence they were to be shipped for Helena in the morning; but when morning came the birds had liown-- some sporting Corinnethian having removed the slats from the hoxes and giving the birds their liberty, so that they might increase in numbers and furnish the sportsmen of Coriune rare sport at some future time. Harness for Men and Beasts can be Found at Loeb . Bros. Loeb Wholesale and Retail Clothiers We offer to the Trade the Best and Host Complete Assortment of Clothing, and Furnishing Goods to be found. in this market, the Prices of which have been Marked Down to a Flue Point. LOEB BRO. At W. C. Lobenstein's Saddlery Store mar21dtf THE INDEPENDENT lias changed its base from Deer Lodge ft Helena, and ·will oe published daily and weekly .hereafter. We wish the boys abundant success in their new locauion. Mr. L. F. LaCroix, formerly connected with the Gazette, takes the place of Messrs. Smith and Hathaway, who r«~ tire to the shades of private life. Me- Quaid Kerley, being practical printers, can run a paper with much less expense than the Gazette was conducted, and they are both willing workers. Thepeoplcof Ilelenashould stand by the INDFJPEKDIENT.--[Courier 20th, Six stalwart sous of Ethiopia were basking in the sunshine of a Cutler street hill side yesterday, industriously engaged in throwing rocks at an oyster can. A Chinaman looked at the game a few moments, and tlini ventured the remark, in a disgusted manner: "Dem black men--he laisic' h--11." Murphy, Neel . Co., WHQI.KSAI.IE AND Il-ETAIL Grocers and Liquor Dealers Have always on hand the LARGEST STOCK aud ttetl Assortment in Jtlottlana. SAftDS BROS., Beg to inform the Public t hat -they ·will, from now on, receive weekly additions to their Stock of all the for Spring Trade such sis TRIMMINGS, EMBROIDERIES, XJiCK-WKAH, DRKSS GOOnS. Eto. Our Stock ol Muslins, Sheetings, Ginghams Pant-Goods, For lioys and Men's Wear. Table Linens, Piques, Dress Goods, White Goods, Etc., Is lull siiid complete hi every Department. A full Hue Oi O .A. H. 3F» 33 T in all grades ol the most All of which we offer Tit the very LOWEST P R I C E S . All orders will receive p r o m p t and mosl careful attention. f SA2s r DS BROS. MI-D! Mu«!--The present condition of Main street id EL disgrsicc to the town, and culls loudly for a remedy. Even private erosisiiiirs have been allowed to go out of sijrlit. =io deep 1ms the mud and lllth Ijuen permitted to accumulate on our principle thoroughfare. A year ago Street CommL-simie.r DufE undertook the cle.auing of Mmu street under au arrangement with property owners, but as no movement is now being made in the matter we would suggest to our worthy Sheriff that the employment of a number of hja hoarders in cleaning our streets would be considered u public benefaction. Charles Mayn, A. Kli_hischmi;U. CI14S. HAYN A CO., Our stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries is complete. It is probably lhe best assorted stock in the market to imrc-hase from. "We od'er O-oocls mid "Will soil at Sottom Ifie,-xii.-os. Tills "tve Gxtwraiitfso. CIljVS. MATT:*- «fc CO. mar21dtl SIITEJJ MILL.--Messrs. Alex. Kemp Bro. ha^e bought the Clancy silver mill, which u n t i l very recently was run by L. D. Poi ter Alex. Kemp. This mill will immediately ba put in running order with necessary additions, and the Messrs. Kemp assure us thiil the tests they have made in the ·process -warrant them in the assurance that they can run it profitably on the ores of the neighborhood, of which they have already secured a considerable quantity. We wish them success. FRESH BOOXJI OYSTERS .AT THU I n t e r n a t i o n a l BBOADWAY. MAMMOTH Dnv Goous ESTAUI.ISII- .--The new location of Messrs. Sands Bros., (formerly occupied by A. JLtivenberg,) built of cut pprimite, is certainly by far the most solid, presentable and spacious store room in Montana, affording ample room for the easy transaction oJC the immense husiaess of that enterprising firm. Messrs. Sands Bros, arc doing the leading jobbing dry {foods trad" of Montana, and tlieir basement is exclusively deyoted to that department, while their upper room is used for their retail business and is particularly well idapted to tliaL purpose. 2VOW 033- Try Me On. At my Carriage Munufactory, Lower Main, corner ot' C.Iraud street, Helena, [ am prepared to do all kinds of. ilanu- faoturiiiir, Bhicksnuthing, Repairing, etc., at the shortest notice. / Fill orders for Miners" Pick's, Wheel- narrows, or heavy CMiarLz wayons. Will put a spoke in a carriage wheel or milk" a new cavriufre t h i-oi isj:h out-to suit the wants of my patrons. If yon think I don't work at bed-rock prices, just call and {ret my figures, mnrtldawtf Wll. STREET IMPROVEMENT.--A movement s on foot to build a subs (.initial board xvnlk to extoid from M;im *nvel to the West Side, which will bo a great convenience and advantage to the residents of that portion of the city. Tho route of the proposed walk is to commence at Wells, Fargo Co.'s corner, on Main street, down Main, u p Price, down Clore, up Fifteenth, down Benton Avenue, past Jno. McDonald's, Steclmfin's and llathuway's residences, on Dearborn street. 1 !nrdcn, tfrass and Flower Seeds. Tust received by H. M. PARCTTEX CO. marSldavtf City Drug Store. HANDSOME SK;NS.--The two new signs on cither side of tho entrance to Ilorshfitsld Bro.'a banking house, painted by Daly, are among the handsomest in the city, and reflect credit on the artist, beinp in excellent taste and faultless in execution. THE MAGNOLIA. The old and popular Magnolia Restaurant, under the proprietorship ot Chris. Ketick, is doinjra business second to no other Hotel in the city. :hria. sets a flrst-class table, and charges only*? per week. Try the Masno- margldtf D. J 0 Goldberg, (Temporarily with lloyt Bro.) MAIN STREET. Dealers in Fashionable Clothing JL.OST. A Indies* Large Gold Belt A suitable reward will be paid for the return of the same to the INDEI'KKII- ENT olaov. mat^ltf Quite a number of voting men ii' this city are attcndiug a night school Latin is taugiit. At leust we so, as \ve s:i\v a crowd HIL- other evening who Siavl ;;.t a-5 far as "lite" UIJll GOOIXS- The attention of the Trade is i n v i t ed to our largo and varied stoc-k of OLOTH1XU FUUXISHING GOODS Saturday, before Judge Hilger, appeared August Hitting on a t-liargi- of assault and battery on his wife, J u l i a Hutting, upon which ho wasoinvu-led and lined. He was afterwards, required to give bond in t h e sum of one thousand dollars to keep the peace towards his wife, and failing to procure the required bond, liw was ordtTi'd to be L'Oiumitteil. hut 011 his promise to leave the .-ou ut ry in ilyidivy'.s coin-line was permitted to depart. A !, L K U Y S T R A L Is now locateil at t h e roriifi- ol 1 Water siud Cutler st reels, m 'sir i t i e head of Main, wtn-re he 1^ prci!iir-il to do better \vork T h a n was eve; 1 imu in the i-ountry bi-loro. babies-' pk-tuivs tsik- fii in si'ip nil-tor of a second, (le."5 Hum nu ihnej t:. II. J. .\. CitCHiiiTOX Js^Co. -- Wi 1 wish tu eet the tittv-ntiou isf shippi-i-s U) thi* advertisement i.I J. A, Crei^litou Co., wliieh iippeai-s in to-dtiy'^ i^siie. It will be obs^rvt-d iliat tlu-j- have cbanjietl thi'ir poiiiL ttf transpor-i a-" tloii li-oui Corinne-to F r a n k l i n , t h e turminus of the L'tah XorUiL-rn R:iil- rond. The iirrn is jienw-ally recognis- ed as among rim most rtluib!e and ro- sponsilile ill the eountry, us well as prompt and awonmioduting. Shippers by tbc L'niou or Cenlnil L';K Htc will find it t n tlidr ailvantnjie to order goods to the e;ire of J. A.Creigh- ton Co. Mr. Chiu'lu-rf G. Heynolds is tlieir Agent in Helena. in ;i Blast Kurrj---In Pull Frank Abt desires to iiiform his customers Unit be has fur I l i u present !iis loot ;iud hlioc j sbop fii bis residence, on AValer stsout. O L d n n d new custom?] s cm htive orders prcunxitly filleil. ( i i v w mo a lift. maidti ^JIAXK ABT. ALMOST A FJUE.--At about-balf-past three o'clock yesterday afternoon Hull re alarm r,-a« sounded, whieh was caused by ti tlonse smoke issuing from a cabin on the west side of Clorc, iibove Bridge street. The lire engine responded promptly, but the lire w;is extinguished before it readied the spot. ^O damage was done. In vie^f- of the terrible visitations Trhicli liave bt 1 - f alien Hrifciin ]*· behooves e v e r y o n e to be on 1ne alert ugiiitist, the possibility of another Montana Steam Cracker Co,, NORTH RSAIH STREET. HELENA, MONTANA. This Company is now turning nut Crackers, fjinyei'anj\])s, Hsird lii-c:id, Mutzos, CrBsim'sLiid Coi;fi!i Nut Candy, iiirt id! hinds of Bakers' Goods iu stifR- cient (|uunlities to supply tlie whole Territory. All [persons n.sing articles In their lim- 1 sboukl certainly ]iiitroii- ize this Company, :is i Us a hcunc Insti- tiituin, their goods fresh and to be htid on sliort notioe, and besides kcuping e UKincy here that otherwise would :)e sent away, it cmiti's u lunrUct for f.'nur, bnt'-T, lard, etc., hirfrc quantities of ·which are used by tlu-ui in u course or' a year. Do not Jail to order "roin till-in and you will be tnat what V.'L- say is tnn«. .-- Mr. Jamt^ O'Connor, of Car- riboo diggings, received a leUnr recently from Win. Uav;in;iugh, of San , stating that Ucrmirrt (13;ir- Dcvine had died in the early part of winter at Victoria, on his re(,um from Peace river. Mr. l f « v i n e W:IM one of the ijioi:,.o:a of Watjliingtoii gulch, Deer Lodge count)*, and bus a host of friends tbrougbout Montana who ru- ni'iubt-r him sin a big-heart i'i and gt-n- ·rnus iiiun, and the announcement of lis sutltUMi death in I b i - p r i n i ( j of n;;in- ujocl, and w h i l u engaged in t h e act i v i ; abora ol frontier l i f t , will be received with silicon- sorrow. ATTENTION I -- H a v i n g secured n location in Cliiis, JluinU'y's Ahsay Office, llersblield'rt bank, 1 w i l l fiive my hcst attention to Watch Repairing and Jcwlcry work. T l j i natron^j n£ my nld Criunrls n n i l the p n l i l i c ih re- spec-tfnlly soiicitud. Paclictilai- care will bcfiivun to repairing Him waU-hcs. All work warrant dl. *,;KO. V. RKKVES. Bniso ix Vouii OBIJEHS.-- WR are prepared 1o do all kinds of plain and ornamental p r i n t i n g in tho beats) yle ind at reasonable rates. We have the only stor-k of Seasoned iunber in the market, and onr Haw Mill, Planing Mill, and Door and Hash Factory, are in f u l l blast, and we are prepared to fill all orders on short notice. A. M. HOT/TEH BRO. mar2Idtr --'-·- · * -- -We saw six 200-pound citU^.is sit-, ting on a pile of lumber in th« burnt district yesterday. They w(s, 3 having a hard time of it-- but they held the lumber down, N"i-:w! -- Cans Khsn have just rtK'Oivotl a line lut ot Wiiul- sar Scarfs and ugoiu'rul itt-sot-tnu-ni of Charley Curtis' lust cry yesterday was "fourteen and n quarter!" fora scrub two-year-old caj'usc 1 . Talk about hard times when horse* sell that way. We propose tlie establishment of ferries at different points on Main strt'i't. The uiudis just about the proper consistency. !Vow or XCVCP. Mike K lock. fomu-rU- a resident of i, but now sui't-fjisfiiHy I'ligairad iu business in \Vicbila. iviniiias. writes to his CrhmUlure ihar ilmituna is t l u b e s r c o u u t r v h e hue sct-n sint't- ho left here. ·WANTK1) HV M. OJK.VSTl E*\ IIKJHKST I'lUClCS PAID. O u v s l o i - k nf Harni-f-? mid i* is f u r s:iK- I'-u-apt'!- t h a n t-vi-r l in t h e Tcrritot-v. .ll;nn V Block. " niai-LM-I Oov. I'o! linger, J u r i n c r i y dtvNi.-ui iif;i'!it for liilini-r Stilishury. u n i t om- ul' tin 1 okli'st and S;i51 I t n o i v i i sl!!i, r t' n i ' - n hi the Wi=l, w:is jsu'iinioned j-t-- Lvnily iroiu his lami in Mads.-mi ronn- tv, V.*IH*IV Uo had sett It-il witli his family, t o I d a J i o t.) r u n a stage hue t h r o t i g l i tliat i-oiintry. Ciov. nht-yi-.l t h c s u i n - inons, and Ict'i for his tu-iv h o m e yo.-=- lii-d-.iy, wo bolieve. .Iti(. Jos. Riittlf. RattSe Suchanan, FASlllO^ABLH IJDOT MAKUHS Corner of Main and Edward ste. ( i c i i t l e - i n e i i desiring K:ishinnalle rrt=«,i»r Si-rvifL-alili- Jloolh, can ivlv u p o n our w i n li inn! i.jsui-rial hei-.ii; of the lnvt q n a i i t y ami :il Hie soiialilt- rales. The i i u b l i e is soiii-ited. Brief Items. Cold closed in Sew Vork i at 1.1 tX JMv. Wn:. "\Vior, of tho Farmers' Corral, Sower Miiiu street, reports, his business better limn Tor two years past. Tins Ja unc'uiiruiiiii^, for i f prove* ( h u t Helena eiin binisl u[ mo; e Unin any other point in the Territory. W« presume other stable men are doiujr ii(jii;ll!y as well. ilr. Fred. Lawnjiiee j;;ji^ t painter, has ruutteu tiiuahei- i m i k l i n j j opirsil e his present stand, i u w o r Main street, owing to the fact l-hut i h e old place w:ts: on Li rely too small fur his hifgjly incroasinir liusincss. L J m-!t TjOdtfi' Ni. ^S, I. O. O. T., luis a ball on the lupis Cor -Friday evening- next. Hope they will have a ;;uod lime. Col. A. if. "\VoolfoIk returned home from a visit to the Hlatos last e-vemny. The Colonel intend: the Park D i t e h in «ood order in l i m e for the opening of Hie m i n i n g season. The Presbyterian docluble will be held this evening at Uie ivs,jdi j ii:« of Mr. J. C. Ilicker, D I I lluduey street. Dr. Jas. Wright, l i i d i n t i AjicnL ; i f the Crow Agency, is spemfiiifi ti few days in the city. The Doctor repm-ls luiv- in^ enjoyed ]-uro sport fishing in the Yellowstone.--he. and two companions haying cau^lit, w i t h honk :nul Hue, one humh'ed and s e v e n t y - f i v e Iron!, varying from one to two ami a half pounds, in one day, OM the- 10th of Man-h Rufe, Arick iva.i at tbe. C o s m o u o l i t i n i J l n l e l , iu tiun Francisco, Henry Thompson, formerly of tile lirm of Taylor, Thompson , Co., min- tii-s and meruliauta of Helena, is now Recorder at Bingham Canyon, in L'tali. Wu understand that Dick Kiddle, one of G i l m t r f i ; 9iili.-linry'r.olil flrivers, h;is been promoted from (ho r i b b u n a !o division njcimt on t i i e l i n e from Micas- ant A 'alley to Corinnc. Hick i s a f n i t l i - fnl msin ami w i l l J i l l hi» n f jw potiilion with iinnor. U. J. Salisbury, of G t l m c r £ Balis- bury, is in lown, und iu looking well a f t e r h i h tierce bailleri with the winter HhcvilT Chirk and JJi.fLricL A I L o r n e y Vivion, ^f liozeman, l e f t , yeslerdsiy by jirivate oouvuyauce for U n l l u l i n coiinly. \Vo regret to loarn th it Col. W. Vf. UeLacy is oti t i i u nick t i ^ L . JIopo to rc/jort his speedy recovery. We leatn that .Mr. 7,. lloyt, now K-ist, is pnrchasiiiK '* stock of hard wood, w i l l i 1hu i n t e n t i o n of sulding a wood n l i o p to his b l a c k s m i l h estab- l i d h m i ' i i t , Tor t l i e murmi'aeture and repairing oT w r ugons, etc. Clarke, Connie! Cm-tin are prep:ir iiifi to s n b h t i t t i t o stouo for logs in the. sidc-wullrt of their win choiiacj on Wa- Lor street. Mr. \,. B. Lyman will build on his lot, Water street, between Bridge and Cutler. Yesterday afternoon a runaway team liiiidcd itMe,lf and waami in tho cellar on wliidi Krvin Todd's house once stood. No n-'alerial damage to either team, wagon, or cellar. C. RHODES, Ornamental Sing Painter, Jackson Street,:Mear Broadway Any Design or Style of Painting executed in the Highest Style of Art, 3VXo At my Carriage ilanufaetory.Lower Main, corner of Grand street, H 1 am prt-paivil t» do all kinds of ractnrinjr, Ulat-k^mi thing, etc.. nt the shortest notice. Kill orders for Miners' Picks, Whtel- hai-rows, w heavy (juartx wn^oiis. Will put n spoke in a carriage wheel or make a new carriage thronshout -to suit the wants of my jiatrons. U you ihiiik 1 don't'dowork at- bedrock' prices, just call and ret my \VSt. BOXKHAX STAftK MXE--WINTER SCHKJUJLK. U n t i l f n r t h e r notice" coaches for SpriMiiville, Kaderslnirg, Galiatin city, and IJiwmon, will leave the otnce at Hie " ( i r n b Store," Main street, every murimui at S o't-lock, and arrive daily a! -i o'clock p. in. m-'UlT.f 11. F. (JAL1-1X, Prop'r. INTERSATIDHUL RESTAURANT B R O A D W A Y . o DAY A N I G II T . Suppers and Lunches Served :il (lie lowest priei" with the very In-st in Un 1 n u i r k c l . 11KX11Y WVTTKXBAC1I, . Louis Hote r i, SAM. SCHWAB - - Proprietor This popular l l n t i - l is l u x u r i o u s l y t i U t - i l i i ] ) s i i n l is prepared t n siL-commo- datc^iK-sts in :i nniiiiiet- not in t h t - i-iMir. Iry. Tlu' imblic iiiiLi-oiiii«e is solicited. tirL»tif in 4th Grand Gift Concert ·run i; C LIBRARY OF KV. OVER A MILLll IN B A N K ! ! AND A FULL D R A W I N G A S S U R E D ! OH Tuesday, ;Hst of Mori-h 'cxt. j m Only GU.OOO tickets have lieoii issued $1,500,000 INTO · \ v i l l b e d i s t r i b u l e d by lot, among the licket-holders. rD,ooo OJ' GMfTS. 01? K 0 RAN" O CAS f t (! I FT $ UN8 f J H A N l ) C A W M ( J I P T . . . . t ) N K ( i H A N I ) ("ASM (Jft 1 '!'.... UNK, G ' l l A N I J CAS!! ( J I K ' J 1 ONK ( U l A N D C A K t ! G I F T . . . . HI CuMl O i l l s , $1I,IHIII L-acli ' ;U1s, -),(J()lt etif-h Gifts, 1,(IIHJ Jitl«, L:"I(! tilt (,'iish (10 Ouib :ir,U C'ush Gifts, .-) Ciisli ( J i r i M , Il.ilDUCash ;")(«) each. J()(l wu-Ji. «'KK) L-m-h. 'MO each. KHJ utu-ii. 50, 40, -10, 45, 001) 000 1100 0011 i .%0,000 111. 12.000 (Mis, all Cash, amounliiia; to $1,500,000 TIN-; eoxci-nn- A N D JJISTUIBUTION OJT in'R W l l . l , I ' f W I T I V E l ^ V A . V l J UKEQU1VO- L l j L V T A K K I ' L A t J I ! U N TlCli D A Y N O W ri.\i:i, wnr.TiiHit j\j.i T I I K T I C K UTS AHE SO I , I ) OK NJT, AMJ THIS ];i,l)(ll) (ilJj-J'S A LI, I ' A i u i N I'ltoruu'riox TO TJIJ; NuaiJiicit Ol' Tll'KJi'l-.S SOU). PRICE OF TICKETS. olo^iieke!ri, ?M); ] lalves, Wo; Ti-iiLhs, or each c u u j i o n , t:") ; [Eleven W l m l e Tickclri for $5()U ; '£!'·,·; T i c k e t s in- S i , H I M ) ; Ji;i T i e k e t s loi- ^5,OU(J; 227 "ii-kcl?, for SH),'(()U. No t l i s n o i n i L on t h a n s-SOlf Vt'orlh nT'l'ickctsS. 3 7 U. t i ' t i l i l ' n ; Libnii-y Maiiiisri-r (Jil'I, ('unet'i-l, Pubhe Library Building, LouiwviUe, Ky. [U Wiinicd everywhere l';irlifiil!LT-a Iree. A. 11. JJIuir Co., Hi,. Ltmiri, Mo. mar21wtf to 10 J«L- ;i"iiy. --Agents ! AH yljissob of working peo- ]»!-, of t'ilhor sex, young or old, make nimey at work for us in tln;ir sparo MinnieiM}., or :ill I/.K- t t t n c , than at anv- t l i i n ^ clue. l':irtii-iil!U-s frco. Address, ii. Stinsoii Co., I'ortliiiK! Me. Iubllctttion s :iUO Viif^es; Manhood, Womanhood, Miirriiine; Kine [ilales, all about it. 50 cents. Manhnod, an Kni1f)ine relating mi-11 only ]!iuenfa--Womanhood, an .,|»itome Ol larj;e book relating to wo- men,1,'teLs. Who may marry, who not, why; ;lf! pages--two stamps, eaeh or all sent seal"d to any address on receipt of uriee in positive or eurreney. Address 0]t. WJHT'I'JEH, G17SI. Charles Street, St. Louis, Mo,, t h e most snecess- fnl apacialist, of the age. mar21-ly ALEX. J. LBQOAT, WM. H. Btm,i«. KATK'I, C. HUP30K, JA0. O, St. Louis Tobacco Worts. Manufflcturera of every gradu of FINE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING T O B A C OUR SPECIAL- B'J FI«E CUTS: BEAUTY, GILT EDGE. laiiloo^fflDiaiitiifljamap of ]M"«il lcn-1 T^.1 Lertiturc. Illustrated w i t h chaste ei.graviuffs ; ezplaininp: the impediments to marriage their nature, ^aiise and core. Late Physiological discoveries in the science of rrrrndi'rtion, etc. Sexual exhaust- inn, in middle or old ngo, from whatever cause. All that tlie doubtful or inquisilive wish to know. Sent to any securely staler!, poat paid for 50 «;nH hy «r* AVllitl-lcr, $17 f^it. .;ixtvrlift St.,. Ht. Tjoulft. to. Longest located and roost successful ipeeialiit of the age. Call or writs. m«~3My IISTGLESIDE, BULLION, MONTAKA. A!) Our Tobaccos Warranted. OFFICE AND SALESROOM, Corner of Second Vine Sts., ST. LOUIS, ato. miir21dmvtf SODA. The Best for BAKING purpose!.. John Dwight Co.'s SOUTHERN HOTEL, on -Mi. 5(?i Waliiut Sis. SAINT LOUIS, MO. LATEILLB, WASITBK 00. Props. SOUTHERN HOTEL is flrst- JL class in all its appointments. Its tables are at nil thmss supplied in grcatosLsibundainjo with all the dQli- uiicics t h e market afford. Its clerks iitid employees are till polite and attentive to the -wants ot the guesta Hutcl. There is unimproved elevator lead- from the first lioor to the upper ones. Railroad and Steamboat Ticket Offl- c'cs, Nuws Slaiul, mid ^Veslern Union Telegraph office in llotuiida of the Hotel, Chicago and North-Western 1'ASSBNGE.RS FOB CHIQAGO l")ulroH, Toledo, flovuliind, 1'jttsburK, Cinciimiiti. Jloiitrealj Qtieboc, . Portland, Boston, , New York, t'hihvdelp'a, Baltimore, " Dayton, Indiauapolii Terre Haute, CttampaiRn, Bloomiugt'n Springfield, Jacksonville , . , j y , - Albuny, Wheeling, St. Louis, Toronto, Columbus, Cairo, And all points South and East, should buy their Tickets via C H I C A --AND THE -Gimp OorMesteraR. L ose Cpnnectrons madd wttih ll Railroads running Cast or South from Chicago. Cl a THIS Sioux City, Tunkton, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Dubnqne, Fort Dodge, Pr. du Chien, LaCrosse, St. Paul, Marniiettc, Ts=hpcming, L'Anse, 3'lseatiiiba, N''ffiii , Menashst, Grweii Bay, Sheboygnn, Stevens Point, \Vfitertown, Oshkoah, MiiOison, Fond 3u Lac,. hese points arc all on the line of Great icpad, or are reached by thim liouttt with less changes of Cars than by any other. Among the inducements offered by this route, are AM the Modern Improvements. Rock and ballasted track; steel rail, roc-k and iron bridges; Pullman Pal- aiial Cars and Coaches; Parlor and Drawing-room day coaches; Smoking and Lounging Cars ; Westinphouae Bsifcty Air Brakes; Miller's Patent Safely Coujjling and Platforms ; Close Connections at Junction Points; Leis transfers than any other route; XTn«n- Depots, no car ferry transfers; Speed, Safety, and Absolute Comfort. 3 -to lOITost Trains r u n each way daily over the various lines o-f this road, thus securing to tho traveler selecting tliis route sure a-nd certain connections in any directions hu may wish to go. Ifi^'See that your tickets- READ VIA THIS KOUTR, and TAKB NO OTHER. Trains at Council Bluffs. · Going IFcNt,. Arrive. Depart. Day Express, . .10:35 p. m ...... m. Kight Express, 9:15 a. ra ...... m. -- Passenger .......... m ...... m. -- Passenger .......... in ...... m. Express Freight, ....... m. . . ,- . .m. Going Knst. Arrive. Depart, [Jay Express, .......... m. 6:40 a. m. Niiilit Express, ........ m. 4:05 p. m, .,,, Passenger, ......... m_ , . . ^.m .. ..Passenger, ......... m.- ..... m. Express Freight, ...... m; 10:50 a, m, W. H, STB2WKIT, ' General Passenger MARVIN IIUGHITT, General Superintendent,

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