Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 12, 1890 · Page 1
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1890
Page 1
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£3>0> CM W1I.I, PAY l'Oll TIIK Dispatch- Democrat VKTIL JAN. 1. 1821, Subscribe ftlow ! WILI- PAY FOR THE Dispatch- Democrat ira an, i, mi, # Subscribe Now! VOLUMK XXL. URIAH CITY. MKNDOCIXO COILNTY. CAL. Villi)AY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 12. 1890. XILMKEK 50 DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. PUBLISHED 2VEBY TKIDAY, VKIAIl, - • • .VK.VPOO/.VO CO., CM... By JNO. BUCKINGHAM, suiiscuiiTioN K ATES: One Year Pl:< Months .. lhrec Months *2 50 . 1 2.'' — A.VC- F. BRUNNER'S Well stocked 1 Inch '2 inches 5 fnolu's 4 .nfihi"* 6 inches A InflhfcK 7 Inches 8 inches 0 Inches 10 Inches 3nr-h:i.f column. One column Monthly. Yearly. ! SO 412 00 J ESTABLISHMENT is on o uo oo . li 'J.'i SO (» 7 -i', :ui oo a oo s'.i oo . H Tr'i '13 «l . II tiO 48 00 . io '.>r. r.4 oo . 11 00 CO 00 n r.o BO oo .in la) oo Throe months wmie rate us for one year. Two Mlonrhn l*.j time* one month. Less Jirmr >ilic month $1 per Inch for first insertion, M) i-t<nt« per inch for oui'li pulisc<|iieut insertion Lt'etil advertlxi'mi'iits t\ per inch Jnr each liisortlnn. ^inK'Uhvl pnsliiim i't j .Mil, extra. Thy illlOVL' nre net fliruros. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. | ./. WHITE, \ IlUtriol Attorney mill Attorney ill I Cklali Oil>. Mendocino Co., Cal. j Ow-HT~In Court Utilise. I Will practice In all Slnle unci Perioral Courts. 1-lltt The Largest Assortment ol BillMcr's Hardware, Mechanic's Tools, MuunN, Hunt'* ivnrt HunV* Axes, Harvey Hence Hand ami X Saws, l'runtn^ Tools, The Imperial Plow, iltf«t /'/oil' in the World.) — A I.SO— The Pucltcyc Comblncl Harrow and Seeder, The Huekeye Vimm, The Buckeye Wind Motor, Tin* Uculue, Ueiieii & Co. Swporinr Stoves tuul Kiimjes, The Adams & West hike Monarch GaH- nUiic Kim^ca, ami a ImiMlri*! nml ouv UtlnifN uriiniiiciiiHl and UHW C II I, AT LOWEST RATES. THE' ./. .1/. .1//1 .V.VO.V, Attorney ami t oiuoti'loe nt I.nw. CUiah, Mendocino County, Cal. Will practice In all Court') of this suite. OrKK'li-In Mnsonic Mull building, corner r School nml I'crlilns Slr.'i't.-'. 1-ltf. ^SillO ^v ^FKEoSTABim I t>|i|H)Sllf> tlir (JTHIld IlotPl, I State Street, - • Ukiah, Cal. ./. .1. i-iiiirK!.; Attorney n»ul i'ounselm* al*. I"klull city, t-nl. O ITICE—In Oilcl Fellow' Bnil Iin3. Will promptly r.tlcn.! to nil tmslness iiitrnstc *o lils euro In nil.v of the Court" of this St tite. 11-1 Yl'.l.I. A .s'K.I WELL. Altoriiey* mtri Counselors nt I.nw'. 1'khih City, Mendocino Co., Cal. Orrti'E—In NVw Law loilhlinii. west of Court ilmiso. Will practice hi nil Courts of this Stale. (1-Ttf. 7'. /.. VA ROTHEIIS, Attorney iin<l"t'oiniNelor at l.nii', Ukiah City, California. Olflcc In New Law Building, west of Court House, Practices In all State and Federal Courts. 14-ltf SMITH & HILL, Proprietor. np~ r;ood Turnouts for hire— Donhl? and Sinjile U JUIIH, una Saddle Horses. The best of eareirJv.M! to irausient stoc]:. Teams furnished with or u IthoMt'lrlvers. Your put routine Is so- licilet.l, and saii^iuction ^uanuitod, 9-7tf. 1>. K. SANFOHP. J. M. SAN'FOUD. NEW SHOP NEW PRICES m WILL m E: msm. K. C. POAtiE, Attorney HI f.nff, Uklnh City, Cnl. Sncciel attcntloi: pahl to I'rotuite huslness. Will iiracticc in till the Courts. JA.VKS K. PE.V1IEKT0.\; Attorney nml Counselor nt I.nw. LBUslnt?St., Mendocino City. Will practice In ull the Courts of thl« State. l-7tr. j. K. CUAMHM:.?, Atttkrney nml CoiiiiMeli>r al l»itw, Coyclo, Mendocino Co., Cnl. Practices In all the Courts of this State. For Best Meats and at Lowest Prices don't fail to call on SANFORD 6L SON, Opposite the Post-Office. SMe Street, - - Ukiah City. I.. EDWARDS. B. EDWARDS. EDWARDS BROS'. Meat Market, i t kiah, gal. II - . jV. MOORE, M. lh, Physician and Surgeon, Vkinu City, Cal. . "Office at'residence on rerltlns Street, one block west of Court House. J. I.. 1IOXIK -V. /)., FliyMlelim ami .Snr^voie, t'klnh City, Cal. O FFICE—On west side of Court House, »iu n,'K<!r's blill'liu^. OEO. II'. STOUT, .V. IK, I'liyNirlan a 11 «l Nn r Ken ii, Ukluli City, Cnl. O FFICE—At Uklah Hotel. l'J-2Itf. /. ir. jirnso.v, if. i>. Physician and Surgeon, Uklnh, Cal. Oftlce: JCrtrtluvest cor. Stiiudtey and Behool sts. Rooms at A. O. Carpenter's, State st. •M'.'tf W'e wish to Inform the public tlint we have opened a meat market in the bnlUtintf recently uceiipled by It. Marks ik Co, where we will continually kee). on hand the very choicest meats to be found in the market. Meat delivered free to all parts of the city. Remember we are here to stay. | EDWARDS BROS. I H. 11. SMITH. R. E. DONOIIOE. Smith & Donohoe ;.Siif;0C8sors to D IHICHU & Smith.) Searchers of Records, Office, with Comny Assej-sor, IJH1.1II !!ITV, - • CUtlFORXIA JMBr^*Ahstracts made andCoiiveyancintr Pone. I Agents for Fire Assotdatlnn of Philadelphia, lie fur by permission to: Unbt. MeOarvev, Pu- perloc Jvid^e; S. I>. I'axton, County Clerk; Thos. L, Ourotueis, It, A. I'eKi^dy, Kdltm of nii*iMT*.'H, I'J-Tti. a. T. MASOX, M. J). PhyNloiniif NiirK-tmu mill (li.viuM'OlotflMt, San Francisco. Cal. Telephone >io, .'Mis. 6J0 Hayes Street. Makes a .specialty of Disensos of Females and all diseases of the Stomach and Digestive Organs IP. U. HOGSHEAD, IK lh S. Uklah City, Mendocino Co., Cal. O FFICE—West of Ext.ress OtUco. Gas ndmhi- Uiered. 10-21 tf. Abstract •:• Bureau! And Land Title Office, School St., art}. Christian Church, UKIAH, CAL. w.v. .v. rr.EUv, Real Estate Agent, Conveyancer and Searcher of Records, Ukifth, C H I. Office with County Clerk. All business eutrimtcd to my euro attended to promptly. 'l-.Mf. Solo proprietors of Durfeo's Self-Correct- im; System of dcduelnir Laud Titles. Only com ! plcte abstracts of Mendocino Cotiuty. i Searchers of Records, Insurance and Loan Agents. Q. A. OVEIOIFA'EU, timMntilc nml Collector Uklnli City, Cal. O PPICB—Opposite D1RPATI.1I omcc. Prompt attention given to all business entrusted to mycivre. F. M. .VASOX, Architect and Builder, Uklnb City, Cul, Plans. SueclflCiitloiis and Estimates made to order. \V1H contraut for all kinds of buildings, to furnish materia!, or o'lierwlae. Satisfaction tfiiaresteed. P-?2!f. FOR SALE! i A AND M ACRB TRACTS OF RICH BOTI \1 toin land for sale in Little Luke Valley. Bubdlviiiloun of Hie U. L. Norton HOME RANCH. Riuv terms. Apply to II. H. MUIR, winin, or HVL. HORTON. IVcal. St., S. 1'., Cnl. Pi ANOS Only New Pel lulu fl*i"»' S-'.Ml. aott up, wtMii, iVIIveru'l. li.ix';J fm',,iu ls,a li oarsatt tlaklaud wllH K1*"l pti> ^ 1 I 1 " 1 W "B rw)»'l|,' oiiirluu. Fully wwntiU'it. riiiv.|w»l I 'IWIU iieij»et,i f. n. A. B-*acaii |0.>Miiiil. C »l.^ SURVETOBnCTOOTB SPECIALTIES RICE * BALTZELL, l-2Ctf. I'rnprlfltors. Appledale Nursery, Scott's Vallc}, Luke Co„ Cal. gB~ Oilers for the ICKBOU of 18S9 uchotce lot of TREES, At rsasonablo pilccs. Fruit Growers and othem dasiritifr trees are Invited to CH II uud lunpect them at t ho Nursery, or send for prlcolist. All HtockKUiintnteeil to be free Iraua l»s«e(» and dUeane. Address E. P.WBAY, Lukeport, Cal. . li -aoti A WEAK MAN Cnu now cure himself of the d*piot»hl« mult* of early nbnw, and uerleelly ronlara his viKur anil vitality by the fireat Australian Hciimly. The i'eiiiHrlniMeeiire »of hoi.elets .•inch of Nnrvnm neblllly and r»rl*nle 4'f»ii|ilaliitM are everywhore starapinr; o^t quackery. The Medicine, a physician's gift to uulllsrliiu huuiuiilty, will be Mist tr<* to those ulMletol. Addrens, Or. M. B. TAYLOR. i.'i too MatkcA BU ««I, Sat muoUvo J. R. MATHEWS' CITY PHARMACY! North Side of Court 7Io New Goods Latest Styles!! Stanclley St., Ukiah, Cal. FINE DRUG1S AND MEDICINES, Choice Perfumeries. Fine - Toilet - Articles! Pure Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Preparations. Patent Medicines, Cigars, Etc. -) ICE-COLD SODA WATER.(— PlllixiS Prosoriptioua ft JHIl300i«lty. Hew Hoods! finest Quality! Low Prices! MERCHANT TAILOR School Street, Ukiah. H AS A LAUGK AND HEI.ECTSTOCK OF THK fittest JKKH R both foreign and dome.Htfe, whieh l\v will niftke up «t bedrock prices. A Goon P IT GP AKANTKKD. tlive liiiu an enrlv cull, make your selections, and secure u werfeti lit, whereby you will be presentable n! all times. il-L'fitf. CIIALF^T & mmmrn hiHte Slreei, 1 Kfnli, Have the la reed and best stock of - Tailor! WISHES TO ANNOUNCE That he has just laid in a Fine Stock of FALL ^ ¥7INTES GOODS, Of tiie very latest Styles. ^C^^TIiose Goods coin prise the Choicest Materials, both Foreign and Domestic, Finest Designs in Pants Patterns EVER BROUGHT TO UKIAH. FASHIONABLE' SUITS nuKlnenn W HS Bad. Two peddlers met bye. nine Btory tenement houise In New York. "How is business, AnrotiP" "Very good, indeed. And liow is it with your" "Judge for yourself. ThiH pack weighs a hundred pounds. A woman just culled me from the top story of that tenement. 1 managed to get uy, and found her with a baby in her arms. When she saw me she said to the interesting infant: 'There he is now, so if you're not Rood he'll curry you away in his puck.' She didn't buy anything, but 1 was sold, littsiiiess, Aaron, is very bad indeed."—Philadelphia Times. Nat So Very Chilly. PERFECT At the Must Keasohalile Prices. : PIT :-: GUARANTEED, State Street, Ukiah, Cal, 5 Furniture and Carpet EVKR UROCCMIT TO MENDOCINO CO. Everthing appertaining to a first- class furniture establishment constant ly on hand. Buying for cash direct from the manufacturer we are enabled to sell at San Francisco prices. Call and be couvinced. Terms Strictly Cash. ««r0ur undertakirg department is 1 theroughly equipped. Orders in this ! line promptly attended. j Do lot SlSiO Chinese or Tenement House Made Cigars. uarters, I have liomovfld ray Stock of Drugs, Paints, Oils and Wall-Paper TO THE MiLSOSS BUILDING, OPPOSIT3 THE 0-3S.A.3STX) I-IOTEL. Will a!.io hiivo in the taunt room a Oompleta Lluo of father i Sell SCHOOL SUPPLIES, ETC., Slept toy 3S/L. ID. Veatoh. We invite all wanting Gaatlz is these Lines to call and see us. J. If. MAGES, -THE- Ukiah Cigar Factory! MAKES THE FINEST CHASES OF CIGARS TO BE FOUMD ANYWHERE. Only the choicest mnteriui used and W HITE L ABOK exclusively employed. Clsnr Dealers, do not full to (five our elRiirs n trial. Vour patrons ivlllljedellshted with tlieni. Ukiah Cigar Factory, PAUL BAIER, Prop. C. E. TRYON, General Blacksmith! Conttr of State and Sfevenfmn Streets, mfjoin­ ing A'ciUitcky Stable*, Ukiah Vity y Cat. ^^•CnrriHge and wavtoa mnklng, ahot'Ini* »ud general blacksmlthiwfj; dom?. Annil for the iJL'criiiB Moivcr.milf DtirapJtiK Knkos, Milvh- oil Wagnu, ami olhpr fttrm mnc'hinery. 8-241 f. Stock! Sacred Heart Convent of Mercy A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Coudueted by the Ristcra of Mcrnv, Ukiah, Meudoeluo Co., Col. For further nnrtieiilnra up- ply to the MOTJIEU SUPKItlOliiCS.-i. •10-tf Uklnh, Cnl. CIIDGPDIDC forthc " M ENDOCINO P IH- vUDuvnlDC FATCH ASD D EMOCIIAT," ihoDliBT LOCAL PAPER imljlished in .\Unulo- 13D Comity, Al! the locpl,Kcueral, unit v.wrkit new, fflvon taPh week. Keiirl forflntnrile t'of' 0 B» M .D. main MpranjK tlooBlncn 1301 Dl?.N.J.AlKIN CCTPCI.T"im»»A»»., 8. F ,-!!tm» 1 to ). rribCs; in riifc »».,o »Mana -st )HGto3 X litbl* Spcri.lirt tot Ctiroida b'wtue*, bntu mixes. Xye, Kar, tuuai; CHHuroHulilt, Stuttei lilili Marks, tto File*.rlatiihkliltriiitura uiwtureilt no villi or r>.k. br. AlklaUr^ulw,iisunitlfu,ikhlnil;i»nii,iltl'hiion "* "-'ISaralliU. OM.ottriia.tKa, irif ... S»r»oii»itebillt,. Wen M«i)r. AAto'iHjjkBloIcwuwUia. Huoatwairvulor. -clflolal oj'in. BIT, qllldj'ycurtd. 'iikOB* fit " ' Having decided to close out our business, v/e will dispose of our Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE a Great; Sacrifice! This is a fine opportunity for some one wishing to iavest in a payiug business in a goad locality. iN TUB MEANTIME. ANYONE WISHING TO PURCHASE Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, GrROOEIRIESfiri Or in fa.crb Ein ^rtlilng; in our lino, WILL OTTOS, Prices far Below WioMe Rates. Us^^llie entire stock must foe sold at once, either as a whole or at retail. ¥/. ENGLISH & CO., Galpella, Mendocino County, Cai.| Mnmma—Hadn't yon better come in now, <le« r? Gladys Ili'rlie.'in—Oh, vnnmmti, Buch a lovc -ly nitrlit. .Mayn 't I stay out a little while longer? llainmn (solicitously)— It's gettinj; quite chilly. Have you anything around you? Gladys—Oh, yes: lots! Marumii—Very well, then. —Life. How tlio World Waj;s. Average Man—What has become of that old fool Wilkins—used to call himself p. colonel or somethi tig; Citizen—lie hnppeued to (Urn a piece of land on which oil wns found and is now rich; lives in a palace on the avenue. Average. Mim (some hours later)—Hellol That look* like Gen. Willdns. Another Citizen—Yes, that's the general. Do you know him? Average. Mau—Yes, indeed. The general and I aro old friends.—New York Weekly. All Right In the ClrciiiiiKtnnccH. Gladys-Maud (aged 10)—Grammar, how y' spell lieas'ly? Grandma—B F. A S T L Y, darling, but it's not a nice word for my pet to use," Gladys-Maud—Well, I don't care, I've got lo write to mummer and popper, 'n 1 want to tell 'em about the weather." Grandma—Oh, very welL pet."—New York Tribttue. Comforting. Old Gentleman (at his daughter's wedding)—My dear, 1 don't see how I am to get along without you. Bride—Never mind, pa. Since the ceremony was performed my husband has confessed that he hasn't enough saved to go to housekeeping, MO you may not lose line after all.—New York Weekly. A MEND00INO CO0KTY ENTBEPBI8E. An Immense Raft Towed from Noyo to Sau Francisco. A Guide in the l>ark. "You brought a piece of Limburgcr cheese boynn last night, JohnP" "I did, dearest." ""Why in the world did you do it?" "I knew I would wake up hungry in the night, and I wanted to know where to find the pantry in the dark."—Boston Courier. Kills ami 1II1U. Jagway—Travers had a bad accident the other day. He was going down to Long Branch on the boat, when his hat blew oil'. Had a hundred dollar bill inside the rim. Robinson—Phewl what, a loss. Jagway—No. It was a tailor's bill.— Clothier and Furnisher. While O'Leary is liavinir trouble wild bin rails on the Atlantic coast, as reported by telegraph yesterday, the work ol rutting logs on this const goeH on tinin terruptediy to the great pecuniary ailvan- tnite of those linvitig charge of the affair. The steamer Novo, Captain Driska, arrived in port on Thursday evening, after a passage of four days from Noyo with a r.i{t in tow containing 2,000,1)03 feet oi logs. The Noyo lias towotl several rafts down before. The lops in the former niitw worn fnsleiipd together iu sections, and then each nei'tiuti was fastened to the one proceeding and succeeding it by heavy chains. The plan was successful, but still there was always a danger that in a heavy swell or sea, one or more of the sections might break loose, and besides proving a heavy loss to the owners would be a serious menace to navigation. On the last trip of tho Noyo a new scheme was tried which was entirely successful. It is called i.ho Fort Bragg Company and Noyo Lumber Company's Patent Boom Raft, and is a moflt ingenuous contrivance. The boom-raft is composed of sections, which are joined logether by heavy chains. Kach section it formed of lour timbers 32 feet long and 12 inches square. Between each set of four nro placed three pieces of timber each about 4 feet loug and 10 inches square, one being placodat each end and one in the ccntor. Those are boiled to tho main boom-sticks by two- inch steel bolts. The inserted end pieces project about half their length, and holes are bored in them, through which two- inch chains aro passed, connecting the different sections of the boom. When tho boom's, sections aro all joined together, the structure is formed into a pear-shaped loop, and in the space formed in the center of tho boom the logs to bo towed down are placed loose and floating about at will. The Noyo tow-line, with which Rhe towed down the raft, was 2d()0 feet iu length. She was tour days in making tho trip down, and Captain Oriska was vigilantly watching the raft the whole time. The boom floated about two and a half feet above the water, and about the sstmo dictanco below. Although the 2,000,00ft fect oi lo^s were nil floating loose, some fore and aft and some athwartships, not a single log got adrift, and the originators of the scheme say that it is impossible for anything of the kind to occur. When the Noyo arrived off the Heads the j tide commenced to ebb, and sho could j make no headway against It. Tho cap- j tain was offered assistance, but he an; swered : " All tho tugs in the liny could ; not tow this raft against the tide." The sleanier on arrival took the huge raft direct to Port Costa. The atnounl of lumber brought down in the raft would fill eight ordinary-sized steam schooners. Two ttlllB. First Rcsorter—That mosquito just cams up and preseuted Its bill to me as cool as could be. I never had anything sting me so. Second Resorter—That's nothing. Wait till the landlord does tho same thing.— America. priHon -Eui])!oynieiit, Governor fto latest arrival)—You will have to work while yot; are here; but if you wish it you may follow any occupation suited to your capacity. What is your profession? Convict—I am a comic singer.—Chatter. Anderson Valley Camp Meeting-. Hut They Grinil Exceeding Fine. "Poor fellowi But why did you rcjeet him in such a summary way!'" "Well, he's the editor of that Moonshlue Magazine, and rejected one of my poems pnee. I just thought Pd let him know that two can play at that guuie.'—Llfe. A Dremu of I.evo. "Tis only the old, old story, Familiar to each mid nil; Of chandelier tights and glory, A brtmd staircase an i a hull. Ho aakeu tf she'd bravo even "Pappy.'' ! She answered him, "liacli one an.i all.* 1 And he was happy—quite happy, That lilyut at the 1'tttrinrclin' ball: He held her soft hand quit'-' tightly— 'Twj'tf daintily Kloved and small; He soiled her gloves—ah! bSigbtly— That wonderful night ar, tho ball. He culled. 'Twos a few days later— The snow was beginning to fall. He Interviewed none but the "pater," Hut ho proved sufllcleut— That's all —NelHn Univli to T,"-ns CorrooD, Judging from Appenraueea, The meeting began, as was announced, on the night of August 22cl, continuing over two Sundays. The old Conn creek \ grounds were refltfed. The lumbar for the new Anderson creek hridgo was se| cured—thanks to the generosity of the • contractors. With this, good seats and two tents were erected; the former for the people, tho Intlpr for the preachers. Others also camped. The feed yard was s good ; the reslauraut a SUCCOPH. Attendance small to begin with, but gradually increased to the clope ; as did the interest. Near the camp grounds was a hop field ami tho pickers attended at night and added much to the success of the meeting, which was one of the best ever held in tho valley. Old friends that had not met for years recalled the event of the fust lading fashion. Good feeling prevailed, all who atlendod of any denomination being benefitted. The people expect to have anothor meeting at the sains place next year. It is about two miles from Boonvilie, near the center of the valley. The results nre manifest, but will not bo fully known until the records of lime nro compiled for eternity. A few may be announced already. Tho Boonvilie bull dub will, play no more match games on Sunday. Challenging clubs take duo notice, and govern yourselves as your best judgment dictates. The devil hng commenced to emigrate from this part of the country, because the people understand each other better, lind have oammeiieod to make a united effort to glorify God, by benelitlng humanity. More atuni. K ACH M IU.INOTO .\, P. 0. Thin Person—Mr. Cleever, 1 think I'll trade with you hereafter. I've, been buying, my meat from the butcher across the way, Cleever—-Well, vou look ill—Munsey'a Weekly. Kh« Wns Ready for lltro. "Now show me tho cow that gives the bvitterailllt," said young Dolley facetiously tit the pretty milkmaid. "Oh, we don't get that from the cow," replied the girl. "That comes from th« goat,"—Munsoy'g Weekly, IJiiraaaimnble, A hardened bachelor thus replied to the criticisms of KUI.C friends who upbraided him for not, taking a. wife: "Yon certain y could not ejtpeot me to marry A woipaij who'd b* foolish (-hough to hav» we."— Jud*¥>. _ , Railroad Assessments. S ACIIAMKNTO, Aug. 85.—Tho State Board of KqnnlU.'ition has assessed the railroads iu this State as follows: Callfornln I'aeifle Railway » 2.500,000 Central I'ftiillle l.'t.iW.OOO Northern I'nUf.irnlii Railway 125,000 Sort hern Hallway '.W0,00e >!iiii Francisco and North I'liclfle 1,700,000 smif.heni California J.tOO.OOO mmtbvtn I'ttvliSe !S,OftD,000 Ciu'-on and Colorado 2'lP.nOJ Si'Vdda and California iM.oao Nevadft County Xiirrotv-muite fio.OW North t'arltlt: Doxrt • :w..000 IW-iie Oust luliwny .' South Paitlle Coast Knllwny I,'.7d „«eo Atlaiuir-anil I'nelflo fcSMO Pullman Palace Cur Company 10,000 Res-lstnr! Hetristm'l Wo cnll the attention of voters who aro not registered to the fact that tho time for rcgiul ration closes October \H. Get your name on the Great ltegister Immediately. The receipts of lumber at Pan Francisco from .1 nonary 1st to Soptem.hcr tut, na cotnniired with the corinHpomllng period in 1880, were; Pino 155,^1,000 (cet:» against 2lft,3,')8,000 s redwood U2,M73,(Kki te«t, iigitiuHl ;iiU]y,!lJ0 foot, shinnies, 7d.234.0O0, R'fliinat 70,070,0^ rirflrottd lien l,U93.fcii3, a«ainet 313,4114. Justification. That Don't Jurtify. H. K. Alta. What un economic tangle a Republican gets into when lie tries to justify the exclusion of the products of other nations irom our market, and at the same time iiowi because other nations exclude our products! Here is Mr. Warton Barker, Acting Secretary of .Stale while Mr. Blaine is refreshing himself at Bar Harbor, sends Congress his correspondence with France concerning that eminent friend of 'he poor, the American hog. Mr. Barker says: "This correspondence discloses the important fact that the French Government now practically places its exclusion of our pork products upon econom c instead of sanitary grounds. As this policy of exclusion as a measure of protection for the domestic products of Frnurt) is applied only to the United Hates, this department has not failed to protest against the discrimination as unjust." Mr. Barker might have said more. France did not. offo- to protect hor hogs at our expense until wo excluded hor from our markets bv the custom administrative bill and the McKinlev tariff bill. It will be remembered that She protested officially against both, and her protest waB regartled by the follow partisans of Mr. Barker as proof that these bills wore just what we want, because France done not want them. But now Mr. Barker has been protesting against French protection to Frencii hogs. Of course the French Protectionists will hail his protest as evidence that France is all right in her position. But Mr. Barker is afflicted because this exclusion applies to the United States only. Perhaps he might find a reason for this in the fact this is tho only country that at. present makes a business of raising a surplus of pork for export. Again, he might, reflect that France has as much right to exclude American pork as wo have to admit the wool of Argentine free, and exclude that of Australia, as proposed by Mr. Blaine. Still, Mr. Barker is learning. He has got so that he knows a bent pin when he sits on it. Stink Fots Already. Hacramento Bee (Rep.) The B-e does not believe in opening up a political campaign BO early before tho election as the present. It believes that, when it is inaugurated, it should he conducted in (leeency. We aro led to these remarks by certain attacks which bHvo already been made upon Mr. Pond, who has the distinguished honor to be a political opponent. But because he in surh is no reason why this papershonld not hold aloof from remarks and attacks which, like the boomerang of the Australian aborigines, only return to plague the in- ventee. The Bee will never mince words in its statements regarding any dishonest aspirant for political preference, but it is no apologist for assaults upon public individuals which do more to injure the cause which uses them than could all other elements combined. Mr. Pond we think to be an honest man and a good citizen. So thinking and believing, wo do not propose to enter upon any campaign of billingsgate and insinuations. When the proper time comes, The Bee will inaugurate a vigorous battle for the success of the Republican cause, but it will be a battle of principles und of public policy, and not. an inauguration of promiscuous stink-pot throwing. The time hat, gono by when tho public can ho influenced by brutal and nncalledfor as- Hi'.n!!:;, unless they be influenced in favor oi the party attacked. California Prunes Driving- Out the French Article. N EW Y OIIK, Aug. 26.—A recent comparison of the merits ot" California nntl French prunes in the Commercial Bulletin called out interesting statements from Thomns Cadwalliule.r o{ Chicago. This writer says ho has been acquainted with the California prune trade from the outset. Ho inquires: "Why, if French prunes aVe superior, do such houses as Austin, Nicholas it Co., and many other houses of your city handle such large quantities of the Clifornia article? Austin, Nicholas oi Co, handled last year about ls.tXlO to 20.00J boxes of one brand of California prunon, lx>sideother brands. Why does Pitsbtirg buy 3-1,000 lioxos, Philadelphia 20,000, Now York 2(>,00J, Chicago 10,000, Detroit 5.00J, Cleveland fi.000, Cincinnati 3,00J, Sr Louis 5,000, New Orleans. 3,000, Nashviilc 5,00.1, amJ other smaller cities iu proportion? Them lots were ml sold by ouo leading firm ot packers this year, and all within twenty lour hours niter tho opening p.'iee, utul that price 1 to 2 cents per pound higher than the French offered?" Mr. Cadwall- nder closes with this prediction: "I think that as soon as the Ciuiforuiu supply will equal the demand French prunea will be driven to find other markets, excepting in a small way by a few customers." The '.inula Rosa Democrat oi last Saturday siiya: 'Captain Guy E. (imsse^ president of the Sonoma County Hon OrnwerH Asseeiatkm, called a spocini Miceting for .Saturday afternoon at. twtv o'clock, btir, owing to the number of buyers in the city and tho excitement oyer the high prices, it was impossible ta.yH the growers together to hold a meeting. •• Mr. G I'OSKO has received a letter irom Gv\ W. Fletcher, commercial agent of the Sunset Route, tho purport'ot\ whU-h 1^; that lower ratfia tin? through line* to New -* York and London have bnon R^ourctij.fotf , the hop growera oi *oilom« C^nritvT'TIi^,c- ?i letter watt read to itontu of U»lq gWW*Hlfcf whom it proved saUsftHtory and whoilf^ cidod lo make up se'.oral ear lo»di(,,'o|*J liojw lor aarlv ahlpmnnt. py thjir*"" 251 *" i eaten It, la possible, to shipllieiiK London arid have thein 'j^l<it||^^ pense of left) tha^fWganHiiigibjp' On>ap'i|»yij

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