The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 15, 1934 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1934
Page 3
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fiig MM¥imt EMA1TCHESS at the Tourtiametit tonr»a»«rt this will to*t retotUn In the »e»ory of all those fortunate enough to attend. Especially noteworthy not to ssjr In-eath-taking were tfce thfe* tames fonght out on Saturday night. Malvern, handicapped by the Illness of two of the players finally overcame Strahan In the last tew frantic minutes of tbe «rtt game to drlv* the crowd wild •with glee or disappointment as tfcetr sympathies directed. The queerest thing about the game to me was the fact that nobody was carried out with a heart attack. I'd say that those three games were a real test of any- fcedy'B heart as well as their longs; Incidentally my lungs couldn't take it. Silver City showed unusual skill when they defeated Olenwood In the second game of the evening. The big thrill of the night came in the last game when Henderson tied P. J. 20 to 20 and then beat them in the last three minutes to carry off the J>rize, winner of the 1934 basketball tournament. I believe the Malvern students are to be congratulated on their attempts to banish that very un- Rportsrnenllke practice of booing though perhaps the thanks should go to the faculty, Mr. Darlson and Mr, Hertz in particular. Lorance Lisle. Home it Gh-la Gfj* tea '• Mothef« m Thtrrsday tfcfe tetter patt ot the class jpefiofa tfte flrl* of Vine Itoiae Be class Vtsfted tfee fetfcery. This was fmaienseiy enfoyed by the teftefier as well *s the girts. Mr. Swoboda aad Paul were very obliging to show them the machinery and tBe way It operated. When thet arrived the bread was taken ffotn the ov«tt. The oven was so large that it was no wonder "ohs" and "ahs" were beard. Mr. Swoboda mixed rye bread and rolled pie crusts. The girls learned how to make the dough into parker house tolls and cinnamon rolls and also observed bread being sliced and wrapped. They desire to express their many thanks to Mf. Swoboda and Paul for their trouble. Thursday afternoon the girls entertained their mothers at tea. The tea and cookies were made by them. A very nice number responded to the invitations. They are hoping to entertain again later in the year. Examines Grade Children The county nurse recently spent three days *n Malvern. iJnr- that time she Inspected 139 tn grades one to seven. She reports the following defects: Defective vision, 24; defective hearing, 7; defective teeth, 83; defective nasal breathing, 33; defective throat, 6i; children 10 per cent or more underweight, 16; children with one or tnore defects, 108, ' Mrs. Smith invited parents to visit her, especially where a definite abnormal condition was found. Four mothers responded to the invitation. She made one home visit where the child was ill. Artists and Orators Eighth Grade Chose Sides for a Spelling Contest The eighth grade spelling class have chosen aides and elected captains and are ready to begin the contest. The captains are Mary Louise Juelke and Robert Perdew, An interesting contest is predicted. The study of safety first Is the main interest in health class. Posters were made demonstrating safety first and stressing its Importance. A prize will be given the person who makes the best poster. Members of the arithmetic class are racking their brains for information supposedly obtained from tbe study of circles, prisms, and cylinders. Many times the search Is in vain. ^ Malcolm Juelke: "I cannot •sipg the old songs — nor yet the newer ones; the students all heard me—-and now they Ain't It a Grand and Glorious Feeling? When you loan your car to a classmate and he returns It in good condition? When you study for an exam and get an "AT'' When you don't study for an exam and get an "A?" When the mailman brings you two letters In different handwriting? When you are noted in school for your ability to bluff? When you are able to give the correct answer to a question asked by a teacher? When you spend half an hour trying to think up a clever ending to a thing like this and some one tells you It won't matter to anyone if abruptly? PAGETHREfe High Heidi [ fi* fly tfroflw* Jfccfcson Two snappy twsfcetball games were ptayefl «* * ft * Community building ftoor T%mr»day evening after school. fflnch support the little fettows played to the best of tlielf kfto*ledre. Some tery ptotfttslftg btwfcet ball players were retreated In these pntnt* and some of the M. H. S. caRpr.s are golftg to fcate to show somej classy basketball to hold their po- Bltlont iiext year. the first el&sh of the evening WftS between the s!*th and seventh grades, the seventh grade easily won the tilt by a score of 1? to 8. The flnetip for the sixth grade: While wandering throngh thei halls of Malvern high school T noticed the graduating pictures of, the former classes of our school hanging on the watt. After looking them all over I began to wonder where all these people could be. After inquiring around tht? Is what I found out about the class of 1931; Rnth Conner la being the perfect school ma'am. She is teaching Barrett school. Gene Hoover is attending Omaha University. Grneva Richardson is now Mrs. June Wise. Clyde Dickersbach is hflping his father on their farm. you just end it Jennie Edluud. First Grade Plans Party The first grade pupils are anxiously awaiting Valentines day, which comes next week, as their teacher is planning a party for them. They are becoming more grown up every day. Thejr are now learning their ABC'a and Miss Churchill hopes they will know all of them by the end of next week, • Many pretty valentines have been made by pupils in the first grade. Some are white cuplds on a red background and various other, kinds, ,,, It is nev^f quite known whal can be hidden under that well known bushel but a new sclntll latfng light, Vincent Zimmerman has burst forth in the Junior realm. Bright and early Friday morning the sun and the teacher, Miss Nervlg, found Vincent making more than life-like pictures bn the board. They are quite good '— par excellent — a connoisseur speaking. The pictures, reminders of hygiene, are of the vocal cords, larnyx, lungs, and head. With the assistance of Vincent's drawings Devere Knight lectured on the use of those organs In connection with good public speaking. Unhappily he was not acquainted with the drawings even as well na some of the other members of the class. Perhaps "stage fright" caused this loss of memory, Nevertheless the lecture was very interesting. Maybe next time this deficiency may be removed by having the artist and speaker one. It one wants to see an indns- triona Rronp jnst visit the Enp- Iteh Literature clasa on news mornings. I will try to enumerate to you Some of the noteworthy pupils and their doinRS. In one corner of the room we see our fBce-rrackinR dim-wit. Mr. Jitelke. HP is wearing; a frown that would Instantly recall Popeye and hi* Weekly Splash •with its comic artists. A smddon burst of laupbtcr (it it can so be] culled) and we relax- 'Baififalnta e *» Vrmmta tt ^^ t tj * t ftfrfaen to no ege- Malcolm j has an Idea. All is well. | Cast your binoculars in other your corner. the A alnmped'down figure, wasting excess mileage on one stick of double-mint, is tlif* Harry Thomas is reported to j ambitions*?) Mr. Heddlng. Hnv- Ralph Pefde*, forward; Hartley (Spec) Kfllght, forward; Albert felgget-stafti center; Ensene Jackson, guard; fcrle Hall, guard. Ralph Perdew Was high point man with Knight following close. \Sevettth grade lineup: Bildon Heddtng, forward; Eugene Walker, forward; Alfred Bennett, center; Clayton Htrtz, guard; Billy Shepherd, guard. Alfred Bennett was high scorer. The eighth grade won over the setenth grUde by a score of 15 to 7. The lineup: Jamie Swain,-forward; Robert fefdew, forward; Harley Per- short and la teaching n country kins, center; Junior Robinson. guard; Jimmy Halfleld, guard. Jamie Swain was high scorer for the eighth grade. be In ChicaKo. Edna Lee Is working at Mnl- hollands store. Irwin Parker has joined those who have moved far away and we don't know where hp went. Wright Amos: We can't confirm the rumor but wo hear he's In Colorado. Doris Wolfe Is spending her time at home. Doris Caudell Is working. Forrest Hatfleld Is also working. Wahnceta Alstropn is now Mrs Leonard Anderson. Margaret Derkhimer is also ing nothinc to do aa usual hp settles down In his favorite position (not as yet doscribable) and attempts to indulge In a beneficial beauty nap. All that is needed to stir him from this stupor is a suggest ion from Miss Nervlg that he find something more profitable to do. Our class sbeik has joined our promising literature class. The news staff being a new- sort of work for him IIP llrst trys his hand nt wltlrlstn but llnds It much raslfr to laugh nt other people's jokes. fA plttncp at Malcolm may hnvo decided that for ,/lZ—Abraham Lincoln. Great Emancipator, born 1W9. 13-Emperor PB Yi abdicate! ' the Chines* throne. 1912. 14—Great gold discovery In Australia wartle* world. */ xl5~ Battleship Main* i» sunk «V in Hsvsmn Harbor. IMS. 16— Hawaii it annexed to United States by trtatf, • 17_W«r cl 181 2 with England j ended by treaty, 1815. 18—300th automobile regi*- , tere<i in United States. 1895. Freshman News The freshmen have recovered from the excitement of the basketball tournament and are now working (?) as hard as.ever. Miss Schalkle's English I class have changed classrooms and are now reciting In room three which they like very much. Vada Holden has been absent the last two weeks. We hope she will be able to attend school again, soon, married.^ j»he Is now^Mrs. Lloyd , lim) Aml „„.„.„.„ we j enve tuts | group having stood nil we cnn for j one day. Ethel Davis. Fourth Grade The fourth grade worn elated upon finding out that everyone In their class received 100 per cent In spelling. They have finished the study on multiplication for awhile and will begin next week on thought problems. *"' In rending they studied "The Porcelain Stove" and made new word booklets from which they learned many new words. Act I A freshman stood on a railroad track; The train came thundering on; A blinding,'" roaring, deafening crash, And lo! The train was gone. And Act II there serenely stood the frosh; Around him lay the wreck; The train had hit hla solid dome And busted up, by heck! Miss Walker: "Jamie, stop that whistling." Jamie Summers: "I will if it comes my way,". Fifth Grade school. Genvea Ilaine is working at tlic Institution in Qlcnwood. Jim Rent on is at homo this winter after attending college | Th5l , wrek the fifth graders are two years. ] »i\\\ working with fractions in Anna Summers Is now Mrs. , nr ii| )n , 0 tlc. They have been odd- Paul Swain. Edna Lutz Is another school teacher. She is teaching at Osborne Valley. Uernice Caudell Is working nt the telephone office. Minnlo Hall Is also working at the telephone office. Hazel Cox la now Mrs. Donald Robbins. Vera Hummell Is attending college at Amos. Donald Rtgglna: We lioar that ho Is also married. Lloyd Harman: Wo can't account for him hut. he spends quite a bit of his time around here. Paul Swoboda is working at the Malvern bakery. Sy Wear)n is attending college In Chicago, Dorothy Durbln is attending college at Iowa City. Robert Frink: We can't find him but he's still around here we think. Donald Raines is still running around here teasing people. Clayton Blggerstaff is living on the farm with his parents. ing and subtracting like fractions and find thorn quite interesting. In history they are studying about the presidents. On Thursday nnd Friday they wort? given true-false tests about Franklin Pierco and James Buchanan. Tho majority of the class scored high with perfect or nearly perfect papers. In hygiene this week they have been studying "The Care of the Hair." On Thursday they started a new chapter entitled "Cloth- Ing." Bursts of laughter could be heard from the classroom as ono little miss Informed them that loosely woven clothing was cooler because it allowed tho escape of steam from the body. Sixth Grade The sixth grade finds the nd- vcntures of Icltabod Crane very Interesting as well as humorous. The class Is busy studying spelling ns they arc liavlne a contest. May tlio best sido win. Miss Irvin, a normal trainer, has been teaching tho sixth grade. Tho pupils arc sorry to have Junior Smith absent and hope ho will soon be back. Seventh Grade In grammar tho seventh grade Is studying direct and Indirect objects, They are studying "Tho Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving In reading. Third Grade Tho third grndo learned a poom about Lincoln and have also finished an interesting-story about n Red Cross dog. They enjoy reading dog stories very much. Tlioso pupils having 100 per cent in spelling this week are; Betty Flckel, Peggy Hall, Mar- jorle Herrtck, Joan Saar, Doris Stogdlll, Betty Stroud, Kenneth Adams, Donald Ougeler, Jack Herlng, Junior Jackson, Doan Mllllkan, Walter Bingham. Miss Schalkle happened along the other day to bear John Hall talking to his pet rabbit. John: "What's two and twoT" Miss Bchalklo: "What's the trouble John?" John: "Well, you said in biology class that rabbits multiply fast but this one can't oven add," ^jjJjjPjjjjgv"' ""'*" *"""" , • v *"' "" MMM -"***-' "-J ''' ' ' '; " ' ' r BBajaMij Taxes Taxes Taxes TAXES, MISSPENT TAXES! Three or four month, ago at a meeting of the Commercial club I expressed the opinion that our Mayor and the City Council should resign. That they were either incompetent *r careless in managing the affairs of our City. I also published the same in The Malvern Leader. At a called meeting of the Commercial Club the President asked me to state my posUion and called upon City Clerk Mr. Byington to defend ft. Council's action. I maintain we are facing a confiscation of our property unless this foolish spending is stopped. Attend the public meetmg at the Community bu.ldmg Fnday evenmg, Feb. 16, at 7:30 prompt. Respectfully, L. W, BOEHNER. Itf' -i The many foolish things that have been done In the past and the foolish things they are now fiolag and the waste of the tax payers' money compels me to place the situation before you as citizens, • The taxes paid to the City of Malvern the last 40 years amount to about 400,000 or 600,000 doU lars. This is exclusive of our school ta*. Our- present City tax amounts to about Jt^.ooo be* Bides water rents, $4,000. The water committee t» spending this money like a bunch of drunken sailors. __ _____ It seems to me that we the citizens and t&$ payers are la the I position ot the man who owned 1 TcaW and to break the call in to work he yoked, himself UP w}tb - the pa« which started to run. The man hoiiwe4 tw sow 16 ° ne to "ftpp the darn fool <*ij s» ha - SOU W ' stop himself:. 1 IB iusUes t« we wuBt sax they walfttato, » ** W* pleas** te have fhey ftJaT J»v» »» public officer is subject to public crltlcistti. I do not claim any graft or dishonesty on tbe part of the Council but that they are simply careless or incompetent. At a public meeting the City Clerk, Mr. Byington, made A statement that the Cold Storage plant bad a secret pipe line from which we were stealing water by the thousands of gal- Ions from tbe city, I said the statement was false and J believe Mr. ByJngton knew it was false when be made It. At the second meeting at the Community build' ing I stated that the statement wa.8 a Ue and I believe be knew it was a lie when he made it. Attorney Byington as yet has not been wan enough to acknowledge he was mistaken and when he accuses me or the Cold Storage plant ol stealing water he accuses eyery JB»« }n my employ of being a thief. j want to express my appreciation of the excellent manner the streets have been graveled by OW4 money. Lawrence Buyers Street Cowmlsslouer Dunn charge ol the Job. We realUe that our light Mils high and are high but in p»s,t they have taken mow ol the light fujul and u*»d agiue in othejr channels in » at they order < . street U«bt i» &ft business district BBd the put ud oiwk IIwtt»»AftU' mm* Jug (or you* to kw»e Wftlvwft m Jmt || tUe time wtum Sot Under Council JuriBdiction Says Park Commission 'ormal Reply Made to Resolution Recently Passed by the Council Exception was taken by Mai- em's Board of Park Commis- ioners when that body learned of he resolution passed at the last meeting of the town council, dt' ecting the town treasurer to reuse to pay any biljs Incurred by he park board until approved by he council. The board prepared \ statement which IB, printed be- .ow. in the explanation of tered by the hoard are statements as to other allegations made )n the council's resolution. The statement: 'To the Mayor and Members The City Oou»p«;-*~ "Referring to th», resolution passed by your body and published iu The Malvern leader would you are iu error la yftur statement, fhe clty.olerfc, Mr. ton. spoke to Mrs, MeCor4 in the treasurer's office o* place of business regwatttj the report £01 she told him »U orders were la the treasurer's „„., i«4 iw rejW«4 *MSA w«w »atU(«.oto4'y and he would hlch fee l» Tlve 8ft. We to luukut & .riHilwrlt* nd shows to use same without uthority from us. fjow to explain to the Public: "During the past year over 000 children under thirteen •ears o'f age have enjoyed free wtms and in spite of this the re- elpts were sufficient to cover op- irating expenses. Jt became uee^ issary to install a drain and put n sewer pipe and we can now Irain and clean the baby pool in one hour and the middle pool In our hours which is a great sav- ng in time and expense. We ound the amount of sand carried nto the pool was stopping the operation of our pumps and Mr. Boehner said that after building the pool and bath house and giv- ng Jbem to the city he felt that U justice to himself and family he could do no more but would furnish the money WITHOUT IN- to complete same. Mr. 3oehnqv has not only furnished all the water free but has also paid, all of the electrical bills and senerously given two years of his ilrne without any compensation. Your resolution calls for con4enj from right thinking people and we Ul ' u inclined to the that you are, using thin method to slur Mr. Boenaev you uu Mayor ftftd cut} OouucU to re^lfiu, We teal tU»t Uave ««\eut uuv uioftoy to Uwit ailvHUt»«»> poHslbl* uu Ui *o dotax effort h.» rVoodbury Bonds Sold to D. M. Bank Sioux City, la. — The lowa- )es Molues National Bank and rust Co. bought $135,000 worth ( Woodbury county bonds at par londay, paying a $580 premium. he bonds, carrying 4 per cent in- erest, will be retired in January, 936, 1937, 1938 and 1939. The uouey will take up outstanding vavrants against the county poor uud. We are now digging holes all iver the town and some iu aur- oundiug country. One might hink we were making a geologl- survey; but no, it's » bright •oung mind operating "over- true." Up to the present time 17 boles ranging from ?5 feet to 135 leet deep, costing approximately $500 ol the tax payers' money. The bright young nilncl might explain to us by some theory of calculus how to cut these holes iu t wo-foot lengths and sell them to a confiding public foi post holes. This ?500 would furnish our idle laboring men around towu 800 dftya labor ut |3,50 por day, Some of the taxes paid on city roperty: Irs. J. D. Robbins, home, . 1933 1328.02 X E. Whitfield, home, city, 1933 _, 47.48 D. E. Whitfield, home, D. C. township — ti.70 layor —— * 54.18 . W. Boehner, home only, 1933 ^—I31G.14 Vttlter Slothower, home, 1933 * 34.38 Sxemption allowed 25.58 City officers who do not pay he full share of taxes can be :areless in spending other people's money. Through the waste of wuaoy by our Mayor a.ud Council, the tow» spout J» excess »f tUolv lu- uquia between 118.000 uud 116,- OOQ uuil had itwueU vvumuUs Q por cuiu tutormit to ol u». 80we of tUe Cuuwol tUoy were uuluB i uouU the Iowa «ud «et money e Ui The city of Malvern has mis spent $50,000 or more trying to get a water supply. Wells and uore wells. Sand points and more sand points; and every couiici; persists In trying the same oUl way. An old saying. "Experience s a dear teacher, but fools learii at no other"—-one would hardl> believe that. We might say, one mistake is excusable, but two errors of like character might be foolish, but three mistakes of like character might put us it the daninphaol class according to Josh Btlliugi. Thing* to be Thankful For I am plBttsad tu fcuow that of »ur Tow« tX>uucll ou tiutiun'uux visits to I Km Muiueu illtl not fun ucruw* KUUR< cuiiliawuco wittii ur ho liuvu Hold Uioui tlu> Si«U> but) lUett wo ttur« BHVt) BlWIt KUUU, Copy of foutfttci will Ut- la 'tow wtudow of tU any of their clients to sign It. We sure will be In a law suit 1C we don't pay. Many misstatemeuts are being made regarding my attitude in the water controversy. We have always stood by and furnished the town water when they needed It at 12V& cents per thousand gallons in the tank. Several years ago we told them that in the winter we would want 20c a thousand as we did not run all the time and would have to keep a special man for that purpose. But of late years we hava run the Cold Storage plant night and day and we told the Council it they would reduce the prices to consumer to 40c we would furnish them all their water at 12 %c per thousand gallons iu the tank. Now the water question could be easily settled. All it needs Is a good filterer and the same could Uo built at from $3,000 to $5,000. At the time we put iu our ico plant we sent a sample of water to the International Filtering Co. for analysis and their report to us was that watur was good e?T t'upt a red sediment which could bo easily removed by using a little hydrate of lime, then niter through QUO at their niters which we do with all our Ice water. Wa urn m>t anxious to pump tho watur. Neither do we have any trouble Iu uucurlnK all the water WB want. Wu put lu Uio swimming l"wl twice as uiuvh xvuter day us tlio whole town uawi. Wo do not UHO all uur \vi>lU nil timu; nuitliw do wo take any (rout tlte puiut un »1I tnut «ni) U puuuHul into th uu tfthut 1 «u«rt\i et supply wa tit III Uavw u surplus ul UliU uft«U tlUWU It iUlU IU9

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