The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 21, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1894
Page 8
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ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Bilppert At Moore's. Slippers, Slippers at Moore's. Slippers, Slippers, Slippers at Moore's. Holiday Slippers at Moore's shoe store. Turkeys, geese, ducks, etc., nt Kanne & Zerwns'. If you Want shoos nicely repaired take them to Moore's, The El Qemelo, best 5c cigar in town fer sale at the Hub. The proprietors of Music hall have re- Christened the hall Opera house. Remember we make onr own oandiei. Always fresh. Perrine £ Nestle, Buy your groceries ot Bchachtner & Egan and get a sack of flour free. The farmers' Institute was more largely attended than any eyer held in our city. Frank Meyers, of Templeton, was among the pleasant callers nt this office today. The very best to be hod iti fruits, nuts and nick miobs yon will find nt Ferriue & Neatle's. Mann's coush cure Is a guaranteed medicine to cure all conglis imd colds. For sale at the Palace drug store. J. J. McMahon attended the entertainment given by tho public schools of Arcadia last evening. Mrs. G. L. Sherman left Wednesday for a visit with her parents nt Cincinnati until after the holidays. A'marriage license was issued Wednesday to C. L. Van Patton and Miss Anna M. Bhoop, both of Manning. An unusual interest was manifested by 'the farmers in discusssing every question that is of interest to the farm. For rent,—two dwelling houses, one located on north side and the other on the south side. Geo.'W. Bowen. Dyspepsia seldom causes death, but permit* It* victim* to live on in misery. Hood's Sarsa- pullla cure* dyspepsia and all stomach troubles. South Side school had a dinner yeater- day served at the school building. This school entertained the class that was under Mr. Lisk last year. Geo. Beirink, of Mt. Carmel, was doing business in Carroll and dropped into this office yesterday. The meeting of the Round Table literary circle will be postponed till after the holidays. By order.of president. Rumor has it that a new time card will go into effect and some important changes will be made on the main line. H. T. Daniels says his trade is increasing so rapidly that he will soon have to put on another delivery wagon. Note Schachtner & Egan's ad. They Will sell you 13 pounds of Christmas pounds assorted nuts for Jiadles if you wish to get the gentlemen Xmai presents get something useful You will find a nice line of slippers at Moore's. The folk*; are as good as the people and Merchant will sell you choice Japan tea for 22 cents a pound and 5 pounds for fl.OO. Call for genuine Boone lower vein lump, Indiana block, Hocking Valley lump, free burning Anthracite coal, all sizes, at O. Joyce's. J. B. Sage, director of the weather bureau at Dei Moincs, was in our city feiterday and delivered a lecture before the farmen' institute. J. R. Whitney will travel during the winter fqr Morse & Co., shoe firm of Omaha, and will undoubtedly prove a valuable salesman. The people of tbe young folks societies gave a supper Wednesday for the benefit of the poor of our city. The proceed* were about |21. Turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbit* and quail for Christmas, in any quantity and delivered to any place ID the city, at Belter's meat market. Knight is Nlokell, professional magi- clans, have secured the Opera house (formerly Music ball) for au entertainment to be given Christmas night. Hann't allKator medicine I* the mo»t penetrating llntuent Inuw and therefore will givG loitant relief where atu external remedy in BWJQd. for gale at tlio Palace drug store, 3, D. Schmidt, proprietor of the "North Star," has a number of genuine imported Oanary birds for sale. If you want one of these sweet singers call at the "North Star," Pickle*, sweet and sour, pickled hocks and pigs' feet, mince meat, chow chow, sauer kraut and all kinds of moat and poultry for your Christmas Ulnuor, at Kannu & Zerwas'. For rheumatism I have found nothing equal toChamberlalu'H palu bulm. It relieves the pain as soon as applied. J. W. Young, JPest Liberty, W. Va. The prompt relief it affords Is ulono worth many times tbo cost, 60 cents. Us continued use will effect a permanent cure, Fer •tie by J. )F. Uattou, druggist. A young wan from u neighboringtowi: in this county oomo to thu city Wednesday and got gloriously full. Thu marshal took him In charge uud allowed him to spend the night in tho quay. Tho next morplog be wa» conducted before tho mayor. Not having tbo funds to sottlo be left All watch as security. The modern mother h»s found that h little, onea are Improved wore by tho uloau- ant laxative, Byrup of Figs, whou in uouu 9f the laxative ettuot of a gentle remedy than by any other, aud that It la more BO •eutablo to them. Children oujoy it auU It benefits theiu, The ti ue remedy, Byrup Of Flge, to UiauufacturoU by the Cantor- LIGHT WEIGHT OWEN ZIEGLEB. oming light weight pugilist of America seems to be Owen Zicgler. of Phila- Zveglor is the young_ boxer who recently worsted Jack McAuliffe, light The com! 1 delphia. Ziej, „ ....... weight champion of the world, in a ten round bout. ing officers were elected: K. B. Woodring, W. M.;H. H. Nolen, J. W.; Jas. Thompson, secretary; L. T. Anderson, treasurer; E. M. Parsons, N. Beiter and Wm. Trowbridge trustees. After the election of officers the lodge adjourned to the supper room in charge of the young people and en joyed a very mood meal. Any one who has children will rejoice withL.B. Mulford, of Plainfield, N. J. His little boy, five years of age, was sick with croup. For two days and nights he tried various remedies recommended by friends and neighbors. lie • says: "I thought sure 1 would Jests him. I had seen Chamberlain's cough remedy advertised and thought I would try it as a last hope and am happy to say that after two doses he slept until morning. 1 gave it to him next day and a cure was effected. I keep this remedy in the house now and as soon as any of my children show signs of croup I give U to them and that is the last of it." 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by J. W, Hatton, druggist. AFFIRMED. Special to the Sentinel. DUB MOINES, IA., Deo. 20—The supreme court banded down a decision in he oasa ot the First National Bftnk of Manning, appellant, vs. Frank Farne- mann affirmative—oou.rt adjourned to- officials as fair that one tnan should pay an income tax on part of the salary drawn by another, nntl yet if such an amount were drawn Si), 900 by one and $4,100 by another man by holding the latter responsible for tho income tax on the salary he draws on the excess over the $4,000 the government would ' re- ceivo ouly 2 per cent on §100. Was this idea contemplated by the law? Tho same principle applies to all cases of salaries received by United States officials, members of the cabinet, senators and members of congress and others who receive a salary in excess of $4,000.— Washington Post. Bow to Preserve Old Manuscripts. The paper or document, after being cleaned or brushed, is washed on both Bides with a transparent adhesive solution. Sheets of imported white silk of the most delicate fabric, large enough) to give an ample margin or border to surround tho document to be preserved, are then placed on each side'of the record and pressed. Tho pressure causes the silk to adhere closely to the document, which is then treated to a coating of paraffin for the purpose of bringing out and making more legible the writing thereon. This process seals the document permanently from any danger of disintegration or fading of the ink, and also is a proteotiou against insects or mice, which might prey upon the an- lent records. Oatarrb Cannot be Cured with local application*, a* they cannot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh I* a blood or constitutional disease, and In order to cure It yon must take Internal remedies. Hall'* Catarrh lure is taken internally, and act* directly on tbe blood and mucous surfaces. Hall'* Catarrh CUM I* not a quack medicine. It was prescribed by one of to* best physician* In tbii country for year*, and I* a regular proscription. It I* composed of tbe belt tonic* known, combined with the be*t purifier*, acting directly on tbe mucous lurtaoe*. Tbe perfect combination of tbe two lugradlents IB what produce* such won-, derful ie*ult* In curing catarrh. Send for ws- tlmonlal*, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Prop*., Toledo, 0. Sold by druggists, price 76o. At Ml* wnnal meeting of Bigoct lodge, A, ?, Md A. *,, W«dnwfl8Y the follow- This warm weather may be bard on tbe merchants, it may be that a great deal of heavy good* will not be sold, but it u a blessing to tbe many poor, who are not alone on saving a good deal in coal, but who can buy clothing mm before beard of in the history of tbe clothing trade. We are happy to announce that M. Simon, oar popular clothier, has oome to a conclusion rather thsn oairy anything Over, be will from today until Jan. 1, sell all bia goods regardless ot cost. See his ad. NOTICE. All parties Indebted to us please call aud settle before January 1, 1805. " BAILBY it HOLLAUD. NOTION. Notice is. hereby given that all persona emptying their ashes so they will fill tbe gutters an liable to a One as provided by ordinance. Hereafter you will please scatter them near center of tbe atreat when you nave no other place to empty them and save t rouble. E. M. PABBOHB, Mat OB. AN INCOME TAX CONUNDRUM. A Knotty Question Under Discussion by tlto Treasury Deportment Official*. A very knotty question has orison in the preparation of tho iuoomo tux regulations now uudor consideration by Sea rotary Carlisle uud Commissioner Mil lor, It is at what point in tbo salary o: United States official the income tax should be collected. Government dis bunting officers uro bold responsible for the collection of tbo iuoomo tax on sal ariqs paid out by them. Does tbo law contemplate taxing tbe salary per no or tho person who receives it? Ouly salaries obovo $4,000 are taxa bio. A case bos boon put where if the salary is, say, |8,000 per year, and tho drawer of it dies after six months, th< government receives no income from i unless tbe disbursing officer takes ou tho tax pro rata monthly. At this poin tho difficulty is encountered that tbe drawer of tho salary bos wot received over |4,000, and therefore no income tax bos accrued. If tbe drawer of mi f 8,000 salary die* or resigns after re ooiving slightly low than half of th yearly salary, should tbo new appointee pay on income tax out of his little wore than half of tho 18,000 or ouly ou wba H0 fjtmitfjflif d*?i|w0? It dctop uot ieaujjtojfcrUw the trejgwy A National Hotel Exhibition. Amsterdam will have next year au nteruational exhibition of hotel ar- angements and accomodations for trav- lers. Among the features of the exhi- ition will be an "electric restaurant," without waiters, in which visitors will served automatically with a com- ilete dinner on pressing am electric but- on. Tbe smoke of burning tobacco con- ains niootia, nicotianine, salts of am- lonia, hydrocyanic acid, sulphurated ydrogen, three or four volatile acids, henol, creosote and several other sub- tancea Tour pain* would go, and a ruddy glow . Your cheeks would know, If you would take, (a note please make), for health's dear sake, Tbe remedy that did for me C3F-'W Such wonders great, r—~i I beg to *tat£ W/*5it K hat Dr. Fierce'* Favorite Prescription I* the one thing that can and doe* cure tbe derangement* of tbe female eystem. It 1* woman's :reat regulator. If every woman who gutters rom diseases peculiar to bar sex knew of It* wonderful curative properties', a choru* ot re- olclng would be heard throughout tbe length and breadth of tbe land, singing Its praUe*. F o nursing motber* and debilitated "run-down women generally, it Is tbe greatest restorative onto and soothing nervine known. Kor those about to become mothers it I* Indeed a prioeles* toon. It lessen* tbe pain* and peril* of child birth, shortens parturition, promote* tbe Men Ion of an abundance of nourishment for tbe child and shorten* the period of confinement The cl$} : or V»i|mral*o, Ind., has brought suit against ex-Treasurer Schwarzkopf and his bondsmen for the recovery of $20,000, Poor Digestion « Leads to nervousness, tfetfulness, teevlshhess, chronic dyspepsia and gteftt misery. Mood'* sattupatlllais the remedy n tones the stomach, create* an appetite, and Rive* a rellth to food. It mokei pure blood and give* healthy action to all the organs of the body. Take Hood'* for Hood's Batsaparlllacures. Hood's Fill* become* the favorite catarttc with every one who trie* them. 25c. Dr. Oscar O. Casa, a millionaire, died at Denver, aged T3 years. He went to Colorado in 1800, and there laid the foundation of his great fortune by buying gold OLD PEOPLE. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the true remedy la Electric Bitter*. This medicine doe* not stimulate and contains no whisky or other Intoxicants, but acts as a tonic and alterative. It acts mildly on the stomach and bowels, adding strength and giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding nature to the performance ot the functions, Electric Bitters Is an excellent appetizer and aid* digestion. Old people find It Justex- ao tly what they need. Price fifty cents per bottle at J. W. Helton's drug store. THE ST. LOUIS REPUBLIC FREE. SPECIAL OFFER TO HEADERS OF THIS PAPER. A GREAT METKOPOLIT^jtf PAPER. IS INDISPENSABLE NOW. The "Twice-a-week" St. Louis Republic will he sent free fer one year to any person sending, before January 81, 1895, a club of three new yearly subscribers, with $8 to pay for the same. Already the clans are gathering tor the fray in 1886. and 1895 will be full of Interesting eyents. The skirmish lines will thrown put, the tnaneuerlng done [and the plans of campaign arranged for th great contest In '96. The remaining short session of tbe Democratic congress, to .he followed shortly by a Republican congress with a Democrat in tbe presidential productive of events of incalculable ir terest. , In fact, more political history will be constructed during 1895 than in any year since the foundation of the government, and a man without a newspaper will be like a useless lump in the movements of public opinion. You can got three new subscribers for The Republic by a few minutes' effort. Remember in The Republic subscribers get a paper twice-a-week for the price of a Weekly—only $1.00 a year. Try it at once, and see how easily it can be done. If you wish a package of sample copies, write for them. Cut out this advertisement and send with your order. Address The St. LouislRepublic, St. Louis, Mo. Reduced Bates to Des Moineer On account of the Annual Meeting of the Iowa State Teachers' Association, at Des Molnes, December 26th to 28th, the Northwestern Line will soil tickets at reduced rates. For full information apply to Agents of the Chicago & Northwestern Rallwiy. CALIFORNIA.- Farmer's paradlte, delightful climate, no crop failure*. For general farming, dairying and fruit raising can't be excelled. • 80,000 acre* Irrigated land* at Bakenfteld, Kern county, for sale. low price*, eisy term*. Write W. B. HOMAN, Omaba, Nebraska. 84-4 Notice of Expiration of Right of Redemption from Tax sale. To J. C. Martin: You are hereby notified that on the 7th day of December, A. D. 1891, tbe treasurer of the county ot Carroll and state of Iowa, cold the following described real estate, situated In the county of Carroll and state of Iowa, towlt: The Routb bait ot lot three In block four, In Gardner's addition to town of Manning, Iowa, for tbe taxes than delinquent upon the above described real estate. That at said sale tbe treasurer atoreaald sold tbe real estate above de- •crlbed to B. A. Smith and Issued to the said H, A. Smith a certificate of purchase for tbe tame. You are further notified that H. B. Russell 1* tbe prevent owner and lawful bolder of *ald certificate of purchase; and that tbe right of re- demptlon from said sale will expire, end a deed for said real estate be made and executed by tbe treasurer of said county, unlesiredemptlon from such tale be made within ninety day* from tbe completed service of this notice. 34-St H. K. BUBB1LL. Owner and lawful bolder of certificate ot S INft twelve cents In postage itftmba to 86 Cof • corah Bntldihg, Washington, D, C., and yon Will receive four copies of KATfi PlKLO's WASH- «oTo»i containing matter of ipeelll Interest, Wive tuimeand addfew, and sty where you sM this advertisement. AMKOSf A NCW VORK That Democratic wonder* the New York Weekly World, hng jnst changed ita weekly into a twioe-a-week paper, nod you can now get the two papers a week for tbe same old price—$1 a year, Think ot itl The news from New York right at yonr door fresh every three days—104 papers n year, NoilcM (to The tegular attnaul Meeting of the stockholders of the Plttt National Bank ot Ofttf oil, lows, will to held at the bank* ing rooms ou Toesday, Jnunory 8,1895, betneett the board of 10 o. to, hnd 2 o'clock p. m. of nfttd day, tor the election ot directors and tot the transaction of suoli other business as may properly b* submitted. Onfroll, IB., Deo. 8,1894. 1.8 0. lj. WAOTMIS, Cashier, f IMES ARE IMPROVING This is tbe beginning of our Tenth year in the grocery trade in Carroll. WE ARE STILL IN THE RING AND ABE HEBE TO STAY W 1 _ will let our friends and patrons judge of our popularity, and we wish to extend to them our sincere thanks for their liberal patronage during the past nine years and ask for a continuance of the same, which we will try to merit by fair dealing and liberal prices. We have the largest stock of groceries ever brought to Carroll. They were bought at the lowest prices. We intend to give our customers part of the benefit. # Look at Qur Prices. X!* We Always Lead, Never Follow. Colorado Potatoes, per bushel $ 80 ' TWENTY pounds Granulated Sugar 1 00 Best Minnesota Patent Flour, per sack 1 00 Best Kansas Patent Flour, per sack 90 NINE cans Baltimore Peaches , 1 00 EIGHT " Red Cherries 1 00 SEVEN " Best California Apricots 1 00 SEVEN '" Egg Plums ....100 ELEVEN" Gooseberries .100 TEN " Blueberries .................100 TEN " Strawberries ..MOO SEVEN " Green Gages 100 Bost Lemon Cling Peaches, per can ...... .... 18 Best Bartlett Pears, per can. 18 Queen Olives, per quart ' 30 We are Agents for Chase & Sanborn's Celebrated Coffees. WE solicit your trade and will sell you what you want at prices that will defy competition. Our canned: goods are the best standard packed goods inthemarket.. Give us a trial and you will come again. ISFwe want £ 6ur trade and with liberal prices and fair j dealing we ope to obtain it Yours truly, E. N. MERCHANT. Tumora. i Fibroid, Ovarian and other tumor*, cured without resort to surgery. Send 10 cents In •tamps for book. Address, World'* * iedical Association, Buffalo, N. Y. Buoklon'a Armoa Balya Tbebett *»|T* In the world for Cut*, BnUm, bor«i, Ulcer*. H»itBbean, f«ver 8or**,T«U«r, Ohtppad iUucU, Chilblain*, Qorn* and •)> <Urt> Eruption*, »nd poiltlvely cure* PUM or »o p»y roiutrfd. It I* fUBrtnlod to girt p*rt*ol i»Utf ftotton or money refunded, Prlo« N ***** der box, r or lule b J. W. H lit Ion, •TAKE NO OTHER. It i* the BEST. There i* nothing JUST A« OOOU. LTOWIQ GREAT . HOLIDfVY BfVROfMNS "* 1 When buying Christmas presents, why not buy something useful, something that will help to furnish a home, something that will be both useful and ornamental, something that will make your wife, husband, father, mother, sister, brother, or sweetheart happy on Christmas day and add to their comfort ever after(?) Parlor Suits, $35 tO $100 Bedroom Suits, 14 " 80 Book Cases, g and upward. j^-Full line of Hobby Horses, Cradles and Shoo Plies. Rockers, $ ,86tO$SO Mattresses, 2.60 " 20 Best Carpet o QQ and upwU Sweepers, ^'VW • KiTWe are making a special run on sweepers and now is the time to secure a bargain. In all we have the finest and cheapest line of FURNITURE ever shown in Carroll, Best of material and workmanship at the lowest prices. Main St.* Op. Court House, BOOS & LiTJGHLIN

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