The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 21, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1894
Page 9
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A Merry Christmas. A Happy New Year. It will eclipse anything ever known in the history of the clothing trade in Carroll county. REDUCTIONS IN BUSINESS AND DRESS SUITS. esr UNPflRf\LLELED Vf\bUBS. 'S SUITS. Men's Scotch Tweed Frock Suits. Splendid G^tO value at ..... CDlvJ Reduced to. ..... Ten styles in fine double breasted Scotch, black and blue Cheviots. Clay worsted suits. Suits for business or dress. Great (J| f n sellers A IA Holiday at..... V*v sale only worsted suits. (10,00 OVERGORTS Our line of fine Kerseys in all shades, Irish frize in double breasted Sack and Long Prince Charles, are immense. Learn our prices. They are beyond comparison. UNDERWEAR. See. our immense line of ribbed, fleece lined and double breasted natural wool. We save you 25 to 35 per PLUSH CAPS LARGE SELECTION LOW PRICES FREE TO OUR CUSTOMERS, The World's Fair album--310 finest photos. "A Trip Around the World," or Tennyson's Poems, a elegantly bound, «nd a souvenire fit to grace your parlor or library can be secured Solicit Your Inspection, Of the Famous Clothing • -^ ANPT-"— Merchant Tailoring House ' tti ANOTHER YEM '} DR, DOWNING Tola Skillful and Rollnble SPECIALIST — WILL VISIT CARROLL, IOWA, THURSDAY, JAN. 10, Burke 1 s Hotel XOas day only every month. OonanliHtlon fri«. He Curoa When Others Pall. ALL OaRONIC DISEASES Diseases of LUffffS and HEART 8TOMAOH and LIVER NERVOUS I>I$SASES DISEASES of WOMEN DISEASES of MEN OATARRff, ETC., ETC. • ailil MMUIIe A{r«4 Meu NHQJBP-Norvpua or 141 Wtfkknoaa, Loll X Power*, nralni, •H"U>s""ft«rn "of «rili iwwUlutf Irow Sttisrtul • MjBlyHI kvwiv)i>«v^ p "'J''^""T"** Vl«or. Peelfne of, llanly r w,.-., T , Bexuiil KilmuMlon, V»|B IB tbe Hsok. , (be woai fsdisnt Eeotf , nnder ~ r ~.. . , dsrlof marrisgo unhappy ana basloeia s fall- ursi swMptBs U»ou«»udi« loan untimely srava, 00 HI nit tbO TI Tn* 4*Vp»lrr 'A K'lTrcoT MCSJTOH ARANTBKO' Ooaealtutlonr li "s" De(u/« at« dkii|«rous. iC. Topao oonlflmplatlDg mar ****,*. ?lA h J!L*!S*A.!i'' twrt * d | <w 8. Attt«tWu, (iuatlco of the U9»M») Munokats, naiienwftldeWlty. after ep«n<lln« buu- «U»f. wivd a/tw othe «w, No ' o<w«« f* OPPOSITION IS STRONG. Many Democrats Oppose Carlisle's Currency Bill. LISTENED TO LABOR LEADERS. Chief! Artbnr unit Clark Before the Committee on Labor—Favor N«tlon»l Arbitration—Ilajrtl Befoul to P»r I»«rte—Bill to Open Abandoned Military Reservations—Wuhlncton Kewi, WASHINGTON, Deo. 20.—The debate on ,tbe currency bill continued uninterruptedly in the house Wednesday. Messrs, Johnson (Ind.) and Ellis (Ky.) opposed it and Mr. Warner (N. Y.) supported it. The speech of Mr. Elite WM of rather a sensational character and the applause it received from the free silver Democrate indicate plainly the unalterable opposition of the silver men of the house to the Carlisle plan. Mr. Bland, the silver leader, gave notice that he would offer bis free silver bill as a substitute (or the bill. An unexpectedly strong opposition to the Carlisle currency bill is disclosed by the list of those who have asked for tiine to speak on the measure. Two lists have been made, one from members of the banking committee who wish to be beard and the other for members not on the committee. The committee list shows the members divided in party lines, except Representative Ellis (Ky.), who has asked for time to speak against tho bill. The other list shows 14 members wbo will speak for tho bill and UO against it Of the »0 against it, IK are Democrats, Tlio list of speakers is as follows: For tho bill: McCreury, Pendleton (W. Va.), Uynura, Tablert, Berry, Lane, Biiekner, gales, Caruth, Tracer, Llv ingoloiu), Crreehivra, Coombs, Btookdale, Against the bill: Dinjtloy (Rep.), Bibley (De,ro.), Hondrioks (Dem.), Cookraa (Dem.), Bowers (Rep.), Bland (Dem.), Hatch (Dem.), Beltsboovw (Dem.). Oof- (Dem.), McLaurin (Dem,), Bryan (Diwi.), Daniels (Rep,), Weadook (Dem.), Powers (Rep.), 0. W. Stone (Rep.), 0. K. Bell (Dem,), Lacey (Rep.), Magnire (Dem.), Richardson (Doni., Mich.). Newland (Sllvorlte), Dolllver (Rep.), Simpson (Pop.), Ponce (Pop.), Boon (Pop,), Cooper (Dero., Tex.), Rnwlins (Dem.), Woman (Dem.), Nolll (Duui.), J, O. Bolt (Pop.) Little (Dem,). All of those for the bill are Democrats. Those against it are: Democrats, I8j Republicans, 7i Populists, «} Newlands, Silver, 1. LISTENED TO LABOR LEADERS, ObU(* Arthur »m» CUrfc Defer* MM HOIM* Couiiultto on tabor. WASHINGTON, Duo. 30.—An interesting session of the hoxwo committee on labor WM held Wednesday, Chief Arthur of too Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Chief Clark of tho Brother- bood of Railroad Coutluotors being Ue»rd on the question of the national «rbilr«< tlon of strikes, Laboi Cowrolsslonef Wright's bill lor * national committee of arbitration WM read, but as tbe measure Is not yet la bill form, Messrs. Arthur and Clark re* served their opinion on (bis nirtioulw bill uutll later. They represented thom. lelvos unauallfledly In favor of federal arbitration. Mr, Arthur Mid that bis oi'ganUsatiou would not even ohjoot to oomuulsgry ui'Wtvutluu. Mr, Olnrk's views were along the satuo lino of general aum'ovttl of arbitration. The chief agreud a>o that tbe plan of national in- opj'nlration of labor organizations, tho Individuals to bo subject to removal for violence or lawlessness, wa» desirable w long us tho individual* vow BO! wade liable few *lw «Qta o| tbe or- RICHARD W. THOMPSON. Kfaiuud W. Thompson, leoretary of the navy under President Hayw, b itfll •live ut the we of SB. He ho* penonalljr met every preaidtrat ol the United States except two. He recently published a book of reooUeottont that hat attracted considerable attention. Andertoo Brgm Speedy Aetlon. WASHINGTON, Deo. SHI.— E. Ellerjr Anderson, one of tho government directors of tbe Union Pacific, was beforo the bouse committee on Pacific railroads to urge speedy action on the settlement of the question, He pointed ont that a foreclosure suit would be begun against the Union Pacific in January, threaten' ing further complications. He expressed tho opinion that the Reilly bill for a refunding of the debt WM feasible, as tho roads oould raise tbe funds to pay off tho first mortgages, thus leaving the government with a flrst lien on tho roads. H*r*l BefMM la fur WASHINGTON, Deo, 80.— Representative Ovary (Cat,) bas introduoml a, bill for the submission to the court of tho controversy between the republic of Haytl and A. H. Laute. The latter secured a judgment against Haytl for f )7,« AOO, after submission to arbitration, but Hayti refused to pay tho award. Toe Ull empowers Hayti to present a ds- fense in tbe court of olalraa and in OSM Lucato is upheld tbe president is author- ised to collect tbe amount of tbe reward from Haytl, To OpM Military UmarvatliMs, WAftHUKnoH, Deo, W,— Senator Ps*- coe, from tbe committee on public lands, made a favorable report on the bill ox- fcmdtug tbe provisions of tho act of Aug. Sttlast to all abandoned military roser- vatlous which wore placed under tho control of the secretary of tbe interior prior to 1984. The effect of tbe proposed legislation would be to throw open to settlement tbe lands of all the old will' tary mewtlont not now occupied |y tbe government. _ IHf i* OlMJMNMMl Ml BotalUMW*. WASWWOTON, peo. W.— Uoorge R. Pavis, dlwctor gecerat of tUo World's fair, arrived! iu Washlngtoi) .as * meu)< bur of the western bowl of traUee endeavoring to secure the removal of the Gorman embargo on cattle ana meats. Mr. Puvi* in oppowd to retaliation aud U Uuvotiug bin euerglea to suaurlug vou< groatilouul ooUou on tlte ure»id.OAt'» nlou of reuoullug the dlwriutiuatiug dutyou Qwiixwy Uouuty paid sugafi, Turplv OiMuv<*t r>, Poo, tbe tUtt» of the mate We4»si4»y aaounied bv guaafflui OB |bj ^W(!Wj|ff^^ 99 T*'^ ? ^ HW ^' *^ ^WW anal bill. Mr. Turpie (Ind.), who baj beou spi-aklut; dully »inuo Monday, com* pletod his speech Hgalust the bill. Senntor Perkins (Oal.) favored tho building of the canal and pointed oat the benefits which bo thought would ncocaa froiu its coontruotlon. Stevenson has gone to Aslioville, N. C., and will probably not return till after tbe holidays. ClKVfllnnd iu « Hnntur. GEORGETOWN, S. C.. Deo. 80.—The president and his party spent another pleasant .and profitable day banting. When they returned at sundown Wednesday each had a substantial bag of game to show for his efforts. The president's health is gradually improving. Wluoor Take* AH th« Mo««y. PHILADELPHIA, Dec. ao.—Oeo. Dixon, the champion featherweight pugilist, and Young Q-rifto are matched to fight 23 rounds before the Seaside Athletic club, Coney Island, on Jan. 10, for 0 purse of fb.OUO, the winner to take all tbe money. Olren to the Jury. KANBAB CITY. Deo. ai.—The trial of President James O. Darragh of the wrecked Kansas City Safe Deposit and Savings bank, which has been on at Independence for the past two weeks; was given to tbe jury. Tho iioxt nou:'j will have 0 Populists, 104 Democrats r.u'l 84ft Republicans. _ ._ otM • Iraurtant _ Hover Vklli to KMton any Rair to ttf Vouthfttl Color. Cnni M*)P dlfnici k htlr «Oc.»n<l|L(IO«« - PUJCTOBACCO ululinii Uoeliloo. WASKIMOTOM, Deo. 90,— Several thousand pension claims will bo affected by a ruling which > was made by Assistant Becretsry of the Interior Reynolds. Ht ilonMed whan the oomintsslouor of pan- eicnihav satisfactory evidence tbat a \vtilow, who has been guilty of snob im- tuorul conduot as reaalts m refusal of her application ft toriulautiou 9f hot pc-.islon, any child or children of tho soldier iiiidor 10 yean of iitfo at the time, tho wii'.ow'a right to thu pousion tuny be grantoJ iu the BUIUQ mauuor as if tho widow's right bad terminated by doatb or rumnrriago. _ Sccrotiry Murtou'* Pinna. WASHINOTOM, Duo SO.— Soorutnry Morton will lenvo hero about Jan. 0 for a visit in Nubranka. He Is the president of DID Nubrsska State HUtorloal soo^ty and nt its mooting Jan. 10 will udilrooa thoeooiuty on "Pionour Populinta and their ftnano« In thatorritory of Kobrtuka in 183A, '00 and '87, togothor with tho ro- sultu, a parallel botwovn post aud present fallacies," TU« nooloty UM jual •doptud the name of "Troo Planters" to to tako tho pluoo of "Bug Eaton," aa boiuK more omblewatia of tho people of the state and is now endeavoring to bring about that wnpellation as too name for Nobrttsjta. _ I'roinot.d, Pea vO,~Tho oontlnuiKl u largo uuuibor of naval promotions. Auioug thu mo«t iiuuortaut aro: Coimwofloro R, W. Muad, tolw roar nJiiiirul; CQinuiuJoro Churk>s O, Carpenter, to bo rwar admiral) (Captain Uolwvt L, Pythian, to bo a iu tho uavy. _ Duo. »0.— Tho geuivte oomuilltoo ou foruigu rolntioiw ootistd- erod tliQ cawwurcial trcuty with Japan. U \YU» unanituov\«ly dooUlul to rupart the treaty to tlse seuato with tho report that U GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. EPPS'S COCOA BREAKFAST-SUPPER. k "By • thorough kuoif lodge or liia nutornl law* wtilon icovotn it a optjrtulons ot dittoatlou »n<l nutrition, nn<l i>y a careful application :of tbe floo pronortlei ot well-aeleotea Coeo», Mr. Epps baa provided for our und supper a dellnatel; flavoared berernga whloa mar «»»en« inniij ii-uvy d-wtura* bills it IB by ibB )ndtclous UUB of such Hrllolaa of diet Umt • conditottoo m»T b» ttttduHUr built np until (troiig enough to reilst every taudenoy (o disease, dundrad* ot lubtle malndle^ aro llOHllng around us ready to Rttack wherotor there l» H weak point. We may escape uiitny »fatnl i>liaft by tteeplug our- gelve* well (ortino.1 with imro blood und properly nonrlihed friimo."—Civil Service tiazecto. Mkdo ilmp'.l with boiling water and milk. Enid only in tmlf-iiound tin*, by grocers, labeled tliua: J VMEs KHi'S * CO., Ltd., Uouiojopatlilo ClieiuUbi, Londou, K ^ " INDIGESTION OI2 Z*NC SS 1 HUPTIONS ON THE SKIN B L A u 11 r i E s - ' v C u M P i c < *. SHILOH'S CURE. TOU. Consumers of diewiiylokacco vAo arewillingto paij a little more ib tfie price ckagi for tfie ordinanj trade tohccos. will find this Irfand superior ball otfiera- BEWARE OriMITATlONS. LISTEN EVERYBODY! 1 am now prepared to do all kinds of bluokamlthiug, horse shoeing, plow work aud general repairing. Wf\OON Mf\KER A first class workman iu wood U employed In the same build. ing, and we are prepared to do all ntylea 01 wagon aud carriage work aud repairing. US A CALL. JERRY LUCY, Proprietor, Shop opposite mill, formerly occwpiod by Frod Franzwa. TTTr> M 4-Q/A ^ MAN iu evury W MiibUU kjouot imoa to wll J arimma uuuuiwusur;; bast slilo Uuo. 76.00 a month, tiniary and expenwo or )Br«u i-ouiiuieaiou tuudo. AWresa ,.i»U ft two wu* stoiou for WMtl«d uartlau- Ian, OlWtou Soap and M«ua(»otutiug -i ,'*

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