Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 12, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1890
Page 2
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MSPATCH ASD DEMOCRAT. 1MT0RML NATO. 11 DAY .SsrrrtmnsB 12. 1300. THK McKinley Tariff Bill, us j amended hy the Senate. pnam'il that I body on Wednesday. STATE TICKET. FOE O0VEBN0B, EDWARD B. POND, OF 3AK FRANCISCO. LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR, R. F. DEI, VALLE, OF LOS ANUEI.KS. CIltEf .iraneR, . A. STASIA' Alameda ASSOCIATC JCST1CKS, ACKSOX HATCH (short trrml .-Bantu Mara VMHS V. COFFKY HOUR term) Han Francisco EOItOB E. SMITH (Ion* temi) Lou Angeles (>r STATt:. . C. HKXDRIOKS Itutte CONTHOLLLH, pnx r. nvys sau marino ST.\TK TftKASUllfcll. OAM I1F.U01.0 I'laccr ATroR\KV-((E\>:r. tL, l -ALTnlt C. OllAVES Sail Francl-o Ml'r.VLVOII-UKNKr.AI., IAXLEY II. BOOM Humboldt m:i'KnlsTKsni:>'T or FUHI.IC iNsrr.crrio\. EXRY C. HI!LI San Mateo sCt-ltcMr. cotnr i .'(.r .l:K. » D HFF-XOER StauMaiu in iU shilenieuis rojfartliisji any dis- : hones!, aspirant for political prefer-: euee, but it is uo npoli)»iNt. for assaults upon public individuals which do more to injuro the cause which TDB Portland Orc-gonian says that I llsos ihem Mmu idl ol ' h '-' 1 ' ( ' u '- " persistency, ener-v. drainage and j sup « ts combined. Mr. Pond we quinine have made Illinois the third i b pli evo to l,c !in honest man and n State m tho Union.- : good citizen So thinking and so j believing, we do not to | Tin; Portland Oregonion (Hep.) j enter upon any campaign of bil- j concedes that the next House of | lingsgate and insinuations." j Itepresentives will be Democratic I ; by over sixty majority. ! Tim Lakeport Avalanche sat on a ' " ' ! '._ | tack in the recent lieputiliciu AN exchange remarks that the fe- i County Convention of Lake county, \ male type-writers in this country! and it bar, been feeling sore over ! number 70,000, and all of them are 1 since. Instead of exerting its trc- San Francisco Letter. Fntrou f iiscuvii -lhtMOiuAT:— j There are some bin things in San Fran• risen, and li ;l follows logically lhat the | irreatei contains the less, (hen San f'ran- ; ebon is a biii thinjr. | Aninn;; the hi;; thing's are the royal : steel gjrders fur the new city hall. They ' arc over lull feet in length, and httornlly | ihey measure live feet by three, and their weight is about SO tons. They are constructed.->! steel plates,bolted together, luiikiuii a thickness (if about live inches. ; They were manuiactured in .ritts )>iirg, i I'a.. and transporteil across tlio continent ; on plni tio'iii ears, it seems incredible ! Ihat those immense beams could scale I the Hockies and bieh Sierras, but bete ; they are, and there is no A. BEAtiDED CBIMlSAb. NEWS OF THE WEEK. I A Republican Arraiitns Senator Quay, |, September."—The Inrges! the Boss of Kin Party. I tire lor iiiiiuv years visited Wcavcrvillc. -- — - j An Fntrlish syndicate is buying up the WAMIIXOTON , September :!.—[n the | silver mines in ArUoim. .The strike Mouse, Kennedy of Ohio drew I 'rotn the j among the Chicago rat-pouters has about- details of the ('hivton-I'.rcckinrid^e case j ended. . .Congress will probably adjourn the conclusion tlnil a Federal eleiMiu! -tuber 1st. Nebraska farmers un­ law «hutild be cnacte 1. lie reflected se- • going to try mijsar beet culture... Con- verely upon Hie Senators who had been i trrcsstnan Kennedy r-f Ohio (Ueptihliean) opposed to the Lodge I'.ill. Fur himself, j denounced Senator tinay in most scntb- confident in the tii-.-ii-incs of the b'epuh- j intr terms in tt speech in the House lican parly, ho must turever dissent from I The twentieth anniversary of the battle the cowardly surrender which hauls down 1 of Sedan was celebrated throughout (let- pretty—in the newspapers. Tnr. Domocrattc State campaign will open on Saturday evening, September 20th. There will be public speaking in Ukiah, due notice of which will be given. niendous influence in behalf of the nominees of its own party -n Lake county, it is making a light for the Republican ticket of Mendocino county. So far, it claims the t-lec- the (Ian and strikes the enL .rs of the He-' publican party. ; Cont'inuiinr, Kennedy said: "Thai the Flection hill was killed by Kepiibliciins,- denying that ; or pretended Kepuhlicati* is true. Willi-; j they made the trip in just the shape we j out fair treatment a hill which the House j i now see them here. Not to be outdone of Representatives said was imperatively i ; it is said that the San Francisco nuinti-j demanded for the preservation of its own . ! fiicturers will now take a contract, to Stir- 1 honor, and [or its safety and stability,': many ...Many lives have been Inst and a vast ipiatilitv oi properly tteslroied by Hoods in Austria A iimnbor of editors Jtave Ijecii banished from Venezuela for eri'.ici.-iiii; the piveT.mrnt.. . The niin-i J ers in \ustralia have t -'one nn a -trikt nish girders wei^hinv; '-5 tons. Another bii^ tiling is the new- nrttan \ t I and for the protection of the whole conn- Bv the way, had yon noticed that the Republican papers have not- wasted much " valuable space " in denouncing Speaker Reed for leaving his duties in Washington to go home and look after his political fences V , ,. , ,,. ,. , , . j presented to the First Con^repational ; h0n 0f n,! ,h0 i^pi'W'^n ticket m ! Church hv Mrs. Harriet Crocker Ale: ! this county except Constables and ider, in memory of j Road Overseers, and it will ho only and mother. has will have matters in such a eondi- j ~ m * 11,1,1 40 Hton s. It has just tion as to insure the election of all ! 1 ' B0 ". i '' tW( ' l "'"'l ,u the nmsio-lovine poo . ry a.u'amst outrage anil iiitiinitlation and violence, is deliberately put aside with- xar.-]ont hearing and without opportunitv for her deceased father i connitleration. Charles and Mary Crocker, i - The Senate of the United Slates will a matter of a few weeks before it | T '"» splendid musical instrument haa ; i enrll that there in n bar of public opinion, and at that bar it is now being tried. I ,, , ,• ,., , . ,. j plo of San Francisco in two inaugural re- the Repubhcan candidates for these ( ,. it:llH , iyU , 0 ,, is , in!misI)ei , smaller office ! Clarence Fddv, inx r. imsn. < ONMItKSN. FIRST tttHTtU.C-1-. THIRD m-sTKurr, roetiTit inaTUH-T, aiottrnr'lto rifff t'/t Sail Francito at F the Chlir. Ft IT II lltSTMCT. I.J. CI.USIE. RAII> rOJIJflWIOSEIIS. VIUST ptfiTutcr. lOIUIIALD YF.I.L M.-n-lncin.. SECtlXIl Ill--T1'.ICT. I.UILIM IIASWtXI.. .lit Krnnclso) rtlinti iifiTnteT. lARCIICR Sitita Clart. IF the Lakeport Avalanche will • quit sulking in its tent, it will feel in better humor, and discontinue its ; mud-slinging assaults on some of the Democrats of Mendocino conn- \ • ty, who are gentleman of too high j s.onoma I standing to be injured by its dirty i i abuse. i | THE Republican Convention for; \ this Cong;ressional Distriot, held in I San Francisco last Saturday, cvi-j denfly was not a very enthusiastic j gathering. Editor Graham of the Middletown Independent has lots of company in his ignorance of the nominee. , ..S;ui Fnuutsco JIKAItll OF KQL'AMZATIO.N. FIRST DISTRICT. to mr.rt at. tlif call of the Chair. SECOND DUTHICT, [MBS IIRAOY ...\Ume4i THIRD DISTRICT, I H. Vol FOl'RTH DISTRICT. IH-S T. OAFFEV Lu» Antclv- /siAit: si;.\AToi(. •SIXTH DISTRICT, COUNTY TICKET. RurrtuoR .icrsiE, McCJAMVEY... ,W TlSltAlX.. M. STAN OLE Y AHSEMI-XYMAS. sIIKim-F. HON. Tiros. J. GKAHY is alretidy j actively engaged in canvassing the District. During the week lie nd- ' dressed iarge and enthusiastic ! meetings at Guerneville and Sono- i mil, in Sonoma county. Mr. Gonry i will roll np an immense majorily in j this Congressional District. ' Tin; remarks of Congressman ; Kennedy in tho House recently are i published in another column. The • home-thrusts thu gentleman gives ! Senator Quay have produced a profound sensation, and our Republican contemporaries do not seem in any hurry about coining to the defense of Mr. Quay. . Shf mw. t COUNTY ci.nRK. fj. MOllltOW iCOCNTV TREASUUKR. t {M. GIBKOJf DISTRICT ATTORNL-V, |Q. WHITE roC'STY uaroRDER, fC. AUSERTBOS HCIIOOL SUPERINTENDENT. i. S. W. HASKETT COKONEft AND rUBUIC ADMINISTIHTOR. »VID CAUSON AHSESWUR, |'P. SMITH COUNTY SURVEYOR, |F. YORK hl'l'F.RVI->OR, |lt DAVinSOX lEKpEMEYER Meiiilooino Vfcl.ll! Uklnh t'Unli rJkl»h i. -Hot Springs ., .TIi?rmltR[Ti; Thlrtt Dimrtct I WE have yet to see a Democratic paper that has said an unkind word about Mr. Markham since his nomination, although Republican papers by abusing him before his nomination furnished volumes of material for such a purpose. Is not the action of the Democratic press in marked contrast to the cowardly and slanderous course pursued by a majority of tho Republican papers throughout the The Native Sons' Celebration. We had the pleasure of attending the recent Native Sons' celebration in San Francisco. It was without a doubt the grandest affair that litis ever taken place ' on the Pacitie coast. The city was t -oiu-. pletely packet! with people, the decora-; tions were grand, and the entertainment i provided was very enjoyable. The pro-' cession on Tuesday was magnificent in its granduer. Its length may he understood by stating that ;, was three hours • in passing a given point. It was probably the most heterogeneous affair that has over been witnessed since the pro-' cession entered tho ark at the time of the (lood. Nearly L 'n.OOO people were in the I line, atnl there, were features in it representing every phase oi California life from the days of Mexican rule to ihe present time, 'logo imo any detailed description either of the procession or of; the celebration as a whole would reijtiiro i columns of space, and most of our readers have already read it in full in the metropolitan papers. We have not the space to spare, and if we had. would not inflict our readers with a repetition of what ihey have already read. The I'kiah Parlor was royally entertained by Stanford IVu-'ci at Saratoga Hall. A large and elegantly appointed room was assigned to the twi of mil hoys and no pains wore spared to make their visit a most eujoyalil • one. Among the features of Ihe procession was the float bearing twelve of our I'kiah Indians with their tepee. No single nerson was she object of more attention in the procession than Sipiealing Charleyearryinillhe banner of the I'kiah Parlor. His noble proportions and elaborate feather head-dress was observed by everybody. A feature of the procession was Ihe beautiful banners, and although there wore a number more elaborate than Ukiah Parlor's banner, none exceeded it in beauty. It was much admired by everybody. The boys are proud of it and well thoy may be. organist, of Chicago, who performed a similar servico at the inauguration of the Chicago auditorium. The new cruiser, San Francisco, is proving a complete success in the matter of speed, and like her male, the Charleston, she will soon be coursing upon the high seas. San Francisco is putting her best font forward in the observance of tho fortieth anniversary of Admission !>ay. All Ihe principal streets are abla/.e with Hags and other appropriate decorations, some ; principle of which are of Die most elaborate md costly character. Tho grand arch across The cloak of Senatorial courtesy has become a stench in the nostrils and a byword in the mouths of till honest citizens of the land. It makes a cloak behind which ignorant and arrogant wealth can purchase its way to power and then hide I its cowardly head behind Ihe shamolesi- 1 protection of Senatorial silence. It I seems to be a cloak which shall cover np | from the public ga/.e of an outraged peo- i pie iniamies which demand investigation, and which merit the punishment of broken laws and violated statutes. It means a cloak behind which petty party bickerings may barter away the party A11 my Goods are of the TIICKSDAV , September l.—W. W. P.ow- , ers of Snn Diego was nominated by the j , the Republicans for Congress from thej : Sixth District Snnol and I'aloAlto' .made unsuccessful attempts to lower j • their records at Philadelphia.. . .The Con-' i stilntiomil Connenlion oi Mississippi has | adopted a section abolishing convict; | leasing The strike on the Panama j abroad is at an end.. . .The dock labor-! i ers strike in Australia litis about collapsed. ] Speaker Heed is making political speeches in Maine Democrats gain i Fl RST-C'LASS QUALITY forty-two members in the \'ent,ont legislature Hepublicans are much oxer- 1 vised over Congressman Kennedy's attack on Senator t-|uuy . ..Salonicu, the ancient \ Turkish city, was nearly totally destroyed ! by lire... .Tho Austrian Hoods continue j to do much damage. FitiuAV, September r>.— The overland j train on the Union Pacific was wrecked near Ugden ; the passengers were considerably shaken up, but no one was killed... .The exact Republican loss in j I wish to announce to the People of b".-::ali and vicinity that I have opened ;> First-Class Furniture Estatth-iiment IXT THE SPIE BLOC I have on hand and will always rnrry a Full Stock of j Furniture, Carpets, Draperies, Wall Paper, Oil Paintings, Picture Mol<lin&*s, Vrtists' Material, Curios, Etc.,Etc. very LATEST STYLES, and of Public Putronairo is solicited. Gall and examine my Stock. J. W. EVERSOLE, Gillespie Block, State St., UKIAH, CAL. tnd play thede.tiagogue in the 11,0 lmo Vermont election is 1-1,7'J -l. face of the people. It means a cloak he, hind which pretended fairness bides its Market street is the admiration of all be- I dishonest head, while in secret it is trad- holders, and tens of thousands daily gaze upon its spirited paintings with increas­ ing any trailii-king in the rights ertics of the people. It means mg delight. l)u one side is an emigrant j mil \„ whi ,. h n ,„ (li:lv ,),„ , iMli<1 train of the days oi' Mil, attacked bv a 1 0 „ v!lri ;| v party of Indians, who circle about on j tl ,,, ks ' ; ,„d be eilher foul or fair, their horses atnl pour in their lire, but .Firth nintrirt j State ? A CANDIDATE AT LAST. Tunti: is some consolation in the ; election returns from Maine. Tho |Tho Republicans of the First | Democrats made very respectable Dngressionnl District of California | gains in members of the Legislate had n hard time to niul anyone i ture. The last Senate was solidly Hops. J. 7.. TUirger got through picking hops this week at Willow Hend, Russian Fiver, • near I'kiah. Mr. Burger employed no- Chinamen this year and his experience: has convinced him that white help is far', politician i tracks and be eilher d , cessity demands. are kept at hay by tiie. brave, emigvimts ' ..Tho hoar for Senatorial < with their deadly rilles. On the olher | p !ls ,. P( | The ox team of side is a later and more pleasing scene.' Orchards, vineyards, and waving; fields of grain greet the ey.o,and homes of comfort and .elegance, such as can now he i seen in great munlirrs on the plains of ! California, while Ihe distant mountain* ; that serve as a background are suggest- I ice of the mineral wealth inseparably as- ; siit -iiiied with the trials ami triumphs of ! the Pioneers. | The two urand display*. Ihe torch-light | procession on Saturday evening and the i i most ieipo .umg one on Admission l'ay| ! that has ovc- been witnessed in San; I Francisco, evinced in the clearest and ; most expressive manner the loyally of our people to our national Hag, and their pride in the history, and devotion to the interests of the Mate I hat has risen to I i such glorv and greatness in forty years. The Pioneers, the Native Sons and j ; Daughters, and tin; citizens generally! j have covered themselves with glory in] i this tribute to tic' departed, » hose mem- lory f'tiliiornia will ever duligbt to honor 1 | and in the pledge thai they have given in ! | this grateful observance of Ihe birth day ( j of the Stale, that they will ever lie faith-! a , vnv j (s principles j ful to the great trusts that have been eon ' Hded to their keeping. OCCASIONAL. i San Francisco, Sept. 0, 1SU0. and lib- a cloak but the up his as nc- hns urlesy Senatorial pro| gross must give way to ihe motor of n : more enlightened and piogressive and : determined age. bet the old and threadbare cloak of Senaiorial courtesy be hung ; up with the sickle and flail of bygone | days." | lU'ferring to tho betrayal of Christ by • .IndiK. Kennedy said: " It was meet | and filling that Judas should be paid j thirty marks of silver; it was still part oi i the eternal Illness of things that, having been found guilty of ihc basest- crime of all creatures, he should go out and hang himself. History is repeating nsi If. Thej.\. ,I.Di.\ great pari for it parly of the Republic, having lived I .Niagara Falls on a rope in thirty-live years, has never yet assist- The Commissioners :l number of the loading factories of the j country met at Pittsburg and formed an ; association to light strikers .The Pope! has condemned hypnotism . Cholera is decreasing in the provinces of Spain, but is increasing in thocity of Valencia.. .. The newspapers of New York are engaged in a spirited controversy in regard to the relative merits of California and ! French wines.. . .The Salvadoriau tinny ) made a triumphal march into the city of; I.a Libertad . . .The floods in Austria aro j subsiding.. . Several Hungarian villages j were destrovod bv (ire. i I S .i rciiUAY, September ti.—A premature ; blast in the Northern Pacilic freight | yards at Spokane Falls killed Mitee/i men j and wounded many. ...Five persons were t kiiicd instantly and thirty-seven wounded by an accident on the Hio Craiule lailroad, near Florence, Col.. It is estimated that the cotton crop tins year will reach S.OOO.OOO hides, by far the largest in tho history of the country. Irishman, walked across minutes, have not been I AM INTERMIX HI) TO KEEP this community here, nt as low it price as they can dii for To do so he houghr on the Pacific Const. Yon <Y '-7r v:hy 1 can .<c/l f/oocl-i so cheap? Simply because I conduct inv liusiuc; iortst expense, and can all'onl to sell good.' Call and examine my stock, ami see wl can give yon. No trouble it) show goods. i will sell goods m any af the lli'iip. place very tat li jarmiiiis 1 State St., Ukiah, Cal. I et! in riveting shacklesou a human being, j nhle to agree on a site for the Chicago World's Fair... .Forty-live thousand per- j Coastt Items. superior in every respect and cheaper in ) He is partioiilurly well ; l i accept the nomination. This is I e District in which Judge DeHa- n of Humboldt was elected two ars ago. The place was offer! to several different gentlemen at |e Republican State Convention ( 'Sacramento last month, but no e could be found who would ac- 3t. The District Convention then Republican and the Democrats hail but twenty-six out of I'll in the House. In the next Legislature they will have four Senators out; of the thirty-one. In the House the Democrats will have thirty -five members, an increase of nine. and now, when it was to be expected that it .vottid redeem its pledges and he (ait ht'ul to its history, it is about to play false, and its oft -repeated promises are not to be redeemed. It comes victorious from everv Held, and if it. fails now it find* in its own parly those who are faithless to ihe trust reposed in them. 11 it is to he eriicitied, it. is only because its chosen leaders have chosen to barter away its principles for (lie t'icKS and | petty schemes oi politicians. ! "The .)ndas Iscariot of two thousand i years ago is to lind a counterpart in the 'Judas Iscariot of to-day. The Judas who I took thiitv pieces of silver and went and ! hanged himself has left an example for ; the Matt (;uavi. lhat is well worthy of j their imitation. i "Some lime since I stood in my place j on t his Hour and denounced a Senator, - because, when charged with corruption ; and branded with inl 'aniv he did not arise j in his seat and demand an investigation SENATOR PADDOCK (Re)).) of Iowa ijourned to meet in San Francisco ! ™» do (l s P eech in the Senftte liis! 1 Monday, in opposition to tho proposition to increase the tariff duties as sot forth in the McKinlev bill. September Gth. About one en delegates met at Republican jidquarters in San Francisco last IturdavandP. R- Klein of Men- : He informed his brother Republican [Senators that " tho great iVest demanded a reduction of tho tariff.'' Krnni Mendocino Bonron. The Whistling buoy off Fort l'riigg has the long run. He is parliciilurly well ' been re-placed, plonse-l with the eflicieut manner in j . , , which Miss .Maggie l.Mnohoe kept the , A lew days ago a large whale was seen books; not-a mistake was found in her j playing in the waters near the month of work. Mr. Rurger hail several families j p.iver. from Ukiah assisting him, besides a i f , . ',...,., 11 . t i .1 nuiiib?!- of people from Hound Valley \ It is estimated that one halt thepnpnla-) and an inquiry that should establish the anil Anderson Valley. The families of j tion of Cloverdale are now in Mendocino \ purity of his actions and his personal I.. I). Ilargis and Kev. T. A. Atkinson were among those at the Burger ranch. Late advices from New York say: "The early F.nglish hops are coming down lighter than expected. Picking has been chocked, owing to Ihe increase oi mold. Centum cables advise an active, , ,, . , . . and exciting market; much damage has ( lor County Superintendent been done to the crop by the late rains, i public schools, was in town this v.eek. Stocks are almost exhausted here. The; A . (.;. Uuddock, oi Anderson Vtdlev, situation is strong at all points, and Ihe ; mIl .,.„ ei!( ,,| in | n ipp-ng a black boat re- future market depends to some extent on ! ( . PIlt | v ,)„„ i,„ d ll( ,,, n lea.itingou his sheen the Pacific Coast, as the lain he Coast. ; A v(;rv ]„ r( , e o|10 lre o,iontlv visits the market is the lowest market in ihe world ; ,-. in „ umi( i „„ effort is being made to kill I one who is accused of crimes and to-day. .. | . ...... ,, t"' retuses to seek tor vindication is a Ke NEW Yonk, Aug. 27—A Springfield, The case against the Gualala Mill Co., man in the New Kngland Homestead es- | charged with dumping sawdust into the timatcs a general shortage of -M per cent • waters of tho Stale of California contrary in the hop, crop of this country. He es- ! to law, was tried before a Justice of the j county picking hops. ! While working in the Fort. liragg woods j Monday, a log rolled over John Preston, ! severely bruising both his legs. Mrs. S. W. Ilaskett, the Democratic of ! honor. One other, ocennving a hiidi , place in the councils of iheparty to which I 1 belonged, has suffered himself, month •in and month out, to be charged with crimes and misdemeanors for which, if ; guilty, be should lone been condemned j under the laws of his Stale and had met- j ed out, to him the fullest measure of its pnnisment. This man is a Republican, Shall I now remain silent? Is it just and honest to remain in my seat, silent feino was chosen chairman^ Lasi, Plumas and Trinity counties: . , , ,,,, re'not represented at all, and the | Mv ' Plu | dock ""^ 8 W fc to tb " ^S^^S^'ri"!' I'eaee and a jnrv a. Point Arena last w ^k t . . . , o-i-oif West tint n tivat-e bissi ivnv to ' 1 1 - .... .oassiu ntisens snort and tho Mill Companv ivas aeuuitloi of [lanee of the counties almost en- ! ° l0at " CHl lU!lt !l ni3t - tlnss to I -jr, per cent: Wisconsin -W per cent short,: u ,e ' by proxies 'Hie following wn (lt; ,vant s is to poll fewer i and California 10 per cent short. On proxies, jbouut of tho proceedings we fSuuday's Alta: ». Lonuaoii ol'Smoiuit }I!M-.JII In tintnitin i for enti'iliiitte .1. A. liitrliioii of Ilmt county. | P. It. tirntuou of l/.ike noininali'ii Joint s. , tttso of Sonoma county. Thfro was no litfl-itie Kii.te-i'tit-s unit little In indicate that I'lPjrutci were per forminjt otln-r than per- btory duty. f. Joie's of Colic-a inquired if etiylindy pr.-sow wiii'ltn-r N. 1*. fdifpinun oi" Tehama |Ut fto.c.cpt n luiiiilntUton. II MI. the people |)iu eour.'.y want loin. , Pratt of Hutulioldt said he iin.l recently tti with Genera! Chipimui, ami tiie tatter (united hi efl'eet that his candidacy was out be question. |lut S. Knos was present atnl seized the op- •utilly to niuke a qpeceti. lie scenied labor- tuuilcrexcitement, or -oniL'tldin; lie that he bud declined lite nomination at fumeulo |u good faith, but hi* motives hint j. j I Republican votes and elect move i Democratic Senators and Congress- tho Mill Company was acquitted barge. Real Estate. men. The f-nrniles of Mr. CN'emin], who were at :h. •unit- lime friends of Pond, tniinstiinusly di • I oliired in and about tie- sail Jose eotivi'iitioii ttial Mr. roiemtiu (Catiiotic) was under disabil tty in consequence of his religion. Mr. Coli ( lutiu nml hlH c.o religionists were lints nolilic.l ; by n Pt-cocriitic uonitntittng convention thin tiley lii-ver were to iie trusted. Mr. Pond's itnttt ; ination is, therefore, a triumph of religious lor ! otry.— Hcr.ortl-L'Hian. ; And the nomination of Messrs. ! Del Valle, Coffey and Dunn (who i .ire Catholics) " is, therefore a tri- 1 < uniph " of what,? Onr Republican | friends are certainly in desperate | straits for campaign material ivhen uswilled and the purity of hi, intention* { t\ m resort to such senseless utter- sued, lie would like to meet Mr. Geary, | 'emocratte nomiuee, on the stump or per- ] auee.H. ^ .tly, fttul had «o douoi of lielng able to di;. i him, but lie was too poor to mate the can-! SlJNATOU EDMCNUS wits recently accused by Senator Frye of being a coward in not voting to close debate and p;tss tho Lodge Election Rill. Edmunds responded as follows; Cowordlce, It !s true, never wen n battle, but It uever robbed a mnu and never did a forcible iiijui-tleeto anytiody. There are two kinds of courage. Onn is used wlfen, h?--Iug made up your in ilia to take annOier man's property, you IJO and take it without b.-inir tifraiii of tilm. Another U that when you conclude to put a muzzle on everybody wliou It (uilts your o.vti street will, you tret the power to do it hi advance. This fiarcastio allusion to tho attempt to iutrofltice Spoakor Reed's gag rules into the Senate must have made the cold chills run books of Frye and his gang. \V W nreeilen to (I A !>evi!bl.-s—hot in W'estporl . r- T Hi S ]•' Cnnller— S' v of se-.( nt.d H'j ll'-'ilirSee 11. t HI, n r JJ lilirelii I.ndae No. '.'10 I O 0 I-' in .1 c Ifalll- day—17 In block f. in Odd t-Vlhovs ccim-leiy near 1'olnl .Aieint I" It Morse to .1 t: llnlliday—l.ol in Point Arena John Alitiuin to IV T T'liiiilnsou— In i'oiat Aren.'i Mnrv V. to It S Carey—All of Sees 1. 11, Ie, 17, 'Jfl nml '21 null other hinds In talr li itiuly the Kor Ibis reason and bcaitsii further that ami ungenerous attacks had been < upon blm for his previous ilccleniiloii, be t percrapltjrlly decline the uoniinalion at iline", "llul-l will aid In tbn eauvass," elc- By concluded tho t^.ttttlcmau. "unit there me |iri--,8pot« or Ules on .lohn S. Ituns, you be| \ life every tlrac:" K, Barhnm wan then clioseu ^'itiiout fur i opposition. iUmliani of Lake th a r'nuested tiic;;.;ntU- Iwhn h»-i liomtiiBtcd judge Bfti-tiaiti to ten \sofflettilnK iiboui hint. "\v... in> in |, u jj,> rheiu'ttof lilm,tuid I'm n politletau, uud I f most of 'cm." known all tiironeh l.nke, Sonoma and pneiuo, by sir. and heV us clean an a l -lnW PKif. \>y 1 sir, •• exclaimed it eultiir ttleniail Ironi I'lovcidaic l>y the name of „ Usmmon.nxpin!iietl I lint Jadtfo DnHliuiu i lawyov of Snatu notnt ivlto b-jil once bad tt Ifeolu'n lawsuit. Mr, Leminon bad been n-»>Vhy a teles'iani fmin a frteml at Rimpi Juki -judos flarlium woaic. accept tlio noui- |n If tendered him lu (be rliht spirit. 1* tmutleuiaii .ivm Uk«' mil! seemed to 1 nomination ola inun hedidu t kumv « affront, oat.nuneluduil to Mitaide. ote-' *•*•-'•**•— ----- 10 per cent these figures the shortage alone is sufficient In send prices up; hut added to this is the fact that most of the old hops have passed out of tho hands of Ihe growers. The suit of Judge McOarvey against Lilienthal .V Co., involving something over .f loll!) on a hop contract, has been settled by the firm paying the judgment of the lower court. li- had been appealed and was to ha.'e come before the supremo Court on the -lth hist., but was settled out of court. Reports have been to the effect all Ihe time that verv few Chinamen were being . employed in the hop Ileitis of Mendocino ! K I* Stone io s A CtMiiier itftfil-inoacres of i . .i i , 1 lion! Ill lot 1.. 1 okavo Itiine ho county this year, but tho large number wo have seen leaving on the train each I day this week would indicate that tbev I W..TC pretty well represented. The ."s. F. CVC of Wednesday says: j "flops continue to advance. They are' now stpiarely oji to ;:„''.J to cents, and ! the tendency is still upward. Tim tie- j inand is sharp, but growers continue! ollish about selling." Hop picking is about over and a large! number of Chinese flickers have gone ! below nu each train this week. i W, 1>. White sold his hups on Friday I of last week for 33 cents, ! in in in DoatU of DIra. Brown. Tho Sacramento Boo is nausoated lying at- , . I tk* fact that tliore did not seam to be UtloU enuiualaura a'tiuni--isplranu. notion. *.CougtvulDual Executive Con •; ... . . ., '»« olioiwu, crtiuittitm of tho ctiHirmeu I at the sickening, sui'vile ofclbe Tlenublkaa County (lonimlttaeii , , f --. u t i rtoti ; I tneks of its aacirainoiito conternpor- ^MSBfrt ld(h IwyonMayorPoBd .audiBreplywya: Mrs. Atnamla F. Frown, a sisfer of Hunt Brown fiormerly well Icunvrn in this county), and a half sister of the late W. II. Parks, died nt the residence, of Henry Fverelt. near Suiter City, on the iilh inst. She has been (or Homo iimu aiiiicted with cancor on Ihe neck—the same dread disease which carried oil' Mr. Parks. She was an educated lady and taught school a portion of her time. Tho funeral took place Wednesday from the residence of Mr. Fverotl. The services wero conducted by Kev. \V. ft. (tnhor The following gontlonieii acted as pall- down tho ! bearers: W. SI. Wiidsworth, E.J. Howard, J. W. DoWil, W. Y. S'mimons. Tho" Fox and H. Moody.— Sutter JmUjiftuUni. The abovedoceasod was weii kuoivn in Potter Valley in this counly, whore she hail a lurae nmuhcr. of relatives and irlouds. IV Th* Bee wii? neyer mince words Como and see new stylo of jackets with silk cord* at I;, Rosenberg & Co'6. t S (I Whipple lo II II Jin-vis and J A Si ol,.—Sw'., of Ml 1 ,, of see In l I'.l r 17 W K tiiUinyhain lo Mrs. Alinte liean—si' of si'i : , of ue 1 ,' ntid '.10'j oi si-', nml tie 1 i til" Mioi sec l:i, t 1-1, r Hi ainl other binds 0000 A II and A Ileiin to W K UtUtiililiiim—:',. acres of land 111 lot tin yoloivo itiin- ch.) 6000 J fl cnitis nml .1 J Morrison to 1! !) Fox— I'nilividi-d i.jinleresl In lot in Ckiah City . . 10 » li y.ix to J J Moi'lisoi, and J I) f;>ivtJjt — I inlu ided '-tnleresi in lot in I'kt.-ih city . . " 10 .1 11 Curtis and .1 ,! .Morrison to II II Knx— l.ol ill CUiali Ciiy 10 A Yell in I. T Hay—IM ill l.'kitui City Vt .1 Nlnatll to .1 l.ioncc All bis nilliililed '..Interest in null to tt 1 ^ tn-t-es of bind itt bitVokayo Kan'cho 1075 II Wliitrninii lo J it and 1' O \\ liiteonili Hw'.:i of tie!; of iiu-'-i of sc' 4 of riv', of toe ^ nnd i.'lbcr biuds in t l.H, r 11 4000 Hans I'eleiBiill to It McLean- K'.J of nelj- of sec s and w! e of uwlV of aeo 9, t ft r 16 I .til Minliinvs .'iduir. of csi^le of 11 Sllva, deceased, lo II 11 Waldo—l.aud tidju- ceiit lo Kurt I'.rtiBi; 117 W n Wlilt* UiS I. Moore—hoi In Ukiah City * 10 00 J-' W Welle to .John Conway—l.nt 1, ne qr of nvv qr and u hf of tie qr ofsec ao, tp to, r IC itn.liiUinr lands 10 00 II M liaiilels to J 1) Hunt—Sw qrof no qr of sett a In I p It, i -oiil ol her lands.. (000 03 J W Hamilton in C W W'oortwoitli— S hf of ue or an I e hf nl so qr of sec8, tp 1,1, rH HI AO ItUiah bodae So. 171 lOOKto S Odell —No qr of lol 18 In blot k l of Odd Feb Iowa cemetery near I'kiah P R Klein to J II Uapp—H0 acres of laud lu lot 107 of Yoaaro lUuchc. 10 00 PA«iiilr:i 1'iiko lo 'I- Aticlutie- :.Lt nun;- Ukiah »u 00 C H Saunders- to W a MclCay-Sc- qr of aw c,r of sue 6 and ne qr of nw qr and w hf of uo qr of BOO 7, tp lb, r II 000 00 A 11 (Dlmpaon to W H Simpson-Lola .',3 auilsa nltUetowu ol Wuto publican, and at thaf| a recogni/.eil leader of my party? Neither decency nor honor would permit me to tlo so. "I do not know whether the charges I made against the Chairman oi the Hopnb- j liean National Committee aro true or j false, but I tlo know that they have been j . iiitle by journals of character ami stand- j ing, again and again, and I do know that j in the (aco of these charges .Matt Quay i has remained silent, ami has neither | sought nor attempted to seek an opportunity to vindicate himself of them. I do know that, as a Kepnblioati leader, he owed it to the great party at whose head he was, either to brand them as infamies or to prove their falsity, or ho owed it to that party to stand aside from its leadership. He has not'lone eilher and for this I denounce him. The Republican party can not afford to follow the load of a branded criminal. He has failed to justify himself, and though opportunity and ample time have been given him, he remains silent. His silence under such larcuinstances, is a confession of guilt. An honorhable man does not long delay when his honor is assailed. Ilo has delayed too long; to justify belief in his innocence, and ho stands a convicted criminal before the bar of public opinion. "Under such circumstances he should be driven from ;!te head of Ihe party whose very life his presence imperils. The Republican party has done enough for its pretended leader. Lot him be relegated lo the rear. It in no longer a c|tieslion of vindication, ll is now a question of the ihe of the party itself." Tho Iheckinridge case then went over anil the House adjourned. Sonoma's Tom. Does any body think that if Tom Geary is given a sent In Congress he will play tho insignificant part that Mr. F'oHavou has played while there? Ones anybody doubt that iie will at onen he- rec.ootti/.cd ! as one of the county's intellectual giants jand from the bogming, exert a far-reaching influence? IlooK any hotly wish to I keep onr ablest men out oi UIOBB positions ! in which they can do the nation the most j good? Gontle reader, pray seat your- I self in some quiet nook, and think it all ' over.— Ileuldiburg Enterprise. sons have been rendered homeless by the ] floods in Prague, and 10,000 in other dis- j tricts Hoy Wilkes paced a half mile • in 1 ailAi, the fastest time evur made. SI'NDAY , Soptombor 7. —The San Fran- i cisco papers devote nearly their entire j space to accounts of the preparations for I the Admission Day celebration, and but j little outside news is to he found.. .Choi- 1 era is again spreading in Spain.. ..Phyl-' loxera is making great ravages in thej vineyards of France.. . President Diaz is maturing a plan for materially reducing the Mexican army The damage by Hoods in Central Furupo is estimated at .^0,0.)0,00i).. . . An acadomy for Chinese has been opened at Kaleigh, North Carolina An epidemic has broken out among the children of Farts, and they are dying in large numbers. j MosnAY, September S.— Speaker Feed was elected to Congress from his Maine district by the largest majorily he ever received; the entire Slate ticket was; elected by tho Kcpuhliciins by increased I majorities A dastardly attempt was [ made to wreck a New York Central e.-:- ' press train; it was frustrated by a timely j discovery Since San Francisco has; put a stop to prize righting, New Orloaus • is looming up as tho Mecca of pugilists in this country.. . .The recount at Portland, Oregon, showed a population of tii,M2, again of 14,200. • •. An extensive forest, tire is raging in the vicinity of Grass Valley, this State Ex-Senator Chria- tiancy died at his homo in Lansing, Michigan . .. A fearful hurrieano visited Northern Italy; a number ot people were killed... .The State Fair at Sacramento was formally opened, but the attendance was very light, owing to Admission ] If you lind you arc going down hill In point of Day celebration in San* Francisco. (health- Falling stri-neiii, impaired digestion I and assimilation are Ihe murks of tie-line TI;KSI)AY , September 9—Another big I ciu-ek these and other Indication, of premature field uud forest fire has broken out in tho i decay with the great vitalize!- and iv>triiiniiig neighborhood of Crass Valley.. . .Cuba is ! u, " ic ' Ho»teuor-»si .. ln a .-li nite .r-s itegiunhig .. ... ,, ,;a'.lhe fountain head, the romuieU. the liiu .-vi anxious lor a reciprocity with the United j r( . mwH( ,, ,„„„„„.„„, „-„. r ,.,., s „: ...^"'..V, States . . . Pasadena has a 135,000 public I sola lu vigonm-iy „, ,-,o,-u. the dice tive m-tnn ,., c- i /\ , ,„\^ ! is thus enntiled lu tte.iuiougblv .eimriUe iioin library.. . .Salom, Oregon, has 2000 more : u,». food Ms iniiriiiu- prim-ipi,-, which ii" population under a recent count that it had bv the regular census.. . .Full returns Having purcliiisiHi of J. 10. $ci>o stock and fixtures known as GROCERY, we have removed to the corner of School and Stantllcy west corner of Public Square. With Ihe combined stocks, w e n o w o H e r 1 1 » t h o public t'ne Largest and Finest Collection of j;ins LDo entire the COPiXIOir that stanil, on Streets, norlh- ,'er in one store in Ukiah, awl invito the public to give us a call at our now quarters. We are prepared lo supply large ranches. c(,m- panies. etc., with goods at a remarkably low !ignrc. Country produce of all kinds bought and sold. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables received daily. Goods delivered free to all parts of the cilv from Maine show the largest Kepublicaii majority since lSti4. . .Strikers at Southampton, Eng., indulged in a riotous demonstration and troops had to ho called out. . .. Minister Slimier is accused of endeavoring to incite trouble between tluai- etuala and Mexico Aldrich's amendment to the tariff bill, empowering the the President to establish reciprocity with countries producing, sugars, molasses, teas, coffees or hides, has passed tho Senate. Treasuror 'B Mc-nflily atfttenietit, Following Is the report of County Treasurer Gibson for tho mouth cutting August :tl, lii',10-. is thus enabled lu tie. the food ils liitlrlilw prlncl blood assimilating. 1,- enriched. Thus Is tl sysrein unui-i-iu-il.iiml being ii-mi-elied strengthened, mid iibnoi mill wa-oe nl o ; I;-MI;-S May,;, Appetite, the power lo r.-vl well, a regular hitbli ai-e tliso re-established, and the various funel- ', y>Y YIU'ITF OI Inns moveomc more In their iniiaiel nnd luallli-| 1) . . - • ' fill groove. The IIIM-rs, imwvnvcc i» a upci-lilc s*ioit for tun', preventive of loahn-lal, rheu- ! t • lmtttMU, bllllnusces.-- and khlllev ll'oubies. SHERIFF'S SALE. Nollce of die Sale of KslaJC A. LEWLs A CO., I'tuinli,!'* DlUiW.V. !>>}• ...fioil. Illl FOR CONGRESS. A.V Kxi-:oi-nnx ri.'i- C'liLtrl ei il Jt . i . ., ....... ,. , ' l,k ', " f ''illil'nrliia, v A. ... A is -v I |..r,. nt His, „„,i , ; •! i efenii.-.n, upnu i, jtnioi,,,.,,, ri .„„.;.,;; ilny of He tiher, A. li l-sss foi'Vi,., coin, besides costs ai„! lot,-,-,.," - ' '"' levied uijtiu till the vtghi lin, " es.otsi.f.t.le-,,,,!,,,-,,;,;,,,', , r.rowu to lielntlov.-iimd.'se'i-ibed' ,:„"£ , ' Coinmeni'ini; ..a ihe eoun' llUll- elllilll llil-l | I Regular Democratic Nominee. Election November 1,181)0. Notice of Administrator's Sale. Aug. 1, istio—balance on hand lUaiEii'Ts. School Lands (principal)....* 760 oil S'.-iiool i.aniis (interest) liit) t'.'i Licenses 21tl 20 Shcrltrs fees tit) us Ucdmpt Certificates 101 fi7 i-'iues, Justice of tlio i'eaeo.. tto (10 Estate August Williams .... 36 15 Clerk's fees ... 71 fiO Hale Mitchell Sell Hist Dds.. 700 00 sjtiilo school money )!'JSJ '27 .» 115,0-17 20 Total. 10,2(6 02 HUii.JO-S 12 »tale School " — Cnan, Slate and ('ountv Itoad District Final .. indigent Finnt County GVneral l-'utid... General Road Fund School nivi S|ieelal 3ehou! Library Uuap Coutiiy school ... lledemptlou Tax County School Salary " . .. IUSIlCnSEMICNTS. a,30« oi W (.3 Ml) 77 Iu8 'JO H.S1VI 10 90 (10 Wl 20 !i.,!l 0^ 1 00 7 86 1,207 03 i,mi eo io,m no Ilalancn on htind Sept, (, 1W0 •• l<ll,W2 22 For Sale. A good stock ranch at a very low figure. Apply to J. H. Wonohoo, t'klnh, Cal.'i? I N T1IK RUPERIOK COCRT 'IF Til V. COL'X- IV of Mcnilotdlio. State of California. I utile matter of the estate of C. It. Art In.", deceased. Notice [< hereby given that in pur- swnnee ol mi oriU-r id the superior t'.ouit of Mendocino Cnttntv, Sin;..' of t":utO'ornin. nniilc on tltc llith of Atirii, tsii'.i. In the matter of llieestate of C. 11. Arthur, deceased. Hie iii.derslgiied. tiie Ailniiiusiriilor de Ijonts nr.n with ihe Will nn- nc.ved. nf the said esttiie, will sell at public iiuciiou. to tint highest bidder, lor cash, geld coin of tin: l.'nlteil .Slates, nu t subicet to ..-nntr- intuiou b.r aiiiit su pet lot uoiirt, on Sutunlay, Jhc -it-li tiny of Ortolitv, ISiio, At 'i o'clock i>. M.. in front of the door of tin- court House, lu t.'kinh Cltv. Mendocino county, Cab, llll Ihe rigid, nil,;, interest and eslnle -if the raid C. 11. Arthur lit the lime of his dentil, and all Ihc right, title uud Intercut Unit ihe 'aid estate lias Ity operation of law or otherwise acquired, other than or In addition to that of the mid o. K, Arthur at the lliao of Ids tlcnt!;, In and too nil Ihnl certain lot, piece m- parcel of land situate, tyim* and being In the said county of Meedo-.-Iuo, slate of Cullfoi'idii, and boundeil and described aa follow*, tuwll: VM uf SWU of Section Pi. T !'-' N, It 10 W, Jt II M. Teruirt a-id conditions of sale— cash, 10 per cent of the purchase price, In gnhl coin of (tie United State.; o'ciible on ilnv of the tr.te, hit'.. »nrc pnyaW.-: on i-oiilnuiiiiton of Ihc sale by the Judge of tills Court. Deed nt cxpenso of'pur­ chaser. Ukiah, September 2, ISM). . , , , a A. OVKHME'i"!!!,' AtPnlnlstratorde bonis non, with tlio Will an- r.civvi o! iiia eaiatc ol C. K. Arthur deceased. * 9BAWKI.L, Altornoyi lot Adui. of Mrs. ,1 •i .Main nl I ill 'l-s lot , pllle l on the limllu-nsl corner 1 ruiintug wesl ;',-IO fi.-et t nnrtl! two liiindi-cil aa'l inr.'.y leel, then, one hundred and llfly feet, thence south feet, thence east one hundred and inn tin south along the colony roiid to beginning, Al-"i bn eoiiimeui-oie ..t i! west corner ot II. Murks' lot nod Main thence east three hundred i.s", \.\ th,. iT.tid. thence south thirtv feet tn tltii-1 o; i llro\v.u. thence u.-st lint-.- hiitidr.--i fe:-t to vt street, thence north tbirlv feet to point gluutng, tog-jthei- witli all and hercdilaineiils and iippurlaneiiee thereto. Public notice is hereby given th .till. mil' l.e "Iglllnr [),, ]"-rl,.l„hn bet I will, oi, Tlic flh day of Qc ni !cr , is^, court house door oflc' onn •' ft Mead "V^ " . 'knili. sell „t , m h||,.. ,!. "\ '"!'.'';!«>'; .states gold coin, nlf Ihc i-b.|,, '• V.' , ' """'I Interest of said dcl'eiidm l r: 1 V. t) '" m • it dct'endnni and lo toe ;ihoc, r j (> , tiiercofa., tilnv- h L - «|, opcrly , lo Ihe hlchcsi anil best ladder bated this nth d,,ynfS -.l ..te,,,,,'.;', W0 Iherlir. Notice to Bridge lliiilders. QE-lLICl) 1'RIIPOSAI.S tl'll.l. HK liprFIVM, tainsiruetlnuofa on lii'i'sh Mi'^t "w, the same crossey, tlil, s ,„, i: ,., vk |.|,l, ,.n! received until 12 o'clock 'I'lifsilny, Sr|iicmber ISlli, m% Jl. W, rAKKEll,) b. T. DAY. J. L. 11UOWX, Coiuuilttfe.

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