The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 12, 1948
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULY 12, 1948 Governor's Race Gains Interest On« Officeholder Resigns to Assist In Holt's Campoign By Bob Brown (United Press Staff Correspoiulenl) LITTLE ROOK, July 1'2. tWi — ArkansnV candidates (or governor shared the political spotlight willi Arkansas' candidate for president loday t* trie campaign moved into tite stretch drive. The fust Democratic primary Is *cheduled two weeks from lomor In Philadelphia, a committee chosen to select an anti-civil rights candidate to the nomination of President Truman, settled early today on Gov. B™ Laiiey of Ar- kansa.s. If approved by H .southern caucus later today. Laney's mime probably will be. placed in nomination on the convention floor Wednesday night. j The Arkansas leader of the stales' richts Democrats conceded earlier that Mr. Truman would get the nomination on the first ballot. Meanwhile, the first state, department head loday deserted Lancy's. lame-duck administration and lined up with one of the slates seven candidates for governor, Williams Joins Holt Camp Harry Lee. Williams of Little Rock announced his resignation as director of the Arkansas Bureau of Vital Statistics to head public re- i BI.YTHF.Vll.LE (ARK.) COUR1KR NEWS Three-Day-Old Baby Flees War PAGE TUMKI Jet Fighters Poised for Atlantic Hop DETROIT. July u (UP)--The first trans-Atlantic flight of Jet (iBhtm will lake-of( from Self- rids* Meld for Gevmnuy today- tun days ahead of schedule. Phns were changed to lake advantage of Ideal weather conditions over the ocean. Air Force office!* sairt. They denied that (he schedule was advanced brcausc of reports that the Hcrlin crisis may be coming to H head. The squadron of 16 F-80 shooting stars under command of Lt. Col. David o. SolnllhiK recently took part In loughening-up exercises when It "defended" Detroit In a simulated bombing attack by B-'-'9's. The small planes will be shepherded across (he ocean by two B-29 Suporforts equlpiMxt wilh (iiuppahle rescue equipment in rase any or the je'.s gets In trouble and forced down. Even Pigeons Face Housing Shortage More Teen-Agers and Adults Fall Victims of Po//omey/it/s Departing with the British forces from Haifa, Palestine. \vaj tint 3-day-o!d baby and its parents. The father. Caul. C. V. Hardy, an officer in the Seaforlh Highlanders, anil the Jewish molli»r left at the end of the evacuation. (Photo by iNT.A-Acmt stal' corra- spondenl David S. Boycr.) Young Georgia Democrat Thinks He Will Cast First Vote for Dewey ,. _ HILADELPIIIA, July 12. ~(Ui> latiom and comity organization ac-[—Couid be, the Democratic convcn-' hotel in a NcRro ncicliborhoral. Faculty it Announctd For Schools in Manila MANILA. Ark.. Julv 12.The Manila Consolidiited Schools (opened this tnovnlny, aiut the toachint; stafT has been annotniccy by W. W. Fowler, superintendent. •I lie hlKh school lacultv will lie Mrs. Fowler. Miss liulh Horn. Mis. O. O. Stivns, Forrest I.mix, Charles JollilT and Mrs. Imoftcne Holt Qiiinn. By Haul f. Kill Ihiltrri Pr«is Science NBW YORK. July 12, nrp)_I n - Innllle paralysis b sinking down more teen niior* and nilnllj and cv,or Infanta, a woiUt-wlde »um;y the showed today. The report, came from Dr. Albeit H. Snbln, professor of rcsoarcn pediatrics, University ol Cincinnati, nl the opening of the first Inlernn- ix>lloiiiyeltls conference here. ill.srlo.rp<l Hut the trend toward the olili-r Brail|xs Ls Mionner til Mich citl'.s as Co]iculuiRCii, IJcrl'.u 11 ml i/>ndon. Hut that Ihe i^e group affected by the disease l.i 0:1 Probably Ihe only thing that could mak« two sell-tcspcclmx ]>ift«oni build (heir ncsl ovei'lanking > slnlfcd monkey Is ih« housing sltortan*. The couiiiKcmii birds made a home nlup n ton] box In Hie workshop of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. The monkey u part of a Inline exhibit. Presence of U. S. Ships in Trouble Zones Helps Keep World at Peace CIIAUTAUQUA. N. Y.. July 12. — stimuli] of American mldil will tional He infantile In m»nj pvfe tt 1M world." he said. Tracing a patttrn of polic •&- demies, notably In Europe and th» United S'.nle*. Dr. ftabin ahoved that the trend] of the dlseuc not** years ago in Scandinavian countriM may be Die future trend* 1m thV United states. Sr.hin sn'cl there were uvtral rheoriei why lli« ag« group waft rising, one, he said, may b* th« re.stilt ot a latent immunity which followed same mild, unnoticed con* tact with the disease In early ll!e. Another theory, he s»ld, might b« the rising of hygienic standard* in the Increase in (he United States. 1 ceiinln countries. It has t»«n known "The fuel that 53 per cent or tho 22B parulyllc ruses in Copenhagen m 1944 occurred In Individuals over 15 yenrs of nun Is perhaps nn Indication o[ what may be expected Iscwheiv hi due time," he told the conference. The conference, sponsored by the Nullonnl fvimiduiloii for Infantile Piimlyni.s, Is bchnf attended by p:j- Uo exjkMls from many foreign coun- tllrs. K.ibln ri'|x>rted I hut In 11110.3.7 per thai polio strikes mostly In com- mumUr.s where citizens are better led and live a more hygienic life. Science has been unable to explain the phenomenon. , lie cited another theory to account for changes (hat have occur* i'cd In the incident, age aelftctlon and .seven! v of polio In certain areaa in the past 50 ycar.s. It Auggecti, h« .said, (hat the changes may be du« to some subtle Influence—watwr, soil, or diet—which resulted In dlf- coiH ot the ]Hillo victims In cltlM I lerenccs in constitutional resist in tin 1 United Slates wcie over 1?, j mice among people of various r* Toiliiy, 2i per rent are over 15, he .said. •One lne.scnpnblc lact is tlml, rc- £;iruliv;s <>[ how you nnaly/.e It, po- iiomu'llll f is Ixicomlnn les.s and less Mrs. Storn Phillips will be the ; terraneaii Fleet Is hoiiiK kepi on Ihe <UIV>--The Navy s |>oner('il Mecll- not te used unless there has been n In any part of Ihe world. Miidfnrd's strongly-worded n-vtcw with different environments and way* ol Hie. Rend Courier News Want Adi. tivities for Jack Holt. Holt's headquarters also on- ' lllal he wl11 have to cast his first nounced that City Attorney Dennis I presidential lor Gov. Thomas E. Williams of Texarkaim will man-1 Ocvty. his campaiun in Southwest Ar-| Tinman Veran (Red) Williams nk that was very nirte on the primary teacher; Mis. Kllen Brown. ( move to buck up American foreign lion's^youngesl delegate said today, part of Ihe national piny," he said, lust Blade: Miss Wumln Fi\ye lior- ' policies, in lhat troubled nren. tin 1 . Francis Layne.ivlce chief of naval operations Mild Blind Man Goes on Trial second; part of second and third; Mrs. Del-[today. fe nis campaign m southwest Ar- Tinman Veran (Red) Williams r>_ it I L. /-., 'Rlnla Kvai ,ansas and termed (he move a "di-| Jr., of DoiiRlns, Oa.. who reached! "•Onsiaugnier *. harge | nfih; Mrs. rcct attempt" to offset candidate his his state's legal voting age of 181 Sid McMath's lorces in the Tcxar-1 last Pall, was lookiiiR beyond this; vano McKlnley. fomlh; Miss Vlr- 'ftinla Kvans, imi t of fourth and Wilson, fifth: Miss Clola "In (he event of sudden war with a European power, It is this same. Meet with Its control of the seas. previous p o 1111 c a I catastrophe*. Hndfdrd said. "However, they tilivr n different Impression of ships which (ire capable of tnnclini; marines to spike local troubles." People In inrclgn ports viewing l , | of Hie Navy's role and strength also punches" cr the ruture Navy has improved on McCormtrk. Carter Grcer. Mrs. Elvis j which wnulcl enable us to rdnlovct! kana Williams recently defeated Henry Woods. McMath's campaign mnn- acer. for (he Texarkana city attorney's post. As the candidates contir.-jrd their convenllon of the Fall elections. "I can't see that man Truman,' DUNK. N. C., JuJy 12. -fUP>—' Byrd nncl 'Miss Ruth McCormlcX, supply Ainerlcnn troops nnd Promoiers of an event b the world championship .,,_ n.shing contest at Augusta snici four of the gubernatorial candidates had accepted itivitations lo -speak there Thursday, They are McMath. Holt. Thompson. All candidates were invited to a similar event at Spring Lake camp near Des Arc Thursday. he -said. "And I am definitely | against Henry Wallace. As yet I haven't made up my mind whiu to do.' "T think I represent the modern Southern youth," tic added. "We know that President Truman's civil ^•>! rights program won't work because it's trying to do by legislation what can only be done by education." He was appointed as a Georgia delegate by the state executive committee to give the yonng voters a voice in the convention. Williams is medium height, A veteran blinded during World sixth, seventh aticl eisUlli grades. . civilians, or lo evacuate them," Vice War I was scheduled lo go on trial Ernest Bruce is high school piln- | Adm. Arthur W. find lord snltl. today charged with bcatine a man cipnl and Roy Ashabrnnncr prill-| Kccltliij; the navy's role In (llplo- tp death while two accomplices held cipal t>t the ctcmclitarv grades. • the victim helpless. I The sightless cx-scivlccman, Ralph Creech, was charped with manslaughter. Accused v.-itli him were Daniel Darrocli and his son, Bunk Darroch. American ships, plnucs. nnd yuns. I Germany's wartime submarines. he added, understand Ihe "punitive' ;i. Kxpcrlmcnls with submarines Indicate that the defense KKiLlnst a submarine battling under water "like Blunt fishes." •I. Push-button warfare "still belongs In the rculm ol fantn.stic of ships which can pin-point H tnrKcl without setting off another war." fu backtiiK up our diplomacy. Ihe Navy with Its po.sslblltltes for locnl Trainmen Organize Tri-State Brotherhood i, MEMPHIS. Teii macy, Itwlford told the Diamond Jubilee celebration of the chnutan- ' Precise ncllcm, can Incnk up small | mngnzhio jqna Institution that the Job Is done hu-ldcnls before they mushroom In- very simply—"by snowing the fla 8 " ' (o cnstnslro|jhlc size," Hi\dford ns- in forclKii (icrt.v. M-rtcd. "This consideration Is what "ForelRni-rs realize that the full ' motivates miicli of Hie iiclivltles of Julv 12 (UP) - - - - ; our restless Mediterranean fleet." Police said the three men ciiKaucd The new Tri-Stalc Association of "Hcnles by municipally nppolnlrd Rndtord snld the sl^.e of the pn:- in an arguincnt with John Fauccttc the Drolhcrhood of Railroad Tinin- , Physicians often was a mere for- , sent nnvy Blvcs the- Untied Stales a of Lillington. N. C.. last year. The men was oi'Kanlzcd today amoiiR | mality witlioul exnnitniillon of the ^'superb Instrument for bnckhiK up two Darrochs were accused of hold- rail road men from Tennessee, Ar- j *>ocl.v. , our dlplomiicy." ing Faucctte still so the blind kansas nnd Mississippi. Ile hilrodueed a bill lo "organize ' "Our Insk forces nrc Americas Creech could beat him. I Delegates to Ilic fust meeting " le P"™itlon of premature burials." modem minute men," he Mated. Faucctte died later in a hospital 'elected Leisli B. Winficld, of Mem-l II , wns "Imcd lo a commlUce lor : "We can depend upon them lo Uls- phis. Illinois Central conductor, as] "irther study. i play scopowcr for peace nl aujMlme tirst' chairman nnd Mrs, Pauline POISON IVY OAK or SUMAC Bcicnc* h» discovered •» ncefltnt now treatment fof Ivy. o»V and »um»e ' ptiUonlnjf. lt'»Bfntl«» nll »" re ' <lr '" u * (he hlislcrn In > »urprliln|lr ihortOme,' oflcn within24 houri. At dru((iltl.t9f e IVY-DRY auburn hair. The other Georgia: n - . T Charles A. Fleming" of p 0 ].|. cst J delegates call him "Red" because he " rlson '" Tennessee ity will be the first candidate to I an<l thcy don ' t llke lhe name Tru ' in Little Rock when he dc-! man ' livers an address Friday night all MacArlhnr Park. ' Holt lo Blylherille Friday In other political action over the weekend: Thompson attacked hifehway pro- Brains advanced by Holt and McMath in a statewide radio broadcast from Joncsboro Saturday niglit. lie reiterated his support of"a pny- ns-yoit-go program and promised to ask a citizens committee to work nut his plan Hfter the election. In a Pine Bluff address. Holt repeated his assurance that lie couid build 1.000 miles of hard-surface roads by borrowing J16.COO.OOO from surplus investment funds in the state treasury. MacKrell continued his active campaigning and will be at Spring Lake tomorrow and in Cotton Plant tomorrow night. Thompson's headquarters announced the appointment of M F Woodson of North Little, Rock as associate manager. Woodson is a former quartermaster adjutant of the Arkansas Department of Hie Veterans of Foreign Wars. Holt scheduled four major ad- rlresws this week. He wilt be in ! toi'amden tomorrow night. Texarkana ! JVhiirsday, Blytheville Friday and Et Dorado Saturday. McMath was scheduled to speak s! Flippin, Cotter. Yellvitle. Mountain View. Melbourne. Calico Rock and Mountain Home today, while Thompson was to appear at Ashdown. Foreman. Horatio. DeQueen Oillham. Grannis. Wickes. Cove and Halncld this afternoon and in Meua tonight. "It's a family name." Williams' sain, "My grandfather and my fatiier were named after a relative —but not after the Missouri Tru- mans." Williams is a junior at Norte Dame University where he Is preparing for law school. He joined the Catholic Church six months ago. lie se.ld he couldn't see much of NASHVILLE. Tcim.. July 12. <UPl—E'oiiot- throughout the .state today conli'iuetl theii search ior foil:' women pri.-oners who made gooj an escape from the women's building at the slate prison here. Prison officials said the .women, one a 19-year old convicted ma:- deress. apparently broke a lock on a basement door of the building Saturday to gel out of the prLson. The women v,"eie listed ^ Americas Greatest Watch Value BULOVA! Russell, wife of another 1C conductor, as chnirman of the assocln- [ lion's women's auxiliary. Rep. Estes Kefauver, candidate for the United States Senate, avoided campaign issues in addressing the group last r.iL-ht, "Let us all realize that each group of inn- economy should cooperate with nnd try to help the other." l^cfniivcr said. "It ts In this spirit of fair play that we can all forge anything good about Mr. Truman's I ?"? Sm j t ' 1 ' 19 ' ot °" t " ey Coullt >': ahead to greater free Ameiica." heights here In civil rights program. "Under the anti-lynoh proposal," he said, "the community where a man is lynched would be fined and his family would receive a pension. If a man commits a riimc, regardless of the nature of it. why should he be rewarded? Why should his family benefit from his misdeeds?" Williams was upset because the Georgia delegation was housed in a Hasty Action Disclosed In Issuing Certificates Wilma Joncp. 30. Davidson County; Mrs. Irene Houser, 24, Knox County; anri Mrs. Hugh L. Branson, l.i, j PARIS. July 12. —(UPl—one of Roiine County. -every 500 Frenchmen who die is MIFS Smith was serving a 40-year buried alive. Dr. Jean Huet told the sentence lor the 1947 murder til ' General Council of the Seine De- Ruby Potter. Tlie others ivt-re scrv- partment recently. ing sentences ransing from one '-i three years. Read Courier News Vvam Ans. FOLLOWS TIP ALL STANDARD BRANDS*NO LIMIT! LUCKtES * OLD COLD • CAMELS PALL MALL - KALUGH * KOOLS PHtLUf MOtftfS • CHfSTEKHELD MorvWi ottJ W/ngi i).2I Wh.u t-...ild t>« Knndicf! \Vh,il cmiLri l. r'jM F'r MlNfMUM OHOfK 3 CAKTOm DELMAR SALES CORP. [lo\ :«!-(', SI. Louis. Mo. 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